May 08 2012

Desires 28

If you can’t see the forest for the trees, does that mean that if there is a fire burning there, you can’t see that either? The Succubi Queen has an idea about that…


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Sixteen

I watched Tera snake her way toward the stereo system. Her hips accenting every curve with every step. Soon I was watching Tera swaying her lushes rump to the music.

Poor Tera. She still doesn’t suspect a thing. This will be so sweet indeed… better let her work her hopes up till the just the right moment… then I’ll lower the boom. Make my revenge that much more sweet seeing her life crumble before her eyes just like what was done to me.

Song continues in MZ’s mind.
I’ve done my sentence – but committed no crime
Tera’s not going to do what I think she’s going to do? This show be good. A Goddess who lives only to serve my desires now.

Watching Tera tease her straps off and looking back with those hungry eyes made MZ’s lips start to feel dry. He licked his lips in anticipating what was to come next.

And bad mistakes – I’ve made a few
Those eyes so are so loving… but that’ll change when I crush her spirit.

Tera teased the dress over her breasts, but my eyes never left hers. I wanted to remember her face as it was before I got my revenge. Her playfulness was intoxicating. I can see why Curtis was so taking by her. Boy you have given me some wonderful memories to use again Tera.

Curtis you lucky stupid bastard. Ahhh… April 9th. Tera was so excited in posing nude for me that night. I worked so hard capturing her nude image in my mind for that piece. She never could wait for me to finish it before sneaking peaks at it. She sure did come close several times in getting me to give into her desires and ravish her right there on the studio floor. Man that tail was so difficult to carve just right…. what am I thinking about…. focus… you are about to have better than memory from now till forever.

I’ve had it shoved and kicked in my face, but I’ve come through.
god something so familiar about those eyes and the way she’s looking at me.

After Tera had wiggled her dress completely off and paused in obvious arousal, she stalked up to me like a cat in heat. Loving the sensation of her harden nipples pressing into me and biting that lip like I so love for her to do, my heart rate quickened. I could feel my body’s temperature rising as my hands became clammy. Her body moved in perfect beat to the music. Tera embodied pure lust even without her powers. Never taking her eyes away from mine, she molded her body around me in begging fashion. I could feel the heat from her hot pussy as it meowed for attention. Kissing me gently, she guided me back into the leather chair.

I am the champion – my friends – And I kept on fighting – till the end
Oh how I love those eyes… there missing something though… would be nice to have seen her like this in all her glory.

Tera continued to tease me in ways I never had imagined before. She seemed to really enjoy wiggling her tush back in forth in my lap. Guiding my overly eager cock one way and then the other. She didn’t fail to notice either. Soon Tera was slipping her shoes on with her rear just in front of my face. Deliberately bending over from the waist, I got a perfect view of both of Tera’s hungry holes. She smirks from behind her legs seeing me notice. Standing up and presenting me herself properly, I could see her passions were boiling now, but her eyes still showed only love and worshipfulness.

I am the champion – I am the champion
Even her eyes seem to flare in time with the music as if they are professing their own love in song

Finally Tera draped herself on top of me and professed her love forever. Her body quivered in anticipation of my appending touch. My mind flooded with all the erotic dreams Curtis had unabashedly indulged in. My cock was panting, but I burned with revenge and I’ll not unabated that easily. Oh how the mighty will fall I thought with glee. Looking into Tera’s green eyes, I commanded her in a loving but firm tone.

“I see that you still have those skills I’ve come to enjoy so much, but master hasn’t certified you yet as an acceptable slave. Kneel down as is your place till I tell you otherwise. As you are a new slave, I’ll cut you some slack this time, but remember your place next time.”

Let’s see how Tera handles being demeaned as she begins to see her new position in life. I think it is about time I let the other shoe drop.

No time for losers cause I am the champion – of the world


Ah, but champions can lose in other ways too…



May 07 2012

Winter Always Turns to Spring

For my birthday this year, my heart… my dearest heart… Gifted me with a story of the Realm and I felt that it was wonderful, beautiful, and needed to be shared for the truths within it…

And for those truths, I thank him for reminding me of them…



Winter Always Turns to Spring

By James, The Queen’s Heart


Cari sat in the corner of her bed, tucked in the corner of her room, her legs hugged up to her breasts.  It was really a rather nice room: the brass bed had a soft mattress and a warm quilt atop it, the hardwood floor was mostly covered by a plush rug, and there was an inviting wooden rocker in the corner opposite the bed.  A matching cherry desk, dresser, and armoire rounded out the pleasant room, which was festooned with pillows.


Yet, for as agreeable as the room seemed at first glance, there was something . . . off about the place.  All of the colors in the room, for as nicely appointed as it was, were pale—not even pastel, just pale and almost washed out.  They were, primarily tans and dusky blues, none of them vivid in any way, and there wasn’t a red, purple, yellow, green, or even orange to be seen among them.  There were no windows in the room, and no live plants, and, while it took a moment to notice, there wasn’t a mirror to be found.   The soft music that played in the room, while nice enough, seemed bland and vacuous. And Cari hadn’t found a way to turn it off.


The young woman herself also seemed quite fine on the surface, but there was more than the lackadaisical, almost vacant expression on her face to let observant visitors sense a problem.  The auburn highlights in her chestnut hair were gone, and her long locks seemed generally drab, both in color and texture, as if it had been washed far too many times.  They didn’t even curl any more.  Her skin was pale, and a bit pasty, her eyes lacked shine, her clothes, while nice enough, didn’t seem like the simple yet complimentary outfits she usually wore, the ones that made it evident that she was normally so proud of her body.


Last, but certainly not least, her horns seemed to be shrinking, her tail seemed limp and lifeless, and the robust red color that one would expect in both of them was absent, as if it was slowly draining away.


Yes, Cari was a succubi . . . or at least she was when she arrived in South Prudehome, New Hampshire.  Now, she was no longer sure who or what she was, but she cursed the day she had ever left the Realm.


At first, her journey had been wonderful: she had loved her tour along the northern shore of Lake Ontario and along the St. Lawrence Seaway, loved the sights and loved many of the people she had met.  She had loved one daring couple in Montreal in multiple positions over multiple days, and she was pretty sure she had taught that woman and man a whole new meaning to the word “multilingue” (a word which sounded—and felt—much better in French).


She had wandered south of the border as autumn took hold, following the peak colors of the changing foliage for quite a while, enjoying women and men of all sizes and descriptions along the way.  One savvy, fit, and nicely curved investment banker who lived near Lake Champlain taught the young succubi moves that even she had not imagined.


She fell behind the peak foliage during the ensuing three days, which she spent staring at the ceiling  of the banker’s bedroom, stroking her hair and smiling, broadly.


The blazing colors gone from the trees—and her tail-self, Livvy, itching for some different experiences—Cari went to a library outside of Montpelier for inspiration.  That was what led her to South Prudehome.


There had been no spa, no lovely resort for pleasure-seekers. What would have led someone to plant such an elaborate false announcement in a guide book, with a color photo spread and everything?  Still, she had hoped to make the best of it, making sure she was dressed a bit more modestly than usual, and hoping to do a day or two of antiquing; she could make things up to Livvy by getting to Greenwich Village in time for the Halloween Parade.


All of that seemed like a lifetime ago as Cari hugged her own legs more tightly, shivering a bit on the corner of the bed.  She would weep, but she was no longer able to squeeze out tears.  She would sob, but her throat wouldn’t make a sound.  Every day, there seemed to be a little less of her. The only thing there seemed to be more of was the regret.


She had tried to make the most of her visit to South Prudehome, despite the lack of a pleasure spa, despite the fact that the only available motel seemed a bit small and drab.  She went to shops and cafés, even to a theater performance that night, mostly hoping to meet folks, because the greatest pleasure, as she had learned in the Realm, was pleasure people shared with one another, often in the simplest ways.  But it was so incredibly difficult to strike up a conversation—even to talk about the weather—with anybody she met.  Nobody would shake her hand, and she found her body aching for skin-to-skin contact.


And she realized that, the more time she spent in the village, the more uneasy she felt.


By the time she had finished a solitary, flavorless breakfast the next morning, after a fitful night of not-quite-sleep, she had decided that it was time to go.  Livvy was positive she could drive if Cari didn’t feel up to it, and they could at least get a few hours down the road and get the hell out of this place.  Even Albany would be more fun than this place.


Unfortunately, the car wouldn’t start.  Cari was not without skills when it came to automotive mechanics, but she looked over the vehicle for a good two hours and found nothing.  It was past lunchtime, however illusory that might be, when the tow truck finally came and took her car to the local garage, muttering something about “probably the electricals.”


Returning to the motel, Cari found little surprise at the news she was extending her stay.  As “a day or two” stretched into a week with the same bland food, the  same sullen, standoffish people, and the same lack of contact were taking their toll on her.  The feeling of general dis-ease took disruptive root in her dreams, then in her quiet moments during the day, the voices plain and insistent: “You are a vile, disgusting creature, using lusts to steal from God-fearing human beings.”


By this time, she could not focus her mind well enough to bampf herself out of there, or even to get a message back home.  Succubi of the Realm got strength from the pleasure of others, and, as the car repairs slipped into their third week, this succubi knew she needed to find someone, somehow, to provide some physical contact, or at least some intense flirting.  She made the most of her hair, found a silky green blouse that made the most of her cleavage, a tight, brown leather skirt that came to about mid-thigh, and matching c-f-m heals.  Normally, such shoes did not bother her in the least—she was bred to wear them, after all—but now, after just a quarter-mile walk, her arches were complaining rather loudly to her. That, combined with the persistent whisper in her mind, gave her a dull ache right behind her eyes.  She had to screw a smile onto her face, one that had come to her without a thought every day of her life.


Still it was to no avail.  No one would even look her in the eye, much less flirt.  People seemed to be conversing nicely with one another until she would come close, and then they became sullen; the chill in the air was almost palpable. She turned the corner, and saw a young man, just getting out of his car.  Most of the village seemed to be heading this direction, but she didn’t have the wits about her at this point to ask herself why. She willed a little blast of pheromones to catch the breeze wafting in his direction, and turned on her full succubi seductiveness. Cari could almost taste her target as her eyes took on a special gleam, her curves were ever-so-much-more-so, and her lips seemed irresistibly tasty. She looked at him and husked, “Hello.”


He stared back, nonplussed, and then stepped further back, a look of growing revulsion on his face, pointing at her and finally shouting “No!”


A touch just behind her hairline confirmed to her that her red horns had appeared, and she could feel her tail swishing behind her.  This should not have been a problem; she should have been every bit as seductive to him, maybe even more, and nobody else should have been able to see any of it unless she allowed.


The trouble was, her succubish attributes had revealed themselves without her willing it to be so.


The trouble was, she was not attractive to her target male.  She had no scales, claws, fur, or hooves as human legends might suggest, but, somehow, he found her to be repulsive.


The trouble was, everybody there could see her for what she was, even though she willed them not to.


There were screams and shouts—angry shouts—from the crowd around them, and a stern-looking man, with no compassion in his face, dressed in the ceremonial vestments of New England clergy, pushed toward them, shouting, “Get away from here, foul, damned demon-whore!”


Cari looked up, shocked to see she was at the church steps.


Then she fell back, pelted by clumps of dirt and a few rocks.  The crowd, the good, Christian congregants, were beginning to stone her.


Someone stepped between them.  Cari couldn’t tell whether it was a man or a woman; every time she thought she knew, her rescuer’s stance shifted, or there was a new vocal intonation, and her opinion was reversed.


“Friends! Neighbors!” the stranger said in a commanding tone that still almost purred, “Yes, there is something clearly wrong with this girl, but we are civilized people.  I will take her to my clinic, keep her safely away from the populace, and we will see what needs to be done about her.”


Before she knew, she was in the stranger’s car, feeling some relief, but somehow also shaking from her core.  Soon she was in the room where, little known to her, she was going to spend the winter . . . but she was coming to realize that this was no rescue at all.


“You may call me Dale,” he . . . umm, she . . . umm, the stranger snapped, with more of a bark than a purr, while tossing Cari onto the bed.  “You will be staying here, probably for the rest of your existence . . . and I would prefer that you not enjoy it.


“I have been waiting for ages to find a way to get one of your kind in my power.  Your Queen has helped you all develop a remarkable resistance to most direct attacks.  But to be able to use pleasure, and your desire—perhaps it is a need—to share pleasure, against you, not by direct attack but  by using these mortal creatures you so love to pleasure . . . it has almost made the long wait worth it.


“And yes, the entire village has been treated with the sort of subliminal whispers you have heard.  I have been doing it for many years.  But the fact that they were so uptight to begin with, so ready to mistrust outsiders, made it easier.


“Now, I will be happy to watch you fade away.  The shower is in there.  You may as well clean yourself up.” And the door slammed shut behind Cari’s captor.  When she stepped out of the shower, her outfit was gone, replaced by gray sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt.


These, along with white socks, would be her uniform for the winter.  Every day, she was fed rather bland gruel and a rather constant diet of debasing subliminals.  Because there were no windows to let in natural light, because the room lights never went out (even when Cari tried to break them), and because the feeding times were constantly shifting, she had lost all sense of time or dates. From time to time—an odd expression when one has lost all sense of it—she was visited by Dale, who continued to tell her how much he enjoyed watching the destruction of a succubi, and who also, on occasion, suggested that she could escape this fate by giving him information which would help lure her sisters and brothers into his trap instead.


Cari declined those offers.


That was where her strength ended, however.  There were no mirrors in the room; mirrors were often used by her kind to communicate with their tail selves.  She had not even heard Livvy’s voice since a week or so after she was brought here.  She became convinced that her tail-self had gone on without her.  Was that possible? Was that intuition? Was it another twisting of her mind by the subliminals?  All she was sure of was, as far as she was concerned, Livvy was not there.


Cari tried to remain true to herself, to her training, to her loyalty to her sisters and her brothers and her Queen.  But she was starving, psychically and emotionally; she was falling apart; she had no more hope.


She sat in the corner of her bed, tucked in the corner of her room, her legs hugged up to her breasts, so many days through this long winter.


She didn’t know, yet, that the seasons were changing.


There was a knock on Cari’s door.


She coughed in response.


A graying man wearing slacks, a sweater, and a clerical collar stepped into the room.  He had a kind smile, but Cari still recoiled more.  He began to speak as he almost closed the door behind himself, pausing to take a roll of tape from his satchel and cover the latch: “That is just in case somebody decides to lock me in with you, though I doubt they want to do that.  And I apologize for not waiting for a more definitive invitation from you, but it is very important that we meet while your . . . umm, host, shall we say? . . . is off at the state health commissioner’s office.  I had to call in a few favors for that, by the way.”


The beleaguered succubi still did not open up, but glared at his collar.  Finally, she barely croaked out, “Have you come to finish killing me for your friends?”


For a half-second, tears almost welled up in his eyes: “They are no friends of mine, I can assure you.  As for this”—he fingered the ministerial neckwear for just a moment—“I simply find that, when I wear this into a health facility, the staff lets me go pretty much where I please.


“Now, may I please sit next to you?”


Cari nodded, hesitantly.


He sat, very quietly, extending a hand after several minutes.  More minutes passed until she took his hand.  Then he whispered, “Some folks call me Baker.”  Then, after many more minutes passed with hands held, he wrapped his arms around her and held her.



She felt warmth surge through her body in a way that she almost didn’t believe possible any more.  It was almost as if she was able to breathe again.  She was still weak, but . . .


. . . She grabbed her visitor’s face and began kissing him deeply.  She was amazingly good at this.


It took all of his will to pull her hands away and break the kiss, catching his breath and biting his lower lip as he looked her in the eye and continually stroking her forearms: “Caritas, you . . . I . . . umm, you are extremely attractive, and . . .”


“No, I am hideous right now.”


“No,” he put his hand over her heart, “you are and always have been astonishingly attractive, and I would be happy to give you everything you need in that way, but I am no more immune to the subliminal your host is piping into your room than I am to your charms.  If I were to allow us to . . . enjoy each other, I would probably succumb to its influence, and we could both be lost.  We need to wait.”


“How did you know?”


“About you, or about Dale? Oh, maybe it doesn’t matter.  We have a mutual friend, you and I. She has felt your absence and been pained by it. I felt her pain, and finally got her to tell me what was going on. Then I began making calls.


“As for your host: Dale has a bit of a reputation for wanting to discourage all sorts of love and pleasure. Dale has trouble loving, because it involves trusting, and vulnerability, even among dominants, and so has made an effort to be androgynous—Dale equates that with non-sexuality. When I came across a village whose free wi-fi carried a subliminal carrier wave, it wasn’t hard to find out about the clinic at the edge of town whose owner offered to install the wireless system.  Then it was simple to connect the dots.  And, since I was trusted as another repressed minister type, it wasn’t difficult at all for me to point out a problem with the wi-fi and arrange for it to be repaired at no cost to the village.”


Cari snuggled up close, and Baker wrapped his arms around her again.  Color was starting to return to her. “How did you get in to see me?” she queried.


“Well, it didn’t hurt to have a way to send the boss on a wild goose chase.  Then I simply showed up in this attire, insisted that Caritas Etamor was a parishioner of mine and I wanted to visit, and they had little choice.”


“But they must know that I am probably not a member of some church.”


“Yes, but, to admit that, they would have to admit to knowing you are a succubi, and then they would have to admit to what they were up to, and that wouldn’t do at all, now, would it?


“Besides, who is to say you aren’t a member of the Church? As I remember St. Paul and Vulgate Latin, where we find Caritas Etamor—caritas et amor—there we find God.  You were named rather wisely.”  He kissed her on the forehead: “You are loved by God, Cari.” He kissed each cheek: “Because you are a child of God, and because you love others, no matter how you might do that, I love you.”


The tip of her once-again-bright-red tail ran down the center of his back, and Baker smiled.


He then reached into his satchel and pulled out a red sweater, jeans, and black open-toed pumps. “Our friend gave me these.  I know they may not quite be you . . .”


“But they will do for the moment,” Cari smiled.


As she was dressing and he was averting his gaze, one of the staff came in.  This was not unexpected; they were being watched on closed circuit, as Cari had been for months.


“Watch this,” Baker said.  The staffer came in, somewhat belligerently demanding to know what this minister thought he was doing.  Baker stepped up to him and took his hands: “I am so glad you show such deep concern for your patients.  You are to be commended for that.  And I am sure you are appreciated and loved.”


The burly attendant stepped back, shaking his head as if he was waking from a long sleep.  He smiled and left the room.


Baker winked at his new succubi friend: “You see, the power of Dale’s system comes in us trying to respond with the same sort of anger, fear, and pain that this system has been engendering.  When we respond with respect, the whole thing can crash down with just a word.


“But it is time to be going.” He offered his arm, which Cari took.  On their way to the exit they met several other staff, whom Baker greeted as he had the attendant in Cari’s room, with similar results.


She blinked as they stepped into the sunlight, and took a deep breath of the spring air, reveling in the fragrances on the breeze and realizing the subliminals were gone. She gasped as she felt a long-absent embrace and grinned ear-to-ear: “It’s Livvy!”


Baker squeezed Cari’s hand tightly: “Welcome her back for me.”


Then the air chilled and the sky darkened, as if a sudden storm was blowing in.  Dale was standing between the two of them and Baker’s car, managing to look quite menacing. Cari immediately tensed up.


Baker turned—she was amazed he turned his back on her captor—and looked her in the eye: “I can handle this, but so can you.  You know the words that will undo him.”


Caritas Etamor drew in her breath and kissed her emancipator, then she let go of him and walked over to her nemesis.


Dale clearly expected her to cower, to lose her nerve, maybe to slap or even seduce the kidnapper.  Any of those steps would mean that her foe had won.


Cari, smiling mischievously, took Dale’s hands, leaned in, and whispered, “Even you are loved.” Then she kissed the therapist’s cheek, seconds before Dale drew back from her, screaming.  A moment later, all that was left was a cloud of dust.


“Are we going beck to South Prudehome to get my things?” she asked as Baker drove her away.


“No.  The subliminals drove them all to that malevolence, but most of them were pre-disposed to those attitudes, or else Dale’s whispers wouldn’t have worked that way.  Some people, even some self-professed believers, are amazingly close-minded about acceptable ways to love one another.  You will be better off avoiding that place, at least for the time being.”


That night, Livvy was able to locate and open a portal to the Realm, and she and Baker took Cari home.  The tail-self gave the ersatz minister a warm, almost rough, kiss, enough so that he needed to step back and regain his balance.  “She will be just fine.  In two days, it will be May Day, and the festivities here will do her wonders.”


Indeed, in time, Cari regained her confidence and control.  Late in the summer, she took Livvy out to an island with nude beaches and a wild nightlife.  And her hope was thousands of times more resilient, for she now knew that, no matter how long it lasts, winter always turns to spring.


Baker got back home and put away the clerical gear.  When he went over to the fence by his neighbor’s yard, he found the gate open, with a note: “You already gave me my prezzie.  There’s leftover cake and Diet Coke on the porch.  You’d best get over here and help us finish it.”

There’s always cake at the fence and friendship at the Koi Pond my heart….
Thank you…
((Storm Clouds will be back next week…))

May 06 2012

A Review of Incubus Lust by Charlotte Davila

Time for another story that is mainly about Incubi because… well because there really aren’t a lot of them that appear and so I think that it’s important to give them some spotlight time too. One thing that I would like to see someday is an Incubus in one of these stories that doesn’t show themselves as being totally evil or totally not cut out for being one. This work comes close to that hope at least…

Incubus Lust by Charlotte Davila

Incubus Lust by Charlotte Davila

The book blurb says the story is about:

Marcus, an accomplished demonic incubus is sent by Lilith, the Mother of All Succubi, to seduce Elizabeth Benoit, a small town diner owner whose fiancé has just left her. What he doesn’t count on is the feelings that Elizabeth stirs within him.

Marcus, the Incubus of the book, is to put it mildly unhappy with his life, his role, and most of all the beings above him that make his life miserable.

Lilith appears and puts him on a case to turn a woman named Elizabeth into a Succubus and the story proceeds from there. Along the way, Marcus discovers that he needs Elizabeth and in the end a surprise awaits them all.

Couple of things I wasn’t happy about in the story. The main one was Lilith. While she didn’t have a major role in the story itself, she struck me as being too aloof a character from the moment she appeared. I think that it was the “I need you, but I don’t really care all that much” attitude that got to me. I did find it interesting that it appears that incubi and I have to assume succubi use things like blackberries and airplanes and cars to get around.

It also was interesting that in this story we never see any of them with horns or tails but Lilith does comment that Marcus has decided on being in his human form. So the question then becomes, do they, or not, have horns and tails?

The other thing that I found odd was the means to which humans were taken by incubi or succubi and then “turned.” I think that having such things happen in such a “here, sign this” way is a little bit stereotypical for my liking.

Setting aside the things that bothered me, oh save one more, too short a story, needed to be longer and perhaps slow down the actions of the characters and don’t railed them throughout the story into decisions and actions. I liked the overall writing, there wasn’t anything that drew me out of the story too much.

I think that there could be other stories to tell in this universe, but honestly I think that the author needs to allow the characters to develop more than is allowed in how short this story is. I know this is a common complaint I have with a lot of things that I read, but honestly would to be too much to ask for a story like this one to go into some more depth in the characters or the revelation that happens at the end of the story?

Just was very quick for me and I didn’t real want it to end so soon.

I’m giving this work three pitchforks out of five.

Longer please, make Lilith more likeable, and slow down the story just a little bit…



May 05 2012

A neat 3D Succubus watching the moon…

I was looking at Vimeo again today and found a neat little video of a 3D Succubus that someone created… and she has a tail…

And if the embedding does not work:

And one screenshot as well…

Succubus Turn by Ray

I think she’s really very cute… A neat little tail, cute wings, and a lovely expression that I think suits her really well. She’s not over the top sexy either which I appreciate a lot too…

The creator didn’t really explain why they made this, I’d be interested to know what made them decide to bring her to life and what the story is, if there is one, behind her…



May 04 2012

A Review of A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights by M. E. Hydra

One of the authors that I have followed for some time is named M.E. Hydra, or as I have known them from the Literotica days, Many Eyed Hydra. I’ve always been taken by their writing style and their ability to tell a good hot story… especially when Succubi are involved. They have several books which contain most of their stories available for some time now. Three of them are anthologies of short stories and the fourth is a full length work. Over the next little while I will be reviewing each of them on the tale, starting this week with A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights.

A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights by M. E. Hydra

A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights by M. E. Hydra

This collection of stories is about:

Beautiful, seductive, enthralling, sensual, irresistible…deadly. The succubus is an enduring icon of myth, a demon that seduces and sleeps with her prey before taking their life and soul. In this collection M. E. Hydra brings you thirteen erotically charged tales of sexy succubi and other exotic creatures. In A Succubus for Christmas a man discovers his surprise sexy gift also possesses a dark side… The Masterton Covenant asks how much would you risk for one night of perfect pleasure… Four men are taken to a very special place in Flesh Pitchers of Prague… A tough demon slayer discovers why ‘Men can’t fight them’ in Slayer vs. Succubus… A man gets his Happy Ending in a sensual massage that touches him right to his soul… A former soldier tries to resist the wiles of an exotic alien queen in The Coils of Aenictia. Prepared to be enthralled, aroused and terrified by these and other tales of dark, seductive beauties. They’ll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares…

This work is a series of short stories by the author M.E. Hydra, and as such I will review them all in short form before I review the work in its entirety:


A Succubus for Christmas – Steven receives a gift from two friends of his through which a Succubus is summoned to him. He discovers the pleasures of a Succubus in bed… in the shower… on the couch and so on. But the problem is what happens when the price has to be paid for what you receive? Some very hot scenes, but the climax of the story and the reveal therein was an interesting twist on things. Somewhat violent towards the end of the story, but not excessively so compared to the heat of the story.


The Masterton Covenant – An old man tells of the story of when he summoned a Succubus and entered into a covenant with her, living to tell the tale. In truth a very interesting play on the “contractual” agreements that appear in many stories between humans and Succubi or other devilish beings. I did find that what the Succubus did to the teller of the story was very, very evil and made complete sense considering what she is, a Succubus, and what the result of having sex with one normally results in. Again, lovely hot scenes that quickly spiralled into something much darker. I thought the “voice” of the teller both in the here and now, and the past, were very well separated. I also thought that the Succubus was quite an interesting character in her own right and would like to know more about her.


Bubble Bath – A man enters a shop and finds himself purchasing a container of bubble bath with some very unique effects. Really a very hot story for the start to the inevitable finish. A really unique means of a Succubus being summoned and one that will stay with me for a while I think. Lots of questions left at the end, but overall a nice, tightly written short Succubus story.


Flesh Pitchers of Prague – A stag party visits Prague and gets thrown out of a club for being idiots. Seeking a quick lay, they take the advice of a cab driver and go off the beaten track to a place that promises something of a once in a lifetime experience. Probably the most horrific of all of the stores. Not really a Succubus story, and I won’t spoil it mind you, but, the squick factor is fairly high in this one. Personally my least favourite of all of the works in this collection.


Hookah’ed – A hitman is sent into the den of a Don in order to steal some information. When he discovers that the Don has no security and seems to be surrounded by hot women, the job looks to be an easy one. It’s an interesting crime story of what it might be like if Succubi were in the mob. I didn’t think much of the way the Succubi made the hitman breathe in their aroma, but that is a minor nit really. Overall a hot story and the last few lines did make me laugh.


Pool of the Undine – A drunken camper gets caught in the rain and takes shelter in a cave with a pool in it. And something living in the pool draws something out of him eventually as well. Not a Succubus story, not really. I have to say that I don’t like water sports and the moments of that in the story I skimmed over. I didn’t like the male character much, well really drunker Englishmen with no manner really do nothing for me in the first place, so, I just didn’t find myself really getting into this story all that much.


Slayer vs. Succubus – The greatest of all of the Church’s demon slayers finds out that a Succubus is inhabiting a monastery. Being the greatest of them all, he confronts the Succubus. Problem is that he’s a man, she’s a Succubus, and that means some real problems. I think this is the second of my favourite works in this collection. Lots of Succubus powers, seduction and erotica in the story which I enjoyed quite a lot. I liked that the Succubus wasn’t so much evil as she was seduction incarnate, which I think Succubi should be. Lots of lovely descriptive moments and an excellent read overall.


Arachne’s Web – A man finds a website owned by a model named Arachne and, over time, falls into her web. Not really a Succubus story though at the beginning it had all of the appearance of one. A good deal of horror in this story, the ending is very much so. Didn’t really enjoy it personally, though the writing was excellent, the characters strong, and the effects of Arachne on the main character were really well told.


Wrapdance – Some friends visiting Moscow leave a club and search for a better one, which they find, that has erotic women dancing with a secret. Some good heat in this story, the succubi are interesting and sensual, if the reveal is a bit on the horror side and less on the erotic side.


The Coils of Aenictia – A town is held within another dimension, under attack by horrific creatures bent on destruction. A human warrior faces them and his past. Not a Succubus story, more of a “fall into another dimension and what happens next” sort of story. For the most part it didn’t interest me, there was a lot of horror in the story overall. Again very good writing and for those that like horror, it’s well done. I did find that the being the human warrior faced was much more than she seemed to be in the beginning, but it was the struggle to resist her that I think is the core of this story and was telling about both characters.


Squeezed – A superhero faces a new supervillainess in his small town. The problem is that she’s not like any supervillain he’s faced before. I have to say that superhero stories aren’t really my thing to be honest. The villianess isn’t a Succubus, anything else would be a spoiler so I won’t reveal that. I will say that I couldn’t help but giggle at the hero and the supervillainess’ names… Just too funny and well played I thought for the setting. A nicely done story that I did enjoy.


Happy Ending – A man looks for a gift for his wife, and instead finds a small shop with a woman that promises a massage beyond belief. A very hot story with a Succubus tangentially connected to the story. Very hot, really did like it even though the Succubus was only fleeting in the story.


Incall with a Succubus – A politician is told to visit a “professional relaxation therapist” by a friend. He does so and discovers that Succubi are very real… And some of them, one in particular, has a soul of her own. This was, by far, the one story in the collection that was my favourite story. Nicole holds almost all of the traits that I personally see in a Succubi, which is my concept of a, for lack of a better explanation, a Succubus with a conscience and a soul. She’s smart, she’s seductive, she knows her limits and that of those she comes in contact with as well. She gives of pleasures to receive them and in the end, proves that not all things that have horns and a tail are evil. The perfect ending to the collection and I truly enjoyed this story so very very much…


Overall the author writes stories that are exceptionally descriptive, the Succubi when that are part of the story have both their sexual and more demonic sides, but occasionally, like with Nicole in the last work, the horror is muted for the personality of the Succubus.


There is a lot of focus on the horror aspect of this author’s writings, but there is nothing wrong with that really. Each author has their particular focus on stories to tell and if they can do so well, then they should focus on that.


But here’s the thing that I think need be said. This was the first collection of Hydra’s early works and his writing style, themes, and stories do change as you move forwards through his works. Not every story is a personal hit for me, but, if you look, there is a story for everyone…


I’ll give this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.


Good stories, great characters, well written and it shows… I just wish that more Succubi were more like Nicole than what they normally are…

There will be a review of the next work in this author’s series next Friday…

May 03 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 227

Last week on the Tale, I shared a piece of Succubus art from Bruce Colero. You can find it here on the Tale if you would like to see it again, or for the first time… Either way it’s wonderful and you really should have a peek if you haven’t before…

You can see more of Bruce’s works on the Tale that I have shared here and here, and over here, and here too, and as well here, and over there and right here, and here and lastly here too… Yes, Bruce has created a lot of seductive Succubus art and for that I am very grateful…

And, as promised, this week’s Succubi is another one of Bruce’s works…

Succubus Summoned by Bruce Colero

Succubus Summoned by Bruce Colero

The only title I could think of for this art is Succubus Summoned for obvious reasons I think.

She’s a lovely model and I think that the entire scene works really well with her pose. Lovely work with her horns and, of course, her tail is the one that I really love to see… The flames around her are really kind of teasing as they lick around her sex and hide them, even if only slightly…

It always amazes me how Bruce merges real life and his 3D art so well, at times they are almost seamless to me, and in this case, her tail and horns blend really well with her skin, which isn’t an easy thing to do I know full well…

Sexy and powerfully erotic as all Succubi should be…

As always, you can find Bruce Colero’s website here at

One more piece of Succubus art from Bruce next week, she isn’t quite as much a Succubus as the two works I have shared so far, but she is deliciously seductive…

Special thanks as always to Bruce for his kind permission to share his work and I hope you visit his site!


May 02 2012

A new worst in Succubi costumes…

I don’t often call a Succubus or Devil Girl costume the worst ever. That’s a special award that only the worst of the worst achieve, or are doomed to…

Here’s the latest winner of this less than an award…

Fancy Devil LadyThis… mess… is called the Fancy Devil Lady costume. I think that’s a misnomer and honestly if this is someone’s idea of fancy I really don’t want to see trashy please?

The costume comes with a corset style lace up front dress with long sleeves, a collar and a pair of devil horns. Stockings not included, and they don’t help at all honestly…

It sells for $50 US.

So much wrong with this that it’s not even funny. Not in the slightest. The entire thing is ugly, and the tail, there is one, you can just make it out, is laughable. The collar is worthless and the horns are probably the worst things that I have even seen in any costume that I have seen so far and that’s saying a lot honestly.

I hate the hem of the dress to no end. The ripped look is so passé that it amazes me that any costume designer would have used it. The sheer sleeves just add to the ugliness of it as well. The laced corset also makes no sense, it doesn’t help this at all.

There is no way that I can see of making this better other than leaving the package on the shelf with a warning sign so that others do not buy this.

I would give this a zero, and I will, but honestly I would give it a minus two if I could, but the scale doesn’t go that low…

But it easily could get there.

Do not buy. Avoid at all costs.