Sep 10 2011

The video says it’s about a Succubus, but otherwise?

I found a short film on YouTube that is described as being about, according to the description, a lonely and troubled virgin will go to any lengths to get laid. Including summoning a lady demon from the depths of hell.

Honestly I expected a bit more from it than it is, but…

And if you can’t see it here, link on the link:

It is the creation of someone on YouTube calling themselves , click on their name to see their YouTube page. Now while I did say I was expecting more from it, I do have to congratulate the people involved for what they managed with “little time and equipment.”

Have a look and see what you think of the film, I have to say that there were some moments that I couldn’t help but laugh in it, the moment where the condom appears is rather… odd and at the same time funny I thought…




Sep 09 2011

The Lost Girl makes love to the land

And so the new season of Lost Girl has premiered in Canada at least this week. It’s been a while since Bo, the Succubus of the series, has been seen and I have to admit I was on pins and needles when the episode began. There are so many questions left over from last season and what happened to all of the characters was something to wonder about…

My one problem with the episode I have to say was the amount of deja vu that I felt in watching it.

Episode fourteen, and the season two premiere of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Fae are eaten, books are digested, literally, sex with the land becomes a reality and the power of raves becomes very clear. Oh, and the question arises if a certain Succubus has a thing for a certain blonde haired Earth Goddess this week…

This is the first review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo learns that making love to the land isn’t just a saying as…

Something Wicked This Fae Comes

The episode opens with a flashback to the events of last season’s finale. Aife tells Bo that she knows that she hates the divide between the Light and Dark Fae as much as she does. Then the scene with Aife’s suicide bomber attacking the Light Fae Elders is shown, obviously maiming or killing them. The Ash is then seen in critical condition as Lauren attempts to save him. Kenzi confronts Trick demanding that he use his powers to help Bo. Lastly, the Norn is seen taking that which is most precious to Dyson, his love for Bo.

And then the new season begins…

Bo (Anna Silk) and Hale (K.C. Collins) begin the episode at night moving through a sewer pipe looking for an Underfae that had once been owned by one of the Light Fae Elders, but has escaped. Their conversation reveals that The Ash is on life support and that Aife’s attack did in fact kill all the other Light Fae Elders. It also explains that Bo is part of the search for the missing Underfae as she is being held at least partly responsible for what her mother did. Hale states that it also has been three weeks since Dyson had last been seen, thus placing this episode three weeks after the events of the season finale. Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) then appears behind them giving them both a scare for a moment. Bo chastises Kenzi for not staying in the car as she was told to which Kenzi explains that in all horror movies that’s where the monster always attacks.

The Underfae then attacks the trio, it’s talons striking Bo and injuring her before she and Hale, using weapons that resemble flamethrowers, stop the creature. We then see Bo placing the Underfae in the trunk of her car for safekeeping. Kenzi comments with the question, “is it weird that I’m craving fried chicken?” Bo however seems to be injured and weak after the claws from the Underfae cut into her throat. Kenzi gets her into the car commenting that Hale should call Dyson and tell him to come home as she is tired of “getting Bo take-out.” That take-out being in this case, a clerk (Izaak Smith), from whom Bo feeds from in a very dirty bathroom in the back of, we assume, gas station somewhere in the middle of the night.

The scene then moves to a caravan of trucks, buses and trailers stuck in the mud on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. A tow truck appears and the driver, who appears to be a Fae of some kind, based on the tattoo that is shown on his hand, approaches the group there asking how he can help them as they had called for assistance. One of them leads him towards one of the trailers, the tow truck driver commenting that the group appear to be some kind of travelling circus. That person opens a curtain covering the side of it, and a large Fae attacks him as the opening credits begin.

We return to see Trick (Richard Howland) being examined by Lauren (Zoie Palmer) at The Dal Riata. She comments that he has healed remarkably quickly to which Trick comments that at least he can now continue writing his novel. Regardless of how well Trick may appear, Lauren is still concerned about him and tells him so. Bo, Hale and Kenzi then appear and confirm that that have captured the Underfae they were tracking. Hale indicates that the Underfae was a Piwichen, which looks very much like a flying snake. Lauren then examines Bo to check her wounds from the creature’s attack. She notes that Bo had not fully healed and in response Bo notes that she didn’t want to kill the person she had been feeding from. Bo then asks Lauren when the last time was she rested. Lauren explains that she can’t rest as she cannot trust anyone else to watch over The Ash in his coma. When Bo points out that she had left him to come to see her, Lauren’s answer is “I heard you needed me. I came.” Her phone then rings and she answers it.

Hale notes that with the Piwichen, they had captured a total of eight Underfae and Trick confirms that, according to his best knowledge, their hunt should be over as all of the creatures are accounted for. Hale then comments that with The Ash deathly ill that the Light Fae have no real leadership and that he expects that more dangerous “baddies” will be testing them soon. Lauren interrupts with the news that a Light Fae was found flayed. Kenzi asks what that means and Bo explains that it means that something ripped off all of the skin on the body. Bo and Hale play rock, paper, scissors to decide who deals with this problem and Bo loses. She asks Lauren to go with her and Kenzi to the scene of the murder as they could use the help to figure out what happened.

The next scene has Bo, Kenzi and Lauren at the side of the road were the Fae had been killed, a wet stain in the road marking where the body had been found. Lauren examines the stain, noting that various fluids and other items are there, calling the evidence “neat.” Kenzi refutes that idea. Bo asks if it is possible that whatever did this had taken the skin to eat and left the body behind to which Lauren suggests that it is possible, depending on which kind of Fae did it. Bo and Kenzi walk around the scene and Bo tries to figure out what happened. She notes that there are a lot of footprints and tracks on the ground which probably means that whatever did the murder wasn’t travelling alone. Kenzi suggests that they contact Hale for a tracker Fae and then goes on a small rant with Bo about Dyson vanishing for so long. However Kenzi tells Bo that she doesn’t believe that Dyson would just leave them and that there has to be a good reason.

We then see Dyson (Kristen Holden-Reid) brought into an office by two police officers. Hale is sitting on the other side of a desk with a bemused look as he comments on what Dyson has done. Apparently Dyson got into a bar fight with several humans and was arrested afterwards. Hale has him released, thanks the officers, and then chews out Dyson for a while before relenting. Hale then brings Dyson up to date on what has happened noting that half of the Elders are dead and The Ash is in a coma. Hale also tells Dyson that the temporary acting Ash is Elder Porter to which Dyson comments that he is a drunk. Hale then explains that the situation is bad, Trick is holding things together behind the scenes and they need him. Bo needs him as well. Dyson asks about her, but seems distant when he does so.

The circus people then appear again, having found a place to camp out at. The scene focuses on the first person we saw earlier who goes to the large Fae that attacked the tow truck driver and moments later, the skin that had been stripped from the tow truck driver is expelled from his mouth and given to a Fae that looks something like a rat in appearance who walks off with it.

Coming back from a break, we find Bo and Kenzi being lead through the forest by a tracker named Bruno (Daveed Louza). After suffering through hay ever and several complaints, he leads them to the circus people. As a reward, Bo and Kenzi give him a large bag of allergy medicines as payment for his work. Before leaving, Bruno also tells them that the circus people are all Fae. Bo and Kenzi enter the camp and encounter the leader of the group Zael (Paulino Nunes), who has been seen from the beginning of the episode directing the group. At first he attempts to play up their cover story of being a travelling circus, but when Bo replies that she is there on the behalf of The Ash, he drops the cover and admits that they are all Fae. Bo asks for an explanation of what happened with the tow truck driver and Zael explains that it was an accident and that one of their “less civilized” members got loose and did the deed and he promises that it will never happen again. Bo thanks him for the information and she and Kenzi leave. Kenzi comments that she doesn’t believe Zael, and Bo agrees, but they were out numbered and had little choice. As they leave, Bo sees an odd young girl looking at her intently but as someone passes between them, the girl vanishes into thin air.

We return to the Dal Riata, to see Elder Porter (Dennis O’Conner) moving through the crowd there, greeting people and drinking heavily as he does so. Trick confronts him about his actions and reminds him that he should be calming the masses of Fae and acting responsibly to which Porter simply brushes him off and continues on his way. Bo then arrives as Trick takes a phone call from Hale and tells Bo that Dyson is home at last.

Dyson is seen at home, standing next to a motorcycle and thinking. We flashback to the scene of the previous episode and watch again as the Norn takes his love for Bo from him, clutching his heart as he does. Bo bursts through the front door and embraces him before punching him in the jaw. She then berates him for vanishing for three weeks without a word and tells him how frantic she has been not knowing and fearing the worst about him. Dyson is almost emotionless as he shrugs her off and then changes the subject of their conversation away from what happened to him and to the body that had been found telling Bo that he was on the way to the Dal Riata to find out more.

At the Dal, Lauren confirms that the killer is Fae from the evidence she has collected and Bo reveals the information she has about the circus people telling Dyson that she will take him there. He however refuses and leaves to find Hale and go there without her. Lauren leaves moments later for her lab and to check on The Ash leaving Bo and Keni with Trick. Bo is frustrated as she feels like Dyson gave her the brush off to which Trick asks her to help him with more information on the circus Fae.

Dyson and Hale arrive at the circus camp to find it empty and abandoned. Dyson realizes that their trail also has been destroyed making it impossible for him to track them. But he does discover the remains of the human skin that had been taken burning in a remains of a fire in the camp. But in spite of being burned, there is something still visible on the skin. They take it to Lauren and she confirms that it is a human skin and that there is what appears to be a tattoo on the inside of the skin that had been applied to it while the person was alive and that tattoo looks like a map. Dyson makes a phone call and when Bo answers just asks for Trick. After explaining about the tattoo and where they found it, the call ends. Trick tells Bo and Kenzi that he “liberated” some of the rarer books from The Ash’s collection and he wants to see if there is some information there. Bo and Kenzi share a drink in the meantime and talk about what is happening at the moment with Dyson.

Trick enters his library, sees that a man-hole is open in the floor and then finds the rat-like Fae eating the pages of several of his books. The Fae attacks him, but Bo enters and punches the Fae away from Trick. The Fae tries to escape, but Bo captures him, except that the Fae now looks like a rat and Bo is holding it by the tail.

After another break, Trick explains that the Fae that was eating his books is called a Tesso (Ho Chow). Lauren explains that it is a rare Japanese Fae that absorbs knowledge by eating it. He also shows a symbol worn by the Fae that Bo recognizes as being worn by the circus people as well. Trick explains that it is the mark of the Sluagh, also known as the wandering damned. Trick explains that they are not damned but in fact are cursed to wander the Earth forever for their actions again the Light and the Dark Fae during the last battle between the two sides as the Sluagh tried to play both sides against each other. Trick also explains that the majority of them became thieves, and as such they have to be present because they want to steal something. Dyson then leaves to check with the local Fae fences to see if anything valuable is present.

We then arrive at Bo and Kenzi’s home as Lauren enters with a stack of files for Bo to look over in search of clues to what is going on. Bo makes her sit down and rest after eating something, eventually falling asleep there. Through this scene we learn that the tow truck driver was named Marvin (Bruce Beaton), and that he was connected to two other Fae in The Ash’s private database. The telling thing being that each of them had a specific tattoo on their hand, otherwise there was no other information that Lauren was able to collect. Bo examines the files as Lauren sleeps across from Bo on the couch. Kenzi arrives at Trick’s to find him examining the Fae rat. She assumes that he is about to dissect it, and tries to stop him, but after some reassurance, gives in and watches Trick remove a small piece of paper from the rat’s mouth and when she asks what it is, Trick’s answer is “trouble.” Back at Bo’s home, Lauren is mumbling in her sleep as Bo continues to examine the files and discovers what the tattoo means as Kenzi comes home in a panic. She explains that Trick has figured out that the Sluagh are trying to locate something called The Sword of Agros. Bo explains that she has an idea of who knows were it is. She explains that the three Fae are called Guardians, and the have sworn an oath to give their own bodies to protect something valuable or important. She also notes that one of them passed away a long time ago and that only Marvin and one other would know what is being protected. Dyson then calls with the news that another body has been found and Bo asks if their name was “Ralph.” Bo arrives at Lauren’s lab with Dyson and the three of them discover that Ralph’s body contains what appears to be a sheath of some kind within it that X-rays of the body reveal in the shape of a sword and that sword is missing.

Bo, Dyson, Hale and Kenzi meet with Trick and he finally explains what the Sluagh are after, that being the Light Fae’s land. He explains that for the Light Fae to claim a district of land, a covenant must be made with the land in a secret mystic ceremony called BOH-see ahn Ta-LAHV (spelt phonetically here) or also known as “marrying the land.” The Ash swears to protect the land and in return the land promises to see that the Fae that live there prosper. To make this bond, the soul of the land takes a human form and then mates with The Ash. Realizing what that means, Hale and Kenzi make comments like “Laying some turf” and “Pounding some ground.” Trick continues on to explain that since The Ash is dying his bond is failing and thus the Sluagh have a chance to place their bond over that of The Ash by using the sword to destroy the physical manifestation of the bond called the Heartstone. The map under Marvin’s skin would be used by the Sluagh to find the heartstone and destroy it. Trick then seeks out Elder Porter as he would be the only person that would know where the heartstone is located. Bo then tries to talk to Dyson, but he refuses. She leaves with Kenzi close behind her. Hale remains and demands an explanation from Dyson. He then reveals what the Norn did to him and that his love for Bo is gone. Hale reminds him that in the Fae stories, some kisses are magic and that Bo’s kisses are that.

Trick returns with Elder Porter and after some persuasion, he eventually draws a map to where the heartstone is located. As that occurs, Dyson attempts to tell Bo that she doesn’t need to come with him to find the heartstone to which she confronts him. She tells him that they are best when they are fighting each other and the world together and she knows that he is just avoiding her. She forces him to put his personal problems aside for the moment so that they can deal with the crisis they are in to which Dyson sheepishly agrees. We next see Bo and Dyson entering a warehouse yard that the map they were given indicated the heartstone would be. They search for it but find nothing and are attacked by a trap set there by the Sluagh. As they leave, the pair come to a realization that the Sluagh would have to know there were going there and that would mean that Elder Porter must be involved with them.

Trick confronts Elder Porter and eventually discovers that Porter was given a promise by the Sluagh and Zael in particular that they would give him great power for his help in making the land theirs. Trick demands that he explain how to stop them, but Porter reveals that Trick is too late. We then see Zael with the sword cleaving the heartstone in two and in the aftermath Gaia (Sarah Jurgens) appears laying on the ground clothed in white. She awakens and Zael greets her with “Hello Lover.” She replies, “You are not the Ash.”

Returning from commercial, Porter is confronted by Trick, Bo, Hale and Dyson and made to answer their questions. He explains that Tesso was looking for an incantation that will be used to transfer the sexual energy from a large group of revellers into Zael so that he can mate with Gaia. The group discusses this and comes to the conclusion, thanks to Kenzi, that there must be some kind of “sexy underground pagan rave” going on that night in order for the Sluagh to get the energy they need. She runs off to find out where that is happening.

Bo, Dyson, Kenzi and Hale arrive at the rave already in progress, the crowd dancing wildly. Bo comments that she can taste the sexual energy in the room and Kenzi is concerned that Bo will be overwhelmed by it. They split up and go their own ways through the crowd, but Kenzi has to shake Bo out of her need to feed that is overcoming her asking if she “needs to cuff your muff.” Bo tells her that she’ll be fine and they move into the rave. As Bo does so, she sees the strange young Fae girl from the circus campsite again but before she can confront her, Dyson appears behind her. They share a long kiss together in the middle of the crowd before breaking it with Dyson’s “Good luck.” Zael is seen then on a stage with Gaia laying below him. Bo arrives and stops the table they are laying on with the words “So, Do you have to be this horny to ride this ride?” Tesso is chanting the incantation at the same time a short distance away as Dyson and Hale approach him and then Dyson twists Tesso’s neck killing him. Meanwhile Bo confronts Zael, telling Gaia to leave. Zael tries to convince Bo that she has more in common with him than with the Light Fae and that she should understand why he is doing this. Her answer to that is to attack him and tell him that “This home is spoken for” before draining him of all of the sexual energy that he has accumulated before tossing him aside and ending the scene with “This one is mine.”

The episode begins to wrap with first with Dyson and Trick sitting together and sharing a drink over their success in stopping the Sluagh. Trick then admits that he thought that the Sluagh were his punishment for helping Bo last episode by using his powers to help in her battle against Aife. Dyson seems shocked by this but does not admit to Trick what he had done to help Bo by going to the Norn. He then leaves and finds Bo sitting at the bar upstairs. He walks to her and Bo talks to him about what he means to her. She tells him that she felt him with her during the battle with her mother and thanks him for that. Dyson then reveals to her that he asked the Norn to give her his strength and that the one thing that he valued most of all was taken from him. Bo assumes that it is his wolf at first, but then is horrified to learn that it was Dyson’s love for her. Bo refuses to believe this as she claims that the kiss at the rave proves that he loves her, but Dyson states that it is their last kiss. He needed to know the truth and now he does, tellling Bo that before turning and walking away from her.

The last scene has Bo sitting at the bar in shock. When she turns to look where Dyson had been, she sees the strange young Fae girl standing there. Bo asks her what she wants, to which the young Fae explains that she is not one of the Sluagh. She is called a Nain Rouge (Hayley Nault) and she is drawn to impending disasters and doom, and she is being drawn to Bo to give her a warning. Bo assumes that the disaster has to do with the Light Fae bond to the land, but she is told it is not. The warning is that “something old and terrible has awoken and it is coming straight for you.” Bo looks away for a moment and when she looks back, the Nain Rouge is gone and she is left alone in the bar to ponder her fate.

Fade to black…

First off, I should say that for the most part I wasn’t disappointed too much with this episode. Some of it was well over the top and other parts were unneeded however. Still, as the opening to a new season it used the established universe well and did get into the meat of the story as quickly as possible in the beginning which is important. There shouldn’t be a massive info dump every single episode anymore, but there will be to an extent I know.

Speaking of info dumps, I have an issue with something that Hale refers to twice in the episode. At the beginning he states that all of the Light Fae Eldars are dead to Bo. Yet when Dyson appears later on, only half of them are dead. So which is it? You can’t have it both ways. Now I expect that this was a continuity error but honestly if it is, that should have been caught before this episode aired. Why wasn’t it?

Getting to the characters, I have a problem with Trick. How is it that he went from being close to death to being well and healed in three weeks as the timeline of this episode suggests? The other question I have is, who found him? Bo? Kenzi? Hale? Not one of them seems to have anything to do with what happened and how Trick was helped. It’s a large plot hole and I’d like at least some idea of what happened sometime.

Bo hasn’t changed at all since the last episode. She has control over her powers, she’s still a smart ass and takes names where she goes which is, mostly, a good thing. But the problem is that by now she should have an idea that being snarky to other Fae doesn’t really get you far with them and there are things she’s going to have to know eventually, so why not change the attitude just slightly. Remember that diplomacy is being able to tell someone to go to hell and have them thank you for it.

Dyson was stiffer than usual this time. Now part of that is of course that he’s not supposed to care about Bo anymore after what the Norn did to him. That’s fine, but there needed to be just a little more emotion in him than the robot he acted like for a lot of the time. The best parts were when he managed a smile and give a little joke. That worked a lot better and showed off the difference more than just talking it all in and doing nothing at all.

Lauren did manage a bit in the relationship with Bo. A longing look, a smile, the moments that expanded who she is. Mind you having her all happy and giggling over getting samples from that dead body on the road was cringe worthy.

Hale was, as always, the standup friend to everyone. But he was more in that he took charge when he had to and showed that there was some steel underneath that happy Siren outside that the world sees…

Kenzi once again was the highlight of the episode for me. Great lines, better than just about everyone by far… And the interplay between her and Hale was priceless once again. She lights up the scene when she appears and that makes the episode much better than it would be otherwise.

Zael, as the villain was interesting if played somewhat wild and scattered for the most part. I wasn’t sure if the manic actions were because of something being wrong with him or that after so many years of suffering that he was on the edge of losing it. Now that did make him at least dangerous and unpredictable, but save for the scene with Bo in the camp, the rest of his appearances were not that memorable. Too many “going through the motions” aspects and little in the way of showing us the why of the character.

Buzz Porter was almost instantly dislikable, but then that is of course the point of the character. Something wasn’t right about him and when the big reveal happens he folds like a house of cards. While that again is the character’s design, I thought that it was disappointing.

The Gaia character was interesting, not in her acting, as much of it as she saw, but in the concept of her. It brings me to ask a question. There are many of them, which I understand. My question is, this one is blonde and wears white and she is, or was, joined to a Light Fae. If a Gaia is joined to a Dark Fae, is she evil? Raven haired? Wears black? I’m curious as that seems to be a likely outcome based on the story we saw…

Finally the Nain Rouge… Last season we had a character that made a prophecy about Bo and that her mother was coming for her. This season we have a prophecy about Bo and that something old and evil is coming for her. Why do I have such a feeling of deja vu over this? If this results in Bo’s father appearing this season I will be so very disappointed in the series as a whole.

If it’s Bo’s mother I will scream I promise you.

Is it all that I could have asked for? No. I can’t say it is because there are so many plots from last season not closed up. This worries me as if the series holds to what it did last year, then they will have lots of new long term plots appearing in it. That is going to cause problems and that worries me.

Is it just me or is there too many plot threads being stitched together already this season?

My rating of Blood Lines

Keeping my interest – 3.5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 4 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3.5 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.8 Pitchforks out of 5

I honestly can’t say that I was that interested in the episode as a whole. Seeing Trick healed bothered me as at the end of last season he looked to be badly injured. It also concerns me that there was that continuity error in this episode as well. Either you killed off all of the Elders or you didn’t. You can’t have it both ways.

There wasn’t really a lot of growth for Bo this time. Yes her control is better, yes she figured out a lot of the mysteries before anyone else did. But the Lauren relationship is stalled, nothing happened there at all, the Dyson relationship is in ice as well. Kenzi didn’t move their relationship either save that she was supporting Bo no matter what was happening. I mean Succubus takeout is important after all…

Overall there seemed to be a better look to the Dal which was nice to see. Trick’s library seemed to have a lot more things in it as well. Even Bo’s place seems to have moved up a notch or two in the quality of the place. But I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing to be honest. She’s supposed to be struggling on her own and yet it doesn’t really look like it.

The storyline needed some work. Not in the subject matter itself, but in getting rid of all of the flashbacks that were added to it. We got the idea of what was going on at the beginning of the episode, we didn’t need the one with Dyson in the middle of it. It would have been better to have more dialogue between Dyson and Bo. Simply because the two of them on the screen make it work. So use that please? Remember you only have so much time every week and losing two minutes to a flashback for no real purpose is silly!

As I said above, the yuck of the skin being thrown up was a poor moment for me. Otherwise I was fairly happy with most of the main and secondary characters in the episode. There was however more development in the secondary characters than the main ones. While that is needed I realize, letting the opportunity for growth pass by is bothersome.

Really good use of several myths and legends in this episode and I am pleased about that. The transformation of Tesso into a rat was a little clunky but it was believable when it happened.  The use of the Gaia mythos was quite unexpected and I found the idea of the Sluagh a good fit with the already established universe. Somehow I expect that we might see them again.

I do have problems with the Nain Rouge however. We had a prophecy last year about Bo’s mother. We really didn’t need another one like it especially after the heartbreak of Dyson revealing to Bo what he did and what they have lost. The episode could have ended there quite well, but it didn’t.

The series has 21 more episodes to finish the season out. Now while I expect that the first 13 have a complete story in it, I hope that the rest of the episodes aren’t scattered in between the existing ones. Keep one story together and then get into the next one.

Clean up the threads please. The show would improve so very much if it did.

Next Week: The hunt for the new Ash is on. Literally. A traditional Stag Hunt is held, whereby the candidate who successfully tracks and kills the Stag becomes the next Ash. Bo barely takes a passing interest in this ceremony until a surprise visitor with a vested interest in the hunt appears to her. 

Well, that sounds interesting but here’s the thing… Showcase was stupid enough to post a character bio on a new Ash! That means that the old one is pretty much going to die it seems doesn’t it?

It drives me mad that you would make a reveal like that well ahead of the events of the series. Mainly because the mystery in the next episode… really isn’t any more is it? You are telling us who the winner of the contest is and as soon as we see them in the episode, we will know who the winner is!

Here’s the bio on the new Ash for those that haven’t seen it:

A Fae named Lachlan who wins the now-vacant position of the Ash; smug, sexy, dangerous, charismatic and a formidable force in his own right. Power-hungry, he is a stickler for rules.

Why oh why share that with us? You’ve removed any tension whatsoever in the next episode, we’ll know exactly who to watch and the rest of the story just goes by the wayside doesn’t it?

Sometimes I wonder if the Showcase public relations department thinks about these things when they release something. Honestly Showcase, promote the show smartly, get the fan base more involved than your “talk about us on Twitter” marketing program and most of all for gosh sakes get Anna and the rest of the cast out into the world more often.

Anyway… That’s my rant for this week… See you next Friday for the next, better episode!



Sep 08 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 193

For this week’s succubus, I was looking though some of our really old images and discovered a lovely piece of pencil art of a Succubus from I think 2002 or so. Now it is a small image, but I think that it displays this artist’s talents really very well…


Succubus by Bridget  P. Haines

Succubus by Bridget P. Haines

This work is called Succubus and is by Bridget P. Haines. I found her website here for those that might want to see other works she has created, but I will say that the site does not seem to have been updated since sometime in 2004 from how things appear there.

I like quite a lot of things about this art. There is a Dungeons and Dragons vibe to it, which is nice, it’s not over the top, which is something that I enjoy as well…

She’s in a very seductive pose and I wonder if she is a dancer of some kind? Her clothing seems to suggest that to me I think. Her tail is lovely, nice small horns in her hair, and her wings nicely frame her body really well.

I’ve looked through Bridget’s site, but couldn’t find any other images of Succubi there, but do have a look as she has lovely images in fantasy and science fiction as well as some really interesting photographic works…



Sep 07 2011

Another Succubus costume falls into the 70s…

Okay, maybe it’s not the 70’s, but it’s really really darn close to it when you look at it. Which brings up the question of why would a costume designer fall back into those ideas?

Devil Woman Halloween CostumeThis is called the Devil Woman Halloween Costume, which is a rather blasé name for a costume that is about the same I think in excitement.

It comes with the red sequin top, sequin trim pants that have an attached tail, arm guards and the horns headpiece.

The shoes are not included in the package of course as well as the pitchfork the model is holding…

It sells for $36 US.

I just don’t know about this, I mean as something to answer the door at Halloween it’s okay, but otherwise it leaves me cold really.

I’l admit that I like the sparkly horns, but otherwise the overwhelming feeling of the seventies in this succubus costume just makes me cringe… a lot.

I will also say that the pants are, a little bit, tempting if for no other reason than to mix and match it with another costume design to make that look better.

Probably too much to hope, but it might be possible with some work.

I’ll give this one and a half pitchforks out of five.

As a “tame” costume for a “tame” Halloween party I’m fairly sure this would work alright, but otherwise it’s not quite sexy enough for my tastes…

Still looking…



Sep 06 2011

Temptations 128

A kiss is just a kiss, a smile is just a smile. But what’s behind them? Is it a Succubi?


Temptations 128

By TeraS and makuta15

“What are you  – ”  Eric gulped as Tessa slid the jacket off her body. What was going on? Really, they had just met…this was way off, really, he should just head upstairs, let her calm down a bit. He looked down at the dusty floor when she began to remove her sweater, but when he raised his head again, there she was, so close, and his feet ceased their shuffling toward the banister. He shivered slightly at her words, blinked when her teasing turned into an outright challenge.

His first instinct was to gently extract himself from the situation, back away, maybe even leave the house entirely…but for some reason, the smirk on Tessa’s face seemed to say that he would only be proving her right. She had offered; why should he reject something that had come to him freely? How many times did you have encounters like this in your life, anyhow – and wasn’t his whole reason for coming out here to do something…on edge? But really, should he let himself be provoked so easily –

The floorboards creaked as Tessa shifted her stance, and Eric realized that he was doing exactly what she had accused – he was freezing. Screw deliberation! He made his choice.
Eric’s legs trembled, tensed: they wanted to keep moving. A chorus in his mind kept chanting, wrong choice, bad idea, bad idea! But he kept going anyways, until his lips met hers.



And so this story comes to, if not a close, at least a pause…



Sep 05 2011

Storm Clouds 136 – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here...

Believe it or not… We’re starting Chapter 21 next week… About time really… Next week all previous chapters will be moved to the Storm Clouds page… Only some minor changes this week.


Storm Clouds 135

Chapter 19

By TeraS

“Step back, Camilla. I can’t let you hurt her.”

The answer to that came in a cruel smile and the words, “I haven’t hurt her yet, Dick. Oh, she wants it and loves it, though. She has a fantasy of having her ass whipped until she can’t sit down for a week. You know that dream makes her dripping wet every night?

Tom watched as Camilla, in Ginger’s form, raised her right hand toward the ceiling and a long black riding crop appeared there.

“Camilla, stop. Think about what you’re doing. This isn’t you.”

Oh, but it’s her.

The whip came down hard on Ginger’s rear and a long red mark was left behind … but Ginger herself didn’t say a word. Not one. Tom was, to be blunt, uncomfortable with all of this. The sex part of it didn’t bother him, but the abuse? That was going against what he believed in.

“You’re going to have to stop, Camilla.”

No. This is what she wants, Dick. Not what I want or you want. Now, go and have a drink from the office bar or read a paper or watch, or wait outside. I don’t care because she doesn’t. All she knows is that the one person she can submit to is debasing her and making her be the person she is inside. A meek little fucktoy that needs a firm hand to guide her.

Tom wasn’t buying it and he moved towards Camilla, “Sorry, but you aren’t going to do this.” Tom didn’t want to pull his gun and use it on her. That was a last resort as far as he was concerned. He closed the distance and then took hold of Camilla’s wrist, stopping her from using the crop again.

She looked up at him and her eyes glowed green, “Thomas, please trust me on this. This is the fastest way to get what we need from her. Don’t interfere with what you see.”

Tom’s grip became a little firmer, “Abusing people is wrong, Camilla.”

“It is. But then she isn’t a person right now, and so she doesn’t qualify. Would you like to hear it from her own lips? Would that make it acceptable, then?”

Ginger’s voice was wrapped in need as she begged, “Slut has been a bad girl. She needs to be punished. Mistress has to punish Slut.”

“That makes it worse.”

Camilla’s tail wrapped itself around Ginger’s neck and tugged her close to one side, pushing Tom slightly as she moved. She took hold of Ginger’s hair again and pulled her face to look up at her, “Good Slut. You can lick my shoes.

There was no delay from when Camilla let go to when Ginger was on her hands and knees doing exactly that and mewling in pleasure from it.

Tom’s disgust with the whole situation came to a boil, and he shoved Camilla’s hand away from him. He turned away from the scene and moved towards the door, pausing there as he gripped the door handle, “Tell me something, Camilla. Is this what succubi do? Hurt others? Leave them empty shells of themselves? Are you going to suck away her soul next and kill her?”

To his surprise Camilla answered that with, “There is a difference between what you see and what there is, Tom. Please, look back.”

He did, and he saw Camilla as he had always known her, sitting on the chair, but with Ginger still on the floor in front of her degrading herself. Camilla’s tail was wrapped around Ginger’s neck directing her movements.

“If someone gave you your heart’s desire, wouldn’t you take advantage of it? This is what she wants, Thomas, and neither you nor I have the right to judge her. She needs this, has needed it for some time now. She’ll gladly answer anything for this to happen without hesitation.”

“I don’t like this, Camilla. Tell me something: do you like it?”

Camilla didn’t hesitate, “No. But that doesn’t matter, does it? Some sacrifices have to be made to get the answers we need.”

Then the scene shifted again to what it had been moments before, a slave groveling at the feet of a cruel Mistress.

Get the point, Dick?

Tom nodded slightly–“Still doesn’t mean that I have to like it”–and left the office, shutting the door behind him.

Camilla was silent for a time after Tom left. It was difficult to explain the world that she lived in to humans. Tom had managed to accept most of it, but this part of being a succubi or an incubi, the part of it where realities shifted and sometimes not for the best, was a problem. The problem in carrying it out came in getting too involved in the fantasy and having that stay with you when the moment was gone. Camilla knew already that she was going to feel dirty after it was all over, but she tempered that disgust with the knowledge that it might, just might, get her the answers she needed.

She rubbed her free hand over the mark on Ginger’s ass, “Now, you worthless slut, you will answer every one of the questions asked. For every one you answer truthfully, I will reward you with another cropping that you need so badly … And, if you are very good, I’ll let you finally cum like the needful cunt you are.

Her hand came down hard, “Understood?”

The answer was just above a whisper and was filled with need: “Yesssss, Missstresss.”

Camila held the crop in the air and began asking her questions.

What do you know of the Succubi?

“They are what is wanted.”

Camilla paused at that answer. It didn’t sound like something that Ginger would say on her own, which was troubling. She took the crop and placed it lengthwise against Ginger’s folds, pressing it against the flesh, “Wanted for what, slut?”

“To be claimed again by those they no longer serve.”

It took a great deal of control for her not to grab Ginger by her collar, and she managed in a curt voice, “Who wants them?”

Ginger didn’t respond to that. Camilla placed one hand against Ginger’s cheek, a green glow appearing there and moments later Ginger began to shake and mewl, but didn’t speak. Camilla’s fingers stroked slowly, “Slut… I am going to take you to the edge of cumming. Your pussy is going to ache and your mind is going to splinter apart piece by piece until you answer my question. The sooner you do, the better it will be for you … Otherwise, I am going to leave you a mindless shell here on the floor and then, oh then I’m going to find Mary Ann and do the same thing to her, slut.”

The answer was barely a whisper, one that Camilla would have missed save for the ragged breath that was taken before the words came out: “Please. Mistress doesn’t know why.”

Camilla drew the crop up and down as she tried to make sense of what had been said. Mistress doesn’t know why? But at the moment, Camilla was the Mistress here, wasn’t she?

“Tell Mistress why she doesn’t know.”

“Mistress does what she is told to do, just like slut.”

The cold shiver of realization of what Ginger had been trying to say made her stand up and run for the door, leaving Ginger curled up in a ball on the floor, her fingers pumping frantically in and out of her sex trying to overcome the hold that Camilla had over her.

To Camilla’s horror she heard the sound of a gunshot outside the door and went into a panic. She shifted back into her normal form, save for her horns and tail, which still were visible as she drew open the door and shouted, “Thomas!”

Moments before, Tom had left the office and closed the door behind him. It really bothered him how Camilla could do this. He supposed that most of his misgivings were because he was very old school in his thinking about relationships and sex. It had always been his belief that you found the right person for the right reasons, acted honourably, loved her, married her, and then were happy together.

He didn’t understand why people would want to suffer or be abused by others. It just didn’t make sense when he first heard of it and today … well, that hadn’t changed all that much.

He looked over to where Mary Ann sat at her desk typing away at a computer. Ignoring her, he moved towards the leather chairs and sofa on the far side of the room, hoping to find a magazine that didn’t have artificially enhanced women on the cover but did have some real articles within the pages. Looking at the table there, he sighed a bit as, of course, the only things to be seen were the current and past issues of the company’s flagship magazine, and nothing more.

Giving up on that idea, he dropped into a chair facing the office he just left and looked over the lobby. Lots of mirrors around–probably for Ginger to preen in, he thought. The doors through which the goons had left were closed … and Mary Ann … she was suddenly standing to the right of him in that stupid schoolgirl outfit, a slightly vapid smile on her lips.

“Hello Mary Ann.”

“Hiya, ‘tective! You need something while you’re waitin’?”

“No, thanks. Nothing here that interests me.”

She had a hurt look for a moment and then traced a finger over the curves of her breasts that showed over the top of the white shirt that she was wearing, “Nothin’? Nothing at all?”

Tom closed his eyes and sighed, “Nope. You have nothing that I’m interested in.”

To his surprise, Mary Ann patted his hand, “Wells, if ya want something, let me know, okay?”

He didn’t open his eyes, but instead tried to make sense of everything that had happened so far: thoughts of possible reasons, ideas of who was on the list next. But then, for some reason, his thoughts turned to his past and the one woman he had ever truly loved. He found the image of her forming so very clearly in his thoughts; he could see her, almost smell her perfume …

Sitting up, he coughed for a moment, and then heard a voice …

“Are you having allergies again, Thomas?”

That voice. Tom opened his eyes and saw standing there a woman with pixie-cut brunette hair with some blonde in it, a button nose, the pink lips he remembered so very well, wearing a black off-the-shoulder dress, and he heard the voice that he thought was gone forever.


“Hi, Thomas …”

It was her. Beth. And all of the feelings that he had kept bottled up inside for so long started seeping up again. He asked in a hurt tone, “How?”

“Don’t worry about it, Thomas. I’m here now and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?”

Tom found that it did matter, more than anything he had cared about in a long time. He got out of the chair and smiled almost stupidly, “Of course. I’ve missed you, honey …”

“I’ve missed you, too, Thomas.”

Her hands moved to straighten his collar: “You look good. Been looking after yourself?”

Tom found her voice soothing, and having her there just made the tension in his mind and body vanish, leaving only her voice as the one thing that mattered at that moment to him.

“No. Been missing you and … why did you have to go?”

“I’m here now, so you can forget about that, can’t you?”

Tom felt a little fuzzy then, like his thoughts weren’t connecting properly, like there was something that he should be remembering about Beth, but which wouldn’t connect in his mind. All he could do was listen to her voice and nod on occasion to her words.

“Why don’t you tell me what you are doing here, Thomas. Why are you and Camilla here?”

“Looking into a murder, but you don’t care about that.”

“Oh but I do, Thomas, I really do. Tell me about it.”

She slipped into his arms and for a moment he enjoyed having Beth in his arms again. It felt right. Just like the very first time he held her and they spent the night … together?

Tom’s eyes widened as he held her close and realized something. Beth couldn’t possibly know who Camilla was. That meant she couldn’t possibly be here. That meant … this wasn’t Beth.

His thoughts cleared enough for him to ask as he looked at her again, “How do you know Camilla?”

There was a look of confusion from her, “You introduced us? Remember? I’ve known her for years!”

That shook him from the stupor he was in and he turned away from her, “You’re not making any sense, Beth. Something’s wrong.”

She spun him back around to face her, her voice becoming more insistent, “You … introduced … us … Thomas.”

A wave of nausea came over him with her words and he closed his eyes to get that under control. The nausea went away and he found that his thoughts cleared, making him remember something.

She was wearing black. Beth never wore black. It was the colour she had hated more than anything else in the world. She’d rather go naked than wear black, she had once told him … and she never called him “Thomas.” Not ever. She didn’t like the formality of it, she told him. He would forever be “Tom” to her.

That snapped him clear of her hold over him and he acted out of instinct. Grabbing her by the arm, he pulled her down onto the floor, straddling her and pinning her there in the next moment. The anger pushed everything from his mind about Beth and he thought clearly at last: “Who the hell are you?”

“I’m Beth! Can’t you see, Thomas?”


He pulled his gun from its holster and placed the barrel against her throat, “You look like her. You aren’t. She only wore yellow. You’re wearing black. She called me Tom. You’re calling me ‘Thomas.’ And she never met my partner. You’re a poor copy of her; should have realized that when you first appeared. What the hell are you? Show me or I swear I’ll put a bullet in you.”

Beth—no, this poor copy of her—continued to struggle, the fear on her face evident and then, to Tom’s surprise, she smiled. Then Beth’s smile was gone and an evil grin had replaced it. And behind that grin was Mary Ann struggling to free herself from where he had her trapped.

“You fuck! I’ll tear your heart out and eat it!”

Tom had figured out by now that she was something not human. This only made him angrier than he had been. He had foolishly assumed that there was some kind of honour among those that weren’t human. Whatever Mary Ann was, she didn’t have any. The next thought was of Camilla and her promise to him: not to pry into his life, to let him make his own decisions. He realized that it wasn’t just a promise, it meant something to her.

He found that it meant something to him as well.

“You are so dead, cop! They’ll never find your body when I’m finished with you!”

His thumb pulled the hammer back on the gun, “Let’s see how you do with a bullet in you.” He moved the barrel from her neck, and pulled the trigger leaving a clean hole in the floor beside her right ear and it bleeding where the bullet grazed her. The look of shock in her eyes that accompanied the sound of the shot echoing in the office gave Tom some satisfaction.

Whatever she was, she could be killed by a gunshot, it seemed.

He put the barrel against her throat again, “Talk or the next one is going to make it hard for you to breathe.”

“Bastard! I’ll rip you apart!”

He heard Camilla’s voice behind him, “Thomas!”

He took a quick look. Camilla was standing there in a panic. He found that comforting, somehow: “Camilla. Get over here and help me before I kill this … thing.”

She ran towards Tom trying to hide the fear that had been in her eyes when she burst through the office doors and thanked the stars that Tom was still alright.

Tom looked at Mary Ann, no longer just the image of a bimbo, but now a twisted version of one,  one that had hate in her eyes and was obviously more than she appeared. As Camilla came closer, he told her, “The goons will be here in a minute. That gunshot will bring them running.”

Camilla’s smile was sure, “No, no they will not be, Thomas. I can promise you that they are … busy at the moment with other thoughts in their minds.”

He gave her an odd look and managed a smile, “Kinky ones?”

Camilla allowed herself a chuckle, “Very. You would be shocked.”

He turned back to Mary Ann, “So, what is she?”

Camilla’s tail struck out and slapped against Mary Ann’s cheek before she answered, “She’s s Siren. Mesmerizes her prey and then feeds them what they most desire to get what she wants.”

“Bitch. You’ll never get out of here alive. We’ll turn you both into thralls and you’ll…”  Tom’s hand against her cheek stopped Mary Ann’s voice and put shock into her eyes.

“I don’t hit women, but in your case you aren’t a lady, are you?”

She didn’t answer except to look at Tom with death in her eyes.

“Camilla, what do we know?”

“Nothing useable, save for Ginger being a pawn of Mary Ann.”

Tom considered that for a moment. If that was true, then Ginger didn’t have control over this place any more than her husband did. It also explained what happened to him and why Ginger was so over sexualized from the woman she had been when he had first met the pair and took them to jail for a minor incident in the past.

“Okay. So, then, what do we do?”

Camilla’s voice was cold, “She talks to my Tail.”

The look in Mary Ann’s eyes became one of fear and she struggled trying to get away, becoming more violent in her movements, seemingly not caring if she hurt herself.

“What the hell does that mean? Why is she freaking out?”

“She knows what it means Thomas. That’s what matters.” Camilla’s tail struck Mary Ann’s cheek once more, making her stop moving as she looked in fear at Camilla. “You can talk to us right now, or you can talk to her. Make a choice.”

“If I talk, I’m dead. If I don’t talk, I’m just as dead.”

Thomas took hold of her chin, forcing her to look at him, “Pick one. Which is worse?”

The voice that came over Tom’s shoulder was smooth and seductive, its tone wrapped in dominance …

“I think I am.”


Storm Clouds

Chapter 20

By TeraS


Jane returned to Tera as soon as she had changed into something less fetish-like. That amounted to a black sweater, blue jeans, and low heels, an outfit which made her look as low as she felt.

It still shocked her that disappointing Tera would affect her so much. It wasn’t like she was one of Tera’s favourites; she wasn’t Rianna, or Branwyn, or any of the Daughters who had a direct family connection to her. She was … just Jane … just plain Jane. Or at least she would be if it wasn’t for this spell that held her in this form and handicapped her so badly. Now she looked like someone else with a pair of horns stuck to her head.

Why did it matter so much that Tera approve of her? Why did Tera really care that much about what she did? She was just one of many who were part of the Realm …

The Realm … Jane cursed herself for ever leaving it. Why did she follow her twin away from there? Why did she ever pick up and join in this futile quest?

She pushed all of that aside and made her way down the hall towards Tera once more.

But, before she got there, she found someone blocking her way.

It was a small grey Calico kitten with a pair of orange wings on his back, floating in the air in front of her … and he was holding a sign in his front paws: So? What the hell happened to you?

“Leave me alone, Aries. I haven’t got the time to talk to you.”

But he didn’t move. He just hovered there in mid-air, his blue eyes looking at her and just waiting. Jane wanted to just get past him, to get to Tera, get her punishment or whatever else she was going to get and get it over with … maybe she would just get sent back to the Realm for her own protection or something and then she could crawl under a rock.

The sign changed: No, you have the time. Talk.

Jane leaned against the wall and looked at him. Aries was one of the AngelKitties; every Succubi in the Realm had one—except Tera, of course. Tera had two: her own purple one and a white one that was given to whomever was the Queen of the Succubi in the Realm. Legend had it that the white AngelKitty didn’t have a name, or wouldn’t tell it’s name to anyone but the Queen, and that it was, in fact, the AngelKitty which Tera had given to the first Queen, her mother.

But that was only legend.

“Fine. I screwed up. I got caught in a trap and now I am screwed. Are you happy now, Aries?”

The message changed: No. But at least you’re admitting that you are a fool. That’s a start.

Jane couldn’t help herself and let a small laugh escape her, “Thanks. It’s good to know that I’m measuring up to your expectations of me.”

Again it changed: Better. Now that you aren’t so pissed off at yourself, how about getting your mind around fixing your problem and then fixing whoever did this to you?

She sighed and put her hands over her eyes, “Aries, I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how to fix it. I’m not … Tera’s not sure that she can fix this. So what do I do?”

He didn’t do anything for a minute, save moving his tail back and forth behind him. Then the sign flipped over: Find yourself.

Then he fluttered up to her close, gave her a kiss on the nose, and flew away down the hall, away from Tera’s office. Jane watched him leave and tried to figure out what he was trying to tell her … but that was nothing new with Aries. Jane rarely understood him and, even after all these centuries with him as her companion, she still didn’t understand why he continued to stay with her.

After one last sigh, Jane took the last few steps to Tera’s door and walked in, ready to face the music once more.

The music wasn’t playing any more. Tera had turned off the record player and was leaning against her desk. Jane wondered idly if she had been in that same pose since she walked out of the room or if Tera was just trying to make her nervous. She was that already; Tera didn’t need to make any effort to have that happen.

Tera remained standing there, looking at her, arms crossed as her tail pointed at a chair next to her, “Daughter … Please sit down.”

It was probably the one thing that Tera could have said that would make Jane’s heart pound. She had never been called daughter by Tera. From the stories she has been told by other succubi who had heard that word, it usually meant that, whatever they did, the Queen didn’t approve. Jane dropped into the offered chair without saying a word and braced herself for what was coming next.

Tera began, “I do not have an answer for you. Why this happened, I cannot say, but–and it is a small but–I think you have the solution to this.”

The surprise was evident in Jane’s answer: “Tera, I have no idea what you are talking about! I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t plan for this … It’s not my fault!”

A single raised finger quieted Jane and then Tera continued, “I did not say that you would know the answer, Daughter. I said that you have the solution. There is a difference between the two.”

“What’s the difference?”

“The difference is that an answer is not a solution and a solution is not an answer.”

“Tera, forgive me, but your answers, especially the riddles, give me a migraine honestly.”

“Shows that your mind is working, Daughter. That is, really, a good start. Now, why don’t you use that mind of yours and tell me the one thing that you did that you hadn’t done before when this happened?”

Jane put her hands to her face in frustration, “I went to the place. I sensed someone in there, I changed form to this woman’s to have him lower his guard and get past him to the basement. I met him, flirted a little, and then went downstairs and shifted back and …”

The pause was a long one before Jane said, “… and I was thinking about him and that he was cute and I’d like to get to know him.”

Tera smiled, “So the ice queen melted?”

“Who told you that?”

A dismissive wave: “Oh, just about everyone who knows you well back home.”

“I don’t have the time to care about someone. That’s got nothing to do with me or anything about me, and I am not frigid!”

The smile didn’t change, “Jane, not being with someone since you and your sister came to us does not mean that, but it does mean that when you become infatuated with someone your mind wanders and you leave yourself open to something happening that you are not guarding against.”

Jane just sat there for a while not saying a word. Tera couldn’t possibly know what she was thinking or feeling for that matter. It had to be a guess …

… but Tera was right. Jane had thought about him and not kept her eyes open and now she was paying for that stupidity.

“So, now what?”

Tera picked up a small red beret on her desk and tossed it to Jane, “Now we go and find the man you are thinking about, get the two of you together and try to see what happens with that magic in you when he’s there.”

“This is a lousy disguise, Tera.”

Tera snapped her fingers and Jane’s clothing changed into a full length red dress to match the beret, “No, it’s not the best, but it is good enough to cover up your horns and tail. Well enough that we can see that boyfriend of yours and figure this out.”

Jane crossed her arms in disgust, “He is not my boyfriend.”

“Of course, Daughter, whatever you say … Now get up and move your tail before I pull you out of here by it.”

Jane moved quickly after that, following Tera as she left her office. From the way she moved through the building, Jane knew full well that Tera had made a decision and now was focused on seeing that happen.

As they passed the receptionist, a set of keys sailed through the air and Tera caught them. Jane stopped and looked at the succubi behind the desk, who shrugged slightly: “It’s my job.”

The sound of Tera’s heels clicking away held back any thought of an answer to that as Jane ran quickly after her into the world outside. She followed Tera past the gates and to a small red convertible that was parked just outside of them.

The pair got in and then as Tera put the car into gear and drove away, a thought came to Jane: “Tera, where are we going?”

It was a satisfied smile that crossed Tera’s lips as she drove through traffic, “Oh, we’re going to your boyfriend’s apartment. Rumor has it that he’s sitting there trying to get a hold of that woman you look like.”

Jane put her hands up to her face, “Tera … please … he’s not …”

“Yes Daughter … I know … I know …”

Tera’s laugh didn’t really make Jane feel any better; how could she, since now she had to face John? This time she knew that Tera wouldn’t just let her escape him like she had before.

The drive passed quickly, more so than Jane expected or was prepared for, really. The car came to a stop in front of a gleaming modern skyscraper by which, surprisingly, Jane was impressed. Not for the building itself, but by the fact that John lived there.

Why that was exactly, she wasn’t sure.

A short time later, Jane watched Tera knock on an apartment door, which then opened to reveal John holding a cordless phone in his hand.

A look of confusion passed over his face as he said, “Jenni? I’ll call you back, okay? Something just came up.”

As John shut the phone off, Tera reached out a hand, plucked it away from him, and said, “Would you mind terribly much if we came in? I think you and my daughter have something to discuss.”

His answer was a slight nod, to which Tera responded to by pushing Jane past him and then walking into the apartment herself.

John’s only thought as they passed him and he closed the door was, “Okay, if that’s her Mom, then I’m a monkey’s uncle.”

In spite of the oppulant appearance of the building, John’s place was… well not that showy, to be honest. Looking at the sparseness of it all, Tera was struck that John, whatever else he was, didn’t spend money on anything that wasn’t essential.

John walked up to the two of them and asked, “Okay, I know her name is Jane; yours is?”


“That’s it?”

“Pretty much, yes.”

He managed to not stare too much at her, and returned his attention to Jane, instead, even as Tera began to look over the small library of books he had collected over the years jammed into an old wooden bookcase.

“I don’t know if I should yell at you or ask if you are okay.”

Jane had found a couch that looked like it had been around since the time of polyester leisure suits, sat herself down, and looked at him from there.

“I don’t know.”

John frowned and wondered what, exactly, was wrong with her.

Tera pulled a book from the shelf, “Good answer, Daughter.”

The frown on John’s face was telling: “Doesn’t tell me anything.”

Tera turned from looking at the pages, “Perhaps that is the point?”

The frustration was evident in his next words: “I’d love to know what that point is, if you don’t mind.”

Tera turned a page, “Sorry, but that’s not why we are here, my dear … We’re here because Jane has a problem.”

“What is it?”

She smiled, “You really should be talking to Jane, should you not?”

He looked back to Jane, “Are you okay?”

Jane didn’t hide her feelings, “No. I’m not. Something happened in that basement. It’s done something to me that we can’t understand and it … well, it crippled me …”

He managed a knowing smile, “I think I can relate to that. How bad is it?”

Jane was going to explain, but Tera held a finger to her lips and Jane answered him with, “Bad enough.”

He shot them a look, “For God’s sake, can’t you give a straight answer?”

Tera chuckled, “Have to be asking the right questions, my dear …”

He hadn’t expected that, “What are you trying to tell me?”

She continued to read the book she held and came closer to him, “Nothing that will harm you, at least.”

For the first time since the women had come in, John’s sense of danger moved up a notch, “I can defend myself.”

Looking up, Tera’s green eyes glinted, and John found himself unable to look away from her.

“Sit down, John.”

He couldn’t help but do so, and then he found himself looking up at Tera as she stood over him, her hand on the armrests of the chair he sat in.

“Just relax, John … Relax … be calm … and open your thoughts to me …”

As darkness fell across his mind, that became very easy to do. Not even Jane’s cry of “No!” was enough to stop it from happening …

Sep 04 2011

Lost Girl Season Two begins tonight…

Tonight marks the beginning of Lost Girl Season Two and to mark that milestone, I am going to make a few short comments before the show begins…

There is still so much of the mythos of the Lost Girl universe that needs to be explored and I hope that the series does finally get into that. They touched on it so slightly last year and that was a shame. Still it did leave doors open for the series to explore and that’s not a bad thing.

Incubi. Let’s see some.

Succubi. Let’s see what they are really like. Oh yes I know that we have seen Aife, Bo’s mom last year, but let’s be honest, she wasn’t I think an accurate portrayal of Succubi in that universe. So they can do better and should do better.

Lots of cliff hangers from last year, and I hope that they do not solve them all within the first episode. I do not expect that Trick will be “all better” that quickly. I don’t expect that Dyson’s love for Bo will return quickly either. I don’t want to see Aife returning in the first episode still a manic woman trying to get revenge.

Let’s avoid all of those “usual” story lines can we?

I really hope so. The previews on Showcase so far have been interesting and do leave a lot of questions to be answered, which I think is a good thing for the series.

Like these two…

I hope that Syfy has the intelligence to promote the show as well and take advantage of the fan base in the US that Lost Girl has…

As I did last year, I will be making a summary of the episode here on the Tale and my thoughts on the episode on the Friday after an episode airs here in Canada. I’ll also be adding to the SuccuWiki articles for the series during the week, usually within a day or two of the episodes airing. You can see the main article on SuccuWiki for Lost Girl here if you want a place to start reading about the series.

Stay tuned…

I’ll be watching…