Succubi Image of the Week 733

It’s interesting when artists mix ideas about Succubi in their art. Some of the more interesting combinations are when little pieces of Morrigan Aensland’s look are mixed with a unique idea. A work this week which has a touch of Morrigan, but is delightfully unique…

succubus by lproctober

succubus by lproctober

This work is by the artist lproctober on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

Her wings feel very Morrigan-like, but their colour works really well with her overall look. Very interesting eye colour, there’s a feeling of danger that comes through well. The skull is an interesting touch to her pose, there could be a telling story about that too.

A very strong work of succubus art, her pose, expression and form just seems to suggest she’s not one to be trifled with. That in itself gives me something to ponder…


This costume isn’t quite Devilicious

Red 3pc Playboy Devilicious Costume

Once. a long time ago. there was a line of costumes that carried the Playboy name. The devil woman one didn’t do a lot for me, mainly in that there was little thought given to the look overall. Recently a new Devilicious costume has appeared with the Playboy name and it causes me to muse about it.

This is the Red 3pc Playboy Devilicious Costume and it comes with the padded cup romper, which has a tiny Playboy bunny logo as a charm attached to the top, the garters, gloves and mask are included. The boots, fishnets and pitchfork are not included and it sells for $150 US, mainly because it has Playboy’s name on it.

Overall it’s actually kind of cute, though the fishnets are a mistake as is the pitchfork the model is holding. While it does have a devilish look, the flares on the bottom of the romper are a bit odd. I wonder if they had a sexy alien costume and changed the colours to make it more devilish so they could sell more without doing a lot of effort.

It’s a nice costume when paired with the right boots, otherwise it’s somewhat disappointing considering this has a connection with Playboy. There’s been better devil costumes worn by the bunnies that have appeared and I wonder why they didn’t use one of those as a starting point. It might have been something amazing.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It does have a look, it has possibilities and that’s better than most of the costumes so far this year…


A Review of Sex Stories for Adults: Incubus by Mariano Flynn

Sex Stories for Adults: Incubus by Mariano Flynn

Sex Stories for Adults: Incubus by Mariano Flynn

Incubi and succubi are beings of myth and legend, but they also are connected to a rather unique form of waking sleep or similar described things.

There’s not many works that tend to explore that aspect of things and this time a review of a work in which it’s touched upon in an interesting way.

  • Title: Sex Stories for Adults: Incubus
  • Author: Mariano Flynn
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 19 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B09LT7BJL8
  • Publishing Date: November 13, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

What if I told you that sometimes dreams can be very real? Rylie is recently separated from her husband … she is a woman who lives alone and has a normal job. She has not been able to sleep for a few nights, she wakes up startled because a presence appears in her dreams.

Rylie is suffering from a lack of sleep and the cause isn’t something you might expect. There’s a presence that comes to her in the middle of the night which she cannot escape, or really wants to. But there is a price to pay with the pleasures offered and Rylie will be paying over and over again.

The work is a mixture of erotica and self-examination with a bit of psychological themes that offers quite a lot in the telling as a whole. It’s involving, Rylie is an interesting character, and there’s a cost to what happens that feels right with all that she goes through at the incubus’ hands.

The incubus, who is never named, is more a force of nature or a whisper that exists on the edge of consciousness. They are very single minded and there’s really not much told about them as a whole. That does make for an air of mystery around them that worked well. But they are seemingly slightly stereotypical in their nature which then brings the problem that Rylie suffers.

The work flows well, Rylie tells a gripping story about herself and what she faces in the real world and what the incubus presses upon her. It’s a bit sad overall, there are a few moments when the story seems forced, but that I think is mostly due to the mental suffering that Rylie undergoes. It’s a telling thing and while not something fatal, which I was glad to see, it’s nonetheless harsh and occasionally brutal. That doesn’t mean the story tells a bad story, it doesn’t. It’s more of a wish for a bit of light in all that she dealt with.

Three out of five pitchforks.

There is an incubus in the story, but they aren’t really part of the story for the most part. That said the work ends on a bittersweet note and I find myself wanting to see what came next for Rylie. There’s a piece of the story missing which I think would be good to explore further. Perhaps the incubus has gained something and returns to her. It’s an interesting thought with all that happened.


What Matters by TeraS

In this part of the universe, today is known as Family Day. As an aside, this being shortly after Valentine’s Day does bring some bemusement, but that’s not important right now. Call today’s story something of a reflection upon …

What Matters
By TeraS

It was odd, when you thought about it: to mark a date on the calendar for family in the midst of winter, the depths of snow, wind, and cold,; to place a point in time where, if at all possible, one might suggest the myriad of those one called family to appear at one place, at one time.

Family wasn’t really a set time or place. In truth, it was more of a connection or feeling for one ebon-maned red-tail. That came mainly from her past, not having siblings to relate to or experience life with. With her parents long since called to Goddess, the connections with those whom she called family seemed to be ebbing away over time and space.

Her Eternal was with her, the start of what would become the family she had now. He’d explained that they were a family, a truth she understood. But it was the next thing he said that opened her eyes: “Family is who you love.”

Simple, isn’t it? Sharing your love, giving of yourself, accepting those you meet for who they are can make anything happen. It’s not done in the expectation of something being returned; there’s no take when such things are offered. It’s not a thing that has to happen; in truth, it is so very rare when a connection is made, when the family grows a little larger, when the love and hope shared gives rise to amazing things.

Being family means sharing the good and bad, the highs and lows. Not every day is sunshine. Many days there is rain or cold or snow with no end and only the hope brought from the ones you hold sees you through it all. Family is who loves you in return.

It’s hard to explain what it means to have family, the place inside of one’s soul where you keep a place for them all. Near or far, seen once in a blue moon or every day, they all are this red-tail’s family. She thinks of them often, wondering if they are well. if there is some good that they have encountered to brighten their surroundings.

There’s no greater love than that which family shares: the moments when we reach out through the ether, to speak words that matter, to share that intimate moment that only a family can know. Family is what matters.

While there is a day for family, it isn’t the be all and end all. Yes it has purpose, a meaning, a reason for being. This ebon-maned woman knows in truth this day but confirms what every day of the year is to her: a day to smile in the memories of her family; to remember those not seen for a time, but always in her thoughts; to see the family she can in their triumphs and joy, sharing in the delight they have found; and, most of all, to know her love has made a difference in ways she may never know for all of those she knows as her family, who cherish her as family of their own.

Because family matters, after all.

A Review of A Witch’s Folly by Vicki Gallus

A Witch's Folly by Vicki Gallus

A Witch’s Folly by Vicki Gallus

The stories in which the adage be careful what you wish for appears can take some interesting turns when a succubus or incubus is involved.

Sometimes it’s not so much the entrapment in the beginning that matters than it is about the falling to one’s own desires that is far more telling.

  • Title: A Witch’s Folly
  • Author: Vicki Gallus
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 62 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B09JSY4Q9T
  • Publishing Date: October 18, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Darren’s wife is a witch. Their life is one of suburban ordinariness until one day, a demon summoning goes awry. Faced with the unimaginable sexual desire of the denizen of hell, Darren and Lydia are no match. They will transform, change and submit to their demon mistress.
Darren and Lydia’s deepest desires will be fulfilled as they transform into voluptous, ditzy bimbos.

Darren loves his wife Lydia and is delighted in her abilities as a witch. But on Halloween her powers are at their best and when she decides to summon a demoness, things don’t go quite as she expected. A misspoken wish leads to unexpected changes and transformations for them both and a future neither of them expected.

The work mainly focuses on a bimbo transformation driven by the succubus of the story. It’s very much a case of the main characters making an ill worded wish and how that makes things unravel. There’s really no feeling of the story being dragged out or mistepping, each scene works well with the next and the result is a surprisingly well told succubus domination story that I enjoyed.

Andriel, the succubus of the work, is quite the manipulative creature, using her powers of suggestion and seduction to capture the souls of both main characters and turn them into what she wants them to be. There’s an interesting moment for her character as well that was a bit unexpected but fit the story well in the transformation and entrapment of the main characters.

The erotica is a slow burn from beginning to end, really never becoming something unique, much of the transformation aspects of the story focus on the bimbofication of the main characters. That is done really well, especially in how Andriel uses their own desires and hidden wants and needs. The transformations themselves are really well done, along with the hints of mind control and that adds heat to the story.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The work ended in a way that felt a bit disappointing. It feels like there needs to be another chapter or two at least if not a follow on story. Actually that would be a really good idea as the transformed main characters are in situations of peril that I’d like to see developed further. The thought of both, or at least one of them, becoming a succubus and taking the story in a new direction is interesting and might be something to consider.


A delightful Anime Succubus Speedpainting YouTube

Anime Succubi must, I think it’s a rule, be cute. After all, that’s when the male characters around them suffer the required nosebleeds which amuses me. A YouTube then of a cute anime succubus character that’s just wonderful…

In the event you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case the video is deleted from YouTube, here’s a screenshot of this lovely art…

Succubus Waifu by Krisfits

Succubus Waifu by Krisfits

She’s just so wonderfully cute in so many ways. The smile is perfect, her hair and colour works well and her outfit just fits her body shape just right and the depth and sparkle in her eyes gives so much personality to the art. Cute little horns and her tail is, of course, being the naughty thing that all tails are.

Cute is important for all anime Succubi and she is every bit that and more…


A Review of Denied by the Demoness by Roy Revell

Denied by the Demoness by Roy Revell

Denied by the Demoness by Roy Revell

A review today of the second work in the Lucretia’s Emporium series by Roy Revell, you can find the first review here. The pets of a succubus are always at their mercy, whether that be a good thing or bad is the question. But more often than not, there’s really no choice but what they are given.

  • Title: Denied by the Demoness
  • Author: Roy Revell
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 23 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: October 26, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Demoness Lucretia wants to try out her latest lewd invention, and Pavel eagerly volunteers to serve as her test subject. He is about to experience heaven and hell as she teases him with her voluptuous body only to magically deny him again and again.

Pavel’s time at Lucretia’s shop is turning out well for him. He’s making friends, getting the attention of the monster girls around him and Lucretia seems to adore him. Perhaps her newest idea will make for more fun and exploration of himself and his mistress.

Lucretia, the succubus of the series, continues to be a delight in her personality and attitude. She’s no less the seductress she was in the first work, but there’s a bit more of her dominant personality coming out which tells a lot more about her. Pavel is a lovely submissive, and the encounter with the other monster girls of the shop and his mistress is a lot of fun. The eroitca has lovely heat, it’s not really over the top and the character’s desires work well with the story and the erotica. There’s a lot of story and character building which I found delightful.

A fun story, written well that has a lot of anime fun and heat that flows nicely. All of the characters have their own strong voices and how things develop is just heartwarming. There are some very dominant moments from Lucretia at times, but they don’t feel wrong or read oddly. There’s a hint of love and passion with Paval and it just made me smile.

Four of out five pitchforks.

Lucretia continues to be a delight and how the story universe is transforming and expanding is wonderful. I’d like for Lucretia to, at some point, let her guard down and reveal more about herself. That said, there’s a lot of plots and characters that need to be explored as well. Hopefully in time they will be.