Jan 17 2018

It’s a poncho, not really a costume…

Red Poncho Devil CostumeSomething a bit different as a costume this time on the Tale. It’s an odd thing to consider, it’s quite different as well. But then sometimes being different works, but more often it leaves me wanting.

This is called the Red Poncho Devil Costume and it comes with the dress which has the poncho attached to it and the horns the model is wearing. Shoes are not included and it sells for $50 US.

This really doesn’t appeal to me, especially the artwork that comes with this costume. I find it boring, unflattering and just missing quite a lot overall.

The horns aren’t anything special, the overall look is somewhat trashy, especially with the artwork. Not having that artwork present would help a bit, but that alone wouldn’t be enough.

I’ve never liked ponchos, so my own bias against them is part of my thoughts of course. For me it comes back to comparing this against a flattering dress.

A dress shows style, this poncho idea just seems to say that style didn’t matter.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

I will say I like the shoes, but that’s not going to help this costume very much.



Jan 16 2018

A Review of The Succ: Enslaved by the Futa Succubus by Alison Osias

The Succ: Enslaved by the Futa Succubus by Alison Osias

The Succ: Enslaved by the Futa Succubus by Alison Osias

More and more often of late, stories about succubi are turning towards them being futa in nature. That can work, if there is a story to tell, if the characters are more than their own needs. But much of the time there’s a fixation on the futa theme that pushes all else into the background.

That’s a real problem, at least for me, because what’s left is generally a story in which one character dominates, the other serves as there is much fluid being sprayed about. It just isn’t interesting to me, especially when the author gives a hint of something wider to be told, then passes over that plot for the sake of some lukewarm domination.

  • Title: The Succ: Enslaved by the Futa Succubus
  • Author: Alison Osias
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0792SHCH2
  • Publishing Date: January 16, 2018
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Nova may have agreed to more than she realized when she signed a contract of servitude with a succubus. Cleaning and preparing meals for the beautiful temptress seemed easy enough, but the futa she-demon would soon find a more suitable use for her.

Nova is the slave of a succubus who wishes for something more, desires her Mistress, and craves her in an unending way. But there are things to be done and Mistress isn’t pleased with her today. Perhaps, in time, she might be and then Nova could have what she so desires.

The work is told from Nova’s perspective and as such there’s really very little of Atli, the succubus of the work, being present. It’s a telling of a part of Nova’s day and how things unfold coupled with an almost constant theme of Nova reflections on Atli’s futa aspects and how much she needs to serve. It’s somewhat rote in how that unfolds, there’s a fair bit of story and plot that winds up being collared in those thoughts and not much else.

Overall, there’s actually very little told about Nova and Atli, their background being glossed over much of the time. Atli herself is, overall, a stereotypically written dominant succubus who uses Nova any way she wishes to. This leads to a scattered series of erotic vignettes which have little heat and overall didn’t work for me in many different ways.

Atli’s character seems to be focused on being dominant, of ordering Nova about and then using her whenever she wishes. It reads rather blandly and, overall, that’s the problem with this work. There’s little emotional context, neither character really gained my attention and when Nova “served” the story went cold for me.

While the work is written as an erotic hot flash, overall that heat was muted, the domination aspect was at a level which, personally, I do not enjoy, and having so very little in the way of Atli appearing as a succubus made the work border on not really being a succubus story.

The work could use another editing pass, mainly for tense issues and the occasional points at which the dialogue just doesn’t read well. Beyond that, more time spent in telling Nova’ past, talking about how she came to be with Atli beyond a single paragraph really would add a lot to the work. Atli also needs to be more present, more a full character than just a need for Nova. There’s a reason she is, which makes some sense, but it’s not fleshed out well.

The story and plot was pushed aside too often for the bits of erotica that tries to get heat. But there’s no heat without meaning. Given that both main characters are thinly written, the heat is forces to overcome the lack of character. Erotica without story isn’t really erotica and with more story, this could have been so much better.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The work is less about a succubus than it is about one of those that serve her. That in itself seems like an interesting plot, but it doesn’t really manage to come together well. There’s too much “worship” of a specific body part and not nearly enough development of the characters, their world or much else.

Nova’s story is really not explored and being so, the telling of Atli’s story gets set to the wayside. There’s something missing between the almost erotica and the almost characters themselves that really needed to be explored more. There’s a story here which starts at the first encounter of Nova and Atli, then moves onwards.

That has to be more than just a fixation for Nova that’s never ending.



Jan 14 2018

A Review of Sinful Lust by Caitlyn Norrel

Sinful Lust by Caitlyn Norrel

Sinful Lust by Caitlyn Norrel

There are some stories about succubi which tend to focus on one idea about them. Sometimes that’s a theme of evil, others tell of sex and sexuality. But a story needs something more than a event, or action, to drive things onwards. Characters have to be more than an emotion or action. The telling of the story should, overall, give rise to wanting to see what comes next and why.

Storytelling is more than describing events, it’s crafting a tale in which there’s a hook to keep interest, characters that catch the imagination, and a plot that has a point when all is said and done.

  • Title: Sinful Lust
  • Author: Caitlyn Norrel
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 40 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B078XBF6DH
  • Publishing Date: January 9, 2018
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

The gorgeous brunette Trisha and the beautiful blonde Jessica are fight each other desperately, tearing into each other’s perfect, naked body in a desperate attempt to crush each other’s will. They are succubi…sexual beings of Hell whose skills in seduction and sex are unparalleled; except when compared to another succubus. Their struggling forms are surrounded by four other voluptuous succubi, cheering the two women on, spurring them to fight each other harder and harder. They are fighting wildly, tears streaming down their cheeks; but before the two women can settle their differences they’re interrupted by the devil herself; and she’s not happy with any of them.

She needs the succubi at the ready in order for her to control the masses, but the constant rivalries between them are quickly getting in the way. Victoria, Amber, Lisa, and Alexandria, the four other succubi, are all trapped in their own desperate rivalries; and in a fit of rage the devil sends them all before the Angelic Council in hopes that they’ll try and sort the six succubi out.

This is not the first time these six have been sent before the Council; and Hannah, the Council’s red haired head, is quickly growing tired of the devil sending her whores in front of her again and again. Luna, a newcomer to council offers up a desperate solution; to let the six succubi fight each other frantically in their holy pool. The heavenly water will heal any wounds the six woman inflict on each other, letting them fight each other in any way they choose without the dangers of permanent damage. The hope is that by setting the succubi loose, by letting them settle their rivalries in any way they see fit, that once a victor emerges their fighting will cease. The eyes of the sexual demons flare with excitement, loving the idea of finally being able to prove who the better woman is without being interrupted; and with frantic screams the six succubi stumble desperately into the pool, their naked bodies warring frantically as they fight to take control of each other.

The fighting is desperate, each woman causing pain and pleasure to course violently through her gorgeous rivals…but as the six woman struggle, their desperate wars almost even as they thrash about in the water, they begin to feel the need to consume each other completely. They begin to seal their bodies together tightly, clenching their sexual forms together in desperate wars, struggling to drain each other’s incredible juices dry. Their fighting drives them wild, fueling the hatred they have for each other; and as the six woman fight on and on, they know that they must continue until only one of them reigns victorious. Hatred swirls around their desperate, naked forms as they fight; but as the Sinful Lust builds between them, making them hotter than they’ve ever been before, they know that this desperate war is exactly what they’ve wanted since the first time they met.

The summary is, I think, possibly one of the longest that I have encountered when it comes to works about succubi with less than fifty pages. It also provides a glimpse into some of the issues with how the work was written. That said, the summary does, for the most part, tell what’s happening and there’s really no surprises as the work unfolds. The main characters fight, there’s unending taunts and curses, and in the end there’s one “winner” when all is said and done.

But in getting to the climax of the work, there’s not a lot which makes any of the characters that interesting. There’s little in the way of sensuality in them, there’s not much told about how they really came to be who, and what, they are either. It’s a give they are succubi, understood that they are in battle with each other but beyond that, there’s not much given to grow the characters or get their story past the fight they are constantly in.

I didn’t find any heat in the erotica, nor were any of the characters, succubi or not, of interest to me. Coupled with that, the telling of the work mixed tenses and didn’t give a moment for a pause or consideration, before the next fight started again. There’s a mixture of several fetishes along the way, milking being one of them. but again, there’s really not a lot of time spent away from the cursing and fighting to tell a story.

The existence of succubi in this universe seems to revolve around fighting amongst themselves, which didn’t really so much for me. Even when the devil came into play, and angels beyond that, the story just couldn’t get past the fighting into some plot threads that were far more interesting than the story that transpired. Clearly the work has a singular focus, but that just meant, at least for me, that I didn’t enjoy the story, want to know about the characters or see how things developed.

Really that’s the problem here in that none of the succubi get past their dislike of each other, the fighting among themselves or the abuse they wreak upon one another. I can’t see the erotic aspects here, nor find a story that interested me. It’s a shame because there’s hints of something else to be told, and it never really happens.

One out of five pitchforks.

The work needs a serious editing in a lot of ways, not the least of which is to take what is a non-stop narrative of a fight and turn it into something more. The characters are paper-thin, overall have no personality beyond the battle they are engrossed in and as such, that’s just not interesting. Nor is it erotica really.

Catfights, or perhaps more accurately here, succubi fights, aren’t much of a story on their own. Given that there should be more to the characters than the streams of curses, hair pulling and taunting, it seems like there should be a story here beyond that. I just really couldn’t find my way into it sadly.



Jan 13 2018

An interesting Incubi Speedpainting YouTube

There aren’t a lot of images of Incubi that appear on the Tale all things considered. Mostly that is because quite a lot of such images are a bit too stereotypical for my liking. I like art that’s different, that isn’t something expected. This time on the Tale, a piece of art that is different, the characters are interesting and I’m sure there is a story to tell about them…



In case the video does not appear on the Tale, please try this link.

The artist, Mojo chojo, posted the completed artwork on their DeviantArt site, which you can find here, and here is that art as well…


Succubus au by Mojo-chojo

Succubus au
by Mojo-chojo

To me, these two characters are incubi, not succubi, but the artist noted that both characters are “bottoms” in their relationships and as such the word “succubus” to them made sense. I can see that, but as a whole I feel that these are still incubi none the less.

All that said, the pair are really unique characters, there is a certain “look” to them that suggests a story needs to be told I think. We’ll see if that story finds its way to the Tale in time…



Jan 11 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 521

I adore cuteness, I’ve said that many times on the Tale. There’s something about succubi being cute, perhaps a bit shy, that just makes me smile. A pair of succubi for this week’s image who have, I think, adorable expressions… and their chibis are too cute by far…

The Grass Is Always Greener For The Succubi by Paprikakun

The Grass Is Always Greener For The Succubi by Paprikakun

This art is titled The Grass Is Always Greener For The Succubi and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Paprikakun. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

There’s a story behind this art, just in their expressions, the little bits of cute like the bow on one of their tails, the blush. There’s a neat little tease in how they are looking at one another, but at the same time there’s a sort of ‘oh you didn’t’ vibe that makes me smile.

Amazing succubi characters, they just look right together. Lovely details, their hair, eyes, their outfits, the shaping of their tails. How Miss blue-hair’s having her bangs toyed with is just deliciously fun too.

A favourite of mine, and I’m sure will be the source of a story sometime too…



Jan 10 2018

It’s shiny, it’s not exactly sparkling as a costume…

Sparkling Devil CostumeShiny catsuits are a thing when it comes to devil costumes. They are, as a whole, rather present, seem to be more and more a choice and in being so there’s a need for them to look right all things considered. There’s not much to hide when you are all but naked after all. Sometimes things will work out for the best, sometimes not so much so.

This is called the Sparkling Devil Costume and it comes with the horns, the sad looking tail and the catsuit. The pitchfork and the boots are not included and it sells for $50 US. The boots, which you really need to have I think to make things look a lot better, are $99 by themselves.

I absolutely dislike the tail and the pitchfork. The horns are nothing special either. But the catsuit with the boots does work, for a look at least. A little effort taken to find a better tail and horns would well be worth it. I also think that some black gloves… and a whip… might turn this into something far more interesting than just being shiny.

It seems to be another place to start, another idea to mull over and try to take things to a better place than they are.

Ideas and thoughts have to be a good thing…

Two out of five pitchforks.

Could be a lot better, but it is a place to start.



Jan 09 2018

A Review of Lilin by Electa Graham

Lilin by Electa Graham

Lilin by Electa Graham

Not all stories about succubi and incubi are works of erotica. Much of the time, they tend to be the “big bad” of works with an action tone to them and that can be a difficult tightrope to walk. Done well, they can be evil creatures with evil intent. They have a plan, or goal, and in having that there’s depth to them. But sometimes they are a means to an end, an explanation for how things are, not the reason why.

For me, it’s the why that’s interesting. Simply enthralling others isn’t enough. I want to know the why, their background and their history. If the main characters have that, doesn’t it make sense their opponents have the same?

The work tells of:

Lilin demons seduce humans and take their very life essence. They are almost impossible to kill and they are insatiable. When they move into an abandoned city block in Boston to feed off the homeless no ones cares, but when they prevent a rich developer from turning the buildings into waterfront condos that’s another matter. That’s when he calls in Jael Allen. Killing demons is what she does best. She’d do it for free but this job comes with a big pay out, that’s if she can make it out alive.

Jael’s job isn’t anything like your typical nine-to-five. Being a demon hunter means you go where the action is and sometimes the action turns out to be more than she expects. Called in to deal with a group of Lilin, Jael knows she’s in trouble with them, but what’s worse is her competition and the past they share.

Overall the work is an introduction to Jael, her world, and setting up what seems to be a series to follow. The focus in mainly on Jael’s thoughts, her reactions and what happens around her. There’s little hints of mind control here and there through the Lilim when they appear which work well.

The succubi and incubi are, as I expected, rather stereotypical, but that’s really part and parcel of the work. If they weren’t then the story couldn’t unfold as it did. This isn’t erotica, it’s really action-adventure and in that vein the story works well and the characters are interesting. I’ll admit that there’s one point that bothered me, which was meant to put the inhumanity of the Lilin into sharp focus, but all things considered I didn’t feel like it needed to be in the work as a whole.

That said, the story moves at a quick pace, there’s not a lot of time for reflection as things unfold. There are moments which give a glimpse into Jael, and she’s really interesting in what’s told about her. Being dropped into the story, there’s some gaps to be told about her, which aren’t critical to the story and aren’t an issue by far. But there’s a gap in telling something more about the Lilin than what they do, how they whisper sweet words to Jael and her companion, There’s a hint of something more to be told, but it isn’t.

That’s understandable, the Lilin are a means to an end and they aren’t supposed to be much more than the monsters of the moment. Still, some of their comments, their actions and what their victims reveal, leave a lot of questions behind. It would have been nice for some exposition of some sort to play that part of the story out more.

Well written, the story is told well, the main characters have clear and delightfully sharp personalities. But this isn’t erotica and it isn’t really about the succubi or incubi themselves, even if they are so central in what happens. It’s about Jael and who she is, which is a very interesting story by itself.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

An interesting start to a series, which I hope it is. Jael might have made a lot of enemies in her time, seen a lot of things, and delving into that part of her character needs to happen more than it does so far. There need not be a recurring theme of Lilin coming back into the series, but at least, as things happen, telling more of her past would be a good thing.

Less a story about succubi and incubi than it is about telling the story of those that oppose them. It’s a fun action adventure read with a main character that I really do like. Perhaps a bit too short, a bit glossed over here and there, but the promise interests me.