Ray of Light By TeraS

This day is a … difficult one for my Eternal and me, a day that, in more ways than can be put into words, weighs on our thoughts and emotions. In spite of the tears, the wishes, and the wants of what should have been, and not was, there is always a …

Ray of Light
By TeraS

It wasn’t what you would expect the beginning of June to be: a bit cold. The clouds were grey and stood between the warmth of the sun and the earth below. The chill in the morning air warned that things weren’t quite summer-like as yet, and one shouldn’t take them to be so for a bit longer, either.

It had been another year since she’d passed, another year when he’d had to come to terms with receiving the call, answering quietly, and then doing all of the things he was expected to do as her son.

It had been well past another year since she’d left this world, another year when her daughter remembered sitting in her room, holding her only friend—a stuffed teddy bear—and listening to her father try to explain that mommy wasn’t coming home.

The cold of the day didn’t quite match the cold they both felt in those moments. The frozen part inside just remained there, year after year, ebbing away ever so slightly before coming back so painfully again on this day. Something malevolent remained there, on the edge of their thoughts, whispering that they hadn’t done everything they could have done.

Neither of their mothers would have told them any such thing. In another part of their thoughts, they understood this. There was some comfort in knowing that the love was there for always. There was more comfort in being able to look into each other’s eyes on the day that came and understand just what they were going through.

He’d always been there for her on that day. The drive to her resting place wasn’t a burden. The first visit he’d remained by the car, given her the space she needed to talk, to remember, to share what she needed to. That’s how it had been for many years before the two Eternals had come to find each other. She still stood there alone for a time, as was her way, before looking over her shoulder and offering her hand. Some years the rain mixed with the tears, others the sun peeked out through the clouds to offer what comfort it could. But, really, nothing could match the comfort she felt in holding his hand and listening to him talking to Mom.

She’s been with him throughout his journey. From the first moment they’d known, his Eternal would not leave him alone. The journey was a shorter one, not to a field of grass with markers placed at regular intervals. Rather, it was to a home loved, a mother’s favourite place there, a red urn surrounded by flowers marking her residence. It was near the loveseat placed by the picture window showing the gloomy weather outside which could only look from afar. He didn’t enjoy tea or coffee—what you would expect, perhaps, when visiting the home of your parents with your love. That didn’t mean they couldn’t accept a cup of coffee, place it near her memorial for her. They talked about things, recalled her cooking, her love of family, and most of all just stories about his mother and her adopted mother.

The cold of the pain began to ebb once more. It couldn’t overcome the love shared by two for their mothers for always. Outside, the clouds parted a little, the sun making itself known now that noon had arrived. The grey clouds began to turn a little white around the edges, the warmth from above making itself known.

The stories had paused, the Eternals with fingers entwined looking away from the window, each in their own thoughts. The world beyond the window turned a bit brighter and then more so as sunlight broke through the clouds to warm the earth below. And, in the path of two rays of light, there was the love remembered, the memories cherished. The souls who loved their mothers, now with the Goddess, were warmed in the light and love forever held in their hearts.

Gifted By TeraS

Some might have noticed that over the weekend I posted the 7000th article on the SuccuWiki with an entry on my daughter Branwyn … There’s a bit of information there, but it really doesn’t tell the entire story, of course. The thing is, sometimes the story isn’t as important as what’s …

By TeraS

It looks like a simple pendant. Made of silver, shaped into a heart with enough depth to hold what kind of looks like an emerald in the middle. It doesn’t look like much, wouldn’t be something that would be worth a second glance. Some might even say that it’s worthless.

But it’s from my mom. The one who brought me into this world, the one I lost before I was old enough to know her. She gave me the first gift. I’ve never taken it off since the day I found it wrapped around the fingers of my right hand. It’s been there with me through all of the years I was alone, no family, nothing save one not-a-home after the next until I had to stand on my own.

But it wasn’t just a pendant. The true gift wouldn’t make itself known for a while.

The next gift was a letter. Not much more than two sheets of paper, neatly typed, offering me a scholarship to college. It was the only one that came; all of the others said I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t what they were looking for. The gift was to come to this place called Mtech, to discover who I was and what I could do. The one who sent it didn’t realize what she’d begun by sending it to me. But, for a little mouse in a world of cats, it was a way out.

I didn’t know just what door this gift would open, but I’d find out soon enough.

Then came a gift calling herself Rianna. I hadn’t met a single person that cared in the slightest about me. We bumped into each other, me being frightened of everything and everyone there. It was bad enough when I dropped my books all over the ground, worse when I couldn’t keep my tears back. Three words from the strawberry blonde opened her gift: “Let me help.” I didn’t know where that would take us—there was no way either of us could have known what was waiting just around the corner.

Having a friend, someone who accepted me as me, would have been gift enough.

When the following gift appeared, no one really knew it was a gift at the time. A party thrown by a dean looking to cause trouble, me getting caught up in something I didn’t understand or realize was happening. The first gift came back then, connecting lives that would have never been touched otherwise. My first mom was still looking put for me and, when Tera stepped into the picture, mom’s gift made everything that came after possible.

A parting gift from one mom to another.

My mom with the red tail and ebony hair had explained to Rianna and me that she would never be able to have a daughter. It just wasn’t going to be possible. But she didn’t take into account the tenacity of her own mom and mine. Just because someone said something wasn’t possible didn’t mean that they couldn’t make the impossible happen. So, in spite of the universe being against Tera, she was gifted with two daughters.

This gift didn’t become clear until Mom figured out who, exactly, Rianna was. Mom found that she had a daughter, not being born of her, but being from her and Dad. Rianna’s blue tail and horns appeared, and it was a gift that made a difference for Mom and Dad. Then came me. It … just sort of happened one day. Rianna brought Tera to meet me and something changed. I had been gifted with a sliver of Tera’s soul, through the pendant that started the chain, melting into my own. I didn’t see the scared and lost girl in the mirror anymore; I saw both of my mothers there. The smile of my first mom, the sparkling green eyes of my new one. At first I had a silver tail and the same colour of horns in my now ebony hair, just like my mom. I blame my first mom for that happening, but, that would change.

Tera gave me the gift of having a family that loved me, no matter what. She opened herself to me, as did Keith and Rianna, and I knew they all loved me, and I never forgot they did. The gift that I wished for, but never thought would really be. Silver wasn’t me, but blue, like my sister, was. And so the next gift was my devotion to my family and becoming a blue tail.

One small gift connecting to the next and on and on.

This is who I am: Branwyn, daughter of Tera and Keith, older sister to Rianna, gifted from one mother’s love for her daughter to another mother seeking her own, the gift that I’m thankful for every day.

A Review of I Summoned an Incubus by Zoe Lawrence

I Summoned an Incubus by Zoe Lawrence

I Summoned an Incubus by Zoe Lawrence

One of the things that I find interesting is how an author puts the pieces of a story together in order for their main character to encounter a succubus or incubus.

Many times that’s a short, aimless piece of writing  which leads to nothing more porn level erotica. However, occasionally an author creates something teasing, delightful and with its own searing heat that is wonderfully special.

  • Title: I Summoned an Incubus
  • Author: Zoe Lawrence
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 55 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B09413ZHDW
  • Publishing Date: May 2, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

After missing her train, a beautiful young lawyer seeks shelter in a dusty bookshop to escape a sudden rainstorm. Inside she finds a book that will reveal a world of black magic and demonic passion she never knew existed. She also discovers a deep, burning lust within herself that craves to be satisfied and conjures an incubus to fulfil her every greedy desire. But soon, the lawyer learns that, when dealing with a sensual creature of the night, the master can quickly become the slave.

A book discovered leads towards the revelation that magic is real and any desire can be made real. But with desire comes need and if one is not careful, one’s need can be all that matters.

The work is a series of hot flashes intermingled with some quite well told narration and development. The main character’s issues are used as points to move the story forwards and it does so well. When they come to find what they have and disbelieving use the spells offered, the path towards the incubus appearing is really more than I expected.

There’s a good deal of exploration of the main character’s sexual needs which ensnare her and push towards satisfaction. That does come, several times, but it’s the need that never leaves that bring about the climax of the work which is both unique and so very well told.

The incubus of the work, who is never named, appears in the last third of the story and neatly meshes with all that has come before. The heat in the encounter is lovely, he’s not stereotypical, which I enjoyed even more. If there’s one thing I would have liked is perhaps a little twist in the ending other than the one that comes.

While it works well and tells a lot about the main character herself, not to mention the trap within summoning an incubus, I can think of another ending which would draw this story into a second work which could open up a lot of the supporting character stories and how the incubus draws them to him.

Regardless of that thought, the work never loses the heat, the story itself has depth and the passions of the main character, when told, give something special to the story overall.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Amazing prose, the story is wonderfully told and surprising from start to finish. It could use one more editing pass however, there are a few minor spelling mistakes, but nothing that would take one from the world the author creates. Well worth a read for those looking for an incubus story that’s more than the erotica itself.


A simply wonderful Succubus Doll YouTube

I adore Succubi dolls, and I wish I had more of them as a collection than I do. I’ve spoken to some amazing artists over the years and their talents just amaze me. I stumbled across a YouTube by FalyneVarger Art in which she shares the transformation of a doll into her own absolutely stunning succubus doll which I’ll be sharing on the Tale today…

If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As well, here’s a screenshot of Sable, who I completely adore beyond words…

Sable by FalyneVarger Art

Sable by FalyneVarger Art

I really wish that I’d have known about her sooner, she’d be perfect for my collection… But Sable was sold, and I dearly hope that she’s with someone that cherishes her and dearly so..

Most of all, many thanks to the artist for bringing Sable to life and giving me the most wonderful smile and joy in seeing her…



A Review of His Demon Prize by Stella Del Mar

His Demon Prize by Stella Del Mar

His Demon Prize by Stella Del Mar

It’s interesting to see two characters come to terms with each other in spite of the flaws they have. A review today of the first work in a series in which the story revolves around needs and wants, but also the problems that arise when characters tell stories to themselves.

It’s not uncommon for characters to find it difficult to express themselves to others. Understanding is one thing, but getting lost along the way isn’t always a good thing.

The work tells of:

I made a deal with the devil, but now his daughter is the only prize I want. Her body broadcasts sin. Her curves scream seduction. When I hold her in my arms, the rest of the world disappears. I can’t get her out of my head—the devil’s runaway daughter, the succubus who haunts my fantasies. Yet spending a single night in Elle’s bed promises almost-certain death. But if anyone can survive this beauty’s kisses, I can. I’ve dispatched countless demons to Hades, and my contract is paid in full. Still, hunting demons is a gamble, and a good gambler knows when to walk away. Elle is a risky bet if there ever was one. Too bad she’s also everything I want. I’ve always been a reckless man, and I’m determined to make the devil’s daughter mine—even if it costs me my immortal soul.

Finn made a deal for which he’s looking for a payout. But there’s one more thing to do and that’s to get what he really wants. Her name is Elle, she’s one of the devil’s daughters, and she doesn’t want to play the game to lose.

The work reads very much as a heist movie mixed with some D/s themes and a bit of mystery mixed in. Finn is interesting, holding much of his true intents close and not really letting anyone, especially Elle, into what he really wants until there’s no other choice. It does make for some confusion along the way and that’s mostly in Finn’s internal monologuing, something that both main characters do continuously. At times that’s a bit long winded and occasionally it can be a bit over the top, but getting through both of them trying to figure themselves out leads to some really inspired moments.

Elle is described as a succubus, but she really doesn’t show herself to be one, save for reflecting on her past, or the notes that Finn makes about her. Elle is a mystery as a whole, her past is skimmed over, and that was a bit disappointing. I’d have liked to know more about her, especially why she made the choices she did. Beyond that, her personality gets muted under the story which is focused on Finn for the most part.

The erotica has lovely heat, Finn and Elle are made for each other and when their truths come out, and the reality of both of their situations appears, it’s a satisfying means to take the story towards something better than I expected at the beginning.

This is a delightfully fun story, the characters are fleshed out and their emotions are told well. I’d have liked more background to Elle’s sisters as well, there’s a lot of story there to be told. Elle herself is overall still a mystery when the story climaxes and, again, learning more about her and her past would have been nice.

Perhaps the most promising thing is where the story ends, there’s a multitude of threads that can be picked up and brought to the fore. As this work is billed as the first in a series, it does bring the question if all of Elle’s sisters are succubi or not, and if the following works will focus on them more. It will be interesting to see where things go.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Well written, interesting characters and things transpire that are both unexpected and delightful. A good opening to the series and I look forward to where the author takes the series from here.


Succubi Image of the Week 696

Images of Succubi in the midst of being summoned appear occasionally here on the Tale, and for this week’s image, a lovely work of art with a wonderfully cute succubus appearing…

Succubus by taganchankun

Succubus by taganchankun

This work is by the artist taganchankun on Pixiv and you can find the original page with this art here.

Lovely smile, her pose is interesting as well. I do think that the little baubles and bangles look lovely with her too. She’s cute but I think a bit mischievous as well, which brings me a smile. A lovely work of Succubi art and just a lot of fun…


A corset does not equal seduction alone

Sexy Devil Corset CostumeThe next few series of succubus costumes are more meant to be seen in a private setting.

That’s to say that you want to look sexy and seductive for a certain someone so they give you their soul. This week’s example doesn’t come close to that.

This is called the Sexy Devil Corset Costume and it comes with the corset, terrible horns and the completely worthless pitchfork. Stocking are not included and it sells for about $120 US.

Honestly this is pretty bland overall, and considering the model’s expression I’m not that surprised really. The pitchfork is best found in a fire, as are the horns, neither of them are anything special and rate on my list of worst succubus costume accessories ever.

There’s not a lot that can be done to make this better, perhaps adding a shimming skirt would help a little, but there’s just nothing that really appeals to me here.

One pitchfork out of five.

You can do better, and I know this well, with the right dress dress, heels and a cute pair of horns. My Eternal can attest to that…