May 17 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 229

After the three weeks of Bruce Colero’s work, I decided that I would share one manipped piece of Succubus art that I found on DeviantArt as well. I think that it’s really well done, much better than any that I have managed to create by far and I really do admire the talents of the artist that created this work…

Devil Girl Backlit by Monkitty

Devil Girl Backlit by Monkitty

This is called Devil Girl Backlit by Monkitty and I found this work originally on DeviantArt here and you can have a look at this artist’s page on DeviantArt here too!

This particular artist seems to have a lot of really amazing manips of catgirls, panther girls, wolf girls and other really well done manips of other beings of fantasy…

They also did a manip of what they called a Devil Girl on vacation that I thought was just too cute too…

Now, I love the really quite realistic way they added her horns and tail, I especially like that her tail is a pointed one and nothing strange which happens from time to time… The horns look right on her, not too big and oversized which is something that happens a lot as well.

Just a sexy Succubus will all that entails and that’s just a beautiful thing to see…

Please do visit their DeviantArt page for some excellent manips!



May 16 2012

This costume’s devilish ways… Aren’t.

The one thing that any costume that has anything to do with Succubi must have is a little bit of sexiness in it. That’s not that much to ask for is it?

Sometimes I wonder…

Devilish Ways CostumeThis is called the Devilish Ways Costume, and it comes with a red microfiber dress with long halter ties, an uneven hem and a wrap around belt with a gold buckle. There is an attached tail as well, and a devil horn headband.

It sells for $70 US, but can be found on sale for as little as $40 US.

The hem on this is a mistake. It could be a really nice red dress, but that hem and the change in material that goes with it ruins the look.

The tail is not that bad really, it’s a bit small and short but not the worst thing I have ever seen. As well, the horns are not that bad either.

So there is some promise in this costume, but what to change in it?

Lose the belt, that’s not needed really. The odd material at the hem needs to go and if the dress itself was lengthened slightly and was a bit more body hugging, then I think it would be a really nice “out in public” costume for Halloween…

But not like it is. Sorry, but the look just isn’t right and it’s not sexy like this…

I’ll give it two pitchforks out of five.

Possibilities, but not enough to make it worth adding to the collection…



May 15 2012

Desires 29

Fear is only there if you have it in you… The Succubi Queen doesn’t for she trusts in others if they cannot trust in themselves…


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Seventeen

Tera smiled lovingly and then, for a moment, just a moment, she moved her lips close to his. She brushed her shiny red lips against his, her scent filling the air around them as she shivered from the kiss. Before he could do anything to refuse her, Tera had managed to slip her tongue between his lips and then sucked his tongue into her mouth for a moment. Their tongue entwined together, her passions growing and then she broke the kiss with a soft sigh.

She looked into his eyes with her soft green eyes filed with love and devotion to him, and then whispered, “As you wish…”

She very slowly lifted her bum slightly off him and then began to move to slip off his lap. When she was almost in position to be clear of his cock she suddenly pressed her bum down onto his hardness for a moment allowing that hardness to rub teasingly over her skin. And then Tera simply slid off his lap like water. She was a fluid shape of passion and love that caressed him until finally her fingers slipped over his body as she slipped free of him, but not before trailing themselves over his hardness…

She stood there for a second in front of him, pausing to allow him to admire what she had given to Curtis so long ago. And then she took a few small steps to the side, her bum wiggling as she walked. A moment later and she stood to the right of the chair. But through all of this, her love for him never left her eyes.

She she so slowly moved to her knees, the soft carpet around the chair helping to cushion her as she placed herself beside him. She folded her hands into her lap and then tossed her hair over her shoulder. And then she simply looked at him.

Looked at him with love.

Looked at him with devotion.

Looked at him with the need to be with him always.

Looked and awaited him not in judgement. Not in fear. Not in terror.

In love.

And love can conquer all…



May 14 2012

Storm Clouds 167 – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here...

A bit more story to the latest chapter… I think it needed it…


Storm Clouds 167

Chapter 21

By TeraS


The thing about the Dark was that it was too confident. It thought that it had all of the answers and that no one could oppose it.

That was almost true.

She could, and did . . . regularly.

It had become almost an obsession for her now. There were so few who would challenge the Dark when it appeared, and so it fell to her to do so. It wasn’t a chore or an imposition; it had to be done, and she had seen enough of the Dark and what it was capable of to know that the best thing to do was what she did: drive it mad with anger and make it stop thinking.

Losing the one portal did that. Then letting it stew in its anger had made it get involved intimately with mortals and their world. She wondered if, this time, it would actually learn something from the experience or not.

Making the portal vanish was child’s play for a being like her. If the Dark ever figured out just how powerful she was, it might actually pause to think twice about the plans it had against Tera and her kind.


The thought did make her smile as the portal showing the severed tail reappeared among all of the Dark’s other ones. She stood there for a time, tapping a single pink fingernail against the surface and trying to decide what would be the most unpleasant thing she might do.

She could destroy this portal—the thought had been there before—but she had her own plans, and, for those, this one portal needed to remain, at least for the moment, in spite of what it showed.

The tapping stopped as she placed that hand against the surface and whispered to the awful image that it showed, “It will not be long. Promise.”

And, unlike some beings, she kept her promises.

She turned away, coming to the decision that, for once, just this once, she was going to make the Dark know what it was to lose something valuable.

What followed was the sound of fingernails raking across portal after portal, each of which turned white against the darkness, throwing light into a place which despised it. She didn’t ruin every single one of them, but, when she was done, she had left the Dark but three portals.

She thought that she just might be able to hear the scream of anger from it from three universes away when it returned to see what she had done here, and that thought made her smile slightly.

She glanced once more at the portals that remained, satisfied that this would be a problem for it, that it would have to spend effort and time repairing the damage if it could, and that, thankfully, might give the others needed time to figure out what was happening and where.

As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t actually get involved in the battle or make choices for those involved. It was, after all, necessary that all beings make their own choices, no matter how wrong or ill-advised they might well be.

Still, she had one thing that the Dark didn’t have: trust. Trust in others, trust that they would make good choices, but, most of all, trust in that one person that saved her life so long ago and, in doing so, changed her own universe for the better.

She would always owe that person for that gift.

She passed into the ether, on her way to where she needed to be. If the Dark could get involved with mortals, she could as well … to a point. But first she needed to talk to someone who needed to understand that some paths were not worth following.

Following the path of one who owed the succubi—and Tera, in particular—her life … that was the most foolish thing that it had ever done.

And it would soon learn.

As for the Dark, possessing one of its pawns was distasteful. But there was little choice. That damnable creature had cost it its watch over the tail. The one thing that would, if its plans went to completion, cause the barriers to fall before it and thus have what it wanted most.

But having to deal with a corporal form? That was something that it did not enjoy in the slightest. Emotions, thoughts, images from this pawn were getting caught between its own thoughts and, as well, it knew that its own thoughts would be mixing the other way.

But the important thoughts, the ones that it needed for itself, those it kept under lock and key, or so the Dark would believe. The problem was, as it always was, that nothing is ever completely closed off when beings merge, even if only for a short time.

Fingerprints leave smudges, after all …

It took the Dark some time to return to where the tail was kept. The wards around the place made it impossible for someone to appear there without seeing the place first and entering at one specific spot. From the outside there were traps and obstacles that it knew would stop any magic user from getting close.

But this pawn was tuned to the place, and the wards would fall before it. Even so, the time … the time was taking far too long for the Dark’s liking.

And so time passed, the Dark fumed, and the universe turned …



Storm Clouds

Chapter 22

By TeraS

“I think I am.”

Tom looked behind him expecting to see Camilla there, and she was … sort of.

It was Camilla, but her tail and horns were grey instead of black and her hair had changed color from blonde to purple. Tom couldn’t stop the words that came out: “I liked the blonde and black better, Camilla.”

She smirked.

And Tom paused. He was pretty sure that Camilla didn’t smirk.

“It’s a long story, Tom, and right now we haven’t got the time.”

And that was wrong, as well. Camilla never called him “Tom.” Mary Ann tried to get away again, and Tom was forced into flipping her over, straddling her, and then locking her wrists together with handcuffs before sitting on her legs. Having some control of the situation, he looked at Camilla and said, “We’ve got the time. You want to let me in on why the style change? Got tired of your hair color or something?”

She ran her left hand through her hair, pulling on it slightly, “Okay, short version: I’m Camilla’s bad side; I’m a bitch; I’m nothing like her, and you don’t want to screw with me. That good enough for you?”

“I’m never going to understand this, am I?”

She smirked again, “Oh, I dunno … You’d make an interesting Incubi … I can put in a good word for you if you’re up for it.”

Tom shook his head: “Thanks, but I have enough issues with my life as it is. The universe isn’t what I knew it was, there are people—like you—who are legends, and I am supposed to deal with that. Oh yes, and I am acting under the command of the Queen of a race of beings that exist on sex and pleasure and I have no idea why I should be, but I’m doing it anyway.”

She nodded, “Tera does have her ways, doesn’t she? At least she isn’t using that pitchfork of hers on you. Mind you, some like that sort of thing…”

“So what do I call you? ‘Not Camilla’ or ‘Punkie Brewster’ or what?”

She leaned down so that they looked into each other’s eyes: “You really want to know who I am?”

Tom didn’t finch: “I trust Camilla. She’s proven herself. I don’t trust you.”

She nodded: “Good; backbone and will. I can see why Tera wants your help. You may call me ‘Nina.’”

“All right; ‘Nina’ it is. Tell me something, seriously: does every one of you have an ‘a’ at the end of your name?”

She laughed, “No … Just some of us do. Congratulations, Tom; you just endeared yourself to me. Camilla will be pleased to know that. Make sure you tell her when you see her again.”

The smirk vanished and she looked past Tom to Mary Ann on the floor beneath him, “You mind getting off her? She and I have … a past.”

“Good or bad?”

“I won’t kill her, at least, not just yet.”

“If I don’t?”

“Then I’ll have to move you, Tom. You don’t want me to, I promise you.”

Tom got up and moved to the side. Nina reached down and pulled Mary Ann to her knees by the handcuffs before grasping her chin. “Hello, bitch. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. How long has it been?

The fear in Mary Ann only allowed a quiet whisper of an answer, “Babylon.”

“That’s right. As I remember it, you came into my temple and tried to turn my followers, didn’t you? You corrupted them from the top down and, in the end, you were responsible for how many deaths?”

“I don’t know.”

“I do. I remember them very well. You watched as they fought, four hundred eighty-six of them falling to your promises of riches that were hidden from them. And when it was over, what did they find inside the walls?”



Mary Ann closed her eyes, “Because everything they gave you, you returned to them … and more. You … you cared about the cattle and …”

Tom didn’t see Nina’s hand as it struck Mary Ann, sending her sprawling across the floor.

“They are not cattle, you worthless bitch! They are more than you will ever be or ever could be. You can’t understand that, can you?”

There was no answer, and Nina pulled her once again to her knees by the handcuffs: “Here’s the deal. You tell us what’s going on and who’s in charge, and I won’t kill you today. You lie to me, and I’ll start taking you apart one piece at a time …”

She extended her left hand and, to Tom’s shock, a silver sword appeared there, flames dancing along its blade. Tom thought he could hear the sword … growling?

She placed the edge against Mary Ann’s neck: “You know what this is. You know exactly what will happen if I strike you with it. Camilla wouldn’t; she follows the new ways. But I don’t. So make up your mind, right now, and tell me why you are here and what you have done to Ginger.”

Tom coughed, “Nina … You said you wouldn’t kill her.”

She didn’t look at Tom: “Oh, this won’t kill her. It will, however, take away what makes her special. What she is, she won’t be anymore.” A cruel smile appeared, “And since she is so enamored with being immortal …”

Mary Ann closed her eyes, “You are a fool. I serve powers greater than you. You’ll never leave this room alive if you harm me.”

“Oh I’ve already harmed you. Now I’ll cripple you …”

And she pulled the blade back and then swung it towards Mary Ann’s neck …

What happened next was something that Tom would never quite be able to explain.

The blade came down and struck on her right shoulder, then passed through her body and came out at her waist … leaving not a mark on her. Mary Ann still breathed, still was alive, but the look of disbelief in her eyes that she had been struck was matched by the satisfaction in the look that Nina had …

… and what the sword now held upon its blade.

Tom could clearly make out what looked like a twisted, ghostly image of Mary Ann’s form wrapped around the blade, with the flames licking against it and a silent scream of pain on the ghost’s face.

Nina didn’t look at Tom, she just held the sword in front of Mary Ann, “You have very little time, bitch. I’d say about three minutes before you aren’t immortal anymore. Maybe ten and you’ll start aging, and we both know what happens when you do.”

She looked at a clock on the wall, “Three minutes. Talk.”

Tom wanted to intervene. This was torture and he knew it. But he didn’t know what would either help or harm in the situation he found himself in. He didn’t expect that he would be able to disarm Nina, nor did he have any way to fix whatever Nina had done.

Tom hated being helpless … it reminded him of Beth and …

… he just turned away and kept his thoughts to himself.

To Mary Ann’s credit she held out for an entire minute. She just looked back at Nina, but when Nina drew a finger along the shaft of her sword and then licked a wisp of Nina’s ghostly form from her fingers, she caved in…

“Ginger is nothing. She was a convenient way to gain power. She didn’t care about anything save her own beauty and screwing her husband. It was child’s play to alter their minds and take him out of the picture.”

Tom heard this and asked, “What did you do?”

“I made him get involved with the mob, you asshole. I made sure that he was stupid about it. I saw to it that they would find out what he was doing, make him transfer everything to Ginger and then you so helpfully took him away, leaving Ginger to my tender mercies. Didn’t take a week and she was a hot little slut that would do anything for me to degrade her and …”

Nina interrupted, “Nice story. Now, how about why you did it in the first place?”

Mary Ann gritted her teeth, “I needed power.”


She didn’t answer that question. Tom had a thought, “You needed power for a purpose. You seem to have a past with Nina and her kind … is that why you needed this … power?”

The look she gave him spoke volumes.

Tom sighed, “Peachy: a war between omnipotent beings. I should have stayed in bed.”

Nina placed the point of the sword just in front of Mary Ann’s lips, “Who are you working for.”

“Give it back to me first!”

“No. You give me the information and I’ll give it back to you. Better hurry. You’re running out of time … rapidly.”

Mary Ann finally broke down and said in a whisper, “The Dark. It’s the Dark …” Then she screamed, “Now give it back!”

Nina stood up and then wiped the length of the sword with her fingers, balling the ghost into her hand before tossing it casually at Mary Ann. It fell into her body producing a sigh of pleasure from her lips and then a look of defiance on her face.

Which Nina promptly removed with another strike of her hand against Mary Ann’s cheek which resulted in her falling to the floor unconscious.

The blade vanished in a flash of light and then Nina then stood up and looked critically at Tom, “Tell me something. Other than you being human, is there anything special about you?”

Tom shrugged, “Cats like me.”

She looked at him for a long, long moment.

“That’s good.”


“That would be telling. Come on, if she is working for the Dark, then we need to get out of here right now.”

And then she pushed past him making for the elevators without another word, Mary Ann on the floor out cold and Ginger in the other room pleading for her Mistress to come back to punish her again …



Storm Clouds

Chapter 23

By TeraS

Smoke. The first thing he smelled was the smoke. Then he noticed the flames licking up the walls of the warehouse, the beams falling from the ceiling, and the yelling from behind him.

And then, as he watched three men rush past, John had a horrible realization. He was back at the fire. Not a fire; no, the fire … the fire where he was injured, the one that haunted him every day. He felt and then saw the fire axe in his hands and knew exactly what was going to happen next. He would rush after the rest of his company, follow them into the hell around them and search.

There would be … What would there be?

That part he never could remember exactly, when no one could tell him what happened, between this moment when they last saw him and the next, when they found him underneath the remains of the structure.

He hesitated there a moment longer, the others vanishing into the smoke, and then, twisting the axe in his hands, made his way forward, the smoke becoming thicker, the sound of his breathing loud in his ears as the respirator cycled back and forth, keeping him alive. Coming to a locked door, he kicked it open and then drew back as more smoke poured out and around him, making it almost impossible to see.

But did he see … something? Did he hear something?

There was no choice: he was going in there and searching. He had to be sure.

John pushed his way in while calling out, “Is anyone there? Answer me!” He didn’t hear anything, and so he moved deeper into the space. The light from the hallway, which showed him the way out and to safety, slowly dimmed as the smoke thickened more and more. But that didn’t matter. He had to search, had to help. That was his job and, no matter what else, he was going to do it.

He spent almost five minutes searching, the odd layout of the room confusing him. It seemed like an office, there were desks around him, but the space was too large for a simple office. Still, he pressed on, moving back and forth, calling out and listening even as he searched, his axe in his hand and the flashlight attached to his helmet probing into the smoke around him.

And then John saw her.

A woman crumpled to the floor, covered in black soot and grime. Her figure was indistinct. He knew it was a woman, but her features–hair, eyes, skin tones, what she was wearing–were all a blur.

But that meant nothing to him.

He knelt down beside her and checked: she was still breathing, but unconscious. The problem was that he had no idea if she was seriously injured or not. He found his spare mask and, after hooking it up to his air supply, placed it over her face. Her breathing improved, but now he was stuck there. He couldn’t leave her, which left him one choice: reporting on his radio that he found a survivor and then triggering the beacon built into it to call others to assist him.

He was about to do that when he heard the first shriek of the ceiling starting to come down. John’s only thought was to protect the woman however he could. He dragged her under a desk and then pushed himself under it as well, his body over hers.

The noises stopped for a moment, everything was silent around him, and then, just as he was about to look out from underneath the desk, there was the sound of a train wreck as the world came down around them both.

Then all was quiet again.

Except this time, standing amid the rubble, there was Tera, her dress pushed around by the smoke and fire, her arms crossed over her chest, and a look of concern on her face. She considered the pile of rubble that now held John and the woman, her long red tail moving slowly, catlike, behind her.

“Well … that explains a lot.”

From the smoke and fire, Jane came into view to the other side of the rubble. “Damn it, Tera! We don’t have the right to do this!”

Tera considered her for a long moment and then explained, “We need a clue, Daughter, an idea of what has happened. He has that clue in him; we just have to pry it out.”

Jane stormed up to Tera and then poked her into the chest with a finger, “You tell us to respect others, to help them. This does neither!”

Tera looked down at the finger pressing against her, then took hold of Jane’s hand before gently moving it away.

“His mind is blocked from what happened here, Daughter. He knows he came in, he knows he found someone in here, but he remembers nothing of who that woman is. She’s the key to this in someway and we need to know.”

“It’s not a good enough reason!”

Tera looked bemused, “Oh it is … It most certainly is.” She then reached around behind Jane and took a hold of something there, making Jane gasp in surprise. Tera then showed the tip of a grey tail to Jane, a tail that was connected to her body. “Daughter, you look like yourself.” Then Tera, that enigmatic smile still on her lips, released Jane’s tail.

Jane felt behind her, touching her tail in surprise and then running her hands over her horns. “How?”

“That is, of course, the question, isn’t it? Why should things be fixed here? It doesn’t make any sense … or … perhaps it does.”

Tera walked over to the pile of rubble and then pointed a finger at it, “The answer is in there, isn’t it? Who is the woman he rescued? Why can’t he remember her? How was that done? Most of all: why would all this make it necessary for your physical appearance to be changed?”

Jane didn’t answer the questions. She didn’t have the answers.

Tera then began to twirl her finger in a slow circle, “While these are his memories, they are not immutable. We can alter them, to a point, or, get a better look at them, can’t we?”

Jane rubbed her temples: “Yes, Tera … That’s Succubi 101 in the Realm, isn’t it?”

Tera continued to work at the rubble, bits and pieces of it vanishing at her touch, “What was your grade, Jane?”

Jane mumbled, “B Plus.”

Tera smiled in spite of herself, “Well, at least you passed.”

“I passed because a certain Queen made me work at it harder than anything I have done before.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Tera … I’m not. Honestly.”

“Oh, I’m not mad at you Jane, perish the thought. No, what I am, however, is very confused at this moment.”

Jane looked to where Tera was focusing and saw something that she didn’t, couldn’t expect to see. There, in the rubble, was John, but the woman that he had saved … wasn’t.

“Tera, what’s going on?”

“We missed something while talking, Daughter. Something happened here, and we didn’t pay attention to it when we should have.”

Jane’s look was one of confusion, so Tera continued: “Something, or someone, took that woman away after the ceiling collapsed, and we missed it.”


“That’s the question, isn’t it? Why take her away? Why make him forget about all of this? What was the point of it?”

Tera rubbed her fingertips over her temples and sighed: “We’ll just have to start all over again and, this time, not look away.”

In the next moment, the collapse of the ceiling happened again, John saved the woman and all was quiet once more. But seconds later, the two succubi saw what came next.

A black shadow fell over John and the woman, covering them both and then vanishing, taking the woman with it and leaving John behind … alone.

“Tera, what was that?”

“Something I hope you never have to face: the Dark.”

“Tera … Why would it care about either of them?”

“Oh that’s easy. It wanted the woman; it didn’t care about John. But taking her and leaving him with these memories would have been worse. So it damaged him, made him forget about what he actually did, and then continued on with its plan.”

“Tera … you are being evasive.”

“I have an idea of who the woman is, Daughter. A pretty good one, but I don’t like where that idea is leading me.”

“Who is she?”

Tera ran one hand through her hair and sighed, “It has to be Patricia.”

Jane just stared at Tera in disbelief …


Storm Clouds

Chapter 24

By TeraS

Tom followed Nina out of the office and watched her hand slam against the call button for the elevator. “You know,” he deadpanned, “putting your hand through that wall won’t make it get here any faster.”

Nina shot him a look and began to pace, “Tell me something, Tom: what was the story that scared you the most when you were a child?”

Tom had to think about that for a moment, “The Boogieman, I think.”

She stopped in mid-pace: “Okay, then you can think of the Dark as him on steroids, if you want.”

“He scares you?”

“Me and just about anyone that knows about it.”

“Hang on; he’s an ‘it’?”

Nina waved her hand at Tom, “No one is really sure. ‘It’ seems to be the best way to describe it; likes mayhem, destruction, and violence above everything else.”

“So, why you?”

Nina laughed, “Oh it’s not me that it’s interested in. It’s all of us. Tera’s told us about it, told us not to get involved with it, and, no matter what, we don’t allow it back to our home.”

“How’s that working for you?”

Nina smirked, “So far, so good. But it’s a persistent bastard.”

Tom pinched the bridge of his nose, “So what you are telling me is that an omnipotent being is responsible for killing Patricia?”

Nina punched the button again and started to pace once more, “No, someone killed Patricia either under the influence of the Dark, or for it, thinking they would be rewarded with power or something else.”


Nina sighed, “And they likely are under the Dark’s control somehow, still acting for it, and are possibly looking to be the cause of something else happening.”

“Wonderful. This just gets better and better.”

She turned back to Tom and, with a hard look in her eyes, said, “If you want out. Go see Tera and tell her that.”

“I’m not a quitter. I complain, moan, and curse, but I don’t walk away from a fight.”

Nina’s answer was, “And you have no idea why Tera asked you to look into this?”

Tom smirked, “I figured she liked my looks.”

The doors to the elevator opened and Nina grabbed Tom by the shoulder dragging him inside before punching the button for the ground floor. After the doors closed, she continued, “The thing is, Tom, I think you are involved because the Dark uses humans for its own gains.”

“And you don’t?”

Nina waved her hand at the ceiling, “You want me to claim that we’re pure and lilly white? Sorry, Tom, I can’t do that. Yes, in the past, a long time ago, we weren’t nice; we didn’t care, either. Once upon a time we had humans as pets, toys, and worse; we would twist them into whatever we wanted them to be.”

Tom flinched at the tone of her voice, but still asked, “So, what changed?”

Nina’s hand dropped to her side, “One human, just one, showed us that there was a better way and we took it.”

“Have I met whoever they are?”

Nina laughed, “Oh no, no you haven’t … Trust me, you would well be aware of them if you had.”


Nina looked wistful, “You’ll have to ask Tera about that sometime …”

Tom filed that away for later before prodding her, “Okay, so back to me being involved?”

She nodded, “You’ve been told that some beings need humans to do their work for them. The Dark needs willing humans, or at least humans that it has touched, to do its bidding.”

“Still doesn’t explain me.”

“You know human nature better than we do, Tom. You see more than we do. It used to be that we would just take control of someone and force them to talk. You saw what Camilla did, right?”

He nodded.

“She hadn’t done something like that in about a thousand years, Tom. Oh, she was brave about it, but it tore her up inside to have to do it.”

“So, what we have to face are people who might be … mind controlled or something, acting for the Dark without knowing it, and best of all, you really can’t be sure until you come in contact with them?”

Nina sighed, “The Dark isn’t stupid, so it’s placed some red herrings to draw any investigation away from it. Lots of humans to comb through for an answer and …”

Tom waited, but Nina just started tapping a finger against her lips as the elevator descended. After ten floors, Tom slapped her tail with his hand, which jolted Nina, so that, in the next moment, Tom found himself pressed up against the wall, a very angry Nina looking at him.

“Why … did … you … do … that?”

Tom pushed Nina’s hand away, “I lost you for a minute. You drifted off into thought, and I wasn’t sure that something wasn’t wrong with you. My cat doesn’t like it when I swat her tail; figured you would act the same.”

Nina ran a hand through her hair and tugged on it, “Nice. I was thinking about what Patricia was missing when she was buried. Something important wasn’t there.”

Tom pushed, “Like?”

“Her tail; it had been severed from her body and we couldn’t find it when we buried her.”

Tom was confused, and the look on his face spoke volumes.

“Okay, Tom, quick lesson about Succubi and Incubi for you. Beings like us are, in fact, two beings in one body. In our case, Camilla is the dominant personality most of the time. I am what we call a Tail. I reside in her tail, oddly enough, and I can see and feel everything that she does. But normally I don’t appear.”

“So, why now?”

“Because I saw who you were pinning down to the floor, and I wasn’t going to miss the chance to get a measure of justice. And, if you had left me alone with her, I would have killed her.”

Tom shrugged, “I figured as much. You aren’t anything like Camilla, really.”

Nina’s tail swished behind her, “And?”

Tom smiled, “And, as you said, you are a bitch to those who have done you wrong. But, so far, you haven’t been to me. So, like I told you before, you still have to prove yourself to me.”

Nina reached out a hand and stroked it against Tom’s cheek, “It’s because Camilla likes you, and I have to admit that I find you … interesting …”

Tom closed a hand around Nina’s and drew it away, “Sorry, Nina. My heart belongs to someone else.”

Nina sighed, “So does your soul, Tom. So does your soul.”

Tom’s face soured, “Why is it that you all have to be so damn cryptic?”

Nina looked away from Tom, “I apologize, but that’s how our kind is. I’ll give you a hint, though, that you should keep in mind … You want a direct answer? Give a direct question.”

Tom gripped the railing behind him and looked away from her. Neither of them said anything for a dozen floors, but then Tom asked, “Tell me about Tails, Nina.”

She didn’t turn around, but Tom could see her body tense, “Tails are the Succubi or Incubi of the past. If you can recall your myths, we can be very evil, very dominant, and most of all, we have, on occasion, claimed souls.”

Tom frowned, “That’s not exactly comforting, Nina.”

She shrugged, “It’s not important. What matters is that we exist in order to keep the young aware of what they might be if they do not learn, and if they go off the path, or worse, we are there to help them.”

Tom considered what she said, but before he could ask more, Nina added, “Your next, obvious question is, I think: ‘Do you have a soul?’”

Tom nodded slightly, “Seems to be a reasonable question to ask at this point.”

Nina smiled, “We both do. Very much like yours, really …” Nina looked over her shoulder, “Would you like to know what I can see in yours, Tom?”

He didn’t have to think about his answer, “Not really. I suppose that it’s not that important.”

As the bell sounded to announce their arrival on the ground floor Nina sighed, “See, that’s the biggest problem in the universe, isn’t it?”

The doors opened before Tom could ask what that meant, and they found themselves staring at a group of security guards waiting in the lobby, their backs to the elevator doors.

Tom reached for his weapon, “Got any ideas? I left my holy hand grenade in my other pants.”

May 13 2012

That Moment By TeraS

It’s Mother’s Day today…

I… I have a hard time sometimes on this day, for reasons that my online family know and understand well…

This is a story about the moment that comes… now and again…



That Moment

By TeraS


There is one day in the year that is the hardest of all days for Tera.

Mother’s Day.


Not for the day itself, but for the moments …

moments when she remembers.


Tera becomes melancholy when she awakes,

knowing that she will not see her mother again.



Not to feel her hug,

to see her smile,

to hear her voice.



The morning is … difficult … unsure.

Her smile is a bit wan.


The morning passes with the thoughts of what might have been,

of what could have been,

but aren’t …

of what should have been,

but is.


Lunchtime comes …

and Tera sees in the Realm the other succubi,

the ones who have Daughters and Sons …


… the love in them, around them…


… the hurt comes to her again, a bit stronger this time,

knowing that she can never, truly, be called “Mother” …


…the dark thoughts she pushes away …


… the thoughts that always return:

that, because she cannot birth a child, she is not one of them.


Tera opens the doors to her home and greets them all.

She smiles, shares moments about her own mother,

and becomes, ever so slightly, lighter in her soul,

the pain and hurt lessening just slightly.


The afternoon passes, Tera sharing her gifts with them all.

The smile becomes less wan and more warm.


Tea time arrives, and so do the older succubi …

to talk about Tera’s mother, tell stories about her.


In Tera’s mind, her mother is there in the room with her.

Listening, smiling, laughing with those who knew her.

Tera relaxes for the first time in this day.

Her smile is warm, she becomes a bit more happier.


Dinner arrives, Tera cooking in her kitchen,

her Eternal there helping as always.

They share a look …

he knows what her day was.

She waves a hand

and smiles the smile he knows so well.


The meal prepared, the doorbell rings.

Tera opens the door to find …

her Daughters … Rianna, Branwyn, Ayashe…

Each one hugs her tightly and calls Tera … “Mom.”

She cries, she always does.


The hurt leaves her finally.

The love setting in again fully.

Tera hears her Mother tell her, once again,

“Mother’s Day is for those who are called ‘Mom,’ after all…


Her smile returns, finally,

the one that matters,

the one with love, understanding, and all of her soul behind it.

And, in that moment, she knows that her mother, as always …


… was right.

To all the Mothers on this day… Happy Mother’s Day to you all…

Love and Huggles




May 13 2012

A Review of Thirst by Rob D. Young

It’s rare that I read a book where I really cry through the story. The book I am reviewing this time did that because, truly, the main character found out something that tells more in itself than the rest of the story really does. Yes she is a succubus, but in spite of what she is, the human that she meets reveals to her what life is really about. That’s something that is unique in this case because there isn’t really a happy ending to the story for anyone and there is only a feeling of melancholy all around…

Thirst by Rob D. Young

Thirst by Rob D. Young

The book blurb tells the story of:

Casi is a young woman just trying to get by in New York City. She has the usual hobbies: fashion, working out, bar-hopping, and devouring the souls of unsuspecting mortal men.

Oh. Did I forget to mention Casi is a succubus?

Regardless, things are going brilliantly for her until she meets Garrett. For reasons Casi can’t understand, Garrett resists her demonic charms. Having never failed at seduction before, Casi presses on, even when it means breaking her normal code, throwing chaos into her life, and facing the kind of pain that only comes when you’ve been without a drink for far too long: a true thirst that mortals could never understand.

Casi is what I would call a “modern” succubus. She knows all the fashions, all the moves, all the right things to say at the right times to get what she needs. She lives in New York, but prowls all over the city, finding humans to feed from and never being in the same place twice.

At one club however, she meets Garrett, and her succubus needs demand that she feed from him. But in spite of her best efforts, he resists her and she can’t understand how that is possible. In the past Casi could, as she puts it, “taste” from humans almost immediately and it’s not happening.

The story follows the pair meeting again and again at the club and Casi becoming more and more infatuated and focused on Garrett alone. The reveal of how and why Garrett can resist her was unexpected, but makes a good deal of sense really and I won’t spoil that for anyone…

The reflections in both of their lives and what in the end comes of their meeting makes for a gripping story of love, loss, and understanding that I haven’t seen in many short, never mind long, stories with Succubi in them.

The writing is excellent, the characters are very teal in their emotions and actions, and the story keeps from falling to the trap of solving all of the problems of the characters using “things that are just there.”

I really do think that the author should continue the story of Casi in the future, and they have something in mind but it isn’t going to have her or Garrett in it, which is a little disappointing to me personally. I think that Casi has more to tell, and more to see in her world. I’d also like to have known about what happened when she met the people in history she mentions in the story… Would be, but will never happen I am sure.

As a character, Casi is complex, interesting, smart, and most of all, she isn’t anything like the stereotypical succubus that appears in so many stories.

And that, truly, makes this worth reading.

I’m giving it four pitchforks out of five.

More of Casi would have been wonderful, but what we have is amazing…



May 12 2012

A Review of The Succubus Gift by B. R. Kingsolver

It’s rare for me to give a five to a book or a series that I like. Mostly for two really important reasons to me. One, if the Succubus, or Succubi, haven’t a personality, a life, a soul, then I just can’t feel like the story had meaning to it. The other is that there has to be a hook. Something in the story, the setting, or the characters that holds my attention and keeps me in the story.

I am thrilled to find a book like that, and in it, the beginnings of a series that I think holds a great deal of promise in it.

The Succubus Gift by B. R. Kingsolver

The Succubus Gift by B. R. Kingsolver

The work tells the tale of:

Brenna’s life is never the same after she discovers her unusual and mysterious heritage. In addition to being a telepath and having many paranormal abilities, Brenna learns she has the Succubus Gift. She has always been a good girl and isn’t comfortable seducing men, except one she really loves.

That’s just the beginning of her problems. Someone is stalking her. Will she be able to protect her newly acquired family and friends?

Then there’s the tall, dangerous woman who shadows her and hints a Goddess has linked them. And what is she going to do with a handsome, charismatic, womanizing man she knows she should avoid?

Some days a girl just wants to pull the covers over her head and stay in bed — with a willing young man of course.

Brenna is a beautiful woman with a lot of issues and torments in her life. Her parents died in a plane crash years ago, leaving her alone and having to suffer through a life of foster parents. The bigger problem is that she knows, has known since she was a child, that she has special gifts. She can do things that “normal” people cannot do. But more concerning is that her self image has been wrecked by a spate of past relationships which have made her believe that she isn’t beautiful. Her life since she lost her parents, has been focused on making herself better, and making something of her life.

But don’t talk to her about her sex life. She hasn’t got one, or at least one that doesn’t involve her lovers falling asleep moments after having sex, which isn’t good for a girl’s self-esteem.

One night she finds someone like her and helps them to escape from people trying to harm them. In doing so, she enters a world of telepaths, a world of mythical powers and abilities, a world in which things are not quite as perfect as they are meant to be.

There is so much to like about this book, and truly the couple of nits I have about it are really minor and hardly worth mentioning. So I’ll get those out of the way first. There is a moment in the story where Brenna is attacked and things are quite confused. A shot is fired, but it is unclear, at least to me, who was getting shot at that moment as it refers to a man and in the next sentence a woman feels the impact. I had to reread that part of the work three times to figure out that it was two different events happening at almost the same instant connected by one attacker’s actions. The only other thing that I noticed was that on several conversations, the closing quotes of a character speaking were not there. That’s a minor problem and it does not reflect on the writer’s ability to build this world, create the characters, and draw you into the story and keep you there.

I normally will read a hundred page book in about an hour, more or less. I needed three hours to complete this work, and in all honesty I wanted to read more when it was over. The thing about this story id that there is a lot of background to cover, a world to build, and to give purpose and solidness to the characters here. There isn’t a single character in the story, major, minor or just passing through never to be seen again, that hasn’t got personality to them. The explanation of what are called “The Gifts” in this story takes some time to understand and keep straight in your mind as you read. Thankfully the author gives a summary of the powers and abilities at the end of the work, and that becomes very useful at times.

From the title of the work, being a Succubus, or having the powers of a Succubus, is one of the Gifts, and a rare one at that. Still, over the course of the story, we meet, or hear of, at least ten of them. Considering that the telepathic clans, as they are known, have several thousand members in them, it’s not unreasonable to have that many appear. Adding to that the need for the new Succubus in town, Brenna, to meet them and learn from them, that kind of has to happen. I’ll get back to some of them in a bit here.

One thing that I noticed in the story is that a lot of the powers and abilities are tied into emotions, both good and bad ones, and how they alter people’s “souls.” The concept of souls in this work, what they look like and how they are perceived fascinates me and I have questions about them. The main one being, can a soul be truly seen? Questions abound in this work about that…

Brenna meets her extended family, which are heart warming and heart breaking scenes. Callie has to be my favourite of all of them by far. She reminds me a lot of my own mother in her manners and how she spoke to me at times. Those that know me will understand that I don’t say that lightly, and for me to express that means that she is, really and truly, special. Her grandfather Seamus is an amazing man. At first I wasn’t quite sure that I liked him, but at a critical point in the story… he becomes more. That really put him, and his family, into a better light that I expected them to be.

The one character that is, truly, a core point of the work is Rebecca. She is just about perfect in everyway that I can think of. She’s smart, she cares about Brenna, and their relationship is something beyond special. When the two of them were together, the story just lit up and it was even more of a joy to read.

There is a love interest of course, and his name is Collin. The thing about him that I liked was that he changed from really a person that I didn’t like at all in the beginning, to… well, I’ll put it this way, if the series doesn’t wind up with the two of them getting married I will be disappointed to no end… But I expect not. The change in his personality is well done, he is more than he seems at first, and that really makes him so much better.

There are several Succubi as I have mentioned. Cindy and Siobhan bring a view of Succubi that makes sense for them in this universe. It’s not harsh or unrealistic and I liked that quite a lot. They are, for lack of a better term, well seasoned Succubi and through them we get a glimpse of what Brenna could be, or might have been like. Irina is the innocent “new-born” Succubus that enters a world that she doesn’t understand, but needs to much like Brenna. I can see them as being sisters in a way. Samantha… Well, I’ll get back to her a little later, but she intrigues me and I don’t feel like we have learned, or spent, enough time with her.

Now as this work is the opening of a new series, what would I like to see in a future story in it?

Samantha. I will not spoil who she is, but, honestly there has to be a way for her to return, I have some thoughts about that, but expressing them here would spoil a lot of the story, so I won’t. Still, she’s a fascinating character in her own right and we really don’t seen enough of her. Bring her hack somehow and let’s see where she goes?

The author left several plot lines unresolved in the story, which I expected since this is only book one. But unlike some that I have read, they are a few, very specific ones. The question about Rebecca and Brenna and their future is something I want to see explored and the dangling question that connects to that I think can be a complete focus of one story alone.

It’s not a spoiler to say that we find out that Brenna is strong. Perhaps a bit too overpowered, but in this universe she has to be honestly in order for the plot to continue to its conclusion. Her darker side is something that I expect will be explored in the future, but I trust that the author will not go about this in the stereotypical “evil version of Brenna appears.”

Oh, one last odd thought. Why is it that most of the Succubi have a name that ends with an ‘a’? Oddly enough this is something that happens a lot with modern Succubi stories and I have to ponder that sometime…

And yes, I get the bemusement over my own name. Speaking of which, if ever a Succubi in a story reminded me of myself, Brenna fills that role quite well.

After all, isn’t the most important thing to care about others regardless of what happens to yourself?

Well written, a story that kept me turning the pages and wanting to know more. Characters that were real with their faults, mistakes, and feet of clay. Powerful yes, but having power and using it does not mean that you have all the answers… In this story, finding the answers drives the tale and makes it better for that.

A full five out of five pitchforks.

I can’t give a higher rating save to add that you really should buy this book and follow this series.

I would like to give the author special thanks for providing the first three chapters of their story for free on their site, the link is at the top of this review. As well, I thank them for sending me a copy of this book…

For that kindness, I will be ever grateful.

I would never have missed this for the world…

The next book in the series, Succubus Unleashed, is currently projected to be released in mid-2012.

My page turning tail awaits…