Dec 24 2016

Vindictus does have some interesting Succubus character skins…

I freely admit that I don’t play video games, mainly because I haven’t seen anything that appeals to me, in a Succubus sort of way, that I would want to spend the time playing. However, sometimes my attention is draw to the characters themselves, if for no other reason than they give me story ideas…


If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

The game is Vindicates, and here is what I think is a very interesting Succubus character, even if I know she isn’t all that much really acting like a Succubus in the game itself…

Succubus Goddess Ava and Wings

Succubus Goddess Ava and Wings

She has a little bit of a Morrigan Aensland vibe to her, which is fine, it actually makes her pose and appearance more interesting for me at least. If you watch the video, you can see her in some different poses, and dancing at one point which is… different.

But then this is just, as a whole, different enough that I find it unique for a Succubus character and I think that might draw me towards a story soon…



Dec 23 2016

A Review of Angel’s Keeping by Brantwijn Serrah

Angel's Keeping by Brantwijn Serrah

Angel’s Keeping by Brantwijn Serrah

A review today of a work that first appeared in 2014, then was removed and then suddenly reappeared in 2016. I missed this work when it first appeared and I was rather pleased to see that it had some back to life once more. Christmas is a time for joy, and this is a work that brings that most of all.

I think it is wonderful when a story is told about Succubi in which they discover something about themselves that never expected to be true. When you are told that you could never love someone, never care about someone, because of what you are, it’s hard to accept that it might not be the truth.

But Christmas brings with it, if not miracles, then a simple promise. One for the lover, one for the loved, and one of the truth. Accepting that truth sometimes takes one special soul to reveal that. Even if that takes a great deal of trust and understanding to bring it into being.

  • Title: Angel’s Keeping
  • Author: Brantwijn Serrah
  • Length: 68 Pages
  • ASIN: B01A30FZU6
  • Publishing Date: January 1, 2016 (Reissue)
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Why would the King of Incubi send one of his spies out on Christmas Eve? Unless it is to break her heart…

As a succubus, preying on humans is Raschael’s business, and mortal holidays are a frivolous waste of time. So maybe her king meant to punish her when he sent her out to hunt on Christmas Eve. Or maybe he just wanted her far, far away, so he could banish Raschael’s one trusted friend.

Your little pet has run off.

Now Raschael must track down a missing fallen angel, and she doesn’t have a clue where to start. Bigger predators are closing in, and Rasche’s only lead is a Christmas stripper named Noelle.

Rasche is a succubus who faces a world where she isn’t valued, where the idea of love is something that isn’t for her. But she has a joy in her life, one that makes all else bearable. Sent away to capture a soul on Christmas Eve, she is told that her joy has gone astray. A choice made, a need discovered and a truth is revealed that Rasche would never have imagined would be true.

What I thought was the most interesting part of this work was the time spent in telling the universe that Rasche lives in. The trials that she faces, the little bit of joy from Kyrie, how the two of them are, in a way, set again those around them that are… unkind… to put things mildly. By doing so, the author creates a strong emotional connection with Rasche and Kyrie and through this, when things start to go wrong, I found myself invested as a reader in why things were happening, but also how they were unfolding.

The relationship between Rasche and Kyrie is wonderful. While they cannot express the concept of love, of caring, of needing one another, it is clear they do, they simply must. Seeing how Rasche thinks about things, how her perceptions of the world are changed by Kyrie, how that offers one simple promise that she cannot ignore, that in itself makes the story so much better by far.

Rasche is a succubus, her true form is somewhat stereotypical, but she isn’t. That’s important and meaningful because without that, the rest of the work doesn’t have anything to connect to. While she is “ordered” to take souls, and otherwise, there’s a feeling that she’s unhappy about things, that there’s something that can change in her. It is that possibly, how it might be, that turns Rasche into one of the most fascinating Succubus characters I have read in some time.

The other main character, Noelle, was telegraphing who she was, what she represented, almost from the moment she appeared. She didn’t quite come out and say, but so many times there was this little cute expression of “I know something you don’t” which made her a wonderful companion to the events that Rasche faces in her search for Kyrie

There is quite a lot of erotica in this work, which consists of a series of hot flashes, but they aren’t meaningless. They speak of Rasche, of Kyrie, and in a way Noelle as well. There is emotion, love, joy and bliss, but also want, need and craving. Not simply erotica, the moments are complex in their emotional attachment and where that takes the characters in their journey.

If I had one concern about this work, it is how throughout the story Rasche and Kyrie’s names change from time to time. There are moments when in one sentence it is “Rasche” and in another it is “Raschael”. Sometimes it is “Kyrie” and sometimes it is “Kyriel”. It isn’t a huge issue, but it just seemed an odd thing to do so often.

A lovely, cute and passionate story, Rasche is a joy as are Noelle and Kyrie. Well written, full of passions, story, characters that have souls and are changed over the telling of the story that makes this something special. I wish there was more about Rasche’s past, that of Kyrie as well. Noelle’s reveal was cute, but left me wanting too. Perhaps this story isn’t over, there will be more told about them all and I think that’s a lovely Christmas gift to be… I hope.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

A lovely, cute, but meaningful story in which the characters discover their truths and are the better for being so. I’d love to see more about Raschael, her love, and her world. While it might not be all that it should be, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be.

Because sometimes love does conquer all.



Dec 23 2016

A Review of Succubus Sundries by Zayna Noble

Succubus Sundries by Zayna Noble

Succubus Sundries by Zayna Noble

The first of two reviews today on the Tale of a book series called Succubus Sundries which I thought was a lot of fun. The main succubus character in this work, Lala, has appeared in some other series by this author and I’ll get about to reviewing them in the future here on the Tale.

I like Lala for her style, her bemusement and how she acts as a succubus as a whole. She wasn’t the central character in the story, but she made everything happen. I wanted to see a story about her alone, perhaps telling how she decided to get into the business she is in.

Having found another story with the same character appearing, I hoped that there would be more about Lala, who she is, where she came from. I wanted more than she being just “there” in the story and not much more. Regrettably, that didn’t happen in this work, but there is a story which had some promise in it nonetheless.

The work tells the story of:

Abby has a crush but doesn’t have the confidence to take the next step. Her solution? She turns to a local potion and magic shop, owned by a sultry Succubus. Lala is more than happy to help Abby, helping her try out different potions and pieces of magical jewelry, each one transforming Abby’s body from one sexy form to the next!

From slender elf to busty neko and even to a generously-endowed lactating cow girl, Abby finds herself getting hotter and hotter. The thoughts of showing each of these new bodies to her crush excites her until she can’t take it anymore!

Fortunately for Abby, Lala the Succubus accepts a very different currency for their transaction…

Abby has heard tales of a store where a certain succubus can make dreams come true. Overcoming her shyness, she visits Lala and finds a succubus who is more than willing to help. Whether that’s trying to find what Abby wants, or if that’s what Lala wants is another question entirely. But it’s going to be fun to find out what, and who, comes next.

While Lala was only fleetingly in the prior series she appeared in, in this story she’s far more central, more involved and drives the plot forwards in a very seductive manner. She’s very much a succubus in how she toys with Abby, seduces her thoughts and then, when Abby’s quite literally on her knees, has her way with Abby. She’s not evil, really she’s mischievous, and I adored that very much.

Even though Lala is central to the story, her past isn’t told, her character doesn’t develop too far and by the time the story has to leave her behind, it’s unclear whether or not anything was learned about her as a whole. There are some lovely hints, which I dearly wish had been explored, but they aren’t seemingly important to the story and so they get passed over on the way to Abby’s seduction and the erotica that comes along with it all.

The erotica between Lala and Abby is a lovely, slow building up of sexual tension and I think that really worked well. It allowed Abby to explore what she wanted, to give Lala someone to play with. Both are well done, very hot and not as to be silly or seemingly wrong in some way. The transformation scenes are quite good, very detailed and I enjoyed them as well. Once the story turned towards Abby’s focus on why she visited Lala, the story moved very quickly through the climax, a very short erotic scene and the story comes to a close far too quickly I thought.

The writing is good, the characters are not cardboard, but Lala just didn’t develop as much as Abby did and I really wanted to see that. This is less a story about Lala as a succubus as it is a story about a series of transformations. Thus Lala could never really be the core of the story, but with all that the author told about her, she comes very close. I still want to know more about Lala, her past and so on. That could be a really good story on its own and still hope to see that sometime. But it didn’t happen here.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Lala was far more present in this work than the preceding series, which was promising, but really there wasn’t much in the way of her story being told, learning more about her. Again, like her previous appearance, she’s a tool for the transformation of the main character and when her role is over, she vanishes once more.

I still want a story about her, knowing more, telling more. That interests me because Lala seems to be very interesting on her own. Sometime the author should think about telling that story along with all else they are.

The second work in the series, Succubus Sundries 2, was published yesterday and I will be reviewing that work on the Tale next Tuesday… Hopefully it will open up Lala’s story more than it has been.



Dec 22 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 466

This time on the Tale, I’m going to share what I think is possibly the most unique interpretation of a Succubus that I have found in quite some time. Overall the entire composition is amazing, and I can manage to ignore her hooves for how much else there is that I find attractive here…

Succubus by Kawa-V

Succubus by Kawa-V

This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called Kawa-V and you can find the original page on DeviantArt with this art here. You can also find this artist’s page here as well.

I just think this is an interesting concept overall, but especially so in the mix of colours here. The white on her skin is quite a vivid contrast with her overall red, the little baubles and bangles add an interesting flavour to her character as well. Her hair colour is rather striking, blond against red is a very rare thing to see, usually is it black or some other dark colour.

With all she is, her hooves I overlooked the first time I came across this art and, as a whole, they aren’t very obvious so that do like as well.

She strikes me as a dancer or performer of some kind, somewhere… Something to think about perhaps…



Dec 21 2016

This mask and horns look more like Christmas than Halloween…

Sequin Devil Horns and MaskI came across this… interesting… costume accessory, and I have to admit that I think this feels more like something for a Christmas Succubi than one at Halloween. Perhaps that’s just me, but really… It does have that “mistletoe” feel to it I think.

This is simply called the Sequin Devil Horns and Mask and it sells for about $15 US at several sites I have found it on.

Really the entire thing, the colour, the tinsel, the sequin pattern, it all screams to me Christmas time, not really Halloween time.

Of course that begs the question as to what an entire Christmas Succubi costume might look like. Which I will admit has given me something to ponder over my eggnog… and I don’t drink eggnog.

I will admit that it is different and unexpected and that does count for something somehow. But for Halloween, this doesn’t quite work.

Perhaps I need to think of something for Christmas instead…



Dec 20 2016

A Review of Lips of the Succubus by R. J. Skye

Lips of the Succubus by R. J. Skye

Lips of the Succubus by R. J. Skye

The telling of a story needs to manage one very important thing. There needs to be a connection. Not just to the reader, but within the story to draw the characters together, to make the tale more than what otherwise could be something far less. That means the characters need depth, need to have personality. There can’t be sex for the sake of it, nor should the characters be, at all, stereotypical.

Managing that brings about something quite special. It’s entirely possible within a short flash of a story to create not a world, but rather two stories intertwined in the most delicious of ways.

The story is about:

When a mage summons a succubus, he prepares for a battle of wills to subdue the creature; but when he realizes she doesn’t resist, he learns first-hand why they are considered so dangerous and not in the way he expected.

Simon calls for a succubus to appear to him. He expects evil, knowing there will be a fight for control, his soul at risk. But what comes to him isn’t anything like he expected and when the truth comes out he learns an important lesson. Not everything is as it appears and sometimes we get not what we want, but what we need.

A delightful short flash that tells a cute story with quite a lot of depth and character development. I’d feared from the book summary that the work would be stereotypically evil, that the author would follow the usual actions of a succubus and leave me wanting. That didn’t happen. What did however was a story in which I adored the characters, loved the relationship, how they related to each other.

Simon is a strongly written character, and he’s interesting because he’s not the typical sort of mage, doesn’t do what’s expected of him. He’s thoughtful and considerate, but most of all, he has personality. He’s a delight to follow in the story, it’s clear that he wishes something, expects not to find it, but when Caitera, also known as Cait, appears, the connection is almost instantaneous between them.

Cait is a wonderful example of the succubi that I love to read about. She’s clear about her intentions, she’s not evil, not harmful. She loved who she is, most of all. The telling of her story as Simon’s own comes out, is wonderful and begs for more to be told about succubi in this universe. That said, the moment she got rid of her hooves, I loved her even more. Cait has purpose and need, but she doesn’t overlook Simon’s either. At the same time, Cait explains what she is, what has happened in the past and that’s a rather unique thing to read.

The work is a hot flash of course, being so very short and that is the single shame here. The story is wonderful, the characters I love. But I felt it might have been a little rushed at points. Certainly the ending I think could have taken longer, allowed for a hint of what is next to appear for them both. Beyond that, the erotica is rather short, needing more heat to build I think. By that I mean there’s a real connection between the characters and I would have liked to have seen them be more intimate than simply having sex.

Written well, there’s nothing that took me out of the story. As the opening to a series, which this seems to be, it is a start. But that’s the thing as well. The reader is dropped into this universe and it’s unclear how things work as a whole. Simon’s history is a mystery, as is Cait’s, there’s hints and suggestions about things, but not enough time taking to really develop this as far as it could have been I think.

I’d love to see more from Simon and Cait. More than that, I think the author should try to build upon this start, make a larger story from the pair. There’s a hint in the conclusion that offers a path to take and it’s one I’ve love to see. Sometimes short stories work, but they still leave me wanting a lot more.

Four pitchforks out of five.

The work is far too short. The two characters are wonderful, the chemistry simply works and I dearly wanted to know what comes after the ending. The work is promoted as the beginning of a series, but whether or not Cait and Simon appear again isn’t certain by any means. I really want them to, I’d like to see how things go from here.

There’s so much promise, delightful character development and a complete avoidance of Cait being stereotypical. But leaving the story like this, feeling unfinished, is a shame. I’ll be looking for the next work in the series with the hope of something more.

I hope I’ll find that waiting and not leaving me wanting…



Dec 20 2016

A Review of A Domination of Demons: A Paranormal Tale of Infernal Menage by Adriana Belle

A Domination of Demons: A Paranormal Tale of Infernal Menage by Adriana Belle

A Domination of Demons: A Paranormal Tale of Infernal Menage by Adriana Belle

Period pieces can be really quite amazing things. There’s a certain talent in being able to have one’s characters walk, talk and act as they should. Draping characters in the style of the time isn’t enough, there needs to be the backdrop to make things work.

Beyond the setting, the characters and the plot, there needs to be at least something as a reason why things happen. To rush through things, offer glimpses and not tell the story behind the story can be the single thing to draw the story back.

Being tempted by darkness is one thing. Being taken another. But leaving the why for it all unsaid leaves story alone to the side, not really heard.

  • Title: A Domination of Demons: A Paranormal Tale of Infernal Menage
  • Author: Adriana Belle
  • Length: 32 Pages
  • ASIN: B00P856X1W
  • Publishing Date: November 3, 2014
  • This work at

The story is about:

Emma Banks has been pulling at the reins her whole life, running wild and defying her family’s wishes for her to find a nice suitor with a fat wallet. All she wants is to flirt with young men and make her own choices in life.

But when she literally runs into the mysterious, blue-eyed Tristan Adair, it sparks a forbidden desire in her to give in to her reckless side. She attends a séance at his invitation at the mysterious Crowley Manor, a place of dark rumors and witchcraft, where no decent young woman would ever be found…

She finds out more about Tristan than she could have dreamed, suddenly filled with the desire to be obedient to one man who can give her her heart’s desire. Marked by a strange symbol that has taken over her mind and body, giving in to the throes of uninhibited lust, she discovers an infernal world past her own…and the creatures of unearthly pleasures that lay just beyond that gate.

A calling brings Emma from her proper world into one that desires to set her free. The temptation of Tristan is clear for Emma. But there are more temptations lurking, calling to her. Which of them will she take and which shall take her will set her path forever.

The work is set and lives in a time where only proper things happen to proper women. That the calling of desire is not as important as the calling of status. The contrast between both is played off well here and sets up what is an unexpected story. While beginning with Emma looking to be free of her overbearing parents, the work falls into one of the most unique stories of supernatural encounters I have read in some time.

The story takes Emma from her comfortable world into one where BDSM is main to those around her. That then falls further into the calling of beings that can be described as succubi and incubi that appear. Emma becomes trapped in their clutches and when this comes into play the story fades out to be taken over by the erotica.

It’s a bit over the top in that, though the characters she encounters, who they are, makes sense in why the story turns as it does. While the erotica has heat, some meaning to it, there’s something missing along the way. While Tristan is in control of things, while there is clear evidence that he is so and more, that part of the story doesn’t get explored too deeply. More time is spent with Emma, her encounter and how she changes over the story.

The question remains however as to what really was happening, what Emma becomes and why Tristan is connected as he is. There’s a gap in the story, a missing point and this leaves something to be desired. Emma is interesting, her character develops and is transformed by the last page. But telling more of that isn’t part of this and that left me wanting.

The ending is a bit abrupt, not putting a really satisfying ending to the story. With all of the hints, the plot and the characters, the ending just didn’t work for me. There needs to be something more than what comes, something that explains Emma’s encounter and what it all means. It is, in the end, a mystery. One that is never really solved.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The single disappointment is the ending. A point at which something more could have been explored just isn’t. It’s a shame because there is a lot of things not explained, left open and incomplete. It’s much like Emma herself in many ways. Lost but seeking and unsure much of the time.