Nov 17 2010

A Pixie Succubus Costume is a mistake…

This week I am going to share one of those costumes… You know… The ones that my tail and horns twitch over because I cannot understand where the idea came from nor can I see why this is a good idea…


I mean honestly, what was the source of this concept?

Anyway, this costume is called the Devil Pixie Costume and comes with the pair of red devil horns, the one piece dress, a pair of red wings that are made of one large piece of plastic, which attach to the rear of the dress. You also getg a chocker of the same material as the dress and a pair of fingerless arm sleeves to complete this outfit.

The stockings and shoes are not part of the dress and must be purchased separately.

Now I have a lot of problems with this costume. I’ll put one caveat here before I rant a bit on this costume and that is it’s good for dealing with the young trick or treaters that come to your door.

It’s not too sexy really and you aren’t likely to have parents mumbling when they see you, which, depending on your personal views might be a good thing really…

Setting that one point aside, the overall look of this  seems to be too cheap for my liking really, the ragged edges on the dress I do not like, the collar is wrong, and the armlets are an extra touch that really doesn’t do a lot for the overall appearance of this.

The wings might be something useful with another dress, but otherwise they really don’t add a lot here to be honest. This just seems to be a tame, safe costume for those that can’t be really Succubi-like for Halloween…

Which is a shame.

This costume can be found on the internet for about $35 US, which is not an excessive price for this costume and in a pinch for something to wear to a kids Halloween party I might, might mind you, actually wear it…

But I won’t be too thrilled by it I promise you.

I’m giving this one pitchfork out of five. It gets the one pitchfork for the only time it would be something to wear, and that is something very rare.


Nov 16 2010

Temptations 86

Revealing oneself to others means that you have the trust to know that they will be fair to you. The Queen of the Succubi hopes for that always…


Temptations 86

By TeraS and JHB

He caught his breath, and tried for a moment to appear non-plussed.

“You call me a flatterer, yet your words are quite charming and . . .”

Oh, forget being non-plussed!!  He was shocked, and could not lie about it.  This was the Queen of the Succubi, a creature he could scarcely have imagined moments ago!!

He bowed down, aslow as he could.  What does one do in the presence of a Queen.

“Your Majesty.  Yet this does confirm my theory, for you seem much more enigmatic, even inscrutable, than evil.”

Tera looked bemused for a moment as her tail swisched behind her, then she said with a giggle in her voice, “Congratulations… You are the one-billionth person to do that… Now stand up darn it all… I am the Queen but I will be darned if people will do that all the time in my presence…”

Her hands were warm to the touch as she helped him to stand up again. Then she said, “I’m not like other Royalty my dear… All of that formality only serves to put up a barrier between whom we are and what the role says we must be… I have never enjoyed sitting on a throne and waving a hand in demand of something…”

Once he was standing again she reached her left hand to his nose and touched it with one slim finger as she said, “Being the Queen does not mean that you cannot be yourself… It’s better to act as you are than to hide behind the position that word gives… In fact, I do not allow others to call me Queen… I am Tera first. I am me first. All else is second to that…”


Almost words to live by aren’t they?


Nov 15 2010

Storm Clouds 99 – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here...

Chapter 15/16 edits this week and Tom gets an inkling of what Camilla can do if she puts her mind to it…


Storm Clouds 99

Chapter 14

By TeraS

After Camilla left, Tom spent the next thirty minutes grilling Bill over what he had done, what he was doing, and whether anyone in his company might have taken it upon themselves to attack Brent and his wife. He came to the conclusion that, while Bill wasn’t directly involved in what happened, Tom could not dismiss the possibility that someone who worked for Bill had done the deed … or that Bill was hiding something from him.

That bothered him.

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe what Bill had said; it was the sheer stupidity of Bill blowing up and going off on a tirade over the injustice that he perceived had been done to him.

Tom didn’t enjoy pushing his old friend that way. Worse was trying to break all of his explanations and reasons why he wasn’t responsible for what had happened. Most of the reasons made sense—most of them—but one exchange just about pushed Bill over the edge, and that worried him.

Tom sighed and paced in front of the offices again.  He was sure that the workers inside were looking at him oddly, but he didn’t care: Bill was not quite cleared; that one piece of evidence would damn him in court if it came to that.

Tom hoped that it wouldn’t.

It wasn’t much evidence, but it was enough that fingers could be pointed, witnesses found, and, in the end, Bill could be sent to jail for a long time. But when you are seen threatening someone with death, and promising to harm his family … that is too much to ignore.

Bill had explained that he was madder than hell. That something had snapped inside of him when Brent was nearby. “Something ’bout that guy rubs me the wrong way. He’s just so damn smug, knows all of the secrets, stuff that you don’t want out. I dunno how he does it, but he knows where to be and what to look for. Damn frustratin’. He’d be a great spy. Wonder if he is one.”

Tom continued to pace around for a while. He didn’t know where Camilla had gone; he assumed she would return to the office when she was done talking to Billy. He assumed that she would, at least. She seemed like a responsible woman, if a bit irritating. It hit him, then, why Bill would be driven crazy by Brent.

Tom wondered if that was part of those people’s nature.

He watched Bill’s staff run their errands in and out of the office, most of them ignoring his pacing as he waited for Camilla to return. In his mind, Tom was putting together the questions that needed to be put to Bill next. He was, after all, and by his own admission, someone Tom needed to grill for information.

Coming to the end of one of his walks down the corridor, he turned without looking and walked head-on into someone: a short, blonde, Asian someone. She stood in front of him, a pile of files and papers surrounding her scattered on the floor. For a moment, her dark brown eyes regarded him, and then a flush of embarrassment passed over her and she knelt to the floor, beginning to gather what she had dropped moments before.

Tom knelt with her: “I’m sorry, please, let me help you.”

She didn’t reply, save for a slight nod, her focus for the moment on the mess around her rather than Tom beside her.

After a few minutes, Tom handed her the last file and, as she finally looked at him again, said, “I’m Tom.”

The blush was still there as she replied, “Tenshi. Please forgive my clumsiness.”

“It was my fault; should have been paying attention instead of being a hazard to women.”

That made her smile just slightly, “I … thank you for the help.”

“You’re welcome. Have you been with Bill long?”

Clutching the files to her chest as she stood she managed, “A year now. Please excuse me. I must attend to my duties …”

She then rushed off again on whatever errand she was on, leaving Tom standing there alone again, pondering what she had said to him, and, more importantly, why she was so shook up over what had happened.

Camilla came into view soon after, her heels clicking on the concrete floor of the warehouse. Tom noticed that Billy wasn’t there, and he wasn’t too pleased about that. He had been intending to grill Billy next, thanks to his father’s admission, but would now have to hunt him down and corner him. Filing away the thoughts on his old friend, he called out to Camilla, “Where’s Billy? Have to talk to him.”

“No, you don’t. He’s not to blame for this: he nor his father.”

Tom rubbed his chin a moment, then said, “You got a feeling or something?”

She looked around, then nodded and explained, “Let’s just say that my … ‘feelings’ … are pretty accurate.”

Turning away, he replied, “You’ll have to explain that to me sometime. Soon would be great. You know, before I have to toss them both in jail.”

Camilla looked at him curiously, then followed behind. Tom seemed to be in a rush to get out of the warehouse, and she found herself running a bit to keep up with him. Then she asked, “Do you have something to charge them with?”

“Enough to charge Bill: making threats. He was foolish in front of a lot of people. That’s a big no-no in things like this.”

“Passions of the heart can make us all say silly things we don’t mean at the moment they are said.”

“Passions can and have killed in the past, you know.”

Camilla had finally caught up to him, and, as she walked beside, started to lecture Tom a bit, “Those are not passions. Those are misguided beliefs and desires that pull one away from what is important, pull one inward, toward oneself. It is easier to fall to darker desires and temptations than it is to hold onto the more important things within.”

“You know, I don’t understand all of that stuff. I’m just a simple man. I haven’t got the time to deal with theories and wishes. I deal with facts. Give me some of those and I’ll be able to deal with ‘em.”

“All right, then.  Fact: Bill said that he would never harm a lady. Fact: you agree that he would not either. Therefore, he cannot be the one to have done the deed nor order it done.”

“Okay; see, that’s not a fact.  That is conjecture.”

“Is it? I don’t think so. I have …”

“A feeling? You said that before. What does that mean?”

The pair exited the warehouse, but Camilla did not speak until she was quite sure that no one else would hear them talk.

“I … We … know people by their souls, Thomas. When I touched your hand, I knew that you were a good man. I also knew that you have a troubled past and that you have lost someone close to you.”

Tom’s look was a mix of shock and concern, but, before he could say anything, she continued:  “I did not look deeply into you. I did not look into your memories; I could have, but, because I respect you, and you did not give me permission, I did not. All I knew was that you cared about what happened to Patricia, for whatever reason you had, and so …”

“And so that was your lure to get me involved in this …”

“You did not have to.”

He stopped walking: “You know, I feel like I was pushed into this. That you and Tera conspired to get me involved and make me stay in it.”

“No. We did not. I gave you the card. I gave you the chance to walk away.  You decided that you needed to find out more and you came into our world. Do not confuse the sight of an open door with walking through it. You had the choice. You made it.”

Tom wanted to rant at her, but her logic was sound. He did poke his nose in, and he was deep in it now. With a sigh, he asked, “How much do you know about Bill and his son?”

“Enough to know that Bill has not killed anyone, ever. I can say the same for Billy, as well.”

“Okay, explain that … in simple words so that my mind doesn’t break.”

Camilla laced her hands together and explained, “If you are dark, or have been touched by the dark, if you have killed or done something that serves the dark and makes it gain power, you are marked, in your soul. If I touch someone like that, I’ll know. The same is true of someone who has been touched by the light, but it is different.”

“Weird. Sort of sounds like you are a divining rod.”

She giggled a bit and pointed at her forehead: “Divine I am not. Or at least I do not appear to be.”

Tom couldn’t help the smile, “Right. I forgot about that.’

“What most people are, generally, are shades of grey. That’s normal, and what we expect. But there are always exceptions to that rule. If either of them had killed, they would not be grey; they would be dark. I don’t sense that in either of them.”

“So, you give them a pass?”

“I give them more than a pass: there is nothing in them that even hints they are involved. But …”

“But what?”

“I asked Billy for a favor.”

That stopped Tom in his tracks. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he asked, “What kind of favor?”

“I can’t say.”

“Oh come on. He’s a suspect in spite of your feelings about him.  You can’t just go and trust someone because …”

“I can and I did. In the end I gave him some comfort and, in response to that, he agreed to do something for me. He will. He’s as honourable as his father.”

“Did you tell him anything more than what Bill knows?”

“No. We did talk about his mother a while. He misses her. He does not want to lose his father as well.”

Tom stared off into space for a time before ending the conversation with, “We don’t have the evidence to clear Bill. Right now, he’s the only suspect we’ve got.”

“Then we should find more.”

Tom smiled again, “Right. Look Camilla, I know that you … work … differently then we do. I get that. But you have to see that we have rules and laws here and I have to enforce them. That means that without a piece of paper, a videotape, a confession … hell, anything at all that points me away from Bill, I’m going to arrest him real soon.”

“You will be wrong then.”

“I’ll have to live with that.”

“You will not be able to. I can see that.”

“I know. But that’s part of the job. Sometimes, I think that I sold my soul for the job.”

With that confession, Tom whistled for a cab. It didn’t take long for one to pull up to the curb. He opened the door and let her go in first. As she did so, Camilla told him, with a serious tone in her voice, “You cannot sell that which is held by another, Thomas.”

He climbed into the cab, gave their destination and, as the taxi drove them away, Tom’s memories came back to haunt him again … as they always did.

As they departed, Billy watched from one of the windows in the upper floor of the warehouse. He liked Camilla, liked her a lot. After they had left, he stood there by the window, watching the traffic pass by, and thought about what Camilla had asked him to do. He didn’t know why exactly he had agreed to it, maybe it was just wanting to do something when, so far, there was nothing he could do for his father.

With a sigh he rummaged in his pockets until he found his phone, opened it, and made a call.

“It’s me. Yah. No, no they didn’t arrest Dad. I … trust them. Have to trust someone, don’t I? Anyway, I need somethin’ done … today.”

Billy turned away from the window and walked off into the gloom around him, doing what he hoped would help his father in the end …

Storm Clouds

Chapter 15

By TeraS

Jane awoke to hissing. For a moment, she thought it was a snake or something similar; she startled and tried to move, but then heard a voice.

“No, don’t move. Just lay there a minute, whoever you are.”

It took another moment for her memories to come rushing back to her; then she recognized the voice. It was John, that guy that she had talked to before … before everything went black. From the sound of his voice, Jane assumed that she didn’t look like that girl who was on his mind when she first met him.

In the next moment, she tried to move her hands towards her face and the source of that hissing sound, which she now realized was an oxygen mask. A firm hand pushed her hands back down, and she opened her eyes to see John standing above her:  “Look. Just stay there and don’t move.”

He looked around for a moment and then, to Jane’s surprise, flicked one of her horns with a finger, the “thunk” of that echoing in her mind for a moment. Jane started to panic; if someone could see her horns … His next words to her didn’t help a lot, either.

“I know you’re not who you look like. I called Jenni. She’s at her office. You aren’t her. You look like her, but you aren’t her. Now, listen carefully to me: if you try to run, people will see you. Jenni is on her way down here right now. If someone sees you, there will be questions that you probably don’t want to answer. Besides, you have smoke inhalation, you’re weak, and you aren’t going to get very far. Now, nod if you understand me.”

Jane did so.

“Okay. You’re in the back seat of my car. You have an oxygen mask on, and you are under a blanket so no one can see you right now. Just stay there and I’ll get you out of here, all right?”

Another nod, then Jane closed her eyes again.

The next time she opened them, the oxygen mask was gone, but the blanket was still there, and she was still moving. Sitting up gingerly, she held her head in her hands while she managed a question: “Where am I?”

“Still in my car; I’m trying to decide what to do with you.”

Jane then looked up and found herself looking at … Jenni; with horns … green horns. The only thing she managed was a soft, “Damn” before she fell back into the seat with a thud.

“So tell me: What’s your name, anyway? You know mine already, so I’ll skip the introduction.”

“I’m Jane.”

“Jane … Jenni … I can see how I could be confused. No, wait, you were Jenni when we first met. Now, you are Jenni with horns.” He looked in the mirror at her, “So. Are they real? The horns, I mean. And is that what you look like or is it all makeup or something?”

Jane’s first instinct was to lie and tell him that was all it was. But then she recognized the problem with that lie: he’d ask to see the horns come off or the makeup be pulled away. Then another thing came to her: she had been out cold for a while. He could have checked and seen that it was all real. Lying to him would be a mistake.

So she said the only thing she could say at that moment: “You’d never believe me even if I tried to explain it to you.” Gaining a little bit of confidence, she added, “So. What are you going to do, then; police or something?”

John smiled thinly, replying with a flat, “Or something,” as he continued to drive, leaving them both with their own thoughts …

Jane’s were spinning around one thing:  it would be disastrous if beings like her, the ones that were thought of as being legends, were discovered to be quite real. Her next thought was that Tera was going to kill her … or, even worse, be disappointed in her, and that thought was much worse than the first one she’d found. But the one that she held onto was: how she could get out of this mess she found herself in?

She looked out the window of the car and watched the city passing by.  She didn’t say anything else for the moment, in part because she wasn’t sure that John wouldn’t hurt her, but mainly because she needed to get focused again and try to make herself not look like Jenni any longer.

John’s thoughts, on the other hand, were slightly more focused. He wanted to know exactly what the hell was going on. The shock he felt when he touched those … horns? … on Jenni’s … no, Jane’s … head told him that something was seriously wrong here.  He didn’t believe in legends or tales of the beyond.  No, what he believed in was logic and proof. Thing was that here he had proof that there were–and even now he found this impossible to believe–demons in his world. That still didn’t sit right with him.

Then he made a decision and turned the car to follow it. He needed a doctor:  someone to tell him if Jane really was what she seemed to be or if it was just a fluke or some cosmetic surgery or something like that.  He found himself liking that possibility, as that idea would fit into his world a hell of a lot better than the other one, which kept prodding him as being the truth.  Looking once more in the mirror, he said, “Better put your seatbelt on. You’re going to be there for a while.” John made a hard right and continued to drive, occasionally looking in the mirror at Jane.

Jane did so, not so much out of caution, but to try and lull him into what she hoped would be a false sense of security. The pair didn’t say another word to each other for the rest of the drive, but Jane was curious about where they were going and what John was planning.

Their destination was clear when he made a left and drove down a ramp into an underground garage. They dropped down four floors and then came to a stop in front of a garage door.  John pressed a button on an intercom and just said his name to it. The door rolled up, they entered, and Jane looked behind to see the door close again.

After parking in one of several spaces there, John helped Jane out of the car.  “Don’t try to run. You can’t get out, and there are cameras watching us. Just stay calm, all right?”

Jane didn’t feel calm, but she nodded her head in understanding when he took a hold of her arm and guided her away from the car.

Two sets of double doors, one short elevator ride, and Jane found herself in an examination room. After she was offered a chair there, John left the room and Jane heard the door lock behind him as he left.

Jane tried to figure out a way to escape before he came back, but there were no windows, no exits but the one they had come through. She tried to teleport from the room … but nothing happened.

With a sigh she walked over to a small mirror that hung on one wall and looked herself over. The horns she recognized as her own, but everything else wasn’t her. She found herself missing the familiar eyes, face, and body that she had known for centuries … and wondering if she would ever see them again.

John hadn’t returned, and she found herself trying to figure out what trap she had sprung back in that house. It was a magic trap, obviously, a powerful one if it had locked her into this form and taken away her powers … She couldn’t change her appearance, couldn’t teleport, couldn’t cast a spell or use her powers of seduction …

Or could she? Running a finger over her lips, she considered whether or not she should try to seduce John, try to confuse him long enough to make her escape. It seemed like an option.

Then the door opened, and John walked in with someone else …

“Well there she is, Doc. What do you think?”

Jane turned to see John standing there with another man, who was obviously “Doc.” This older man with thick glasses and a gruff voice answered, “Well, she’s alive, John; something I don’t see a lot of anymore.” Then he walked over to her, looked her over for a minute, and then said, “So, you want to tell us who you are and why you look like someone he knows? Oh, and, if you want, tell us how it is that you have horns on your head?”

Jane shrugged, “He knows my name.”

Doc nodded, “Right. Jane. You have a last name?”

She shrugged again, “Call me Jane Doe.” She paused and then, remembering the description of the person whom Camilla had met when claiming Patricia, bit her lip. For a moment, she considered thanking him for looking after her sister, but decided that would be too much information to give them. Then she said, “You’ve seen enough of us, haven’t you?”

Doc pulled back a bit from that comment and softened his approach slightly: “Look, just because I work in a morgue doesn’t mean that I’m not a doctor, okay?”

She rubbed her hands together a moment and then said, “I’m sorry. That was uncalled for.”

Doc then turned around and pushed John out the door. Then he tossed a gown to her. “Get dressed in that. I’ll have a nurse in here to examine you in a few minutes.”

Jane watched him leave, watched the door close, and heard it lock again, and then she smiled.

Outside the room, Doc and John waited patiently for a nurse to arrive to actually perform the physical. Regulations were that such things had to be done by a woman–for various legal reasons nether of them cared to try to figure out. It was a lot less stress to just do it and avoid the investigations, should they come.

The sound of footsteps on tile made them both look to see a redhead in a nurse’s uniform come around the corner. Doc nodded at her, “Good day, Patti. Sorry to keep you here at work, but I need you to do something for me.”

She gave a nod, “Sure, Doc. What’s going on?”

He pointed a finger in the direction of the room that Jane was in, “Do a physical on the woman in there, please. Her name’s Jane Doe.”

She looked at Doc oddly, but nodded and walked away from the pair, who turned to the other side of the corridor and entered Doc’s office. Doc opened a drawer of one of the filing cabinets and pulled out a bottle of whisky. When he offered it to John, the reply was a shake of his head.

Doc, nonetheless, opened the bottle and poured some into a coffee cup, “So, you got a mystery, don’t you? She tell you anything yet? I mean, other than a name that can’t possibly be her name?”

“Nothing much. I mean, she looks like Jenni, but it’s not her. I know that for certain, because Jenni is at headquarters. Otherwise, I don’t have a damn clue what is going on here, Doc.”

There were two quick knocks, and Doc didn’t even look up as a muffled voice came through the door, “All ready for you, Doctor; report is in your inbox, the door is locked, and she’s safe there. If you don’t need me, I’m running late and want to take off.”

Doc called out, “Go home, Patti. Thanks.”

They both heard the sound of her walking away. Doc finished his drink, and then the two of them left the office, Doc grabbing the report as he led the way. Opening the folder, he mumbled to himself about height, weight, and other various things. Then John asked, “What about the horns?”

Doc stopped in mid-stride, “There’s nothing here about horns.” He looked at the edge of the folder, cursed, and ran down the hallway.

They opened the door to the examining room to find Jane lying on the table, a sheet over her body, face turned towards the wall. Doc walked over and touched her on the shoulder. She rolled back towards them …

… and it wasn’t Jane.

It was Patti, a blessed-out expression on her face as she sighed, softly…

Doc took hold of her shoulders, shook her and yelled, “What happened, Patti?”

What happened was Jane.

As Doc and John realized that she was gone, Jane was exiting the building wearing Patti’s nursing uniform. Quickly walking to the curb, she hailed a cab and drove away, a satisfied smile on her lips as she recalled what had happened with the nurse moments before …

Storm Clouds

Chapter 16

By TeraS

The taxi carrying Tom and Camilla pulled up to a small newspaper stand on the corner of Broadway and Lakeshore Boulevard. From the outside, it didn’t look remarkable in any real way. The sides of it were old sheets of plywood nailed together ages ago, hooks and shelves holding various magazines and newspapers attempting to get the attention of the passersby, that they might have a look and see what was offered.

The pair got out of the cab and it left, leaving them looking at the person who was running the stand.  A frail looking man sat on a milk crate surrounded by his wares, a pair of dark glasses over his eyes and a white cane in his right hand, a working man’s pair of jeans and a sweater keeping him warm in the breeze around the place. Camilla asked Tom, “This is a suspect?”

Tom nodded and mumbled, “Sort of,” then just walked over to the stand. Without saying a word, he reached out a hand towards one of the more adult magazines that sat on a shelf just behind the proprietor. His fingers were about to touch the pages when a gruff voice barked, “Listen buddy, you pay and then you play with yourself. Not the other way around.”

Tom chuckled, “Not my style, Charlie. So, where’s your wife?”

“Well, I’ll be darned; the fuzz himself. You haven’t been around here in years, cop.”

“You’ve managed to keep your nose clean, so I haven’t had a reason to bust you. Now your wife, on the other hand … what has she been up to? Anything that I should know about?”

Charlie pointed a thumb to the building behind him, “Not my business and you know it. She’s got her thing, I got mine. If you want to know, go ask her. And leave the magazine here or pay for it.”

Tom dug into a pocket, pulled out a twenty, and put it into Charlie’s hand, “Still don’t know why you stay with her.”

“Love makes you do stupid things, kid. Now git!  You standing here is messing with my business.”

Tom tucked the magazine under an arm and then motioned to Camilla to follow him. They approached a tall glass and steel skyscraper with a nameplate that read “TFX Incorporated” above the main doors. Camilla didn’t say anything to Tom until they were in the elevator, but then the questions started …

“What’s going on, Thomas?”

“Welcome to TFX Incorporated, the country’s biggest purveyor of porn magazines, videos, and toys of all descriptions, with a side business of laundering money for the mob–at least they did in the past. I haven’t heard anything illegal about them for about three years now.  They got their fingers burned back then; the CEO paid a huge fine and then was pushed out of the company in favour of his wife.”

“Who is that?”

“You just met him: Charlie Drake. Took a lot out of the guy and he cut himself loose from the company to keep out of jail. Plea bargains and so on.”

“Is he really blind?”

“Nope. I’m sure he was trying to look up your skirt while we were talking. He’s not a bad guy, really; circumstances took him down this road and so, now, the place is run by his wife.” Tom looked at his watch, “About now she’ll know we’re coming up to see her.”

“What’s she like?”

Tom answered by handing Camilla the magazine with the words, “That’s her on the cover. She’s got an exhibitionist streak in her a mile wide.”

Camilla looked at the magazine in amazement. On the cover was a platinum blonde Barbie doll of a woman who looked as if she had been dipped in black liquid latex and then allowed to dry. For a moment, Camilla tried to remember if any of her Sisters looked like this, but she drew a blank. Then she realized that not even a pink tail would be that over-the-top in her appearance for whatever reason there was.

They did, after all, have a reputation.

Then there was the sound of a bell, and the doors opened to reveal the company lobby. To one side, a young blonde girl in pigtails sat at a clear plastic desk that revealed she was wearing a schoolgirl’s outfit, if over-sexualized. She was chewing bubblegum to complete the look. To the other side of the space stood eleven men in three-piece suits, holding briefcases and cell phones, their eyes hidden behind mirrored sunglasses. And, in the middle of the room, only a few short steps away from Camilla and Tom, the woman from the magazine stood.

She had traded in her black latex come-fuck-me look for her hair in a bun, a red, woman’s business suit–if well-open at the front to display her chest quite clearly–and a miniskirt that stopped only a finger’s width below outrageous, paired with cruel-looking red heels.

Tom looked over his shoulder at Camilla, “Say hello to Ginger.”

Camilla couldn’t help the words that came out as the elevator doors closed behind them: “If that’s Ginger, I don’t want to meet Mary Ann, thank you.”

Tom gave a slight nod to the blonde behind the desk and a grunt, “That’s Mary Ann.”

Camilla rolled her eyes but didn’t say anything else.

Ginger closed the distance between them and then with a cruel smirk on her lips purred, “Hello Dick, are you here to put me in cuffs or are you looking for a hot three-way with your doll?”

Tom could almost feel the burn coming from Camilla at those words, but continued on, “Sorry slut, business is business and I can’t afford the ticket to ride.”

“Well I could give you a freebie, I like the babe wit h you… She must be a lot of fun when you get her screaming…”

Tom just smiled, “You have no idea Ginger. Now, you want to call off your dogs and we all can have a nice chat in your office?”

She shock her head, “Nuh-uh Dick. The boys tell me that I need them there to make you you don’t weasel stuff out of me.”

Tom was about to press her a little harder when Camilla moved in front of him, “Oh come on Ginger honey… If you are nice to us, you might get something from me in return…” Then she reached out a hand to stroke it against Ginger’s right forearm.

Ginger’s eyes fluttered and then she purred, “mmm… Like what?”

Camilla moved closer, one hand now against the small of Ginger’s back as she purred back, “Your pussy is all wet and needy right now isn’t that right slut? You would love me to be on my knees licking your twat and making you cum so hard wouldn’t you?”

Ginger shivered as she caught her breath, “You… you make me cum and then the Dick can ask his questions…. n…not before…”

A lick over Ginger’s right earlobe, “Call off your boys slut and I’ll have you cumming for hours…” At the same time, Camilla shifted a hand to slip under Ginger’s skirt, her fingertips drawing against her bare, panty-less pussy. For the barest instant as Camilla’s fingers slipped inside, Ginger’s eyes turned completely white and she spoke in an unsteady voice, “Fuck off boys. Don’t need you.”

The assembled men looked as if they weren’t going to leave for a moment, and then approached Ginger, Camilla and Tom. Tom was reaching into his jacket for his gun when he heard Camilla’s voice change…

That’s a good idea. You all need to do what she told you.

Then, the group of lawyers turned away stiffly before walking away into the depths of the office. Camilla then looked at Mary Ann and purred, “Mary Ann sweetie… You stay right there and finger yourself until we return… and if anyone wants Ginger you will not let them see her…

Camilla then told Ginger, “Now my hot wet slut, take us all to your office.

Tom followed the two women past the reception area, down a long hallway to a pair of doors that, when opened, didn’t reveal so much an executive office as a private sex room. Once inside, he closed the door and then leaned against them.

Camilla guided Ginger to a leather chair next to the door, making her sit in it before straddling her legs and trapping Ginger beneath her.

He was about to ask Camilla what was going on when she put a finger to her lips to keep him quiet, then returned her attention to Ginger, “Are there camera in here slut? Is there anyway that anyone can see what is going on?

The answer was a long whine of no.

Then, to Tom’s surprise, Camilla’s horns and tail appeared as her clothing turned to the latex like material it was at her home. She gave Tom a wink and then cupped Ginger’s chin with one hand before putting a finger over Ginger’s lips, “You are a horny little slut. So wet and needy that your pussy aches for release…. All of those thoughts in your silly little mind are draining away slut… You can’t help it because you are a weak little slut that needs someone to tell her what to do…

Ginger’s moans became louder as the smell of arousal began to fill the air. She started to pant in need and the occasion mewl of need and desire escaped her lips before Camilla pressed her lips against Ginger’s tightly, her hands now entwined into her hair.

Tom watched almost mesmerized as Ginger’s body shook and shivered underneath Camila and then, to Tom’s shock, Camilla’s body shimmered and seemed to melt for an instant. In the next moment, there were two Gingers there in front of him, one of them in the latex suit from the magazine he had given Camilla, but with the same horns and tail he had seen Camilla with earlier.

The other Ginger, no longer in the business suit, but nude, wearing a green metal collar around her neck and nothing more. But what was truly unsettling was the white eyes that stared almost lifelessly up and the little whispers of, “I Obey” that came out in a needy voice. The latex Ginger turned to Tom and said with Ginger’s voice in a purr, “Sometimes sex is the best weapon, isn’t that right Dick?”

Nov 14 2010

The 2010 Succubi Realm Flash Challenge Part I

The 2010 Succubi Realm Flash Challenge happened earlier this year… October to be exact.

The concept of the challenge was to write a story based on the idea of there is a support group for people who have met Succubi and then returned to their regular lives. They share the stories of those meetings. Since Halloween is approaching. legend has it their Succubi will return. Some are thrilled and anxious, some are terrified.

There were two lovely entries that were shared on The Realm, the Forum of For this Sunday and next Sunday, I am going to share both of them to the readers of the Tale as I think they both should be recognized for their wonderfulness…

The first work I am going to share is by James, my dear heart and Poet Laureate of the Realm… While he continues not to believe that he deserves that title, I do know, and always will know that his words mean the world to me in whatever form he places them in…




When I started the fire,
I had no idea what the night would bring.

When I sat in the big chair,
I was only planning to warm myself,
but the doorbell disrupted my cocooning.

When I made myself stand up,
I was more than a little bit annoyed,
but the rain was too hard, the wind was too cold
and I shuffled my weary bones to the front door.

When I turned on the porch light,
I saw a young blonde, wet and shivering,
but still glowing with some sort of inner light,
and I didn’t think before inviting her in,
even though I’m not normally so open.

When I welcomed her inside
I noticed her smile, heard her say “Thank you;
but I know you took chance letting me in,
and I want you to know I am very grateful”
even as she seemed to glide into my home,
still wet, but amazingly alluring.

When I followed my young guest,
I couldn’t help but stare at her wet form
but saw that she was dry, yet her clothes still clung
and purple horns protruded from behind blonde bangs
even as a purple tail showed itself, and
still her eyes revealed an old, trusting soul
that was far lovelier than her body.

When I stepped closer to her
I heard her speak directly to my soul
but without a word: “You trust me, I can tell,
and stand there, not out of lust, but from true concern,”
even as her tail wrapped ‘round me: “Now just stay
still,” and worlds were birthed as we touched and more
when I met a succubi.


Thank you my heart for your words and friendship always…



Nov 13 2010

A Drawing a Sexy Succubus YouTube…

I discovered another art in progress YouTube this week, it’s a rather interesting example of how an artist takes the concept of “making a demon sexy” and gets what they describe as a Succubus out of it…

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:

And I am going to add an image of the final work here as well to ponder on…

I think this is an interesting version of a Succubus, although there are a couple of things that I don’t care for to be honest… But they are the ones that I usual am not that excited with really…

The number one thing is of course her hooves, never have really liked that aspect of Succubi in general that appears… Her wings are well made if perhaps slightly the wrong size for her…

Claws for hands are perhaps a bit on the dangerous side for a Succubus to use, but if you are going for a more nightmarish aspect, then it matches well…

Her tail is slightly thicker than I would have thought it should be for her body, but that is artistic license of course…

The artist that created this work is named Vanderpa127 and is, according to his profile on YouTube, a Canadian. More interestingly, he has a series of videos there of his drawing all sorts of various monsters and similar creatures. This video that I am sharing here is the 49th of the series for those that are wondering how many there might be. I hope that readers of the Tale will have a look at some of his works and leave comments!


Nov 12 2010

Vexing the Lost Girl Succubus…

It’s interesting to see where things start from and try to figure out why they went where they did. For example, were was our Succubus Bo coming from originally and why did that not continue on?

Episode eight of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. The interesting thing to note is that was in fact the pilot episode for the series as presented to Showcase Television. As such, it is somewhat different from the rest of the series that has aired so far, and, moreover, if shows us some facets of Bo as a Succubus that we have only seen hints about until now…

As usual, I will be posting thoughts every Friday of the week after an episode of Lost Girl is shown. I will be adding the individual episodes to the SuccuWiki somewhat sooner than that, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds out some truths about herself and the Fae and becomes…


The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) in an elevator in obvious pain. We switch between watching her trying to get somewhere in a building with Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) taking punches at a workout bag. Eventually he walks to the front door of what we assume is his apartment, opens it, and finds Bo bloody and obviously injured standing there. Initially he tells her to go away, but after some persuasion from Bo, he relents and lets her in. What follows in a rather steamy sex scene between the two that is just this side of being violent, if not animalistic in nature. Afterwards, Bo gets dressed again while she and Dyson talk about why she was hurt, she was on a job for her detective agency, how she is healing better, Bo thanks Lauren for that. Dyson comments that Lauren will never love Bo, to which Bo replies that it isn’t about love. Dyson tells Bo as she leaves that this will be the very last time he helps her to heal, that she needs to learn that for her own good. Bo just smiles and leaves the apartment moments later.

We then switch to an exterior view of a building, there is a light snowfall so we can assume that it is winter. Bo and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), approach it, open a locked door and go inside. They look around the building, commenting on Dyson’s attitude, the fact that Bo needs to choose a side, which she replies that she hates choosing teams. They are looking to meet someone there and come to find that person hanging from the ceiling quite dead.

Coming back from the opening credits, Bo and Kenzi approach the dead man and discover that he isn’t dead. He’s a vampire and very much alive. After he releases himself from the noose, Bo gives him a bag she is carrying which contains blood. In trade for that, Bo is expecting the vampire to give her information she is seeking on her past. The vampires, Siegfried (Jeffrey R. Smith) taunts Bo with the promise that he has found Bo’s mother. He gives her a newspaper article clipping of a woman that is described as a “Baby Killer” in exchange for the 20 blood bags that Bo gave him.

The next scene is Lauren (Zoie Palmer) examining Bo in her lab. Bo tries to make small talk with Lauren, noting that she likes the necklace that Lauren is wearing and other such small talk. Their discussion turns to Bo and her sexual contact with humans, she says that she isn’t in a hurry and wants to take that slowly, Lauren seems to agree with that idea, and asks who Bo is sexually active with. Bo replies Dyson to which Lauren seems if not uncomfortable with, she might be disappointed with. Lauren also notes that as Bo’s Doctor, she would be happier if she picked someone “less travelled.”

We then see Bo and Kenzi attempting to get into a prison to see the woman that Siegfried suggested they ask questions of. They do so with some fake IDs and the use of Bo’s powers on a guard that was not going to let the pair in. They do get in and meet Lou Ann (Brandi Ward), who is facing the death penalty for her crimes. Bo first comment upon seeing her face to face is that Lou Ann is Fae. The next questions are asking Lou Ann to tell Bo about her mother. Lou Ann calls Bo, The Foundling when she realizes who Bo is. Lou Ann does tell Bo that she only knows rumours about her and nothing else. Bo continues to press her trying to get something useful but fails. Bo then leaves with Kenzi to find Siegfried and find out why he lied to them as Bo suspects that something is going on.

Siegfried in the meanwhile is at his home cooking when he finds himself face to face with another Fae named Vex (Paul Amos). Vex then uses his powers to force Siegfried to place his hand in a garbage disposer and eventually kill himself in a gruesome manner. While that power is not exactly explained, it is quite clear that Vex is a Dark Fae of some status and power level. That power seems to be a mix of mind and body control over others in his presence, with which he makes them do whatever he wishes them to do.

We then see Dyson at the crime scene investigating Siegfried’s death. Bo appears and Dyson grills her on what she knew about Siegfried and why she was in contact with him. Finding out that it was part of Bo’s ongoing search for her mother only serves to disappoint him. Bo tries to get some information out of him and discovers that Lou Ann is a Dark Fae. She then asks for more information on Lou Ann and as well what happened to Siegfried. We find out that Lou Ann killed her children and that Siegfried’s heart was cut out of him as part of his murder. After a bit of further looking at the records, they discover that Siegfried didn’t defend himself or otherwise resisted what was happening.

Bo returns to Lou Ann and tells her that she knows that Lou Ann didn’t do the crime. Someone, a Fae most likely, made her do it and she is covering it up for some reason. Lou Ann then tells of her life and her mistakes in it, one of those being that she loved a human in spite of the rules that told her she was not allowed to. She also reveals that the children were killed in response to Lou Ann’s attempt to walk away from the Dark Fae and choose humanity, much like Bo is trying to do. Bo tries to reassure her by suggesting that she will talk to Lauren and through her The Ash for help in saving Lou Ann.

Lauren takes Bo to see The Ash (Clé Bennett) at his home. The first question he asks of Bo is if she has decided on a side to take. Bo replies that she wants help in saving Lou Ann. He refuses noting that it is a Dark Fae matter. Bo leaves, disgusted in The Ash’s attitude, leaving Lauren behind with him. The Ash tells Lauren to leave and she rushes after Bo to tell her that she is dealing with dangerous things and should stop before it is too late. Bo replies that if the Light will not help her, then she will use her Dark contacts.

Bo next visits Mayer (Aron Tager) with the hope that the favour he owes her can be used to figure out what is going on. Mayer tries to tell Bo to drop this case, to walk away from it because nothing good will come of it. He also tells her that all Fae whether Light or Dark must respect one important rule. That being to keep their existence secret from the humans. After further discussion about Bo not choosing a side she finally gets Mayer to agree to look into who is actually behind the murders.

Bo returns home to find Kenzi playing a video game called Robot Hookers. She leaves Kenzi telling her that she is going to take a long bath. While Bo is in the bathroom she is attacked by a Fae called a Morragh (Cheryl Quiacos), who tries to kill her, but fails when Bo drives a stake through the Morragh’s body and then electrocutes them.

Next we see Dyson and Bo together, Dyson tells her that is was not a sanctioned attempt on her life as she would not have survived such an attack. Bo is less than comforted by that information and is less than thrilled when Dyson tells her that she most choose a side to stay alive. Dyson suggests that she stay with him that night, she refuses because she sees it as pitying her.

Bo then goes to the Fae Bar to see Trick (Richard Howland) and try to get some real answers about what is going on. Trick seems shocked to know that she was attacked by a Morragh and takes her to his office for a talk. While this is going on, Lauren has been summoned by The Ash who tells her to somehow take control of Bo by whatever means is necessary, including using her friendship with Bo to do so. The Ash tells Lauren that the Fae responsible is named Vex and that he is not prepared to allow Bo to kill Vex as that would start a war between the Light and Dark Fae. When Lauren tells him that nothing has worked, he suggests that she use more intimate means to keep Bo on a leash.

Trick tells Bo some things that she didn’t know before. One of those being that The Ash owns Lauren and that is why Lauren carries a pendant with a particular mark always. Bo continues to ask question of Trick, one of them being that she wishes there was a book that listed all of the Fae. When Trick produces such a book, Bo comments with a smile tha she also wants a pony. Looking through the book, Bo learns about the Morragh, which apparently feeds on rage. As she does so, she reveals that she feeds on Chi or the human lifeforce. Trick explains that what she does is basically what all Fae do in various ways and means throughout time. Trick then gives her a weapon to use in her fight called a Searacon. Trick explains that the weapon is from the “old times”, that it is deadly to all Fae and that it will protect the user from corruption. Bo picks it up and it attaches itself to her right hand, a long blade extending from it as it does so.

We then see Lauren meeting Bo at the apartment, Lauren commenting that Lou Ann had dropped her appeal and that she thought that Bo wouldn’t want to be alone. Lauren tries to understand why Bo is still trying to save Lou Ann. When Bo attempts to leave, Lauren becomes intimate with her, the scene turning into a lovely soft romance between the two of them. Eventually the pleasures shared end and Bo returns her thoughts to finding the person responsible for what is happening to Lou Ann. Lauren tries to stop her and lets slip that she knows that a Fae named Vex is responsible. Bo then puts the pieces together and realizes that the only reason that Lauren shared a bed with her was because The Ash ordered her to do so, thus turning Bo against Lauren because of what she had done in the name of The Ash. Bo then leaves in disgust with Lauren.

Bo then returns to Mayer and calls in the debt he owes her (from the episode Dead Lucky) to find out where Vex is. He relents and gives her the information, but tells Bo that Vex is a favourite of the Dark Elders and she doesn’t want that trouble. Bo takes the information and then leaves.

What follows next is a series of intercuts between Bo’s preparations to kill Vex and the preparations to kill Lou Ann. As part of the scenes with Lou Ann, we also see that Trick is there at the execution as a witness to the event. The execution proceeds and we see Lou Ann killed by lethal injection. The last image is of Bo, armed to the teeth and going after Vex.

We find Vex in a strip club waiting for Bo to appear. She arrives and he taunts her for a time before taking control of her body and making her aim a knife at her stomach. She fights him as best she can, all the while Vex continues to taunt and play with her seeming in the knowledge that she cannot resist his control. Meanwhile, at the Fae Bar, Dyson is playing pool with Kenzi when Lauren arrives, tells him that Bo is going after Vex and where that is. We also learn that Vex is a Fae called a Mesmer. He leaves with Kenzi accompanying him.

Bo is on the floor, the knife she is holding slowly cutting into her stomach. Vex, being overconfident, approaches closer and, to his surprise, Bo uses the Searacon to break his control over her and hurls him away. He still tries to take the upper hand by continuing to taunt Bo about cheating, but she ignores that, placing the Searacon to his throat ready to kill him. He attempts to save himself by offering her information on her mother, to which Bo attempts to get that from him. At that moment Dyson and Kenzi arrive, Dyson pulls Bo from Vex and tells him to leave. Vex does so after a final taunt to Bo. Bo does not want him to escape and tries to follow but it blocked by Dyson. Overwhelmed by emotion, Bo takes the Searacon to Dyson’s throat but relents when Dyson tells her that he cares about her and that Vex knows nothing about her and that no one else does. Bo yells at Dyson as he leaves that someone has to know. Kenzi takes hold of Bo and tells her that they should go home.

The episode ends in the prison morgue with Lou Ann in a body bag. The bag suddenly begins to move and then Lou Ann breaks out of it very much alive, and waiting there for her is Trick who tells her that they need to talk.

Fade to black…

I need to get something off my horns first of all.

Why can’t the series be this good every week? This was a prime example of a well written, tightly shot episode that kept your interest, had an amazing amount of character development and moreover, actually made you care about what was happening. I haven’t really felt that in the series as a whole and if there is any hope in my heart about the series, I pray that they continue to move in this direction and not in the “reset every episode” manner they have in the past.

There were appearances by characters in the past that closed up loose ends in the series, there was use of the background of the Fae that we haven’t see such a revealing use of before. We saw parts of the Fae world that we knew nothing of before and, actually had some important parts of it explained!

Now I have mentioned that this was in fact the pilot episode, not the eighth one, but the previous episodes that have connections with this one fit in well considering where this episode now falls in the actual release order. Here’s the thing however, in past episodes they laid out certain plot points. Like Mayer for example, who’s arc seems to have come to a close with this episode. But they have opened up several other arcs that can be followed if they dare to.

The biggest one being Vex. He is a proper villain for the series in a lot of ways, the main one being that he actually managed to challenge Bo to the point where, if she didn’t have that gift from Trick, she would have lost the fight. All of the other challenges Bo has faced haven’t had the same level of danger to be honest. That needs to continue somehow, possibly in the season finale, which, might explain what the Oracle saw in Bo during the Dead Lucky episode.

Onto Bo in this episode, she did act about as Succubus-like as I have seen her in this episode. Not just in her scenes with Dyson and with Lauren, but it was the self assuredness that she displayed that really caught my attention. Of course there was still the little bits of humour and fun that we have come to expect, but with that was an intensity that really hasn’t been present in the series to this point with her.

Kenzi once again was wearing a wig that didn’t suit her worth a darn, and she was not seen enough really in this episode. It was a pleasure to see her in the two main scenes she was in, but I couldn’t help looking at her wig and wondering why they would make her look like that. I mean, long blonde hair in or not in pigtails does not work for her at all. Still, as always she was a joy to watch and did stellar work as always…

Lauren was, I have to say, a disappointment in one major way, that being her actions with Bo at the will of The Ash. Now I know that was something needed plotwise, but what really caught me was the level of hurt that Bo showed and in contrast, the almost lack of real hurt in Lauren over it all. I am not sure why Lauren doesn’t show her emotions well, but it is something that needs to be improved on for her character to grow. Being happy is Lauren’s world, anything else I just have problems reading her…

Dyson was a hard ass in this episode, but that fits with the series so far, so it’s expected. The problem is that the actions and comments he makes in this episode do not connect well with the past episodes we have seen. That smells of a continuity error somewhere along the line and I can’t blame the actor for it. Still that should not have happened.

The Ash was played with the aloofness I expected from his appearances in the past, but the absolute heartlessness of how he used Lauren to try and control Bo was a surprise to me. I wonder if this has now pushed Bo towards the Dark Fae as a result. That could very well happen I think as she has been obviously hurt badly by Lauren’s actions.

Trick just became more and more interesting this week, it makes for so many questions about what his role is and what power he holds. Just the objects he possesses are proof enough of that, but his being able to get into the execution or to be in the morgue when Lou Ann revives means that he has some kind of status. Could he be as powerful in the Fae would as The Ash or The Morrigan? It could be very possible… I hope so…

My rating of Vexed

Keeping my interest – 5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 5 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.5 Pitchforks out of 5

The highest rating of the entire series so far. And it really deserves it. I know that in my heart this should have been the first episode aired, if for no other reason than it opens up so much of this universe to us. I’ve said it before in reviews that the one thing that I think holds the show back is all of the end of show resets that they do. I’m hoping that for once they carry all that happened in this episode forwards. Mind you, if I see Lauren and Bo all happy together next week, that will be disappointing beyond words…

This Sunday, Episode Nine: A fun-filled Fae “high holiday” turns potentially deadly when a Banshee wail predicts the death of someone in Trick’s bar to occur within the next 12 hours. After a scramble that puts Bo and Dyson on the Banshee’s trail, the two learn the name of the Light Fae (Sean) who’s marked for death – and his last wish is for them to help him reconcile with his Dark Fae brother. Bo has to heal the rift between the two brothers at great risk to herself, while trying to unravel and prevent the mysterious death omen hanging over Sean.

Well, it’s not Christmas that is coming for this episode I am quite sure, though what they call the day in question I hope is better than “Fae Day”. That’s a bit low on the imagination scale really. Still, a Banshee will be interesting to see, and I hope that they don’t forget what happened in this week’s episode. They have to stop doing the resets or everything gained in this episode is for naught…

Breaking News! The Lost Girl series has been renewed for a second season according to an announcement from Showcase that you can find here.


Nov 11 2010

One Moment on Remembrance Day by the Succubi Queen…

This is Remembrance Day and so the Succubi’s Tale pauses today for a moment. One that matters. To us all.


One Moment

By TeraS

Once a year a day comes

to think about the past . . .

to think about what some gave . . .

the day we’re asked to pause

just pause for a short minute

on the eleventh month . . .

eleventh day . . .

eleventh hour . . .

It comes and then passes.

Once a year a day comes.

Most forget that day.

It is not important . . .

it is not relevant . . .

it does not matter . . .

they say that and more.

That is their right.

It is their choice.

But they all forget

why they have the right

to forget the lives . . .

to forget the sacrifice . . .

to forget the lost . . .

to forget the maimed . . .

to forget the forgotten . . .

Once a year a day comes.

Some will never remember.

Some will never forget.

Some will never see.

Some will never be able to ignore

what happened for a moment

that took something away . . .

that left part of them behind . . .

that can never be brought back.

Once a year a day comes.

I cannot understand . . .

I cannot experience . . .

I cannot feel . . .

I cannot . . .

because I was not there in that moment.

But I can pause . . .

I can cry . . .

I can wish . . .

I can give

one moment . . .

Can you?


Something to think about in the world that we are privileged to see.

Special thank you to James as always with his help in my scattered words…

The Succubi of the Week will return next week as usual.