Dec 02 2011

The Lost Girl should fight less and use her powers more…

The tenth episode of Lost Girl season two aired this week, and I hate to admit it, but I called the resolution of the episode last week and that really, really disappointed me more than words can say… I hope the series isn’t becoming formulaic now as that would be even more disappointing.

Episode twenty-three, and the season two tenth episode of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo finds she cannot lose her past, is haunted by it, and winds up with a cut lip and more from the experience.

This is the tenth review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo discovers that when you are fighting as a Fae, to win you need to be a…

Raging Fae

The episode begins in a container port, a limousine rocking back and forth with loud moans and screams coming from within it. Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) is standing outside, engrossed with her conversation and ignoring the sounds and rocking of the limousine behind her. She then turns around and yells a question to the people in the limousine and Bo (Anna Silk) appears out of the sunroof, and appears to have scratch marks on her face and tells Kenzi that she can’t check her day-timer at the moment before dropping back inside. Kenzi finishes her conversation and Bo then appears, fully healed. The pair walk away, Bo commenting that they need to keep the limo service on speed dial and that she will never jump from a third story window again. Kenzi asks why Bo is avoiding Trick (Richard Howland) and Bo’s answer is that she had a vision of killing him to Kenzi’s surprise. (This happened in the previous episode Original Skin) Bo explains that the Nain Rouge gave her a vision of the event and that she is avoiding him so that it doesn’t happen and so that she doesn’t have to tell him about it. Then Bo’s phone rings and she takes a call from Lauren, which then has both women running for Bo’s car. As they get in, multiple pictures are taken of Bo and Kenzi by a woman in a car hidden from their view. As they drive away, the woman comments: “Found you.” Bo and Kezni then arrive in a junk yard where Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is waiting for them. She leads them to an Ogre named Oscar (Noah Danby) who is a mixed martial arts fighter, and has been severely beaten. When Bo asks what kind of Fae did this to him, his answer is that it wasn’t a Fae, it was a human.

Returning from the opening credits, Lauren is examining Oscar and is concerned that he may have internal bleeding and damage. As the conversation continues, Oscar explains that he was involved with illegal underground fights that are run by someone named Ferraro who operates them. The fights are held in front of what he calls a “live Fae audience” to which Kenzi asks about a “dead Fae audience” and Bo tells her that she will not be dealing with zombies again. Oscar clarifies the fights explaining that there is a website that viewers can watch the fights on and that there is high-stakes betting involved as well, making it a very profitable business for Ferraro. It turns out that Ferraro is Light Fae and is also described as a pillar of the community as well by Oscar. The fights themselves are human versus human, but one human has worn many fights in a row and as a result Ferraro brought Oscar into the ring in order to defeat him, but Oscar failed to do so. Bo is disgusted by what she calls a “human cock fighting ring” and pledges to shut it down.

The next scene has Bo at the Dal talking to Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) who does not believe that a human could cause as much damage to Oscar as Bo describes to him. Dyson also cannot believe that Ferraro is doing the things that Bo has described as he is completely clean as far as Dyson is concerned. He also tells Bo that if he is running such a fight, that would only mean a slap on the wrist as it is a minor crime to the Fae. However, if Ferraro is giving Fae powers to humans, then that is a serious crime. Dyson tells Bo that he needs seriously hard evidence to do anything and Bo tells him that she will get it.

Meanwhile, at Bo’s home, Kenzi is on her way out to meet Bo when she opens the door and finds the woman that was taking pictures of her and Bo earlier in the episode. The woman shows Kenzi a very old photograph that seems to be of Bo when she was younger and asks if she knows her. The woman tells Kenzi that Bo’s name is Beth and she is looking for her. When Kenzi asks her what this is all about, the woman tells Kenzi that she is a hunter and that Bo is a monster.

At Ferraro’s Gym, Ferraro (Joe Pingue) is talking on his phone to someone about a charity event he is involved with. As he does so, he watches a boxer in the ring named Mike (Tim Campbell) and encourages him to continue to train. Bo then arrives and Ferraro tells her that she is in the wrong place for Yoga and he also doesn’t need a card girl either. Bo manages to convince him that she is a “tough girl” and calls over a boxer named Thrasher. (Angelica Lisk)

Kenzi at the same time is talking to the woman in Bo’s home and is told by her that she had been searching for Bo for many years and got a lucky break when she read a report of a bartender that “left a body behind that caught my attention.” (Likely referring to the first episode of the series It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World when Bo killed a man to rescue Kenzi.) She came to town and then managed to spot Bo at a coffee shop and has been following her since. She also explains that she was friends with Bo in high school and that Bo had dated her older brother until he was killed. She explains that Bo (as Beth) was not allowed to date, but she sneaked out of her house regularly to see Kyle, her brother. One night they left together in Kyle’s truck and the next morning he was found dead and Bo missing. She remembers that her brother had a smile on his lips even in death which continues to haunt her. Kenzi tries to tell her that Bo wouldn’t do something like killing, but she replies that either Bo is responsible or she knows what happened and either way she aims to find out.

Back at the gym, Bo is battling with Thrasher, and not doing well at first. In order to defeat her, Bo uses her powers to overcome Thrasher’s strength and wins the match. Ferraro is impressed by the result and takes her aside to discuss her terms. When asked if she has a fighting name, which she doesn’t Ferraro christens her as being “Boom Boom.” But after they enter his office, he confronts her, revealing spikes that appear from his knuckles and demands to know what a Fae is doing in his hym.

Back from commercial, Bo explains that she just wants a match and reveals herself to be unaligned. Ferraro makes the connection that she is a Succubus and asks why she wants to fight. Bo’s answer is that she always needs to make more money and that Oscar the Ogre told her to look Ferraro up. He asks how Oscar is doing and when Bo asks what happened, he tells her that he wanted to have a decent match for Mike, the undefeated boxer and that there will be another match soon with Mike fighting an Obsidian Man in the ring. The opponent is supposed to be indestructible and the fight he claims will be epic. Ferraro then tells Bo that she will be fighting Thrasher that evening as few first match and she should try not to die in the ring.

Kenzi does not believe what she is hearing from the woman, telling her that Bo was born in the city and not the country. The woman tells Kenzi that Bo must be lying to her and attempts to call the police. Kenzi stops her by suggesting that she see a friend of hers that is the best detective in the city.

Dyson is in the Dal as Bo calls him. She tells him of what she has learned and that she has a fight scheduled. She also tells him that she knows which fighter is unbeatable, and his name is Mike. Mike is seen talking to a young boy named Tyler (Nicholas Bode), and teaching him how to box. Bo introduces herself and the two of them talk for a few moments, Bo asking if he takes anything to help him win, but Mike claims that he fights cleanly to set a good example for Tyler, who is his son. Ferraro then interrupts them to warn Mike about his son training without a membership. Ferraro then abuses Mike verbally before striking him repeatedly. Mike then tears a punching bag from it’s mount in anger before collapsing to the floor unconscious.

Kenzi has taken the women, Mel Williams (Joanne Boland) to see Hale (K.C. Collins) at the police station. She tells him that she is sure that Bo and Beth are the same person and that Bo is responsible for her brother’s death. Hale tells her that they will investigate her charges before asking her to give him and Kenzi a moment to talk in private. Kenzi asks Hale to help make Mel and her accusations against Bo disappear like they do for other Fae, but Hale tells her that Bo isn’t Light Fae and that he cannot do such a thing, even for Bo.

Bo at that moment is talking to Mike who is once again conscious. Mike tells Bo that he suffers from blackouts when he overexerts himself and that he is also unaware of how angry he can be when it happens. He also tells her that the blackouts used to come only in the boxing ring but they are becoming worse. Bo suggests that Ferraro is giving something to him without his knowledge, but Mike brushes that off saying that it doesn’t matter. He only has to fight once more and then his debt is paid in full and he can retire. Then Tyler arrives carrying a drink container and telling Mike that Ferraro wants him to drink it to regain his strength.

Bo arrives at the police station carrying the container and gives it to Dyson as evidence that Ferraro is spiking Mike’s drinks in order to give him Fae powers. Dyson agrees to take the sample for testing in order to find out what is in it. The pair make some small talk and then Mel walks in to see Bo standing there talking to Dyson. Bo recognizes her and calls her “Mel.” Mel then confronts Bo about what she has done with Kenzi and Hale looking on, Bo in shock as this unfolds. After Hale takes Mel away, Bo is furious with Kenzi for not telling her about Mel and storms off, Dyson asking Kenzi what is going on as he does so.

After the commercial break, Bo is at her home packing up her things in a panic to leave the city. When Kenzi arrives and asks Bo what she is doing, her answer is that she is running again. Kenzi tries to make Bo understand that they can fix the problem, but Bo tells her that no matter what there is no way to fix what happened because she killed Kyle. Bo then accuses Kenzi of lying to her about Mel being in town and Kenzi’s answer is that she was trying to protect Bo. Bo tells Kenzi that everything bad that has happened in her life, happened because someone was trying to protect her with lies. Kenzi demands that Bo tell her what happened and Bo breaks down. She tells Kenzi that she grew up on a farm and thought she was a regular girl. Kenzi presses her to know what happened and Bo tells her of what happened. When Bo came into puberty, she began to feel different, her powers appeared and Bo didn’t have any idea of how dangerous she was. Bo’s parents had taught her that sex was evil, and through those teachings Bo came to believe that she had the devil within her. After she killed Kyle, Bo told her parents what happened and they revealed to her that she was in fact adopted by them. The only thing her adoptive parents had to give her was a baby picture and a name written on the back: “Bo” She hated them for what they had done, and hated herself and that drove Bo to run away from home and she has been running since. Bo continues to pack her things, but her phone rings, Kenzi hands it to her saying it is Dyson and Bo answers it. After listening to him, Bo leaves and Kenzi empties Bo’s bag in frustration.

Bo meets Dyson at the Dal and he confirms that Mike has been given a foreign substance. Dyson tells Bo that the compound matches the excretions of an amphibious Fae called a Gama-Sennin or a Gama. Similarly to some cultures that lick frogs before hunting, a human that ingests the sweat of a Gama-Sennin would receive special powers as a result one of them being great strength. The downside of doing so, according to Lauren, is that it will kill Mike given enough time, and the next time that Mike fights, there is a good chance that his internal organs would explode, killing him. Bo demands that Dyson shut down the fights, but he refuses without solid evidence. Bo tells Dyson that she cannot get it for him as she must leave town because of Mel. Dyson tells Bo that they have pulled some strings and Mel is being kept for a psychiatric exam overnight. Bo tells Dyson that she isn’t mentally prepared to fight someone in the ring, but Dyson presses her to do so and she finally relents and leaves Dyson with Trick watching from the background.

Bo then returns to the gym to prepare for the fight. As she does so, she has flashbacks to what happened to Kyle so many years ago. We see scenes of Bo and Kyle together with Mel’s accusations overplaying them. Kenzi then arrives to break Bo out of her memories. When Bo asks her what she is doing there, Kenzi tells her that she wouldn’t let Bo fight without her being in her corner. Bo tells Kenzi that when the fight is over, she will be running again and Kenzi’s answer is: “guess that makes two of us.”

Bo, Kenzi and Dyson arrive at the site of the match, Trasher already in the ring waiting for Bo, and soon their fight begins. But Bo continues to have flashbacks to what happened when she killed Kyle and does not defend herself in the ring. It is a short fight and Bo is bloodied and bruised very quickly, Kenzi calling out to Bo through the match to defend herself, but Bo seems to refuse to listen or does not hear Kenzi. At another point in the fight, Bo flashes to the vision that the Nain Rouge gave her of killing Trick and she loses all desire to defend herself. As the match continues, Dyson attempts to get a sample from Ferraro to prove he is the one giving Mike the compounds he is drinking, but Ferraro confronts him outside of the ring and asks what Dyson is doing there. Bo then loses the match, being knocked to the mat by Thrasher. Kenzi and Dyson rush to Bo’s side and she asks Dyson if he got what they needed. His answer is that Ferraro isn’t the frog they are looking for.

Another commercial break finds Bo being dragged back home by Dyson who demands that Bo take some of his Chi to recover, but Bo refuses his aid. Lauren is waiting for them and demands to know why Bo hasn’t healed herself. The answer is that Bo has had enough of having to live with something she never asked for. Dyson tells Lauren she has one hour with Bo and thanks her before leaving the two women alone in the room. Lauren tells Bo that she knows about Mel and what is going on. Bo tells Lauren that it is not just her past that is the problem, but her present as well. She tells Lauren that she is a monster to humans and she had forgotten that. She ran from what she did and that she didn’t own up for what she did to Kyle’s family. Lauren tells Bo that she is a different person now and that she loves her absolutely. After an uncomfortable moment Lauren adds that she doesn’t know what she meant by what she said to Bo. Bo tells her to forget it, that Lauren’s emotions are mixed up over Nadia, but Lauren explains that she really don’t know what she is feeling. Bo asks how Lauren’s research is going, but there are no results to share as yet. Lauren also tells Bo that the idea of her leaving hurts as she touches Bo’s cheek. Bo tells her it hurts, where she is being touched and an uncomfortable moment passes between them.

Dyson sees the Ash (Vincent Walsh) with the news of what Ferraro is doing, and asks him for permission to shut the operation down and arrest Ferraro. The Ash refuses him and tells Dyson to drop the investigation or he will find things unpleasant for him. Dyson acknowledges the Ash’s orders and then leaves. Mel is released from her psychiatric exam and is brought to Hale. She accuses Hale and the others of protecting Bo and threatens to take them all down as a result. Hale sympathizes with her and asks Mel to have a seat as he has a lot to explain to her.

Bo and Dyson are at the Dal once more. Bo lays out a plan to him that they should take down the Ash and Ferraro. Dyson tells her that sounds like the plan of someone that will be staying, but Bo tells him not to sound like Trick and to focus on Ferraro. Dyson tells Bo that if Ferraro isn’t the frog they are looking for, then the person they want has to be close enough to Mike to put the frog sweat into his drinks. After a moment, Bo realizes who that is and we switch to Mike’s son Tyler making his father a drink and then adding some sweat from his clenched hand, thus revealing that Tyler is the one that has been feeing Mike the sweat from the beginning.

Returning from commercial, Dyson confirms that Tyler is in fact a Fae. He tells Bo of an incident eight years previously where a Fae couple and their son drove off a bridge and the son was never found. Mike was a volunteer fireman at the scene and they put the evidence together and believe that Mike took Tyler home with him at that time. Bo doesn’t seem to care what the story is, just that they have to get to Mike and stop him before he dies.

Mike in the meanwhile is preparing for his fight, not looking well. Tyler arrives and asks him if he is okay to fight and Mike claims to be. Tyler then gives him another glass of the energy drink that he has spiked and Mike drinks it. The scene then shifts to the ring where the Obsidian Man (Bola Olubowale) waits for Mike to enter the ring. The fight soon begins and the pair trade blows to the cheers of the crowds watching. Bo arrives and tries to get Mike’s attention, but he ignores her or cannot hear her in the ring. The fight continues and Tyler tells Bo that Mike will be okay. Bo tells him that she knows he is different and that she is different as well, proving that by making her eyes turn green for a moment. She explains to him that feeding his father his sweat will kill him and she is trying to help him in a way that Bo never had the chance to be. Tyler yells at his father to stop fighting, but Mike is knocked to the mat and begins to shake as he begins to feel the effects of what Tyler has done. Tyler enters the ring and forces his father to look at him and not fight any longer, revealing to Mike what he is. This snaps Mike out of the fight and he stops fighting, clutching his son tightly and promising that everything will be okay. As this happens, Ferraro in a panic shuts down all of the internet connections of the match stopping it from being viewed outside of those at the fight. Bo then intervenes as the Obsidian Man moves to fight Mike once again. She uses her powers to drain Chi from the Obsidian Man and he falls to the mat unconscious, thus ending the fight. Ferraro threatens Bo for what she has done, but Dyson attacks Ferraro and knocks him out as well.

Bo and Kenzi are then seen at the Dal. Bo apologizes to Kenzi for all of the things she had said to her. Kenzi accepts her apology and then asks where they will be going, suggesting Malibu, but Bo tells her that they are not leaving. Kenzi seems okay with this and Bo adds that she needs to face what she is and who she is as well. Bo then leaves Kenzi to find Mel and tell her the truth. The Ash is in her lair reading as Dyson tells him of Tyler and Mike. They make a deal that Dyson will not investigate the fighting ring if the Ash takes both Mike and Tyler into the Light Fae. He agrees and Dyson leaves, but tells the Ash that if he should change his mind, he is willing to deal with the ring.

Bo meets with Mel at Bo’s home and Bo begins to try and explain what she is and what happened to Kyle but Mel stops her. Mel tells Bo that she knows everything because Hale told her what happened. Hale told her that at the time of Kyle’s death there was a serial killer on the loose that they never found and that Bo is in the witness protection program because she might have seen something when Kyle was killed. Mel promises to keep Bo’s secret and to protect her as well and then the two embrace, Mel seemingly satisfied with the answers she had been given.

Bo returns to the Dal and finding Hale there. She confronts him about the lies that he told Mel and asks why he did so. The truth is that Trick asked Hale to do so as a favour to him. Hale leaves and Bo confronts Trick about what he did and why. Trick tells her that she does not have the right to choose the greater good between telling Mel the truth and protecting the existence of the Fae. Trick tells Bo that there is a place for her with the Fae and she could do much good there, but Bo doubts that it is possible. Trick tells her that the Nain Rouge told Bo of the coming disaster and that she could stop it. Bo asks if she might be the start of it and that she is the monster. Trick asks why she would think such a thing and Bo finally tells him of the vision that she saw of her being the cause of Trick’s death. Trick is somewhat shocked, but recovers to tell Bo that she cannot place too much trust in visions that what she saw could mean something different as well, and then offers her a drink. Bo’s answer is: “A bubble bath and a five day time machine” before she leaves.

The last scene of the episode begins with Trasher in Ferraro’s office looking through some papers on his desk. Ferraro arrives and asks what she is doing there, but is interrupted as the Ash enters the office as well. He tells Ferraro that Trasher is a Fae and that she has been keeping an eye on him all this time. Thrasher leaves the office as the Ash tells Ferraro that he knows all about what happened the night before with Bo, Tyler and Mike. Ferraro claims that it is not his fault, that he has not been feeling like himself of late. Ferraro tells the Ash that he has been feeling a darkness within him and it seems to be growing. The Ash asks if he has told anyone about what has been happening and Ferraro says no. The Ash tells him that is a good thing and then walks behind Ferraro. The last image of the episode is the Ash opening his mouth to reveal jagged teeth before turning and attacking Ferraro.

Fade to black…

This was an okay episode in a bunch of different ways. Getting to know Bo’s background more, to understand where she came from, and what happened to start her on the path she is on was a good thing.

The bad thing was having to watch what could have been an ongoing problem to deal with, Mel, being turned into Bo’s friend. I called that to happen last week in my commentary and I was so very disappointed in that.

It also bugs me that we didn’t get more of the relationship between Bo and Mel. If they were friends once, then why not show a bit of that as well?

I am somewhat happy with the continuing storyline of the “darkness” invading the Light Fae, but if all we get is teases and nothing more, it’s not that much of a hook to remain invested in the series for the casual viewer.

There is promise, don’t get me wrong, but offering that promise and then ignoring storyline that are left dangling? There has to be a batter way to do things than this.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… The growth in her character this episode was welcome. We learned a lot of her life “As Beth” which helps to explain her current world and attitude more. I would like to see her parents, human or otherwise, sometime, but that’s for the future. Promising and adding to her story adds to the series as well.

Dyson… It was nice to see him actually care about Bo again, if only a little bit. Perhaps this was the turning point in him overcoming what the Norn did to him… I can hope.

Kenzi… As always the heart of the show. I honestly felt awful for her when she and Bo fought, but I was overcome when she told Bo that she would stay with her no matter what. I think that Kenzi will make the difference in whatever happens to Bo in the future and I think that she is the one that will keep Bo “good.”

Lauren. A really touching scene between her and Bo when she admitted that she loves her. The confusion in her when she does so was real and that makes her performance all the better. The pain and worry is there and I think that when Nadia is returned, and I expect she will be, that Lauren will be lost for a while about what she really wants.

Trick. Too little of Trick again this episode. The scene between him and Bo was somewhat revealing when Bo told him of the vision. But the brush off and change of subject was too abrupt for me. I have the feeling that there is a relationship between them, but hiding it just makes everything awkward.

Hale. The hurt in his eyes to have to lie to Mel was real and what was more interesting to me was that he wouldn’t lie for Bo. At least not until Trick asked him to. That shows he has a code to live by and that’s something the writers should take notice of.

The Ash. The Fae we love to hate and that hate gets more and more with each passing episode. I understand the need for it, but we get that he’s not a “good” person. How about cutting to the chase?

Mel. A good character for explaining what happened to Bo, but perhaps a little to frantic a character for my liking.

Mike. A good parent figure and filled that role well to give Bo something to protect.

Tyler. A good foil to Bo’s past, but he seemed cold for most of the episode which felt wrong in many ways.

Ferraro… Just too… intense? For my liking and I just don’t know exactly why he had to switch personalities all of the time. Okay, that is probably the “darkness” eating at the character, but it was a bit unnerving.

The other minor characters were okay, but no one really struck me as being one that I would want to see again in the series.

My rating of Raging Fae

Keeping my interest – 2 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 2 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.2 Pitchforks out of 5

I found that I didn’t care all that much for most of the episode as it went on. When the Kenzi scenes appeared, I took notice because those scenes were gripping… Good acting with good stories means a moment that you have to watch. Shame that it didn’t happen in all of the scenes.

While we got a lot about Bo’s past, the rest of the dangling plot lines haven’t gone anywhere really and that continues to bother me. There are all sorts of clues about what is going on with the Fae, the Nain Rouge, the Norn and so on… Get to them please?

Bo actually used her powers this week! Imagine that! A Succubus actually being Succubus-like! Wow! Okay I admit that I am overdoing it, but it was nice to see and I did like that Bo changed her eye color to green for Tyler to prove that she was Fae. Actually I like Bo better with green eyes…

The scenes of the cage match looked okay if the video display logos were very third-grade in appearance. With all of the talent on the show, couldn’t someone design something more 21st century in look?

The overall storyline was okay, it did open doors to something being wrong with the Ash it would seem and with the Fae in general, but I hope that they do not drop this storyline again in the next episode. Bo’s past coming back to haunt her has been overdone and we don’t need to have another blast from the past appear in the series please?

Not a lot of movement in the main characters, though Bo did, Kenzi told Bo what she means to her, and Lauren admitted that she is in love… But for all of that happening why did it feel like an afterthought to me?

The mythos of the universe expanded again, that’s a good thing. Lots more Fae, lots more universe to explore. That really did keep it interesting for me when nothing else did as it raised all sorts of questions about the universe to explore… I wonder if the writers will use what they have finally to make the story better or keep throwing in new things until there is nothing but a mess?

Next Week: Can’t See the Fae-Rest

When rich young humans start turning up dead, Bo agrees to go undercover to help Dyson find the Fae responsible. As she makes her way through the “Gossip Girl” world, Bo learns a deadly kind of class warfare is afoot. 

This had better not be a Desperate Housewives episode, which I expect as some of the preview images on the Showcase website have Kenzi in pink… again.

Still, it is possible that this is another facet of the underlying Fae war that seems to be coming in the series, which might make it worth somethings in the end…

Lots of questions being dropped all over the place that would be nice to have some answers to, but never do…

I think that, for once and only once, I would like a little closure this time if they can, but I expect to be disappointed in that.

The next episode will mark the half-way point in the season.

Stop wasting them please?



Dec 01 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 205

This is the third week of a series of posts for the Succubi of the Week on the Tale for next the little while featuring the work of an artist on DeviantArt that has created some deliciously sexy Succubi…

The artist is Darthhell, and this is one of my top three most favourite Succubi images he has created…

Fallen by Darthhell

Fallen by Darthhell

This is called Fallen and is a sort of revisit of another work that he created previous to this one. In fact the Succubus to the left is exactly the one in the other work, but now she has some sisters to play with…

It was created in 2007, one year after the first work and I think that this version is a much better one in a lot of ways…

You can find this image where I originally found it here on DeviantArt.

I have one issue with this work, and that is I wonder where their horns are… They don’t seem to be there at all and that’s a little bit of a shame really… Other than that, they are a trio of seductive Succubi and very yummy…

Which is why this is one of my top three of this artist’s works of Succubi…

And it has given me a thought for a story that perhaps someday I will share…

Please do visit Darthhell’s site on DeviantArt for lots of lovely 3D art!



Nov 30 2011

So where is the Succubus in this Costume?

Sometimes when I search for costumes for Succubi I come across things that, apparently, are supposed to be “devilish” in some way.. But really are they?

Not quite this time I think…

Shiny Devil DressThis is described as simply being the Shiny Devil Dress and it sells for about $80 US.

The thing about this is that the horns do not come with the dress, the boots nor is there anything else that comes with it. Best of all, there is a second image of this dress from behind in which the model is not wearing the horns she is in this one.

The rose is window dressing of course and means nothing to the overall look I know.

So in that case I have a question. Other than it being red in colour, what possible connection does it have with Devils or Succubi?

Things like this bother me because I think it’s done for advertising value only and nothing else.

Now I know that has to happen, you do have to sell something at some point to someone, but, regardless of that, shouldn’t there be something “devilish” in a Devil Dress?

It seems to make some sense to me, but I could be wrong I suppose…

Fashion-wise I see nothing in this that I like. I just dislike the style, the cut of the dress and overall I can’t see anything I like save that that material is nice and shiny which in a different style of dress would be wonderfully sexy…

But not this way.

I’ll give this dress a quarter pitchfork out of five. That’s for the material and nothing else…

There are better ideas really…



Nov 29 2011

Desires 6

What’s the difference between caring and something more? The Succubi Queen wonders about that a lot…


Desires – Beach Oasis

By MacroLass and Tera S

Part Six

The islander squealed and squirmed under her owner’s ministration, radiating joy from the sheer rapture of her love for this woman.

“But I would be nothing without you,” she echoed as she gazed back with her ensorcelled green eyes. “Your pleasure gives me purpose, my service to your will gives my life shape. I will be yours as long as you will have me….”

She lay back, wanting so desperately to return the kisses and gestures of affection that was lavished on her. But she was only a canvas…an erotic instrument for her Mistress to play. Her enjoyment of the exquisite trap she’d been ensnared in had nothing to do with the ultimate reality: that Tera was in complete control and that she was naught but a puppet acting according to HER will.

And that just made things even more wonderful.

She sighed in a fluttering voice as the tail sawed ever so slowly over her pussy. She was gushing like a river now, covering its length with sweet sticky girlcum.

“I…I have waited…all my life,” she answered in her own low husky voice. “Take me, my Mistress. Please.”


For a moment as Miliani’s words of devotion washed over her, Tera smiled softly and kissed her lips again. But deep within her mind Tera thought, “Oh Flexi… If only you were mine, I would love you forever in so many ways… But this is only for now… Not forever…. As much as I wish this to be…”

Tera turned her face away for a moment and then wiped a hand over her eyes. She turned back with a soft smile on her face and said, “The future isn’t for you to see my love… All we have is here and now…”

She cupped Miliani’s cheek in her right hand and said, “A gift given… A promise kept… Someday perhaps…. Someday….”

She pressed her lips to Miliani’s again, her cherry taste flooding into her mouth. Tera gently pressed her tongue against her lips until they finally parted letting their tongues twine together in their passion.

Tera’s tail slipped back and then the very tip glowed a soft green. She laid the tip of her tail lengthwise along Miliani’s pussy and then, as she moaned in the kiss, her tail began to vibrate slowly into the pink wetness. Her tail pushed in slightly and then the vibrations increased making Miliani gasp suddenly. Tera held her in place with her body as her tail began to move more and more urgently against her. Tera kissed her lips softly and then said softly, “I’ve been waiting longer than you can know my love… And I will wait longer still again…”


Had something she said disturbed her lover? She couldn’t bear the thought some misdeed of her caused Tera pain or sadness.

“Then let us enjoy that here and now,” she advised the demoness. “There is so much in our destinies that moves us outside our awareness or ability to influence. Sometimes all we can be sure of is two hearts that have a perfect moment of harmony…like now But that is enough for me.”

She nodded as Tera caressed her face, understanding her intent on a subconscious level. They kissed deeply, their tongues dancing in rapture….

Shuddering, she forced herself to relax and accept the succubi’s appendage into her womb, yeilding to its full length utterly. “OOHHHH!!!”, she exulted in orgasmic rapture as she started cumming over and over and over…..


Tera pushed all other thoughts from her mind save one. She focused all of her powers…. desires…. wants…. needs…. passions…. love…. On the beautiful woman beneath her and giving her an experience like no other she had ever felt before.

Tera’s body glowed a bright green and for a moment it was as if they were one being. All that was Tera swirled around Miliani and filled her with the knowledge that she was so dear to Tera… And that Tera would remember her in her heart forever…

Tera’s body glowed brighter and brighter until the green of the building power of her orgasm enveloped them completely. The glow making their bodies disappear in the power of the moment they were sharing.

And then with a long deafening scream of pleasure Tera came wildly with her love collapsing in her arms and then falling to the sands beside her, Tera’s tail wiggling within her for a moment before it slipped slowly out of her and lay between them twitching softly.

Tera reached a trembling hand to Miliani’s cheek and smiled softly to her. Tera whispered, “Love you so….”

Then Tera closed her eyes and rested quietly in the warmth of the sun and the moment that they had shared together…


Just a pause… More next time…



Nov 28 2011

Storm Clouds 146 – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here...

More nothing. Yes I know that’s a lousy thing… Sorry again all…


Storm Clouds 146

Chapter 21

By TeraS


The thing about the Dark was that it was too confident. It thought that it had all of the answers and that no one could oppose it.

That was almost true.

She could, and did . . . regularly.

It had become almost an obsession for her now. There were so few who would challenge the Dark when it appeared, and so it fell to her to do so. It wasn’t a chore or an imposition; it had to be done, and she had seen enough of the Dark and what it was capable of to know that the best thing to do was what she did: drive it mad with anger and make it stop thinking.

Losing the one portal did that. Then letting it stew in its anger had made it get involved intimately with mortals and their world. She wondered if, this time, it would actually learn something from the experience or not.

Making the portal vanish was child’s play for a being like her. If the Dark ever figured out just how powerful she was, it might actually pause to think twice about the plans it had against Tera and her kind.


The thought did make her smile as the portal showing the severed tail reappeared among all of the Dark’s other ones. She stood there for a time, tapping a single pink fingernail against the surface and trying to decide what would be the most unpleasant thing she might do.

She could destroy this portal—the thought had been there before—but she had her own plans, and, for those, this one portal needed to remain, at least for the moment, in spite of what it showed.

The tapping stopped as she placed that hand against the surface and whispered to the awful image that it showed, “It will not be long. Promise.”

And, unlike some beings, she kept her promises.

She turned away, coming to the decision that, for once, just this once, she was going to make the Dark know what it was to lose something valuable.

What followed was the sound of fingernails raking across portal after portal, each of which turned white against the darkness, throwing light into a place which despised it. She didn’t ruin every single one of them, but, when she was done, she had left the Dark but three portals.

She thought that she just might be able to hear the scream of anger from it from three universes away when it returned to see what she had done here, and that thought made her smile slightly.

She glanced once more at the portals that remained, satisfied that this would be a problem for it, that it would have to spend effort and time repairing the damage if it could, and that, thankfully, might give the others needed time to figure out what was happening and where.

As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t actually get involved in the battle or make choices for those involved. It was, after all, necessary that all beings make their own choices, no matter how wrong or ill-advised they might well be.

Still, she had one thing that the Dark didn’t have: trust. Trust in others, trust that they would make good choices, but, most of all, trust in that one person that saved her life so long ago and, in doing so, changed her own universe for the better.

She would always owe that person for that gift.

She passed into the ether, on her way to where she needed to be. If the Dark could get involved with mortals, she could as well … to a point. But first she needed to talk to someone who needed to understand that some paths were not worth following.

Following the path of one who owed the succubi—and Tera, in particular—her life … that was the most foolish thing that it had ever done.

And it would soon learn.

As for the Dark, possessing one of its pawns was distasteful. But there was little choice. That damnable creature had cost it its watch over the tail. The one thing that would, if its plans went to completion, cause the barriers to fall before it and thus have what it wanted most.

But having to deal with a corporal form? That was something that it did not enjoy in the slightest. Emotions, thoughts, images from this pawn were getting caught between its own thoughts and, as well, it knew that its own thoughts would be mixing the other way.

But the important thoughts, the ones that it needed for itself, those it kept under lock and key, or so the Dark would believe. The problem was, as it always was, that nothing is ever completely closed off when beings merge, even if only for a short time.

Fingerprints leave smudges, after all …

It took the Dark some time to return to where the tail was kept. The wards around the place made it impossible for someone to appear there without seeing the place first and entering at one specific spot. From the outside there were traps and obstacles that it knew would stop any magic user from getting close.

But this pawn was tuned to the place, and the wards would fall before it. Even so, the time … the time was taking far too long for the Dark’s liking.

And so time passed, the Dark fumed, and the universe turned …



Storm Clouds

Chapter 22

By TeraS


“I think I am.”

Tom looked behind him expecting to see Camilla there, and she was … sort of.

It was Camilla, but her tail and horns were grey instead of black and her hair had changed color from blonde to purple. Tom couldn’t stop the words that came out: “I liked the blonde and black better, Camilla.”

She smirked.

And Tom paused. He was pretty sure that Camilla didn’t smirk.

“It’s a long story, Tom, and right now we haven’t got the time.”

And that was wrong, as well. Camilla never called him Tom. Mary Ann tried to get away again, and Tom was forced into flipping her over, straddling her, and then locking her wrists together with handcuffs before sitting on her legs. Having some control of the situation, he looked at Camilla and said, “We’ve got the time. You want to let me in on why the style change? Got tired of your hair color or something?”

She ran her left hand through her hair, pulling on it slightly, “Okay, short version: I’m Camilla’s bad side; I’m a bitch; I’m nothing like her, and you don’t want to screw with me. That good enough for you?”

“I’m never going to understand this, am I?”

She smirked again, “Oh, I dunno … You’d make an interesting Incubi … I can put in a good word for you if you’re up for it.”

Tom shook his head: “Thanks, but I have enough issues with my life as it is. The universe isn’t what I knew it was, there are people—like you—who are legends, and I am supposed to deal with that. Oh yes, and I am acting under the command of the Queen of a race of beings that exist on sex and pleasure and I have no idea why I should be, but I’m doing it anyway.”

She nodded, “Tera does have her ways, doesn’t she? At least she isn’t using that pitchfork of hers on you. Mind you, some like that sort of thing…”

“So what do I call you? ‘Not Camilla’ or ‘Punkie Brewster’ or what?”

She leaned down so that they looked into each other’s eyes: “You really want to know who I am?”

Tom didn’t finch: “I trust Camilla. She’s proven herself. I don’t trust you.”

She nodded: “Good; backbone and will. I can see why Tera wants your help. You may call me Nina.”

“All right; ‘Nina’ it is. Tell me something, seriously: does every one of you have an ‘a’ at the end of your name?”

She laughed, “No … Just some of us do. Congratulations, Tom; you just endeared yourself to me. Camilla will be pleased to know that.  Make sure you tell her when you see her again.”

The smirk vanished and she looked past Tom to Mary Ann on the floor beneath him, “You mind getting off her? She and I have … a past.”

“Good or bad?”

“I won’t kill her, at least, not just yet.”

“If I don’t?”

“Then I’ll have to move you, Tom. You don’t want me to, I promise you.”

Tom got up and moved to the side. Nina reached down and pulled Mary Ann to her knees by the handcuffs before grasping her chin. “Hello, bitch. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. How long has it been?

The fear in Mary Ann only allowed a quiet whisper of an answer, “Babylon.”

“That’s right. As I remember it, you came into my temple and tried to turn my followers, didn’t you? You corrupted them from the top down and, in the end, you were responsible for how many deaths?”

“I don’t know.”

“I do. I remember them very well. You watched as they fought, four hundred eighty-six of them falling to your promises of riches that were hidden from them. And when it was over, what did they find inside the walls?”



Mary Ann closed her eyes, “Because everything they gave you, you returned to them … and more. You … you cared about cattle and …”

Tom didn’t see Nina’s hand as it struck Mary Ann, sending her sprawling across the floor.

“They are not cattle, you worthless bitch! They are more than you will ever be or ever could be. You can’t understand that, can you?”

There was no answer, and Nina pulled her once again to her knees by the handcuffs: “Here’s the deal. You tell us what’s going on and who’s in charge, and I won’t kill you today. You lie to me, and I’ll start taking you apart one piece at a time …”

She extended her left hand and, to Tom’s shock, a silver sword appeared there, flames dancing along its blade. Tom thought he could hear the sword … growling?

She placed the edge against Mary Ann’s neck: “You know what this is. You know exactly what will happen if I strike you with it. Camilla wouldn’t; she follows the new ways.  But I don’t. So make up your mind, right now, and tell me why you are here and what you have done to Ginger.”

Tom coughed, “Nina … You said you wouldn’t kill her.”

She didn’t look at Tom: “Oh, this won’t kill her. It will, however, take away what makes her special. What she is, she won’t be anymore.”  A cruel smile appeared, “And since she is so enamored with being immortal …”

Mary Ann closed her eyes, “You are a fool. I serve powers greater than you. You’ll never leave this room alive if you harm me.”

“Oh I’ve already harmed you. Now I’ll cripple you …”

And she pulled the blade back and then swung it towards Mary Ann’s neck …

Nov 27 2011

A review of Belong by George Wilhite

Some stories have a different take on what Succubi are. Now, for the most part those stories have them being evil of course for that is what they are generally seen as.

I found a story that has the Succubus in it as a very evil being, but in the end of the story, a resolution comes that, while a bit unsatisfying to me personally, does prove that nothing in life is hopeless…

Belong by George Wilhite

Belong by George Wilhite

Loner Ian finds respite from the Hell known as high school in a decrepit rarely used bathroom in the basement floor of one of the buidlings. He makes a fateful encounter there with a beautiful female entity who draws him into her world of deceit and bloody vengeance.

Ian is alone in the world. For a high school student this isn’t really something odd, but what is odd is where he spends his time.

In a bathroom he comes to be in contact with what he calls a spirit there. He eventually discovers that the spirit’s name is Destiny, she arouses him and begins to enter this thoughts and world, drawing him into hers…

But she isn’t what he thinks she is at first. And by the end of the story we discover that she isn’t quite the Succubus that we expect her to be, or for that matter what she is made of.

I thought it was interesting that the author used the old beliefs of the power of names to be the driving force to much of what Destiny desires and what Ian wants to be part of.

But here’s the thing…

It’s such an emotionally sad tale that I found myself struggling to make it through the entire story. The pain in Ian’s life and more so the pain that Destiny creates and feeds on makes this work possibly one of the saddest things I have ever read.

She is evil. More so than I would have expected in such a short story and I credit that to the author who pulls no punches in how she acts and what she does to the other characters in the story. Some of that is in flashbacks and some of it happens in the “here and now”, but all of it is, quite simply, emotionally draining.

Destiny is not what I would call a typical Succubus in a lot of ways. She is bound by rules and events that are not part of the traditional Succubus myth, but the rules that bind her make the story possible. That is to say that I don’t think the same impact of this work would have happened if she had been portrayed in a traditional manner.

That’s not to say I like her. I don’t. She’s more monster than anything else, but that is her purpose here and the author takes full advantage of her.

I’m giving this work three pitchforks out of five.

I’m giving it this for the sadness that is so overwhelming in this story. I personally don’t like stories where there is no hope, or little of it. I do thank the author for tying up the tale in such a way that there is some good that comes out of it all by the time the last word is read…

I just wish that Ian hadn’t been such a lost soul in the first place…



Nov 26 2011

An interesting Succubus Art YouTube…

Time for another YouTube of Succubus art in progress… While she might not have horns or a tail that we can see at least, it is a lovely piece of art…

And in case you can’t see it:

And the finished work as well…

Succubus by XxxSweetM00nxxX

This is the work of an artist calling themselves XxxSweetM00nxxX on Youtube. I like the artist’s style, quite lovely and expressive in its own way which is nice, although I would have liked to have a bit more of her visible in the work. I can see the claws of her wings behind her, which is very much like the anime Succubi have, but otherwise without calling this work Succubus I don’t think I would have made the connection easily..

You can find this artist’s page on YouTube here, and they also have a blog which you can find here as well!