Dec 11 2016

A Review of Killer Kisses by ML Michaels

Killer Kisses by ML Michaels

Killer Kisses by ML Michaels

I do understand that authors are putting their works together into a collection. That’s mainly because of Kindle Unlimited of course. But the thing is when a story bills itself as being over 300 pages, one expects a story that long. A story that has character development, that takes the time to tell that story. When it isn’t clearly said that the work has other stories within the pages, that’s a little disappointing. That said, sometimes a hot flash is a glimpse, a suggestion of something.

Who you are isn’t what you are and vice versa. You need not be what others expect you to be. You do not have to do what they say must be. Sometimes you make your own path, if a rocky one. Sometimes that path leads you somewhere interesting.

  • Title: Killer Kisses
  • Author: ML Michaels
  • Length: 393 Pages
  • ASIN: B01EUC9EI2
  • Publishing Date: April 26, 2016
  • This work at

The story is about:

Zack Hanson’s first mission as a newly turned vampire and member of a group of supernaturals and humans who hunt fierce criminals is to apprehend three beautiful succubi. Zack doesn’t expect to fall in love during the mission, and he’s shocked when he learns the woman who captured his heart is one of the notorious sisters he’s been hunting. He knows she’s not the demon his superiors believe so he has a decision to make. Will he complete his mission or take a chance on what could be the love of a lifetime?

Whitney, Julia and Danielle are sisters, succubi at that. Two of them aren’t exactly the most kind, one is. She wants something more, something different and given the chance, she wants to change. An encounter seems to show her what she wants, but nothing is exactly as it seems. Even for Danielle herself.

The story is about sixty pages, more or less, within this collection of works and it offers some good characters, a reasonably interesting plot and somewhere for it to go. The problem is that the author rushes through much of the story, never really giving the reader time to collect themselves and figure out what is going on before the next problem runs headlong into the characters.

As the story moves so fast, there’s no a lot of time spent in building up characters, telling a lot of their stories. While Danielle and Zack are fleshed out a bit more, the balance of the characters seem to just be there in the story. It’s hard to like any of them, especially Whitney and Julia, who are sadly dislikable for what they both do. In the same way, Zack’s partner Becca, seems to be an interesting character, but she’s played so tightly that there’s not anything told about her until the story is almost finished which makes it feel like an afterthought.

There’s a feeling in the story that Danielle’s sisters have to be made to be “evil” for what happens in the story and to justify Zack’s actions. It’s odd, it feels wrong and there’s not a really good reason for it. In the same way, what Whitney and Julia do, how they act, makes me wonder if they ever were Danielle’s sisters in the first place. There’s a lack of connection amongst them all.

Much of the latter half of the work feels like it was tacked onto the beginning, used to create some action scenes and not much else. There is some erotica, but it’s less than a hot flash, reads somewhat matter of fact, and doesn’t have the heat one would expect.

That said, the part of this work that I thought was interesting was what each sister fed on and the results of doing so. It’s a bit sad in all honesty, how that works, but it is quite unique and different, which I did like. Still, the balance of the work doesn’t quite live up to what’s offered and so I found it lacking.

The characters are good, as a whole, but the story doesn’t rest, doesn’t have a moment for reflection or consideration. Each character seems to make a choice without really thinking about it, and that causes nothing more than a disaster. I wish the author had taken this work as an outline of a longer novel. There’s some good ideas here to expand on, but as things stand, I found it too fleeting, swift and missing a soul.

Two out of five pitchforks.

I really didn’t care for the sisters very much, the overall story went at breakneck speed, not leaving time for much story to happen. I expected more because the book summary said it was over 300 pages. But it isn’t. Really the idea is good, the story that appears feels more like an outline and in that the author missed out on something.

The author reissued this work in July 2016, pushed the length to over 700 pages, but did indicate that there are more than one story in this work. I’m still waiting for something to be taken from this hot flash that offers something, but doesn’t quite deliver.



Dec 10 2016

The Eternal Senia Succubus Battle on YouTube

I’ve never played the Eternal Senia video game, and to be honest I don’t think I would ever do so. However there appears to be a Succubus that appears as one of the boss characters in the game. Now, most of the game is made of 8-bit sprites, but there is some decent art as well. It’s a shame that the art of the Succubus is so small, but at least it is there…


In case the video can’t be seen on the Tale, please try this link:

The Succubus appears at about the ten minute mark into the video, and here’s a screenshot of how she appears, at least in artwork form…

Eternal Senia Succubus

I realize this isn’t the best art of her, and after some Googling, I didn’t find anything better which is a bit of a shame. She’s called Succubus Celith, and as the scene plays out, she isn’t quite so much a succubus as she is a vampire. Mainly because she keeps looking to get some blood from the main character of the game, Senia, so’s she’s more of a vampire than anything else.

I do like her form as a character, even if the actual dialog isn’t all that thrilling. Still, long hair, horns, a tail and what looks to be a sort of latex outfit do make her look, at least somewhat, Succubus-like.

It’s a shame there’s not a lot done with her, save for getting to the fight scene and then moving on…



Dec 09 2016

A Review of Satan!: Hell High Book 2 by Michael-Scott Earle

Satan!: Hell High Book 2 by Michael-Scott Earle

Satan!: Hell High Book 2 by Michael-Scott Earle

Last month on the Tale I reviewed the first work in the Hell High series by Michael-Scott Earle, and you can find that review here. I thought it was a delightfully fun story with quite a lot of promise, even if there was a catchphrase that made me roll my eyes when it happened a bit too often. Today, a review of the second work in the series just recently released to my delight.

I have been wondering about quite a few things, Sherman for one, just what’s with him, Charlotte for another, to see more of who she is. Beyond that, trying to get an idea of what’s going on, who’s involved and how both Sherman and Charlotte tie into things. The story has begun, the question of where things go and how it all works out is still to be seen.

It’s important to keep the tone, the flavour in a series. To keep the reader invested in the story and characters. Especially when there’s one single comment which made me raise an eyebrow and… wonder… what if…

,,,what if.

The work tells the story of:

Whoever thought having a succubus for a girlfriend would turn your life upside down? Now Sherman is on his way to meet Satan. Fortunately, he’s not quite the bad guy everyone has made him out to be. Less fortunately, The Lord of Evil has a job for Sherman, and let’s just say that if our impromptu hero fails, well, he’ll have 99 problems but a succubus won’t be one.

Sherman got the girl… sort of… mostly. She’s taken him to Hell, wants him to meet Satan and that’s just the high points of their relationship. Sometimes video games and anime teach you important things and Sherman is going to need everything he’s learned. But the one thing he hasn’t a clue about is how to talk to Charlotte, the love of his life, now that she’s right there in front of him.

Following directly on from the prior work in the series, the work has the same tone, the sense of action and the delightful main characters still playing off each other so very well. The past isn’t forgotten, if anything it brings this work into sharper focus character-wise and there is quite a bit of development that occurs for Charlotte but perhaps not quite so much for Sherman himself. Still, there are insightful moments for bot of their characters and as such, even with the breakneck speed, there are little flashes of something else going on which I thought worked well within each of them.

While quite a lot is told about Charlotte’s home, how things work, the beings that exist there and how they relate to each other, much of the story falls into a long chase as in the first work in the series, but with a difference. In this work the destination is reached and it’s nothing like one might expect. That’s not to say there aren’t some hints of how things are, but it’s more how so very odd this place called Hell is and how Sherman takes it all in stride. After all, anime and comic books have a lot of good information in them.

The focus on Charlotte’s character, on some of the succubi that are encountered was a bit more sexually charged at times, but it wasn’t over the top. The story sets up, in a way, a society of Hell, how it all works and acts like a “who’s who” in many ways. That didn’t come off as an info dump, but it did allow for direction which was needed in the story after the, quite literal, car chase was underway.

There’s one particular passage which made me smile, which has to do with baking. There’s also a little comment by Charlotte about three specific succubi… one of which has a rather familiar name and made me laugh delightfully. I thank the author for that little touch, it was a wonderful surprise by far. The problem is, however, seeing Charlotte’s personality and that name appearing… does make me wonder… with a bemused smile of course.

The twists in the story run from silly to quite serious and everywhere in between. When Sherman meets Satan himself, how that scene develops was everything I could have asked for, being true to all that came before and what might be next. Also, from my perspective, Sherman not needing that catchphrase from the prior work made this a better read. Sherman’s thoughts were more natural, more clear and the emotional context of them was stronger as well.

A stronger work overall, even if the chase aspects were a bit overdone at times. I will say that when there was time within the chase for Charlotte and Sherman to think, to try to make sense of things, that held me far more than the chase did. Beyond that, seeing Charlotte more of a succubus than the prior work was lovely. But she’s still holding so much of herself within and I wish there was more from her perspective in that. The meaning for Sherman being where he is, also needs to be explored more.

The threads are gathered together, and that’s a good thing. The action might need to be slowed a bit more, the story might need to be focused a little more. But these are quibbles. At its core, this a fun, cute story about two souls trying to figure out themselves. This should be fun to see what comes next when it does.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Getting rid of that catchphrase helped a lot. focusing on Charolette and Sherman dealing with each other was wonderful. There’s still a lot of questions about Sherman, about Charlotte, but the answers will come in time it seems. The series continues to move at breakneck speed which sometimes works and sometimes not, but remains as delightfully funny and captivating as the first was. A solid sequel, leading to the next work in the series to come and I am dearly looking forwards to seeing what comes next.

Especially one thing that tugs at me and I blame the author for this. The big question of who is Charlotte’s mother, and is she a particular ebony-haired red tail Succubi Queen that has a bemused smile, needs to be answered. Along with if she likes cherries… Time will tell I suppose… But it would be a fun thing to see…



Dec 09 2016

A Review of Futa Succubus Joins a Gym by M. Dunn

Futa Succubus Joins a Gym by M. Dunn

Futa Succubus Joins a Gym by M. Dunn

The appearance of futa succubi characters in many works of erotica in the past year has become somewhat of a theme overall. It’s an interesting concept, one that if explored, rather than simply exploited, can make for interesting characters, stories, and more.

It is the problem that I find happens a lot in the short works of erotica that have become so prevalent of late. That the characters, their stories, fall to the side for the sake of the story getting to the erotica. There can be a balance, even in the most odd titles and the most sexual of situations. Having that does, really, make a difference.

Last week I reviewed a pair of stories about a succubus named Ellissa. The author penned another story about her that tells a bit more…

The work tells of:

I’m a succubus. And all I want are naughty human women. Pretty simple needs really. So today, I’m joining a gym because that seems like the place to meet naughty human women. And I meet this gorgeous, raven haired, toned and fit personal trainer, Kirsten. But somehow, she’s immune! To me! This isn’t supposed to be possible. What am I to do? Bring in a succubus friend to help me out of course. Except there is a lot more to this personal trainer than meets the eye and it seems that we might have our hands full with this one. To say things get sticky is an understatement.

Elissa has a problem, she is attracted to someone she’s met in a gym, but they are immune to her succubus powers. Calling in a friend, Brandi, they both soon discover that things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes they are much better than expected for all.

The story, overall, is focused on putting Elissa and Brandi together with Kristen. There’s little else in the way of story being told, backgrounds being explored. There’s not very much character development as well and that’s a shame. There are a lot of hints about the ongoing “battle” between angels and demons, what they deal with, how things work when they confront each other.

I really wanted to know more about that as a whole. The hints are actually far more interesting than the erotica is. But there is a lot of skimming over things for all of the commentary from Elissa wanting Kristen, but not being able to influence her. As well, when Brandi appears, she’s really only interested in sex, and not a lot more.

Once the revelation about Kristen comes, and then the collected characters figure things out for themselves, the erotica takes over the story. It is a short hot flash, but the heat is muted, a bit lost overall. It isn’t quite stereotypical futa erotica, nor are the succubi themselves really stereotypical either. However, Kristen, when her true form is revealed, seems to be a little bit stuck in her ways, which was disappointing considering the first part of the work.

The work needs more story to balance the erotica. The erotica itself shouldn’t be rushed and the ending just seems a bit tacked on. Spending more time telling Elissa and Brandi’s stories would have helped It think, but more so, just more story overall is what’s missing here.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

There’s not enough time spent in developing the characters for all of the innuendo that comes in the story and I wish the time had been spent in making both Elissa and Brandi more than just being futa and succubi. The hint of that is in the story, but it isn’t developed, nor is Kristen’s story as well.



Dec 08 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 464

There are some images of Succubi that I find that have, at least to me, a very Dungeons and Dragons feel to them. Perhaps it is the artist’s style, how they appear, or something else, it seems like there is a specific appearance to some Succubi that lends them to that game universe.

Succubus by MiyuKinTan

Succubus by MiyuKinTan

This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called MiyuKinTan and you can find the original page on DeviantArt with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

Her overall look just works, save for her feet and hands, and I think that is why this art, for me, feels like something out of Dungeons and Dragons. She’s “evil” in a kind-of, sort-of way, which in that game Succubi are seen to be.

But in spite of that, she doesn’t “feel” completely evil or nasty. Perhaps that is in her smile, expression, or pose, but save for the darkness in her hands and feet, she doesn’t seem like it.

I find myself wanting to see her with normal hands and, perhaps, feet, which I think would be interesting as well.



Dec 07 2016

The corset is cute, the rest not so much so…

Clubbing Devil CostumeOccasionally there is a corset that almost manages to get away from being trashy and dips a toe, or bow, into being cute. I do like cute, and while this particular corset combination is that, the horns and pitchfork really can’t be called that at all.

This is called the Clubbing Devil Costume and it comes with the corset, the horns and the pitchfork. Stockings are not included and it sells for about $45 US.

Obviously I would be tossing the horns and pitchfork into the trash the moment the package appeared. But in doing so there’s really nothing that says this is meant to be a Devil Girl costume, and definitely not a Succubi one.

That said, there’s just a little bit of cuteness in the corset that I like. Perhaps this might be more suitable for a slightly naughty ballerina or something?

It is a thought.

Still, adding some decent horns, some stockings and red heels, and possibly not having a pitchfork at all might help…

As things are however…

Two pitchforks out of five.

The cuteness gets the bonus points, but that’s all.



Dec 06 2016

A Review of The Long Night of the Gods: Lilith Awakens by M.H. Hawkins

The Long Night of the Gods: Lilith Awakens by M.H. Hawkins

The Long Night of the Gods: Lilith Awakens by M.H. Hawkins

A review of the second work in the Forgotten Ones series by M.H. Hawkins this time on the Tale. I wasn’t aware of the series’ first work until the second appeared in my daily searches of things succubish. Obviously the title of this work tells of who appears and in doing so, it drew me to read the first work and then this, the second. The first was very good in setting up the series, telling of the main character and her world.

The second work offers something more. A past, the representation of that past. Telling of a soul that is lost, in her own way, needing in her own way. The problem with need is that many times the need overcomes ourselves and what remains is shattered, lost and seeking always.

The work tells the story of:

Is the world worth saving? What wicked things would you do to save the ones you love?

As the gods wake and seek to reconcile the old ways with the modern world, they will face these questions. And as the End of Days looms and the final judgement is near, and it doesn’t look good for humanity.

While the best hope for humanity is Mea Harris, it seems like the harder she tries, the faster everything slips through her fingers. All the while, those closest to her continue to keep secrets while plotting behind her back. Can she truly trust them? Will she find the strength to forgive them of their past atrocities? And can she find the moral courage to do what is necessary, even if that means becoming a monster?

As Mea deals with her crisis of conscience and discovers more about her mysterious past, a new god, Lilith, rises. Beautiful, vicious, and full of ambition, she is not the one to be trifled with. Fed up with misogyny, her portrayal throughout history, and humanity in general; she has an axe to grind with both men and gods. But she’s perfectly okay with that and eager to get started. The gods are cruel and vengeful, but sometimes they have good reason to be.

What will the world do when it discovers that the gods are monsters and not its salvation?

It will get what it deserves.

Mea’s life is becoming more and more complicated. Her past is biting at her and the future is less than certain. Coming to terms with herself is one thing, but when a voice from her past appears, things turn darker still. Lilith has needs, Mea is trying to hold things together and all around them both the Gods play their games with the world and themselves.

The work builds well on the strife, the emotions and the events of the first work in the series. Mea’s discovery of herself brings her into contact with creatures and beings of power and she finds herself having to make choices along the way. There are many moments of dealing with her own soul and how her choices are changing her. As the series is about her, about the world that she must deal with, this then takes much of the story and presses it against her.

However, along the way, Lilith appears and in all honesty Lilith is a far more interesting character then Mea seems to be, at least so far. While Lilith can be thought of as a secondary character, her presence, when she appears, is powerful, holds sway in the story, and has a purpose. It is Lilith’s character that caught my attention the most. There’s a feeling of her having a split-personality, one moment kind, in her own sense of justice, another violent, harsh and cruel.

Lilith’s persona isn’t stereotypical, there are many layers to her and it is those levels that tease in the story, but really never quite comes out as much as I was hoping. The single scene which will remain with me more than any other, is her encounter with a child. It’s telling, emotional, heartfelt and more importantly, it tells her story without being an information dump.

Lilith isn’t really a succubus, she is a representation of the mythos otherwise, but regardless, she is sexually powerful, but at the same time she is sure, focused and in a lot of ways, the trigger for many other events that unfold. She is dark and evil at times, that aspect being dramatically made clear. But then there are instances when she is loving, caring, affectionate. The two sides of her character play well against each other.

Again, the work isn’t really about Lilith, save to introduce her to the series, to set up her relationship with Mea, and to connect the dots as to what’s happened so far. Being so, there’s little time spent in expanding on her true form, her powers, her will. It’s something that was missing for me, would have liked to see. If the next work in the series drives Lilith and Mea to be central I do hope there will be time spent actually telling Lilith’s story in detail and not in passing.

A well told action-adventure, some telling plots and well told and stone characters. The writing is excellent and I was held in the story very well. But Lilith wasn’t really in the story as much as she was hovering at the edges waiting to make her presence known. Hopefully that will be.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Lilith is a fascinating character, but she is so very much a mystery. There are delightful little glimpses of her character from time to time, but then the story pushes her to be “evil” and at times it really feels like she is for the sake of being so. The author noted they intend the next work in the series to appear shortly and I will be looking for that.

I’m hoping for Lilith to be developed more, her story told and not hinted at. There are plots within plots of course and that is well and good. But if she is meant to be what I believe she is, then telling more of her, what drives her matters.

Good storytelling does.