Mar 01 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 528

There are, from time to time, art of succubi in which the background and what’s going on around the succubus is as interesting as she is. For this week’s succubi, an image in which the succubus herself tells a story, but then so does the rest of the picture being painted. Her name is Shiklah and, at one time, she was intimately connected with Deadpool in that comic book series. For me, it’s what hasn’t been told about her that’s as interesting as what has been.

Shiklah by Candra

Shiklah by Candra


This work is by the artist Candra on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found on DeviantArt here as well.

Overall, I think this is one of the most amazing images of Shiklah that I have found. She’s powerful, seductive and it feels like there’s a lot of her character coming out in this work. Lovely eyes, her pursed lips are just right. A pose that offers so much to see of her, and yet the balance of the story is also told by the little creature she’s petting and the chaos that is swirling around her.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed in her character arc. Perhaps that’s something to ponder about sometime. That said, this art is a delightful portrait of a succubus of power, unafraid of who she is and what she can do.



Feb 28 2018

At least you’ll be warm in this costume if nothing else…

Let's Heat Things Up CostumeSometimes I’m not sure if I’ve found a costume or something that’s trying to be a costume, but isn’t succeeding. Case in point this week with this lovely example of something that isn’t sexy, doesn’t have much going for it, and one other thing. The image doesn’t tell the truth and in doing so just makes the entire thing look worse still.

This is called the Let’s Heat Things Up Costume and it comes with the bodysuit and the horns. That’s all. The tail, stockings, boots and pitchfork are not included and what’s more concerning is that this uninspiring mess sells for $89 US, but you can find it for a mere $65 on sale sometimes.

It’s just so very plain, not sexy, doesn’t have a lot going for it really at all. It’s sort of like a jumper and not much else, even the horns are the lousy ones with bits of fluff attached to them.

What’s more disappointing is that the accessories appear like they are part of this, but they aren’t and if you did collect them all, this entire disaster would cost upwards of $155 US.

Now, much of that is in the boots of course, which as a complete tangent I rather like, but there are so many other costumes at that price level that look better and have so much more going for them that there’s no point in putting something like this together.

Half a pitchfork out of five, and that’s only because of the boots.

Nothing here, the sexy didn’t make it to the design meeting it seems, and it would have been nice if they’d at least put her horns on straight before the photo shoot happened…



Feb 24 2018

A rather unique Succubus short story YouTube

From time to time I find short films on YouTube that have an interesting view on Succubi. They may be tending a bit more on the horror aspects than I like, but along the way something interesting comes along. This time on the Tale, a story film called Succubus, created by Matthew Pizzato which explores something that I can’t recall ever having seen being done before.


If you cannot see this film here on the Tale, please try this link.

I will note that the film is a bit violent, there’s quite a bit of blood at times as well. That said, the theme that the creator indicated the film was about tells the story of how succubi reproduce. That’s interesting because here it where the film tells a story underneath the blood and other such things.

The film is a little scattered at times, occasionally trying to find its way as well. But the characters are interesting, there’s a few points where the relationships turned odd, but that still worked as well.

The one thing to keep in mind is that this is an interpretation of the succubi, and while it doesn’t quite match up with the traditional mythos in a lot of ways, that doesn’t take away from the story itself. Quite frightening at times, there’s gallons of blood all over the place, but overall it’s just something interesting and different.



Feb 23 2018

A Review of Incubus Drive: A Sluttification Tale by Gale Crowley

Incubus Drive: A Sluttification Tale by Gale Crowley

Incubus Drive: A Sluttification Tale by Gale Crowley

At times there are books that feel like they were rushed to sale. That can be from the characters being one-dimensional, the plot being wafer-thin or the editing being almost non-existent. Perhaps the most telling thing is when a book is released and the summary reads “placeholder”. That’s fine for a few days or a week, but beyond that, one wonders.

Setting all that aside, in the telling of a story in which there is mind control, transformation, evil corporations and betrayal, not getting past the sex into the story why things are takes a lot away. The appearance of an incubus for about one pages worth of story doesn’t explain anything either.

Erotica is more than describing oral sex with a phone, it’s how everything came to be and in not revealing that, there’s a lot of story left wanting.

  • Title: Incubus Drive: A Sluttification Tale
  • Author: Gale Crowley
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B07B269BYY
  • Publishing Date: February 23, 2018
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:


As much as I’d like to say that’s a joke, the actual book summary is “placeholder” and nothing else. So that leaves it to me to summarize things: Cassie’s been given a chance to be a beta tester of a new mobile app. But there’s something odd about it. It seems to crash all the time, it seems like a joke and a waste of time at first. But everyday the app becomes more and more interesting. There’s something strange about the app, something odd about what’s happening to Cassie the longer she’d exposed to it. Her thoughts turn more and more towards sex everyday, her body is changing, and when the truth is revealed, will it be too late for Cassie?

Overall the work is a mixture of mind control, twisted technology, body transformation, a lot of oral sex in a strange way, and, for but an instant, the appearance of an incubus. In spite of the book title, the work is less about an incubus than it is about Cassie being sucked into the control of the app and being twisted by it.

Much of the story is spent in Cassie’s thoughts being muddled by the app, redirected and otherwise focused on sex alone. There’s not actually that much erotica overall, in that much of the erotica involves Cassie being made to interact with the surprising features of the app. There is some heat in that, but I didn’t feel like that heat really pulled me into the work as much as I would have liked.

The incubus of the work, who never is given a name, is very much a one-dimensional character, having one purpose and one thought as to what to do with Cassie. His appearance is far too short, tells nothing as to how things came to be, and just acts as a means to push the story towards the conclusion.

The conclusion is really disappointing in that there’s hints of something going on, something far more interesting than all the time spent over Cassie’s sudden oral fixations. But it’s never explored, only mentioned in passing and when something of a reveal appears, it’s more about gloating than it is about explaining the incubus, or for that matter, anything else.

As a mind control story, the heat in the writing tries to make up for the lack of plot or character development, but really it doesn’t. The transformation is very quick and, again, is more about the heat than anything else. It’s all of the missing background, how things work, who the incubus is, why he’s there, that leaves so many holes in the story that bother me.

The work does end on a point where a part two would make sense. If that does happen, perhaps more time can be spent in telling the story behind this story, if only to satisfy my questions and musings. Still, there’s a lot to be desired here, and the author should start with putting a better plot summary up than the single word there is. There’s also a real need for some more editing, there are a number of tense and word errors to clean up, not to ignore that more character development around Cassie, her friends and the incubus himself, would make this work so much better.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really not a story about an incubus, more a story about mind control and that does work to a point. It’s somewhat rough around the edges, more care in editing and development would really make this something better.

It is a good start, I’d like to see what comes next, who the incubus is. I have my thoughts about that, perhaps that will appear sometime.



Feb 22 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 527

There is a game called Summoner’s War, which I haven’t played and really know nothing about. That said, there is a succubus in the game, her name is… Aria. While she isn’t the Aria I know and love… the idea makes me smile and so, for this week’s succubi, there really wasn’t any other choice…

Aria SW by dessian6085

Aria SW by dessian6085


This work is by the artist dessian6085 on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this artist’s work here and their page on DeviantArt here as well.

Delightfully cute, the artist has created something wonderful here which I think looks so much better than what the game itself shows. I do like the touch of her holding a flower and her expression, both in smile and the twinkle in her eyes, is just amazing.

The headwings are a bit of a bother, as they are for me, but overall I like her look, her pose and it’s a lovely expression of her character by far.



Feb 21 2018

My you have big horns… and lousy hair…

Red and Black Wig With HornsAnother in the long running series of wigs with horns that make me cringe. This time it’s not just the horns, the lousy looking hair or even how tacky the entire thing looks. Somehow the expression this model has just takes this wig into the stratosphere of tackiness…

This really doesn’t have a name, it’s just described as a red and black wig with horns and it sells for $27 US on the sites I found it on.

I just find this really tacky and that’s saying something. I’ve come across wigs that are just really lousy or over the top, but this is the sort of thing that makes me cringe.

Mind you, the idea of the model getting out of bed and looking like this makes me laugh, so that something.

Still, the horns are silly and over the top, the hairstyle is a complete disaster area and while I sort of see the reason for that, it doesn’t mean I have to like this much, if at all…

One pitchfork out of five.

I’m being a little generous here, but really I’ve come to realize that putting red highlights in my hair and wearing some really good looking horns goes a lot further than anything like this ever could.



Feb 17 2018

A Tempting Succubus Design YouTube…

I do love the artwork created by the artist known as Reiq. They’ve shared some delightfully sexy succubi among other delights and it’s always fun to discover something I hadn’t found before. Today on the Tale, a YouTube of the artist creating a succubus character, on an iPad mind you, which I think is amazing.


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case the video disappears, here’s a screenshot of the completed art as well.


Succubus Character Design by Reiq

Succubus Character Design by Reiq


I get the most striking scifi vibe from this succubus character in a lot of ways. Those chunky heels for one, her interesting bodysuit, which as an aside would make for quite the distracting spacesuit I think. There’s a neat regal look to her as well, a presence, and that brings to mind a scifi epic about a succubus invasion of some sort.

While I ponder that idea, that tail of hers is a bit odd, but with her overall look it does work and I like it far better having thought about it a bit, that I did at first. One of the more unique succubi and one that is just really something to think about.