Aug 09 2016

A Review of Futanari Succubus Queen by Katie Sin

Futanari Succubus Queen by Katie Sin

Futanari Succubus Queen by Katie Sin

There are some stories about succubi that leave some details out which, at least for me, are disappointing. For example, having the succubus character be central to the story, and then not bother to give her a name, is irritating. Another is telling a story which is just different enough to be interesting, and then tossing the story away for the sake of what amounts to a poorly told sex scene, not erotica.

To tell a story involving the succubi, there needs to be more about the character than what she does to another. Not revealing much of anything about her save her sexual needs and, if only fleetingly, her intent, isn’t character development, it’s stalling for the idea which never comes.

  • Title: Futanari Succubus Queen
  • Author: Katie Sin
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • ASIN: B01BH6W2C4
  • Publishing Date: February 3, 2016
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

When a seductive apparition appears to college student, Andrew, in the middle of the night, he can’t help thinking he’s dreaming. Only when he wakes the next day, after a sexual encounter with the ghostly woman, does he realise that she’s left him something to ensure that he his hers and hers alone: a male chastity device. Unable to break free from the Succubus’ hold, Andrew slowly realises that it isn’t only his sexual energy she’s feeding off, but his very masculinity.

Andrew awakens in the night to find himself being seduced by a succubus. In the aftermath, he learns that the succubus isn’t finished with him, needs something from him, and when she has it, his life will never be the same again.

The single most bothersome thing about this work is that the succubus, who is actually quite interesting, has some personality, and actually can be both seductive and as well, evil, has no name. She has a purpose, one that isn’t revealed until the last page of the work, and it makes some sense to explain what happens, but it’s not enough.

In the beginning, she’s seductive and I rather liked that part of the work, but when she has ensnared Andrew she suddenly becomes brutal and wild which I didn’t enjoy very much. The work does speak of Futas, and by the end of the work the succubus is one, having taken from Andrew what she needed and then causing him to become a she.

It’s not really well told, there’s not a lot of detail, but thankfully the author didn’t fall into the trap of having Andrew playing with himself for a few pages before moving onwards. That said, the dialogue is thin, sounding a little off at times. The narration is uneven, sometimes becoming difficult to follow. The erotica runs hot and cold overall, the first encounter I thought being far more seductive and interesting than the latter encounter which read more like porn than erotica.

The ending leaves much unsaid and unexplained, leaving Andrew to his fate with the succubus and only suggesting in the very last sentence what the succubus really wanted from him. Really the ending could have been more than the page it is. Telling story, like it was in the first half of the work needed to be done in the latter especially.

Two pitchforks out of five.

The lack of a name for the succubus is telling in that the story seemed only to care about Andrew’s changes, what the succubus takes from him, and what she does with it. The ending really isn’t much of one being so abrupt. There was a hint of something good at the beginning, but then it was lost in the rush to a smattering of dominance, a half-hearted transformation, and a twist ending that didn’t add anything.



Aug 08 2016

It All Starts With RediWhip By TeraS

Last Monday on the Tale, I shared a story about one of the succubi named Bianca. What I didn’t say was that Bianca appeared, along with our favourite red-tail Queen, in one of Dou7g and Amanda Lash’s books recently. You might have noticed that review a couple of days ago. Part of that appearance involves a certain mage’s succubus lover who has a teeny little problem.

Sometimes there comes a moment when someone offers to help, to try and give comfort, understanding, and something more. While they can’t answer all of the questions, some of the answers have to start somewhere. And, sometimes, for succubi …


It All Starts With RediWhip
By TeraS


There are places in the Realm that are off limits. For example, there’s a particular vault in the Palace where no one, save Tera and her King, is allowed to enter. It is a place that no one thinks of getting close to. There are many places in the Realm where the Eternals go together, whenever they might wish to, but none else can for various reasons.

There is however one spot where no one can go save for Tera herself. Not her Eternal, not her loves, not her sisters and Daughters. No one has been there, save Tera herself for one very simple and important reason …

… It’s the walk-in closet, though it’s actually more of a pocket universe, where Tera keeps her shoe collection.

After all, shoes are a sacred and important thing to the Queen of the Realm.

So, nobody but the Queen ever goes into Her Majesty’s shoe closet … except when someone does.

Sometimes, you see, Tera’s tail becomes entwined with another soul who loves shoes as much as she does. Sometimes that soul happens to be a succubus. Sometimes that succubus happens to, most likely, have recently become the second most powerful succubus in the universe.

That particular succubus was a lovely redhead named Kendra.

And, at that moment, the redhead was squealing happily as she rummaged about in Tera’s shoe closet.

Tera herself was leaning against one of the precisely sorted shelving units nearby, a small book in her hand and a bemused smile on her lips as she watched Kendra having fun.

Still having that smile, the brunette Queen asked: “So, how do you feel about hooves?”

The shock in Kendra’s voice was palatable: “Absolutely not. Geez, Tera, that’s a stupid question.”

“Yes. It is. But you’d be surprised how many think otherwise.”

Kendra snorted as she opened a pair of doors and ducked inside to continue her search: “What’s wrong with them? How the hell are you supposed to wear sexy heels? They have no sense of priority.”

“Well, some people think it’s kinky, sexy, or evil … or all of the above.”

Kendra waved a pair of sparkling, ruby red, strappy heels in Tera’s direction: “You mind If I borrow these?”

Tera smiled: “No, please do.”

Closing the doors, Kendra leaned against them: “Just how many shoes do you have anyway?”

As Kendra slipped one heel on and started winding the straps up her calves, Tera mulled the question over: “Well … I’m not sure exactly. I do know that I don’t have every pair of heels in the universe.”

The Queen’s guest had just finished tying the straps of the second heel with a bow. She did a little twirl in front of her hostess and smiled: “No. But you have all of the sexiest ones.”

The Queen’s reply began by pointing a finger at the red points poking out from behind her bangs: “See the horns? Get the clue?”

The two succubi looked at each other for a moment and then dissolved into a giggling fit. Tera gave Kendra a hug, then the two started to make their way out of the universe of sexy shoes towards the Realm once more. As the brunette turned the book she still held over in her hands, she added: “But remember, clicking your heels together isn’t going to work.”

The younger succubus’ blank expression was quite clear, and so Tera continued: “It’s a story from Earth about a girl who winds up in another world, gets herself a pair of ruby red shoes, and finds out that, to get back home, she needs to click her heels together and say ‘There’s no place like home.’”

The story brought a light sigh from Kendra: “Yeah. It’s not going to be that easy.”

Twining her tail with her new friend’s, the wise Ruler prodded: “Talk to me.”

It took a little while before her guest had managed to put her thoughts together: “Where do I start?”

“You know where. We both do.”


“Tell me about her.”

One of the hardest things for Kendra was to talk about her feelings, especially about Megan. The hesitation was part of that, part of trying to hold in things she didn’t want to reveal. “What do you want to know?”

Tera stopped her just outside of the pocket universe crafted as a closet. Putting her book in her jacket pocket, Tera pressed Kendra against the door, her red-nailed hands on either side of the younger woman: “How good she makes you feel. How being with her makes you sigh. How your knees wobble when she puts herself in your arms, trusting you. How much you need her when she’s not with you. How much you …”

Kendra touched two fingers on Tera’s lips: “Please … don’t say it.”

Tera’s tongue darted out and caressed Kendra’s fingertips making her shiver. On reflex, Kendra’s hand fell back and Tera continued: “Alright. But you’ve said it at least once.”

“And I cried acid tears. That’s what happens.”

“Yes. That’s true … for now.”

The two succubi looked into each other’s eyes for a moment that seemed to stretch on forever. Then the oh-so-green-eyed brunette took the maybe-not-quite-so-green-eyed redhead’s hand and started leading the way through her home, their sexy heels making sexy sounds as they walked together. “If someone asks who you are, what’s your answer?”

“I’m a succubus.”

Tera’s tail pointed at herself: “I’m Tera.”

Again that confused expression took a place with Kendra: “Not getting that. You’re a succubus, as well.”

“That’s another discussion all together, but that will be something to break your mind another time. No, I am myself, first; succubi, second; the Queen, third. Priorities, after all; just like when it comes to picking out heels.”

Kendra rubbed a hand against her arm: “Are you always like this?”

“You mean talking in riddles?”

“Well, that. But you’re so … different.”

“Different is a good thing. It means you can do things that no one expects.” Stepping back, Tera gave a little squeeze to her friend’s hand as they continued on their way: “You aren’t the succubus you were, Kendra. You understand that, right?”

Shrugging, the younger succubus replied: “Well, yeah. I mean, I’m the second most powerful succubus in the universe.” She did manage to smile: “At least that’s what some brunette red-tail tells me.”

Tera shared a hug: “Take it from me. It doesn’t matter how powerful you are if you don’t have the one you need … need more than anything … with you.”

“Yeah … I’ve figured out that one; kind of obvious.”

“Then how about we work on something a little less obvious? You might even enjoy it.”

Walking into the Palace kitchen, Kendra watched as Tera opened her fridge and took something out of it, slipping whatever it was into a pocket before walking back to her. Taking out the book she had with her, she continued: “How do you feel about books, Kendra?”

This was a touchy subject: “Books? Really never liked them; they’re more Megan’s thing than mine. She’d happily be reading in a library, digging through old books, scrolls, or whatever. They don’t do much for me.”

“But she wants you there, to share in her joy, to know something more than just sex and passion. She wants to share things with you, to be with you … just because.”

The guest then said something that made the host’s eyebrows arch: “What else is there? We’re … happy.”

“What about being a little more happy?”

“She’s been trying. I just … don’t know how. I’m not … made … that way.”

“Okay. It’s time for a lesson … or mebby more of a demonstration.”

For the first time in a very long time, Kendra actually shivered at the gleam in those green eyes: “Suddenly, I have another appointment I need to get to.”

Tera pushed Kendra back gently until her bum was pressed against the edge of a countertop and Her Majesty was pressed up against her: “Close your eyes, Kendra.”


“Just ‘cause.”

“That’s a vague answer.”

“It’s meant to be. I want to … demonstrate something. Close your eyes.”

With a frown, the pinned succubus closed her eyes and waited. She heard her friendly captor moving about, then a hissing sound. For a moment, Kendra wondered if Tera had a snake or something, but before she could ask that question, something cold was dabbed on the tip of her tail.

Kendra moaned. Then she felt a long, slow and wet lick over the tip of her tail where that something had been.

Outside of Tera’s home, the Realm was going about its day, some in hedonistic pursuits, others in more intellectual ones. However, the entire Realm came to a screeching halt when the scream of the second most powerful succubus in the universe being turned into an orgasmic puddle washed over them.

Miriam was sorting books in the Library with Irving, her Eternal—or at least they claimed to be even if the book cart hadn’t been touched that day so far … well, not touched by hands. She looked in the direction of the Queen’s home as the scream interrupted them. The yellow tail shook her head: “Tera’s teaching.”

“One lick or two?”

“Sounded like—Miriam held her own yellow tail in the air—one … I think.”


Miriam smiled: “Definitely a wow.” The two Eternals were immediately, irresistibly inspired to make their own … wow … as was just about every succubi in that Realm and those in three or four adjacent realities.

The thing about being the second most powerful succubus in the universe is that, when the most powerful of the succubi in the universe makes you cum, you are quite literally a puddle afterwards. A orgasmic, wanton, and happy one, but still, nonetheless, a puddle. Kendra came back to reality … well, unaroused reality … with a long, deep purr and a deliciously erotic stretch, and found herself lying on a red satin bed. The sheets were wonderful against her bare skin, curled about her tail and draped over her legs. Snuggling into the pillow, enjoying the delicious cherry aroma, her eyes fluttered open.

The sight that greeted Kendra was Tera lying beside her, as nude as she was. Her host was facing her, that thin book in one hand, smiling. “Hi.” As Kendra’s mouth wasn’t quite working, as she was a little tongue-tied, the Queen took the opportunity to kiss her lightly on the lips, then roll herself on top of her guest. “Did you like that?”

Kendra managed a lusty moan and smile.

“I learned that … from a book.”

The moan turned into a blink of disbelief.

“You know, sex isn’t everything. Just being focused on sex becomes very boring after a while. That’s a dangerous thing for beings like us. We need things to play in our thoughts, to make us think, to be imaginative.”

Tera then took the spine of the book and drew it over Kendra’s cleavage: “It makes passion so much more delicious for us. Our power is purer. We can do more, change ourselves. We can become what we dream of, but can never say. Taking the time to learn things, to discover what makes others tick, opens our minds to possibilities.” She put the book away, then started to caress the sheets: “You aren’t Kendra the succubus. You aren’t Kendra the complete sexual being.”

Kendra licked her lips, finding her voice again: “What am I?”

Tera’s fingers began to dance over the length of Kendra’s tail: “You are Kendra, the love of Megan. You can figure out the rest.”

She shivered again: “I hope so.”

“You will. Megan trusts you. I do as well. You’ll find the way to trust yourself.”

As the red-tail’s fingers teased over the tip of her pupil’s tail, she gasped: “What … exactly … did … you … mmmmmmmmmmmmmm … do?”

“Succubi tails are so very sensitive. There are some things in the universe that can make them … a bit more so.”

“What … did you do?”

Tera reached behind herself: “That book talks about all kinds of things that can be put on succubi tails. One of the most amazing ones … is this.”

Kendra squinted at the can that her host held in her hand. A red and white can with some kind of nozzle on the end: “What the hell is … ‘RediWhip’?”

Tera squirted out a bit on her finger and looked at it: “It’s a creamy substance that can be used in many interesting ways.” She dabbed that bit of the magic cream on her guest’s nipples, then slowly licked them clean again.

The novice’s moan as she dug her nails into the bedsheets clearly said she enjoyed that demonstration: “Oh … ffffuck.”

Tera’s purr was delicious: “Maybe if your very good.” Then she sat up, grinning: “See … books are good for something. Imagine if Megan happens to stumble across this book in her library, hmmm?”

“You … you wouldn’t.”

“Or if several cases of RediWhip gets delivered into her hands … or those of Helen … or Amy.”

“Tera …”


“You are evil, you know that, right?”

Tera twined Kendra’s tail about her hand and arm, then squirted a bit of RediWhip on the tip again: “I know somebody who might disagree, but I’ll accept sexy evil …”

The younger succubus’ nails started digging holes in the sheets—she hoped that Tera wasn’t going to be upset about that: “What … ffffucccckkkk … what else can that stuff do?”

The green-eyed teacher smiled evilly: “You can use it for cooking too.”

Kendra actually completely forgot about the shivering and aching from her tail: “Wait? What?”

“I’ll have to teach you how to make some strawberry tarts with it that will make your mouth water and you moan as you nibble on them.”

There is nothing in the universe that can match the expression of a succubus on the edge of orgasm who is completely confused. Kendra’s look was the perfect textbook example of that: “Cooking?”

Tera brought the tip of Kendra’s tail to her lips and breathed on it: “Cooking.”

The student’s toes curled, her back arched, and her breath caught: “I … I don’t believe it. That stuff’s sin in a can.”

Tera started spreading the creme all over the tip of Kendra’s tail, not leaving one inch uncovered: “I’ll have to write them and suggest they add that slogan.”

“Cooking … How the hell did anyone figure out that stuff was … gawd … fffuckkk …”

Tera had her best innocent look: “I have … no idea.”


Tera’s answer was a longer, wetter, more wanton lick of the tip of Kendra’s tail. “Now, since you keep asking …” and, in a blink, the two succubi were entwined in every conceivable way.

Miriam was just going back to sorting books in the Library with Irving, or at least they claimed to be even if the book cart hadn’t been touched at all that day. She looked in the direction of Tera’s house as another scream interrupted them and shook her head: “I wonder just how much RediWhip she has in her fridge.”

Irving suddenly produced a can: “Well, there’s a case and a half in the staff break room. One lick or two?”



Miriam smiled: “It all starts with RediWhip. Then the real fun begins.”

Aug 07 2016

A Review of The Succubus Apprentice by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

The Succubus Apprentice by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

The Succubus Apprentice by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

One of my joys in the past few years has been following the work of Dou7g and Amanda Lash. I completed reviewing their current series, The Succubus Apprentice, last Friday on the Tale, but for the sake of completeness, I’m going to also review the entire series as a single work. I’m doing as the authors have released the series as a stand alone novel and that’s the right thing to do.

Every journey starts with a question. Sometimes that question leads to a path unexpected. Sometimes that path leads to a moment when things change and are never the same again. However, there is one thing that never changes, you just need to be able to accept that, and accept yourself along the way.

  • Title: The Succubus Apprentice
  • Author: Dou7g and Amanda Lash
  • Length: 224 Pages
  • ASIN: B01JKCWM18
  • Publishing Date: August 1, 2016
  • This work at

The story tells of:

This book is a novel that combines the seven novellas that make up “The Succubus Apprentice” series as we prefer to serialize the novel before putting out the full book. In this series Helen, a wise ass redhead who became a succubus at the end of “Succubus Journey” must figure out what exactly that entails. Meanwhile a scholar who became a king goes on a war for books while his ogre mentor comes along for the ride. A supervillain assassin challenges a greater demon to a duel and humor and adventure abound.

Everyone has a quest, a goal in their lives. Some happen seemingly at random. some are forced upon them. Others get into situations because they are a bit unlucky, or get pulled into them because of a really sexy pair of heels. Whatever the reason, a quest is much better where there’s someone to share it with. Good or bad, fun or painful, sharing is much better than dealing with it on your own. But then, that’s what friends are with you for aren’t they?

One of the things that I enjoyed throughout this series was that among the jokes, the innuendo, the laughter and more, comes moments that are very serious, very important and change the characters along the way. There’s a balance between the two and it helps to speed the story along. Not such that one loses comprehension, but rather that the story doesn’t feel like it’s dragging along until the next crescendo.

The pacing of the action works, the moments of thought and consideration aren’t just there for the sake of being so. There’s a point to things and that’s always a good thing because it keeps interest in what’s happening. The chapters connect to each other, there’s implications for things the characters do. It’s not so much a question of them doing good or bad, it’s more the question of why that matters.

The characters themselves change from the beginning of the series to the end. Not in a way that makes them completely different, but rather they discover things about themselves, those around them, and try to make the best of things. They adapt, they learn and along the way if some rather shady characters get what’s coming to them, well that’s not a bad thing is it?

There are a series of plots that close in the work and some that just come into focus. Many of these look back on the prior series of works and that continuity is good to see. That has implications for the characters and telling that story, in time, is amazing to read unfold. Many of these are relationship driven or focused on, some of them pushing the characters to the edge of themselves at times. There is impact from the plot on the characters, which tells of thought taken to make a story and not a series of vignettes that lead to nothing.

As a collected work, a singular novel, the series works well. It is a solid read that clearly says the authors know exactly who their characters are, are true to them, and take them there. The best stories are the ones that make you laugh with the characters. But the better ones are those that make you care about them.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Another wonderfully fun series, one that takes characters that I adore and allows them to grow. The story of our collection of friends, lovers and fighters isn’t over, the path ahead is there to be followed. I’m looking forward to that. It’s good to see friends, to see how they are.

Those make for the best stories of all.



Aug 07 2016

A Review of Incubus by Zada Foxx

Incubus by Zada Foxx

Incubus by Zada Foxx

There are some works which seem to lost their way. Much of that comes from trying to turn a story into erotica, but then missing the mark. There comes a point where just because one has an incubus as a character that they decide there has to be some kind of over the top sexual situation that comes from it.

But the problem is… that’s stereotypical. More so when the events that unfold read like a poor porn movie, or even worse, seem to try to be a certain book that has ’50’ in it. Neither interests me, nor does it do anything to take a story somewhere that could have been more than just a poorly told BSDM tale.

  • Title: Incubus
  • Author: Zada Foxx
  • Length: 14 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 2, 2016
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Naomi was getting a fresh start in a new house when suddenly strange things started happening to her. A strange nightly intruder is interrupting her when she is most vulnerable – while she sleeps. As she prepares to rid herself of this nuisance once and for all, she starts to wonder if exorcising this visitor is what she really wants.

Naomi moves into a new home and finds herself being haunted. Learning of the home’s past, she tries to end the haunting, but then is confronted for what she has done. The price to be paid might be what Naomi wanted in the first place.

There was, at least in the first few pages, a story to be told. There were questions and there was the possibility of learning why things were as they are. But that didn’t come out in the end. One of the major questions left unanswered is why, exactly, Micheal, the incubus of the work, is one. I don’t accept the reason given, it’s silly, shoddy, and lacks imagination.

Micheal himself started out to be interesting, seemed to have at least some personality, but when the climax of the work comes, that disappears into a very over the top domination scene that left me cold. There’s nothing in the scene that gives any sort of real understanding as to why things are. At first blush, Micheal appeared to, at least to some extent, be rather benevolent, but at the midpoint of the work he becomes harsh, over the top, demanding and, for the most part, a stereotypical “evil” being.

Along the way, as he has his way with Naomi, a succubus appears for quite literally three paragraphs and then vanishes into thin air. She’s never named, only appears to slip in little lesbian porn and nothing more.

The erotica in this work is, quite simply, porn and really oddly written at that and it shouldn’t have been. The beginning of this work was written well, had a story to tell, and as that unfolded, there was some good characterization and plot to take onwards. The second half of the work seems like the author changed their mind in mid-stream and then wrote a hurried piece of porn leaving everything else behind.

I wonder about that, if there was a good reason why things turned so poorly when there was so much promise in the first place. I somehow doubt that, that in the end this work just seemed like the author gave up.

One pitchfork out of five.

It is a shame that the story had to take the turn it did right at the point when Micheal’s story could have been told, how he came to be an incubus and why. Then dropping a succubus in for a split-second, for no good reason, does nothing for the work as well. But most of all, why take what started as a few short hot pieces of erotica and turn it into what is simply a shoddy example of BDSM and then end things with an non-sensical ending? It just doesn’t work.



Aug 06 2016

Succubi in Videogames can be… odd.

I came across a YouTube of someone playing a video game which seems to have a succubus as one of the characters. Now, the video is long, really the succubus isn’t anything special and, overall, I just shook my head as I was watching the entire thing.

Most of all, the character actors…. really make me cringe… If you really want to see the succubus, fast forward to about six minutes into the video…


And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

As well, here is an image of the succubus herself…

Impire Succubus

The entire plot and story within the game for this character to appear is… painful. Honestly it’s really stereotypical, kind of painful to watch, and most of all… There really isn’t much of a point to this.

Now I will admit that I don’t know the game, haven’t played it as well. But just from this YouTube I can’t find anything that really caught my attention. But I will say that listening to those voices over and over again would make me turn off the sound…



Aug 05 2016

A Review of Stiletto by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Stiletto by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Stiletto by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

A review of the seventh and final work in the Succubus Apprentice series today on the Tale. You can find my review of the first work here, the second work here, the third work can be found here and the fourth work was reviewed here, with the fifth review here and the prior review can be found here, which was but a few short days ago.

Over the course of this series, and the prior one, there’s been an ongoing question surrounding Kendra. It’s a question that she’s been trying to avoid or ignore or dance around. But when push comes to shove, even succubi with quick footsteps can’t quite get out of the way of everything.

  • Title: Stiletto
  • Author: Dou7g and Amanda Lash
  • Length: 50 Pages
  • ASIN: B01JG0O26W
  • Publishing Date: July 31, 2016
  • This work at

The story tells of:

In this, the last book of The Succubus Apprentice series, Stiletto, a metahuman villain from another world is standing in as champion for Kendra the succubus, who is trying to free herself from her demon master. Megan the mage and Poison the assassin aren’t good at waiting and distract themselves with a mission against the collegium of mages who have a plan to put an end to Edmund and his war for books.

Some things in the universe are certain. For some that’s love, but in many different forms. Whatever form it takes, in whatever way, there’s a certainty that leads to one simple fact. Love makes people do crazy things. Even to the point of putting their lives on the line.

This, the conclusion of the series, follows two main stories, telling of hardships, battles, and the realization of what can be when one puts their mind to things. At the same time however, there’s nothing wrong with few wrestling moves and a boot to the head or two. Really, that’s the unique thing about the series. Things can be intellectual one moment and then an all out brawl the next.

Characters have emotion, wants, needs and they are not afraid to bring all of that into the open. Except of course when it has to do with their own relationships, then all bets are off. I liked where the characters find themselves at the end of this work, it isn’t expected for some, it’s challenging for others. Choices are made, some of them very difficult, and that keeps them from being static.

One of the themes in the story is that of self-belief. Seeing that reflected in several characters, Megan, Kendra, Stiletto, Helen, Poison, to name a few, is very telling about each of them. Having a glimpse of that, seeing what drives them has happened before, but here there’s something a little different. There’s a decision point for each, one that seems to tear at each of them and it makes for an better story overall.

Along the way, there is an appearance of a certain succubus named…Tera. Yes, that one. Red tail and all. She appears at a point that, for me, leads to a truth for Kendra, but also for the reader, which is heartfelt and deeply true… and she is Tera in that moment, beyond reproach. The tone is right, her words are right… Where things go from there… that’s a question left unanswered… for now.

The work closes on a few open threads, questions to be explored, secrets to be revealed. I think there is more to tell and where things end, for now, brings me hope there will be more of these characters that I adore. Good characters bring about good storytelling.

There’s a few minor spelling mistakes, very few really. I liked the pacing, the characters were everything I’m come to expect from them. The joy and laughter in the moments mixed with the pain and tears. Balanced, character growth, and a purpose. A lovely way to bring this part of the characters’ travels to a close.

Four and a half pitchforks out of five.

Quite a satisfying conclusion to the series which ties up quite a few plot threads, but leaves still more to be explored. I have to admit that what a certain red-tailed queen named Tera will teach a younger succubus has me wondering. I think that would have to start with the finer points about RediWhip… at least. But then comes Megan’s path, that for Helen, the secret that Phil doesn’t know. So many lives to be told, things to be explored and that makes me happy. Because there is story to tell and that’s the best thing of all.



Aug 05 2016

A Review of Demonic Embrace by Amanda Knight

Demonic Embrace by Amanda Knight

Demonic Embrace by Amanda Knight

Just because an author can create an anthology of their works does not mean they can do so without giving a reader some sort of idea about what their collection is. Listing the titles of the stories is a start, but when you cannot locate those stories on the author’s page, that is a problem. Then not revealing the stories themselves, at least a short summary of them, is another mistake. More so, once the work begins to be read, the realization that the titles of the stories have been changed is another problem.

Further to this, coming to realize that the stories have been issued before, under other titles, makes one think they are being cheated slightly by the author doing so. Especially when the singular story in the work which has a succubus appearing in it, is one in which I was so very disappointed.

  • Title: Demonic Embrace
  • Author: Amanda Knight
  • Length: 167 Pages
  • Publishing Date: October 18, 2015
  • This work at

The work is the story of:

An anthology work containing: Dark Angel, Demon in Ireland, The Good Succubus and Taken by the blood.

Normally I review anthologies by reviewing the work with a succubus as one of the characters, then the collection as a whole. In this particular case, the work titled in the summary The Good Succubus, isn’t actually in this work. In fact, none of the titles listed actually appear at all. The author has changed the original titles of each of the works, then used another title for the summary and then still another title for the actual published works in the collection.

As such, I will focus only on the succubus story. While the summary titles this work The Good Succubus, the actual title in the anthology is The Good, the Succubus and the Monster. But this isn’t the original title of the work which was published by this author as Succubus Duel, and I have reviewed this work previously, and was really quite disappointed in it.

As I wrote in my review of this story previously, the summary of this story is: Paige finds herself facing the succubus Evestriel who is bent on taking her husband Conner’s life. Learning all she can, she comes to conclusion there is one way to save him and she makes a deal with Evestriel. The battle begins, but the outcome is the question unanswered.

The work is, as a whole, very well written, the characters are strong, have their own stories and there’s some wonderful heat when the erotica appears. Billed as romance, there is a good deal of that appearing in the story as well. There’s so much to like about this work in so many ways, but then, the last two pages just take away all of the story and left me wondering.

Evestriel is the image of a succubus through the story. Sexually powerful, controlling, very strong willed, She has a purpose, intends to have what she wants and drives towards that. There is a hint of her true form from time to time, slightly stereotypical, but that’s not done in a way that takes away from her character.

Both Paige and Conner are fully fleshed out characters as well, there are quite a lot of foibles in each, they are in love, and it’s that love which Evestriel pushes against using lust and passion to try to overcome them. That battle, how it unfolds is an amazingly good story and I loved each and every moment because there was purpose to both sides of the battle, Conner being held between the two.

However, as I have said, it is the last two pages of the work that, for me, feel completely unnecessary. The reason as to why Evestriel was after Conner makes sense from her perspective and I can accept that reason as it stands in the work. The problem is that the reason is suddenly dropped into the midst of the work, is not shown more than in passing, and leaves a really bad taste for me in the story. It feels, in many ways, as if the author decided to throw the twist into the story for the sake of doing so. For me, it doesn’t work.

If it had been explained more, if the reason would have been told more than a split second of realization by Paige and then the story closes, I would have accepted that more. As it stands here, I just felt the journey was not worth the ending. Something better needs to be here to make this work what it should be.

I’ll give this story three out of five pitchforks.

If the ending would have been explained, drawn out, something more than the single page that it comes to, then I would have liked this a lot more. But I can’t really because the ending just felt like an afterthought once all of the good in the story was done.

Being that nothing was changed in the story, and how really disappointing the ending was for me, my review of this story hasn’t changed. The balance of this anthology didn’t hold my interest very much and the main reason for that was knowing that I had read the singular story I was interested in before. The balance of the works didn’t connection with me and as such I didn’t find much that would cause me to raise my review.

I’ll give the collection as a whole two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The presentation of this collection needs some effort put into it. Revealing at least a summary of the stories would be a good start if nothing else.