Jan 05 2018

A Review of Incubus: A Very Short Horror Story by Gretchen Grimm

Incubus: A Very Short Horror Story by Gretchen Grimm

Incubus: A Very Short Horror Story by Gretchen Grimm

There’s a certain talent in writing a story in which in the telling of what’s happening is a train of consciousness. Beyond that, trying to explain what’s happening, without necessarily telling of the why of things is that much more difficult.

Such stories can lose their way, become events without much meaning and it’s at that point where the emotional investment in what the character is experiencing that means so much more. That said, given that time is spent in gaining that attachment and creating the situation, wouldn’t it be a grand idea to write a summary that’s more than a whisper of a thought?

  • Title: Incubus: A Very Short Horror Story
  • Author: Gretchen Grimm
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 9 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B078T99R1V
  • Publishing Date: January 4, 2018
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Incubus is a story of damnation.

A woman finds herself elsewhere and elsewhen, telling of what is happening around and to her. Understanding of why, who and what is open to interpretation, but then so is the question of self and what that means.

The book summary is, I feel, tragically short and while the work itself is short as well, some more time in creating a summary is warranted I think. Given that following the main summary, the additional note of: This is a violent, X-Rated, short horror story with explicit erotic elements. Not for the faint of heart or mind tells more of what to expect. But this isn’t enough I think and this sets expectations to be quite different than they otherwise might be.

The work is very short, but packs quite a lot of story into the telling nonetheless. The work isn’t a narrative or a story which has a lot of time spent in setting up the moment, revealing the main character or for that matter, delving into why things are happening as they are. The main character’s name isn’t said, there’s nothing told about what can be seen, because there’s nothing to see. The story is entirely experienced from the perspective of feeling, of what is happening to the main character and as such there’s a focus which is quite different.

The work is described as a horror story, and while I can see that, I didn’t really get a sense that it was so much one as it was a story of understanding that becomes coopted by events. Perhaps much of that comes from not really having the emotional connection I’d have liked wth the main character. Certainly not having a reason for why things are happening doesn’t help as well.

The writing is very good, the descriptions paint a vivid picture and beyond. There’s no question there is an incubus, what they do isn’t shrouded or held aside. It isn’t erotic, far from it, and that’s the point of the work. This isn’t meant to be something with heat, it’s a tragically blunt entwinement of a soul into darkness and that is told well.

I think the telling of the story as a stream of consciousness worked, but I feel like there’s too much left unsaid and unexplored. It’s a story of feel alone with little else to drive an attachment to the character themselves. It’s well done, the writing is very good, but I found myself asking questions and not really experiencing the story as much as I think I should have.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Too short for my tastes, there’s something missing along the way. Again, this isn’t erotica, but it isn’t quite horror either. The work falls into the space in-between and in being so that makes what happens odd and lost at times. Perhaps something more of a connection to the main character, to know what came before would have helped in doing so.



Jan 04 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 520

For the first Succubi Image of the Week for 2018, I came across a piece of art that as a theme which I think really doesn’t appear very often at least when it comes to Succubi. It’s quite rare to find succubi in science fiction and this work gives me something to ponder about for a story…

Succubot by 5AGE

Succubot by 5AGE

This work is called Succubot and is by an artist on DeviantArt called 5AGE. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found on DeviantArt here as well.

There’s a really interesting futuristic theme here, but at the same time, she’s very much a succubus, all things considered really. The colours just work well, her form, pose and look has that ever so special “fembot” look too.

I’ve been meaning to finish up a story about something like this and perhaps this will give me the impetus to finish that story…

Sexy, sleek and scifi… All really lovely and sexy things…

Please do visit this artist on DeviantArt!



Jan 03 2018

A New Year brings another costume along…

Sexy Devil CostumeThe New Year begins and for the first costume, one that actually might have been something to think about for New Year’s Eve, as an aside. Cute is a good thing and this costume is cute, but… There’s always a but.

This is called the Sexy Devil Costume and it comes with the layered dress, the horns and the terrible pitchfork. The stripper heels are not included and it sells for $50 US.

I do like the cuteness of this costume, even if I don’t care for the horns, or that damnable pitchfork. But there’s a bit of flare to this costume and I think it’s just cute enough to be something one might tease their Eternal with on New Year’s Eve.

Still, yes, there are better dresses, by far, better horns and, of course, far better pitchforks to accessorize with.

Sometimes the best look of all comes out to be a sexy dress with the right horns and the perfect teasing smile. I think some of that could be part of this costume, it might help some at least.

All things to ponder, but there is the cute and that’s worth something I suppose.

One and a half pitchforks out of five.

On the edge of being trashy, on the edge of being cute. That’s a start but that’s not enough.



Jan 01 2018

A New Day Dawns by TeraS

It is the beginning of a new year and as I posted my annual review of the state of the Succubi yesterday, and today is when I try to share a story… A story then of thoughts of the Queen of the Realm as she ponders… as she is want to do from time to time when she is watching…


A New Day Dawns

By TeraS


The morning following the celebration of the New Year arrived is usually a rather quiet one, as a whole. Some are out and about, the day just another following a busy evening before. Others stare at a coffee maker as it burbles a little too loudly in an attempt to provide some needed means of, if not recovering, then at least getting one’s tail in gear.

For one raven maned red tail, she finds herself in possibly the best place of all. Warm sheets envelop her form, still quite asleep as it had been a rather late evening before. Her Eternal nestled beside her, neither noting the passage of time as the day moves onwards.

The night before spent in celebration of those close and those remembered and always to be. A smile shared, bemused of course, for what other sort of smile would there be for the Queen of the Realm? From time to time, in the moments between meeting souls, she paused to reflect on the year that had been. The moments of joy and pleasure, the times of trouble and strife. Little memories of events and time passing thoughts of just ordinary things, but, even so, they brought a wistful smile as they were recalled.

Those memories remind her that, no matter then time or place, they did matter, they needed to be noted and, when the time came, the stories told brought those moments and souls back to her. Perhaps, in that, the start of a new year was not so much the marking of what was or what would be, but rather it was the cherishing of memories and what one could make of them.

In the dawning of a new day, a new year there were… possibilities to be brought a new… in memories.

Dec 31 2017

The 2017 Succubi Year in Review

It is the end of the year and with the close of 2017 comes my annual thoughts about Succubi that the past year has brought. Before mulling over that, the year personally for myself and my family hasn’t been the best, and if I’m honest with myself, it’s difficult to look into 2018 and hope for things to turn about or become something better than it has been.

But I am, always, grateful for my Eternal’s love, my heart’s faith and the love of a family which amazes me so much of the time. If not for me, then for all those I love and care about, I hope the coming year will bring something good, a hope which, in time, will remind us that things can be, and will be, better.

2017 for Succubi has been rather thin overall, mainly the appearance of Succubi being in novels and books, some of which have been dearly disappointing overall. From time to time there’s been some figurines, the occasional comic book and at least a small handful of short films. On the other hand, there have been one or two moments in the year when I have found myself pleasantly surprised in what has come to light.

Before getting into my list of thoughts, I’m going to stress something which I do in the vast majority of stories about Succubi and Incubi that I have been reading. To all of the authors that publish works on Amazon and elsewhere, please edit your works. It’s a real shame when I have to review a story and I have to use my well worn comment of: The work needs a serious editing. If you are a writer and you are looking for a resolution for the year, how about promising that you will edit your works before releasing them.

If not that, then how about not publishing stories that are not much better than a pamphlet in length? Or offering a story that that’s barely ten pages and sticking ninety pages of ads at the back to make things look better? There’s a serious lack of quality and it really is getting to be very bothersome, not just in works about Succubi and Incubi, but as a whole in the erotica genre.

Something to think about perhaps?

As I have noted, there’s been a singular lack of presence for Succubi as a whole this year once again, but that’s really not a surprise as there’s no television series and no mainstream movies with Succubi characters to be found. The core of 2017 are the books and novels, of whatever length they are, once again. Those webcomics with Succubi characters have tailed off a bit, going off in directions that, at least for me, haven’t been that interesting or simply have shunting the Succubi characters to the side to tell other stories. That’s understandable, but a little disappointing as well.

So, in no particular order, and in whatever way the thoughts came to me, here are my thoughts about Succubi and 2017…

  • Succubus Tales by Tera and Her Adored Brother – I’ll admit that this is a bit of a self-indulgent thing to list, but I’m dearly pleased with what my Adored Brother and I have been able to create over the year. There’s so much creativity, the art that comes with the stories is amazing and i feel like we’re creating something really special… Most of all, I found my Adored Brother and that is the best thing of all.
  • Succubi in Written Fiction – 2017 showed a slight downtick in books released, falling to 312 for the year, most of those published on Amazon, mainly as KDP works and, overall being so dearly short as to be not much better than a pamphlet. That’s not to say there aren’t some really good Succubi series that appeared, which I’ll get to in a moment, nor are all of the short works terrible. As well, from time to time there were some amazingly good single works of Succubi fiction that I adored as well. Once again this year, the majority of the storylines focused on Gender Transformation and Transformation into being a Succubus, with an increasing number of stories about Futa Succubi. Many of the Succubi characters themselves were mainly stereotypical, but the occasional author tried something different and when that happened the works I found far more interesting.
  • The Succubus series by L.L. Frost – This is quite simply an adorable series about a Succubus who isn’t at all what she’s expected to be. The writing is excellent, the characters are amazing and the series has been nothing but a delight all year. Adie being in love with baking of course, just endears her so much more to me and I’m looking forwards to seeing what comes next.
  • The Hell High series by Micheal-Scott Earle – I’ve been hoping that this series would be continuing, but the series seems to have stalled at the third work in the series. The author is writing, there’s some very interesting other series they are releasing, and I’m going to hope that 2018 comes with the next work in the series. I dearly want to see more of Sherman and Charlotte, for my own selfish reasons I will admit. But the series is a delight and there’s still so much more to tell.
  • Hell Spell by Locofuria – This is a one shot comic book in which the main character is transformed into a Succubus. The art is quite good, the story is a bit short and I’d dearly like things to continue, which the author suggests it may be. It’s mainly about the transformation than any deep plot or character development, but I thought it was well done overall.
  • Darkshadow, a dear friend and artist – I’ve known Darkshadow for some time now and I think of him as a dear friend, but really his art is amazing and I’m pleased that he opened a Pateron which you can find here. I’ve been asking him to draw art of myself, but also from time to time he’s been creating art of the succubi and incubi who inhabit the Realm. I cannot thank him enough for bringing life to the Realm and more so, for being a friend.
  • Sinfest – Over 2017 there’s been a little less of the Devil Girls seen overall, the storylines turning in some rather unexpected directions. This isn’t a bad thing by far, the development of the characters needs to happen and growing the universe is a good thing. I felt like the series didn’t lose its way as it did in the prior year, for one, but also there’s a direction the series is moving in and how things turn out for Foosh and the other Devil Girls will be something I will be looking for.
  • Dangerously Chloe – The series has been in a holding pattern again this year, and the story telling has continued to push Chloe to the side. As I noted last year, Chloe’s been barely appearing in her own series and when she is, there’s almost no point of her being there. There’s an issue with her, it’s been present the entire year, but nothing’s been done with it. The exploration of Teddy, the other main character, being gender transformed, hasn’t gone very far either for all of the side stories. Some movement here would be good if for no other reason than to have Chloe more “there” than she is.
  • The ongoing sage of never-ending lousy costumes continues – This is becoming a meme on the Tale, and thinking about it, that’s been true from the very first post I made about a costume that made me roll my eyes. I can think of one costume that was, sort of, okay, but otherwise it’s been a year of cringe-worthy costumes and not a lot more. There’s not much more to say really, and that’s more the shame.
  • Succubi Films – There wasn’t much in the way of films with Succubi once again this year. There was one adult film that came out, but it wasn’t about a Succubi, or Devil for that matter, save for the costume and that costume I reviewed three years ago as being only good for porn. Seems that I was right on that count.
  • Succubi in Video Games – There weren’t any mainstream video game appearances this year, but there’s been quite a few Hentai works throughout 2017 again and the independent game makers have created some as well. They aren’t really games I enjoy, they are the typical attack the monsters games, which I find are boring. I still hold out hope that Morrigan Aensland will appear again in something new. We’ll see I suppose.
  • The Queen herself appears in several published works – Throughout 2017, my namesake, my Succubi self, has appeared in a few works of published fiction and I’m dearly grateful to the artists and authors that have taken a liking to the Queen, but more so, allowed me to keep her true to who she is. The bemused Queen will be appearing again, I’m sure, and that, more than anything, amazes me.

A few highlights for Succubus.net for 2017:

  • The Tale has over 4 million views in total.
  • The Tale has over 4,000 posts.
  • The SuccuWiki has surpassed well over 45 million views.
  • The SuccuWiki contains over 4,700 articles.
  • The Gallery of the Succubi has over 9,800 images.
  • The Tale and this site had their tenth anniversary in November.

It’s that last point I’m going to talk about for a bit…

It’s been ten years now that I have been graced with Succubus.net, been able to express myself, and in doing so I have met the most amazing souls I could have never imagined. I don’t say it enough, and so I will here…

To my family… Thank you for… everything…

So, what will I try to accomplish in 2018? It’s not that much different than my goals for 2017, many of which didn’t happen.

I think that I need to make a concerted effort to finish so many unfinished stories here on the Tale and elsewhere. It’s a failing of mine that I start things and never get them done. Second Coming really needs to be finished… we’ll see if that work becomes my first… something.

There’s still a cloud over my family, something that I still fear won’t ever go away. What will be, no one knows. What happens next, none can say. But I hold onto that which I can.

Love you all, for always.

Hopes and wishes for the coming year for you all… and thank you always…



Dec 30 2017

A delightful Succubus speedpainting YouTube

Another speedpainting YouTube this time on the Tale, with a Succubus that I think it really lovely and interesting. Especially that she’s toying with a keyboard… Because some Succubi can… play with words…



If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case the video vanishes, here is a screenshot of the completed artwork…

Succubus by Nicholas Kay

Succubus by Nicholas Kay


I’ll freely admit that what caught my eye was the keyboard resting in front of her, that just made me smile. She’s really a delightful succubus, her horns and tail are quite unique and I do like the little touches of jewelry, which adds a little bit more character to her. Her hair is wonderfully complex, and the sort of fractal appearance to her clothing is quite different and works well here.

Very sexy, lovely and seductive…

You can find more of this artist’s work here at DeviantArt, so please do have a look!



Dec 29 2017

A Review of Futanari Demon Stories: Vresas the Demoness by Zina Nova

Futanari Demon Stories: Vresas the Demoness by Zina Nova

Futanari Demon Stories: Vresas the Demoness by Zina Nova

The first work in what appears to be an ongoing series about various futa succubi and demoness this time on the Tale. Futa stories tend to, overall, be missing something much of the time, that being a story which captivates me, characters that are more than their sexual needs as well.

Creating a story which tells about the characters, what draws them together does, as a whole, make the erotica which follows that much better. It’s the difference between a work that has only heat and one in which the heat makes the storytelling better still. But even with the best of stories and the simmering heat that adds to the complexity, an ending that feels rushed can be a stumbling point… and a shame.

The work tells of:

Emily has her eye on the strapping young rich guy, Amano Galen. But, one day, she finds a strange note in an old book of black magic—a note which, if true, outlines a method which will put her in contact with the demoness of lust. Accept the pact, and she gets what she wishes. But every pact comes at a price.

Emily has a dream which captivates within her life of 1800s drudgery. A chance encounter with a spell found in a book leads her to call for a demoness to sate her lusts. But not all lusts are what we expect, nor are they what can be admitted in the light of day. But in the presence of lust incarnate, the truth has a way to be told.

The work is historically set in the 1800s and there’s a clear indication from the first words that the author spent some time on the setting and being sure that it reads correctly and feels right as the story progresses. Being so, this allows for quite a lot of character development for Emily, even if at some points that tends to border on moments which seem to go nowhere. Still, the plot progresses well, Emily’s needs become clear and when the chance appears to change her life, to have what she desires, the work becomes quite engrossing.

The story isn’t a matter of driving the main characters together and then thrust them into various bits of erotica. There’s a clear path for Emily to take, a telling of plot and when Vresas, the succubus of the work appears, the sensuality of her character comes clearly to the fore. Vresas isn’t really stereotypical and in being so there’s some very interesting aspects of her character that come out. She toys with Emily, plays with her, and over time Emily falls into Vresas’ embrace in a way that isn’t over the top or takes away from all else that came before.

Vresas is a futa, and while the erotica does focus on that, it doesn’t overcome all else. There’s no feeling of the work rushing, no sense of the story falling towards something that’s more porn than erotica. There’s real heat when Vresas allows Emily to submit to her and that just worked so very well.

With all of the time spent in setting up the story, putting the characters together and letting the heat build up, the ending really turns out to be the singular disappointment here. Well over two-thirds of the work sets up the climax, and then the work closes on what amounts to a pair of paragraphs. Given all that the author put into the rest of the work, the ending just took away so much and it really shouldn’t have.

The work is short, and it tells, overall, a complete story, but adding a handful of pages to the ending would have really made a difference. As things stand, the ending suggests what comes next, but nothing more. Emily’s world changes, but that’s not explored or explained. It’s as if the author came to the moment when the plot is resolved and decided to stop. Really that shouldn’t have happened, there’s still a lot of story to be told, even if that was only for Vresas to speak of the future and Emily to reply. A single sentence which speaks of a thought isn’t, by far, enough on its own.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

While written well and having quite interesting characters, the ending is a noticeable flaw which bothered me. While I would have liked something more of what came next, or what Vresas’ plans are, its more the sudden ending that bothers me the most. After all of the time spent in creating the story, constructing the characters, to being things to such an abrupt close didn’t work for me.

The author has written several other works in the same vein, which I will be reviewing in time. I do hope there’s more time spent on completing the story well rather than rushing to the ending. This really seems to be the only flaw in what this author writes. It need not be.