Mar 14 2010

Words of Wisdom from a Dear Friend…

Last week in the Garden, a dear friend of mine Legion, posted a poem…

I’m posting it here, in the Tale, because it reminds me of what really does matter…


The Queen

By Legion

There is a Queen of beauty and grace.
Her heart is special, in just the right place.
Queen of the Succubi is how she is known.
Fiery in nature, her goodness is shown.

“What is a Succubi?” I’m sure you may ask?
A fun being that sometimes hide in a mask.
They come and give you your greatest pleasure.
In return they take some energy,  far too small to measure.

But the Queen is different from the rest.
Because, without question she is the best.
She looks out for her sisters with the greatest of care.
She cares too much to let them fall in despair.

Her touch is friendship, her spirit fiery gold.
She’s playful, fun, exciting and bold.
All those that meet her respect her inside.
For she helps them when needed, dried tears when they cried.

Two horns and one tail and beautiful smile.
Her look is mystery, sleekness and style.
Ebony hair that only lacks stars.
With such a beauty, we’re very lucky she’s ours.

Playful and teasing with a great laugh.
She carries her pitchfork just like a staff.
Mischief is never far from her mind.
It can be sharp, as many people find.

But the Queen has a very special heart.
He is her King and he’s her most precious part.
Together through great highs and great lows.
They have built something special and oh, how it shows!

Together there is little they cannot do.
They are one heart that once was two.
Even in times that are difficult to walk.
They are strong together, solid as a rock.

The Queen has skills both large and small.
Whenever she uses them great things come to call.
All find her skills amazing and deft.
They share in her gifts both right and left.

But sometimes the Queen doesn’t see it that way.
“My writing,” she says, “can be dull and kind of grey.”
She doesn’t see how her stories touch hearts.
They make people feel special with many of their parts.

Sometimes she gets weary just as you and me.
But she tends to hide it so no one can see.
That is just another wonderful trait.
She doesn’t want to burden, to add to anyones weight.

But for what she has given there is no measure.
All that know her call her a treasure.
Many are the souls that would lighten her load.
Who would travel and help her down any tough road.

“Why,” do you ask, “does she get called a Queen?”
You, my friend, must be late the scene.
A queen is not born, nor is just a name that is given.
It is something that is earned from being strong and driven.

That is why the Queen holds to that title.
It is something she earned because she is vital.
To those that are her friends, they will always concur.
That they wouldn’t imagine times without her.

“How do you know this?” I’m sure you will say.
Because I have seen it, every single day.
And because I don’t want to be empty and hollow.
It is the example that she sets that I try to follow.

I could go on but I hope you now see.
That we’re lucky to know her, you and me.
And if you don’t, the loss is your own.
Make time to know her, you won’t be alone.

“But who is this Queen?” you say to me now.
“Oh, my mistake,” I say with a bow.
Her name I’ll remember, right to then end.
She is called Tera and she is a dearest friend.

Thank you Legion…



Mar 13 2010

YouTube transforming Lilith Aensland…

I came across this interesting YouTube today which I think really shows off the talents of this particular artist very very well…

This video begins with a photo of a cosplayer dressed as Lilith Aensland, the Suuccubus of Darkstalkers fame, and then over the course of the video, transforms her into a really wonderful drawing called a vector image.

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:

And a little peek at the final image which really is an amazing piece of artwork…

The only thing that bothers me is that the Deviantart site listed on the YouTube video, and I have enlarged that a lot, doesn’t lead to a page on Deviantart where you could see more of this artist’s works…

It’s amazing to me just how much like the model she does look like and the detail work that is in this image, especially her hair and the pair of bat wings on her head.

If by chance, someone manages to figure out what that address is, could you please post in the comments so that I can make a proper link to this artist? I can tell from their YouTube page that they are from Brazil and that they have a lot of other works like this available…

Hoping someone can translate or at least has better eyes than mine…


Mar 12 2010

New Books on Succubi… Sort of.

I came across a series of books on about Succubi that bothers me a lot to be honest.

I’m not going to say who the publisher of this book is, but I will note that it does seem to be a reference book to Succubi in fiction.

But here’s the thing…

According to the red dot on the cover, the information inside, I think, are articles taken from Wikipedia. And they are charging, for this volume, which is just over 100 pages, $53 USD.

And there are, if you look on Amazon, at least another three volumes of information at that cost available for purchase.

Those other books seem to focus on other such Wikipedia articles which have the word Succubus in them or are connected to them in some small way.

I’m not sure that this work is exactly what I think it is, but to risk that much money on something that could basically be a copy and paste from Wikipedia? No…. No, I’m not going to do that.

Unless and until some kind of preview of this book appears on the web, that feels too much like gambling…


Mar 11 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 116

This is the second week of a series of artwork by a single artist that I am going to share from Deviantart. They have created a series of Succubi images using some of the most well known names in Succubi mythology…

The artist is known as Genzoman and this second image in the series is called Lilith…

Genzoman’s Deviantart site can be found here.

And you can find the original page with this work here on Deviantart as well.

The story of Lilith is well known I am sure. She is known as Adam’s first wife, the first of the Succubi, and many other roles that different legends, myths and religions have invested in her story. She is described, however most of all as being a Succubus and her fellow succubi are Agrat Bat Mahlat, Naamah, and Eisheth Zenunim, all of whom when looking at their myths, seem to reflect the different powers of Succubi…

This particular work of Genzoman’s strikes me as being very dramatic. Lilith is posed in mid-flight similarly to his work for Agrat Bat Mahlat, but instead of approaching, she seems to be turning away from you.

I think it’s interesting how her horns are moulded into a kind of mask that surrounds her face, that material also appearing on her clothing as well. I do wonder about her tail a bit, that seems like it’s more of a weapon to be used rather than an accessory to her overall looks.

Of the four images that Genzoman created in this series, this one is most likely my favorite for the simple reason that Lilith is shown as a powerful, sensual being that seems to be in control of her world…

Please do visit Genzoman’s Deviantart page to see all of the wonderful art he has created!

Next week… Na’amah.


Mar 10 2010

Gold Horns do not a Succubus Costume make…

Sometimes, when you purchase a costume, they throw in certain things to make it more attractive… Some add a set of horns, others gloves or fishnets…

But most of the time it really doesn’t help all that much… Like this one.

This costume comes with a set of gold foil covered horns, a red corset with gold trim, the red dress of similar material to the corset and a pair of red lace sleeves…

There is no tail to this costume, nor do the shoes shown in the photo come with it.

I have a few issues with this outfit, but not quite as many as you might think. The biggest one is that the horns just don’t work with this costume. They are gold, which is fine, but they are attached to a red headband that is the same color as the dress.

I think that is a mistake really. It would have been better to be a clear headband and red horns or the red horns and the red headband.

But otherwise? I would seriously wear this to my office party if for no other reason that it’s on the cute side and still has a little touch of sexy in it… I would however probably not go with shoes. I think a pair of leather high-heel boots in black would work along with a set of black horns and tail.

You can find this costume on the web for $50 USD.

It’s surprisingly well made and isn’t something you would wear once and throw away…

Three out of five pitchforks, but needs some tweaks…


Mar 09 2010

Temptations LI (51)

The Queen of the Succubi comes home… But is it really what she expected it to be?


Temptations LI (51)

By TeraS and Legion

Ah the thrill of the chase. Legion thought with a pleasured sigh as he searched the bookshelves one last time.  She thought he was being foolish and that their ways were not the same.


Legion thought of the four Succumbi he had dealt with, all of them had, at first, not known who he was and had tried to take him.  He had played along and they had followed, since it seemed only their Queen was powerful and perceptive enough to know he was different.

He had played their game for a time, it had amused him after all, and then revealed himself.  Their first reaction had been either to fight or run.  Of course neither had worked very well.  Then he had simply talked to them, explored their desires and thoughts.  Each of them had taken days, playing a game very much like chess, only with words.

When, at last, they had accepted what he was offering they had been surprised.  There had been no surprise twist, no sudden bending of the situation, no crushing of their will.  Unsual for him perhaps, but the rules changed with these Succumbi.  He had simply given them their heart’s desire, what they wanted more than anything but with all their power could not have.

They had then been so grateful they would have sold their soul to him in gratitude.  After all, how much is your deepest most hungred desire worth to you?  What would you give to make it a reality?

Now where is that silly thing?  She told me where to find it and… AH!  Here it is.

Now the rules had changed yet again as he had confronted their Queen.  She thought him a fool, perhaps only one step above the mortals who drugged a girl to get sex.  She thought he didn’t understand her wares, but in truth understood very well.  She thought he desired her, and he did, but not in the way she believed.  What he desired from her was far far above anything either of them had ever attempted before.

As for her desires… he knew a few but not the darkest one, not the one she kept hidden from all eyes, not the one that was her vunerability. Not the one that was the line where the Queen of the Succumbi stopped and the woman began.

Briefly he toyed with the idea of leaving, or just staying here, just to see what would happen.  But she wanted to have the upper hand, she wanted to be in control, it made her feel safe.  So being the kind guest he was he would give that to her.

Or at least the illusion of it.

His treasure tucked in the folds of his cloak he calmly followed the Queen into the darkness, wondering absently what little trick she would attempt to pull.  Whatever it was he doubted it would work… and then it would be his turn for a few tricks

As Legion disappears into the darkness after Queen Tera, darkly glowing eyes appear in the shadows above the throne – a low growl rumbling…

“No matter your plans and aspirations… She is never alone, fool, My Darkness is never alone…”

The darkness surrounded him as he walked and then the sound of a crackling fire came to his ears. A moment later and then the light of the fire began to push the darkness away from him wisp by wisp until he found himself standing at the edge of a well appointed room…

Against the far wall of the room was a large fireplace, the flames dancing within the stones that surrounded it. The red oak walls moving away from the fireplace to wrap around the room to the open space where he stood. In the centre of the room was a fur throw rug positioned for someone that lay there to enjoy the warmth of the fire. A bit back from that, a marble table stood with various nicknacks upon it…

Just past that a black leather couch awaited someone to sit upon it, the color of the black almost as deep as Tera’s hair was… All of this was quite real… Illusions were not necessary here as this was part of Tera’s home within the library proper…

The sound of heels clicking on the hardwood floor he stood upon came to him and he noted another opening in the wall diagonally from where he stood…

Then Tera walked from it carrying a tray with two mugs upon it, the steam rising from them both. She had changed her clothing from when he had last seen her. A fuzzy red sweater was clinging to her form like a lover, the swell of her breasts adding to the beauty of it… A pair of faded blue jeans on her legs and then a pair of strappy red heels on her feet. Her hair was worn loosely, the curls and length of it unruly about her back…

She nodded slightly and said, “What did you expect? A Dungeon or something?” Then with a smile, she walked to the couch setting the tray on the marble table in front of it. Taking the end of the couch furthest from him, she plucked a mug from the tray. Her eyes twinkled as she said, “Come now my dear Legion…. I won’t bite… At least not as yet…”

Oh this will indeed be quite fun. he thinks lightly.

Making sure a look of concern and confusion is on his face he moves forward slowly.  And every step he changes slightly until the figure in a dark cloak is gone, replaced by a slightly tall woodsman in a flannel top and jeans.  The faint shadow of a beard covers his features.

“I never expected a dungeon oh Queen, not the first time after all,” his voice is rougher to match his appearance.

Still taking care to keep that look of light concern on his face he slowly sits down on the opposite end of the couch.  It was easy since this is how the woodsman, who’s form he was taking, would have reacted.

“As to the biting… well you do have a reputation.”

He had to admit, playing this little game was quite a diversion, but he made very sure that his thoughts remained firmly on what he had come here for.  The game, after all, was a means to an end.

“I had come expecting a fight, but instead you actually took me up on my offer.  I am quite surprised.”

Which, of course, he really wasn’t.  Tera wouldn’t come at him with balls of fire and anger, she would be subtile, gentle, attractive, just like he would normally be.  Though he had been mildly surprised she would wear a sweater and jeans, even in this setting, Succumbi were not known for their modesty.

He made a mild show of glancing at the mugs with concern, but again that was just another little play, he doubted that she would try something so trivial as to spike the drink.

Which didn’t mean he wouldn’t be sure it wasn’t spiked before drinking it.

He could see Tera was very very slightly pulled off by this sudden change in his demenor, from rash and confidant to concerned and doubtful.  That was the point and one of the little blessings of his side of the deals.  And part of the surprise that he knew would knock Tera slightly off balance when the time was right.

“So, you bring many of you’re… friends, here?”


Especially one of my dearest friends…

His name is Legion you know…


Mar 08 2010

Storm Clouds XLIII – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here...

Chapter Eleven begins… Tera and Jane have a fight…


Storm Clouds XLIII

Storm Clouds

Chapter 10

By TeraS

Tom leaned against a tree watching as Brent played with his children next to a small fountain with a soaring angel in the center. He was puzzled by what the fountain was supposed to mean, and that showed on his face. After all, who would expect an angel motif in a place that didn’t seem to have a lot of angellooking beings in it?

Camilla came around from behind the fountain, carrying a small box in her hands. When she came close to Tom, she asked if he had eaten anything. When he didn’t answer, she simply put a wrapped sandwich in his hands and, with a nod of her head, directed him to have a seat at a picnic table nearby.

After getting settled, Tom watched as she began to pick at a salad. As he unwrapped the sandwich, he asked, “Something bothering you?”

She paused and then began, “What bothers me, Thomas, is that I have lost a Sister. I suffer for that. But that’s nothing compared to Brent and his children.”

Tom picked out a slice of tomato, “How bad is it for Brent?”

She poked the fork into the salad with some force, “If he didn’t have the children, I am sure that he would be no more.”

Tom considered that as he took a bite, “He’s still here. So are the kids. And you. He doesn’t strike me as the type to put a bullet to his head and end it all. Sorry, Camilla, I’m not going to dwell on that.”

“Heartless, aren’t you Thomas? Or is that just a means to protect yourself?”

Tom reached into a pocket of his jacket and tossed a small notebook onto the table between them: “Haven’t the time to dwell right now Camilla. Brent gave me a list of people that had something against him. I can look into the ones who are people. You game to grill the ones who aren’t?”

She turned the notebook around and opened the cover. After a moment she whistled: “I would not have guessed at any of these.”

Tom wiped his lips with a napkin, “How bad are the names you recognize? The ones I do are lousy, but I can take most of them from the list. I’m looking for a killer, and most of them are playboys, playtoys and thrill seekers. They don’t qualify.”

Another bite. “Three of them I’ll have to grill.”

She considered him, “At least your list is a short one. From this side I can see ten times that many creatures and things who would have loved to be the one to have done this…”

Tom shook his head, “Not love, Camilla. Need.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Tom explained, “Some people would love to get an advantage over someone else. That’s a wish, a hope and nothing more. Then there are those that need to get that revenge or whatever else they see it as. They have the power to do so, and more so, they wouldn’t be stopped by anything to get it. That’s need.”

She started back at the beginning of the list again, her fingers tracing down the names. Then she said, “Two that we can get to; one that I would not touch with a ten foot pole and an army of hellhounds behind me.”

Arching an eyebrow, he asked, “That bad?”

She shrugged, “Worse. We’ll need help to see that one.”

Tom considered his sandwich, “You know something? I am more inclined to believe that whoever did this is on your turf rather than mine.”

Raising her fork, she explained, “It can be that someone, as you say, on our turf started this, but you don’t understand how things work in your world. You see, Thomas, while some creatures like us can exist there and interact with your people, there are so many more that need an anchor, something or someone to believe in them and give them purchase in your world. Without that they can’t do anything physical.”

Confused, Tom just nodded for her to continue.

“Magic is thin in your world now. Creatures that once thrived in your world now can’t exist there. Oh they can look in, try to whisper thoughts and ideas into people’s minds and see what happens, but, without someone who believes, like a wizard, mage, or witch… they can’t actually do anything there.”

“Then how do you all manage to be there?”

She smiled, “Sex is a powerful thing. Love more so. If you are intimately connected with both of those, then crossing over isn’t a hard thing to do.”

He nodded slowly, “Base desires and overwhelming needs are the gateway to the soul or something?”

“Or something.”

They were quiet for a time until Tom said, “I need to get back, get on and see those names. Can you check your list and … ?

She shook her head, “No. You are stuck with me for the moment, Thomas. You can do your investigating there and then we’ll both see what happens.”

He frowned, “Are you telling me that I am going to have to go with you to see what you are afraid of seeing?”

“Afraid doesn’t mean I will not go there. But here’s the thing: you are a detective. You know how to ask questions and, moreover, you see more than I do. I think that you asking the questions of them will get us further than I can alone. Besides which, you have one power over them that I don’t.”

Tom looked shocked: “Power? I got nothing.”

Camilla gave a small shake of her head, “You have free will. You have the ability to choose. Most of the creatures we will have to see do not have that luxury. They are connected to other beings in ways that make them what they are. You however you don’t have that flaw.”

He sighed, “No. I have the flaw that makes me always do the right thing.”

She munched on her salad, “That’s not a flaw. It’s a gift.”

A small smile, “Some gift.”

She just prodded her salad, “Better than most. Count your blessings Thomas.”

Tom chewed on that, and on his sandwich before asking, “Tell me something. Why is it that you always speak to me so formally? It’s always Thomas, not Tom. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard any of you use nicknames or shortened names, for that matter.”

“Manners count, Thomas.”

He gave her a look, “Well I can understand that, Mom always said that having a civil tongue was timportant, but…”

She shook her head, “No buts about it. You can get further with a kind word than with a foul one.”

Tom’s smile was just this side of wicked, “You can get further still with a kind word and a two-by-four.”

“Oh so you have met Tera before, then?”


A similar smile appeared, “You sound a lot like her when she’s in a mood, you know.”

Tom stuck the last of the sandwich in his mouth and mumbled, “Probably why she liked me.”

Taking the list back from Camilla, Tom reviewed it again trying to decide who he would try to see first. Running his finger down the list he tapped one name, “Okay. I think I want to start to get on the bad side of the big names in the city.”

Camilla put her fork down and opened her purse. Taking out a small business card, she handed it to him, “Take this. Some places, your badge won’t get you far. This will open those doors for you.”

Tom considered the card. It wasn’t made of paper. It was a solid piece of silver made into a business card. Written on it was a short line of gold text: He’s doing me a favour. And then a single handwritten letter “T”.

“You can’t be serious.”

Camilla finished the last of her salad with the reply, “Try it. But only as a last resort, okay?”

Deciding that this wasn’t a card to be thrust into a pocket to be crushed, he took out the billfold that held his badge and placed the card into the pocket on the other side of it. Snapping it shut, he replied, “Well, it might as well be next to that piece of tin, to keep it company.”

Camilla picked up what was left of the meal they had shared and tossed it into a bin nearby. Motioning to Tom, she led him to Brent and the children where she said her goodbyes to them. She spoke with Brent quietly for a moment before turning to the kids and giving them a long loving hug.

Tom knelt down to look into the kids eyes and said, “Look after your Dad, okay, kids?” The answer was just a shy nod from them both before they ran over to their father and hid behind him. Tom stood up and offered his hand to Brent, “Do her proud right?”

Brent shook the offered hand with a firm grip, “I will. Watch your back out there, Thomas. Not all things are exactly what they seem.”

Releasing his grip, Tom said, “Rarely is. But sometimes you see exactly what is there, Brent.”

He then turned away and walked to Camilla: “Let’s go. Time’s a-wastin.”

It was a short walk until they were out of sight of Brent and the children. Then Camilla’s horns and tail reappeared as she drew a pattern in the air. Moments later and a portal appeared.

“I don’t think I will ever get used to that.”

She laughed, “Be happy you don’t have to deal with a Tail.”

“Seriously: what exactly does that mean?”

Camilla just smiled as they passed through the portal and it closed after them, leaving a small whirlwind of dust in their wake.

Storm Clouds

Chapter 11

By TeraS

Tom and Camilla returned to the place where their journey had begun earlier that day. For a moment they talked about where they were off to next before walking from the backyard, through the ground level and out the front doors of the brownstone building.

As they passed through the front yard, high up on the third floor of the building, Tera could be seen sitting on a balcony there. She stood there in the same dress she had worn for the ceremony that morning, concerned with what was going on and why someone would threaten her own.

As she sipped at the cup of tea in her hand, a voice broke her thoughts, “Why are we doing nothing?”

Placing the cup on the railing of the balcony she answered, “We are doing something. Come here Daughter… It is not seemly to hide in the shadows and seethe in anger…”

A snort of derision was the answer before Jane came into view. She walked past Tera and stared off into the city around them. Crossing her arms over her chest she began to rant, “You place your trust in a human. Someone that has no idea of what he faces. You ask of one of your own to look after that human and moreover, you tell her to submit to his will. How can you do this?”

“I can…”

“That is not an answer.”

“Of course it is Daughter. It is the very first lesson I learned so long ago. I can believe in others. I can trust in others. That is the first lesson is knowing yourself and what you can do.”

Jane gripped the railing with her hands, the anger within her so very clear as she twisted her hands against the cold steel of it. Looking over towards Tera she asked, “I don’t believe that Brent told us the truth.”

“I know he has.”

“You have trust Tera. I do not. I buried my twin today. I have lost a part of myself that… That I should have known was in danger and helped her… I didn’t.”

“You could not Daughter… You were not in a place to help her. No one was. She was targeted by someone or something that wants something from us.”

That made Jane pause for a moment, her thoughts putting what Tera had said together with the story she had read in the newspaper that morning. Looking to the grass below she whispered, “I read a story in the newspaper today. It mentioned the place that Brent had been. It said that a man had been seen leaving the place before the fire started.”

Tera brushed a finger over her lips before answering, “That would mean someone else was there obviously. Then the question to be asked is, what where they there for and what, if anything, do they have to do with what happened there.”

Another whisper from Jane, “Or Brent is lying about what happened.”

The silence that followed those words extended for a time and then, to Jane’s surprise, she felt a hand take hold of her right wrist and begin to pull her within the building, the tea cup on the ledge tumbling into space as she was forced within the walls and out of sight of the world around them.

When she turned around to look at Tera, she saw her standing there with her red horns and tail visible to her. Her tail pointed at her as harsh words passed through the air between them, “If you see an error in my ways Daughter. Say so. If you feel that I am wrong, prove it.. If you have a better idea, show me. If all you have is opinon and anger, you do me and your Sister not a single thing of good.”

Tera closed the distance between them, pressing Jane against the wall behind her in fear of her Queen’s wrath. She closed her eyes waiting for the strike of a hand against her cheek and the words of displeasure she knew were to come.

But instead, she felt a brush of fingertips against that cheek and then, for a moment, all she could do was listen to Tera’s words as her body refused to move under that touch…

“How do you think I feel Jane? How do you think I feel when one of you is harmed? How much more do I suffer when one of you dies? How much worse is it when that is for no good reason? You talk of the pain you have for Patricia’s passing in your heart. As her mother, do you not think I share that?”

She felt Tera’s fingers stroke against her skin and then, unbidden, tears began to fall across that cheek, wetting the fingers that remained there. Jane managed a sob, “I….”

The answer was a soft hush and the words, “Do not let the need for revenge or the hate that comes with it cloud your judgement…”

Jane whimpered the truth, “I can’t Tera… i just can’t…”

She felt a tail wrap around her legs and then she was in Tera’s embrace, the tears coming without end…

And Tera just telling her to let it all out…