Oct 09 2016

A Review of Demon Futa takes Revenge by Jocelyn Saragona

Demon Futa takes Revenge by Jocelyn Saragona

Demon Futa takes Revenge by Jocelyn Saragona

A short time ago an author released a series of three works about futa succubi. Each of these followed one specific character, then came to a close leaving the door open towards further stories about them. While I haven’t reviewed those works, but will shortly, one of the characters, named Sharis, is the centre of a new series of books about her.

Today then, I’ll be reviewing the opening work in that series on the Tale.

It is the story of:

Sharis is a futanari succubus on her way to her sorority’s first big party. Her futa nature is no secret to Lucy, who won’t keep her hands -or lips- to herself during the car ride. That’s only the start of Lucy’s impulsive exhibitionism. She shags a guy before the entire party. It excites Sharis and she wishes she could be that bold.

But Lucy is whipped, disciplined, and humiliated when upper-class members disapprove. Worse, someone recorded her little show and is blackmailing the entire sorority. When seduction isn’t enough to catch a blackmailer, the sorority turns to Sharis and her supernatural abilities. She makes a dubious deal with another, more powerful, hell-born vixen to save the sorority’s reputation.

Sharis isn’t your typical succubus. She isn’t from hell, she made herself what she is with a spell she shouldn’t have toyed with. But in spite of that, she’s found a home and she’s living the life she’s been dealt well enough. But when called to help a sister, she needs to call in the help of a real succubus. That’s when she has to deal with her heart and her duty. Neither is an easy choice, but then no choice ever is.

The single largest issue with this work is that it needs a serious editing in many ways. For example, at the beginning the sentence: “She leafed through the illuminated illustrations. ” No. That’s completely incorrect. There are a lot of instances of such mistakes appearing throughout the work and it really hurts what otherwise, as a story, has its moments.

As well, the dialogue is very stiff at times, it doesn’t sound like anything “in a normal conversational tone.” Beyond that, at times the narration loses its way, there are points where some details are skimmed over but most of all, there’s a real disjointed feeling to the story overall. It feels like the author was trying to find their way, didn’t quite manage it, but pressed on anyway.

The erotica ran hot and cold for me. I didn’t care for the attempts at BDSM, discipline and so on. It didn’t feel right, read right or, in the end, manage to get the story to move very far. I did like Sharis in some of her intimate moments, but again, there was a disconnection from what happened, who was involved. Sharis being pleasured in a car could have been very hot, but what comes out is little better than a hot flash. Really overall much of what Sharis gets involved in are hot flashes with little heat in them.

That is until Jacquette makes her appearance. While Sharis is the main character of the story, and a succubus, Jacquette is a far more interesting character overall. She’s more of a succubus, more seductive, more in tune with her powers and not afraid to use them to her advantage. There’s a neat little moment at the end of the work, beyond the climax, where Jacquette offers Sharis a boon and Sharis has to consider it. The idea of the series returning to that, the possibility for Sharis to be taught by Jacquette in fascinating to me. I hope that happens.

Jacquette is very much a more “evil” presence, she is very much a succubus, and glorifies in that. I liked her no-nonsense character, how she is very clear in what she wants and more. Where that takes Sharis in the future will be telling I think in many ways. The contrast between Jacquette’s evil and Sharis not accepting that she has to be so, to the point of pressing against Jacquette, was a wonderful scene.

I like both Jacquette and Sharis, but honestly without the story being edited better, the story being more, it’s hard to really enjoy.  Overall, the author taking the time to write more heat in their erotica rather than trying to write a porn scene would help a lot as well. More time spent on character, telling more about the relationships, opening up the story to be more would make this all it wants to be, but sadly can’t.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The work needs a serious editing, the number of mistakes in word choice, grammar and most of all the difficulty in reading the narration, or being able to get through the dialogue without wincing is a problem. It shouldn’t be. There’s too much promise in Sharis and Jacquette for that to happen. I like them both as characters, but there’s so little development to be seen and that bothered me. There’s some hope, at least in how this work closed, that the next work will press Sharis as a character forwards and I dearly hope that happens. Along with at least one more editing pass.



Oct 09 2016

A review of Turned into a Succubus: Gender Transformed by the Devil Herself by Lily Fey

Turned into a Succubus: Gender Transformed by the Devil Herself by Lily Fey

Turned into a Succubus: Gender Transformed by the Devil Herself by Lily Fey

There are some stories in which the ending is pretty much telegraphed from the opening paragraph. There’s little to be surprised over, the characters are somewhat stereotypical in their nature. Such stories tend to turn towards a darker ending, many times having a twist in the work, which isn’t really a twist all things considered.

Corruption of a character into being a succubus can be very trope-like. It really shouldn’t be. But sometimes the main character gets what they wanted from the beginning and so the story fits that purpose. The story holds to that darker form, that expression of evil only. I find that boring overall, and rather depressing sometimes.

  • Title: Turned into a Succubus: Gender Transformed by the Devil Herself
  • Author: Lily Fey
  • Length: 32 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 4, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Arrogant sorcerer and gothic pretty boy Foster makes painstaking preparations and horrific sacrifices in order to bring the Devil into this world, so that he may ask Satan himself if he can serve under him as a demon. The only thing is, the Prince of Darkness is more like a Princess of Darkness, and she’s not willing to turn Foster into a demon unless he can prove himself to her.

Eager to please his Dark Mistress and prove his loyalty, Foster undergoes a gender transformation, and, if the newly transformed sorceress can prove herself, Satan just might turn her into a full-fledged demon. Little does Foster know that when you make a deal with the Devil you’ve got to read the fine print, because Satan has quite the role in mind for her new-found demon-to-be.

Foster’s goal has been to get the Devil’s attention. He finally does, and she’s unimpressed with him. Still, she could use him somewhere, for some purpose. Foster then discovers that what he wanted isn’t what she gets.

Overall the story is rather dark, the characters are, for the most part, unlikeable in their thoughts, actions and words. Foster in particular is really very unlikeable and that’s a problem when that is the main character. There’s not a single redeeming quality about him, nor really does his character develop into something more than what he starts with.

The devil’s first appearance is a quick transformation scene, one that passed far too quickly. The same can be said for Foster’s own. There’s not a lot of detail, there’s a rush to get to the sex and that leaves a lot to be desired overall.

The erotica isn’t very hot, really it is a series of porn movie scenes strung together with some various taunts and promises from the Devil herself. It’s somewhat clinical, forced, and the heat just isn’t there.

There’s a real lack of character development, there’s little time spent in telling more about the Devil, to give her more character than being evil and manipulative. Foster is singularly focused on one purpose throughout the work. When his “rewards” is given, the shift into that new form, being a succubus, is done in an instant, there’s a complete change in her personality, and she’s evil… just because.

I couldn’t really get into the story, I didn’t really care about any of the characters. The erotica didn’t have much heat, the theme was overall dark and to a point depressing. Even the twist, when it came, didn’t do much save stress how much Foster’s transformation changed her, making her a pawn. But then she’d always been one. She just never realized it.

One and a half out of five pitchforks.

I didn’t like any of the characters overall, they all being stereotypical in their actions, words and thoughts. The transformation was well done, but then the story devolved into sex scenes, some dark turns and a feeling that, in the end, nothing came from it. Perhaps it is what the characters wanted from the beginning, at least one did, and I expect they all did in the end.



Oct 08 2016

A YouTube video game scene with a Succubus possession

Most of the time in video games, Succubi appear as actual characters, horns, tail and all. It’s uncommon as a whole to find a game where there’s a bit of a succubus possession theme. That’s more of a popular theme in story writing and it can make for some interesting storylines. I found a YouTube showing a scene from Dungeon Travellers 2 in which a character has possession of a Succubus Ring… and then is possessed by it…


If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:


Now while there isn’t an actual image of the succubi, there is one of the character being possessed… and so…

Dungeon Travellers Possessed by Succubus

The main change is the eye colour of the character and that glow around the ring she’s wearing. It’s actually quite a change from her usual personality to being possessed… and no, she’s just as busty before, during and after, the succubus has nothing to do with that.

I thought how the succubus told of her dreams of wanting the player’s character and using that to control her, and trying to control him, had a little bit of mind control as well which, sadly, didn’t really go very far.

Still, the entire scene might make for a good little bit of erotica at some point for me to write…

We’ll see…



Oct 07 2016

A Review of The Demon’s Daughter Likes to Watch by Nessa Triskelion

The Demon's Daughter Likes to Watch by Nessa Triskelion

The Demon’s Daughter Likes to Watch by Nessa Triskelion

A short time ago I reviewed the first work in a new series about a succubus named Elodie and you can find that review here on the Tale. At the time I noted a series of questions and issues that bothered me about the work. I also mentioned what I had hoped might be the focus of any works that followed. Recently another work did appear and while there was some opportunity for more story to be told, and there was to a point, the story of Elodie herself seemed to go into a bit of a tail spin… literally.

Telling a story needs to be more than a narrative about what happens around a character. Even when that story has some heat in it, not doing something with that heat can be disappointing. It’s a shame when much of the story seems to be pieced together and the outcome winds up to be not much more than an interlude.

The second work in Elodie’s story is:

The work tells the story of:

Elodie is a fledgling succubus just trying to make her way through college. When she and her best friend have the opportunity to watch a pair of girls make out in the showers, will she be able to resist trying out her powers on Stephanie? No. No she won’t. And the result will certainly be juicy…

Elodie has a series of issues, not the least of which is that she needs a job and quickly. Being dragged by her best friend to work out brings with it a little voyeurism, some fun and games and the possibility of something going right for her. But not all things are quite expected and family is, after all, family.

I had the feeling that this work was a little lost for the most part. There didn’t seem to be a real direction to the story at times for one. The other issue was that the erotica felt almost tacked onto the story as an afterthought. The heat simmered, trying to come to a boil, but never really got there. It teased and not much more than that. More so, the erotica didn’t really “show” very much, leaving much of what happened to the reader’s imagination. It was a little disappointing in that this work is about Elodie, she is a succubus, and she barely acts as one.

Part of that is Elodie’s character, her desire to not depend on the talents she has, which storywise is interesting to read. But that means the story falls back on what happens otherwise to her. Her day isn’t really under her control so much as she is dragged along by circumstance. Elodie tends to be rather whiny much of the time, but there are moments when the story takes a positive turn.

Some of this is her desires when she encounters someone, some is her past which is touched on more. Still more comes from the appearance of a family relation. But in all of these moments it happens so fast that little time is spent on developing things than it is in a rush to move onto the next moment in the story. Much like the first work in the series, this work is too short, which leaves a lot of story and development to the side.

I really do like Elodie as a character. I’d like to know more about her mother, which doesn’t happen, and as for Lala, Elodie’s aunt that appears for a fleeting moment there’s a certain familiarly about her, one that suggests that this universe is connected with another series in some way. Perhaps, as in that series, there will be something told about Lala herself along with Elodie.

While there are no obvious editing issues, the story is short, the heat of the erotica is lacking. Character development gets a toehold, enough to start to tell something about Elodie herself, but only skims the surface. The main thing, as a whole, is the work is far too short and that hurt the heat, the story itself and the characters.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The heat that exists in this work doesn’t actually settle around Elodie. It holds itself to a pair of minor characters that appear, then vanish moments later. Even when Elodie’s powers come to the fore and there is some heat, that felt muted and inconsequential. That said, the telling of more about Elodie, her life, her family and those around her was what kept me in this story. But it wasn’t quite as strong as the first work in the series.

There will, obviously I think, another work in the series to come. Perhaps with that will also be some focus on building Elodie’s character, telling about her mother, who still is a mystery, and perhaps take Elodie from being something of a wall flower into something more.

I hope so, because there’s a lot about Elodie I like and would like to see more of. I hope that will be.



Oct 07 2016

A Review of Hunted by the Lustful Futa Succubus by Felicia Dumont

Hunted by the Lustful Futa Succubus by Felicia Dumont

Hunted by the Lustful Futa Succubus by Felicia Dumont

I enjoy works that have history and background to their characters. I feel that makes them something more. There’s things to wonder about, consider as the work unfolds. Sometimes those hints involve other characters as well, and then I’d like to know what happened then. It doesn’t happen often, which leaves a lot of questions behind, but that I can accept.

The issue comes when the story closes on a point where it’s obvious that something more needs to follow, that the two characters have something to figure out, and doesn’t explore that. A cliffhanger on work with nothing to follow it bothers me.

  • Title: Hunted by the Lustful Futa Succubus
  • Author: Felicia Dumont
  • Length: 22 Pages
  • ASIN: B01DPRZ21G
  • Publishing Date: March 31, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Gwen has been on the run for a long time. Better to be safe than sorry, when you’re a vampire. But it seems that Gwen’s sexual passions have garnered the attention of a lustful succubus, who has sought out the vampire across the world, using her own sexual aura to find her. When the succubi finally catches Gwen, she has more than one surprise in store for the lonely vampire.

Gwen is a vampire, a very experienced one at that. Playing it safe has kept her alive so far, but when an encounter leaves her rattled she finds that she has been hunted for centuries by a succubus that wants her. The question is, what exactly does that mean for them both?

The work tells a lot about Gwen, some of her past, her thoughts about her life as a vampire. The interesting part of that is all of the history she has, what she’s done and where she’s been. There’s a hint of her being, at least a little, worried about her life, trying to protect herself as much as she can. When she meets with a friend and a threat seems to appear, that’s where the story takes the turn towards Miranda, the succubus of the story.

Miranda is a futa succubus, but she’s different than most characters like her. She’s intent on Gwen, and the why of that, what it means, how it unfolds is what I wanted to see more of. The problem is that, compared to Gwen, really very little is told about Miranda. Her history is murky, save that she’s been on the Earth as long as Gwen has. Miranda’s been searching for Gwen, tells of some of the places they have been.

And that’s the problem, It’s a bit of name dropping really, there’s no detail, no expansion on that point. It’s a hint as to Miranda’s need to find Gwen, but not told. That plot, which I wanted to know of, is just put out in the work as a teaser, then it left behind as the work moves towards the erotica.

That erotica is a hot flash, actually a fairly good one, with a little bit of succubus and vampiric powers mixed in with the futa theme. It is short however, the moment passes very quickly and then the story concludes very rapidly. The conclusion leaves the promise of something more to be told, but never gets there. It’s a shame really because the erotica turns the work in what would be an interesting direction, to tell a larger story about both characters, but doesn’t.

Overall, the story could have continued in that vein, told that story, opened both characters up, told more about Miranda’s past as well. There are a number of lost opportunities here, and I wish the author had delved into them.

The characters are interesting, the plot is a little thin overall. The erotica could have had more heart, perhaps moving into a second scene between Miranda and Gwen that was not quite so rapid and forced overall. There’s a lot that could have been done, but it wasn’t.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I liked Gwen, she was interesting. I needed more about Miranda by far. Her past isn’t explored, only teased at, and in doing so a lot of opportunity was lost to tell a larger story. I’ve said it many times that erotica without story is disappointing. This work just about avoided that, and I really wish more time had been spent on telling the past encounters between Gwen and Miranda. There’s another story in there, there’s a story to follow this one, but it never appeared.



Oct 06 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 455

There are songs about the Devil and his fiddle, there are stories about that as well.  In the case of Succubi, wouldn’t it be more more sensual? Something in which one pours themselves into making the instrument they are playing… sing? For me, I think that might be the violin. This week’s image tells a story about that thought…

Melody's melody by HandsofMidaz

Melody’s melody by HandsofMidaz

This work is called Melody’s melody and is by the artist HandsofMidaz who can be found on DeviantArt here and you can find the original page with this art on DeviantArt here.

This might be one of the most wonderful pieces of Succubi art that I have found this year. It’s just an exquisite image as a whole, but there’s so much more. The details in Melody, her form, her outfit, her expression tell so much about her. She’s held by her passions for her music, in making her joys within her known. There’s that little smile she has in which it feels like she is at peace with herself in this moment.

The little artistic touch of having her tail twine around her brings that out a little more I feel, adding to her overall look and mood. It’s a snapshot of being whole with oneself, of knowing who they are… And that’s the most interesting thing about this. Melody is telling her story in all ways if one cares to listen…

A story? Perhaps…



Oct 05 2016

A rather cute looking corset Devil Costume…

Red Sequin Devil Corset CostumeIt is October and Halloween is fast approaching… Sometimes the best costumes are those that simply are elegantly sexy. Sometimes that takes someone to actually care about what they create and what love they give to their creation. It is always nice to find such things…

This is called the Red Sequin Devil Corset Costume and I found this on eBay some time ago. It is the creation of a small corset designer and, as such, there’s quite a lot here that I like because it is clear they cared about what they created.

The costume comes with a steel boned corset dress, the devil horns and the pitchfork the model is holding. Shoes are not included and it sells for $160 US.

That is not, really, an outrageous price for the corset, and really I only would want the corset  for the horns and pitchfork aren’t really all that wonderful. But the corset? That I really do like quite a lot.

Matching the corset with the right horns and shoes would be wonderful I think and it does give me something to ponder over.

This is a prime example I think of a costume idea that works, needing only a few minor changes and as such I think it is quite promising.

I’ll give this three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Lovely, save for the horns and pitchfork, but those aren’t that difficult to change to something better…