Jan 20 2008

Succubus 2007 – Adult Movie

Well… In short it’s not really a Succubus movie as much as it is a blood and sex movie…

I personally would have called it Vampiress… Oh! But they couldn’t because another company did that! Whoops! 

A short summary of the movie:

Raven Riley, voted the internet’s most popular teen- combines forces with the hottest teen goth online, Liz Vicious- in Succubus- a ground breaking new film from Evil Motion Pictures. Combining super sexy girls with a terrifying horror story, Succubus takes the adult motion picture industry to new heights.

Lilith: the mother of all female demons. From the dawn of time she walked the earth, enchanting all into sexual slavery and ultimately, hideous death. Risen once more, her terrible reign begins anew…

Raven: as an innocent teen she reluctantly assumed from her grandmother a terrible gift, passed down from countless generations: the power to fight and slay the succubus in the flesh. And when she learns that Lilith has risen from the dead, she has no choice but to join the fight.

A quiet Midwestern town shattered by gruesome murders. A powerful young woman making the only choice she can. An evil so ancient it surpasses understanding. A principled town sheriff forced to choose sides. A corrupt businessman with secrets of his own. A passion of centuries long finally quenched. A vendetta of ages finally sated. Succubus: Raven Riley: Demonslayer.

Directed and written by the team of Jack Hemingway & Bethany Burke plus featuring guest performances by Brandi Love, Ron Jeremy, and Kevin Baxter, Succubus is not to be missed.


And a photo of the DVD covers as well:

 Succubus 2007 - Adult Movie Front Cover        Succubus 2007 - Adult Movie Back Cover     


My rating? 2 out of 10 pitchforks…


Jan 19 2008

Saturday? Really? I just woke up…

Sorry for not much of a posting today… Didn’t feel well last night and didn’t wake up until about an hour ago… With some luck I will try to have another manip of a Succubi done tomorrow to be posted on the Blog and on the Collective as well… 

Jan 18 2008

Lady Macbeth is a Succubi? Really?

Interesting opera review… I’m a little put off with Lady Macbeth being described as a Succubi…


Opera at the movie theater? Met your bottom dollar!

By Jed Gottlieb

Monday, January 14, 2008

Even opera fans need a miracle once in a while.

As I enter New York’s Metropolitan Opera live-via-satellite broadcast of Verdi’s “Macbeth” at Boston’s Regal Fenway Stadium movie theater Saturday, I’m waylaid by a smartly dressed, middle-aged woman.

“Are you going to the opera?” she asks.

“Um, yeah.”

“Do you have an extra ticket? I have the money right here.”

She’s not as anxious as an addict, but she’s not far from it.

The second in the Met’s series of operas beamed live in high-definition to theaters worldwide – next up at Regal Fenway and other cineplexes is Puccini’s “Manon Lescaut” on Feb. 16 – “Macbeth” is a smash. Not only a sellout, but 20 minutes before the 1:30 p.m. show the theater is 90 percent full of similarly smartly dressed boomers and seniors scrambling for the best seats.

And no one seems to be here for the novelty – scant few munch popcorn or slurp Cokes. No one is daunted by the idea of paying $22 for four hours of Shakespearean tragedy sung in Italian (thankfully with English subtitles). No one but me.

I’m no idiot. Ive got more Miles Davis than Motley Crue albums and happily read Cormac McCarthy between issues of Rolling Stone. But I expect an afternoon of Verdi doing the Bard will be an academic effort. I’m wrong.

Operas were the blockbusters of their day. “Aida” was the cultural equivalent of “Lord of the Rings”: lavish spectacle meant to thrill and entertain. And this is what “Macbeth” is on the big screen.

Close-ups and cross-cuts give the performance a sweeping cinematic and primeval, visceral feel aided by the stars’ titanic stature. Zeljko Lucic’s Macbeth and Dimitri Pitta’s Macduff are beefy beasts with thundering, rumbling voices and imposing stage gravitas. Maria Guleghina as Lady Macbeth is busty, sexy succubus, a Rubenesque femme fatale with a wicked streak that would make Hannibal Lecter queasy and a voice as histrionic and virtuosic as Jimi Hendrix’s guitar.

But between Guleghina’s scheming and Lucic’s guilt-induced delusions, during set changes and intermission, the Met cut to scenes of stagehands mopping fake blood and interview segments that ruin the flow. The Met thinks it’s giving fans something special but seeing the evil incarnate Lady Macbeth waving to her real-life son shatters the suspension of disbelief upon which opera desperately depends.

“Macbeth” was still a success. Such talents as Guleghina, Lucic and Pittas, talents that make opera enjoyable for a plebian like me, transcend backstage indiscretions. The Met and its aggressive new marketing campaign – beyond the high-def theater broadcasts it’s airing performances on Sirius satellite radio, its Web site and showing them for free in New York public schools – works. I’m sufficiently hooked and the capacity crowd around me is thrilled. Maybe it’s not the next “Lord of the Rings,” but with appeal this broad, and pre-show fans in search of scalpers, opera’s ready to bust out beyond the bourgeoisie.


As an aside, here is an image of the actress in question Maria Guleghina from a performance of Macbeth in 1996:

Maria Guleghina


Jan 17 2008

Succubi Image of the Week IV

Just a really cute image of a Succubi…

Cute Anime Succubus

I have no detail on the artist or where it was found, if anyone has some information, please share?



Jan 16 2008

You stupid, stupid woman…

That’s all I am going to say about this story…

Bonham Carter loves breastfeeding as her boobs gets a purpose
January 16th, 2008 – 4:42 pm

Washington, Jan 16 (ANI): Helena Bonham Carter has revealed that she enjoys breastfeeding her new baby daughter because her boobs gets a purpose.

The Sweeney Todd star, who gave birth to her second child with director Tim Burton in December last year, has fallen in love with motherhood all over again.

“You know you’re providing a real service. After carrying around your boobs for so long, it’s nice to know they have an actual purpose,” Contactmusic quoted Carter, as saying.

However, the 41-year-old actress is determined that she will not carry on breastfeeding her new baby daughter for too long after an awkward experience with her four-year-old son Billy.

“Billy was a bit of a succubus. It gets to a point where you feel awkward. If they can crawl up and reach for it, perhaps its time to move on,” she said. (ANI)

<rubs temples>

A Succubus is female you stupid woman!

<pitchforks her repeatedly>

He’s an Incubus!!!!



Jan 15 2008

Icey Slippery Tuesday…

You know that old saying about hell freezing over? I wonder if that applies to the morning I have had…

4 hours driving to work this morning and something like 12 accidents on the way too…

Next time the train for sure…

Hope your day is a nice one!


Jan 14 2008

Yet another dumb movie…


For the record…

I reeeeeeally hate the majority… OK… All of the movies that have been released about Succubi… Every single one has the woman playing the role turn into a blood thirsty killer that rips the heart out of a person and either eats it or something else…


Or the other thing that happens is that they confuse a vampire and a succubi…

Chalk white skin???

Come on…


Another example of a crappy movie is here.

Someday maybe we’ll see a movie that actually portrays the Succubi as they are…