Feb 24 2010

Disco Sparkly Succubus Costumes?

I do wonder sometimes, why so many costumes for Demonesses and Succubi look like something from the mid-1980 Disco mistake world of fashion…

Like this one:

Oh my where to being on this interesting idea of a costume…

The costume consists of four parts. You get the sequined horns, the feather boa, a necklace and the sequined minidress which is a stretchy knit material that has a tail, again in sequins, attached to it. The dress has shoulder straps which are removable, if you want to get rid of them as the stretchyness of the dress helps to keep it in place… Especially if you are slightly well endowed chestwise… The dress has more than enough cling in it to stay in place, but if you worry… Leave them there but wear a long wig to cover them up a bit if you haven’t got long enough hair to make do…

The pitchfork and the boots in the picture do not come with this outfit.

I think that you need those boots. I don’t think that a pair of strappy heels works with the dress and really, the boots give it the go-go look if you are going out to a club or something like that.

I wouldn’t take the boa, that’s too tacky, nor would I really want to have the necklace as it’s more of a choker and really doesn’t add anything to this I think.

I wouldn’t use those horns either as really they are just too big and unflattering really… I have lots of smaller ones that look so much better than these do…

You can find this costume on the web for about $50 USD in various adult costume sites…

For something I might wear to the annual office party, I’d consider it, but I would make a lot of accessory changes to it…

Somewhat tasteful when doe right, but not like in that picture…

Three out of five pitchforks, but only because it has the possibility of being used in more public get-togethers….


Feb 23 2010

Temptations XLVIX

After the ending of last week in the RP, we start a story that was with a good friend whom opened some doors for the Queen of the Succubi in her universe…


Temptations XLVIII

By TeraS and Legion

You enter a library searching for a book.  A book on legends and myths. You wander the shelves until you come upon a section of old books that seem not to have been touched in ages. As you look at the shelf, far above you a thick tomb edges closer to tipping over the edge of the shelf it rests upon.

At least that is what you want her to think. You DO desire a book, but you desire something else far far more. But it suites things to be a man in a semi- formal suit, someone looking for power he has not earned.  If she falls for the illusion, it will be very sweet, if not, the game starts sooner.  Either works for him.

Then it plummets down until it lands upon your head pressing you to the floor. The book opens to a page covered in a picture of a greenish mist. Then the mist explodes from the book and surrounds you… Finally the mists clear and you find yourself in the middle of a black void. There is nothing to be seen and you call out, “Hello? Is anyone there?”

Pretending to be a clueless mortal helps as well, someone bungling, yet physically attractive.  It will add a spice to the illusion no mear magic can.  He can play any role, he has for countless eons.

There is silence and then from behind you a woman’s voice answers, “I am always here….” You turn and see…… Her. She sits there. A Succubi. A being of evil and desire. A creature of lust and erotic thoughts. Her red skin shimmers in the darkness drawing your eyes to her. She taps a long slim red nail on her throne rhythmically. A black latex bodysuit makes her breasts two shiny black globes on her body. Her long raven hair spills in wild curls around her, the occasion red streak of fire in them. Her long red horns glisten in the darkness. But it is her eyes…. Her so green eyes that capture you… That hold you… That focus on you and stare deep into your soul…

You make sure you have a perfect look of surprise and fear on your face at the minor parlor trick. Still, inwardly you realize she IS impressive.  She radiates lust, sex, and power.  The other Succubi you dealt with were a wonderful change of pace, and a challenge to capture in the deal, but she is something different and that is why you are here.

She sits on her throne and regards you with…. Amusement? Interest? It’s hard to say. Then her sultry voice drifts towards you, “I am Tera. Queen of the Succubi… You are within my realm…” Her rose red lips are curled in a evil smile as she asks in a husky voice, “Care to play a game?”

Oh this WAS going to be a pleasure.  A creature that is use to getting her way, her way of the deal.  But so was he.  One of them would be disappointed… and after all the planning that was coming to this moment he was sure it was going to be a thrill to find out who.

Her red tail moves behind her like a metronome as she waits for you to decide… Can you decide? Will you decide? Or won’t you?

He pretends to follow the moving tail, like something so simple can give her an edge. Can he take her? Will she take him? Or… will the ultimate come to pass… will they take each other?

She looks at you and says not another word as she does. Her tail swishes back and forth slowly as her eyes narrow slightly…

Then she stands from her throne and walks towards you. Her heels clicking on the stone floor, the look on her face still unreadable. She paces around you slowly, the look never changing, never turning from that look of bemusement….

The only sound a echoing click… click… click… as she walks…

And then she stops to your right and says, “Interesting… So very interesting…”

Then the circling begins again and she says in a soft voice, “I have seen so many things in my long life you know… Angels… Devils…. Lovers…. Lusters… Men… Women… Those without hope… Those with… Some having an idea of what they want, others without a clue either way….”

She circles only once in that time when she speaks and then stops in front of you. Her tail continues to swish back and forth a moment and then she asks, “Tell me… How many of mine have you harmed in your quest…. How much did they suffer for your needs?”

She crosses her arms over her ample cleavage and then slowly runs a fingernail over her lips and whispers, “I’m curious to know…”

Apparently she is not fooled by his little attempt at deception.  Ah well it was worth a try.

The handsome, yet timid male form falls away, like a snake who’s shed skin is simply folded back into itself.  Now a hooded male figure stands before this Queen.  Garbed in a simple black jumpsuit and boots, he is obviously muscular and fairly tall.  His face hidden behind a hood so that only the glowing eyes and the slight smile of his lips are seen.

“My needs?  Oh no oh Queen, I have so few needs.  Only same needs you do… to grant someone’s heart’s desire.”

He turns his back to her, a mild risk, but the Succubi Queen, while dangerous, is not violent,  “And the desires of the few Succubi I have come across…”

He turns back and makes a show of shivering in surprise and excitement, “I wonder if even their Queen knows how amazing their desire’s are.”

As he returns his gaze to her from one of the book shelfs he watches her.  Only her tail moves slowly, back and forth, the rest of her form is carved in stone.  “How could you begrudge me for doing to those precious few Succubi, what you yourself do for all manner of folk, mystical or mortal?”

He now moves forward swiftly until his face and body are only a few inches away from hers, a questioning smile on his face, “You would deny your own people the…pleasures, you grant others?  I find that difficult to believe.” Now it is his turn to walk slowly around her, examining her slowly, carefully, looking her up and down.

She remains still, again only her tail slightly swaying.  A truly lovely being, so proud, so sure and strong.  And so disturbed at his presense, perhaps even angry.  That was very good… it made it so much more interesting.

He turns away from her again and mildly scans another book shelf, still talking, “They are all very happy, just like those you have… aided… in the past.  But more than one mentioned their Queen.  How she put them all to such shame with her beauty and grace.”

He pauses in his search and turns his head just so the shadow of his hood is seen… along with the soft glowing blue of his eyes, “I simply had to meet you.  I am Legion Soulfire,” he smiles warmly, “but please oh Queen, call me Legion.”

And so it begins…

Feb 22 2010

Storm Clouds XLII – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here...

Chapter Ten edits this week… Some points by the Succubi weren’t clear and so some small changes there… Next week = Chapter Eleven…


Storm Clouds XLII

Storm Clouds

Chapter 10

By TeraS

Tom leaned against a tree watching as Brent played with his children next to a small fountain with a soaring angel in the center. He was puzzled by what the fountain was supposed to mean, and that showed on his face. After all, who would expect an angel motif in a place that didn’t seem to have a lot of angellooking beings in it?

Camilla came around from behind the fountain, carrying a small box in her hands. When she came close to Tom, she asked if he had eaten anything. When he didn’t answer, she simply put a wrapped sandwich in his hands and, with a nod of her head, directed him to have a seat at a picnic table nearby.

After getting settled, Tom watched as she began to pick at a salad. As he unwrapped the sandwich, he asked, “Something bothering you?”

She paused and then began, “What bothers me, Thomas, is that I have lost a Sister. I suffer for that. But that’s nothing compared to Brent and his children.”

Tom picked out a slice of tomato, “How bad is it for Brent?”

She poked the fork into the salad with some force, “If he didn’t have the children, I am sure that he would be no more.”

Tom considered that as he took a bite, “He’s still here. So are the kids. And you. He doesn’t strike me as the type to put a bullet to his head and end it all. Sorry, Camilla, I’m not going to dwell on that.”

“Heartless, aren’t you Thomas? Or is that just a means to protect yourself?”

Tom reached into a pocket of his jacket and tossed a small notebook onto the table between them: “Haven’t the time to dwell right now Camilla. Brent gave me a list of people that had something against him. I can look into the ones who are people. You game to grill the ones who aren’t?”

She turned the notebook around and opened the cover. After a moment she whistled: “I would not have guessed at any of these.”

Tom wiped his lips with a napkin, “How bad are the names you recognize? The ones I do are lousy, but I can take most of them from the list. I’m looking for a killer, and most of them are playboys, playtoys and thrill seekers. They don’t qualify.”

Another bite. “Three of them I’ll have to grill.”

She considered him, “At least your list is a short one. From this side I can see ten times that many creatures and things who would have loved to be the one to have done this…”

Tom shook his head, “Not love, Camilla. Need.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Tom explained, “Some people would love to get an advantage over someone else. That’s a wish, a hope and nothing more. Then there are those that need to get that revenge or whatever else they see it as. They have the power to do so, and more so, they wouldn’t be stopped by anything to get it. That’s need.”

She started back at the beginning of the list again, her fingers tracing down the names. Then she said, “Two that we can get to; one that I would not touch with a ten foot pole and an army of hellhounds behind me.”

Arching an eyebrow, he asked, “That bad?”

She shrugged, “Worse. We’ll need help to see that one.”

Tom considered his sandwich, “You know something? I am more inclined to believe that whoever did this is on your turf rather than mine.”

Raising her fork, she explained, “It can be that someone, as you say, on our turf started this, but you don’t understand how things work in your world. You see, Thomas, while some creatures like us can exist there and interact with your people, there are so many more that need an anchor, something or someone to believe in them and give them purchase in your world. Without that they can’t do anything physical.”

Confused, Tom just nodded for her to continue.

“Magic is thin in your world now. Creatures that once thrived in your world now can’t exist there. Oh they can look in, try to whisper thoughts and ideas into people’s minds and see what happens, but, without someone who believes, like a wizard, mage, or witch… they can’t actually do anything there.”

“Then how do you all manage to be there?”

She smiled, “Sex is a powerful thing. Love more so. If you are intimately connected with both of those, then crossing over isn’t a hard thing to do.”

He nodded slowly, “Base desires and overwhelming needs are the gateway to the soul or something?”

“Or something.”

They were quiet for a time until Tom said, “I need to get back, get on and see those names. Can you check your list and … ?

She shook her head, “No. You are stuck with me for the moment, Thomas. You can do your investigating there and then we’ll both see what happens.”

He frowned, “Are you telling me that I am going to have to go with you to see what you are afraid of seeing?”

“Afraid doesn’t mean I will not go there. But here’s the thing: you are a detective. You know how to ask questions and, moreover, you see more than I do. I think that you asking the questions of them will get us further than I can alone. Besides which, you have one power over them that I don’t.”

Tom looked shocked: “Power? I got nothing.”

Camilla gave a small shake of her head, “You have free will. You have the ability to choose. Most of the creatures we will have to see do not have that luxury. They are connected to other beings in ways that make them what they are. You however you don’t have that flaw.”

He sighed, “No. I have the flaw that makes me always do the right thing.”

She munched on her salad, “That’s not a flaw. It’s a gift.”

A small smile, “Some gift.”

She just prodded her salad, “Better than most. Count your blessings Thomas.”

Tom chewed on that, and on his sandwich before asking, “Tell me something. Why is it that you always speak to me so formally? It’s always Thomas, not Tom. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard any of you use nicknames or shortened names, for that matter.”

“Manners count, Thomas.”

He gave her a look, “Well I can understand that, Mom always said that having a civil tongue was timportant, but…”

She shook her head, “No buts about it. You can get further with a kind word than with a foul one.”

Tom’s smile was just this side of wicked, “You can get further still with a kind word and a two-by-four.”

“Oh so you have met Tera before, then?”


A similar smile appeared, “You sound a lot like her when she’s in a mood, you know.”

Tom stuck the last of the sandwich in his mouth and mumbled, “Probably why she liked me.”

Taking the list back from Camilla, Tom reviewed it again trying to decide who he would try to see first. Running his finger down the list he tapped one name, “Okay. I think I want to start to get on the bad side of the big names in the city.”

Camilla put her fork down and opened her purse. Taking out a small business card, she handed it to him, “Take this. Some places, your badge won’t get you far. This will open those doors for you.”

Tom considered the card. It wasn’t made of paper. It was a solid piece of silver made into a business card. Written on it was a short line of gold text: He’s doing me a favour. And then a single handwritten letter “T”.

“You can’t be serious.”

Camilla finished the last of her salad with the reply, “Try it. But only as a last resort, okay?”

Deciding that this wasn’t a card to be thrust into a pocket to be crushed, he took out the billfold that held his badge and placed the card into the pocket on the other side of it. Snapping it shut, he replied, “Well, it might as well be next to that piece of tin, to keep it company.”

Camilla picked up what was left of the meal they had shared and tossed it into a bin nearby. Motioning to Tom, she led him to Brent and the children where she said her goodbyes to them. She spoke with Brent quietly for a moment before turning to the kids and giving them a long loving hug.

Tom knelt down to look into the kids eyes and said, “Look after your Dad, okay, kids?” The answer was just a shy nod from them both before they ran over to their father and hid behind him. Tom stood up and offered his hand to Brent, “Do her proud right?”

Brent shook the offered hand with a firm grip, “I will. Watch your back out there, Thomas. Not all things are exactly what they seem.”

Releasing his grip, Tom said, “Rarely is. But sometimes you see exactly what is there, Brent.”

He then turned away and walked to Camilla: “Let’s go. Time’s a-wastin.”

It was a short walk until they were out of sight of Brent and the children. Then Camilla’s horns and tail reappeared as she drew a pattern in the air. Moments later and a portal appeared.

“I don’t think I will ever get used to that.”

She laughed, “Be happy you don’t have to deal with a Tail.”

“Seriously: what exactly does that mean?”

Camilla just smiled as they passed through the portal and it closed after them, leaving a small whirlwind of dust in their wake.

Feb 21 2010

A silly Succubi Idea…

Okay… I have to admit that I am a NASCAR girl…

And so, since you can design color schemes on a car now…

I thought that there should be a Succubi car…

And so, in fun… Here it is…

You can click on the image and you’ll be directed to a page with a larger image on it. There is no number on the car mostly so that there isn’t mumbling over that… Oh and because my favorite driver doesn’t drive this particular company’s cars…

It’s a cute and silly idea I know, but then, that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?


Feb 20 2010

Morrigan Drawing YouTubes are lovely…

I have noticed that Morrigan Aensland is one of, if not the most drawn Succubus on Deviantart. I can understand that since she is, and continues to be, so very popular. So many of those works are lovely and beautiful…

And this one, this is really something special I think…

And in case the embedding does not work:


This is the work of an artist named Discipleneil77 on Deviantart, and you can find their page there at this link.

They have done a lot of art based on the Darkstalkers game, this work being one of them and here is the finished image from the video above:

And you can find the original page with this work here.

I love the stylized image here, the slightly hard edges on Morrigan’s wings, claws, and body I think work really well. I’d love a bit more detail on her face, but the artist commented that he didn’t do so on purpose.

The other thing I would have loved to have in this work would have been a complete drawing of her from her wings to her toes. Nonetheless, a wonderful portrait of Morrigan in all of her glory…

I wish them success in their art and hope that they create more Succubish things soon!


Feb 19 2010

A Demoness drawing concept artwork…

Art designers come up with the most interesting ideas for Succubi and Demonesses…

This is one of them that caught my eye this week…

Please do click on the image for it in a larger size. This is the work of an artist named Helen Zhang. You can find her blog here.

She is a graphic arts designer who works in the world of video games. She has other interests as well, which are reflected in some of her other artwork, sculpture and thoughts that she posts on her blog.

You can find the original posting of this design in progress here.

I think that the overall design is fascinating, though as always I would have loved a tail in this design. The hooves… I just don’t know, I understand that it is supposed to make her look otherworldly, but I’m not sure that they are needed with the rest of her look…

Something I wonder about is that perhaps instead of hair in that pushed up look, that might be better as flames or fire? That would nicely fit into a demoness theme and would I think push her more into the otherworld look that this artist is looking for.

The clothing is really interesting, though a bit on the gothic side for my tastes…

Really hope that someday she continues this idea and reveals the finished design…


Feb 18 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 113

I haven’t posted a World of Warcraft Succubus in some time here on the Tale…

It’s time for one to appear again…

This 3D work is called Succubus and is made by the artist Sartori Tangier. You can find their Deviantart site here.

This is their version of the World of Warcraft Succubus we all know and love. You can find the original posting here.

According to the artist:

She was originally supposed to be just an extra in a much more ambitious piece that I’ve been working on since the hills were young. But I liked how she turned out, and that other piece may or may not ever see the light of day, so I decided she deserved her own photo shoot. Hope you enjoy.

They used Poser 7, Vue 6, PSP XI in the creation of this work, and really it is most likely the best WoW succubus I have seen in quite some time… The details in her clothing and especially her tail I find just amazing, really almost life-like, and everything in the image just fits so perfectly together!

Please do visit their pages on Deviantart and enjoy their talents!