Feb 15 2011

Temptations 99

Sometimes the hunted can be the hunter. Or is it that the Succubi hunt the unwary?


Temptations 99

By TeraS and Entranced

Jason looked up to the woman, surprised and suddenly struck by how beautiful she was.

His face covered in camouflage and a quiver full of arrows on his back, Jason felt rather silly all of the sudden. Then again, here was a mounted rider in the forest, who looked absolutely stunning, speaking like a English Duchess. ((Or Queen…))

Jason blinked and dismissed the sudden thoughts of midevil chivalry and court life. There simply wasn’t anything in the world like that anymore. At least not here in America.

Suddenly, Jason’s usual social cues took over, even in this strange setting.

“Sorry, miss. I thought I was on public land. I didn’t see any signs to warn off any trespassers and the park ranger told me all twenty square miles was national parkland.” Jason frowned.

“I’ll get out of here, let me just…” Jason fumbled into his pockets for his compass and was stunned to find the thing spinning out of control. It was a strange sight. There shouldn’t be that much magnetism anywhere, except near a LOT of metal.

Jason looked back up at the strange woman and sighed, once, the imagine of the fleeing deer in his mind, strangely.

“I’m sorry miss. My ahh…compass is broken. If you could just tell me the way off your land, I’ll head that way now…”

She considered him and then said, “The lands upon which you tread are, in their way, for everyone, they are in another way for those that appreciate them more.” Her horse shifted position to his right and then she continued, “It is, generally, expected of those that enter that they tread lightly and leave these lands as they are… That was the agreement when access was given to some of it… You should have been made aware that this part of the lands is private. Only certain persons are welcomed, nay, allowed to be standing where you are Sir….”

She patted her hose’s mane and then asked, “To be here, especially one that is obviously a hunter, is rare and somewhat surprising… Pray tell what drew you to this place? More importantly, besides your sudden need to leave, what would be have done? And why the immediate need to escape? Are you the hunted and the hunter in one?”

A long look followed that with a last question, “Is chivalry not still important to those of honour? Is not having honour important? It would be pleasant if you might remember that in your words Sir…”

The entire experience was so surreal.

Jason shouldered his bow, tilting his head, looking at the woman and suddenly feeling drawn in to her world.

“I was hunting a deer through this forest, miss. She was quite beautiful. It was my intent to continue the hunt until I had killed her and taken her body back with me to my home…”

Jason blinked, never having thought or explained hunting like this before.

“I’m not sure what drew me to this place. A need to feel alive again? A need to feel the thrill of the chase? Perhaps I knew ultimately that I would meet a force in this forest which would give chase?”

Jason thought for a second, amazed at the tranquil setting and the strange words which poured out of his mouth.

“My name is Jason McCallister, miss. It’s a pleasure to meet you…and I hope I haven’t disturbed your ride by coming through here.” Jason’s eyes flashed to her chest but then quickly to her eyes, where a gentleman’s eyes should be.

Jason swallowed, his throat suddenly dry.


I really should have offered him water in my reply…


Feb 14 2011

The Succubi Queen’s Valentine Day Gift

((Storm Clouds returns next Monday…))

It is Valentine’s Day, and for this one, I wanted to share something with my online family…

So this is for you all, and I hope some of you visit and see it today…


By TeraS

The big day arrived,
as it did every year.
Tera was busy;
it was Valentine’s here.

She had been planning
in her own special way,
figuring out what
she’d give family today.

She gathered her plans
(AngelKitties helped her),
opened a portal,
and bampfed (her favorite power).

All her loved ones’ homes
each soon had a portal
so she could slip in,
make Valentine’s special.

Just one rose, for love,
her tail’s colour, for sure;
a vase to hold it,
like her hair, black and pure.

Etched on there, in red,
was one straightforward line:
“I love each of you;
oh please always be mine.”

She went to them each,
her family, one by one,
her Brother, her Love,
Hero, Daughter, and Son,

her toys and her thralls,
then her heart and her Pet.
Eternal of course!
So many . . . and yet . . .

each one got a vase
that would be theirs to keep,
a symbol of her
and her love, oh-so deep.

The sun was near set.
She was done with her roam.
She thanked the Kitties
and watched them go home.

The house lights were on
as she opened the door.
She was looking for Keith
as she found many more:

all of her family
waiting, gathered right there,
each holding the gift
she had given with care.

They told her, hearts full,
just how silly she was.
They knew she loved them,
knew deep down, just because.

That’s when the tears came
(all quite happy, she said)
She was embrassed
and she blushed, her cheeks red.

This day wasn’t hers,
nor her friends playing hosts’.
On Valentine’s Day
it is love matters most.

Then her family saw:
her Tail, all full of wiles,
held a sign back there.
All of them had broad smiles.

Tera turned to see
and joined in the giggles
at its firm command:
“Darn it! Give her huggles!”


Happy Valentine’s Day to all that I call my family wherever you are…


Feb 13 2011

A Review of Save My Soul by Zoe Winters

This time as a book review, I am going to have a look at a tale that is about an Incubus rather than a Succubus and how the decisions we make come back to haunt us eventually. The work is by Zoe Winters and is titled Save My Soul, the second book by this author in the Preternaturals series.

The story is set in and around a town called Golatha Falls. A woman named Anna Worthington returns to her hometown and for reasons she does not quite understand at the time, purchases an old house on Cranberry Lane with some of her inheritance.

All seems well at first, but then it appears that she has a visitor in the house.

A ghostly one. One named Beatice, and she seems not to want to have Anna there.

After an incident with someone she knows in the town from high school, the ghost is revealed to be an Incubus named Luc that explains he has been trapped there for fifty years.

Over the course of the story, Luc finds himself in love with Anna, and she with him. That relationship is strained by Luc’s need to feed regularly on women in the mansion, and Anna’s inability to break the curse that traps him there. The curse requires the owner of the mansion to burn it to the ground in order to free Luc, and Anna loves the house too much to do that.

She attempts every other means of breaking the curse, from the church to Wiccans to television shows about supernatural hauntings but nothing works. Eventually, things come to a head, a choice is made and the secret of why Anna was drawn to the mansion is revealed.

Overall I rather enjoyed this work. The characters were well defined and I felt like I had a vested interest in what happened to them. A few of them were somewhat irritating, such as the elderly sisters Bitsy and Mimi, who are the classic nosey old women in this story. Anna’s friend Tam, who is a witch and it part of a Coven in the town, was very interesting and it was a bit of a shame that we didn’t get more of her background than what we did in the story.

There is a however in my thoughts. That being the climax of the story, when secrets are revealed and the answers given, seemed to be very rushed to me. I thought that the explanation was a good one, but, it could have taken a longer period of time to get through. Not to mention that the resolution at the end of the story seemed almost like a powerpoint presentation. That was a shame because the rest of the story was well done, written and had the emotional context it should have in it.

There was a noticeable lack of heat in some of the more intimate moments in the story. We are taking about an Incubus here and you might expect that those scenes would be very hot in nature, but for the most part, when Luc is feeding on others to the dismay of Anna, there is really nothing given of those moments.

There is one scene in the book when Luc and Anna have their first real moment together that was sweet and at the same time very erotic. Not to spoil that, but I thought that it got around the problem that Luc had with feeding very well and I give full props to the author for figuring out the method.

The story leaves several doors open at the end of it, some spiritual, some relationships, and some interestingly vague. It wouldn’t take much to continue the story of Luc and Anna further, but based on the first book by this author, which I won’t review on the Tale because there are no Succubi or Incubi in it, I have the feeling that these characters will never return again.

Which is a shame.

I’m giving this work four pitchforks out of five.

A bit more heat, a little more closure, and perhaps a better close and this could have gotten five…


Feb 12 2011

A Morrigan Art in Progress YouTube…

I discovered another one of those Morrigan Aensland art in progress YouTubes this week and I thought it was something interesting to share…

In case the embedding doesn’t work:


The one thing that is a shame is that the entire process is not shared with us. You get the beginnings of the art and then all of a sudden you see the note that the recording failed and here is the final art message from the creator.

It’s kind of disappointing in a way, though that’s not the artist’s fault, computers blow up from time to time, you have to expect that…

Still I would have been interested in seeing the full progression from black page to the complete Succubus that we all know and love…

Perhaps the artist will consider making another one sometime soon…

I do think they have an interesting take on Morrigan and I would love to see another piece of art featuring her…

The artist’s name is Steffon Bedford and has a DeviantArt page here. You can also see the completed work on their DeviartArt site here as well. They have a good number of other fantasy works that are really interesting and quite well done too…


Feb 11 2011

Some interesting Naamah Artwork…

I was looking through Cafe Press this week and found an interesting piece of artwork that is described as being of the Succubus known as Naamah…

I would like to tell you who the artist is, but the page that shows this work claims the artist’s name, or at least the person selling this work, is also named Naamah. This makes is a bit difficult to figure out exactly where to locate more of this artist’s works…

This is an aspect of a Succubus that, to be honest, I have never seen before. She almost seems to be a mix of Egyptian and cyberpunk art in a way. She doesn’t have what I would describe as a “normal” face, but she does have the horns and wings of a Succubus. The lower part of her form seems to be merged with what I can only describe, now that I think about it, as something similar to Geiger’s famous artwork, though a reflection of it and not part of it.

On the one hand is it interesting in the mix of themes around her, but I think that I would have liked it more had her tail been there as well…

This art is available on various items on Cafe Press, I found it myself here on this page where it is offered as part of a set of greeting cards…

A unique work I think…

Could result in a story or two with some luck…


Feb 10 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 163

I came across what I think is a very interesting image of a Succubus for this week’s image… While there is one part of it that really doesn’t do a lot for me, the balance of it could well become a story or two…

There is no larger image to see of this work, unfortunately this is the largest copy of this work that I could find which is, I admit, a shame…

As always, when it comes to images of Succubi, the hooves are something that I don’t care for much, but that, as always, is is a matter of the artist’s choice. What I do like is her hair and horns, really nicely drawn I think. But more so the horn she is carrying and the sword are of interest to me.

I wonder what they are used for?

The sword is, I admit obvious, but the horn makes me wonder a bit. It’s something that I think is not really “Succubus” like in a way, but perhaps it is used to call upon her sisters? It probably makes the most sense in a way if it did…

I have no idea who the artist is that created this work, so if anyone has a clue, please leave a comment so I can properly credit the artist!


Feb 09 2011

This Costume isn’t a Succubus Lady…

Once again I have to wonder about the people that design costumes. This costume is one example of a Succubus costume that, to me, is less than it should really be.

This costume is called a Lady Devil Costume and comes with the red devil dress shown in the picture. It has flared sleeves, and off the shoulder styling whth a shimmer fabric bodice, and a pair of red devil horns The stockings and shoes as well as the pitchfork are not included with the costume.

And it sells for $33 US all over the internet.

Honestly I can’t see why it is.

What I mean by that is, I can’t see why this is at all that popular a costume as it is. There isn’t anything that sexy about it really, nor does it have a tail, or for that matter anything that remotely seems succubus like save for the horns.

The costume is simply one that could be turned any costume and then packaged as any number of other fantasy characters really…

I can’t see any way to save it either. There is nothing about it that I like, and even if I did like the shoes, which I really don’t all that much, since they aren’t part of the costume it doesn’t matter that much now does it?

This gets a quarter of a pitchfork out of five. It gets that only for the horns which look like they might be something I could use with another costume.

But really it is not worth the consideration at all in a Succubus costume…