Jan 31 2012

Desires 15

To expose what you are, who you are, and why you are… That’s not an easy thing to see…


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Four
I had sensed Curtis arriving at my door. To be honest, I knew he had arrived from the moment he drove onto my estate. My heart was tuned to his being and I always seemed to have a vague idea where he was, but when he returned to me, the feelings grew stronger by the moment until I touched him again and the need for him with me peaked as it always did.

I walked towards the door with a smile tugging at my glossy rose lips and a blush spreading across my skin as I anticipated being in his arms again. Before I opened the front door, I looked into the hall mirror and checked that I looked my best for him. My hair was braided into a long complex ponytail, it was made so that the end just brushed against the base of my tail. I wore a elegant black evening dress that revealed a great deal of my cleavage. The right side of it was slit from my ankle to my thigh revealing the sheer black hose wrapped artfully around my legs. My back was bare as the dress draped just under the base of my tail. The dress itself just managing to remain in place by sheer willpower. A pair of black stiletto heels caressed their way around my feet, arching my legs just so and making my body sinuous for him.

I opened the front door and nothing else mattered to me but the fact that he was there again to see me. The background faded away and he became my focus totally. I let a soft sigh escape my lips and I leaned against the door for a moment. I managed to breath out, “Curtis….”

As Curtis offered me the rose he had carved, I pressed against him with my body. My breasts pressed against his chest and then I kissed him softly on the lips. I looked into his eyes and whispered to him, “I’ve missed you so…”

As a bit of sawdust drifted from his shoulders to fall onto my bare skin, I laughed softly and said, “Your passions my love…”

I couldn’t help but smile at the sawdust on his shoulders. So as not to spoil the mood for him, I twitched a finger and the sawdust disappeared from his shoulders, leaving him as perfect as he wanted to be. I looked into his eyes with the love in my heart and said, “You are perfect as always my love…”


But perfection has a flaw in it….



Jan 30 2012

Storm Clouds 154 – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here...

Okay, let’s try starting Chapter 23 shall we?


Storm Clouds 151

Chapter 21

By TeraS


The thing about the Dark was that it was too confident. It thought that it had all of the answers and that no one could oppose it.

That was almost true.

She could, and did . . . regularly.

It had become almost an obsession for her now. There were so few who would challenge the Dark when it appeared, and so it fell to her to do so. It wasn’t a chore or an imposition; it had to be done, and she had seen enough of the Dark and what it was capable of to know that the best thing to do was what she did: drive it mad with anger and make it stop thinking.

Losing the one portal did that. Then letting it stew in its anger had made it get involved intimately with mortals and their world. She wondered if, this time, it would actually learn something from the experience or not.

Making the portal vanish was child’s play for a being like her. If the Dark ever figured out just how powerful she was, it might actually pause to think twice about the plans it had against Tera and her kind.


The thought did make her smile as the portal showing the severed tail reappeared among all of the Dark’s other ones. She stood there for a time, tapping a single pink fingernail against the surface and trying to decide what would be the most unpleasant thing she might do.

She could destroy this portal—the thought had been there before—but she had her own plans, and, for those, this one portal needed to remain, at least for the moment, in spite of what it showed.

The tapping stopped as she placed that hand against the surface and whispered to the awful image that it showed, “It will not be long. Promise.”

And, unlike some beings, she kept her promises.

She turned away, coming to the decision that, for once, just this once, she was going to make the Dark know what it was to lose something valuable.

What followed was the sound of fingernails raking across portal after portal, each of which turned white against the darkness, throwing light into a place which despised it. She didn’t ruin every single one of them, but, when she was done, she had left the Dark but three portals.

She thought that she just might be able to hear the scream of anger from it from three universes away when it returned to see what she had done here, and that thought made her smile slightly.

She glanced once more at the portals that remained, satisfied that this would be a problem for it, that it would have to spend effort and time repairing the damage if it could, and that, thankfully, might give the others needed time to figure out what was happening and where.

As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t actually get involved in the battle or make choices for those involved. It was, after all, necessary that all beings make their own choices, no matter how wrong or ill-advised they might well be.

Still, she had one thing that the Dark didn’t have: trust. Trust in others, trust that they would make good choices, but, most of all, trust in that one person that saved her life so long ago and, in doing so, changed her own universe for the better.

She would always owe that person for that gift.

She passed into the ether, on her way to where she needed to be. If the Dark could get involved with mortals, she could as well … to a point. But first she needed to talk to someone who needed to understand that some paths were not worth following.

Following the path of one who owed the succubi—and Tera, in particular—her life … that was the most foolish thing that it had ever done.

And it would soon learn.

As for the Dark, possessing one of its pawns was distasteful. But there was little choice. That damnable creature had cost it its watch over the tail. The one thing that would, if its plans went to completion, cause the barriers to fall before it and thus have what it wanted most.

But having to deal with a corporal form? That was something that it did not enjoy in the slightest. Emotions, thoughts, images from this pawn were getting caught between its own thoughts and, as well, it knew that its own thoughts would be mixing the other way.

But the important thoughts, the ones that it needed for itself, those it kept under lock and key, or so the Dark would believe. The problem was, as it always was, that nothing is ever completely closed off when beings merge, even if only for a short time.

Fingerprints leave smudges, after all …

It took the Dark some time to return to where the tail was kept. The wards around the place made it impossible for someone to appear there without seeing the place first and entering at one specific spot. From the outside there were traps and obstacles that it knew would stop any magic user from getting close.

But this pawn was tuned to the place, and the wards would fall before it. Even so, the time … the time was taking far too long for the Dark’s liking.

And so time passed, the Dark fumed, and the universe turned …



Storm Clouds

Chapter 22

By TeraS

“I think I am.”

Tom looked behind him expecting to see Camilla there, and she was … sort of.

It was Camilla, but her tail and horns were grey instead of black and her hair had changed color from blonde to purple. Tom couldn’t stop the words that came out: “I liked the blonde and black better, Camilla.”

She smirked.

And Tom paused. He was pretty sure that Camilla didn’t smirk.

“It’s a long story, Tom, and right now we haven’t got the time.”

And that was wrong, as well. Camilla never called him “Tom.” Mary Ann tried to get away again, and Tom was forced into flipping her over, straddling her, and then locking her wrists together with handcuffs before sitting on her legs. Having some control of the situation, he looked at Camilla and said, “We’ve got the time. You want to let me in on why the style change? Got tired of your hair color or something?”

She ran her left hand through her hair, pulling on it slightly, “Okay, short version: I’m Camilla’s bad side; I’m a bitch; I’m nothing like her, and you don’t want to screw with me. That good enough for you?”

“I’m never going to understand this, am I?”

She smirked again, “Oh, I dunno … You’d make an interesting Incubi … I can put in a good word for you if you’re up for it.”

Tom shook his head: “Thanks, but I have enough issues with my life as it is. The universe isn’t what I knew it was, there are people—like you—who are legends, and I am supposed to deal with that. Oh yes, and I am acting under the command of the Queen of a race of beings that exist on sex and pleasure and I have no idea why I should be, but I’m doing it anyway.”

She nodded, “Tera does have her ways, doesn’t she? At least she isn’t using that pitchfork of hers on you. Mind you, some like that sort of thing…”

“So what do I call you? ‘Not Camilla’ or ‘Punkie Brewster’ or what?”

She leaned down so that they looked into each other’s eyes: “You really want to know who I am?”

Tom didn’t finch: “I trust Camilla. She’s proven herself. I don’t trust you.”

She nodded: “Good; backbone and will. I can see why Tera wants your help. You may call me ‘Nina.’”

“All right; ‘Nina’ it is. Tell me something, seriously: does every one of you have an ‘a’ at the end of your name?”

She laughed, “No … Just some of us do. Congratulations, Tom; you just endeared yourself to me. Camilla will be pleased to know that. Make sure you tell her when you see her again.”

The smirk vanished and she looked past Tom to Mary Ann on the floor beneath him, “You mind getting off her? She and I have … a past.”

“Good or bad?”

“I won’t kill her, at least, not just yet.”

“If I don’t?”

“Then I’ll have to move you, Tom. You don’t want me to, I promise you.”

Tom got up and moved to the side. Nina reached down and pulled Mary Ann to her knees by the handcuffs before grasping her chin. “Hello, bitch. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. How long has it been?

The fear in Mary Ann only allowed a quiet whisper of an answer, “Babylon.”

“That’s right. As I remember it, you came into my temple and tried to turn my followers, didn’t you? You corrupted them from the top down and, in the end, you were responsible for how many deaths?”

“I don’t know.”

“I do. I remember them very well. You watched as they fought, four hundred eighty-six of them falling to your promises of riches that were hidden from them. And when it was over, what did they find inside the walls?”



Mary Ann closed her eyes, “Because everything they gave you, you returned to them … and more. You … you cared about the cattle and …”

Tom didn’t see Nina’s hand as it struck Mary Ann, sending her sprawling across the floor.

“They are not cattle, you worthless bitch! They are more than you will ever be or ever could be. You can’t understand that, can you?”

There was no answer, and Nina pulled her once again to her knees by the handcuffs: “Here’s the deal. You tell us what’s going on and who’s in charge, and I won’t kill you today. You lie to me, and I’ll start taking you apart one piece at a time …”

She extended her left hand and, to Tom’s shock, a silver sword appeared there, flames dancing along its blade. Tom thought he could hear the sword … growling?

She placed the edge against Mary Ann’s neck: “You know what this is. You know exactly what will happen if I strike you with it. Camilla wouldn’t; she follows the new ways. But I don’t. So make up your mind, right now, and tell me why you are here and what you have done to Ginger.”

Tom coughed, “Nina … You said you wouldn’t kill her.”

She didn’t look at Tom: “Oh, this won’t kill her. It will, however, take away what makes her special. What she is, she won’t be anymore.” A cruel smile appeared, “And since she is so enamored with being immortal …”

Mary Ann closed her eyes, “You are a fool. I serve powers greater than you. You’ll never leave this room alive if you harm me.”

“Oh I’ve already harmed you. Now I’ll cripple you …”

And she pulled the blade back and then swung it towards Mary Ann’s neck …

What happened next was something that Tom would never quite be able to explain.

The blade came down and struck on her right shoulder, then passed through her body and came out at her waist … leaving not a mark on her. Mary Ann still breathed, still was alive, but the look of disbelief in her eyes that she had been struck was matched by the satisfaction in the look that Nina had …

… and what the sword now held upon its blade.

Tom could clearly make out what looked like a twisted, ghostly image of Mary Ann’s form wrapped around the blade, with the flames licking against it and a silent scream of pain on the ghost’s face.

Nina didn’t look at Tom, she just held the sword in front of Mary Ann, “You have very little time, bitch. I’d say about three minutes before you aren’t immortal anymore. Maybe ten and you’ll start aging, and we both know what happens when you do.”

She looked at a clock on the wall, “Three minutes. Talk.”

Tom wanted to intervene. This was torture and he knew it. But he didn’t know what would either help or harm in the situation he found himself in. He didn’t expect that he would be able to disarm Nina, nor did he have any way to fix whatever Nina had done.

Tom hated being helpless … it reminded him of Beth and …

… he just turned away and kept his thoughts to himself.

To Mary Ann’s credit she held out for an entire minute. She just looked back at Nina, but when Nina drew a finger along the shaft of her sword and then licked a wisp of Nina’s ghostly form from her fingers, she caved in…

“Ginger is nothing. She was a convenient way to gain power. She didn’t care about anything save her own beauty and screwing her husband. It was child’s play to alter their minds and take him out of the picture.”

Tom heard this and asked, “What did you do?”

“I made him get involved with the mob, you asshole. I made sure that he was stupid about it. I saw to it that they would find out what he was doing, make him transfer everything to Ginger and then you so helpfully took him away, leaving Ginger to my tender mercies. Didn’t take a week and she was a hot little slut that would do anything for me to degrade her and …”

Nina interrupted, “Nice story. Now, how about why you did it in the first place?”

Mary Ann gritted her teeth, “I needed power.”


She didn’t answer that question. Tom had a thought, “You needed power for a purpose. You seem to have a past with Nina and her kind … is that why you needed this … power?”

The look she gave him spoke volumes.

Tom sighed, “Peachy: a war between omnipotent beings. I should have stayed in bed.”

Nina placed the point of the sword just in front of Mary Ann’s lips, “Who are you working for.”

“Give it back to me first!”

“No. You give me the information and I’ll give it back to you. Better hurry. You’re running out of time … rapidly.”

Mary Ann finally broke down and said in a whisper, “The Dark. It’s the Dark …” Then she screamed, “Now give it back!”

Nina stood up and then wiped the length of the sword with her fingers, balling the ghost into her hand before tossing it casually at Mary Ann. It fell into her body producing a sigh of pleasure from her lips and then a look of defiance on her face.

Which Nina promptly removed with another strike of her hand against Mary Ann’s cheek which resulted in her falling to the floor unconscious.

The blade vanished in a flash of light and then Nina then stood up and looked critically at Tom, “Tell me something. Other than you being human, is there anything special about you?”

Tom shrugged, “Cats like me.”

She looked at him for a long, long moment.

“That’s good.”


“That would be telling. Come on, if she is working for the Dark, then we need to get out of here right now.”

And then she pushed past him making for the elevators without another word, Mary Ann on the floor out cold and Ginger in the other room pleading for her Mistress to come back to punish her again …



Storm Clouds

Chapter 23

By TeraS

Smoke. The first thing he smelled was the smoke. The flames licking up the walls of the warehouse, beams falling from the ceiling and yelling from behind him.

And then, as he watched three men rush past, John had a horrible realization. He was back at the fire. Not a fire, no the fire that he had been injured at. The one that haunted him every day.

He felt and then saw the fire axe in his hands and knew exactly what was going to happen next. He would rush after the rest of his company, follow them into the hell around them and search.

There would be… What would there be?

That part he never could remember exactly and no one could tell him what happened between this moment when they last saw him and the next time when they found him underneath the remains of the structure.

He hesitated there a moment longer, the others vanishing into the smoke and then twisting the axe in his hands, made his way forwards. The smoke becoming thicker, the sound of his breathing loud in his ears as the respirator cycled back and forth keeping him alive.

Coming to a locked door, he kicked it open and then drew back as more smoke poured out and around him making it almost impossible to see.

But did he see… something? Did he hear something?

There was no choice. He was going in there and searching. He had to be sure.

John pushed his way in and called out, “Is anyone there! Answer me!”

He didn’t hear anything and moved deeper into the space, the light from the hallway showing him the way out and to safety slowly dimming as the smoke thickened more and more. But that didn’t matter. He had to search, had to help, that was his job and no matter what else, he was going to do that.

He had spent almost five minutes searching, the odd layout of the room confusing him. It seemed like an office, there were desks around him, but the space was too large for a simple office. Still, he pressed on moving back and forth, calling out and listening even as he searched, axe in one hand and a flashlight probing into the smoke around him.

And then John saw her.

A woman crumpled to the floor, covered in black soot and grime. Her figure was indistinct. He knew it was a woman, but her features, hair, eyes, skin tones, what she was wearing… it all was a blur.

But that meant nothing to him.

He knelt down beside her and checked… she was still breathing but unconscious. The problem was that he had no idea if she was seriously injured or not. He found his spare mask and after hooking it up to his air supply, placed it over her face.

Her breathing improved, but now he was stuck here. He couldn’t leave her which gave him one choice. A call on his radio that he found a survivor and then triggering the beacon built into it to call others to assist him.

He was about to do that when the first shriek of the ceiling starting to come down happened. John’s only thought was to protect the woman however he could. He dragged the woman under a desk and then pushed himself under it as well, his body over hers.

The noises stopped for a moment, everything was silent around him and then when he was about to look out from underneath the desk, there was the sound of a train wreck as the world came down around them both.

And all was quiet again.

Except, standing amid the rubble, was Tera, her dress being pushed around by the smoke and fire, arms crossed over her chest and a look of concern on her face. She considered the one pile of rubble that now held John and the woman, her long red tail moving slowly like a cat’s behind her.

“Well… that explains a lot.”

Jan 29 2012

A review of Incubus by A.M. Wyckid

Generally speaking, when I see a book title and it’s description, I expect certain things from the book. Every so often that doesn’t happen. Now that’s not really an issue as what happens in the book can be more than I expect it to be… sometimes…

Incubus by A.M. Wyckid

Incubus by A.M. Wyckid

The story is about:

Your life sucks if you are fat girl, in a dead-end job, with an abusive boyfriend who takes your money, knocks you around landing you in the hospital, and then sticks you with the bill.

Things start looking up when you realize maybe you really aren’t that fat after all, your hair is not as stringy, and your face, that everyone said was beautiful, really is. Then you find out your poker skills are uncanny, and win enough to cover most of your debts. You also realize that you aren’t as straight as you thought you were, and your BFF, who is definitely gay, becomes something more than a friend.

So life is good, right?


These changes are happening because you are possessed by a demon. He’s called Shuun and he’s got you by the short hairs, metaphysically speaking. You are being pursued by criminals who think you know too much, your new girl’s in hiding — from you as well as them — and every day brings some new dose of strange that’s just hard to take.

You decide, that’s just about enough of that crap: when things turn tough, the possessed turn evil!

The story isn’t at all what I expected it to be. Oh there are moments in the story where I did wonder about where the author was going and why, but that’s something that happens from time to time.

Annika is the main focus of the story, a woman that has the worst of lives in the beginning of the story and then has to deal with her life changing dramatically when she gains what can be best described as succubus-like abilities. Now that’s not to say she becomes a succubus, but she has the ability to shift form among other powers.

There is quite a lot of violent moments in the story, as well a good deal of D/s and as well BDSM between various characters, all of which adds to the favour of the world they live in. But overall I found that it didn’t really add much to the story for me personally.

Shuun is not what I would define as an incubus. What he is exactly I won’t spoil, but for those looking for a pure succubus or incubus story, this isn’t it. There are no characters with horns or a tail or for that matter anything connected to the myths to speak of.

I wish that the author would have taken another pass at the story for grammar and spelling to be honest. There are tense problems at various points in the work that were jarring to put it mildly. I also would have liked to have less of the “pain and suffering” that happens in the story and more exploration of what Shuun is, really, and what his purpose in transforming Annika was.

The book ends on something of a cliffhanger, which I will have to assume is designed to connect this work to another future one, but that seemed almost as an afterthought which was irritating to me personally.

Given that there isn’t much, if anything, succubus or incubus related in this work, I’m going to give this two pitchforks out of five.

The story is interesting, I give the author full points for that, but give it a good editing and that would help it more than anything else…




Jan 28 2012

It might say Succubus on the title, but is it?

Another Succubus related video this week from Vimeo to share on the Tale…

This was originally posted in 2010 by Nick Stango on Vimeo, and it is, really, not quite what I expected from a Succubus to be honest…

According to the commentary on it, it’s about a guy named Matthew who goes on a date with a coworker named Lilian, and finds out a little more than he wanted to know about her.

I have to admit there were some moments where the actress, Ilana Seagull, acts very Succubus-like in a way, but overall I’m left somewhat unimpressed with the whole thing.

Mainly because, as always, the Succubus isn’t what they really should be, nor do we see any horns or tails in the entire thing…

Still, I have to admit that I did laugh at certain points in the story. I am sure that those that know me will be able to recognize them when they appear…

But I hope for something better still…



Jan 27 2012

An episode of Lost Girl without Kenzi is like a day without sunshine…

The Lost Girl second season finally began again this week and I have to honestly say that it might well have been the absolute worst episode of the entire series to this point. Yes, there is some promise to it, but, honestly it felt like something of a train wreck at high speed and I didn’t care for that much.

The fourteenth episode, also episode twenty-six, and the season two mid-season premiere episode of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo misses Kenzi, especially her coffee making skills, she also gets to be the Mistress to a genie, at least for a while, and a trickster manages to get into her pants too…

Lost Girl Logo

This is the fourteenth review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo learns to her regret that burning the candle at both ends can leave you without a…

Midnight Lamp

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) at home calling out for Kenzi (Kenzia Solo) to tell her where the sharpening stones for her weapons are as one of her knifes is dull. Kenzi does not answer her, then Bo tries to pour herself a cup of coffee, but finds the pot empty. She then notices a note from Kenzi on the table which says: “Hit the road with Nate Back Soon Love ya! -K” Bo then tries to call Kenzi on her phone, but gets Kenzi’s voice mail instead. She tells Kenzi that she hopes she and Nate are having a good time “living the rock and roll dream.” But then asks how many scoops of coffee to put in the coffee pot and also if she should be Lochlyn’s (Vincent Walsh) or not. Suddenly Bo turns around and throws the knife she had been holding at someone behind her which turns out to be Lochlyn (The Ash) who catches the knife in his hand and greets her with “Morning Bo.” He then tells Bo that he needs her to do a favour for him, that being bringing someone to him that has information on The Garuda that they both need.

The scene shifts to a television studio where a Blogger (Ryan Cooley) is interviewing an actress named Sadie (Lauren Holly) for his website about the series she appears in and filming her with his phone as he does so. The Blogger is smitten with Sadie and describes himself as her biggest fan, but when Sadie reaches out and takes the phone from him, she scratches him slightly and then he begins to act oddly, his skin seeming to glow or burn. Sadie asks what he likes about her and other questions, but as he does so, he seems to be suffering from some sort of attack. Sadie then bares her teeth and makes an almost animal-like growl before he falls out of the chair he had been sitting in, his skin almost grey in colour and not moving. Sadie seems disinterested in what has happened, leaving him behind as she calls for one of the crew on the set to see what’s wrong.

Returning from the opening credits, The Ash and Bo are still talking. As he pours coffee, The Ash explains that the being they are looking for is called an Afreet, which according to the Ash is a subclass of the Djinn. He describes her as malevolent powerful beings with great wisdom, but there is a catch. The Afreet do not reveal their secrets unless they are enslaved. After Bo compliments The Ash on the coffee, she tells him that she doesn’t like the idea of enslaving others and reminds him of what he did to Lauren. His answer is that “sometimes a leader has to make very hard decisions.” He explains that Lauren has an important role to play in the coming battle and that he has placed his faith in her as a result. The Ash promises Bo that if they survive the Garuda, they can discuss “the Lauren situation” and she promises him they will do so. He continues to explain that the Afreet normally stay on their plane of existence, but Sadie has been crossing over for millennia and causing misery and grief and, as a result, The Ash feels that it is time she paid a price for what she had done. Bo is not pleased with the idea of kidnapping an actress from a movie set, but The Ash tells Bo that she should be able to find Sadie at a bar called the Swarga Lounge she has been seen at regularly, Bo should be able to trap her in a magic lamp. When Bo asks for the lamp, The Ash tells her that she will need to see a man named Lambert for it. He then tells Bo that the strange man that gave Bo a gift in the previous episode, Barometz. Trick. Pressure. will be suppling what she needs. When Bo confronts him about this, The Ash tells her that he had hoping that she and Ryan, Lambert’s first name, would “hit it off” as Ryan doesn’t give his inventions to just anyone. Bo attempts to tell him what she thinks of him, but The Ash tells her that he is counting on Bo to be his champion, but Bo’s reply is: “Baby steps” as she takes a last sip of coffee.

At that moment, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried), Hale (K.C. Collins) and Trick (Richard Howland) are at the Dal Riata recovering from the events of the last episode when the three of them were unconscious after Trick attempted to learn what the threat they are facing was. They seem none the worse for wear, save that they are all very tired looking. Dyson asks Trick what he saw, and Trick’s answer is The Garuda. Trick explains to Dyson and Hale that during the Great Fae War, a single Garuda was feeding on all of the Fae, but they never knew. He also tells them that what The Garuda wants is for Trick to unwrite the laws that he used to stop the last war so that it can being a new one.

Returning to Bo, she is examining the bracelet that Ryan gave her at the party with some suspicion when her phone rings. She reads several text messages from Kenzi that are all in internet shorthand, the last one translating as: “Love you Like a Sister Too.” Then the phone rings again, and this time it is Trick calling her. Trick begins to tell Bo that he knows what is coming, but Bo interrupts him with the news that she knows already what it is. She then tells Trick that The Ash told her what the threat is and that she can’t talk to him at the moment as she is on a mission for The Ash. This confuses Trick as the last time he spoke with Bo she wanted to kill The Ash. Trick asks Bo to see him as soon as possible and Bo promises to do so before Trick hangs up. He then tells Dyson that The Ash knows about everything and Dyson asks the question if The Ash is on their side, but Trick is unsure how to answer that. Dyson seems concerned about something and Trick asks him what that might be. Dyson explains that he had been forced in the previous episode to admit the truth that he cannot love Ciara (Lina Roessler). Trick tries to tell Dyson that he needed to move past Ciara in order to deal with The Garuda, but Dyson explains to him that he managed to move past Bo and he should be able to love Ciara, but he cannot and that makes no sense to him. Trick tells Dyson that only he knows what it all means, but Dyson tells Trick that there is another that does know.

We then return to Bo who walks out of a freight elevator into what looks like a laboratory of some kind filled with all kinds of devices, cars, robots and many other things. Working on a counter in the middle of the chaos is a scruffy looking man, this being Ryan Lambert (Anthony Lemke) who Bo approaches. After she gets his attention, the first thing he says is that the bracelet he gave her looks amazing on her, and Bo tells Ryan that she wears it all the time. As Bo tells Ryan that she is there to pickup a lamp. he picks up what looks like some kind of electronic belt and then asks Bo to hold up his shirt as he fastens the belt around his stomach. He then tells Bo to hit him as the belt will, according to him, protect from all impacts. However, Bo punches him in the stomach, keeling him over and he mumbles that the device needs some fine tuning. After recovering, Ryan gets back to the question of the lamp that Bo is looking for and wanders off into a back room. Bo follows him and after he discounts several lamps for their flaws and asking Bo what kind of Afreet she is hunting, Bo’s answer being “the movie star type named Sadie”, Ryan comments that she likely is the kind that feeds on adoration and picks up what looks like a small music box encased in clear plastic. When Bo notes that it isn’t a lamp, Ryan explains that the lamp is a metaphor and that genies don’t actually go into the device he shows her describing it as sort of a containment vessel.

He then demonstrates the music box to Bo, the box playing the tune She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain and telling Bo that by turning the crank and playing the music, she will trap Sadie in the device. Bo doesn’t believe Ryan, but he tells her that: “When you marry ancient science and modern fae technology you get surprising results.” Bo tries to take the device, but Ryan stops her saying that he is hurt that Bo didn’t even send him a card thanking him for the bracelet. When Bo tells him that he didn’t tell her who he was, Ryan’s answer is that Bo is supposed to be some sort of detective and that she should have been able to figure it out. Bo then asks him if he will give her the device, but Ryan tells her that he never gives anything to anyone, but he will sell her the device, or rather sell it to The Ash. Bo takes the device and then Ryan tells her that he could give her a workshop on how to operate it over dinner, but Bo tells him that it would be over her dead body. Ryan’s answer is: “Hope not, it would be a waste of a fine body.” Bo tells him that he “certainly has started a fire” which makes Ryan more amorous towards her, but Bo points over to a section of the lab where a real fire is burning. As Ryan tries to put out the fire, Bo leaves with the device.

The next scene is at the Swarga Lounge where a party is going on. Bo arrives and begins to search for Sadie, but her phone rings as Kenzi calls Bo back as she promised from her text messages earlier. Bo tries to talk to her, but Kenzi seems to be standing next to a speaker at high volume and Bo can’t quite understand her. Bo then sees Sadie talking to a man nearby and tells Kenzi she has to go, ending the phone call. When she approaches Sadie, Bo discovers to her surprise that Ryan is there talking to Sadie and he calls her over.

Returning from commercial, Bo walks over to Ryan who introduces her to Sadie as an “extra special client of mine.” Sadie compliments Bo on her hair, and asks where she has it done, to which Bo’s answer is “my bathroom.” Sadie makes some small talk about sending her stylist to Bo’s bathroom, and asks Bo what her story is. Bo avoids answering the question, save for mentioning that she “freelances” but Ryan mentions that Bo actually consults at a high level and it is a very “hush-hush” thing. As Ryan talks, Sadie and Bo’s gaze lock on each other, and Sadie reaches out to touch Bo, but Ryan interrupts her which snaps Bo out of what Sadie was doing to her. She then walks away with Ryan, telling him that she wants to buy him a drink. When they are both well away from Sadie, Bo confronts Ryan asking what he is doing there. At the bar, the bartender (Anna Cyzon) makes small talk with Ryan, seeming to have been in a relationship of some kind with him. After the bartender leaves to get Ryan a drink and Bo a glass of water, Bo begins to grill Ryan about what he is doing there. Ryan attempts to lie to Bo about being at his favorite bar and eventually presents Bo with a small booklet of instructions on how to operate the device she possesses.

Bo takes the booklet, but Ryan also tells her that he didn’t get her phone number and that she shouldn’t play at being hard to get. Bo tells him that she isn’t playing. Then she tells him that all he told her was to crank the handle to trap Sadie, but Ryan explains that she also has to say the magic word for it to work. But to give Bo the magic word. he wants to watch what happens as he has never seen an Afreet be captured before. Bo looks at him in disbelief, and realizes that Ryan doesn’t know if the device he created will in fact work. Ryan claims it will, but admits that he isn’t completely sure either but if it doesn’t work, Bo probably would want him there. Bo agrees and asks for the magic word which turns out to be “abracadabra” to her disbelief. They then look across the room at Sadie who is talking to a young woman. Bo asks Ryan how long he has known Sadie, but asks if she is jealous. He then tells Bo that he isn’t sure what her powers are, but most Afreet can turn people into animals, some can turn into fire breathing dragons, or inanimate objects. He also tells Bo that every Djinn can be controlled in one of two ways: either place them in a lamp, or, put your mark on them. Ryan then asks what Bo is doing for breakfast, telling her that he knows a place in Budapast. Bo is shocked and tells him that he has seriously misread her if he thinks that she is impressed by a private jet. Ryan tells her that: “No matter how independent a woman is, she secretly wants to be taken care of.” Bo’s answer is: “Every guy secretly wants a boot to the face.” Ryan agrees.

We then move to the Norn’s home which was last seen in the final episode of the first season, Blood Lines. The Norn (Kate Trotter) finds Dyson waiting for her and seems bemused by his being there. She tells him that he has nothing left to give her, but asks, “what foolish deal do you want to make today?” Dyson accuses her of taking more than she agreed to and in return the Norn warns Dyson that “he who has the manhood to accuse a Norn of treachery may soon find himself with no manhood at all.” She asks how she wronged him and Dyson tells her that she promised to take only his love for Bo. Her answer is that Dyson knows full well that when a wolf mates he mates for life. When he gave his love to Bo he gave her all of it, leaving nothing within him. When the Norn took his love, there was nothing left behind. Dyson bares his teeth at this news and then leaves with the Norn laughing as he does so.

Back at the party, Sadie is seen walking away with the young woman she had been talking to. Bo sees her leave and follows her with Ryan rushing to follow Bo as she does so. They discover the woman in distress, close to death. Bo wants to get a doctor, but Ryan tells her that there isn’t any doctor that can help the woman. Bo asks in frustration if Sadie had teleported away, but Ryan whispers that isn’t likely and she might still be there. When Bo comments that she wished that Sadie was still there, that she wanted to talk to her, Sadie appears out of thin air and demands to know why Bo and Ryan are following her. Bo then reveals the device and turns the handle making the music play. She then says the magic words, but the device doesn’t seem to work. Ryan then tries to take hold of the device, but it slips out of his and Bo’s hands falling to the floor and breaking. Immediately afterwards, Sadie fades from view and the scene ends focused on the broken device on the floor.

Returning from commercial again, we find Sadie, Bo and Ryan standing in a hallway. Sadie angrily accuses them of placing her in a lamp and then begins to create fireballs in one of her hands to attack Bo and Ryan with. She throws one, which misses and Bo suggests that they all calm down and then talk about everything while they toast marshmallows. Sadie throws a few more fireballs as Ryan attempts to activate a sliding wall to protect them. As he does so, he tells Bo to use the bracelet against Sadie. Bo then uses it to block the fireballs and destroy them, making Ryan comment that: “That has to be worth a thank you card.” Finally he activates the wall which separates them from Sadie. The pair then are seen running up a flight of stairs towards another part of what turns out to be the internal workings of the device which is a trap to contain Sadie. However, when they get to the place that Ryan needs to be, it turns out that the door that should be there isn’t and he tries to remember what he was doing at the time he was creating the trap. That turns out to be that he was slightly drunk after sampling single malts and trying to figure out what distillery to buy. Bo then asks him what kind of Fae he is and Ryan tells her that he is a Loki.

Bo is shocked and asks if he is the Norse God of mischief, but Ryan explains further that he is “a Loki” and that there is a very large family of them in the world. He explains that the myth is a PR thing, but does admit that the mischief part is true. He stops in front of a door and after a few moments, Bo opens it to reveal a series of gears spinning inside of it which indicates that the entire device is run by them. Ryan begins to work on the gears, but as he does so, he asks Bo what her story is, telling her that being a Succubus must be great. When Bo tries to tell him it isn’t he interrupts her saying that he’d like to keep his fantasies. He then asks if pleasuring herself works or not which Bo tells him is none of his business. But Ryan presses on in a clinical manner asking what happens, but Bo tells him that it just makes her hungrier. Ryan’s comment is: “I can give you something for that.” He then shorts out something in the space he was working on and tells Bo that she should be able to get reception on her phone now, to which Bo says that at least she can answer the five hundred texts that Kenzi has sent her. Ryan however tells her that all she has time to do is to call whoever she has on speed dial.

Out in the world, Dyson is back at the Dal with Trick as his phone rings with a call from Bo. She tells Dyson that she is trapped in a lamp which looks like a music box and where it is. She has just enough time to ask Dyson for help before her phone shorts out and the call disconnects. Trick asks if there is a problem and Dyson’s answer is “sounds like.” Back in the trap, Sadie has found Bo and Ryan once again, however Ryan leads Bo into an elevator and the two manage to escape her for the moment. When they exit the elevator on another floor of the trap, Ryan tells Bo that they are in the top floor. However, when the elevator doors close, they vanish leaving a solid wall in their place. Ryan then opens a panel in another wall and begins work on trying to fix this problem. Dyson in the meantime has arrived at the party and has discovered the broken music box on the floor and picks it up. Ryan at that moment burns himself on the gears in the wall and stops working on them for a time. Ryan tries to make light of the situation by saying that he knows that he is good because he built a trap that he cannot escape from, but Bo is unimpressed.

He asks why she isn’t thrilled to be on a genie hunt, and her answer is that all of Faedom is depending on her, but Ryan doesn’t believe her and laughs about it. He then asks Bo what the deal is between her and The Ash and Bo tells Ryan that The Ash wants her to be his champion, but sounds like he wants to own her. Ryan then tells Bo that it makes sense that The Ash wants her: “You’re awesome. You don’t want to be owned and that’s what’s amazing about you. When you go out and try to save the world you aren’t doing it for the Light or the Dark, you are doing it for you. When you put your ass at risk it’s not because you are someone’s puppet. You do it because it is your ass to risk. Guess I would ride to hell and back to support that.” Bo seems to be touched by what Ryan says, but then he adds: “Plus I really hate to be bored.” Bo is about to say something to him when Ryan suddenly rushes back to the gears in the wall and after a moment, makes the elevator doors appear again. The pair then approach the now open doors to see no elevator there, and only the empty shaft. Ryan stops Bo from getting too close and looks inside, but is then thrown down the shaft by Sadie who appears behind him to his seeming death. She then turns to Bo and tells her that she is next.

Back from another commercial break, Bo tells Sadie that she has killed their only means of escape, but Sadie doesn’t want to listen to her, saying that she needs to be out in the world to be admired. Then Sadie begins to glow and tells Bo that she will burn so hot that the trap will be destroyed. Bo then tells Sadie that she can’t do so because now she can spend time with Sadie finally and adore her. But in spite of Bo’s attempt to convince Sadie of this, she doesn’t seem to be able to and the reason for that is the bracelet that Bo is still wearing which seems to be protection against Sadie’s powers. With little choice, Bo takes off the bracelet and then Sadie asks Bo to tell her what she loves about her. Trick examines the broken music box and declares that he cannot repair the damage. Dyson is frustrated by this and demands Trick tell him who can fix it. Hale then interrupts and reminds them that he has perfect pitch and he might be able to solve the problem. He listens to the notes of the music box and then recreates the tune using his own voice. As he does so, Bo fades partially out of the trap as Sadie feeds off her energy and then appears as a fait image to Trick, Dyson and Hale. Dyson asks her what is going on and Bo tells them that she is trapped with an Afreet and she is trying to keep her “from going supernova.”

After another break, Sadie is seen taking energy from Bo and she tells Trick, Dyson and Hale that it hurts and she needs to know how to control Sadie. Trick tells her that the one that possesses the lamp can control her, but it is broken. He then tells Bo again about leaving a personal mark on Sadie, but it has to be a charmed one. Bo has an idea and tells them to put her back inside. Hale sings the tune backwards and Bo returns fully into the trap. Once back inside, Bo punches Sadie in the jaw which stops her from feeding on Bo. Bo then apologizes saying that being with Sadie is so overwhelming to which Sadie says that happens a lot with her. Then Bo asks for a kiss so that all of her dreams come true. Sadie agrees and then Bo gives her a hicky on the neck, leaving a personal mark on her and thus becoming Sadie’s Mistress. At the same time, Ryan crawls out of the open elevator shaft commenting that he said he would fix the belt he had been working on earlier and congratulating Bo on taking control of Sadie. He then tells Bo to have Sadie burn as hot as she can straight down which will result in the trap being destroyed. But Ryan gives it a fifty-fifty chance of working. When Bo questions this, he asks her if she would rather stay in the trap with him forever. Bo then tells Sadie to burn the place down. Hale watches as the music box in his hand begins to glow brightly. He places it on a table and the box burns hotter and hotter until it explodes releasing Bo, Ryan and Sadie who appear in the room with Trick, Dyson and Hale. Bo thanks them all for their help and promises to return to tell them what happened before leaving with Ryan and Sadie in tow. After they leave, Hale asks: “was that Lethal Grace?”

The next scene is at The Ash’s compound were Bo and Sadie appear in front of The Ash. The Ash is unhappy as Sadie is not in a lamp, and Bo tells him that the deal is that she will make Sadie tell him what he wants to know. Then Bo will set Sadie free and return her to her own world where The Ash will not be able to control her. He tells her that there is a battle coming and Bo tells him that the battle is only worth fighting if they remain the “good guys.” He then asks if she has decided to be his champion and Bo tells him that she will be his partner, to which The Ash seems to agree.

Following this, Bo returns to Ryan’s lab, where he is continuing to work on the belt again. She places a suitcase of money on the floor, which is the payment for the music box from The Ash. Ryan asks if The Ash got the information he wanted from Sadie and Bo tells him that she doesn’t know. Bo then tells him that she had a good, if weird time. Ryan tells Bo that it was the best night he had seen in a decade and he thanks Bo for that. Ryan then asks if he can take Bo out on the town and show her a good time, but Bo doesn’t seem to really want to do that. Bo explains that she recently went through some very emotional things and she thinks it is best that she passes on his offer. Ryan tells her that she is: “the most enthralling and inspiring and seriously ass kicking person that I have ever met. And I would be happy to make sure that you knew that every second that I was in your company. If you ever invite me in your company again that is.” Then he adds: “I don’t come with any baggage and I’m not interested in yours.” Bo manages to tell Ryan that what he has said is “refreshing.” He manages to tell Bo that he will be thinking about her just before Bo begins to tear off his clothing and the two of them become very intimate together.

Coming back from the last commercial, Trick, Hale and Dyson are still at the Dal when Ciara (Lina Roessler) walks in looking for Dyson. She confronts him and demands to know what exactly is going on with their relationship or she will leave for Zurich and never return. Faced with this ultimatum, Dyson explains to Ciara that he learned that something was broken inside of him that day. That it can’t be fixed. He then explains to her that he saw a Norn, but Caira claims to understand, that she heard the rumours about his doing so and that she does not blame him for her husband Stefan’s death. Dyson explains that he did deal with a Norn, but not at that time, but recently to save Bo’s life. Dyson tells Ciara that he offered his wolf, but his love was taken instead. Ciara asks if Hale or Trick knew about this, but both of them shake their heads and Dyson confirms that he is the only one responsible for what happened. He tells her that he can’t love her, but if he could, he would. Ciara lashes out at him that he couldn’t give up his wolf for his best friend that he knew for one hundred years, but could for a woman that he only knew for a few months. She asks him if he was willing to give up everything for Bo and Dyson admits he was. She then tells him that he is not the man she thought he was and then leaves.

The final scene of the episode shows Bo and Ryan in bed together after what seems to be a long, wild bout of sex. Ryan compliments Bo on: “that thing with the sucking and the blowing was amazing” She tells him that: “It’s true, you are very good with your hands.” Ryan then asks if Bo has “ever been with one of us?” Bo is confused over the question until Ryan reveals that he is Dark Fae which throws Bo into a panic. Bo tells him that she thought he was Light Fae because he worked with The Ash, but Ryan tells her that with him there are no rules and he works with many people he shouldn’t. Ryan asks what the problem is and she tells him that the Dark Fae have not exactly been her friends. Ryan tells her that he is not defined by his clan and there are no rules with him and no strings attached and then he tells Bo that if she wants to walk away to do so. Bo then gets an odd look before crawling on top of him and as her eyes change colour and glow she speaks the last words of the episode which are “No rules” before starting to have sex with him once more.


Fade to black…

Possibly the worst episode of Lost Girl I have seen to this point in the series. It looked wrong, it sounded wrong, it was acted wrong. It just was so wrong compared to the season so far. I don’t understand why the series changed so much from the first half of the season really…

The look is different, the scenes are shot differently which makes the characters look odd. The characters, especially Bo are played differently as well making them seem off when they appear. I have to wonder if the writer or the director decided to try taking things in a different direction for the latter half of this season. I don’t see why that has to happen however as the series paused at a really good point with lots of drama and possible stories to continue, but they didn’t use them.

What happened to Trick? He was it appeared being attacked in the last episode and this time he is drinking tea with Dyson and Hale. What happened? I hate dangling plot holes and this is a big one. Kenzi leaves and all we get is teases of her. Why? Lauren is gone but not a word about her. So many things are left open in the series again and that shouldn’t be happening.

Best moments: Bo telling Ryan that: “Every guy secretly wants a boot to the face.” The other moment that made me laugh was when Bo told Ryan that if she masturbates it makes her hungrier. The shudder moment was talking about Bo’s hair and her bathroom. That just was so wrong in so many ways…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo…  Sex isn’t what she is all about. But it seemed like the point of the episode was to get he into bed with Ryan and, honestly, that was so ham fisted a way to do it. I give points for the hair style change, but I think they should put some waves into her hair rather than having it straight and long. I liked that she stood up to The Ash, but the ongoing sniping between her and Ryan seemed very out of character.

Dyson… He admits what he has done to Ciara. That’s a major event in his life. I didn’t expect him to, but for all of the moping around in the bar this episode I should have seen it coming. Well done scene and I was enthralled by it.

Kenzi… Oh Kenzi were for art thou? You really notice when she isn’t in an episode and I want her back. Now. Even if it means killing Nate.

Lauren. Nada. She’s with Nadia. This probably means something. Kind of missed her too.

Trick. A little bit of him, but again mostly an info dump or a means to get other characters involved. But most of all, we got the impression that he was attacked in the previous episode and we have no clear idea of what happened! Plot hole warning!

Hale. Seemed a bit too stiff this episode, the fun Siren was missing and I wonder if that was the Kenzi effect again.

The Ash. I suppose that if I want a cup of coffee, I’ll see him. Thing is I hate coffee. Something was off about this character this time. Just seemed to be a bit more… human? For lack of a better word which isn’t a bad thing considering the aloofness of the past.

Ciara. Possibly the best scene she has had in the series. Stunningly well done and the hurt she was feeling came through very clearly.

Ryan. Honestly I want to see him fall down another elevator shaft without the belt. Possibly ranks as a character with how much I dislike The Morrigan to be honest and that’s saying something. Hate the attitude, the mannerisms, the entire package. I don’t need him in the series period. I don’t need the Lost Girl version of James Bond’s Q running after Bo to get her into bed all season. There are better plotlines to follow.

The Norn. I like the actress in the role, she plays the evil being angle very well and with a great deal of class that I appreciate. The scene was well done, the threat she spoke was perfectly played too. I expect to see her again sometime to bring an end to Dyson’s plot sometime.

Sadie. I can’t say I liked her a lot to be honest. She was far too absorbed with herself which seemed to make the role far too over the top really. I also didn’t like the looks she gave to the other characters as the story went on as they seemed to be very forced to me. It also got to me that she was very flippant a character and I would think a being that had been to Earth for millenna would be more interesting a character.

The balance of the roles were forgettable, including the Blogger at the beginning as that was so over the top that I was tempted to fast forward through that scene as a result.

I have to wonder if this episode was put together in a hurry because that seems to show. The actors and actresses seemed frantic to get the scenes shot and move on to the next episode which hurt the episode overall.

My rating of Midnight Lamp

Keeping my interest – 3 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 3 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 3 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.3 Pitchforks out of 5

From the best to the worst in a single episode. How does that happen exactly? Were the writers so rushed that they couldn’t write an episode where the characters didn’t run around like chickens with their heads cut off? As well, so the style of the series changed dramatically in this episode. It wasn’t as vividly shot, the characters looked drawn in the faces as well. Bo in spite of her new hairstyle which I think is a lot better than that ponytail thing she has been with for most of the series, just looked not as nice as she usually does. By that I mean that save for the sex scene at the end of the episode where she had some color in her skin, she looked just… off.

I couldn’t get into the episode all that much. I didn’t care for Ryan, I missed Kenzi… just overall the episode didn’t do anything for me. It’s bad when the characters you love just aren’t right, and the new ones just are uninteresting for the most part. It does have a lot to do I think with the attitude that Bo had for most of the episode in that she blew off her friends for her mission of getting Sadie. I do like that Dyson finally told Ciara what was happening, but I expect repercussions to follow soon too.

Not much Succubus action in this episode. One sex scene does not a Succubus, or Bo as a character make. Otherwise she was a private investigator for the most part or, mostly, the sidekick to Ryan. It’s a shame really as “Carrie Bo” from earlier hasn’t go anywhere and it would be a good thing to get back to.

Overall, the locations were good. The Dal was lovely as always, and the club was interesting as well. Ryan’s lab looked like someone went shopping and tossed as much stuff as they could randomly onto the set and then walked away. Didn’t think much of that but it did reflect his personality so there was a point to it at least.

The storyline didn’t amount to anything that the viewer saw at least. In fact Bo was very clear that she has no idea what Sadie told The Ash. So we don’t know if anything was learned, or if a double cross is being set up by The Ash later on. Yes, Ryan and Bo got hooked up, but can you really base the point of the episode on that alone? And as for the overall arc of the series this season, if we moved an inch on it, that’s a surprise honestly to me.

The main characters of the series didn’t change much really save for Dyson and what happened between him and Ciara. Bo just had sex really, Trick didn’t have much happen to him, Kenzi we know little about, Lauren wasn’t mentioned at all. The Ash was nothing to speak of either really save that he can make a decent cup of coffee at least. Overall disappointing and I expected more.

I did like the mythos of the Loki, as that was rather an inspired idea really. I do wonder about the Jinn however in a few ways, the main one being, don’t they have the power to change reality? I mean, the classical Jinn can grant any wish at all and some of those do warp reality. So isn’t having them in the Lost Girl universe something of a bad thing? All it would take to solve the Garuda problem is one Jinn and a wish that the Garuda didn’t exist and that would be the end of the plot wouldn’t it?

Now that will of course never happen, but if I can think of that, doesn’t it make it necessary to define their powers better than they have been in this episode? Too many loose ends and that bugs me…

Next Episode: Table for Fae

What Bo uncovers while investigating the mysterious disappearance of human backpackers threatens her own fine physique. Meanwhile, the new man in Bo’s life sets events in motion that force Kenzi to make a desperate choice.

So, after Kenzi being away for one episode she returns it seems to the series again… or does she? If doesn’t after that tease I won’t be happy for the second episode in a row. As well, honestly I don’t care for Ryan all that much, the frantic personality just is too much for me.

I’m expecting some kind of cannibal Fae or something like that, but I can’t figure out what myth that might be exactly, though the idea of Hansel and Gretel’s witch comes to mind. I also don’t expect this episode to more anything along in the story arcs of the series at all either.

If it is another throw away episode then the writers are wasting our time and the time they have to tell a story. Still, this current season wrapped up filming this past week, so everything has been shot already so nothing can be done. Which brings us to season three. I hope that since they have time to write that the stories will be better ones for it at least.

Still hoping for the best still to come…


Jan 26 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 213

Time for another Morrigan Aensland work of art for the Succubi of the Week…

And this one I think is honestly the most beautiful drawing of Morrigan that I have seen so far…

Morrigan Aensland by Kemushi

Morrigan Aensland by Kemushi

This image of Morrigan is the work of an the artist Anna Kemusi, who’s signature is on this piece of art they created…

I found their DeviantArt site which you can find here and the page that they showed this work on originally here as well.

I think that this shows Morrigan in what I would describe as a more realistic form than what is usually seen in many works of her. By that I mean she isn’t over-endowed or is drawn in a way that is a cartoonish version of the being she is. That is one of honour and strength I think, and that to me is very present in this work of art…

As I said in the beginning, this has become my favourite drawn image of Morrigan and for that I thank the artist for breathing life into Morrigan…

Please do visit Anna’s site on DeviantArt for other wonderful works of art!



Jan 25 2012

Where is the Risque in this Succubus costume?

I think that, for the most part, when you call something risque, then one would assume that in some way, no matter how small, it is. At least I would think so and I also think that most would agree with that idea…

So how is it, exactly, that this costume is called risque?

Risque Devil GownBecause I can’t see how it is in anyway, shape or form really…

This is called the Risque Devil Gown, it is a stretch micro and mesh dress. And that’s about all that it is. The horns, pitchfork and shoes are not included with it.

And the dress sells for $92 US, although according to the site where I found it, the list price is $175…

And I can’t see how that can possibly be really…

It’s not that sexy to be honest, it doesn’t have any real shape to it either. Oh it lets you show a little leg, but otherwise there is nothing risque in it whatsoever I think at least.

It also bothers me that they show this dress with accessories which aren’t included with the dress in the first place.

Also, there is no tail, the horns are nothing really special and that pitchfork is laughable honestly…

Now, I don’t particularly like this dress as you have probably noticed, but, for the sake of argument, it might be something to consider for a more tame and public event for Halloween. But if so, I think that there would need to be changes made in order to make it, if ever so slightly, risque…

But I really need to ponder that for a while to see how that could possibly work…

Two pitchforks out of five.


If all else fails, at least it will keep you warm on those cold Halloween nights… That has to be worth something right?