Aug 24 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 501

From time to time I come across some delightful 3D rendered images of succubi. The one thing that I’ve noticed is that there really doesn’t seem to be a good set of horns that doesn’t look out of place on a succubus. It always seems like the horns are made for an incubus character instead. However, for this week’s succubi image, a rendering that’s sexy, looks right and has a little touch of the mischievous I do adore…

~Magic~ by VaeTenebris

~Magic~ by VaeTenebris


This work is called Magic and is by an artist on DeviantArt called VaeTenebris. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

Overall, I love her look, the stockings especially. Her outfit is sexy, her form is wonderful in so many ways. I don’t think much of her horns however, they seem a bit much, all things considered with her look otherwise.

A lovely rendering, and that outfit of hers is something for me to ponder a bit I think…



Aug 23 2017

Lose the cape and this might be starting to be Deluxe

Deluxe Devil CostumeLittle Red Riding Succubus isn’t a thing. Why exactly a devil costume needs a cape is a real question. As well, a better question is why horns have to be attached to a cape in the first place?

This is called the Deluxe Devil Costume and it comes with the cape, the dress, which has an attached tail. The fishnets and shoes the model is wearing are not included and it sells for $32 US.

I really do not like the cape or the horns and the tail is really sad looking. I kind of like the dress itself though, but that’s not saving very much I know.

Still, it is a cute dress and it has some possibilities, though it sits on the edge of being tacky. It might be a place to start with a costume, certainly with better horns at least.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s something, but it isn’t deluxe.



Aug 22 2017

A Review of Damned In Glam: Metal Magic by Brian Barr

Damned In Glam: Metal Magic by Brian Barr

Damned In Glam: Metal Magic by Brian Barr

Having a succubus appear in a story isn’t quite enough. She can be evil and do evil things, but if she’s not much more than that, really anything could take her place. The reason why she’s there, who she’s ensnared matters. She might not be the focus of the story, but she should have some kind of presence beyond a whisper.

Knowing her name and a bit about her past is a start, but then when the story takes a turn and she becomes so very present in the story, wouldn’t it be nice to know more of the backstory than some gloating and evil giggling?

The work tells the story of:

In this final installment of the Metal Magic series, a glam rock musician assumes a demonic identity for his stage shows, which leads to dire results.

The book summary is really far too short and tells not nearly as much as it should. I think something better might be: Evil can be seductive and beautiful, seeking those that wish for greatness and are willing to pay the price. But sometimes that price is more than just one soul, one song or one moment. Sometimes it can be something truly evil.

The story is told from the main character’s perspective for the most part and being so it’s more reflections of their past and what brought them to the moment they find themselves in. This works quite well, but at the same time, there’s really not that much in the way of character development for those he encounters, especially the succubus of this story, Celeste.

Celeste is on the edge of being stereotypical as a succubus, but there’s really not enough seen of her to define her character really well. Her appearances are fleeting, she’s more of a whisper, an idea much of the time until the climax of the work comes to pass and she finally appears out of thin air. It’s a shame really because there’s some hints of her story told, even if that’s barely so. It’s those hints that I really would have liked to know more about. She speaks of Lilith, about others summoning her, and those stories I think are every bit as interesting as this one is.

But this work isn’t about Celeste herself, it’s about the main character falling into the horrors he creates, the things he does for Celeste’s will. There’s a fair bit of horror, but it isn’t so much detailed as it is mentioned in passing now and again. There’s a fair level of mental anguish and pain told, the main character battles against himself and what he’s been entrapped with.

The ending is a little too fast, there’s no real closure for the sake of the horror aspects which come into play. Similarly the epilogue feels a little lost, almost an afterthought for the sake of putting a little plot twist into things. It does lead towards another story about Celeste, without question, should there be a will for the author to do so however.

Overall the work could do with another editing to clean up some of the dialogue, to expand on Celeste and what she’s after more perhaps. Certainly I think more time spent with the main character in the clutches of Celeste would be nice to add some depth to her character and explain more about why the main character took the path he did.

Three out of five pitchforks.

There’s not nearly enough of Celeste being present in the work and that’s a bit of a problem. The horror is a little over the top, the characters have depth and a past, but given that Celeste is so important, she needed to be more involved.

Perhaps there’s a story to be told in her alone, the ones she’s tempted and taken over the years. I think that might be the story to tell in the wake of all that happens here.



Aug 22 2017

A Review of A Vampire Turned Me Into A Blood Gathering Succubus by Dwindle Gee

A Vampire Turned Me Into A Blood Gathering Succubus by Dwindle Gee

A Vampire Turned Me Into A Blood Gathering Succubus by Dwindle Gee

There are some 1950s movies that have a certain tone to them. It’s very present and when it’s done well, there’s something attractive to those sorts of movies. In telling a story in a similar fashion, the tone matters. Similarly, the telling of the story shouldn’t get bogged upon in minutia, nor should the erotica be all that matters at times.

Story matters and telling a good story makes characters interesting. It doesn’t do to gloss over things, drop in bits of story or development and do nothing with them. Erotica can’t tell a good story alone and setting aside story for the sake of campy erotic-horror just makes things odd.

The work tells the story of:

William is a young, up and coming movie executive in 1950’s Hollywood. One fateful night he has a meeting with a dark and ghastly creature, a vampire, that will change his life forever. If you like your erotica mingled with a taste of gothic and macabre horror then this is the depraved and lascivious story for you! The title pretty much says it all as we follow young William as he transforms into an icy succubus and wanders the Los Angeles night falling into one exotic and erotic adventure after another as he – now she – quests for an immortal soul to deliver to her new Master. And you will never believe how the transference occurs! Let’s just say you may never think about anal intercourse the same way again! If you like your kink with a touch of the sinister then you will truly love this tale of lust, hunger, evil, and despair as demonic creatures of the night haunt and hunt in the mid-century streets of Tinseltown.

William has his life turned upside down by a vampire that takes away his manhood and transforms him into a seductress of the night. But not all is as it seems and Willa discovers that her needs are deeper and more terrible than she could have imagined.

The work reads very much like a 1950s B-grade horror film with a lot of odd erotica mixed into the telling of the story. While William or Willa, the main character is interesting at times, there’s a fixation in the telling of the story that makes the narrative read oddly. Part of that I think comes from an echo of the over the top why some 1950s movies were and the author’s attempt to mix that into the telling. But it takes away from a lot of Willa’s character developing, her discovery of her nature and the terror of finding out the fate she’s been drawn into.

That’s the real problem with the storytelling, as a whole. There’s more time spent in describing various sexual encounters and how some of them turn horrific, than there is in allowing Willa to deal with what’s happened. Willa is, to some extent, a succubus, there’s a lot of clear aspects to her character that make that quite clear. But then the vampiric nature of herself takes over for the most part and with that comes a detachment that causes her narrative to lose itself at times.

Similarly, the background of the Count isn’t really told, the world beyond sex, blood and gore is dearly muted. It’s a shame because Willa has flashes of brilliance as a succubus, but they quickly get tossed aside for the next bit or horror or erotica. I didn’t find the erotica had much in the way of heat, it being written at times very clinically and in a similar way the horror seemed to be missing some emotional impact as well.

The work could use another editing pass for the small number of spelling mistakes and lifeless dialogue that keeps appearing. There’s emotion missing, a lot of it, and without that emotion there’s little in this work that held my interest and I wish it had. I’d love to read a succubus story set in the 1950s that’s closer to some of the really good B-movies in tone. I think that’s interesting and if that was done with more of a sense of humour than this work has, I think that would make the difference here.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The work reads very much like a classic 1950s campy-horror film in a lot of ways with a heavy dash of oddly described erotica. It’s a bit dry, at times the story didn’t appeal to me and I really wish it had for how often there were flashes of brilliance in Willa. There’s some moments of foreshadowing I think didn’t work, there are points at which less erotica would have made way for a lot more story and that would have helped a lot.

There’s a story here, but the campiness, the over-the-top horror and erotica mixed with the odd writing style makes it really hard to enjoy and that’s a shame.



Aug 20 2017

A Review of Temptress by Xandra James

Temptress by Xandra James

Temptress by Xandra James

Sometimes what a character needs drives their story. It’s not always about the passion or the sex. It’s about finding that one thing they’ve wanted, needed, but just couldn’t manage. There comes a point when one has to gamble on belief, and in doing so, sometimes, someone does listen.

Telling a story needs more than heat, there needs to be a connection between characters. A look only scratches the surface after all. It’s what they think about, their fears, their hopes and wishes which gives life to not just the story, but the characters themselves. The heart of a story, after all, is what happens when the impossible might be true, and the need is fulfilled.

The work tells the story of:

Thirty days to make a man fall in love with you via a dating site? Banned from using her demon charms? The stakes were high for succubus, May Frost. It seems she may have bitten off more than she could chew when she made a deal with the devil. If she wins, she becomes human. If she loses? Well, that isn’t something she wants to think about. But falling in love was never part of the deal, was it?

Alex Stone has a job to do – find the girl, get the money and move on. However, the moment he “meets” May online, he is overwhelmingly attracted to her, and despite his guilt at the lie Alex has to keep, he just can’t keep his mind off of the sexy little temptress. Although his instincts are telling him that all is not what it seems with her, he’s pretty sure it’s too late to stop from losing his heart.

May has had enough of being a succubus. She’s never liked taking passion and love away from others and the only way out is to make a deal with the devil. No powers, no contact and she still have to have someone say they love her. The cards are stacked against her, but perhaps there’s some luck on that dating site, if she’s lucky.

The work is a lovely and cute romance which I loved mainly for the confusion and concern that both main characters have throughout. There are missteps along the way, but there’s a neat connection between the two that gets through the awkwardness and what drives them both onwards. The main plot, while relatively straightforward, has some hidden agendas as well which I liked for the tension they added.

May doesn’t really show herself to be a succubus, save for a single scene in which she reveals a sliver of her powers. It’s really about her being herself, and that’s an aspect of her character that pushes the story into asking a lot of questions about herself. May has desire, needs and finding that within Alex adds some really needed depth to her character.

While the story is told from both character’s perspectives, Alex is more of a cypher overall. It’s unclear as to what, or who, he works for, and that’s a question that remains to the last page of the work. That said, the mystery when revealed makes perfect sense and it’s really very fulfilling to the story.

The ending itself begs some really interesting questions about May and Alex going forwards. I’d have loved to see them both continuing with the threads that wrap around them both, but even so the final lines just made me smile. There’s a certain delight in what both are told in the concluding pages, offering something to consider as well. I’d have dearly liked to see something more of the mystery that appears in the last moments, perhaps an offer to May, but while that didn’t happen, it does leave something to ponder nonetheless.

Well written, the story and plot are devious, in a way. Both May and Alex have depth, needs and desires, which aren’t forgotten. There is a bit of confusion in the end matter which the author might wish to correct, as well as a few scattered oddities in how some words are spelled. Some of that is likely as the work is written in British English however. It’s simply a cute and fun story about two characters in search of something desired, which I dearly do enjoy.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I’d have loved to know the first connection, the first moment when May and Alex connected online. How that first word on the screen made the connection between them. There’s a feeling that a part of the story is missing, overall, and I found that a little sad honestly. Similarly, we see so much of May’s world before she and Alex met, but there’s not so much about how Alex got into what he’s doing. The ending, though a delight, again leaves some bits and pieces wanting to be filled in, which would have been nice too.

Nonetheless, an emotional and lovely work that I enjoyed as a whole. The heat is a delight, the characters are wonderful by far. Perhaps a bit more detail, a little more passion to ramp up the heat overall, but these are really minor things to what otherwise is romantically divine.



Aug 20 2017

A Review of Coed’s Hot Futa Wish by Reed James

Coed's Hot Futa Wish by Reed James

Coed’s Hot Futa Wish by Reed James

I’ve reviewed just about every one of the works by Reed James that has a succubus character appearing in them. Sometimes they are the focus of the work, sometime not so much so. This time on the Tale a review of the first work in the Succubus Cafe-Futa series in which there is a succubus, but that’s about all that I can say about her at least so far.

The thing about a character that appears in several series is that one shouldn’t assume a reader will know who they are and how things work with them. It’s a little troubling when their name isn’t told, they appear for a very short moment and then, literally, vanish into thin air. They might not be the focus of the story, and that’s fine, but if there’s little reason for them to appear, then why did they in the first place?

The work tells the story of:

A girl pledging her sorority wishes to become a futa and show the older girls true passion!

Missy regrets ever pledging her sorority. The older girls are all mean to her, criticizing her petite figure. She desires more than anything to become a futanari and show them something to make their pretty, perfect bodies quiver with desire for her. But futas aren’t real. When Missy enters the Lil Temptress Coffee Shop, she finds her deepest, darkest wish can be granted. Growing something extra beneath her skirt, Missy’s futa-passion throbs hard as she impresses the stuck-up rich girls!

And takes them hard!

Missy doesn’t care for the choice she made in joining a sonority. Seeking some solace she visits her local tea shop to discover that it’s not there anymore. But the Succubus Cafe is. Missy’s deepest fantasies are but a cup of tea away and then Missy will show those that have treated her poorly just what she can really do.

While the series is called Succubus Cafe, it’s really less about the succubus herself, or the cafe for that matter, than it is for Missy to be transformed into a futa and then have a series of what can really be only described as revenge-sex with those that have been abusing her.  As such, the succubus herself is never given a name, appears only long enough for Missy to be given the means for her transformation and then vanishes into thin air. It’s disappointing because I know who this succubus is, she’s appeared in other series as well. None of her story has really been told and that’s a problem.

The background to the Cafe, the owner, those that work there, those are stories the author hasn’t touched on, save for in passing, and it just leaves so much story languishing. I keep hoping that those stories will be told, but instead the author moves onto the next character to be transformed or changed. There’s nothing given about the history of things, of developing the succubus beyond her presence, which is fleeting.

The transformation of Missy is mixed with some futa erotica which didn’t actually have all that much heat in it. The entire erotic passage was not much more than a porn movie scene with some lovely surroundings to happen in. There’s a fair bit of abuse, if warranted, by Missy against her tormentors, which leads to some dialogue which took even more of the heat away.

As the start of a series, there’s some promise here, but from the tease of the next work in the series, I don’t think we’ll ever see Missy again, the story will race onwards and more of the Cafe’s story will be left in the dust.

Two out of five pitchforks.

There’s so little of the succubus appearing in this work that I’m wondering just how she can be more a part of what will happen in the series going forwards. Now, I can see that this work is connected to the author’s prior series, Succubus Cafe, in many obvious ways, but that’s not really enough. If this series needs to have a succubus in the title, then perhaps it would be a good idea to have them far more within the story.

This is a problem I’ve noted in several series by this author, that being a succubus is mentioned, but she’s not at all part of the work. I dearly wish that she becomes more in this work and more so, I’d love to have the many dangling plot threads from the prior series closed up in this one. I suppose we’ll just have to see.



Aug 19 2017

A lovely Succubus watercolour YouTube

There are so very few pieces of watercolour art of succubi. A wonderful YouTube that an artist posted of their particular art which is simply wonderful…


If you can’t see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

The artist placed a image of this artwork on DeviantArt and you can find that image here. I’m also sharing a small version of that artwork as I usually do when sharing art videos from YouTube.


Succubus by yamiko-michi

by yamiko-michi


The eyes are lovely, deep and expressive. Her hair is lovely, her style is wonderful as well. The thing about watercolours, to me, is that there’s a certain depth to such art that doesn’t come out the same way in other art. Her… I suppose the best description is ‘claws’ I find myself wondering about, thinking about the story behind them.

A lovely succubus character most of all with an interesting story to think about…