Jun 27 2017

A Review of Incubus Touch by Siryn Sueng

Incubus Touch is an eBook written by Siryn Sueng

Incubus Touch is an eBook written by Siryn Sueng

A review this time on the Tale of the first work in the Polar Nights series by Siryn Sueng. The series is set in a place rarely touched on in fiction, the themes are lovely and there’s a mystery to unfold that ties things and characters together quite well.

The needs of one’s soul sometimes are matched by the need to find something missing and discover there’s someone out there that desires you. That connection can lead to things unexpected, but as well it can start something dearly rare.

The work tells the story of:

Sex under the northern lights has never been so arousing.

Valyn enjoys the snow-covered city of Tromsø, Norway, because of the long nights, and the northern lights that bring more than just color to the skies above. As a siren, the energy that floods the city beneath the strong pulses of the aurora are both needed for magic and sought after for intense pleasure.

During the winter, the urge to be claimed drives many of the mythical populace. It is Valyn’s third winter without a partner, and the overwhelming need for sex is almost too much to bear. Until his search in an underground club leads him to an incubus named Jakai. Finally, after so long, Valyn has found the man to share his life with. Jakai is mysterious, but kind, and the sex is far more erotic than Valyn ever imagined it could be.

But in the deep dark, there are things that crawl through the snow. The fae are far less civilized and out for blood. When Valyn spots a terrifying figure in Jakai’s yard, the peace in Tromsø begins to break apart — and the fae’s presence is just the beginning.

Valyn is a siren in search of someone to claim him. Many months of disappointment climax in his being taken by Jakai, an incubus who has been searching as well. The sex is amazing, the connection between them both is what each needs. But out in the dark waits something dark that threatens them both and those that Valyn holds dear.

The work is a supernaturally themed mystery adventure with a bit of sexual tension and exploration added to the mix. It is a M/M themed story, to be clear, but while there are a few short erotic passages in the work, there’s not much time spent in the erotica. There’s far more time spent in telling the story, giving the characters time to develop and the mystery that is approaching them it’s time to take over the work.

Jakai is the incubus of this work, but there’s really not much in the way of a description of him as an incubus. There are flashes of his incubus nature, he is a very dominant character, and there are some surprising aspects to his powers and abilities which make him a bit different than most incubi are. That said, there are two aspects to him which appear and then aren’t explained or delved into very much, if at all. It’s a bit off the cuff, or more accurately, the time isn’t spent in explaining the details of something that’s a means for a plot point and action to happen.

Setting that aside, how the main characters, Jakai and Valyn meet, how their relationship develops worked really well I thought. Similarly there’s a good expression of how others around them see Jakai and how he sees them. It’s interesting because it offers some insight into how the different creatures in this work relate to each other and how they interact.

The story is written well, the characters all have their voices, needs and the story allows each to do so. But while there’s a good deal about Valyn told, there’s next to nothing we learn about Jakai. His past is guarded, which is a shame because he’s interesting as a character. Finding out more about him I think would have added a lot, made the relationship between Jakai and Valyn more than the sex and perhaps ground their stories better. It’s a little thing, as a whole, but there are questions left unanswered.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A really well thought out beginning to a new series and one that I’ll be following going forwards. Jakai makes for an interesting incubus, but there’s a lot of story not told about him and I wish there had been something told about him more than the teasing hints that were given. I like the ensemble of characters and the underlying plots I think will turn into something delicious. There’s a lot of mystery to unfold, relationships to explore.

Hopefully some of the things going on around the edges will be more fleshed out in the next book. I’m not expecting Jakai and Valyn to be in the fore of the following works as much, but even so, some more history about them both, and what happens next, would be good.



Jun 27 2017

A Review of Curse of the Caller by Matthew Chapel

Curse of the Caller by Matthew Chapel

Curse of the Caller by Matthew Chapel

Motivation is an interesting theme to use, the idea of who wants something and what they are willing to do. That said, if the story can’t quite bring that out, or moves that idea aside for the sake of an erotic hot flash, there’s something missing.

Overall, that’s the problem with a good idea being crammed into a story that doesn’t really get past the erotica as much as it really should have. More so, being dropped into the middle of the story without knowing what came first tends to confuse things further. While that’s a means to telling a story, it does make things a little more complicated to follow sometimes.

It tells of:

Nancy reclusively opens her home to a stranger who randomly calls in one night. She shares her home, her food and her wine with the mysterious woman…

Though it would seem Selina won’t be satisfied until Nancy shares her husband with her too.

Nancy wakes to sense that something isn’t right in her world. Finding her husband at the mercies of Selina, someone they just met, is shocking, but it’s more so when Selina reveals herself to be a succubus, and she has one thing in mind for her prey.

The work is an erotic hot flash which has an interesting story wrapped within it. Much of the focus is on the erotica, though there is some storytelling, plot and a bit of character development as well. But there are some issues with how that all comes to be. The author’s writing is clipped, short and seems to be missing parts of larger thoughts at times. In the same way, the dialogue of the characters seems to be missing emotion at times. The dialog tends to be short, blunt and when you might expect there’s emotional impact, that just seems be to lacking or is muted severely.

Selina, the succubus of the work, is for the most part, a rather stereotypical succubus in her character. However, some of her powers are unique and I thought that part was interesting. She’s clearly evil, wanting Nancy;s husband and shows no remorse at all in her teasing of him and underlying domination of the couple overall.

The erotica has some heat, though the dialog takes away some of that, as does the odd writing style which takes some getting used to. There’s a very clear domination of Selina, the submission of the other characters to her is wrapped up in a way that has a hard edge to it, but not so much that it feels wrong and out of place here.

It is a short work and that means there’s not quite enough time spent on the development of the characters, Selina’s reveal as a succubus is skimmed over and while her actions as a succubus to ensnare Nancy are well done, there’s just something missing. I think another editing pass would help, as would adding to the story as a whole to make it what it should be.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The work needs a serious editing to give the dialogue more emotion than it has. Similarly, the overall writing style is a bit odd and that takes away from the work and it shouldn’t. There’s a good story here about the temptations of a succubus and her effects, but it’s toyed with more than explored really.

The author notes that this is but a sampling of a larger work in progress, there being an excerpt attached with this work. It’s interesting and there’s some promise in that was well, but again there needs to be some more editing to bring depth to the characters and tell the story better than it is.

Hopefully that will happen.



Jun 26 2017

Together By TeraS

A bit of a scattered story today on the Tale … something which, in some ways, offers a thought, a wish, an expression. Sometimes there are moments when … there’s a need … something to hold onto …


By TeraS


Once, long ago, it was a dream.

It was a dream of finding a soulmate, a love. It was a wish, nothing more and nothing less, to find fingers laced with another’s, sharing a knowing smile; to look across a room and in that moment, without fear, knowing that wish had become real.

Once, not so long ago, it was a wish.

Having found each other was, in itself, a wonder. There was the knowledge of what would never be, could never be, but it wasn’t important. The sun would rise, each and every morning, without fail, and with that promise came the wish they shared. Being told that it would never be, could never be, didn’t matter. The first wish had become real, and faith mattered.

Once, unexpectedly, a wish became reality.

It was the discovery of a gift hidden away, protected until the moment came to be revealed. It was a daughter they knew on sight, without question—perhaps a little naughty, but her giggles filled their home.

Twice, that wish turned real.

It turned real in a mother’s gift to her daughter, opening her eyes to what could be: alone in the world, seeking a family, seeking to belong; finding a sister, then mother and father—a family who wanted her, regardless of the past, holding a promise that she would look after the future of the Realm.

Once, a dream became something more.

A wish began a tale never-ending, the telling of one soul, once alone, seeking love. It began the tale of a promise given, a journey begun. That tale was now one of a Realm, a place where the promise of hope within is matched by the desire without.

Once, a hope never expected to be.

A hope of a family together, seeking their way, trusting in what will be, despite all odds came to be.

Once a dream became a wish became a reality became a hope, which was more than reality. And once, just once, that became a tale … a universe of possibility.

Jun 25 2017

A Review of Lila Drake and the Sting of the Succubus by Lyka Bloom

Lila Drake and the Sting of the Succubus

Lila Drake and the Sting of the Succubus by Lyka Bloom

I’ve known of the author Lyka Bloom through the MC community for some time, having read her works on MCStories.com among other sites and ebook retailers. Recently she published a work in which Succubi appear and today’s review will be of that work.

One of the themes that this author delves into is gender transformation, and it does appears as a theme in many of her works. Interestingly they have written some stories which had some characters bordering on being succubi, but never really had a story in which they were, more or less the focus.

The thing about identity is that you are what you believe in. Your form might change, you might not recognize the person in the mirror. But there’s one thing that’s very hard to ignore. That little voice in your mind that tells you, clearly, you know the difference between right and wrong, and how to make sure the ones that wronged you get what they deserve.

The work tells the story of:

Dylan Drake is a different kind of investigator, the kind that haunts the darker corners of Los Angeles, tracking down the denizens of the night. When he finds himself poisoned by a sexy succubus, his whole world will change and the newest fight will be the one inside him.

Dylan Drake is a private dick, his beat being the things that go bump in the night. Encountering a succubus, Dylan finds he’s no longer a dick, in more than one way. Cursed and transformed into a succubus, Dylan has to overcome his, now her, own nature and see to it that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Easier said than done perhaps, but then, once a dick, always a dick.

The work reads very much like a classical detective story, but with a bit of mind control, succubi and gender transformation laid on top. A delightful, engrossing read in how Dylan’s character is written, the things he, now she, has to deal with. There are some moments of light erotic heat, but none are overdone or seem out of place.

There’s actually more time spent in Dylan (who I’ll be referring to as Lila from here on) dealing with the succubus she’s becoming. There are times when she suddenly turns more sexual, more succubus-like and her powers come to the fore. When they do there’s some delicious mind control, or succubus temptation that appears which I really did like. It’s a bit of a shame that Lila’s succubus nature didn’t come out as much as I would have liked however. The battle within herself is really the most interesting part of this work and I’d have loved to see more of that.

Lila isn’t anything like the other succubi she encounters and that’s honestly a good thing because too many of them are far too close to being what they are expected to be for my liking. They are evil, there’s no question of that, but at the same time I’d have expected more imagination, more personality than what comes out. Even so, there’s an underlying plot which Lila finds herself part of that works well, makes sense and manages to push the story towards the climax and resolution nicely.

If there’s something missing here, I think that’s mainly in not really telling as much about the succubi in this universe as I’d have liked. Still, there’s enough to ground the story, there’s a clear ability succubi have and Lila’s struggles with her new nature fill in some of the gaps. The overall story builds up well towards the climax, the big reveal and the ending, but when those parts came it felt rushed as a whole.

The entire book’s threads, for the most part, are wound up in a few short pages and I think that didn’t work. There could have been more time spent with Lila confronting the one that made everything happen, there might have been a better conflict than what happened over two or three pages. After all that came before, the climax didn’t live up to everything else. Similarly, the conclusion of the story seemed a bit rote, a little too neat and tidy. The change in tone seems off somehow. Perhaps a few more pages of thought about what had happened and what the future held than there is might have been the difference missing here.

I really liked the characters, the story and how the powers of a succubus were used. It’s really a character evolution work, following Dylan as he deals with the cards he’s been dealt. I liked how things unfolded, how real the reactions and emotions were within Dylan nee Lila as things happened. The “private dick” tone didn’t waver throughout and that sold the story most of all. I just would have liked a better climax and ending overall, it was just too pat and short for my tastes.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I’ll hope there will be a part two, perhaps Lila isn’t quite in the situation she thinks she’s in. I’d love to see more of “Succubus Lila” from time to time, even if that’s only a little succubus on her shoulder along the way. I’ll be looking for the next book in the series and I hope that will be sooner rather than later.



Jun 25 2017

A Review of The Fall: Conversations with Lucifer by Lori Green

The Fall: Conversations with Lucifer by Lori Green

The Fall: Conversations with Lucifer by Lori Green

The telling of a story is the purview of the teller. If that story is to be insight as to their own story, their past and how things came to be, that can be a very complicated thing. It becomes more so when that story is shaded within the prejudices seen, the slights faced, but most of all, the loss of a love, deeply felt, can change one eternally.

The story of Lilith has been told in many ways, with many perspectives. Finding one that takes a different view of the story is one thing, and it’s important. It is the telling of that story, in the here and now to a soul looking for meaning that makes for something far more. The finding of missing love, and the finding of hope when none was before.

  • Title: The Fall: Conversations with Lucifer
  • Author: Lori Green
  • Published By: Marinated Publishing
  • Length: 213 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B01N6J36VL
  • Publishing Date: January 20, 2017
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

A beautiful woman. A heartbroken widower. A story of love, betrayal and vengeance that binds them together and could tear the world apart.

When a beautiful stranger approaches Rabbi Nathan Zimmerman claiming to be the devil, he’s uninterested until she proves herself the fallen angel and tells him she has a story to share. Lucifer claims she’s looking only for someone to hear how heaven betrayed her but through the layers of her story, another tale emerges. The Rabbi discovers that secrets of his own love were touched by the machinations of those above.

Lucifer’s story follows the creation of heaven and its inhabitants; God’s decision to allow free will and how the dark angel Lilith chose earth over heaven and the innocent angel Morningstar chose Lilith over all.

Morningstar’s absolute devotion to her beloved began the unraveling of what Jehovah created, bringing death to the Garden and a reckoning to those on earth and above. The resentments of Adam toward the angels and the manipulation of Cain by Lucifer began the fall of not only one angel but all innocence.

As the Rabbi questions, argues and understands, another story emerges that touches his own life. His faith is questioned, his love examined and his own future becomes cloudier.

‘Regret nothing but love’ Lucifer tells the Rabbi. But will the Rabbi’s greatest regret be in allowing Lucifer to tell her story of Genesis and the truth of her fall?

Nathan finds himself in the presence of a legend wishing to share a story. The Devil is in the details and when he comes to spend time with Morningstar, Nathan finds the story told isn’t quite what he expects. Can there be love for all and if so, what then of Nathan’s own love and how does he, and that love, matter in the grand scheme of things?

This work is possibly the most involving, complex and personally captivating work about Lilith that I have read. The emotional impact, not just from Morningstar and Lilith, but more so from Nathan, is telling in so many ways. This creates a deeply told work that allows for the reader to contemplate what was, but more so, what could have been and still what is to be.

This is a work about myths and what lays behind them in all of their aspects and meaning. The emphasis is on the telling of loves lost and found, of needs unfulfilled and how that comes to weigh upon the souls in this work. It’s not a meaningless work, there is a point, meaning for the reader to find and accept. That is rather unique and I liked that most of all here.

Nathan’s character, being the core of the story, develops wonderfully and by the end of the work, there’s a needed closure that made the path through the story have purpose. Perhaps the same cannot be said about Morningstar herself, or the missing pieces of Lilith’s puzzle, but for Nathan, the truth came to be and in knowing that truth, if held in the words of another, brought light to him once more.

If there is one issue with the story, it’s how the revelation about Lilith and Nathan’s connection to her comes. It’s too quick, too matter of fact and with all that came before that was a disappointment. But a minor one, and it didn’t take all that much away once the postscript came and Nathan’s path in the aftermath was told.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I wish the ending hadn’t been so fast and so pat. I wanted something more in the revelation of how everything tied together, but that didn’t happen. That said, the postscript was a needed delight and turned the corner back to the deeper truth in the work that mattered the most.

A thoughtful and involved work that spoke of many things and did so in a way that I adored.



Jun 24 2017

A cute Morrigan Aensland Speeddrawing YouTube

Another of the many YouTubes that artists post of creating their art today on the Tale. I really enjoy these videos simply because it’s nice to see how the creative process works and how everything comes together. When the art is lovely as well, that’s more wonderful still.


If the video cannot be seen on the Tale, please try this link:


And, as always, here is a screenshot of the completed artwork in case the video vanishes from YouTube as happens from time to time…

Morrigan Aensland by Anicora Mulheim

Morrigan Aensland by Anicora Mulheim


A lovely drawing of Morrigan, the detail is very good and I love her overall look very much…



Jun 23 2017

A Review of Succubus Summer by Indigo Fulmen

Succubus Summer by Indigo Fulmen

Succubus Summer by Indigo Fulmen

A review this time on the Tale of a new series which tells the story of a woman being possessed by a succubus and how her life turns and the truths that she is made to confront. It’s an investing concept, one that hasn’t really been explored and there’s some promise as a whole.

Where the work stumbles however is that there’s too many moments when things are just a bit too stereotypical, too expected and it’s a shame. As well, there’s a point at which porn movie levels of erotica don’t work well with a story that offers some depth, some characters with purpose and a story to tell. Story matters, and if the erotica can’t match the story, it’s a shame.

The work tells of:

Ava Hunter has it good. She’s young, gorgeous and has a great job. Ava Hunter has problems. She’s possessed by a succubus. Her ex-boyfriend turns out to be a jealous magician who left her a parting gift of a demon of lust. The succubus is doing its damndest to ensure Ava’s eternal damnation by unlocking every forbidden desire. Demonic lust ripping away every inhibition, Ava is unable to stop her body from seeking what it craves, regardless of the cost. Worse still, the demonic curse ends in one year—with Ava’s death. She has a mere four seasons of life remaining to beat the curse and save her soul. It won’t be easy, as the succubus will do whatever it can to make sure she’s too busy having fun to fight for her salvation.

Ava may be going to Hell in a handbasket, but at least she’s enjoying the ride.

Ava has been cursed and there doesn’t seem to be anything she can do about it. The curse can’t be escaped, there’s no where for her to run and the heat that burns within presses upon her to do things that never would have crossed her mind. But payback is a bitch and in this case, the payback comes in the form of a succubus and a promise.

The work tells the story of Ava trying to come to terms with being cursed by a succubus and how that drives her sexually. As such, there’s a lot of focus on what sexual situations she gets into, the need that burns within her. This tends to make up quite a lot of the work, but underpinning this is a story that’s interesting and allows for her character’s faults to be brought to the fore.

It isn’t the erotica that drew me into this work by far, it is however Ava trying to come to terms with what she’s done, why she’s been cursed and fighting against it as best she can. Ava isn’t when it comes to it, a very likeable character when her past is laid bare. When she’s pressed by the succubus into doing some very questionable things, that introspection turns rather dark and it offers something of a reason as to why things are. That doesn’t mean however that the reasons make much sense, given who cursed Ava, and what the aftermath was. It’s a terribly sad reason to why things are and Ava’s reaction to the reason felt thin and lacked the emotional impact I would have liked to see.

The erotica in this work, at several points, is more porn movie scene than much of a hot flash. Some of it is rather brutal, which didn’t interest me at all, other parts were forced or unwilling and that didn’t work for me either. Perhaps the only erotic moment that I thought worked was the first encounter with the succubus which had heat and didn’t go over the top or seem completely wrong.

The succubus herself isn’t quite stereotypical. but at times things come very close to being so. The author decided to make the succubus both and and female at times, having them shapeshift forms and that was at times unique and I like that aspect of the succubus. Where things fell apart however was that the succubus is very single minded, doesn’t seem to have any other purpose than a means to push Ava into her next encounter. There’s a missing piece of the puzzle in the succubus and hopefully in time the series will get more into her character than it has so far. She’s two dimensional so far and that isn’t attractive as a main character in a story.

Overall this work offers a series which I think will be interesting to read. The main character really isn’t, as a whole, completely likeable and that offers an aspect of the series to play out. That said, too much of the work’s erotica didn’t appeal to me, which is a shame. There’s a lot of foreshadowing as to what will happen next and I’m going to hope that the series doesn’t turn towards being stereotypical.

I think that will be the one thing that will either make or break the series for me. The ending suggests a very stereotypical and almost rote scene for the next book in the series. Given some thought the author can avoid this, but we’ll have to see what comes.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The next work in the series, Succubus Autumn, does not have an release date at the time of this review. More character development and a bit less porn movie erotica would make this something special and I really hope the series will be.

There’s more to Ava and the succubus’ stories than has been revealed and telling that story over the erotica should be interesting, if the author should do so.