Nov 15 2016

A Review of The Succubi Mansion: A Place Where Demons Lurk by Alicia Collins

The Succubi Mansion: A Place Where Demons Lurk by Alicia Collins

The Succubi Mansion: A Place Where Demons Lurk by Alicia Collins

The thing about telling a story is that, sometimes, the minutia gets in the way. The world around the characters takes on its own life, telling a story of its own and in doing so the characters get a bit lost in the shuffling of the tale to be told. It is important to tell of what’s going on, who’s there, and what happens along the way. The issue becomes when the path to the ending doesn’t really tell so much as shows what’s going on.

The question of what you desire isn’t the same as what you love. There’s a difference between them, a gulf that one needs to cross sometimes. Being offered an answer, but not knowing the question makes for confusion, uncertainty and, most of all, distrust. Sometimes it is the latter that matters the most.

The work tells the story of:

Jordan knows what she wants in life–to sketch and be left alone to play video games. She enjoys her life as much as the next girl, but during one night of weakness, she finds shelter in the sanctuary of online chat rooms. After hours of trying to find the right fit, a mysterious message arrives: “Do you know the Succubi Mansion?” Her answer is going to change her entire life.

Jordan finds her way to a world in which there are strange things, stranger people and the question of what’s real is something she can’t quite put her finger on. Being led by one’s nose doesn’t always mean what it seems to be. More so, making a deal without understanding isn’t much of a deal at all.

The one thing that this work seems to be missing is focus. There are so many layers under which each character exists that what’s real and what isn’t becomes blurred. There are some very interesting scenes, moments of thoughtful contemplation, but then the story rushes off in another direction, or Jordan gets pushed off another way. The story reads, in a lot of ways, as sort of looking through a distorted window, trying to make sense of what is seen.

Possibly the most interesting, yet confusing characters are the succubi in this work. The tease of what is going on really interested me, but then how the characters themselves went about the scenes, almost sleepwalking, if not in confusion, made it hard at time to figure out what was going on. The mystery is delightful, the story has a lot of promise, but it really doesn’t develop as far as I’d hoped it might.

There isn’t any erotica to speak of, really this isn’t so much a work of erotica as it is a mystery to discover and to watch unfold. There’s not a lot of need for erotica either, considering Jordan herself, her background, and her encounter with the succubi. There’s more to reveal than a hot flash or two, which was the best thing really to do.

Jordan gets some hints about what’s going on, finds something she needs, and that transformation of her character I adored. Seeing her get a clue about what was happening was telling, but then came the ending and I think that it didn’t add very much to the story overall. It does open a clear door to another work, it tells of a choice made, but its so fast and abrupt that it felt like an afterthought and I wish it wasn’t.

The characters are interesting, the main plot kept my interest. But it was the sidetracks, the odd encounters and how Jordan was not quite connecting with the characters she met until the story was close to the ending. Perhaps this work might have been better served to be split into two, the arrival and the departure, allowing for the time needed for the story to breathe.

Three out of five pitchforks.

It’s a bit confusing, a bit scattered, but the underlying plot interests me. I would have liked more focus, perhaps a little less obliqueness in the dialogue and events as well. I think the author has a lot of good ideas, but rushed through them far too quickly.

There appears to be a second work to come, I will be looking for it to see how things develop from here. Jordan has found something, then lost it. It’s the finding it again that holds me. I hope the author can find a way to focus more on the telling than the shadows that abound around Jordan.



Nov 15 2016

A Review of Gasping For Ghosts by Juno North

Gasping For Ghosts by Juno North

Gasping For Ghosts by Juno North

The ending of a story is as important as the characters, the plot, and the erotica, should that come with the story. It isn’t right to tell a story that is detailed, interesting, and then leave the ending to be summed up in a single sentence at the most.

As well, sometimes hiding what a character might be can add a little bit of mystery, but then leaving that vague can be disappointing. Heat within a story is always good, but a little clarity can go a long way too. Finding that balance and building on it is not an easy thing.

  • Title: Gasping For Ghosts
  • Author: Juno North
  • Length: 23 Pages
  • ASIN: B018GX16BY
  • Publishing Date: November 23, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Ashley’s awoken some unexpected spirits…

Ghost hunting on a stormy night. What could go wrong? But Ashley finds more chills and thrills than she expected when she stumbles onto some very horny ghosts. These spiritual ladies are bored—and Ashley is exactly what they want. The afterlife is long, and they and the resident incubus can have a great deal of fun with one pretty mortal that’s stumbled into their home…

Ashley’s never had a field experience before that includes stripping, licking and filling…

Ashley goes hunting for the supernatural and she finds they are quite the horny things. Three temptations tease her before an Incubus comes to take her too. It isn’t a dream, but will she ever awaken from the seduction and then the dominance?

The work mainly focuses upon the erotica, that being Ashley encountering three female ghost-like beings, and then shortly thereafter, also an Incubus. However, there’s actually quite a lot of story telling and character creation at the beginning of the work and I think that added a lot to things as a whole. Ashley has a life, a purpose, and even some of the other characters rub her the wrong way.

When the erotica begins, it is actually quite sneaky in how it creeps up on Ashley and that worked to bring anticipation to the story, a bit of fear to Ashley and I rather enjoyed that. The work tends to be more focused on the erotica, but even so that isn’t silly or over the top in how things are told. There’s a nice “reality” to the scenes and I enjoyed that.

The three female ghosts are a question however in that their actions seem to be, as a whole, more succubus-like than ghosts. However who they are and what they really are isn’t resolved. It’s a shame really because they are more present than Ashley at times even if they are invisible for the most part. They could well be succubi, but that isn’t revealed before the incubus of the work appears.

The overall story spends most of the time with Ashley and her three “ghosts” teasing her, playing with her and it makes for a lovely hot flash of erotica. In comparison, when the Incubus appears the heat is somewhat muted. The story moves from seduction to dominance and in doing so the loss of the seduction is quite clear. When this happens, the heat begins to ebb away as there just doesn’t seem to be a connection between Ashley and the incubus.

While the preceding scene was long and hot, the second scene is quick and to the point before it ends, the incubus vanishes and then some surprises await Ashley. The telling of what has been happening, what Ashley is offered is rather unique and I wanted to see that play out further.

The ending however is rushed, too short for all that came before and being so was disappointing. While the abruptness was one issue, the other is that the ending is a bit unclear as to what exactly happened afterwards. Ashley is asked a question, but doesn’t answer, and yet the ending seems to suggest that she might have. It’s confusing to a point and I think it didn’t need to be.

A longer ending, even if that was only for Ashley to express herself, remember what happened, or  reveal the true ending would have been a good way to end things. As it is, the heat is still in the story, but the ending dampens that somewhat.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A hot flash of erotica with a good bit of story to tie everything together. A bit more clarity on the three ghosts, who I think are Succubi, but that’s my view of things, would have helped as making the ending less of a rush and more substantial.



Nov 14 2016

Devoted By TeraS

I regret to say that Part Six of The Second Coming … well … isn’t coming this week. I’m not feeling all that well and in this part of the story there’s a scene that I need to fiddle with, but I just haven’t been able to focus on doing so … That will come and, I think, giving it another week’s thought will make it far better than it is.

However …

There is a story to tell—there’s always a story to tell, after all. That story can be one that tells of a single word and what it means to them. After all … some are …


By TeraS


Imagine, if you will, you see across a room the single thing you’ve always wanted, desired, were open to regardless of the cost.

It’s … her.

You’ve dreamed about her smile, her lovely ruby red lips that seduce you from afar; the shine of light in the room which brings out the achingly kissable texture of her lips, which you can feel, somehow, kissing your own from so far away, her eyes … her so wonderfully, deeply emerald-green eyes that pierce through the darkness of the room, capturing your own with but a glance in your direction. That darkness is pale in comparison with her wild raven mane, framing her lovely tanned flesh.

You can see, feel—and that shiver is thrilling—her mischievous power, how it caresses your soul, your mind. Your thoughts are drifting towards what she tastes like, how thrilling it would be to worship but the smallest little piece of her.

It would be, would it not, the one thing you’ve desired?

You pause there, far away, observing her. There’s that little nagging thought telling you that you aren’t worthy of her, that she’d never really cast a second thought about someone like you. The vision, the one that you hold deep inside, of kneeling, obeying, serving is but a fantasy, isn’t it?

But …

… it’s … her.

She’s holding court, there’s really no other way to explain it. The deference of those around her is clear, beyond reproach. The room has others, of course. They attract their own: those who have come to their own choices, believe in them—trust given for the bliss asked for. You could, of course, simply go off and find one, be accepted by them, have a place with them.

But …

… it’s … her.

Others pass between her and you, your breath catching when she isn’t there and then calming again when she comes back into focus. She remains there, regal, the Queen she is, observing those around her. Your thoughts turn towards her bemused smile and how dearly hard you are at the thought of being the one, on this night, to wean a passionate moan of delight from the Queen herself, to be—there is little doubt now in your thoughts—submissive to her; to obey her thoughts, the thrill of her praise being enough that you’d cum at her touch, her kiss, her power enveloping you and making you hers; giving up all pretense for the sake of gaining that which you need so dearly now that you cannot bring yourself to turn away. She would not be disappointed in you, of course … unless …

But …

… it’s … her.

A murmur comes from the souls in the room and your attention is diverted for an instant. Looking about, you wonder what caused it, but there’s no real sign. The pets mill about their owners, paraded by them, displayed as prizes to taunt and tease the others in the room. You sigh softly, knowing she’d never do such a thing. She values the souls that are hers. Again, that little wish comes to you, wanting, needing to be set free.

Your eyes turn back, seeking her out once more. A last little glimpse of the desire you’ve held and cultivated in hope. The throne—for it can only be that when she is upon it—is empty. The frown that comes tells how crestfallen you are to have missed her erotic form flow over the space, parting the seas of need, want, and desire around her, for what else could happen here in her Realm of power over all that orbit around her? Of course it is! You shake your head and scold your thoughts for missing the obvious.

But …

… it’s … her.

The night has come to a close; the pets depart with their owners and you are left alone. The sounds ebb away, leaving silence. The scent of perfume fades, leaving but clear air. The lights go out, one by one, until the last light left marks the way out. The moment is past, the night has moved on.

The steps towards the light are in silence, your thoughts still of her, still thinking about her touch, her scent, her desires. Your lips move silently, forming around the words you wanted to say to her, the words of devotion, belonging, needing: to obey, offer, give, anything to feel her hands, her lips; the simple words which you still wish to say.

A figure steps into the light, shocking your attention back to where you were going. You start to apologize for being tardy, babbling that you didn’t realize that the event was over and it was time to leave. But then three things bring you up short. The long sinuous tail that appears over the figure in shadow’s shoulder is unmistakable. The scent of cherries that tickles upon your senses is everything you imagined it would be. But most of all, her form, in all of her seductiveness, passion, love, and desire, it floods the space between you. The effect is to make you start to lose yourself, to fall into her.

You cannot speak nor move as she tilts her head to the right, idly flicking a lock of hair over her shoulder. You want to touch her raven locks, to nuzzle your cheek against the velvet tangle that is her mane. The light that was behind her seems to become part of her, putting her form into contrast with the darkness that surrounds you both. You are—you have become—her singular focus. If you were one to fear her, you might think yourself as her prey.

But …

… it’s … her.

She traces her nails along her shapely bare thighs: that dress—the black one trimmed in red that leaves her legs bare to be worshipped, caressed, and licked—hides just enough that the need within you burns ever brighter for knowing that she is so close, so near now.

The thought comes to fall to your knees in submission, to offer yourself, your entire self, in mind, body, and soul. That thought seems to be perfect. But she remains just out of touch, waiting for something. Another thought comes of serving, to give anything she wishes. The thrill of her praise in being more than a pet makes the ache worse still, and you cannot help but clench your hands, the indecision not worth of her presence. But still she waits upon you. It is confusing, uncertain, unclear.

But …

… it’s … her.

She … purrs. If you were hard before, that was nothing to how you now ache. The clicking of her heels announces her approach, her scent stronger. The gleam in her eyes now, so close, makes that which you saw from afar a pale thing to recall. Was that moments ago or in time uncountable? You cannot remember, nor do you care to at this moment.

The first touch of her fingers against your skin lasts an eternity: a light brush of fingers over your wrist, along your arm; a soft tracing of nails over your cheek as she flows around you; the exquisite shock of her lips kissing your neck, your cheek. Whether it is being unable to move, not wanting to, or willing yourself to allow whatever she wishes, whichever isn’t important. Pressing against your back, her curves against you, long-nailed fingers guide themselves over your waist, to tease against the inside of your thighs, seeking out your want, need, desire. Still, you accept she is in control, she leads this dance.

But …

… it’s … her.

Reality shifts. The heat of bare skin against bare skin is unmistakable, as is the whine that escapes you as she still presses against you, her tail wrapping itself around one of your legs, her smooth fingers stroking your hardness. She purrs … no … she moans, breath hot against your ear, a lick of her tongue to tease you, pulling you into her, holding you. Her voice, sweet and syrupy, seeps into your thoughts. That little voice inside of you—the one you’ve know but not allowed—finally speaks the truth, the truth she’s known from the moment your eyes met. It isn’t about need or want, and the opening of that door within yourself leads to one thing. Your needs and wants turn into devotion. That devotion gives you but one singular purpose. You are hers, and hers for always.

Your knees touch the floor. Your eyes look upwards in submission to her desires, waiting for her to allow you to fulfill the purpose shining within you now. Your place is exactly where you needed to be, your lips against her skin as divine as she. The heat of her sex, your tongue pleasuring her makes you think of nothing else save to serve and obey. Your devotion to making her scream in pleasure is your entire purpose. Devotion, in all of its forms, leads to ecstasy and bliss as her fingers entwine themselves into your hair.

Your soul awakes with new purpose. The devotion of your soul to her is blinding in its brilliance. That missing piece within you falls into place. You are devoted to the Queen in all things, in all ways. The passions given are returned tenfold and more.

But …

… it’s … her.

The collar marks you as hers, however she wishes you to be, devoted in passion, lust, want and desire; given to all she is and all she sees within your own soul. Perhaps that little voice deep inside still wonders sometimes what she sees in you.

But …

… it’s … her.

She is as devoted to you for the soul that you are. For that is true devotion: the knowing of that truth alone.

Nov 13 2016

A Review of Duncan’s Tale by Roxane Crawford

Duncan's Tale by Roxane Crawford

Duncan’s Tale by Roxane Crawford

Obsession is an interesting thing to make the focus of a story. It can drive the characters, push events and perhaps even give a reason for why things unfold as they do. There is however a darker side to obsession and when it comes to the fore it can end what otherwise was something interesting to see happen.

There are reasons why there are rules. For some that can be a minor thing, for others a matter of life and death. There is a reason for them, even if one does not understand at first, but when the rules stretch and then break, the rules cannot be ignored.

  • Title: Duncan’s Tale
  • Author: Roxane Crawford
  • Length: 51 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 24, 2016
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Beyond the velvety curtain of our daily lives, hidden in the shadows, live supernatural creatures known as the watchers. They are to watch humans, engaging them in matters of life or death only, never interfering with their free will.

Duncan, a young watcher, ignores the rules and follows beautiful human artist Erika, only to fall madly in love with her. Will Duncan’s love be reciprocated?

Duncan has been attracted to Erika for what seems like forever. He cannot be with her, though he craves her touch and to be with her for always. His obsession mingles with Erika’s own and the walls between them start to crumble. But who is the moth and who is the flame?

Duncan can be described as an incubus for the most part, though he isn’t actually referred to being one in the work. There is a singular attraction to him, what he sees out from those around him and it is very much like an incubus in that nature would be. There’s a bit of shape-shifting, dream walking and much of those scenes are really well done.

Where the work shines is telling of Duncan’s needs, his obsession with Erika, how he feels when certain things happen, how he nips at her perceptions. Over time that leads to encounters that have emotion, need, want and desire, but there’s also a sense of extreme danger in what Duncan does as well.

Erika is just as interesting a character. Following her realization of Duncan being there, seeking out why he is so familiar and how that changes her life’s direction I think worked really well. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster but along the way there are some heated moments that gave her character the depth she needed in contrast to Duncan’s singleminded obsession.

There is some erotica scattered in the work, it isn’t core to the story and mainly adds some character depth and development overall. Being that the theme of the work seems to be obsession, that does come out in the erotica to a point, but doesn’t smother it. But there is one thing that did bother me and it really shouldn’t have.

The ending was very disappointing and while it related to the dangers of obsession, it was far too short, to matter of fact and the final line of the work made all else that came before seem to matter very little and that bothered me. I didn’t need a happy ending, there was no way that was going to happen regardless, but an ending that takes less than two paragraphs and lacks any real emotion seems sad to me.

Good characters, strong storytelling and the work held my attention throughout. But the final page, how events took what really wasn’t an unexpected turn, caused much of the good to fade away. A twist in a story can be done well, but to make a twist work there needs to be emotion, reason, and grief. Somehow I didn’t feel that in this ending.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The ending is completely disappointing considering the effort made throughout the rest of the work. Ending a story can happen well, or it can be rushed. Here it was rushed and in doing so all of the promise in the story was lost. I really wish it wasn’t so. There comes a point when fading to black and leaving the rest to the reader’s imagination works better than to dump the ending upon them.



Nov 13 2016

A Review of Soul Touch by Paige Coal

Soul Touch by Paige Coal

Soul Touch by Paige Coal

A review of a new series that started this month called Soulful Succubus this time on the Tale. There’s quite a lot to like about this opening work in the series as a whole. The main character has a mystery about them, there’s a undercurrent of a succubi/incubi society as well. The main character might not be exactly as they seem, but then many of the other characters seem to be hiding things as well. It isn’t quite erotica, it’s more of a mystery as a whole, which I particularly like. The problem, at least for me, is some of the violence is a bit too far over the top for my tastes.

If one is not whole with what one is, there is the chance that events will draw you towards being that which you do not wish to be. Being forced to choose isn’t a choice and being lied to isn’t an answer. Sometimes all you have are the voices in your own mind and when they aren’t telling you what you need to know, that’s a real problem.

The work tells the story of:

Annabelle Pence has been living a fairly ordinary life, even while being a non-practicing succubus. Everything’s going perfectly—until she receives a certain little necklace. The necklace is the property of Lord Ezra Incus, and he’s not too happy about it being stolen. It doesn’t seem to matter that it was gifted to her by someone else. Lord Ezra brings Annabelle to him and forces her to make a choice. Oh yeah, the kicker? He couldn’t care less about the necklace. What he wants back is the life that was stored in it. All one hundred years. Ezra’s going to have every second back or he’ll murder the people close to her. That’s just one of Annabelle’s problems. Since touching the necklace, something strange has woken inside her. Something dark and controlling. She’s losing time and sharing her body with this new presence.

It’s a losing battle, and she’s fighting two fronts. Losing her mind and her body. Will she be able to fight her way out or will she lose herself completely and give over to the darkness inside her?

Annabelle, better known as Anna, doesn’t like who she is. As such she doesn’t act like a succubus, nor does she wish to fall into the trap being one represents. But a door opens within her, things change, and there’s a voice inside that wants something from her. But then there’s a lot of people that want a lot of things. Holding onto one’s humanity in the face of the inhumane is a battle that Anna will face both within and without herself.

The story is, at its core, a mystery about Anna herself above all else that is happening. There are two sides to her character it seems, one that knows what’s going on, the other hasn’t a clue and the conflict and contrast is quite strong and telling. The balance between the human side and the succubus side is very stark, almost duplicitous in how things are developed. While I found this really interesting, the part that I didn’t really enjoy was the tendency for the story to turn violent in many aspects for Anna and those around her.

While Anna’s succubus side is temptation and seduction, there’s an animalistic side that I didn’t find an attachment to. While it make sense for the character, it seemed to be turning more towards being a monster than a character and I think that might have taken some of my interest away. Anna’s other self, when she’s scheming, plotting and being “evil” is very well done and I liked that quite a lot. But then things tend to get violent and bloody which bothered me.

That said, many other characters are even more violent, more “heartless” and they didn’t really stay with me very much. The main incubus character, Lord Ezra, was a little two dimensional for my tastes. Being evil alone isn’t all that interesting, thankfully his character turned out to be something more than that by the end of the work which I think made the real difference for me.

The mystery alone is more than enough to hold interest, tell the story, connect the characters. But taking the violence to extremes, at least for me, didn’t work. Yes, much of it was needed for plot, for characterization, for pushing the story onwards, but I didn’t really enjoy it when compared with the balance of the work.

There is a scattering of erotica, a pair of heat flashes that needed more heat, but the events didn’t really allow for that to happen. Overall, the characters are quite good, especially Anna herself, but beyond her, there no real foil to play off her character against save for her other self.

The work doesn’t read as rushed, there is a complete story told, which ends on a cliff hanger to lead towards the next work in the series. It is well edited and overall I did enjoy the work for the story, the mystery and Anna herself. The blood and, at times, gore didn’t work for me however, which took something away from what otherwise I felt was an excellent story and mystery.

I’m hoping the story focuses more on Anna’s internal struggle and that struggle is more than it has been. At the same time, there’s a mystery to unravel and I hope the author doesn’t rush through that. There’s a lot of promise here and I hope to see that come in the future.

Four of out five pitchforks.

It’s a very good beginning to the series and there’s quite a mystery to unfold. I didn’t particularly enjoy the more violent aspects of the work, but that’s a matter of personal taste as a whole. I do think Anna is very interesting, I do want to know more about “the other” and how that all works. The core is the mystery and the feeling that everyone save Anna knows what’s going on, to a point. The question is what happens when the other shoe drops and who Anna really is.

Perhaps that complexity will answer many of the questions left in the wake of this beginning and what comes next.



Nov 12 2016

A Top 10 Anime Succubus Series YouTube

There are actually a lot of anime series that have at least one character in them that is a Succubus. I found a video where someone talks about the series, calling it a Top 10 List. I look at this list and while I know most of them, there were a couple that I wasn’t aware of.

The interesting thing I think is that so many of the series have Succubi that have a heart of gold and I do like that…

If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

Of course it’s always possible that YouTube will delete the video and so here is the list of the series mentioned. Where there are links to articles on the SuccuWiki, you’ll find them as well:

  • 10 – Brandish – Rather a difficult series to like for the theme that crops up in the series that I won’t go into here.
  • 9 – Astarotte no Omocha! – A cute adorable series I thought when I found it originally.
  • 8 – Kyonyuu Fantasy – A very short series, one I haven’t watched in full, but seems interesting.
  • 7 – Nuki Dori – An Angel and a Succubus compete for a boy’s affections. Again a short series, but there are some moments where it turns interesting.
  • 6 – Ail Maniax – Two short episodes, never seen it, not sure I want to as well.
  • 5 – To Love Ru Darkness – Again, a series I haven’t seen, but the description sounds like it might be a good watch.
  • 4 – Viper GTS – Three Succubi named after sports cars, and yes, that’s something that has always made me arch an eyebrow. I didn’t care for the series much, but then I think the problem was more to do with how thin the story was.
  • 3 – Koakuma Kanojo – Watch a cursed DVD, and be turned into a Succubus. Haven’t seen it, but I think I will try to find it.
  • 2 – Angel Blade – I’m not sure this series actually has a succubus in it all things considered.
  • 1 – Magical Witch Academy – Again, not really sure there is a succubus in this one as well.

I wish the person that did the video would have used “Succubi” instead of “Succubuses” when they narrated things, really that’s my one nitpick here.

Looking at the list, I think the one that I liked the best was Astarotte no Omocha!, mainly because there’s a lot more story in that series compared to the others and as well it feels more like a series because of its overall length, plot, and more.

Of course, there are other series to be found, and perhaps that’s something I need to write on sometime…

Postscript: The original video was deleted. However, you can have a peek at this one which is almost exactly the same:

If you can’t see this video on the Tale, please try this link:


Nov 11 2016

A Field of Red for Remembrance Day

It is tradition that at this hour, on this day, there is a moment of reflection and remembrance for those that are honoured today. The telling of words, to express, no matter how poorly, the loss of these souls and the promise we give for their sacrifice.
Candle of Remembrance


A Field of Red
by TeraS


A new day dawns
A soft breeze rises
Dust upon the field
Small bits of lives past
Smidgens of souls

The blooms are red
Swaying with the wind
Bending towards light
Air is cold and still
Light warming all

Zephyrs swirling
Dirt captured in clouds
Held in the sunshine
Shadows on the field
Past impressions

Flashes of light
Rumbles of thunder
The cries of spirits
Actions tracked in dirt
Love is rehearsed

Poppies vibrant
Reflections on lives
Souls joined in mourning
Telling of the past
Dawning for all

The gathered pause
Life waits a short time
The clock ticks away
A mournful cry comes
As life moves on

Memories honoured
Lives are spoken of
The young asking “Why?”
The old share stories
‘Til comfort comes

The time is past
Fields silent once more
Those recalling leave
Watching lives go on
Separate again
But ghosts remain

But the memories
Still need to be shared
By voices to tell
By ears to listen
Bringing forward

The very old
The not old enough
Surrounded by dust
Telling the stories
On fields of red