Apr 30 2017

A Review of The Devil’s Daughter by Lola Grey

The Devil's Daughter by Lola Grey

The Devil’s Daughter by Lola Grey

The plot device of summoning a succubus is a common one, obviously. It’s what happens after the summoning, what the rules are, and who the succubus is that make the story work or fall apart. Sex alone isn’t a story, it’s porn and not a lot more than that.

All it takes for a character to be more than a sex toy can be a little as attitude, as simple as a look, a demand. Taking control of the scene, pushing the other characters to their limits makes things hotter, more alive. But then the trap of telling porn, instead of erotica, can be a hard thing to avoid. It’s more difficult to do so when the story is so very short in the first place.

The work tells of:

David is feeling down after being rejected by his college crush. But when he and his best friend discover a mysterious box, they unwittingly draw the attention of a lustful demon that may be too hot to handle!

David finds a box and one it is opened, he discovers a woman calling herself Lilith who turns out to be a succubus, and a hungry one at that. Every little dirty thing he can think of, Lilith’s more than willing to try but when David’s best friend gets in on the fun and games, that’s when Lilith gets her way.

The work is a hot flash, with a bit of plot and very little character background or development overall. That’s not to say either David or Lilith are cardboard characters however. There’s just enough told to make things interesting, to express what drives them both before the story devolves into a pair of sex scenes.

Before that happens however, the time spent in Lilith’s appearance, the teasing of what she is, how she came to appear, left some needed story telling to the side in the rush to get to the erotica. How the box that summons her got where it is never gets explained. How it works, exactly is a vague thing, not explored. Lilith’s sexual hunger is very strong, overwhelming David, and later his best friend and that worked well. But there’s more time spent in Lilith entwined with David than there is in telling her story and that I felt was something that needed to be done.

The erotica is a pair of scenes, which have some heat in them, but could have been a lot more. There’s a feeling that the author started on the erotica and then sort of stepped back from it. What’s left is what I think of as “erotica light” in which one’s imagination has to fill in a lot of the missing bits and here are a lot of them here.

The story is told mainly from David’s perspective and as such there’s really nothing told about what Lilith thinks, how she feels, what she wants. There are hints which mostly are her expressions, the look in her eyes, the demands she makes of the other characters. She’s very much in control of the moment she has, but that’s not explored or played with.

The work ends in a way that suggests there could be more story to be told, more encounters with Lilith, perhaps the promise of something else going on between her and David. I’d like to see that with the hope that Lilith remains who she seems to be and not suddenly turn out being stereotypical. There’s a really good hook here, it should be used for something more than this.

While the writing is good, the dialogue needs some work, mainly to make the male characters a little less “wooden” in the tone of their voices. The erotica needs more heat as well. But most of all, Lilith herself needs to be less of a mystery and more of a presence. Her story is one that interested me, and only having a few scattered hints didn’t satisfy that.

Three out of five pitchforks.

There’s a good deal of storytelling, the characters have something the story can work with, but Lilith being more of a sex toy, if a demanding one, was disappointing. I think this would make the basis for the opening of a longer story, following Lilith, finding out more about her. Saying she’s a succubus and nothing else is disappointing. There’s something interesting about her and exploring that aspect of her character I think would have led to something far better than just the porn scenes that did.



Apr 29 2017

Relaxing – Tera’s 2017 Birthday Manip

I’ll admit that this isn’t much of a manip, but in the same way the past year is one that I’m well done with honestly. Still, there is a new year, a milestone in a way, and perhaps there’s something to be said about the promise of realizing a moment, then continuing on…

But first one needs to… be… relaxing…

My thanks to my heart for making this all possible…


Relaxing by TeraS

Relaxing by TeraS


The text, for those that wish to know is:

Have you just had quite the day?
Maybe quite the year?
Are you worried about it being too warm?
Are you worried that it’s too late in the spring for a fire?
Well, don’t worry; the nights are still quite chill.
So just relax . . . relax into my eyes . . .
Enjoy the chill of my so-green eyes,
the safe green of new life and springtime around you . . .
Relax . . . relax into my voice . . .
Hear the gentle purr . . . don’t worry about the words . . .
relax into them and let them shape you . . .
Relax . . . relax into my fragrance . . .
You are smelling cherries . . . so sweet . . . so satisfying . . .
with the fire, it’s as if a pie is baking . . .
Relax . . . relax into my embrace now . . .
So soft, so safe, so . . . arousing . . .
now we are feeling so warm, and it has nothing to do with the fire . . .
Relax . . . relax into my taste . . .
taste my lips as they touch yours . . .
taste as your lips touch whatever I wish them too . . . mmmmmmm . . .
Isn’t it wonderful when we get so relaxed . . .
so relaxed that we feel . . . hardened?
Relax, for today will be quite the day . . .
and this will be quite the year . . .

Thank you, to everyone I think of as my family…


With Love


Apr 28 2017

A Review of Super Women: 4 Extraordinary Heroines by Daco, Cecilia Johanna, Kristine Overbrook and Mary K. Norris

Super Women: 4 Extraordinary Heroines by Daco, Cecilia Johanna, Kristine Overbrook and Mary K. Norris

Super Women: 4 Extraordinary Heroines by Daco, Cecilia Johanna, Kristine Overbrook and Mary K. Norris

A review today of a rather massive collection of four complete works about heroines, some super in power, some supernatural and a few that are succubi. The collection has something for everyone really, and while I had some minor issues with the succubus themed work, I still feel that the collection is well worth a read.

The world building in each story sets up stories of conflict, need, discovery and, along the way, the realization that sometimes what you need isn’t what you are offered. It’s what you stumble into.

  • Title: Super Women: 4 Extraordinary Heroines
  • Author: Daco, Cecilia Johanna, Kristine Overbrook and Mary K. Norris
  • Length: 1050 Pages
  • ASIN: B06W9HZ9XH
  • Publishing Date: April 3, 2017
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The collection tell the stories of:

Grab your capes and get ready to soar with these four extraordinary stories! Featuring strong, confident, and capable women, this quartet of tales shows that saving the world (with an assist from your soul mate sidekick) takes more than just superpowers and special skills—it takes plenty of heart.

  • Electromancer: It’s up to Alexa Manchester and her new electricity-harnessing superpowers to stop arch villain Momo’s threat to destroy the world with a weapon of mass destruction. And thanks to the mysterious and handsome Blue Arrow, soon Alexa’s love life is charged up, too. But to defeat the seemingly invincible Momo, it might just take the naturally “super” power of love to save the day.
  • Underground: When first-year resident Dr. Andrew Alexander finds half-dead Robyn Monroe in his ER, he never dreams she’s living a double life as the Valkyrie, one of Chrystal Valley’s most notorious street fighters. She longs to escape this dark world, but that’s not possible until she pays off her late mother’s debt to a corrupt bookie. As a dangerous tournament approaches, Robyn needs Andrew’s help, but can she let her guard down enough to let him in?
  • Redeeming the Night: When the daughter of a Las Vegas politician disappears, private investigator and freshly turned werewolf Eric stumbles onto a frightening series of kidnapped girls. But he finds himself distracted from the case by the mysterious Ashley, on the run from her succubus clan.
  • Shield from the Heart: After being imprisoned and tortured by Vander Donahughe for months, Merrick Haskell wants revenge. But now Merrick’s battling a soul-deep connection with his unexpected rescuer, Sydney Spencer. Her super ability to negate power around her holds the key to stopping Vander from eliminating their friends one by one. Together, they must race against the clock to defeat him and forge a future together.

As this work is an anthology, I’m going to focus my review on the one succubus themed story, Redeeming the Night, with a short summary rating of the work as a whole.

Overall I liked the story, both Eric and Ashley are really well written characters with a lot of story to tell and how that plays out was interesting. There’s good chemistry between them, there’s quite a few secrets for both to reveal to the other as things happen. If the story was exclusively on them both, I think that works very well.

But there’s a few side plots and arcs that get in the way from time to time and the most noticeably bothersome, at least to me, was the other succubi. The back story of how they all came to be, just what it means for them to be succubi and otherwise, is a really good story. But where things come apart at the edges was how stereotypical some of those characters were when it came to them being evil or nasty or otherwise manipulated in one way or another. Much of that was glossed over too quickly, the possibility of telling more of why things happened, really didn’t.

It felt that the “evil” of the work was just a little too over the top so and that took something away from the struggles that Ashley had in trying to deal with her kind. Beyond that, the climatic scene was more action, more a battle. I’d have liked to have seen less of the fight and more of the, if not seduction then perhaps the drawing of the truth out more than it was. It felt like there was opportunity missed for the sake of getting to the ending otherwise.

The work ends well, with the promise of something more to follow. It is a complete story, there’s not a real feeling of plots being left unfinished or the work ending awkwardly. It makes sense and in doing so that pulls the work away from some of the more questionable prior moments, putting some meaning to them.

All that said, the writing ir very good, the main characters are a delight. It’s a different view of what succubi are and that was interesting. I’d have liked more exploration however, a wider view from the other side of the conflict as well. Most of all, I just wish there hadn’t been as many stereotypical succubi appearing.

I’ll give Redeeming the Night three and a half out of five pitchforks.

For the work as a whole, three out of five pitchforks, mainly because the balance of the stories, while very well written, just didn’t hold my attention.

I just felt that the stereotypical bent of the succubi, and what was in control of that aspect of the work, took a lot of potential from things. That said, the balance of the work, telling Ashley’s story did hold me and I liked that. The supporting succubi just didn’t have the same presence overall.

An interesting collection of stories, there’s really something for everyone to find here.



Apr 28 2017

A Review of The Summoner Anthology by Tsukasa Ito

The Summoner Anthology by Tsukasa Ito

The Summoner Anthology by Tsukasa Ito

The odd thing about an anthology of two stories is that while the idea might have some promise, it’s hard to actually manage some character development or plot in what amounts to, for the most part, two sex scenes as a whole. There’s something to be said about getting to the point I suppose, but there’s also something to be said about actually telling a story and not just a porn scene or two.

At the same time, leaving the work feeling like it’s unfinished, lacking something, does little to make things a lot better. Telling a story needs, at some point, a hook to make the characters interesting and the story captivating. It’s far too often that instead a story just goes for the porn and leaves so much behind.

The work tells of:

Lyssa is a young sorceress with something to prove. She starts dabbling in the dark arts of demon summoning. However, what she ends up summoning doesn’t quite turn out as she expected and she quickly finds herself become a sex slave to the demons she thought she could command.

If that wasn’t enough, she then takes on an apprentice, who quickly finds herself in the same position as Lyssa…

A story of a horny sorceress who summons herself some toys and finds herself at their mercy, over and over again.

The work is a pair of short stories in which Lyssa summons two different creatures and then finds herself having sex with each of them. There’s little to no character development, the dialogue is very flat, and as a whole the focus of the work is mainly in seeing how many different ways Lyssa can be toyed with as a whole.

The first work is mainly tentacle sex with some setting up of who Lyssa is, the second follows Lyssa taking on an assistant through which the pair summons Demona, who for all intents and purposes is a succubus. Much like the main characters, there’s nothing really told about Demona, she really only caring to dominate both Lyssa and her apprentice.

In both cases, the short passages setting things up show some promise to be seen, but as soon as there’s any possibility of sex, the story immediately rushes off to it, leaving all else behind. As such, both scenes are attempts at hot flashes that really didn’t have a lot of heat in either. In the second work, Demona uses a bit of mind control, there’s some forced domination as well. But that’s not enough to raise the heat of the scene or make it interesting.

Overall, that’s the main problem with this work. I didn’t find the story held me, the characters weren’t interesting, the sex wasn’t erotica, it was porn. The domination aspects I had some issue with as well. The work reads as very scattered in how things were put together, that with the flat tone to the dialogue conspired to give something that just didn’t find its heat or its story overall.

The work needs another editing pass, there could be more time spent in developing the characters than there is. More time spent on building heat in the erotica, taking it away from being a simple porn scene would do wonders as well.

One and a half pitchforks out of five.

Not really a book about a succubus, more a story about how things go wrong for a sorceress and in so many ways. The erotica isn’t hot, the characters are thin and the dialogue adds little to how the story is told. The idea is a good one, but then the entire series is far too short to do much with it, save rush to the sex.

That’s a shame, it could;d have been something more than that.



Apr 27 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 484

One of the things I look for in a Succubi of the Week is style. I like art that seeks to give the character something different, something more than just being a tail and horns, occasionally wings. A smile, a look, an expression is lovely, but also there needs to be something about their overall look that says: “I am one of the Succubi”. I found a work that for me says all of that but something more, which is wonderful…

Succubus by NPye13

Succubus by NPye13

This work is by the artist NPye13 on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here. You can also find this artist’s page on DeviantArt here as well.

I think this is just an amazing work of Succubi art, the detail is striking, her look, expression, and pose come together just wonderfully. Her horns are right for her, as are her wings, but I do rather miss there not being a tail as well. I think that is the singular thing that’s missing for me.

Her armbands, necklace and straps which connect to her dress have the most interesting patten and I think that adds a touch of class to her look overall. The overall setting, the sparks and fires about her look quite unique and they add a bit of action to what otherwise might have been a very static pose.

A lovely expression of Succubi art and one that I dearly loved when I first saw it and still do…



Apr 26 2017

This costume is from hell… The name says so and I agree

Red Devil From Hell CostumeThere are some costume names that are really quite apt. The name alone tells you want you are getting into without question. When it says the costume is from hell, and it looks this tacky, I really can’t disagree…

This is called the Red Devil From Hell Costume and it comes with the horns, the dress, the corset and the pitchfork the model has here. The shoes are not included and it sells for $60 US, though it has appeared on sale for as little as $25 US.

It just looks… meh. Really that’s putting things nicely to be honest. The corset, which is PVC as an aside, looks cheap, the dress looks cheap, the horns are lousy and I cannot think of enough words to describe the tackiness of that pitchfork.

Oddly I like the shoes.

I kind of get a devilish farmer’s daughter vibe from the cut of the dress, how it sits off the model’s shoulders here.

Beyond that however, the overall look just isn’t anything special, doesn’t do anything for me, and I can’t think of a way to make it better.

I suppose it says something when the only good thing I can see are shoes which aren’t included in the costume.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

If cheap is what you are looking for, I suppose that this works. It doesn’t for me…



Apr 25 2017

A Review of Punishment Incorporated: The Full Trilogy by Jon Zelig

Punishment Incorporated: The Full Trilogy by Jon Zelig

Punishment Incorporated: The Full Trilogy by Jon Zelig

There’s a question which isn’t really considered much of the time when stories are written about succubi. It’s the question of what happens when time has passed, the moments are what they were. A question that isn’t so much about the why of things but rather the way things are.

A review then of the Punishment Incorporated series by Jon Zelig in which a succubus is trying, desperately, to not give into her base instincts, but instead transcend herself. That’s an interesting story and it’s present in much of the series, and along the way there’s a simple truth that not even a succubus can ignore.

The work tells the story of:

You have to know it’s there, the little “Punishment Suite” in the basement of a strip mall sex shop. And then . . . you have to know what you want: either for yourself or for a partner to be consigned into P-Inc’s “care.”

In Book One, “Punishing the Succubus?” narrated by the proprietor, Master Jon, Judy Holland’s husband thinks she needs discipline.

Judy agrees; and “down to the basement she goes.” But her husband doesn’t really understand who—or what—he married.

A centuries’ old Succubus, Judy agreed to this arrangement because she has been trying to fight her very nature—thinks, perhaps, if she can be submissive, she can change who, and what, she is, no longer prey on men.

It quickly becomes clear to Master Jon—in consultation with Mistress Tasha, one of his Dommes—that there is just no way Judy can submit.

Book Two, “Mistress Judy’s Journey,” tracks some of the past and present of the woman who has become Mistress Judy, narrated in her voice.

Book Three, “Tasha in Charge,” tells something of Tasha’s story, in her own voice.

The hunger of a succubus is eternal. The temptations are many, they come without end and there is seemingly nothing that can be done about them. Fate draws Judy into the hands of Master Jon, but she isn’t what seems and once he understands, the choices are few. Still, there is a choice, one that they both, with some help, can come to terms with. The hunger is eternal, but as well is the thrill of discovery.

The series isn’t focused on erotica, in fact there’s very little to be seen as a whole. It’s more about the main characters, Judy, Master Jon and Tasha. While each is interesting in their own rights, for me Judy, the succubus of the series, is far more so, mainly from her attitude and how she holds herself. That said, there is some heat in a few places, a bit of BDSM and dominance comes through very clearly at many points. The tone of the BDSM is somewhat more harsh that I like, it’s a firmer sort of level and it works in the story as a reflection of each of the characters themselves. It doesn’t read as being over the top or silly as some stories take the theme, but I didn’t find it as interesting as when Judy, or for that matter the other main characters, where acting outside of that realm.

Judy is a succubus, though there’s no appearance of wings or horns or any other similar things. But there’s a series of delicious moments when the predator aspect of herself comes out and in those moments, what that does to those around her is quite telling. The most memorable moment is at the end of the first work, when Judy appears, fully in her power. It’s a perfect description of a succubus in control and I liked that very much.

At its core, the series tells the story of Judy trying to understand herself, to find a way to not o the things she’s done in the past. While that takes some time to get to, there’s an aspect of desires needed and power gained. Judy’s power is strongly seen and at the same time she’s worn and lost as well. There’s a sadness within her which Judy is trying to find an outlet for. That search stumbles in the beginning, but when she sees the way out, that’s a telling and memorable moment.

If the first work serves as an introduction to Judy, her needs and who she is, the second work offers quite a lot about her succubus nature in a way that I found quite well done. The conversation that unfolds in that work tells far more about Judy, giving her a lot of depth, and built upon the first work very well. It’s not erotica, it’s more of a character development piece which brought Judy’s character into better focus.

The third work however turned in a dramatic way from Judy towards another character, Tasha. While she’s just as unique and interesting as Judy, I didn’t really find my way into that work as I had been expecting something of a closure of Judy’s story, but it didn’t happen. That said, Tasha’s story is a different tone, and it offers a really good insight as to how she came to be where she is.

Overall, I liked the series because it wasn’t about the erotica or the fetishes. It was telling the stories of three unique characters, one of which is a succubus and the others trying to come to terms with that reality. It’s thoughtful with flashes of brilliance in the storytelling, though I dearly wish the last work had built on the middle one and not gone off completely in a new tangent.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Overall I liked the series, though the last work turned the plot away from Judy towards another character and I felt like there was a gap in the storytelling. I think that comes to Judy being so present in the majority of the work, then fading out in the end. I’m not sure that worked well, there’s a feeling that too much of Judy’s story was left abandoned and I wish it hadn’t been.

While this appears to be the end of the series, I’d really like one more book to appear. Something that draws Judy’s story full circle and tells of what came beyond her choice, past her understanding and how that changed her. I’d hope it would, if only to push some of the loss within her aside for the sake of purpose. Every character needs a purpose, and I think Judy found that. I’d like to know for certain.