A Review of Lustful Desires by Vivienne Rose

Lustful Desires by Vivienne Rose

Lustful Desires by Vivienne Rose

The thing about telling a story is that sometimes the minutia gets in the way of driving the characters further along their path. It can be difficult at time to avoid getting into the depths of detail, losing focus and just not getting as far in the story as you might like.

Still, if the story is about finding oneself, that can be a reflection of the characters themselves and the barriers they face.

  • Title: Lustful Desires
  • Author: Vivienne Rose
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 52 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B092Q8BQMJ
  • Publishing Date: April 14, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Jessica does everything by the books. Does well in her studies at her college, is a good intern at her banking job. However, when her demon succubus powers start to surface, her life gets turned upside down. Getting what she wants starts to become far too easy. Can she control her lustful desires? Will she want to?

Jessica has been feeling out of sorts of late. There’s something odd going on that she can’t understand, or find a way to clearly explain. Not everything, or everyone, is exactly what they appear to be. Not even Jessica herself.

Overall this is a coming of age, or more accurately, becoming a succubus, themed work. Most of the time is spent in following Jessica’s nature coming out and what it does to her and those around her. It’s bittersweet at times, but there’s a good deal of hope and humor along the way. Jessica isn’t a typical succubus in her actions, needs or wants and I enjoyed that very much. But she is very lost much of the time and when her nature comes out, the sharp character change just reads wrong all things considered. That’s a shame because Jessica is interesting and perhaps having more understanding of herself by the close of the work would help her character.

The erotica simmers throught the work, it’s not really that central to the story, but appears to create conflict much of the time and occasionally turns in directions I didn’t expect. That’s not a bad thing, it does make Jennifer’s journey through the story more interesting. There is a but, however.

The story reads a bit scattered and unsure of itself. As well, another editing pass would be good to catch the tense and word issues that come up. The author may not be a native English speaker, which would explain why the dialogue reads oddly, or the narrative just doesn’t read well. Those are issues with the overall enjoyment of the story and I think some editing help would go a long way to make this a better read.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

A good edit, a bit more focus, and perhaps making the emotional connections between the characters more than they are would get this work to where it should be.


A YouTube about an interesting book about Succubi

I am always delighted when a new author bring a tale of the Succubi to light. I came across this YouTube in which the author Victor Steel is promoting his first book The Succubus Queen and her Human Pet. From the author’s description , the work sounds delightful…

If you can’t see this video on the Tale, please try this link.

It is a paperback work and I have, of course, placed an order for this work and I expect it to arrive sometime in the May to June timeframe. When exactly I’m not quite sure as Amazon isn’t being that clear about it.

If you’re interested, please click this link to the Amazon.com page with this author’s work and please think about supporting them.

A SuccuWiki page, and a review, will be appearing as soon as possible…

One last note, this mainly being for the author, should he ever read this. You’d be well served to place an Amazon link on your video’s page i think…



A Review of Jessica’s Succubus by Jillian Rose

Jessica's Succubus by Jillian Rose

Jessica’s Succubus by Jillian Rose

A review today of one of Jillian Rose’s works that recently appeared. While the author tells amazing stories, I’ve found the overall tone varies from one end of the spectrum to the other. Perhaps that’s the horror aspects or the heat in the erotica as a whole, but sometimes the result is quite unexpected.

  • Title: Jessica’s Succubus
  • Author: Jillian Rose
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B09314Y58Z
  • Publishing Date: April 19, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

After experiencing vodoo magic first hand deep in the jungle wilderness of Haiti, renown anthropologist Jessica comes home with her perspective on reality changed. That’s when she finds out Ricky, her husband, has been cheating on her with her assistant, Holly.
Stricken mad with grief and betrayal, the cultural anthropologist seeks to replicate the dangerous magic she saw being practiced by a Haitian witch doctor. After finding an ancient text deep in an academic repository for dying languages and cultures, Jessica attempts a blood magic ritual to summon a demon to do her murderous bidding for her.
What she summons instead is a succubus named Rashiva, who is confused by this female summoner. Seeking a toll for her entrance into this world, Rashiva proceeds to dominate Jessica sexually, doing incredible things with a phallic tail and a tongue that leads to a profoundly orgasmic experience, with a warning that next time, her husband better be around so that she may steal his seed, or else…
Jessica soon learns there is always a price to pay when it comes to blood magic, and after becoming addicted to the demoness’s sexual proficiency, she seeks to get the succubus’s attention once more, for a terrible price…

Jessica has discovered a truth about her marriage that places her mind on sweet revenge. But revenge isn’t what one expects it to be, nor can it be trusted to be as one wants it to be. Summoning evil to do evil is never the best of choices as she discovers.

The story within the work is interesting in many ways, particularly the world building is exceptionally well done. How Jessica gets into the fix she finds herself in makes sense with her character and what has been driving her.

There wasn’t all that much erotica to the story overall, which worked well with the story being told. One of this author’s better works as a whole, there was a lot more emotional impact as well. It’s not exactly over the top horror, nor is it erotica with a lot of heat to it. The focus of the work uses both well and I think that gave the story needed weight.

The succubus of the work, Rashiva, is a very unique kind of succubi and she’s a very strong force in the work. Not just from her dominant personality, but in how the author uses her to control the scenes she is in, drive Jessica towards a choice and see where that takes things. But Rashivais cloaked in mystery, appearing and disappearing as things unfold. There’s hints of the other side of the universe here, but they don’t offer real glimpses into her more than being a force to be reckoned with.

It’s a shame that the story isn’t likely to continue, the way it ends leaves a very interesting thread that could be explored. Perhaps Jessica’s fate and that of her husband are more entwined than what seems to be. It’s just a thought that i think would be good to explore in some way.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Certainly one of the more unique succubus stories I’ve read this year. I’d have liked more about Rashiva, more expansion in the ending would have been nice too. Jennifer’s fate was in her hands from the beginning, it would be nice to see what her fate becomes.


Succubi Image of the Week 693

It is, so I am told by several reliable sources, my birthday today. As today is also the Succubi of the Week… A bit of an indulgence. I’ve shared art from my dear friend Doc000 on DeviantArt several times before. For today’s image, a portrait of the Queen of the Realm…

Tera, Queen of the Succubi by Doc000

Tera, Queen of the Succubi by Doc000

Of course, my tail being my tail, she has to take centre stage… I can’t really put into words how much this means to me, the wonder and delight his work is… My thanks, these words, are small things, but cannot express how much it means to me…

If you’d like to see more of Doc’s work, please have a look at his DeviantArt page here and you can find his Patreon here.

With love to all of my family… thank you…



What is it with fur on costume horns anyway

Black Metallic Devil HornsI’ve been ranting about this particular item of costume accessory for… well.. years if not decades and having come across yet another example, it’s time to roll my eyes, say some words and then find a fire to throw them in.

This… thing.. is the Black Metallic Devil Horns set and it sells for an unbelievable $20 US, but you can find it on sale for $8 nearer to Halloween.

They look wrong, being far too large in shape, but beyond that, the fur on the base of the horns… why? Why is it that almost every pair of horns has that? It makes no sense, adds nothing to them. It does make them look cheap, which might be the point, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

There are better ones, they aren’t hard to find either. Being that horns are, if you think about it, a rather important part of any devil or succubus costume, why have something like this that just takes away from everything else?

Zero pitchforks out of five.

It’s not that hard to wreck a costume look with these and not that hard to make it better.



A Review of The Succubus Bar Complete Series by Jezebel Rose

The Succubus Bar Complete Series by Jezebel Rose

The Succubus Bar Complete Series by Jezebel Rose

One of the story ideas that I do like is the thought of a bar that’s owned by Succubi. There’s a lot of storytelling that can come from that and today I’ll be reviewing the two works released as of this post as the Succubus Bar series by Jezebel Rose.

Not every bar is all about the drinks they serve. Sometimes it’s about the needs of those that come calling and what they desire. But is that enough to make things worth while?

The work tells of:

A young man, Brian, goes into a bar looking for a quick job. The owner, Ava, is a drop-dead gorgeous woman that immediately puts him to the test, but the test isn’t about how good he is at making drinks, but how good his cum tastes. He gets the job, and the owner calls a friend to enjoy the man’s essence as well. Out of nowhere, both the owner and her friend turn out to be far more than Brian thought. Many creatures of the night meet once a month in the Succubus bar to drink release sexual tension. The story follows a recently converted vampire first timer that vigorously takes a woman while her boyfriend watches.

The first part of the series introduces the main characters Brian and his succubus boss Ava. There’s a fair bit of character development along with the erotica, and overall that works well. I liked Ava’s background, her explanation of what she wanted and how things would work between the two of them. It’s a hot flash overall, but even so there’s a good deal of time spent in setting things up that I liked.

It does move fast in the narrative however, which I think takes something away from the characters themselves. They are connecting, in various wats, but that’s not really allowed to be explored before the erotica comes to the fore and pushes the rest of the story building aside.

Still, the beginning was promising and it offered a lot of story options for the following book to delve into.

The second half of the series doesn’t touch on any succubus aspects, it’s focused on vampires in this universe and tells a small story about that. It’s interesting, but it’s not about succubi or incubi, though they are mentioned in passing.

Combined, the two short stories really don’t have a lot to connect them other than the bar itself. I’m not sure that turning the story away from the succubus aspects was really a good idea. There’s story untold about Ava and the other succubus in the work. More so, Brian’s story and reactions needed to be explored more than they were.

For the series as a whole, three out of five pitchforks.

It seems that there will not be a third work in the series, which is a shame. It would be nice to focus on Ava, to tell her story, how the bar came to be. What’s the society like for succubi and incubi, perhaps most importantly, what’s hidden in the shadows to be told? All are interesting ideas and it’s the open door that is left behind when the last word arrives.


The Promise By TeraS

There are some beings in the Realm who are reflections of those found in the real world. Artistic liberties are taken, of course, but there’s a bit of truth hidden within them. Little events or likes, for example Earl Grey tea and oatmeal cookies, are those quirky things that make me smile. Sometimes there’s a story to be told in the moments remembered with a favourite aunt and the promise she made …

The Promise
By TeraS

She asks from time to time if I think she’d be proud of her.

It’s a family trait, after all, to be so very dismissive of the things we’ve done, not seeing anything special about doing the right thing, acting in the right way. She isn’t really wondering if my sister would be proud of her; that’s not the point of the question. The point is that I am her aunt, her mother’s sister. I’m the only connection she has between that part of her life, so long ago, and the life she has now. I was there when she was born, I still remember that moment when her little red tail wrapped around my finger, her so-green eyes looking at me. Her mother’s words—saying that she’d change our lives, our kind, be so much more than we could possibly understand—so clear in my mind.

I recall the moment after, being asked to watch over her. I didn’t want to hear the words from my sister. But if she was anything, she was blunt with the truth, with her reasoning and, most of all, with getting a promise out of you.

Most just see the Receptionist at her desk in the Palace, dealing with the minutia of the Realm. But those who press on the edges of her world—it is her world, after all—see the other side of me. I’ve seen the best and the worst souls seeking to pass; one, in particular, I’ve been sparring with for eons now. That one is … persistent … but has discovered I’m worse.

I honestly never expected the ebon-maned red-tail who is my niece to find her Eternal. It just didn’t seem to be possible. Her mother did tell me that there would be soul with blue eyes who would appear one day. That was another thing about her, she would prophesy and would almost always be correct.

When he appeared, to stand beside my niece, he just looked right. No, that’s not true: they looked right together. I would have thought that he’d not care about my thoughts, or anyone else’s for that matter. He surprised me, seeking me out before anyone else. Introducing himself not as the King, but simply … Keith, asking if he might be allowed to know my name, not my title.

To be truthful, I hadn’t been called “Simone” for a very long time.

He surprised me in being as concerned about my wellbeing as my niece was. It wasn’t an act, not a plan to get on my good side. He opened himself to me, seeking me out not as an advisor, not as part of the Royal Court. He wanted a friend.

The first offering of oatmeal cookies—baked by him, no less—was the starting point. He proved himself to be thoughtful, our conversations were intriguing, he asked questions about the Realm, true, but more so he asked what I thought, expressing, not telling me, his own.

When his mother passed, he grieved. I didn’t expect anything less. It was a long road for the Eternals to find themselves on. It was hard to not push in, to poke my tail in. That also is a trait of our family: we don’t give up on those we care about. He’d always reply that he was “getting there”. Getting there took a long time, and I worried.

I worried about losing a friend. Being the King didn’t matter to him, nor did it matter to me. What mattered was the soul called “Keith.” It took a while, but he finally returned, offering oatmeal cookies once more. I knew, then, that my friend had returned.

That then brings me back to my promise to my sister, doesn’t it?

As the Receptionist, I see what the red-tailed Queen and King have created, the promise they gave to our kind. I reflect on where we came from and what their choices have brought.

Tera’s Auntie, however, sees her niece in the arms of her Eternal. Two souls forever joined in their love. I see two blue tailed daughters with them, watching their parents with very familiar bemused smiles.

Perhaps that’s the best promise of all: the promise of a bemused smile and the wonders that appear …