Nov 11 2011

Cornerstones – A Story of the Realm by TeraS

I know full well that my heart doesn’t particularly like having a fuss made on his birthday. As much as I love him and his Beloved, I just can’t allow this day to pass by without giving him something in return for all that he has done for me…

It might not be much, but it is for him and him alone…


By TeraS



One of the most important, though he would never admit to it, persons in the Realm is the one that Tera calls her Heart. The story of how he came to be known by that name is a story passed into legend and story…

…and stories are, after all, what the Realm is all about.

A long time ago, Tera was at a cross-roads. Now that’s not to say she was considering changing her views on life, love and happiness. Nor was she thinking about the wonders that her Eternal had, and still does, share with her.

No, Tera was trying to solve one important problem that her Realm didn’t quite have figured out within it. You see, all beings, every single one, need something to believe in. That’s not simply words, but a meaning to life and all that it beings.

And Tera, well she was trying to find the one person that could, quite clearly, understand that there was more to them than the horns and tail that everyone saw. But that also was never going to be enough by itself. No, what Tera understood was that the right person had to have the wisdom to know, the knowledge to share, and the will to trust.

For in the end, trust was the hardest thing to have.

The search took some time, and Tera didn’t mind that as she found herself meeting, minus horns and tail of course, those that believed in higher powers and more so had the faith and mind to accept that which was in front of them. But the thing was that not one of them could see past the woman that asked questions of them that challenged their beliefs and values to what was hidden beneath.

It was a damp fall afternoon when she came upon a small town and noticed something different about the people that lived there. It wasn’t that they were special. Not that they were powerful. Not even that they had gifts that others didn’t.

No what caught Tera’s attention was that in each and every one of them their souls burned a little brighter than many she had seen before. And it wasn’t a glow that was caused by powers above. It was the glow of enlightenment and understanding given by one of their own that lived among them.

She stayed in the town for a while, talking to those that would speak to her and answer her seemingly odd questions, and there were many of those. She learned that the people in the town credited their joy in the world to a man that believed himself to be no one special, but did more than any person in the town did for those in need, those wanting to talk, and most of all, those that wanted to believe.

Tera found that she wanted to meet this man and know of him and so she found herself standing in front of a small three story home sitting quietly near the outskirts of the town, just across from a quaint white church that she could see, quite clearly, had the same glow it in that all in the town shared.

She was very sure to not look out of place when she found herself at the door, every lock of hair in place, a modest red dress that wasn’t quite as sexy as she normally wore, but did manage to look flattering nonetheless. In her hands she held a small tin box as a gift to give and then knocked on the door softly.

The door opened to reveal a middle aged man. He looked like the sort of man that you’d like to have as your uncle: a kind face; eyes that held the glimmer of mirth and joy he carried with him; the stature of years of listening, understanding, seeing and helping; a life filled with the joy of doing good work wherever he was needed to be.

And at that moment, he seemed to know that this was were he was meant to be.

The first words spoken were his and, as Tera would tell, the ones that settled everything for her: “Hello Dear One.”

What was more right to her was her reply that received a warm smile in return from him: “Hello my Heart. I… I would like to talk with you if I might… I brought cookies if you’d like to share?”

They spent the afternoon talking about things. Not the questions that Tera had asked before, as it seemed to her that they were not needed. No the questions were ones that they both seemed to have interests in.

“What is a soul?”

“Why does it matter?”

“Why is it that so few can see the value in it?”

Tera shared her cookies and he shared his tea with her. When his Beloved arrived, the glow from her was as bright as that from his soul. She had the look of contentment that all those that had their soulmate with them showed. A smile as warm as his, joy in her eyes that never faded from view. More so the understanding that when the calling came for their good works, she would forever support him and she knew full well that he would never see her work alone. When the two of them were together and their love shared in mind, body and soul, Tera could see how it was that the strength of all in this town came to be.

And it did bring tears to her eyes.

When they saw Tera wiping away her tears, they both asked what was wrong, how they could help, and more. It was when they embraced her and she slipped allowing her horns to appear and for them to see her tail hugging them both that Tera thought for a moment that they would reject her as had been done many a time before.

But that didn’t happen.

The words that came were, and Tera should have known from the beginning: “Your light is bright Dear One and horns and all that comes with them can show who are Angels too.”

Tera asked them to trust her to show them her home, and they came with her to the Realm for the first time. On the first day of their arrival there, it was with open eyes, open hearts and most of all, understanding that although the Realm was a wondrous place, there was something important missing with Tera or her Eternal explaining it to them.

Two cornerstones of the building were laid. One by Tera and her Eternal, the other by her Heart and his Beloved. There was nothing else there that first day, it would take some time Tera had said to build what needed to be created.

But on the next morning, when they all passed by the spot, to return back to the Earth her Heart and his Beloved, they were all surprised to see what had come to be.

There are places of light that are, simply, a means to show devotion to a belief. Walls to protect from the elements, materials made to last for centuries and more, the purpose to mark the place to come, share, and be loved. What had been created was more than that. It was made of the belief of the four of them.

The belief in love, understanding, devotion and trust.

Save for the two stones that stood there, all else was made of light. Shimmering golden light that warmed those both within the golden walls, but also warmed the souls of all of those that lived in the Realm. It seemed right that a place of devotion to doing good should have that belief build it’s structure, walls, windows and more. There was not one stick of wood to support it, not one window to block the light within from the light without. It was large, this was true, but them the Realm had many within it and, truly, all were welcome within. And a place like this should, always, welcome all without hesitation.
Her heart was embarrassed of course, it was too much by far, but the place alone wasn’t the end of what Tera had shared.

Tera gave, to them both, one of the Books of the Realm.

There were but three of those Books, and as much as he did protest and try to return the gift, Tera just smiled and pointed at her horns before explaining, “You are part of us and we of you my heart… both of you mean the world to us and so this world should be yours as well.”

That book remains with Tera’s heart to this day, the pages telling stories and tales of the world that he, with her and those that believe, make each and every day of their lives.

Eventually they did return to the town of light and Tera left a gift there, in the town for eternity. She placed a single stone from the Realm in one place that her Heart and his Beloved told her was the right place for it to be. A spot where light would touch it and it would know the love of her Heart and his Beloved evermore. A precious few would come upon the marker in ages to come and it would be reset again and again in places of light in the world, but none would match that of this first, perfect place.

But the most important reason for it being there was for her Heart and his Beloved to have a means to visit the Realm whenever they wished for as long as they wished to and thankfully, and forever more, they did so and in doing that made the Realm the place of light that it was meant to be.

Nov 11 2011

Would the Lost Girl’s life be better as a stripper?

The seventh episode of Lost Girl season two finally aired this week, and honestly it was mostly a lot of teasing in more than one way.

That’s not a bad thing as, in one way, they revealed an important plot point for the future, but didn’t explain it, leaving us a cliff hangar of an ending to deal with. The other reveal, and yes I am going there, was all of the strippers that appeared in the episode…

Episode twenty, and the season two seventh episode of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Kenzi gets hypnotized and hot under the collar for a stripper, Bo gets answers from Lauren, but doesn’t know what to do with them, Trick has a headache to deal with between the Light and Dark Fae, and Dyson is an ass in more than one way…

This is the seventh review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo discovers that when Fae become strippers then you have…

Fae Gone Wild

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) sitting on their couch at Bo’s home. Sitting between them is the Morrigan’s gift to save Nadia, Lauren’s girlfriend, that Bo received in the previous episode It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away. Kenzi demands that Bo opens the gift, but she refuses to do so, worried that it is a trap, or worse, according to Kenzi, send Lauren into the arms of Nadia. When Bo declares that it is not even hers to open, Kenzi then taunts her with the idea that they should get rid of it. Bo’s reply is to snatch the gift back, saying that would be underhanded and selfish to which Kenzi says she is not. Bo says she could be those things, but Kenzi just smiles and tells her it’s good to have dreams before touching Bo on the nose and getting off the couch.

The scene then moves to the police station that has appeared in many episodes before. A cop killer is chained to a desk by a police officer and then locked in a room alone. Moments later a trio of masked strippers appear and begin dancing for the police officers, all of their attention placed on them. The men appear to be tranced or at least hypnotized by them and, over time, the women disarm them and take their clothing and other items. While this happens, the cop killer watches from the locked room as if anticipating something.

Returning from the opening credits, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) and Hale (K.C. Collins) walk into the station to discover the officers in the room disarmed, partially disrobed, and confused about what exactly had happened to them. As well, the cop killer is no longer in the locked room and appears to have escaped with the help of the strippers. Hale and Dyson check the surveillance cameras and discover that the cop killer, Zephyr (Robin Kasyanov), was indeed taken from the police station with the help of the strippers who it appears seem to know him. Dyson comes to the conclusion that the woman came into the station, seduce enough of the men to give up their clothing and then took Zephyr away. Hale comes to the conclusion that it has to be a group of Fae that did this. Dyson agrees, but he comments that the scent of Fae is very weak and he doesn’t know why.

Bo and Kenzi in the meantime are in a park with a Fae woman named Donna (Maria Del Mar). Kenzi reads from a newspaper article about the breakout at the station and Donna states that the girl in the pictures is her daughter, and that she, and her daughter, are simple tree folk and she doesn’t understand why her daughter would do this. Bo asks if Donna is sure that it is her daughter and she says she is sure even after ten years. It turns out, according to her, that they had a fight, her daughter left and she never heard from her again. Donna asks Bo to find her daughter Sheri (Cristina Rosato) as according to the other Fae in town, Bo is the best, and that since the police will believe that Sheri is with Zephyr that she has to do something. Bo then agrees to take on the case, find Sheri and help her if she can. After Donna leaves, Kenzi notes that the words “simple tree folk” were repeated over and over again and she thinks that they haven’t been told the truth. Bo agrees noting that the Fae have never been straight with them. Kenzi repeats Zephyr several times and after deciding that it must be Russian, makes a phone call to someone, speaking Russian as she does to try and get information on him. Bo is unhappy about the entire situation as she knows full well that she will have to be on Dyson’s turf and sneaking around him.

Hale is interrogating the officers that were involved in the stripper breakout and in each case the testimony comes down to the men being dazzled by the woman and not remembering much other than the cup sizes of them and not much else. Dyson then arrives and drags Hale off to the last known location of Zephyr. At that moment, Bo has arrived at that location to find a van parked inside of what looks like a warehouse. She finds on the floor one of the outfits that the women were wearing as well as one of the masks as well. She checks the van for clues, finding it empty, but takes some items from the glovebox that she discovers there when she hears a car pull up outside. She attempts to hide, but walks into the body of Zephyr hanging from the ceiling to her surprise. He is dead, hung from the neck and one of his hands are removed from his corpse. Dyson then calls out Bo’s name and she spins around with the words: “I’d like to report a murder.”

Returning from commercial, Bo attempts to deflect Dyson’s questions about what she is doing there, but in the end she tells him that she is investigating a missing persons case, but refuses to tell him anything more about it. Hale comes back in after looking at the can and comments that it is empty and the glovebox was cleaned out. Bo quickly makes her excuses to them and then leaves the scene as quickly as she can. Dyson is sure that Bo is holding out on him, but lets her go. The two decide that they need to take the body to Lauren for further examination and do so.

Bo finds Kenzi at The Dal Riata and the two of them examine what Bo was able to take from the van. They are in the middle of a conversation about the tree folk when Kenzi suddenly hides the evidence as someone approaches their table. That turns out to be Keira (Lina Roessler) who begins to talk to them both, but stops as Trick (Richard Howland) comes by and asks him for his most expensive bottle of scotch to celebrate a business deal she had made recently in Zurich which involves her investing in a medical research facility. When she walks away, and Trick passes by, Bo asks him if Keira is rich and Trick confirms that. Bo’s comment on that news is that “Dyson’s girlfriend is a billionaire and I live in a house without walls.” Kenzi then shows Bo a VIP membership card for a strip club called the Naughty Ladies Gentleman’s Club and putting two and two together, the pair leave to see if Sheri and the other girls involved are there or not.

Dyson and Hale are back at the station going over the evidence they have and Hale discovers that one of the officers, Boyd (Richard Chevolleau) had recently lost his keycard to the station. Dyson remembers something and shows Hale a picture of Boyd being very friendly with one of the strippers and they come to the conclusion that he must know this woman from somewhere. Bo and Kenzi meanwhile arrive in the strip club to find Sheri and all of the other women they are looking for dancing there. As they watch, Kenzi comments that she didn’t know that she liked “chicks” and Bo figures out that the women, all of them, must be Fae using their powers on the humans in the room to control them, and playing on the centre stage is Sheri.

After another commercial break, Bo and Kenzi are sitting at a table watching Sheri finish her set. Kenzi asks if Bo feels what they are doing to her and Bo says that yes, she is horny but not hypnotized. After Sheri is finished, Kenzi calls her over to their table and pays for Sheri to perform a lap dance for Bo. Bo attempts to talk to her, but Sheri refuses to talk at first and tries to use her powers on Bo, but when Bo resists her and then begins to question her, Sheri pulls away assuming that Bo is a cop. Kenzi then explains that Bo is looking for a job and Sheri shrugs that off saying that she needs to talk to Lewis (David Hemstead). He tells Bo that she could be a headliner at the strip club in no time, but would have to pay a price. Bo explains that she was thinking more about tending the bar and Lewis agrees to that idea as it would make his customers happy.

Bo and Kenzi return home and talk about what happened. Bo surprises Kenzi by telling her that she is going to take the bartender job there. Kenzi tries to get Bo to understand that they did their job, they found Sheri and at this point they should leave her to Dyson and Hale to deal with. Bo refuses saying that there is no one looking out for Sheri and Kenzi tells her that “that’s what makes you, you.”

Hale in the meantime is interrogating Boyd about what happened once again. He tells Boyd that they know his card was used by the strippers to gain access to the station and that makes him an accomplice to a cop killer. Boyd tries to explain that he is innocent of what happened and that it was possible that he had been at a strip club, met Sheri, told her that he would be involved in moving Zephyr, and she took his card. Hale then tells Boyd to write down the address of the club.

Elsewhere, Trick is standing over a map of the city which has many markers pinned to it. He is on the phone and repeats that a group of Light Fae Nuns attacked a group of Dark Fae customers at a charity clothing drive. After hanging up, he stares at the map with all of the incidents marked on it very concerned. Bo then enters the room but before she can see anything that he is looking at, he covers it up and asks how he can help her. Bo tells him that she has a human with one hand cut off, and a very bad haircut. Trick asks if there was body fat removed and Bo tells him that he was kind of filleted. Trick explains that someone is making something called The Hand of Glory. It turns out that it is a candle used as a talisman by thieves which allows anyone that lights it to break into anything that they wish to as long as the candle remains lit and the only thing that can douse the candle is milk. When Bo asks why everyone doesn’t own one, she is told that it is a grizzly affair to make and that the hand retains the personality of the person it was taken from.

At the same moment, Lauren is talking to Dyson and also explains about the Hand to him, including that the candle is the fat of the person, the wick is their hair and that the one killed must be a murderer. She also tells him that the more vicious the killer the more powerful the hand is. After getting the information Dyson asks her if she has talked to anyone else about this case and her answer is no. When he leaves, Lauren asks if she could stay in the room they are in for a while as she has an escort and this is one of the few times she feels free. Dyson tells her to take all the time she needs and then leaves the room. Lauren then calls Bo who is still at Trick’s when she answers the call. After talking about the Hand for a moment, Lauren then asks Bo if she has had any luck with the solution that the Morrigan had promised for her. Bo’s answer is that she only has more questions. Asking Lauren if there was anything else, the answer is no, and then she hangs up on Lauren abruptly. The next scene is of Bo at the strip club tending bar and trying to talk to Sheri. Bo asks why she doesn’t go to another club and Sheri tells her that she was planning to leave the business soon and do something on her own. Sheri is then called to the stage to perform her set and, just after she leaves, Dyson and Hale appear in the club and confront Bo.

Back from commercial and Dyson begins to grill Bo on what she is doing at the club. Dyson is not pleased with Bo getting in the way of his investigation and before she can make her excuses, Sheri appears on stage and Hale puts it all together commenting that their missing persons case is the same one as Bo’s. They go to arrest Sheri, but Bo pleads with them not to interfere and give her a chance to find out why Sheri made the Hand of Glory. When she tells Dyson that he needs her, he tells Bo that he’s not sure that he can trust her anymore. He does however relent and after telling Bo to be careful, the pair leaves. Afterwards, Bo notices that Lewis is leaving his office and she makes her way inside. She discovers that his office has a number of fishing trophies including sharks and other big-game fish. She searches the office and finds a save behind a poster from the club on a wall. When she attempts to touch the safe, she finds her hand passing through it as if it didn’t exist. After taking a picture of it and hiding the safe again, she is confronted by Lewis before she can leave. Bo makes the excuse that she was admiring his collection of trophies and Lewis preens among them telling Bo of some of the adventures he has had. When Lewis becomes to close for her liking, Bo takes a glass he was holding and then excuses herself to return to the bar once more.

Bo meets Dyson and Hale at The Dal Riata and tells them about the invisible safe and what else she has learned. They blow up the image of the safe that Bo took and Dyson explains that the safe was made by the Nibelung Dwarves, the best metal smiths in the world. The unique part of this safe is that they managed to make the metal exist in two different dimensions and that it cannot be broken into, except of course if you use the Hand of Glory. Dyson takes a phone call and also reveals that Lewis is a Dark Fae named Kobe Ah Ket and he is a Bunyip, a water spirit that abducts women. Hale suggests that they arrest Lewis immediately, but Bo pleads for more time for her to get Sheri what she needs in that safe. Dyson agrees but warns that she has until noon in order to do so as they will arrest him at that time.

Bo and Kenzi meet Donna at Bo’s house and demand that she tell them the truth about what is going on. Donna explains that she and Sheri are Selkie, or as Bo calls them, seal shifters. Donna explains that she gave away her pelt to be with a human and then had Sheri. Bo is confused and asks how it is possible when it is illegal for the Fae to have children with humans, Donna brushes that off explaining that Selkie are in a grey area and that rule does not apply to them. She also explains that she was pregnant with Sheri before she met the fisherman she loved. Donna also reveals that she never explained to Sheri that she was a Selkie either, and hid Sheri’s pelt from her. When Sheri turned fifteen she found her pelt and the breakup with her daughter happened. Bo asks what happens if a Selkie does not have her pelt and the answer is that they can never return to the sea.

Bo returns to the strip club to find it empty and Sheri working on something. Bo confronts her and reveals that she knows that Sheri is trying to get her pelt and that she is going to use the Hand of Glory to get it. Bo also tells her that Donna sent her to help and that she isn’t going to be the one to turn her in for Zephyr’s murder. Sheri explains that Zephyr had hurt one of the girls badly and that when they discovered he was a murderer, the rest just happened. She also reveals to Bo that all of the girls in the club are Selkie like her. She explains that Lewis tricked them into turning human and then took their pelts in exchange for the money the girls needed for their plans of building a beachside hotel. Lewis made them a deal of working for him for one year and then being released, but he never kept his end of the bargain. Sheri asks Bo what her intends to do, and Bo tells her that she will help her as Donna asked her to. The group of Selkie gather and prepare to light the Hand, with Sheri’s promise to Bo that she will see her mother immediately afterwards. Sheri attempts to light the Hand but is interrupted as Lewis enters the club, enraged at the damaged doors and wanting to know what is going on. Dyson and Hale arrive next and hold Lewis at gunpoint giving Bo and Sheri a chance to light the Hand. They do so and everyone in the room with them is frozen were they are, only Bo and Sheri able to move as they were touching the candle when it was lit, who rush off in the direction of Lewis’ office.

Back from commercial again finds Bo and Sheri in the office revealing the safe. Sheri attempts to touch the safe, but her hand passes through it. Bo suggests that maybe the hand knows what to do and after Sheri places it on a desk an ethereal hand of smoke rises from the candle, approaches the safe and opens it revealing the pelts within. As they remove then, the candle flashes and the hand reappears, flies across the room and begins to choke Sheri. Bo finds a container of milk and pours it over the candle putting an end to its powers and saving Sheri. On the main floor, everyone moves again and moments later Bo and Sheri appear with the pelts, all of the Sekie rushing over to them to retrieve what is theirs. Lewis attempts to stop them, but Hale arrests him and takes him away. Dyson then confronts Bo telling her that he has to arrest Sheri now for what she has done. Bo asks that he doesn’t that no one needs to know what Sheri and her sisters did. Dyson asks Bo if she wants him to conceal all that has happened from the Ash and she explains that what Sheri did was to free her and her sisters from slavery. Sheri then come over and asks if Dyson had ever had something special to him taken away. Dyson and Bo look at each other quietly for a moment, obviously in pain over what had happened to them before Dyson agrees to cover things up with Bo’s help.

The final scenes begin with Trick looking at a newspaper that has a headline on it that the death of Zephyr had been deemed a suicide and smiles. The phone then rings with another report that there has been another attack between the Light and Dark Fae in the city. Trick then makes a call to someone else telling them that he needs to talk to Lauren if the Ash will allow it.

Donna, Sheri and Bo are together on a beach, Donna reconciling with her daughter finally and healing if not all of the wounds between them at least making a start to do so. Cheri thanks Bo one more time for what she did for them all and after a last embrace with her mother, she returns to the sea transforming into a deal and disappearing into the surf.

Dyson and Keira are next seen at Dyson’s home being intimate together. Her phone rings and Dyson throws it away complaining that all of her calls are important to which she answers that she is a powerful woman. She then offhandedly mentions a painting she bought for herself, a rug she bought as well and tells Dyson that she might as well make herself at home since she seems to be there most of the time. They continue to embrace and have sex, but Dyson has a troubled look as they do that Keira never sees.

Lauren visits Trick, a watcher standing nearby to be sure that she does not escape. Trick tells her that over the past week there has been an increase in hostility between the Light and the Dark Fae, and always unprovoked. Trick asks if she has even seen something like this to which Lauren explains that nothing she knows of would trigger the blind rage that Trick describes the Fae being in. Before they can continue to talk about the problem, Bo arrives. Lauren’s watcher blocks Bo’s way to Lauren, but Trick offers the man a beer and Bo and Lauren have a chance to talk.

Bo tells Lauren that she owes her an apology, that she was angry with Lauren and that it was unfair but it was because Lauren was unfair to Bo. She then places the Morrigan’s gift on the table and tells Lauren that she knows about Nadia because the Morrigan told her. Lauren tells Bo she is relieved that she knows, that it had been killing her not to tell Bo about Nadia. Lauren explains that Nadia is lying in a coma for the past five years because of something that Lauren did. Lauren explains that she was in the Congo on a research grant, Nadia was with her taking pictures of refuges for a magazine. Five months into their excursion a disease attacked nearby villages and Lauren went to help. And that was when she discovered the Fae as they were the ones being killed by the disease. Nadia became the only human to be attacked by the disease The Old Ash was there and offered Lauren assistance in finding a cure for Nadia, but at the price of her complete servitude to him. Bo tells Lauren that they might have the cure in front of them, but that she hadn’t opened it because she felt that they should do that together.

The final scene of the episode has Bo open the gift box to reveal a slim grey rod of some unknown material resting on silver cloth. She lifts it from the box, looks at it and then offers it to Lauren. Bo asks what it is supposed to be and Lauren’s answer is that she has no idea as the episode ends.

Fade to black…

I think that this wasn’t a bad episode, it had its moments and it was worth watching, but in the overall scheme of things, it didn’t really move the plot arcs forwards all that much. The story was interesting and the appearance of the Selkie was a bonus, though there were a lot of questions left unanswered about them.

Kenzi, and the men in the station for that matter, said it was like they were hypnotized, and I would have liked to know how that was done. We know that Bo needs to touch someone to “control” them, but the Selkie don’t. It isn’t likely that they use their voice, so what exactly is it, other than their sexuality it seems, that does?

One other question I have is, what exactly happens to that candle? After Bo poured milk on it, it is now useless? It’s really an interesting myth to use and I thought that it was handled well, but it’s another powerful item in the Fae universe and I think we might be getting too many of them appearing “as we need them.” Not sure if that is a good idea overall…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… A little progress with Lauren, some strife with Dyson. Yet another reason for her to hate Keira, she’s rich, and they actually had her in a different outfit than she normally wears. Even if that was to be a bartender. Otherwise there wasn’t any real character development and once again, not a single moment of her actually being a Succubus.

Dyson. Honestly why is it that he has to be played more and more like an ass in the series? I get that he isn’t in love with Bo anymore, but do we need to have that rubbed in every time he appears? I still get the feeling that the actor playing the role is unhappy about having to play Dyson this way after the first season where he was a lot more interesting. I really hope that they resolve this plot point soon.

Kenzi… O have to admit I like her with long red hair like she wore at the strip club. But her reactions to the Selkie and, as well, her talks with Bo just were show stoppers. I have to say that I still think that Kenzi is what keeps Bo sane and, darn it all, let’s have more of her and soon.

Hale. The interrogation scene when he repeated what the officers had told him was a riot. Just too funny and it was good to see him with a larger role this week.

Lauren… At last she tells the truth to Bo about her girlfriend. In doing so she gains a lot of sympathy from us, which I think was the point. It also was interesting to see the lengths to which the Ash is keeping her under control now… I have the oddest thought that Bo is going to do a jailbreak sometime in the near future.

Trick. Another too short appearance to give information and, honestly, can’t the writers think of better things for him to do in an episode than “get asked a question, find book, talk, wish them luck?” There has better things for him to do and I hope that the new plot line of trouble between the Fae will accomplish that.

Kiera. Don’t care, didn’t care this week. Two short scenes that really were info dumps of her background and what she thinks of Dyson. Otherwise nothing useful in her appearance, but she is involved in a medical facility and that has to mean something in the future of the series I think.

Sheri. Cute, very cute and she was an interesting character with a background that Bo and Kenzi could relate to. It’s a shame that we’ll never see her again as there is more to do with her than a striptease and some sexy clothes.

Donna. Sheri’s mother was again used for info dumps and not much else. Her story was completed in the episode and again I doubt she will return again.

Lewis. Too easy to hate on and that was the point of the character. Very much one-dimensional I thought and as he’s off to be punished, not to return again.

The other characters were mostly there for the scenery, especially the other Selkie dancers. I didn’t really find myself caring about any of them, but then they didn’t really have much to do or say as the minor characters seem to do more and more in the series.

Still, not bad overall though more thought to the stories in the episode would be a good thing.

My rating of Fae Gone Wild

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 5 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.5 Pitchforks out of 5

There were a few things that I didn’t like in the episode, mostly that there was a lot, and I mean a lot of cheesecake in the episode and actually that brings me to something that has bothered me more than I thought it would as the series has gone on…

Why is it that every woman on the show has to have plunging necklines that show off as much of their chests as possible? It’s especially bad with Bo’s clothing, but Kenzi isn’t that far behind as of late and, really, it’s happening to more and more of the females on the show. Why? Why do this? Yes I know why they do it, and of course it’s to get the male audience watching, but really? Can’t you just have the stories support the show?

It was actually an interesting episode for the most part in spite of that nit of mine. I managed to pay attention to the entire episode, though I have to admit that I didn’t really need to have the music in the strip club just about drowning out the Kenzisms, which really were funny… I also thought that Kenzi’s reactions in the strip club were amusing as well… I have to say that the other point that I didn’t like was the phone call between Bo and Lauren which was the epitome of awkward. Still it was meant to be that and it really was.

Nothing really Succubus like in this episode, though the dress that Bo wore when bar-tending was interesting. Still there was no need for her powers to be used, and so they weren’t. Come to think of it she never mentioned to Sheri what she was, only that she was there to help her. There might have been a moment for Bo to use her powers on Lewis, but that didn’t happen either. I can’t really say much about Bo being resistant to the powers of the Selkie in the club either as honestly there wasn’t much in the way of her powers seen either.

I thought that the location for the club was a good one if it seemed slightly crowded. The police station scenes were, as always, well done, it actually looks like a working station as it always does as well. Overall the locations supported the story, but the beach at the end, and the picnic table meeting with Donna seemed wrong. Perhaps it was because it looked more like fall than summer really.

The storyline was a good one, if really oversexed in a lot of ways. While I understand that the characters did push that, there was more to it. I found the contrast between Sheri and her life versus what Bo’s life became did touch on a lot of points between the characters. I also thought that at the end when Sheri asked Dyson if he ever lost something of value to him was a point that will possibly push the Dyson/Bo relationship forwards. It also was good to see the Bo/Lauren relationship get out of the “You didn’t tell me” situation it was in for so long. Of course it didn’t solve everything, and that’s sort of the point, but we now have a key to solve the Nadia problem. But will it? Then there is the Fae attacks that are going on. Why is it that Dyson and Hale seem to know nothing of it? More, why is it that Trick hasn’t done anything to figure it out? It almost seems as an afterthought to the episode and that might mean they are interjecting the new episodes they shot after they got the new episode order.  That could case problems in the plot lines and I hope that it doesn’t.

Save for the reveal for Lauren in this episode to Bo and the possible solution for Nadia, the rest of the main cast didn’t have much to do in progressing their characters forwards. Yes there was a small, and I mean small, scene with Dyson and Kiera which tells us that she is getting him entwined with her and he’s having second thoughts about it. But other than those two points, nothing else really changed for anyone.

It was good to see some new Fae appear as it always is. The Morrigan’s gift is still a mystery and I had the oddest thought that it might be something connected to an Egyptian myth about the afterlife, which I will not spoil here. But if it is, then Bo and Lauren are going to have to sacrifice something in order for Nadia to be freed.

But honestly, please collect all of these plot lines and solve a few will you?

Next Week: Death Didn’t Become Her

An old friend of Trick’s asks for his help when his ballet dancer husband goes missing – or rather, his ballet dancer husband’s corpse does. Bo and Dyson track the dead ballet dancer with Lauren assisting them in their search.


Well, we have lesbian characters on Lost Girl already, so it’s about time that there was some mention of other gays characters on the show or at least that is what I get from that summary anyway.

Come to think about it, there was a Fae in an earlier episode that was able to inhabit dead bodies and perhaps this might be another one of them? It would be nice to have a little bit of a revisiting of past stories too… I would like to see some movement on the Lauren/Bo/Nadia front, but I think we all know that isn’t going to happen for a while as yet.

After all the series does need to leave us hanging for a while to come otherwise we’re going to be drowning in major plot lines and I’m not sure that is a good thing. Actually I am sure of that as there are enough hanging plot lines right now as it is.

The question about Fae attacking each other I think won’t be covered much either, but it would be nice to know more about it. Oh, and keep an eye out in the background of the episodes as I’ll bet that you didn’t notice that in this episode the young actress that plays the Nain Rouge, the harbringer of doom, was in the background.

Take a good look and you’ll see her…

And that plot line needs to get going soon too…



Nov 10 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 202

This week I found a deliciously sexy and fun image of a Succubus that just made me giggle when I saw her on DeviantArt…

Hot Sausage by Koblein

Hot Sausage by Koblein

And yes I agree that is one hot sausage that she has there… This art is titled Hot Sausage and is by an artist named Koblein on DeviantArt. You can find the page I originally found this work here and their art page on DeviantArt here as well…

This is just such a fun image… I don’t think there is any other way to describe it… She’s cute, the pose is sexy, her hair is just right and it’s just a neat look on her face that just makes the entire work perfect in every way…

Oh and she has a perfect tail and horns which don’t hurt either…

This is quickly becoming one of my current favourite Succubus images and I think that it really does deserve to be one of them…

Do visit their page on DeviantArt, there are a few other Succubi or Devil Girl images there, but of all of them, this one is the best I truly think…



Nov 09 2011

Fancy but not quite a Succubus Costume…

I noticed a costume this week that is really quite well done, if not something that I would particularly think about wearing as a Succubus costume… But for some Succubi with the right body shape and style, I think that it would work really well for them…

Devil Sexy CostumeThis is described as being a Sexy Black Devil Dress and comes with the petticoat dress which has sequin flame detail and a high collar neck, the skirt with red fur trim and the red horns. The pitchfork and shoes are not included in the package.

It sells for $35 US.

It’s quite good I think in its look and how it was made by the manufacturer. The added details in the fur trim and the piping doesn’t overwhelm the look, nor does the frills really do much to kill the look either…

If you are petite, i think this would work really well as a Succubus or Devil Girl costume, but I would try to find a better pitchfork than the one they show in the image…

Once again there is no tail. Shame really as I think one would work well with this costume and as always I am biased to Succubi costumes having one…

I’ll give this costume four pitchforks out of five.

Really one of the better costumes I have seen and it wouldn’t take a lot to make it really something special…



Nov 08 2011

Desires 4

If you know yourself, does that mean you truly know? And if you don’t, think of what that means… The Succubi Queen does…


Desires – Beach Oasis

By MacroLass and Tera S

Part Four


Tera’s voice was sultry and passionate as she said, “You are beautiful…. You are soooooo sexy… Soooooo hot….. Soooooooo passionate….”

Tera smiled and then leaned down to suckle at Flexi’s breasts. Her lips sealed around Flexi’s nipples and then she nipped and sucked at her nipples drawing out the liquid gently. As she did she increased the sensitivity of Flexi’s body twice over.

Tera finally licked her way across both of Flexi’s nipples and breasts before she reached a hand to her sunglasses and removed then slowly. Tera’s eyes glowed a soft green for a moment and the little arcs of black formed within her eyes. A moment later and Tera’s eyes had transformed into green hypnotic swirls that caught Flexi’s eyes and held them.

Tera whispered, “Make your glasses disappear Flexi… You need to see my green green eyes…. You need to fall deeper and deeper into them….. Just relax and listen to my voice my dear… Just revel in the pleasure and obey…… obey….. obey….


“So….so are you,” the lifesized Barbie whispered with the same emotional fire. “I’ve never met anyone who makes me feel like you do….”

Already a high strung erotic machine, the increase of sensation from her errogenous zones bid fair to drive her mad from sheer pleasure. Fluid began to trickle down her inner thighs as her milk started to flow freely from her mammaries.

She gave a soft gasp like a trapped animal as their gazes met. Her eyes widened…and the battle was lost as soon as it had begun.

“I need…to see your eyes.” The sunglasses melted like chocolate in the sun and were reabsorbed back into her body.

“..fall deeper…and deeper….” Her ice blue irises slowly turned to green.

“…relax…and listen….” The black of her pupils turned verdant and started to shimmer.

“…revel…in the pleasure….” Her eyes were glowing solid emerald now.



Tera smiled and then kissed Flexi on the lips again. She then whispered, “Listen to me…. Listen carefully…. You have nothing to do but listen and obey my words…”

Tera slipped a hand down Flexi’s body slowly and whispered to her, “Flexi is going to go away for a little while… She needs to rest and relax for a while….”

She trailed a fingernail along the inside of Flexi’s thigh and said, “And when Flexi is away…. Someone new is going to cum out to play…. You want that don’t you? You need to have that happen…. Sooooooooooo much….”

Tera moved close against Flexi until their foreheads touched gently together. A moment later and Tera’s thoughts washed into Flexi’s mind, “Flexi is going to fall asleep and Miliani is going to cum out to play…. You can imagine what she looks like can’t you? Long black hair…. Tanned skin… Large full breasts….. A ripe tasty pussy….. a firm heart shaped bum…. long slender legs…. A perfect Polynesian toy for me to play with… You need to make my wishes cum true….. Fall asleep Flexi….. Sleep and let Miliani cum to me….”

Tera’s fingers slipped between Flexi’s thighs and then she rubbed a finger gently against her folds making Flexi’s need to cum double and double again….



Changing… Altering… But to what end?

Next time…



Nov 07 2011

A Halloween Tale by JHB

I know that I said that Storm Clouds would return this week, but it will be next week…

The reason for that is my heart has written another story of the Realm of the Succubi with our dear yellow tail Miriam that has appeared before in the Realm… You can find her first appearance on the Tale here, back on May 15, 2011

For those that don’t know, yellow tails in the Realm are very rare, have interesting powers that occasionally do odd and wonderful things… But most of all they are always cheerful and happy beings…

To my heart, I thank him for telling us more of Miriam, and for adding to the world of the Realm…

I am, as always, grateful for his love and guidance…




A Halloween Tale


It is still Halloween in a few places as I post this, and I wrote it on Halloween, and I haven’t contributed any writing to this place in ages, so I will post it.  This is the whole thing, inspired by a picture in Tera’s Succubi Realm, and written using the rules of her Collective Succubi.  It is the sequel to a story found here.



Miriam was doing a wonderful job in her role as a Realm Librarian.  In the five months since she had moved out of her internship and into the full-fledged staff, she had become more and more comfortable with herself and her succubish nature.  She now dated on a regular basis, with incubi and succubi of all ages; she particularly . . . well, “enjoyed” might not be quite the right word . . . a green-tail named Cheri, who, once upon a time, was the nursemaid to a young French lass—Reinette Poisson would grow up to be Madame du Pompadour, one of the greatest human courtesans ever.  Miriam discovered just where—and how—Louis XV’s chief mistress learned her skills.

In the library, the yellow-tail’s energy and optimism had added quite the spark to a universally-renowned staff.  They had embarked on a new program to host and assist visiting scholars, and Miriam had spearheaded the entire thing, including special accommodations for scholars who never knew they were visiting the Realm.  Well, there was a minor dust-up between two earthly anthropologists who met up at a Paris conference, one convinced that he had stepped into an annex of the US Library of Congress, the other sure she had found a forgotten wing at St. Andrews.

On the bright side, a quick trip by Miriam not only kept the two of them from launching an investigation into how there could be two copies of a one-of-a-kind ancient codex . . . but they’re getting married at Christmas.

Her colleagues enjoyed the energy for the most part, but she was a yellow-tail, after all, and there were those grateful for the fact that her kind were so rare.  True, the aurora borealis in the study alcoves when Miriam was preparing for summer solstice celebrations was fascinating, but the bagpipe and drum corps (three of them) marching simultaneously through the Great Hall sent three librarians and the chief computer pitchforker . . . er, IT consultant . . . home with migraines.

So there was a small bit of cheer in the staff on the day when Miriam hefted her knapsack on her back and departed into the geography special collections for a six-week cataloguing expedition.  And yet, after just a day and a half, the silence moved from blissful to somewhat oppressive.  The young, bouncy, strawberry blonde was greeted by a huge welcome-home party, and her colleagues all chipped in to hire a rather studly amber-tailed masseur.

By the time the weekend was over, he had rubbed Miriam quite adequately . . . and she had reciprocated . . . generously.

So, as summer turned to autumn along the shores of the Lake of Fire, and the trees on the Angelkitty Mountains presented a blaze of color of their own, Miriam was mostly content with her life.  She had a job she loved in a place she loved, she felt as if she contributed to life in the Realm, and she had a nice circle of friends.

And yet, she was discontented: she was still viewed by some with a bit of trepidation, because of those legends about yellow-tails being dangerous.

Well, perhaps also because it had only been twenty-two weeks since she had inadvertently sent everyone into a  wild orgy with their tail selves that could have potentially destroyed the Realm.  That might have had something to do with it.

But she had also saved everybody.  That had to count for something.

Still, even among those whom she considered friends, she was usually one of the guys.  While she had dated, it wasn’t frequent.  While there had been first dates, there hadn’t been second dates . . .

. . . except with Cheri . . .

. . . or third dates . . .

. . . except with Cheri . . .

Cheri . . . ummmm, appreciated and rewarded eager and attentive students, it seemed.  And Miriam was always an eager and attentive student.

Still, for the most part, people saw her as cute-but-weird, or maybe as a buddy, but not sexy.  And there were times—like at work in the library or on one of those three dates with Cheri—when she didn’t care.  But, in a society full of sexy and sensual people, to be everybody’s pal could be rather tough on a young succubi’s self-esteem.

Marilyn’s silver tail, flicking back and forth in the mirror, got Miriam unconsciously moving her own as she consulted her tail-self via reflection.  “You know, sister,” the glamorous, predatory self said to the librarian, “Halloween is coming up, and it is a holiday when people get to appear as others.  Maybe you could dress up as somebody, or even use some make-up to change your tail color.  What do you think it would be like to be a red-tail for an evening?  Maybe you could even meet some new people.”

Miriam blushed at the suggestion at first, but Marilyn could see the wheels turning in her counterpart’s mind.  “I think I will try it,” the strawberry blonde decided.  The fall holiday was just two days away.  Miriam had planned to go to the Queen’s ball as Anne of Green Gables, a literary character whom she enjoyed—besides, she heard that the Queen had a special fondness for Canadians.  But this could be fun, too, and this could stretch her as a succubi, something she always challenged herself to keep doing.

As Miriam went off to plan, Marilyn smiled to herself.  Her counterpart was so sweet, but so naïve; she didn’t think about how sensitive a succubi’s tail could be.  Marilyn knew there could be effects from changing its color, even superficially.  Since the glamorous brownette was making it her special project to get her librarian tail-self to loosen up a bit, she thought this could be a delightful exercise.

But the first thing Marilyn hadn’t counted on was that she was not always that much more self-aware than Miriam.  She had forgotten that yellow-tails often brought unintended consequences.

The second thing the silver-tail hadn’t counted on: Miriam, ever the careful planner (a huge contradiction for a yellow-tail), decided she should try a test-run first.  And she decided that she should do this outside of the Realm, where nobody knew her.

And so it was that Miriam prepared for her first solo trip outside the Realm.  She was too embarrassed to admit to any other succubi, much less Her Royal Highness the Head Librarian, who usually arranged for such journeys.  Fortunately, she knew that the Library had portals into many other libraries in various parts of the mortal world.  So, late on the Saturday night before Halloween, Miriam let herself into the Library carrying a make-up kit with a large supply of rouge, crept around the darkened corridors, and set things out on a study carrel.

She began to rub rouge onto her tail, almost immediately moaning and quivering, but turning the tail red, bit by bit.  Around the time when she reached her scalloped tip, her knees were buckling and her panties were soaked. As she recovered from her climax, she chastised herself: of course her tail, like every succubi’s, was a huge erogenous zone.  She began to collect herself, and was carefully considering which portal she might take, and which destinations might already be celebrating Halloween and so not notice her unique natural attributes so much.

But the yellow-horned red-tail was buzzing inside, full of energy, yet anxious for romance, contact, and passion.  Her clothes were morphing, as a spandex shirtlet now barely covered her breasts and seemed to accent her rock-hard nipples while leaving her now-ruddy midriff bare.  And her skirt was now considerably shorter and leather.  At least her damp panties were gone, replaced by . . . well, not replaced, as it turned out.

There was no more planning.  She needed physical contact, and she needed it immediately.  Her purple mane tickled the small of her back as she glanced around, then leapt to the nearest alternate reality.

Jerry liked working in the university library because he could stay for a few hours after closing and work on his second book in peace and quiet while still making it home in time for a late supper with Karen, his sweetheart.  He was finally making some good progress that night when he heard a noise in the next room.  He sighed, pushing his glasses back up his nose and stroking his beard, bringing his six-foot frame up almost straight as he loped through the darkness, grumbling to himself about which idiot engineering student must have fallen asleep in the stacks.

“Who is in there?” he called out, flicking on a flashlight.  “Come on, I can show you the way out and we can both get home.”

“Come and see,” a sultry voice husked.
That didn’t sound like one of the asthmatic bookworms he was expecting.  He barely had time to register that she didn’t look like any bookish . . . well, that was all even his brain got out before the purple-haired wet dream grabbed him and kissed him, pushing her tongue deep into his throat.  For a moment, he was in heaven, but then he remembered: “No . . . you can’t . . . I won’t . . .” he croaked, gasping for air as he pushed the woman back, holding her bare arms to her sides, feeling something wrap around his waist.

Her tail reeled him in as a vinyl thigh-high boot rubbed between his thighs.  “Oh, but you can, cutie.”  She broke his grip and stroked his cheek with a hand in a fingerless glove before a long red-lacquered nail flicked his ear lobe.  “You know that this is a dark fantasy of yours.”

“No, I . . . I can . . . NOT!! I cannot!!” The young author shook his head, trying to clear it, his mind filled with a lemon-scented fog as one hand unconsciously reached up to stroke a . . . .was that a horn?

She had no patience for seduction right now.  Her dark stare bore into his brown eyes as he began to cry out.  It was as if a wrecking crew was plowing through the structures of his psyche, his inhibitions and morals crashing down even as his libido rose to new heights.  The next thing crashing down was an entire shelving unit.  The visitor pulled on a thread and his sweater unraveled; the shirt was open in a flash and her nails were raking his chest.  Before the two of them landed on top of the splayed out books, his pants were open, he was growling, nothing was stopping him plunging into her.

The two were sweaty and cum-spattered, but still hard and aching when they climbed off the books.  His purple tail was running up and down her back as she purred, “More.”

“Come.”  She could hear the spelling of that word in his voice before his lips had even closed.

Karen had just put some of her special enchiladas in the oven of their galley kitchen, wiping her brow behind her titian bangs, when she heard the door slam.  “Are your hands full, baby?” she asked as she wiped her own hands on her jeans and stepped out into the living room.

The purple-haired creature was gorgeous, and her tail was already wrapped around her thigh as her lover’s . . . tail? . . . snaked into her panties and made her sigh.  That was quickly supplanted with screams as two minds crashed in on her.  By the time the three of them hit the bed in the next room, Jerry’s mouth—or the mouth of the creature who had been Jerry—was assaulting her pussy lips, and her own tongue was exploring Mistress’ (how did she know that?) cunt, while the erstwhile librarian alternated between her first conquest’s bulging head and the second’s glistening, protruding nipples.  There could be little doubt that the neighbors . . . two blocks over . . . heard the screams that night.

The first light of dawn had Marilyn blinking, when she realized that she had a splitting headache.  Something was terribly wrong.  Where was Miriam?  Suddenly, a flood of images threw her back onto the bed, her mind spinning.  Purple hair . . . so much lust . . . the old ways of emotional and mental conquest . . . Oh, that couldn’t be right.

“Miriam” the voice whispered into the supine creature’s ear as her hands unconsciously teased her two consorts sleeping bodies.  “Miriam, you need to come back to me. This isn’t you . . . isn’t us . . . isn’t our kind.”

Her hair still had purple streaks as she re-entered the Realm, but her tail was yellow again, a brighter yellow than had been seen in countless generations, just as it had been before.  She was messy and embarrassed, but had managed as she recovered herself, to release the other two wills she had claimed.  She hoped they would credit the extra person in their memories to wild sex dreams—never mind why they were sharing the reverie—and that they wouldn’t question the found money, enough to fix the broken bed and shattered wallboard.

Before she dressed for the Royal party, Miriam, who was finally herself even though she had a silly smile on her face at work all day, sat and looked into her special mirror.

“I’m sorry, dear,” Marilyn said, somewhat contrite.  “I just wanted you to loosen up, not go . . . well, I shouldn’t forget that yellow-tails are special.”

The young librarian blew a kiss to her tail-self: “No worries, sweetie.  Those two darling humans are back to themselves, and so am I, even though my headache isn’t entirely gone . . . and I think we have both learned that I need to be myself, yes?”

“Oh, you don’t have to tell me twice.  So, back to something safe for tonight?”

The strawberry blonde was braiding her hair: “Yep! I am just Ann Shirley, a character in a Canadian children’s story . . .

“. . . But I do think I’ll start the first game of spin the bottle.”  She picked up a Diet Coke container: “And you would be amazed at how often this bottle will point right at little ol’ me.”



I have to say, and have, that I just love her so very very very much…

*huggles for my heart*



Nov 06 2011

A review of My Sweet Succubus by Victoria Foxxe…

Occasionally, short flashes of erotic stories about Succubi appear here and there. Most are, okay, some are better, some are worse and then there are those stories where you expect one thing to happen and the author doesn’t take you there, but somewhere else.

The question that comes then is, is that path as good or better than what you thought should happen?

My Sweet Succubus by Victoria Foxxe

My Sweet Succubus by Victoria Foxxe

The story is told as being:

It’s a tough life for Jimmy Raines, a naive college student. None of the girls on campus notice him, and he has the most boring college major ever. Even worse Sheila, the sexy-student librarian, leaves him with a case of constant blue-balls.

But life has a way of twisting in unexpected ways. While studying an ancient manuscript, he discovers how to invoke the hottest demon of all: The Succubus. When his hormones ignore his common sense, Jimmy performs the ritual.

Will his sweet succubus be the girl of his wet-dreams? Or the stuff of his worst nightmares?

We meet Jimmy at the library as he goes in search of a manuscript and in doing so he introduces us to his personal fantasy, a librarian named Sheila. Through her he gets access to an old book that contains the spell to summon a Succubus…

And eventually he does so.

Through the short story, and it is quite short, we learn a little about Jimmy and the Succubus, before he makes a choice and the story ends.

Far too soon.

I expected from the outline of the story and the things that Sheila says to him at the beginning of the tale that she would be a central character in some way, but really she’s only seen for a moment and then we don’t see her again. That bothered me because the way she acted around him and the things she said, I expected her to more than what she was.

And that was disappointing. I thought it would make for a nice twist in the story, but no, that wasn’t where it went.

As the story is a short flash of erotica, there isn’t a lot of character development nor is there really much of a plot to follow. It could have been double the length easily, and that would have helped to make the work better by explaining some facts that are revealed about Jimmy. It also might have allowed Sheila to make more of a mark in the story.

I think it would have really been an interesting aspect of the story to read and it was only touched in ever so slightly.

The story was rushed, but it is a flash so you expect that. The dialogue seemed off somehow and it could have used a bit more polish before it appeared out in the world to be read I think…

I’ll give it three pitchforks out of five.

Needed to be longer, more story, and proofed by an editor just a little bit…

One final note about this work, it was revised and reissued about a month after I wrote this review originally. The author did tighten up a lot of the dialogue and gave the story a good editing pass which helped the overall story a great deal. I still think that there is room for expansion of this universe, especially when it comes to Sheila  and her relationship with Jimmy. I’d also like to see what the succubus would have to say about it and more so, what Jimmy will do as a result of what happens to him in the story…

I know that’s all vague, but I don’t want to spoil the story as other than the little nits in it, I think that as a series it might be an excellent beginning…