Sep 13 2016

A Review of A Ghost of a Chance by Minnette Meador

A Ghost of a Chance by Minnette Meador

A Ghost of a Chance by Minnette Meador

The question of who a succubus is can be the core of a story. It might not appear to be, but as the story moves towards its conclusion, sometimes the hints, the twists in the story, make sense and the answer becomes so very obvious.

There can be layers wrapping around the plot, hiding the pieces of the puzzle until the conflict comes and a choice has to be made. But sometimes that choice isn’t a choice made in the here and now, but made in the far past. Such choices can change the world, for good or bad. It’s the one that chooses that makes that possible.

The story is about:

Keenan Swanson is your typical, everyday graphic designer. Well, except for the hundreds of pesky, prank-loving poltergeists that make his life interesting (in a Chinese curse sort of way). He finds his situation precarious yet manageable—until witty, smoking-hot coworker Isabella enters the scene, and Keenan decides he wants her all for himself. With a horny succubus who has other ideas, a burly city cop determined to lock Keenan away, and an evil entity who’s hell-bent on using Keenan’s seed to create a living demon, the reluctant psychic realizes he just might not come out of this alive—or with his heart intact.

Keenan’s life is different and not in the best of ways at times. He can see, and talk to ghosts and they talk back. They always seem to get in his way and when he meets someone special, things take a darker turn as a succubus comes into his world. There are things once hidden coming towards him and Keenan’s life might not just be different, it might be changed permanently.

The work is a bit odd in how things play out overall. The focus is on Keenan, the ghosts, and what happens to him as a result for the first third of the story. Eventually the story moves away from the everyday towards who Keenan is, why the ghost are with him. It’s during this part of the work that a succubus appears and at first there’s really nothing known about her save the rather over the top and violent sexual encounter that Keenan has with her.

The succubus herself isn’t stereotypical when her story is told and that particular story is one that feels more passionate and whole than Keenan’s own through the telling. At some points the story becomes a little lost in what Keenan goes through and in being so it’s an odd time in the work as it is unclear what the point of things are. It takes some time for Dabria’s story to be told and when it finally is, there’s so many points in the prior parts of the story that didn’t make sense that suddenly do.

In spite of some of the oddities, I thought the description of Dabria, what a succubus is, in truth, what her past is, the decisions she made, and must now, were offering something significantly different.

There isn’t much in the way of erotica in this work and really this isn’t so much a work of erotica as it is a work that tells of the human soul and choices made. While that story is compelling and is interesting, I have to admit that at times when the ghosts were described and what they did was told I found myself wanting the plot to move again. There are seemingly a lot of pauses, sidesteps, and detours that come along before the climax arrives and the truth of the story is revealed.

Perhaps the work has too much going on, too much happening in a short period of time. There might be too many things happening to Keenan, and with all of that there seems to be an issue with the story getting lost along the way.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

This work was billed as being the first in a series which, at the time of this review, had not appeared and considering how long it has been since the work was released, it’s unlikely there will be another work to be seen. It’s a shame really that where the characters go from here hasn’t been seen.

A bit convoluted, a little odd here and there, but Dabria’s story, how that unfolds and what it all means to the other characters in the work is the hidden gem within all of the plots, plans, and events that rush through the work. A different sort of succubus and I liked that.



Sep 12 2016

Absolution By TeraS

The concept of giving absolution is, at times, a complicated thing. There are many levels to consider, many possible means to achieve it. But the thing about this particular point is that one cannot simply just ask for …


By TeraS


In every life there comes a time when one must reflect on one’s past. In doing so, one finds there are things done which one isn’t proud of. Those aren’t, always, a problem. One can justify such actions to oneself, to cloak the truth away such that others will never really see it.

However, sometimes there are things that cannot be justified. A moment, something said, an action preformed, something which nags within one’s thoughts, even if they are not completely aware of it always being so. Sometimes, one must face this, to come to terms with it, to try to ask for absolution for what has been. Sometimes there is but one person that can answer the question and give an answer, if one happens to be listening for it—or, for that matter, willing to accept it.

On this day in the Realm the sky was as blue as it always was, the Lake of Fire was calm, reflecting the land that bordered upon it. The clouds surrounded the mountains as they always did and, overall, the Realm was managing as it was meant to, save for one soul who was, at that moment, making her way through the Realm, a specific destination in mind.

Tera, the Queen of the Realm, needed to ask someone a question. The problem was that she wasn’t expecting any sort of answer. Whenever she had spoken to this person in the past, she’d never heard an actual answer. There was no voice to say what the person thought. There was no expression of whether or not her words were even heard.

She had spoken to this person in many different ways, some very personal, some very public. She’d expressed her thoughts about things to others who offered their perspective and made suggestions, and she was given thoughts to consider. She had, of course, examined every one of them, considered each carefully, and did the best she could do. In the end, all of her thoughts and considerations had brought her to this journey where she found herself.

All beings in the universes have, in one way or another, a belief in something. For some, it’s a little bit easier because they know, truly, there is another watching. For some, they have, at least once, been in the presence of Light in the universe.

In the Realm exists a place called the House of Light—a place in which the Goddess of Light is given her proper respect and due. To describe the place is very difficult because it appears differently for each soul. No two see it exactly in the same way. As Tera stood outside of the arched entryway, what she saw was something she never quite could put into words. The best she could do was describe a wonderful, warm place of love and light that shone brightly over the Realm.

Her expression this day was slightly troubled, her thoughts being about what she was going to ask, even while sure that she’d never actually receive an answer. Still, the words needed to be said, she thought, and she began to walk into the House to speak.

Passing into the bright, pure light, she vanished from view; the Realm lost sight of her. For Tera, her first thought was that she must have made a wrong turn, but she was sure she hadn’t passed through Albuquerque. That thought came because she found herself standing beside a certain fence that she knew intimately well.

“You realize, I hope, you have nothing to ask absolution for?”

She smiled, it was her heart and his council was, as always, true.

“Oh … I think I have many things my heart.”

“What you have, Dear One, is your love which drives you.”

“That’s not it.”

“You have your compassion, which you give freely.”

“I know.”

“You have your passion, for every soul you touch.”


“You have your generosity, giving freely without asking for anything in return.”


“You are, in more ways than I can count, precious to so many.”

“Never really see that, my heart. It’s …”

“… not how you are, Dear One. Yes, I know.”

He was silent for a time, and she was looking around wondering just how it was she came to be at the fence.

“You know … I’m not sure why I’m here, exactly.”

He shook his head slightly: “Oh, I am.”

“How so?”

“Goddess speaks to us in the here and now, but not in ways that you expect … that’s why she brought us together. You, my Dear One, are looking for absolution. But she’s not the one to give that to you.”

“Then who, my heart, should I be talking to?”

Her heart, the one that knew her so very well, just looked at her. When she realized the answer, she pinched her nose and sighed. He just smiled.

“She’s … a bit too stubborn to listen, you know.”

“Yes, she is … at least when it comes to forgiving herself. However, beneath those red horns and behind those so-green eyes, she’s actually a wonderful soul. She might, if given a chance, find a way to give herself absolution.”

Resting her arms on the edge of the fence, that particular red horned woman they were talking about considered. “I think she’s not willing to accept that she’s worthy of absolution.”

“That’s because she, sometimes, can only see her faults and not the light she is.”

“Oh … she sees them both.”

“Seeing them isn’t the same thing as accepting them.”

“Which means?”

“The path to absolution starts inside of each of us, Dear One. Accept that and, perhaps, you’ll find the way.”

“One hopes.”

“One knows.”

The world cascaded into shimmering light and Tera found herself once more in the House of Light. Once more the Realm saw her and she saw the Realm anew.

That evening, as was her custom and joy, she met her heart at the fence.

“Hello, my heart.”

“Hello, Dear One.”

“I had the most unusual day.”

“How so?”

“I had a conversation about absolution.”

“Really? Do tell.”

She leaned over the fence slightly and kissed his cheek: “That story, my heart, begins with a soul of Light that is wiser than he knows and ends with a soul of Light who learned something she didn’t know before.”

He blushed: “You’re welcome, Dear One. But it was not me so much as Goddess working in and through me.”

She smiled: “Whoever it was, thank you, my heart.”

“Anytime and always, Dear One.”

To find absolution within means accepting that need in yourself and seeing the way clear to believing you are worthy of it. But it also, many times, takes the wisdom of another to show you the way. And, Goddess knows even better than Queen Tera that she is never, ever alone.

Sep 11 2016

A Review of How to Kill an Incubus by Kimber Lee

How to Kill an Incubus by Kimber Lee

How to Kill an Incubus by Kimber Lee

The second review in the Rae Erickson series by Kimber Lee today on the Tale. You can find my review of the prequel work here on the Tale. In that review I noted there seemed to be a lot of promise in the series to be seen. The characters were well told, the story was interesting and there was seemingly a path for the story to take. All of this meant there was hope for something positive to come.

While there is signs of a good story, of good characters in the first work of the series, there is a crippling issue that simply wrecks the work overall. What is particularly irritating about this is that some care would have avoided this. Beyond that, I find myself looking at the reviews of this work on Amazon and wondering if the reviewers had ever actually read the work. Somehow I doubt it.

The thing about life is that you never know what’s coming next. Love turns into hate, joy into fear, and sometimes even your own family can drive you crazy. Lemons meet lemonade.

  • Title: How to Kill an Incubus
  • Author:  Kimber Lee
  • Length: 372 Pages
  • ASIN: B00ZVC9S8C
  • Publishing Date: June 21, 2015
  • This work at

It is the story of:

Rae couldn’t exactly deny what Andrei, the king of the incubi, said so matter-of-factly. But she is her father’s daughter and having a forbidden liaison with a demon king is not something her father would have approved of.

With just one glance from Andrei’s piercing cerulean eyes, however, she found herself being plunged into delightful unknown territories, and only half-caring whether she should sink or swim.

Should she fight her unholy—but oh-so-delicious—attraction to the dark lord or just give in to the indescribable enticing pleasures he brings her? Rae certainly has grave decisions to think about.

Rae has been hunting demons for a very long time. Encountering  Andrei, Rae falls into his orbit and finds herself conflicted. A battle rages within herself and all around her and in the end Rae herself will never be able to look at herself in the same way again.

The work tells a story of a complex and involved universe, characters and events that play off each other quite well. There’s good drama, the erotic heat is well done and overall there is a lot to like about the concept and more.

Rae is a strong presence, she tells a haunting story and, being the core of the work, does so very well. Along with her are a number of incubi, succubi and cambions, each with their own stories to tell. For the most part, there are but two characters that are a bit stereotypical in their actions, but that is mostly for plot sake, if nothing else.

I felt the story stood up well, it offers an path for Rae that a reader would be invested in. The ending is both tragic and hopeful in a lot of ways and I think it worked fairly well. It is a bit of a cliffhanger, leading towards the next work in the series and offers a hint of what is to come.

Generally, the work has much of what I like in stories about succubi and incubi, even it there are some characters that made me roll my eyes and sigh when they were “evil” for the sake of it. Still, the path Rae takes, how she connects with Andrei and what that means makes up for much of that failing in the storytelling.

From what I have written so far, you’d think I would be recommending this work very highly. But I cannot. There is a huge issue with the published work that shatters everything else, makes the work almost impossible to read, removes all of the heat, the characterization, and the depth of plot.

Here’s an example of how awful this work is to read:

“He looked at me, his eyes so dark they were practically onyx. Everything But e verything else about him was light—the thick waves of blonde hair on his head, the full red apple slices for lips the apple slices of his full red lips , and the paleness of his skin. If he were human, I’d probably find him good-looking—but he wasn’t.”

Every single page of this work has markup like this. It means, of course, that the work was edited, by someone, but the author, or publisher or whomever, didn’t publish the completed work. They published an edited, but not corrected, formatted or completed work. There are notes about formatting, about putting in links, about adding a dedication and so on. The work is, quite simply, unreadable. The jumbled up mess gave me a headache in attempting to read the actual story and trying to ignore all of the mistakes that were so blatantly pointed out over and over again.

What’s more puzzling is the reviews this work has on Amazon. It has a solid five star rating and there is no possible way this work should have that. I find myself doubting any of the reviewers actually read the work as it was published on Amazon and were referring to where this work was released on Wattpad prior to Amazon.

In short, although the story, characters and overall work are very good, there’s so much difficulty hacking one’s way through the rest of things that there’s no possible way to give this work the rating it really deserves. More’s the shame because the prequel had so much promise, left me expecting a really good read in the first book and then shattered that in the presentation.

With the terribly obvious mistake in publishing an incompletely edited work, I cannot give this book the four pitchfork review it deserves.

One pitchfork out of five.

I really wish the author, or the editor, or whomever’s fault this was would have taken the time to fix this when the book was published. What’s worse is that well over a year later the mistake hasn’t been corrected.

There was supposed to be a second work in the series, which hasn’t appeared as yet. Should that happen, I’ll review that work in the hopes that work lives up to the promise of the series.






Sep 11 2016

A Review of Seduced by the Sex Demon! 2 by Veronica Sloan

Seduced by the Sex Demon! 2 by Veronica Sloan

Seduced by the Sex Demon! 2 by Veronica Sloan

A few weeks ago I reviewed the first work in a series by Veronica Sloan. You can find my first review of that work here on the Tale. In that review I noted that I didn’t really see much in the story save tor it being mainly focused on porn-like sex scenes and the occasional shadow of mind control and a little bit of teenage horror film shock now and again.

The author released a second work in the series, and as a whole my opinion on things as a whole hasn’t changed very much. It’s still mainly porn, the characters are paper-thin and the story isn’t really interesting. Save for the ending which, if the author happens to take a certain path going forwards, could be something interesting. But all else, as in the first work, there’s something lacking here as well.

The work tells the story of:

Jeffrey Corven used to be a spineless sap of a man, until his wife summoned a sex demon and turned him into a force of nature! Now devilishly horny and with the power to control the minds of men and women, Jeff is on a quest to screw everyone he can get his hands on. Only Tanya, his wife’s daughter, sees through his seduction, but even she isn’t immune to his blasphemous charms. Can she send him back to Hell before succumbing to the lust inside her?

Jeff isn’t Jeff anymore. A demon’s taken over his life and is doing anything he wants to. Along the way, among all of the wreckage left in his wake, Tanya sees that something’s very wrong. There might be a way to stop this, but the price might be more than Tanya ever expected.

Much like the first work in the series, there’s not really a lot of plot outside of the incubus having his way and causing as much sex to happen between characters as possible. There’s little in the way of developing the characters, there’s a fleeting glimpse of a larger, more interesting story, but it never comes out well.

Like in the first work, there isn’t so much erotica as there is quite a lot of over the top porn scenes which delve into some taboo subjects along the way. The dialogue is a bit odd and uninteresting, but more than that, seemingly there’s no story to hold everything together well.

That said, when Tanya, eventually, confronts the incubus, there is a story, she is a strong character and there is some kind of point to the story. There’s some explanation, Tanya needs to make a choice and it’s not an easy one to make. That all in itself could have done a lot for the story, but the incubus keeps gloating and that takes much of the drama out of things.

The conclusion of the series was, for me, a bit of a let down, it wasn’t unexpected. I found myself wondering if there could have been a better ending than what came. Personally I can think of a better one which offers a way for the series to continue. Not so much in a possession themed work, but a transformational one.

Still, the story didn’t engage me, the characters didn’t develop or learn very much. The story was barely there, the sex wasn’t erotica, it was porn level sex. I think there’s a good idea to be found, but being all sex and little story doesn’t make things work as well as they could, and should have.

Two pitchforks out of five.

There comes a point in telling a story where sex scene after scene doesn’t tell the story. It pushes things aside and leaves much untold. If, by chance, the author continues this series into a part three, there’s a story about Tanya that needs to be told. The ending offers it, but the question is whether or not that story actually tells a story or is just a means for more porn and not erotica.


Sep 10 2016

A Succubus Character WIP YouTube

A video from quite some time ago today on the Tale in which the artist draws a Succubus character. What I found to be something to ponder over was that the artist commented that she was meant to be in a comic series at some point in the future…

I wonder what that would have been like…


If you can’t see the video on the Tale, please try this link:

Here is an image of the Succubus herself, in case YouTube makes the video vanish…

Succubus Character by Digitially Devious

She has the most serious expression doesn’t she? The combination of her ears and horns is quite well done, I do wonder about her having a tail, it seems like she does not, but then the art might not be completed either…

As far as I can tell, a comic never appeared, bit perhaps there’s a story in this art to tell otherwise…



Sep 09 2016

A Review of the Succubus Series by Wren Winter

Succubus Seductions by Wren Winter

Succubus Seductions by Wren Winter

I understand that authors will take their works from being available, then reissue them. I also understand that some authors will change their name, change the title. There’s a good reason of course, which is at some point a book falls so deeply into the listings on Amazon and elsewhere that reissuing the work, sometimes four or more years after the original issuing can bring in new readers and sales.

Where the problem comes, at least for me, is when this happens. the work is issued under a new author, a new title, but the book blurb is almost exactly the same, the work hasn’t been editing at all, and really the only thing that is “new” comes to the book cover.

With all that said, a review of two works which were previously issued under another author’s name and title many years ago. The first work I will be simply repeating my original review, though dropping the rating a bit. The second I did not review previously, and so that review will be something new for me to ponder.

The first work is:

The work tells the story of:

When you summon a succubus, you might not get exactly what you wish for… David wants a paranormal lover. Meridiana has something else in mind.

When the powerful succubus Meridiana is called to Lucifer’s office, she’s elated to find out people are summoning succubi again! Her first victim is a man named David.

David seems like a normal fellow, who enjoys video games and working out.

It doesn’t make sense that such a handsome man would need to call upon a succubus to get laid, until Meridiana overhears him talking on the phone. The conversation reveals that David called on her after a dare!

When she finds out the jade David will be using is a fake, her wicked mind whirs with ideas of how to torture David while still giving him sexual pleasure.

David asks on a website for a method to summon a Succubus and he gets one. The problem is that he doesn’t know all of the traps and pitfalls and Meridiana, the succubus he summons, is more than willing to take advantage of that…

I think the main problem I have with this story was that it was very short and as such it became simply a hot flash or a stroke erotica story. That’s a shame really as the beginning of the story held a lot of promise really, but when it got interesting… it stopped being so for me.

Meridiana’s background story was interesting, and I would have liked to know more about it, but in this case it was setting only and the story moved away from that as quickly as possible. Past that, we watch as Meridiana watches and plans as David does the same and then summons her. Everything after that is sex really with not much else happening.

When Meridiana springs her trap, that is an odd moment, but it makes sense in the story. What happens to David afterwards is a bit brutal and the ending was, really, quite expected to be honest. I thought I would like her at the beginning of the story, but that soon faded away as her personality was all “gloat and be evil” and not a lot else. That’s kind of thin as a character and I have issues with it.

I can see this becoming a series of stories about Meridiana, which would be more interesting I think overall, but the author needs to tighten up their writing some. The work didn’t flow smoothly for one thing, the characters were paper thin for the most part as well. Oddly enough, the minor characters were more interesting than the main ones for the most part.

I have to wonder if the author might have been better served to not end the work with the first meeting of David and Meridiana, but to tell about the week she is there. I think that would have made for a better story, better characters and involved me more in it.

Two and a half pitchforks out of five.

The story didn’t flow well for me, I didn’t care for Meridiana all that much as well. It was short, much too short and really it could have been more than a stroke story. It’s a shame that the author didn’t add to what was there before republishing the work again.

But they didn’t and that’s the shame of it all.

Serving the Succubus by Wren Winter

Serving the Succubus by Wren Winter

The second work in the series tells a slightly different tale about a slightly different succubus as well. That said, much like the first work, there’s room for something more to be said, something more to be explored. But like the first work, this one seems be the same as it was before, only the title, the author and the cover being changed.

There’s an interesting story, the succubus is a bit different, and I thought the story had some drive and purpose as well. But there are missing pieces and moments, not to mention that the character development could have been more.

The second work is:

The work tells the story of:

I’m a succubus. Seduction is just what I do.

A mysterious senior society at an ancient college. A beautiful High Priestess with a secret agenda. 15 hopeful new members of a magical sorority. Idola Song is the High Priestess of the Sisters of Lilith, a sorority that has existed for over 200 years, opens her Eden to 15 new seniors of Dunwich College. Each girl must confess her sexual encounters in order to join… but will these stories actually give power to something more evil than they ever imagined? The first confession comes from a young succubus, Lilybella, who learns about how strong her powers of seduction are in the worst possible way.

It is the night of ceremony and new souls are being brought into the order. Stories must be told, they being the truth and open to all. But as well, with the truth comes something a little more for the sake of the one that goes first and the one that commands the ceremony itself.

Lilybella describes herself as a succubus, and she very well may be one, but the story really doesn’t give a chance for that to be told. For Lilybella, the story is a flashback, a memory and the person she is in the here and now doesn’t have a word, a moment, an opportunity to show what she has become.

Much in the same way, Idola Song might be a succubus, has some of the aspects of being one, but that doesn’t come into play either. She’s mainly used to tell of the sorority, offer a means for Lilybella to tell her story, and is more of a narrator than anything else.

In both characters, as well as two other minor characters, the opportunity to tell a larger story is pushed aside for the sake of a short hot flash encounter that didn’t have all that much heat nor did it really tell anything of a story save for Lilybella’s confusion.

There’s one singular point in the story that’s not used well and that is the idea of the Sisters of Lilith. That’s an interesting idea, there’s a good hint as to who and why they are, but it doesn’t get developed anything like it should have been by far.

The characters aren’t developed, the story is a bit thin, the erotica doesn’t have heat. This is barely a work about a succubus and that’s only because of Lilybella’s statement, which really doesn’t mean anything, but is suggestive of something. I think that’s the real problem here, the suggestion of a larger story that’s never told.

Two out of five pitchforks.

There might be two succubi in this work, but neither comes out fully. There could be a story about succubi here, but that isn’t told for the need to have some tepid erotica appear. The thing is that the overall idea is interesting and not telling the story of the Sisters of Lilith is a lost opportunity. Perhaps the author needed to expand the story more rather than just tack on a few other short stories in the wake of this one.



Sep 09 2016

A Review of Rainelle by Kimber Lee

Rainelle by Kimber Lee

Rainelle by Kimber Lee

Today, and the next book review day on the Tale, I will be reviewing the two released works in the Rae Erickson series by Kimber Lee, there should be a third, but at the time of these reviews there wasn’t and so the series is incomplete. I would have reviewed them together, but there’s a reason why I am not, which will be more clear in the following review. and honestly it is a reason that bothers me, aggravates me, and I find to be so very foolish a thing to do in many ways. That said, the first work, which is a teaser, if you will for the series, has quite a lot going for it, promises much, and, at least here, delivers in that.

Dreams and reality are mirrors of one another. The reality of knowing there are such things as succubi and incubi can be a curse, or a gift, but that depends on many things. Sometimes it is as simple a thing as family.

  • Title: Rainelle
  • Author:  Kimber Lee
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • ASIN: B00ZIA25SC
  • Publishing Date: June 11, 2015
  • This work at


It is the story of:

Dad always told me that I had ‘hunter’s blood’, that I was special.

Knowing that, however, didn’t exactly stop teenage Rainelle Erickson from courting the dark side, whether for information about her missing mom or striking a forbidden friendship with her charming demonic high school teacher.

Innocent and sensual, read all about young Rae’s heartbreaking discovery and steamy sexual awakening… before she met her Lord Andrei.

The story of Rae’s life when she was just trying to get her legs underneath her and try to understand why things were and more. The past is haunting, the present more so when it is a memory you can’t recall.

The work is an interesting lead into the first work of the series and it sets up who Rae is, what her past consists of, and what that might mean to her future. There’s a feeling of tragedy, loss, and confusing in Rae and being so there’s a real connection with her character. It’s less about Rae being entangled with an incubus and more about Rae just trying to learn, understand, and somehow find herself.

It is a short work and there are some details glossed over, but in spite of being so the story is well told, the characters are strong in their presence and I thought overall it worked really well. Still, I wish it was longer, at least twice what it is. I would have liked more about Rae, about her mother, if only from Rae’s perspective, and most of all, a bit more about the incubus she finds herself with.

Bren, the incubus of the work, is almost instantly likeable. He’s not stereotypical, he cares about others, about the things he has done, and he has a conscious. That might not be true of other incubi, or succubi for that matter, but in his case I liked this. However, why he acts the way he does, what the guilt is, why he suffers so much isn’t explained and I wish it had been. Moreover, Bren is as much a presence as Rae and while some of that is explained, I really wanted to know more about their relationship than the smattering that was given.

A promising work, interesting characters and a story arc that is revealing and well told. It’s just too short.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

So much promise from this work and I expected that the first work in the series would live up to that. However it takes but one thing to completely take that away. Being far too careless. But that’s for my next review.