Dec 21 2016

This mask and horns look more like Christmas than Halloween…

Sequin Devil Horns and MaskI came across this… interesting… costume accessory, and I have to admit that I think this feels more like something for a Christmas Succubi than one at Halloween. Perhaps that’s just me, but really… It does have that “mistletoe” feel to it I think.

This is simply called the Sequin Devil Horns and Mask and it sells for about $15 US at several sites I have found it on.

Really the entire thing, the colour, the tinsel, the sequin pattern, it all screams to me Christmas time, not really Halloween time.

Of course that begs the question as to what an entire Christmas Succubi costume might look like. Which I will admit has given me something to ponder over my eggnog… and I don’t drink eggnog.

I will admit that it is different and unexpected and that does count for something somehow. But for Halloween, this doesn’t quite work.

Perhaps I need to think of something for Christmas instead…



Dec 20 2016

A Review of Lips of the Succubus by R. J. Skye

Lips of the Succubus by R. J. Skye

Lips of the Succubus by R. J. Skye

The telling of a story needs to manage one very important thing. There needs to be a connection. Not just to the reader, but within the story to draw the characters together, to make the tale more than what otherwise could be something far less. That means the characters need depth, need to have personality. There can’t be sex for the sake of it, nor should the characters be, at all, stereotypical.

Managing that brings about something quite special. It’s entirely possible within a short flash of a story to create not a world, but rather two stories intertwined in the most delicious of ways.

The story is about:

When a mage summons a succubus, he prepares for a battle of wills to subdue the creature; but when he realizes she doesn’t resist, he learns first-hand why they are considered so dangerous and not in the way he expected.

Simon calls for a succubus to appear to him. He expects evil, knowing there will be a fight for control, his soul at risk. But what comes to him isn’t anything like he expected and when the truth comes out he learns an important lesson. Not everything is as it appears and sometimes we get not what we want, but what we need.

A delightful short flash that tells a cute story with quite a lot of depth and character development. I’d feared from the book summary that the work would be stereotypically evil, that the author would follow the usual actions of a succubus and leave me wanting. That didn’t happen. What did however was a story in which I adored the characters, loved the relationship, how they related to each other.

Simon is a strongly written character, and he’s interesting because he’s not the typical sort of mage, doesn’t do what’s expected of him. He’s thoughtful and considerate, but most of all, he has personality. He’s a delight to follow in the story, it’s clear that he wishes something, expects not to find it, but when Caitera, also known as Cait, appears, the connection is almost instantaneous between them.

Cait is a wonderful example of the succubi that I love to read about. She’s clear about her intentions, she’s not evil, not harmful. She loved who she is, most of all. The telling of her story as Simon’s own comes out, is wonderful and begs for more to be told about succubi in this universe. That said, the moment she got rid of her hooves, I loved her even more. Cait has purpose and need, but she doesn’t overlook Simon’s either. At the same time, Cait explains what she is, what has happened in the past and that’s a rather unique thing to read.

The work is a hot flash of course, being so very short and that is the single shame here. The story is wonderful, the characters I love. But I felt it might have been a little rushed at points. Certainly the ending I think could have taken longer, allowed for a hint of what is next to appear for them both. Beyond that, the erotica is rather short, needing more heat to build I think. By that I mean there’s a real connection between the characters and I would have liked to have seen them be more intimate than simply having sex.

Written well, there’s nothing that took me out of the story. As the opening to a series, which this seems to be, it is a start. But that’s the thing as well. The reader is dropped into this universe and it’s unclear how things work as a whole. Simon’s history is a mystery, as is Cait’s, there’s hints and suggestions about things, but not enough time taking to really develop this as far as it could have been I think.

I’d love to see more from Simon and Cait. More than that, I think the author should try to build upon this start, make a larger story from the pair. There’s a hint in the conclusion that offers a path to take and it’s one I’ve love to see. Sometimes short stories work, but they still leave me wanting a lot more.

Four pitchforks out of five.

The work is far too short. The two characters are wonderful, the chemistry simply works and I dearly wanted to know what comes after the ending. The work is promoted as the beginning of a series, but whether or not Cait and Simon appear again isn’t certain by any means. I really want them to, I’d like to see how things go from here.

There’s so much promise, delightful character development and a complete avoidance of Cait being stereotypical. But leaving the story like this, feeling unfinished, is a shame. I’ll be looking for the next work in the series with the hope of something more.

I hope I’ll find that waiting and not leaving me wanting…



Dec 20 2016

A Review of A Domination of Demons: A Paranormal Tale of Infernal Menage by Adriana Belle

A Domination of Demons: A Paranormal Tale of Infernal Menage by Adriana Belle

A Domination of Demons: A Paranormal Tale of Infernal Menage by Adriana Belle

Period pieces can be really quite amazing things. There’s a certain talent in being able to have one’s characters walk, talk and act as they should. Draping characters in the style of the time isn’t enough, there needs to be the backdrop to make things work.

Beyond the setting, the characters and the plot, there needs to be at least something as a reason why things happen. To rush through things, offer glimpses and not tell the story behind the story can be the single thing to draw the story back.

Being tempted by darkness is one thing. Being taken another. But leaving the why for it all unsaid leaves story alone to the side, not really heard.

  • Title: A Domination of Demons: A Paranormal Tale of Infernal Menage
  • Author: Adriana Belle
  • Length: 32 Pages
  • ASIN: B00P856X1W
  • Publishing Date: November 3, 2014
  • This work at

The story is about:

Emma Banks has been pulling at the reins her whole life, running wild and defying her family’s wishes for her to find a nice suitor with a fat wallet. All she wants is to flirt with young men and make her own choices in life.

But when she literally runs into the mysterious, blue-eyed Tristan Adair, it sparks a forbidden desire in her to give in to her reckless side. She attends a séance at his invitation at the mysterious Crowley Manor, a place of dark rumors and witchcraft, where no decent young woman would ever be found…

She finds out more about Tristan than she could have dreamed, suddenly filled with the desire to be obedient to one man who can give her her heart’s desire. Marked by a strange symbol that has taken over her mind and body, giving in to the throes of uninhibited lust, she discovers an infernal world past her own…and the creatures of unearthly pleasures that lay just beyond that gate.

A calling brings Emma from her proper world into one that desires to set her free. The temptation of Tristan is clear for Emma. But there are more temptations lurking, calling to her. Which of them will she take and which shall take her will set her path forever.

The work is set and lives in a time where only proper things happen to proper women. That the calling of desire is not as important as the calling of status. The contrast between both is played off well here and sets up what is an unexpected story. While beginning with Emma looking to be free of her overbearing parents, the work falls into one of the most unique stories of supernatural encounters I have read in some time.

The story takes Emma from her comfortable world into one where BDSM is main to those around her. That then falls further into the calling of beings that can be described as succubi and incubi that appear. Emma becomes trapped in their clutches and when this comes into play the story fades out to be taken over by the erotica.

It’s a bit over the top in that, though the characters she encounters, who they are, makes sense in why the story turns as it does. While the erotica has heat, some meaning to it, there’s something missing along the way. While Tristan is in control of things, while there is clear evidence that he is so and more, that part of the story doesn’t get explored too deeply. More time is spent with Emma, her encounter and how she changes over the story.

The question remains however as to what really was happening, what Emma becomes and why Tristan is connected as he is. There’s a gap in the story, a missing point and this leaves something to be desired. Emma is interesting, her character develops and is transformed by the last page. But telling more of that isn’t part of this and that left me wanting.

The ending is a bit abrupt, not putting a really satisfying ending to the story. With all of the hints, the plot and the characters, the ending just didn’t work for me. There needs to be something more than what comes, something that explains Emma’s encounter and what it all means. It is, in the end, a mystery. One that is never really solved.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The single disappointment is the ending. A point at which something more could have been explored just isn’t. It’s a shame because there is a lot of things not explained, left open and incomplete. It’s much like Emma herself in many ways. Lost but seeking and unsure much of the time.



Dec 19 2016

The Second Coming – Part VII By TeraS

Surprisingly, at least to me, I managed to get past the writer’s block keeping me from the next part of Second Coming this week. This particular point in the story had a life of its own, needing to be told. That wasn’t a simple thing to do. There comes a time when souls are bared, if not to themselves, then to others that wish them to be. When that happens, when needs are boiling and an offer is made, then is selling one’s soul for one’s desire a bad thing? Perhaps, it is just coming to be who one is.

If you’d like to read the prior six parts of this story, you can find them here on the Tale.


The Second Coming
Part VII
By TeraS


The sight of the grounds outside of the window were something he didn’t see, as his mind was elsewhere. The encounter with Cléophée troubled him. She had him, there was no question that she could have pushed him to the ground, straddled him, sunk herself onto his shaft and fucked him into submission. The power she held, even weakened as she was, was terrible. He’d felt her call, had been unable to resist her claws digging into his soul. Even now his thoughts drifted towards finding her, pushing her down to her knees. He looked at his hands, a spark of the past taking him back. Red hands gripping Cléophée’s horns, thrusting his shaft between her amazing lips, forcing her to deep throat him. The gleam of lust in her eyes as her tongue swirled around his shaft, a single thought driving him onwards:

fucking her into submission.

A shrill tone snapped his memories away, and he found himself standing by a window in the abby. He’d been dreading the phone call ever since Cléophée had appeared. His tone, once again, was neutral: “Your Grace.”

“What news do you have? Has Sister Miranda been to see you?”

“She has …”—there was a short, telling pause—“… a good soul.”

“What does that mean?”

He considered lying to her, but if this was a test, then he’d fail and any chance they had to save Cleo would be doomed: “It means, your Grace, that she shows promise.”

The next words she spoke were guarded: “Sister Cléophée?”

His hand gripped the receiver tightly: “I’ve … seen her.”

A single word, accusing in tone: “And?”

He couldn’t help his answer: “A Cléophée of sex and wanton power. A creature the likes of which …”

He couldn’t remember the last time her Grace had shouted. “Enough!”

He didn’t in reply and felt rather pleased with himself: “No, it isn’t. She’s starving. She needs to feed, and she’ll take from any unfortunate soul she encounters.”

The threat was clear: “We should have killed you both.”

As was his reply: “Hindsight is a wondrous thing, isn’t it?”

Her threat was, if nothing else, expected: “We still can.”

His sight passed over the roses outside: “You know where I am; best of luck finding Cléophée. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she was there with you, hovering over your shoulder, biding her time.” He could just make out the frightened gasp, and couldn’t stop himself smiling slyly to himself. “They love bright souls, you know.”

The line went dead.

He put the phone back down and returned to looking out of the window. It wouldn’t be too long before she’d return to sink her claws into him once more. Cléophée was hunting. That hunger inside couldn’t be ignored for long, if she was even trying to.

A little part of him was jealous of her.

A larger part was hoping, praying for her.

The phone rang again: “Yes?”

What the hell are you hiding from me?”

There was a pounding behind Amber’s temples as she walked around a very different room. The Sister was nice enough at the door, but something was pressing at her thoughts ever since she came in. Something about her seemed familiar, but she’d never met the woman before.

The visitor turned her attention to Ben: “Sit.

At least she didn’t think she had. Cléophée’s red hair ticked at her, thoughts captivating her, nibbling away at her mind, and she was trying to put the pieces together. There was a hole in her memories—there just wasn’t any other way to explain it—a deep chasm that she couldn’t see the bottom of.

What she could see, however, caused Amber to shiver. The Sister was sitting, almost regally, on the one good chair in the room, her eyes fixed on Amber as Ben settled himself on Cléophée’s right: “Amber, sit with Ben.

She considered the command—it wasn’t quite a request considering the tone the Sister used—then shook her head. She was being a terrible hostess: “Would you like something?”

Cléophée’s smile was almost feral as she looked at Ben: “I’m starving.”

The shiver that crawled up Amber’s spine made her wet her lips as she rushed from the room: “I’ll … be right back.” If the young woman’s mind wasn’t so muddled, she might have realized the double entendre the nun used: “I’m sure that Ben will amuse me.

Ben watched his girlfriend leave the room, wanting to call out to her, ask her to stay, but there’d been a force behind the visitor’s command to him. He couldn’t speak, couldn’t do anything except what he’d been told.

A slim hand, tipped with long red nails, appeared in his vision, then snapped fingers in irritation: “Here.” His eyes fell upon the redhead beside him, her expression somewhere between anger and impatience: “So … tell me. Do you love her?

The words came out with no hesitation: “Yes. Completely.”

She snorted in derision: “Love … How quaint.

He could only watch as she rose to her feet, smoothing out her skirt: “What you really want is to fuck a hot piece of ass.

Cupping his chin, she forced him to look into her eyes, for the first time he realized that they were completely black, his thoughts falling into their depths, swirling down, deeper and deeper still.

You remember don’t you? Hammering your cock into her pussy, fucking her raw as she screamed?

A memory pushed itself into Ben’s thoughts. A vision of Amber bent over the table in the kitchen, looking over her shoulder, her eyes black. His shaft so hard, hands digging into her ass, ramming himself into her slick and hot depths. But there was something wrong. Amber didn’t have red hair, she didn’t look like a walking wet dream. It wasn’t Amber … was it?

“I …”

She’d moved closer still, now straddling his legs, filling his vision. Confusion reigned his thoughts now. Wasn’t she wearing something before? He remembered Amber answering the door, the redheaded goddess standing there, nude, tracing her fingers over her thighs and licking her lips. Two sets of memories warred with each other, fighting for control.

Poor thing …  All confused. Goddess will help.

“Wha …”

The sound of fabric tearing was unmistakable, but he didn’t have the strength to resist. Her eyes held him, all else fading away, immaterial to listening to her. She wrapped a hand around his shaft, toying with it and smiling.

Oh … such a shame … You weren’t claimed. How delicious!

Her lips found his own, slipping against them, teasing him. Heat from her breath warmed his lips, curling around his tongue and cascading deep into his core. Thrusting his lips, her stroking of his shaft became more instant.

All mine … every morsel of you.

A corner of his mind howled that this wasn’t right; he needed to push her away, be free of her. But that corner was being pushed against, driven off to cower in the darkness that was consuming his mind as her will, her power, her being poured into his own.

“Nooo … I …”

Her tongue, impossibly long, slithered past his lips, twining around his own before licking at something within him. Something that screamed into his mind, changing his sense of self: “Toy.

If he’d been hard before, that was nothing as the word sunk itself into his mind, smoothing over his thoughts, eliminating all else and leaving behind a blank slate to be drawn upon … exactly as the Goddess wanted. Her Toy moaned, anticipating her desires, wanting to please her above all else. The facade that Cléophée had woven over Ben and Amber’s thoughts fell away in the next moment. There was no need now. Her wings were wide, sending her scent throughout the room, covering the small apartment with her taint. Sweat covered her red skin, glistening as her hunger pulled at her, demanding she take from her Toy until he was spent.

Cléophée purred as her tongue, with a wet slurp, pulled free of Ben’s month. He’d been taken before, but Amber didn’t go all the way with him. She left him on the edge of being the toy of a succubus, but didn’t have the time to claim him. Giggling lightly, tail darting behind her perfect ass, she licked her lips, pleased that Cleo had interrupted Amber before she’d finished.

There wasn’t going to be anyone to stop her this time … especially not Amber.

The young woman had been working away in the kitchen, trying to make a cup of tea for their guest, but her thoughts kept drifting off, more often than they had been earlier in the day. Standing at the table, her hands holding the edge, her sex was wet and slick, hips jerking to and fore, feeling a long thick cock pounding into her. She’d stifled the moans, biting her hand, but the feeling just kept coming and coming … she just couldn’t get away from it.

The whistle of the kettle woke her from the daydream, but did nothing to stop the ache between her legs, the slickness between her thighs and the blush of embarrassment she felt knowing that she’d have to go back into the living room as she was. That last thought only served to make her wetter still and moan again.

Stirring the cream into the cup, her mind drifted again: lapping at Ben’s cock, devouring his cream, smacking her lips in delight before coaxing another serving from his aching balls; making him serve. The shock of the cold liquid pouring over her hand made the mesmerized woman gasp in surprise, scrambling to clean up the mess.

Goddess didn’t like messes, after all.

That thought brought Amber up short, clearing her mind for an instant. She thought she heard something from the other room: a moan … a whine … something. Then a tantalizing aroma teased her senses and the sound didn’t mean much anymore. The ache in her pussy did. Her hands were trembling as she picked up the cup and made her way back. Her attention was held by not dripping the drink all over the carpet as she came back into the room: “I’m sorry! All I have …”

Amber’s words were interrupted by Cléophée’s snarl: “Come in, bitch.

The cup slipped out of the hostess’ hands, falling to the floor and shattering as she fell to her knees in disbelief: “What the hell is …”


Ben was stripped bare, his eyes fixed on the woman … no … the demoness that was straddling his lap. Red … so much red … black wings … a tail … hooves. Amber didn’t resist as a hand found itself beneath the waistband of her pants, one finger toying with her clit as she watched from afar.

“Who … Oh ffffuck … Where’s Cléophée?”

The demoness smiled as her attention turned to the newcomer: “Right here, slut, enjoying the delights of this toy.

She was rooted to the spot, unable to look away as the redheaded nightmare slid off Ben’s lap and kneeled before him. Black eyes gleamed as she continued to pump Ben’s cock like an afterthought: “But he’s not perfect … Not yet.

Flashes of long red nails surrounded his shaft, her lips moving closer to the crown of Ben’s throbbing shaft. She licked her way around the purple head before kissing the tip, her fangs scraping on either side, her Toy bucking as the sensation flooded his senses.

You remember… don’t you?

The memory crashed through Amber like a tidal wave. Her plain, ordinary body transformed into … sex: long, red hair; seductive curves; a voice that dripped with ecstasy; controlling Ben, forcing him to his knees; fingers clutching his hair, forcing him to lick her twat; keening in delight as she came, dripping; bent over at her waist, her hands on either side of him; wrapping her lips around his cock, taking him deeply; slurping and sucking, stroking his shaft, sinking her cunt down his length, her folds gripping his shaft, milking him; thrusting her ass out, hands gripping the edge of the bed, looking over her shoulder, growling for him to fuck her; screaming in delight as he fucked and kept on fucking until he collapsed, spent, used up. And then it started all over again.

Cléophée’s voice purred in delight: “You want to fuck him, dominate him. That makes you cum, doesn’t it?

Amber shuddered. The vision was so wanton, so tempting: “No! I love him!”

The giggle made her pussy tremble: “You lust for him.

She couldn’t help the whisper that escaped as a fingernail scraped over her clit: “Fuuuckkkk.”

Cléophée flowed to her hooves, dominating both of them as her wings spread wide: “Come here, slut.”

Amber felt the pull, the power. Her nipples ached, her clit throbbed. Her lips parted, a string of drool dripping onto the carpet as Cléophée drew a long red nail over her folds and moaned: “Give yourself to me.” Her clothes were torn away without another thought, her need to obey, to worship upon the altar of her goddess consuming her. She crawled on hands and knees, eyes held upon the vision that claimed her mind.

Her goddess had returned her attention to her Toy, bent over at her waist, lips wrapped tightly around his cock and taking him deeply. Over and over, as the slut crawled closer, she took her Toy’s entire length easily before drawing off and starting again. Amber watched her goddess deep throat her Toy six times before her own tongue was licking against her goddess’ calf, whimpering for attention.

Cléophée’s voice took her attention: “What is he, slut?

Amber answered with a long wet lick of her goddess’ hoof: “Yours, Goddess, forever yours.”

Yesssss …

Cléophée pushed the slut to one side, a cruel sneer dancing over her lips as she returned to her chair. The sneer became a smirk as she drew her legs wide, a finger pointing at her sex, still dripping: “To your place, slut.

Amber’s moan of delight was followed by her crawling to her goddess. Her eyes never left that of Goddess as she licked her way towards her goal: to taste of Goddess upon her tongue, to thrust her tongue deeply, to obey and nothing more. As her lips caressed slick folds, Goddess commanded: “Toy. Fuck her hard.

Then the slut gasped as her goddess entwined her fingers, pulling on her hair and forcing her lips against her sex: “Lick, slut.

When Her Toy took hold of her hips, Amber arched her back, baring her cunt to him. When he teased his cock against her cunt, she thrust backwards, impaling herself on him. A thought from deep within took hold of her: “Fucking Toys …”

Cléophée howled in delight as the two mindless slaves started fucking each other, she feeding on both of them as Amber’s tongue slithered within her sex. Two delicious souls at once! Delightful! The front door being kicked open didn’t stop any of them for an instant.

Mandy’s voice overcame all else in the room: “Cléophée!

Lazily—she was enjoying devouring the souls far too much—the succubus turned her head: “Why Miranda! Mmmm … I will have to punish my Pet for letting you escape.

Mandy’s disgust was more than evident in her anger and her voice: “Let … them … GO!

Mandy had never heard Cleo cackle, and the sound was awful: “They … are mine. Their souls are mine … My Toy and my Vessel. I’ll do with them as I wish.

Mandy could tell that the two others in the room were Amber and Ben, but they weren’t exactly as they were before. Cléophée had dug her claws into them both. Their eyes white, just like those of Cléophée’s pet. Their bodies changed, not like Cléophée’s own, but nonetheless the girl and guy next door now looked like porn stars fucking each other.

Ben was more muscular, more animalistic. His hair was red, almost the same shade as the Pet back in the hotel. He didn’t take a moment to look towards Mandy, his eyes only for Cléophée, his cock only for Amber’s cunt as he fucked her without stopping. Amber looked exactly like she did when Mandy and Cleo had first seen her. Red hair, again, a body made for sex. Her moans of pleasure as Ben fucked her muffled by her lips pressed against Cléophée’s cunt.

Join me, Miranda. Be one with me.

The waves of damned power from Cléophée circled around Mandy, her sex dampening, her breath catching, her eyes starting to become unfocused as the trio continued to fuck themselves into oblivion. The sight was raw temptation, feeding on fantasies that lurked deep inside. Cléophée crooking a finger, beckoning Mandy to come closer, to join in, to give in, demanding that Mandy fall to her knees and worship the demon whore.

The anger that rose like bile from within burst out in a growl: “Fuck … YOU.

Cléophée’s laughter was cruel and unremorseful: “Don’t worry, Miranda … You’ll be cumming for me soon enough.

Mandy’s voice was seething: “Like fuck I will.”

Cléophée laughed, tugging on Amber’s red hair, Ben still fucking away mindlessly: “Yessss, you will.

Light flared around the awful scene and Mandy blinked.

They were gone.

The apartment was empty save for the smell of sex in the air and the scorch marks that blackened the carpet and the chair where the trio had been moments before. Turning on her heel, Mandy slammed the apartment door behind her. Cléophée’s next destination more than obvious. He’d warned her, told her exactly what the bitch from hell was going to do.

He was next on that bitch’s list, and he’d better be ready.

Pausing at the stairs, Mandy knelt down to retrieve the cursed book she’d taken from the hotel and sighed: “Not … ready.”

What the book had revealed made that crystal clear.

She wasn’t ready … wasn’t prepared … damn it all to hell.

Dec 18 2016

A Review of The Succubus Seduction: Frenkel’s Battle Against A Demon’s Pervesion by Naomi Agate

The Succubus Seduction: Frenkel’s Battle Against A Demon’s Pervesion by Naomi Agate

The Succubus Seduction: Frenkel’s Battle Against A Demon’s Pervesion by Naomi Agate

To tell a story about Lilith, she does need to be a force. There needs to be power in her words, her form, and her desires. There will be darkness in that, of course, which leads to the question of how does a man resist her? Or really can he?

To be trapped, ensnared by a Goddess can lead to more than one’s undoing. It can lead to desperation, want, desire and loss. To battle powers beyond comprehension needs something more than faith. It needs a belief in one’s will and one’s ability to sacrifice.

  • Title: The Succubus Seduction: Frenkel’s Battle Against A Demon’s Pervesion
  • Author: Naomi Agate
  • Length: 50 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 31, 2016
  • This work at

The story is about:

Frenkel’s infected. And it all started at the damn Gym that his friend had recommended. In there he discovers a force that is so intensely sexy and erotic; And evil. His world overturns. Feverish and with a raging hard-on, he casts a spell on everyone; even his demure housekeeper Mrs. Sukhon isn’t spared. Frenkel’s world then plunges into a strange place filled with pretty priestesses, strange rituals, mind-control fuckery, seduction in strange settings all in a quest to bang the demon who wants to bring about the apocalypse. Yet, when he sees the naked demon bringing in other worldly persuasions, would he be able to hold his own? For sin is in the air and it feels really good.

Sometimes life isn’t what you expected, if you happen to be Frenkel, things become very complicated and strange. A not so simple visit to the gym results in Lilith sinking her claws into him, for a purpose she has been working to have real for far too long. But there are others who stand against Lilith and Frenkel would be wise to heed them. But is it enough against the force of nature that is Lilith herself?

The story focuses on Frenkel and being so there’s very little seen or told about Lilith herself. She is a force in the work, but she isn’t core to the story. The story gives light to Frenkel’s battle within himself, the needs that Lilith has pushed into him and in that comes moments both sexual and frightening.

There’s really very little erotica in this work, there is heat, but it is warm at best much of the time. The focus is on the physiological, the mental battle, and Frenkel’s weaknesses and strengths. The time spent in telling that fight takes up much of the work and its interesting for how Lilith sneaks into things, tempts and tugs on Frenkel and then vanishes. Lilith is a threat, but it’s an esoteric one as a whole.

Lilith is a succubus, her power is her sexuality, her temptation towards Frenkel. She takes several forms, but never really appears with horns or a tail. She appears human, tempts Frenkel and is pushed back now and again. There’s little said about Lilith herself, she doesn’t speak in the work about herself. She exists, she needs, she wants, but otherwise Lilith as a character here is a bit of a ghost.

The work needs some editing for various issues. At times the storyteller seems to be someone that is not a native English speaker and as such the tone and choice of words is clunky and un even. There’s a point at which three different tenses are used within one paragraph. Some of the dialogue just sounds odd or weirdly off.

That said, the story itself is very unique and I thought it told a very good story. There is a lack of Lilith herself, though she is a force, and some of the story leaves questions to the side for the sake of brevity. It’s less about Lilith as a succubus than it is about Frenkel facing off against her, falling in and out of her control and the result of that happening. The editing however, really takes away so much and that’s a shame.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The work needs some editing at least to make things read better. It feels like the work is written by someone that isn’t a native English speaker in how some of the sentences are constructed. But getting past that flaw, the overall story is quite different than most and I liked it for that. I’m a bit disappointed that so little time was actually spent with Lilith herself, a story untold. The ending closes the story, but at the same time there’s a hint that it isn’t.

A little confusing, a little lost at times, but then the main character was like that through much of the story as it was. It’s a unique aspect of Lilith, her power and desires. Perhaps a reflected one overall, but nonetheless, interesting.



Dec 17 2016

A Breathtaking Morrigan Aensland Art WIP YouTube

A YouTube this time of what I think is one of the most breathtaking Morrigan Aensland artworks that I have ever found. The video shows the artist creating their art, and it is really just amazing the level of detail there is in this work… There is a reason for this, which I will get back to in a moment…


If you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

The artist created this work as a print which can be purchased at their StoreEnvy site which you can find here.

Now, this video came out last year, so the art might no longer be available, and as there is every possibility that the video may also vanish into the ether of YouTube, here is an image of the completed artwork….

Morrigan Aensland by Baron Dzines

Morrigan Aensland by Baron Dzines

I think the level of detail is striking, amazing, and exquisite in this art and it brings out so much of Morrigan’s internal strength of character. There’s a bit of a haunting look in her eyes and that seems a striking contrast with Morrigan’s sexuality that comes to the fore in her shape, shadows and textures here.

I find this work has a very “realistic” feeling in that there’s a certain gravitas in this art that gives a glimpse of Morrigan…

And it is an amazing one at that…

Again, you can find this art for sale here at the artist Baron Dzines’ webstore.

Dec 16 2016

A Review of HSA-98: The Jackal by Quixerotic

HSA-98: The Jackal by Quixerotic

HSA-98: The Jackal by Quixerotic

An ongoing series that I have been reading from time to time is the HSA Archive series by Quixerotic. The thing about this series is that the focus is on a hot flash which leaves, at least for me, a lot to be desired. The stories feel like a tease sometimes and when that happens they leave a lot of questions scattered about to wonder over.

Some deals are made without knowing exactly what the deal is. Whether that is because one only cares about what is offered or rather needs that alone, is a debatable point. Still, sometimes getting what one wants isn’t what one needed. It is, however, what something other did.

Sometimes sex and hungers are one in the same and when they are, there’s little left for anything else when the need devours oneself.

The story is about:

Lucy believes she has a normal, albeit, lonely life. When a strange man appears outside her house, she learns of her own dark past. The Jackal has come to collect and Lucy has no choice but to go along with the agreement. Transformed into a divine beauty, Lucy is unleashed on the world as the Jackal nips at her heels.

Lucy’s life is depressingly normal. She carries on in the world until one night she finds herself confronted by something unexpected, demanding that she complete their agreement. The moment passed, Lucy is changed and nothing will be the same again, for once the predator is unleashed, there is no going back to what once was.

The work is a hot flash with most of the story focusing upon the connection between Lucy and the mysterious Jackal, Lucy’s transformation, and then what really seems to be a short sex scene that edges into porn more than erotica and that’s a shame, but it’s just part of the story that bothers me. The beginning of the work seems to wander about aimlessly once Lucy is introduced. There’s no real direction, no point to what develops overall until she sees the Jackal and then things turn and become focused.

But in spite of this, there are moments when the two are face to face that seem to be missing something. While it presses the plot forwards towards Lucy’s transformation, the moment is fleeting and without real substance. That then brings things to when Lucy… isn’t so much Lucy anymore.

It’s a little difficult to call her a succubus, though in some respects she can be seen as one. She’s hypersexual, she has cravings and becomes completely immersed in sex to all else. But while that, and her physical presence, suggest she is a succubus, there’s not much exploration of that. She is a being of sex, of sexual need and brings that out in others. But there’s really little in the way of Lucy being an actual character beyond her transformation. That’s the part of the story that bothers me the most. Lucy is different, but there’s no personality behind her being “sex on heels” and I found that rather boring.

The erotica is very short, the story comes to a rather abrupt close and when the story ends there are a multitude of questions left in the wake of what happened. This isn’t much different from the other works in this series, but then really it’s more about the mystery than actually saying what’s going on exactly. Still, I would have liked something more about Lucy than the off-handed ending which didn’t do a lot for me.

The work needs another editing as well, there are quite a few word mistakes and the occasional spelling mistake as well. The beginning needs to be compressed to an extent, or, perhaps more to the point, Lucy after her transformation needs to be explored a lot more than it is. One encounter is a suggestion only. Something more, certainly Lucy coming to terms with her new self, or facing her past, would be really interesting and I’d like that to have happened. A short flash misses out on developing the character and I just feel like that happened far too much.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The story was far too lost at the beginning and being so a lot of story was missed out on it felt like. Lucy’s transformation is interesting, but short. What she is, exactly, is a question as well. Is she a succubus? In a way she is, at least as a sexual predator. But there’s no little seen of the “new” Lucy that telling much more about her is impossible to say.

It is a hot flash, needing more story and more development for Lucy as a whole. I think there could be a lot more here, but this series tends to be quite short and pointed in plot and characters leaving a lot unsaid. Still, I’d like more story overall at least.