Aug 06 2017

A Review of HSA-293: The Door by Quixerotic

HSA-293: The Door by Quixerotic

HSA-293: The Door by Quixerotic

I’ve read most of the works by the author Quixerotic from the time they were posting on MCStories through they self publishing their works. Some of the stories I’ve reviewed on the Tale and quite a number of them I’ve thought were very good.

A review then of a recently released work by this author that has an incubus theme to it today on the Tale. As I’ve reviewed another work that had a succubus theme, I’d hoped that I’d like this one as much. But as much as I liked the characters and the plot, there’s a point at which things turned too dark for my liking. It’s a shame really because I understand why it turned dark, and there’s a good reason for it, but it made me lose my way within the work and that’s a problem for me.

The work tells the story of:

Tessa has been booked to stay the summer in a fraternity house while she participates in a theater camp. During the tour of her meager accommodations, she notices a strange door across the hall from her room. Matt, the frat guy left behind to supervise the house for the summer, tells her not to worry about it, but she would swear to hear whispers, whispers about the naughty desires she dreams about. Other girls arrive and the whispers get louder until finally they feel they must open the door. What they let out immediately changes their summer, and lives, forever.

Tessa’s home away from home seems odd. There’s something odd about a door, there’s something odd that she hears and feels. Something calls to her and it calls to everyone in the house. Stepping over a boundary releases something evil into their lives and none will be the same.

There’s a mixture of erotica, horror, possession and mind control in this work that overall works well in building up tension, creating heat and driving the story towards its conclusion. The characters are a little two-dimensional at times, but not to the point where they become characters with no meaning. That said, when the story takes a turn into the supernatural, things go a bit outside of the boundaries and it takes a real suspension of belief to continue on with the story.

The incubus of the work isn’t quite revealed as a whole, though it’s effects are clear and unmistakeable. It’s very much a stereotypical incubus, having one thing in mind and using whatever means it can to fulfill those needs. That leads to some erotica that didn’t quite have so much heat and tended towards something which might be called mindless at times.

The first two-thirds of the work I think worked really well to build up tension, to give life to the mystery overall. The characters have some time to develop, at least somewhat, before the story takes a sudden turn and things become very dark overall. The ending, a postscript of what was found later, didn’t quite sit well with me and that mainly came from the final line of the work. It felt a little too dark, a bit too over the top and seemed to have an air of hopelessness that took away much of what I enjoyed otherwise.

The work is written to the author’s standards, but there’s just not the same heat, or the same connection with the characters that I had with the other stories I have read. I felt like at times the story rushed past some points where there could have been some more time for plot, or telling more about why things were happening, but didn’t.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Overall I didn’t feel like this work was quite up to the same level as many of this author’s other works. While part of the mystery of the HSA series is what isn’t said, there’s a point in the work where things just took a turn that I didn’t enjoy very much. It’s a matter of taste, I know, but nonetheless, the erotica lost a lot of its appeal at that point and the ending didn’t help. The thing about this series is that the endings are always very open-ended, leaving what comes next up to the reader. In this case the dark ending just took too much away from the work overall.



Aug 06 2017

A Review of Clown as Incubus by Reggie Krell

Clown as Incubus by Reggie Krell

Clown as Incubus by Reggie Krell

There are some works I’ve read about succubi and/or incubi that don’t quite work for me. Sometimes that’s the characters, the setting, or, many times, it’s the events which are related in the work that I just cannot quite find my way into.

There’s a missing piece, an unfinished thought that leaves something out of the story which bothers me. Now, this can be, many times, a matter of my own point of view, or a fetish that I don’t quite understand. Or it can just be that the story just was lacking for me and when it does, that’s the real shame.

The work tells the story of:

After leaving home for university, Max begins having out-of-body experiences involving a horrific clown with a tickling fetish that comes to pleasure him during the night. Although he realizes that he’s hallucinating, he becomes obsessed with his incubus clown and begins exploring the darkness of his sexuality – desperate to uncover the origin of his fetishes.

But what he finds is the opposite of what he suspects, leading him to a ticklish scenario that is more exciting than he could have ever imagined.

Max finds himself trapped in night terrors about clowns and the incubus which seems to be represented by them. But there is such a thing as being pulled in by one’s own needs and being lost to them as well.

The work is told from the main characters perspective and as such there’s just something odd about their thoughts, the narration and the events of the book. The chapters read like little bursts of story, leaving one wanting in understanding and comprehension at times. Much of this comes from two very odd fetishes by far. That then brings me to my problem with this work. Neither fetish does anything for me, I didn’t find the erotica hot or interesting either. It simply was a means toward an end, and that end didn’t strike me as being that interesting.

The plot is confused, much like the main character and when the latter part of the work comes and everything becomes more confusing, I simply lost my interest in the work and didn’t find my way back in. The story seems to be looking for itself, trying to find something to hold onto and when ti did my reaction was one of indifference to the main character and the events that unfolded.

The work is, as a whole, somewhat confused as to what exactly is the story it wishes to tell. There is, in a way, an incubus, but they aren’t really one overall. The theme of the story is, more than anything, tickling as sexual stimulation and while that’s interesting it doesn’t quite work for me.

Another editing pass would be useful to add some depth to the story, tell more about what is happening as well. There are flaws, mainly in the narrative that need to be addressed overall. Again, the question for me isn’t one about what’s happening to the main character, but why. That’s an important question to ask. The work is too short to really get into some depth about that, which might have helped to keep my interest.

One and a half pitchforks out of five.

I found this work to be difficult to read as whole. Not so much for the character or the events, but the fetishes encountered and my lack of interest in them. There’s little heat as well for a hot flash and the two combined leaves me confused and not interested which is a problem.



Aug 05 2017

Another cute Morrigan Aensland Speedpainting YouTube

Some Morrigan Aensland art can be quite different. Not so much in the situations she is plated in, but her expression. A rather silly one this time that appears in this artist’s speed painting of her…


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case the video vanishes, here is a screenshot of the completed artwork…

Morrigan Aensland by Makay Reborn

Morrigan Aensland by Makay Reborn

I have to say that Morrigan’s expression is really one of the most silly ones I have seen in quite some time. Oh I’m sure there is a reason, and yes it’s an obvious one. Nonetheless, it does make me smile.

I like the detail in this art, lovely detail, Morrigan’s hair is lovely. A wonderful work of Morrigan art, and one that makes me smile…



Aug 04 2017

A Review of The Bimbo Effect by Devin U.P.

The Bimbo Effect by Devin U.P.

The Bimbo Effect by Devin U.P.

Occasionally I stumble across a work that, at first glance, wouldn’t seem to have any sort of connection with succubi at all. Still, KDP can be a useful thing to skim over a book before buying it and seeing if there’s anything within the pages that interest me. Sometimes it can also reveal a work that needs… a lot of work.

The book I’ll be reviewing today is one of those works in which a succubus is less of a character than a plot twist. A work that might have been more if the author had spent some time and effort in editing their words into something more readable and coherent. Perhaps the best thing I can say about this work is that the idea has merit, but the execution needs a lot of work to make it what it should be.

That’s a shame really in a lot of ways…

The work tells the story of:

Adam and Felicia are a happily married couple who live in a small farming town. One day out of the blue a famous international celebrity decides to perform in the local theatre. The town is buzzing with excitement. Everything goes wrong when Adam and Felicia decide to go to the show, the weird sexual nature of the show causes the audience to become hazy and delirious and Adam who makes it through the show with his conscious mind intact begins to question his sanity and he finds himself unusually attracted to the performer Madame Claire. It’s when he makes it home that his life is turned upside down when he finds that his wife isn’t the same and dark secrets of Madame Claire, her plans for the small town are brought to light.

After the endless sex, Adam has a choice to make. His wife or his life.

Adam and his wife attend a show where strange things happen. Things get stranger still when they return home and when the truth is revealed, there’s a choice to be made that changes everything.

It’s a little difficult to understand exactly what’s going on much of the time as the story is told. There’s next to no editing, there are far too many spelling and grammar mistakes to list, but one example is: “This town if my new feeding ground, well it a lot more complicated.” Any proofreading should have been able to see the mistakes in that one sentence and similar issues repeat themselves throughout the work. There’s so many issues with trying to understand the work that it’s impossible to really care about what’s happening, or for that matter, really want to continue reading onwards. The characters are paper-thin, the erotica has no heat whatsoever. The plot was trying to be a mystery, in a way, but never really found its footing.

The confusing narrative becomes worse when the succubus, called Claire, makes herself known. She tells something about herself and honestly, that story was a lot more interesting than this entire work was overall. While she is a succubus, her nature isn’t made clear, there is some obvious mind control that happens, but there’s nothing really seductive about it and her intents are something close to a B-movie villain in nature.

The work needs a serious editing for dialogue, plot and comprehension. The story can’t seem to find its way at all and the addition of Claire seems like an afterthought with no real meaning. That also seems to be the best way to describe the ending as well.

It’s a shame because the overall idea and theme I thought would work, but it can’t when the work is so difficult to read and follow through on. I’d suggest the author find themselves an editor to help them find their words at least. More so, I think the author needs to see the path of their story, make their characters have more depth and most importantly, try reading out loud the dialogue to uncover the problems that exist.

One out of five pitchforks.

Nothing that I can recommend, sadly. It’s not erotic, it’s not legible and while there is a succubus within the story, it’s hard to justify her being there or explain why things turn out as they do. The author really needs to take another look at what they have written, make the plot better, the characters more alive and if Claire really matters as much as she seems to, then perhaps there needs to be more more of her seen than just to reveal what’s going on.



Aug 04 2017

A Review of Summoning Succubi by Frater Azrael

Summoning Succubi by Frater Azrael

Summoning Succubi by Frater Azrael

There are, from time to time, works that appear with regards to succubi that take an approach which steps over towards the discussion of the occult. The works tell of how one could summon a succubus, how that works, and some related aspects to learn and consider. Many times the works are clearly fantasy, the author having little real connection to the beliefs or understanding which underpins what they write about.

It’s when the author seems to desire to tell… something… that for me it is a richer, more thoughtful reading experience. I might not agree with the author’s views, there could be parts of their revelations that I pause at, but irregardless of that, if there’s a semblance of wanting to open one’s thoughts and minds, that’s good to see.

The question then becomes, how thin is the veil being lifted and when it is, do the words offer something or are just words alone?

The work tells of:

This occult leaflet teaches how to meet a succubus.

The summary is very short and really doesn’t tell much in detail about this work. Overall it is a treatise of thought with regards to magik, the forming of one’s mind towards calling for succubi and how things need to unfold. It is, overall, somewhat of a summary of thought with some focused passages, but overall there’s an assumption by the author that the reader has some understanding of magik, or is willing to invest the time to discover the missing parts unsaid here.

From an academic perspective, the work is interesting as it isn’t written as much too dry or seemingly off the cuff in how things are presented. That said, there’s a certain tone from the author that makes light of things from time to time that I thought was amusing. There’s quite a bit of thought in what the work touches on, the information presented has its own reality and meaning which I think offers a view of succubi that doesn’t happen very often.

I also liked that the work tells of succubi not being, exactly, evil but rather single-minded in what they need and desire. There no tone of evil or something similar, it’s almost playful at times. But I don’t personally subscribe to these works in what they claim to tell about succubi. But to each their own of course.

However, the author states their opinion, or belief, of what succubi are, who Lilith is, and it’s not stereotypical or expected. That alone brought the descriptions of why things are to a far more intriguing level for me. Intellectually there’s something here that attracted me and its mainly in how the view of succubi is more a delight than anything else. There’s a certain hopefulness in the author’s words, that there is respect for succubi, for the magiks themselves.

This isn’t a “how-to” work by any means, nor is it meant to be I think. It’s more of an offering of someone’s understanding and sharing it beyond themselves to make others consider their words. It can be seen as fantasy by some, truth by others and in the end, as with many things, what this is comes to what the reader expects or believes in.

But in one thing the author and I agree. Succubi are the stuff of dreams.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I would have liked somewhat more detail, mainly in the explanation of succubi and Lilith herself. I think that’s really what’s missing here and if that had been more the focus it would have been nice to see. The inspiration to explore one’s own dreams comes fleetingly and that is something to be encouraged.



Aug 03 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 498

I adore cute succubi and I’ve said that many times before on the Tale. For this week’s succubus, what I think of as one of the cutest, most delightfully so, succubi that I’ve found. There’s just something so wonderfully innocent about her, even if she’s ever so seductive and a temptation in her own right as well.

Succubus by Mr. YVK

Succubus by Mr. YVK


This delightfully cute work of succubus art is by an artist on Pixiv called Mr. YVK. You can find the original page on Pixiv where I found this art here.

She’s just one of the loveliest succubi in so many ways. Her pink tail, wings and hair are perfect, but it’s her barely-there outfit that just makes this art come alive. The overall design just looks so very right in so many ways. Most of all, her expression, that slightly bemused smile, just makes me smile.

Wonderful, delightful and more.



Aug 02 2017

It’s a dress that is red. The pitchfork and horns don’t help much.

Hot Devil CostumeOne of the things I have noticed in my many years of looking for at least semi-decent costumes is that the same accessories appear over and over again. A pitchfork that makes me sigh, and a pair of horns that makes me wince. While you need them, or at least one of them, to have a devil costume, that along cannot make it more than tacky. It can only make things more so.

This is called the Hot Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, the pitchfork and the horns. The necklace is not included and it sells for $16 US.

There’s really nothing here that is all that sexy, seductive or otherwise. There’s nothing inspiring about this either. The accessories are tacky, the lace accent on the dress just makes things look poor.

Really this is just a red dress, paired with some accessories and called a devil costume. While I understand that not every costume is stunning, and not every costume is amazing…

This one just is… ordinary.

Nothing really to be done to make this better. Really this isn’t an option for me. Perhaps for someone, but I can’t see how to get past the tacky.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

It’s tacky. Really that says it all I think.