Nov 22 2016

A Review of Demonic Temptation: Futanari & Gender Swap Erotica by Tabetha Kate

Demonic Temptation: Futanari & Gender Swap Erotica by Tabetha Kate

Demonic Temptation: Futanari & Gender Swap Erotica by Tabetha Kate

A review of the first work in the Demonic Temptation series, and I will be reviewing the second work in the series on Friday. The thing about writing a series is that there needs to be a strong central character to gather stories about. If that character has enough power alone to support that series, then things can be very interesting. But just having them present, and not really telling their story, can be a bit of a problem.

Wants and needs are kinds of desire. They can push a soul into making a deal they do not understand. It isn’t always about the deal, but the dealer after all.

The work tells of:

Sick of being ignored and passed up again and again at his job, Nick decided the only answer lies in a very literal Deal with The Devil. When the demon he summons turns out to be a sensual creature named Azazel, though, he realizes he might be in for more than he bargained for… especially when he sees the thick, long, hard piece of Hell she intends to use on him! Will the money and success be worth it? And what will Nick do when he learns that demons have a taste for women… and the ability to change their pets’ gender?

But can he?

Nick wants power, to be successful. Seeing that the quickest path is making a deal with a devil, he summons one to make that come true. But when one summons a succubus, the one that comes isn’t always the one you expect.

There is some interesting plot to tie the erotica together in this work, but overall there’s a singular focus on the erotica over the story and I wish that wasn’t so. The beginning of the work seemed to offer a lot of story to develop, to explore, but as things unfold the focus turns erotica over story.

While Azazel is the succubus of this work, really the only things known for certain about her is that she is a futa, she enjoys tricking humans, and otherwise there’s very little told about her. It’s a shame because I thought she was interesting and I wanted to know more about her.

The erotica are a short series of hot flashes, with a little bit of a gender transformation added to the latter part of the work. The thing is, while the erotica is told in all kinds of detail, the transformation isn’t. Nick is “changed” in an instant and the erotica quickly moves on from there. There’s a distinct “over the top” quality to much of the erotica which took me out of the story at several points as it was, many times, just pushing too far past the boundaries of what I could accept.

I wanted to know more about Azazel. There are some interesting quirks about her, such as calling Nick “morsel” that I wanted to know more about. Really much of what is seen of Azazel’s personality is very interesting, but it isn’t used much more as a tease to draw Nick to his “doom” overall. The focus of the work, mainly on the erotica, doesn’t tell much in the way of a story. While there is some well written futa erotica and a fair amount of BDSM as well, and a little bit of a gender change, they are there for the sake of the erotica. I wished for more story to balance things out, but that didn’t happen.

The characters need to be developed more, there needs to be at least one more editing pass as there are one minor tense problems in the work. The erotica is a little over the top, the story needs to be more present.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Too much erotica and not enough story and character development. Azalea is interesting, and I’d like her to be shown not to be stereotypical. There’s something good in this series and I hope the author will consider building up a mythos and story overall going forwards to balance things out more.



Nov 21 2016

Picture By TeraS

The first thing I need to say is that, yes, there’s no new part of Second Coming this week. At the rate the one scene that I am fighting with is taking, I’m almost expecting the story to be finished around Christmas. That in itself might be rather fitting, as an aside …

Sometimes life causes you to consider, to reflect, or something more. Over the past year, I’ve written a lot of stories that have, in one way or another, been reflections of what has been happening to myself and my Eternal. I’ve written two stories which tell little bits of that larger story, this time … something more. For those that have read them, the following story will have some extra meaning.

Perhaps, somehow, there is an entire story waiting to be told in a single …


By TeraS


She hadn’t really cried for a long time.

Oh there were times when she did cry, but they weren’t anything like that terrible night when she was confronted by mortality. That night she was alone. There was no one to hear her pain, listen to her screams. There were no arms to hold her, no words of comfort to listen to.

And so, she cried.

There was another time when she cried, having found another, one that helped to fill the void. That moment of finding her soulmate, her love, the one that was, in every way, life-changing for her. That night she wasn’t alone. He listened to her sobs, held her through the tears that came. The pain lessened as she looked into his own tearing eyes. But she couldn’t share that moment with the one soul that she’d lost.

So, she cried.

Another moment when she cried came when she met the soul that mattered to him. To be called daughter, to be held in a way that she hadn’t felt in so long that the memory was almost faded away, meant that day she wasn’t alone. She was held as a daughter, was held by this soul’s love. To be part of a family, to share in something he had, but she had lost.

She cried.

She cried again when they’d spoken their vows, the family that had embraced her joining in the moment, sharing the tears. That afternoon, she wasn’t alone. The dark pain was pushed away, sent elsewhere. The weight she’d been carrying was taken up in a new life, a home cherished, a love for always.

She cried.

Life passed on, things changed. Some moments were better, some not so much so. There were tears along the way, but they were the tears of life, the ones that come and go, but they weren’t the dearest, most painful.

She cried.

The day came when she wasn’t to be called daughter any longer. Mortality intruded, taking from her, from her Eternal, from their family. This time she wasn’t the one to scream, she was the one to comfort. She cried with him, not alone. They shared in their grief, their loss. She tried to explain what it had been like, so long ago. Sharing those tears didn’t make everything better, but in some small way it helped them both.

So, she cried.

The time came when she found herself in a home that wasn’t hers, to help in a task that they didn’t wish to do, never expected—a home she’d come to love not for the home itself but for the souls that resided there. She wasn’t alone; her Eternal was there, this being his burden, the duty that he had taken on. They shared in the occasional laughter from a memory, hugged each other when sadder ones came. The tears were both sad and happy, as they are in these times where there’s nothing else to do.

And so, she cried.

The moment came when she found herself looking at a picture frame, turned face down, the image hidden. The same one that she’d seen many times before, but never turned over to see what was hidden there. This time there was no one to stop her from picking it up, no one to pull her away to avoid seeing it. Her hands held the frame, her Eternal came into the room, and she turned it over.

She hadn’t really cried for a long time.

She gripped the picture in her hands as she rushed to him. Her tears clouded her vision, not quite seeing his own tears. They held each other, not understanding why they’d never seen it before, not understanding why they’d never known. The picture revealed two teenagers, both blond, one with a bob cut, the other with her hair in a wild mane about her. Both smiling, holding each other. Each making bunny ears over the other’s head in a joyful moment together. The one was Keith’s mother. The other was Tera’s.

They cried for a long time …

… until they found the diary …

… and cried even more.

Nov 20 2016

A Review of The Succubus: The Complete Anthology by Alana Church

The Succubus: The Complete Anthology by Alana Church

The Succubus: The Complete Anthology by Alana Church

A little while ago I reviewed the final work in Alana Church’s The Succubus series. I’ve adored the series from the beginning in many ways and it is one of my favourite series by far. Recently the entire series was released as a single collected volume, and you can find Amazon and Smashwords links here to that collected work with what I think is just an amazing cover…

This review will be of the series as a whole, my thoughts about it as such and some musings that came to me since my last review in the series.

There is a truth, a single purpose to which souls find themselves connected to. In discovering that truth, in finding their way to accepting it, comes the need to accept who one is and why.

Even a succubus can discover that, in spite of the past, there’s hope. All she needs to do is accept that hope in spite of her own, human, failings.

The work tells the story of:

Torn from her body by a foolish mortal, Althea, first among the succubi, was forced to take shelter in Rachel Wainwright, a successful attorney. Now they are bound together, and their journey will push both them, and Rachel’s family, to the limits of desire as they learn what it is to truly love. This is the story of…The Succubus.

The story of Althea, first of the succubi, powerful but flawed. The tale of Rachel, successful, but missing a part of her soul. The tale of a family, lost, seeking direction, finding that, in the end, only family really matters. A story of need unspoken, wanted, craved, but not brought to the surface until it cannot be refused. The threat of darkness unleashed and what will be if it is not stopped. A truth, faced by all, in that one’s own nature is shaped by one’s soul.

There are a number of themes and story plots that unfold in the series, but the single focus comes to the question of family. What one would do, needs, lives for within one. How Althea comes to be part of a family, her acceptance, over time, of something that has been with her for ages, not being able to express it fully. Telling of the succubi, who they are, what their purpose is and what they want, as so many souls do. The mixture of tales to be told allows for amazing character development, none of them being quite the same when the story comes to a close, which for me is the mark of good story telling.

It is a work of erotica, touching on many different flavours. It allows for each connection, need and want to be explored, but also explained. It isn’t sex for the sake of it, nor is it erotica without meaning. It is a vital part of the story, it presses on each character to figure out who they are, what they need. Purpose drives the story, makes the heat more, expresses the relationships and makes them grow.

It is a full work, the story has a beginning, middle and ending. There’s no need for drifting away from the core characters, to go off on tangents without meaning. The story is tightly written, the details matter, the dialogue sounds right, with every character having their own, clear voice. Each is given the moment to shine, to be at the core of the story. Being so, the moments of laughter, of tears, are much more emotionally impactful.

There are, of course, some story plots left open, the appearance of two characters that made me smile, one in particular for which I was thrilled beyond words to see. The emotional connection is delightful, the resolution of Althea’s arc made compete sense. Most of all, the gift which appears, in all of its forms, is one that’s perfect in so many important ways.

I’ve loved the series from the beginning, I love it even more now. Althea, Yasna, Rachel and her family are dearly loved for all they represent and have been. One of the most delightful, passionate series about succubi that I’ve read in some time. I dearly hope Althea’s story will continue, but if not, knowing her has been a dear pleasure to me.

Five out of five pitchforks.

A dearly loved series, one that I have loved from the beginning and now in a single volume, the story comes fully into what was held within the pages. A lovely heartfelt story that made me smile, tear up at times, but throughout was true. Well enjoyed, fully recommended and more.

But, as always… I hope and wish for something more to come, to tell of what comes next…

My love and hopes for Alana, I wish her well in her future works, I will be looking for them…



Nov 20 2016

A Review of A Summoner’s Mishap by R.K Coventon

A Summoner's Mishap by R.K Coventon

A Summoner’s Mishap by R.K Coventon

A very common story theme that occurs with succubi and incubi are those who use magic to summon them and then are either tricked or just are foolish in the first place to be the pray. It can provide a story with some heat, but when the editing of that story leaves a lot to be desired, then there just isn’t any heat in the first place.

The other thing that can be a problem is when the dialog just doesn’t “sound” right. No work is perfect, but at least an effort should be made to make a work readable and enjoyable instead of cringing at the problems encountered.

  • Title: A Summoner’s Mishap
  • Author: R.K Coventon
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • Publishing Date: January 22, 2016
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Cameron is a disgruntled apprentice mage to Tiege Gistell, the grand Matron mage. One day, while Tiege is away for business, Cameron sneaks into her masters quarters and spots a grimoire open on a desk in it she learns how to summon a demon. Things however things go awry and she does not summon a helpful demon servant, but rather accidentally summons a powerful incubus intent on turning her into his servant instead!

Cameron has been training under her teacher for a very long time and finally has a chance to discover some secrets. A spell offers a means to summon a demon, which she does, and Cameron finds herself facing something she wasn’t prepared for. An incubus that has plans of his own. And Cameron will play a leading role in them.

The author attempts to set up Cameron as a character whom the reader is to be interested in, wanting to see what happens to her and how things unfold. This sort of works, why it doesn’t well I’ll talk about later.

The incubus of the work, Arion, is for the most part, very stereotypical in nature, having a one-track mind for most of the work. Even when the story takes a bit of a turn and twist, there’s not really a change in Arion’s overall tone, personality, or intentions. I would have liked him to be less overbearing dominant and somewhat more seductive. In truth, he isn’t seductive as a whole, instead simply using Cameron’s own body and emotions against her.

There’s a slight tone of mind control in the work, but the focus is on Cameron submitting to Arion’s control and then his having his way and where things go from there. Even when another character enters the fray, there’s no real battle for their own sexual needs are used against them. Again, this isn’t seduction, it’s simply brute force.

The erotica is held by a pair of hot flashes with some heat which attempts to bring something to the work, but it cannot overcome the lack of interest in the characters themselves, or how things are told in the story. It is the tone of the writing, and the issues with editing that are this work’s downfall most of all.

The writing tries to tell a story but there are so many issues with tense, spelling and word choices that at times the story faded away for how many mistakes caught me. The other problem was the dialog between the characters which just didn’t sound right at all. It was stilted, uneven, and at times the characters sounded like robots rather than anything else.

The story itself, the universe, seems to be interesting, but it can’t get past the editing errors and that it the biggest problem. In the midst of the erotica to have grammar mistakes and tense errors just doesn’t help keep the heat building. It’s like a bucket of cold water and it shouldn’t have been. Add to that an incubus that is, for the most part, very stereotypical in his actions and this becomes a work that just didn’t have the heat, or the story, that it could have been.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The work needs a serious editing for all of the tense and word errors. As well, the dialog simply sounds wrong and needs to be embellished. There is a story here, it could be quite a good one, but when the lack of editing strips the enjoyment of the story away that isn’t helpful.



Nov 19 2016

A neat Succubus WIP YouTube

What I thought to be a neat YouTube an artist created of a work of Succubus art while they were creating. I do love fun and cute Succubi and she really fits that description well…


If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

The artist posted the completed image on their DeviantArt page which you can find here, and here is a small version of that art…

Fantasy by Jazzie-Simone

by Jazzie-Simone

She’s just the cuteness in so many different ways really. The eyepatch, her clothing, the pose, that little smile, not really a smirk, all just comes together to make one of the most adorable Succubi that I have found in some time…



Nov 18 2016

A Review of Succubus!: Hell High by Michael-Scott Earle

Succubus!: Hell High by Michael-Scott Earle

Succubus!: Hell High by Michael-Scott Earle

One of the hardest things to manage when creating characters is to give them something unique that holds the attention of a reader. Humour helps, being a “fish out of water” can be interesting as well. However, at the same time they can have what can really only be described as a “catch phrase” that makes one roll their eyes… a lot.

Being in love, and not being noticed by the one you love, is a hard thing to deal with. Meeting them, and they can’t quite remember your name, or what you look like, is more of a problem. When they happen to be a succubus, and you weren’t supposed to know, that’s when things can go off the rails and all hell, quite literally, breaks loose.

The work tells the story of:

Sherman had always thought high school was a real drag. He was looking forward to finishing his senior year so that he could coast through college, get a day job, and spend the rest of his life playing video games.

He is used to seeing Angels, but when a new girl transfers into his AP physics class, he thinks Demons might be more his style.

When his innocent crush leads him to the basement, he finds out that his school is exactly the kind of hellhole he always thought it was; only now he’ll be lucky to escape before they eat his soul.

Sherman’s life revolves around anime, video games, going to school and one other thing. The love of his life, Charlotte, even if she doesn’t know it. High school is a weird place, more so for Sherman as he can see something that no one else can. Charlotte’s a succubus. But then, everyone else at his high school isn’t exactly human either. Being that he’s the only human he knows of, that might be a real problem.

Sherman, the main character of the work, is an adorable nerd with a lovely personality. He’s very much a lost sheep amongst all that goes on around him, but there’s something else that’s interesting. He appears to be human, but there’s something odd about him and that is what pushes the story forwards, eventually creating the encounter between Sherman and the girl he’s in love with, Charlotte. His awkward personality, curiosity, but most of all, the singular trust he has in Charlotte sets him as being, in a lot of ways, a kind of anti-hero.

There is one thing about him, however, that made me cringe, over and over again. Whenever something goes right for him with Charlotte, his internal monologue uses a particular phase. The first time that happens, it’s really funny, but by the sixth time it had worn out it’s stay and really needed to be something other. It’s a minor quibble I know, but it really bothered me and it really shouldn’t have.

Charlotte, the succubus of this work, is delightfully focused, knowing what she has to do, but at the same time, she has a little bit of a flaw in her personality that Sherman falls into, thus being entwined with her in the adventure that is this story. While she has all of the physical aspects of being a succubus, the thing is that she really doesn’t as a whole, act like one. There’s really no seduction, nothing that defines her as being a succubus. What happens through the story, the things she does, say she is a devil of some kind and it’s really only Sherman that says she is a succubus, she agreeing that she is one. Otherwise the story doesn’t allow for anything like Charlotte using her powers to seduce as one might expect. Save for one scene, which was just too cute for words honestly.

The real question throughout revolves around Sherman, what he can do. There’s nothing really defined as to if he’s really all human, partly, or something else. That’s a plot thread that gets set to the side for drawing Sherman and Charlotte together, having the action begin, and the pair dealing with things as they happen. The universe, how it all works, what the high school is exactly, as well isn’t explained or explored much. From Sherman’s perspective, that’s just how things are and always has been. It works, as the story is told from him perspective, but that leaves a lot of questions unresolved and plots left dangling as the story comes to a close.

There’s a bit of a melancholy aspect to the ending, at the same time there’s a clear path to another work to follow. Part of the story is closed, Sherman’s managed to find himself with what he wanted, but then the question is, now that he does, what comes next? That’s interesting and where that goes, and who Sherman comes to face next, might be all I’m hoping for.

There’s no erotica to speak of, really there’s not any chance for that to occur. It’s more of an action/adventure with a long chase, the stirrings of a relationship, and a little bit of self-discovery. The work is written well, if a bit juvenile in tone, that happening because the story is told from Sherman’s perspective. It is very fast paced, not really allowing for much time to reflect before the next problem comes rushing up and knocking on the door.

It’s a good start to a series, I think there’s a lot of promise here. I would have liked more of Charlotte being a succubus, being seductive, than what does happen however. I’d also like Sherman to be a little more “in” the story than being dragged along as much as he is. Perhaps what comes next will, to an extent, allow both characters to develop more and turn the story towards the mystery that Sherman is.

Four of out five pitchforks.

While there were some things that bothered me about this work, that mostly comes to the characters themselves and the situation they were placed into. Charlotte is a succubus, that much is true, but so far she really hasn’t “been” a succubus. The next work in this series is scheduled to appear in January 2017 and I hope there’s more character development than action.

This work has more than enough action, I think the next thing needs to be Sherman finding out what makes him different, and telling more of Charlotte’s story. It’s silly at times, heartfelt in others, and I did enjoy the work dearly. I just wish that catchphrase didn’t keep popping up all of the time.



Nov 18 2016

A Review of Princes of Jacob by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.

Princes of Jacob by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.

Princes of Jacob by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.

There are some works that suggest the appearance of succubi or incubi, but really do not quite have them appear as one might expect them to be. But succubi can have many different meanings, and finding one that is a bit different and still has some reference to the original myths is interesting.

The idea of lust being used to control the outcome of history is something that is not unheard of. Many battles have been won or lost for the sake of love or lust. The question that comes from that focuses on what the cost is, who pays it, and what comes after all has wained. There is a price, there always is one of course.

  • Title: Princes of Jacob
  • Author: Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.
  • Length: 165 Pages
  • ASIN: B010U7DSD8
  • Publishing Date: July 2, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells of:

Will Lust destroy a man, a family, and a kingdom?

In the land of Agnes, during the departure of King Jacob, Reuben the eldest prince sleeps with his father’s wife and the mother of his younger brothers Gad and Asher. The betrayal is quickly found out with Zabrina’s banishment and several princes being dethroned. Lust and succubi quickly flow through the City of Adam, destroying the peace it once had. Gad and Asher become known as sons of a whore as their very brotherhood and lives come into danger. With seducing women from pagans to succubi with sexual herbs the princes of the castle become the focus of every ones attention. The brothers must figure out what is truly happening to their lives as all twelve of their already dissolving bonds break to the point of war among themselves.

Family faces many challenges, from the small to the vast, every one of them takes a toll. Sometimes there is a purpose behind the suffering, the loss and the hate which comes. But in the end, family will survive, in one form or another. It is simply a question of who is able to lead and who is to fall.

The work follows the lives of a family, specially twelve brothers in their battles within themselves and the world around them. There is political intrigue, there is passion, betrayal, lust and loathing. It is a very complicated story which wraps itself around many characters and stories that are found in the Bible and in other religious texts.

Along the way a character named Lilith appears and with her comes a group of women calling themselves succubi. However, they are not succubi in the traditional sense they do not have horns or tails or supernatural powers. They do however understand the meaning of lust and how that can be used to control others and the world around them to their goals. They could well be described as a coven of women with a plan to overcome and destroy the kingdom they both fear and detest. In order to battle against powers stronger than themselves, the succubi turn to their knowledge of the world around them, schemes, plots and innuendo, to cause the downfall of the brothers.

As they do so, the lives of the brothers fall apart, leading towards ruin, and the inevitable confrontation to learn the truth. The theme of injustice works from both sides in this and it allows for some intriguing plots to unfold.

There are a tremendous number of characters in this work, but the author manages to hold each of their voices, stories and outcomes clearly. There are some moments in which the story becomes a little confusing, but the plot manages to remain true to itself. There are some moments in the dialogue that are a little wooden, odd, or strange, but that can be attributed to the time setting for the most part.

The work has an interesting attraction in that there is a sort of “soap opera” feeling to many moments which is both amusing and appealing as well. This isn’t to belittle the writing, I just cannot think of a better way to describe some of the plots and actions taken by the characters. There are a lot of interwoven collisions with the characters that never turn out well, the brothers going from riches to rags to riches again.

An interesting read, though it is not a story about succubi per se. While this is not a work that has the appearance of succubi, it is a captivating tale about the trials of a family and how they deal with their own faults, needs, wants and desires. A very interesting and unique read and one that I liked for its depth and characters most of all.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Interesting biblical/historical storytelling, but it isn’t a story about succubi as I have said perviously.