Oct 01 2012

Wholesome. Addicted. – Part Three By TeraS

This is the third of what has become a solid five parts of what was supposed to be a three part story called: Wholesome. Addicted. It tells the story of one of my Succubi named Laila, how she became one of my Realm and what that all means. Laila is the mascot of a podcast called Wholesome Addiction and you can find the link to their site in the sidebar to the right of this post.

I want to thank Sean, Beef and the Operator once again for allowing me to write a story about her. I think she’s really something special and I hope that by the end of this story, that it will be clear why she is special…

You can find the story in its entirety here on the Tale, or you can have a look at the menu bar under Tera’s Tales.

In the first part of the story we were introduced to Laila, a woman that was an inspiration to many, but didn’t have a lot of luck in her own life. In the second part of the story, the reasons for that become very clear…

Part three? Well, that’s a bit of cumming and going you might say…


Wholesome. Addicted.

Part Three

By TeraS


Heel, pet … now. Don’t look so shocked, will you? You do have some rather darker fantasies. Of course, being a wanton toy for a harsh Mistress would be one of them. I promise you that I do know exactly how to use a crop on pets that don’t behave. Collaring pets like you and breaking them to my will is delicious fun and I am quite sure that breaking you will be … sweet.

Now, get on your knees, pet, otherwise, I will use this on you … mmmm … Interesting how the mention of teaching you some discipline makes you so hard and at the same time so very weak. Now, while you are there, as you should be, you can worship my boots and beg for my forgiveness, but you won’t cum, pet. No, no, you won’t, because, if you do, then you will be disobeying me … and you know what happens to pets that disobey me, don’t you? In the end, they beg for my permission. Cry for it.

That will be … fun, won’t it?

Now, while you worship, I do have a story to continue … Where was—that was for looking up, pet. Keep your mind and tongue where it should be. Better. If you do well, I might allow you to worship higher still …

Again . . . where was I?

So, you probably think that I just became one of the succubi, don’t you? Well … it doesn’t quite work that way—not that I really had anything to complain about when it happened, mind you.

The night passed in a blur, for which I was thankful, to be honest. After the crying fits had passed, I just laid there beside Tera. You would think that being with a succubi Queen would drive all rational thought from you. You would think that, but, in truth, and as she said before, Tera didn’t touch my thoughts, my feelings, or anything else. All she did was talk about … me. The only time she didn’t was when I asked her questions about being one of the succubi, and those moments … well … they were …

“What’s it like?”


“What’s it like to … well … to be you?”

I bit my lip at her soft giggle.

“Wellll … let’s say that I am quite sure of who I am, what my purpose is, and why things are as they are.”

“Do you write clues for crosswords on the side?”

“Oh, probably … I’m sure there are many that wonder why sixty-nine across always seems to be answered with a sexual innuendo”

“Are you really evil? I mean, the stories about … well … succubi, they don’t seem to be close to what you are.”

She looked thoughtful. “Sexuality for humans is … odd. It is quite natural, each person, each soul, has her own idea of the perfect partner, perfect position or act, the perfect moment when that one perfect orgasm comes and … it’s perfect.”

“Nothing is ever perfect, Tera.”

She sighed. “True, and that’s where society’s norms or religious views or any number of things driven by those that are uncomfortable with who they are and what they like get in the way. Laws are made or edicts are handed down, and that’s how things get changed for the worse … most of the time, anyway.”

“Some rules are needed, Tera.”

“True. One should be of an age where one can make an informed choice; one should not be forced into something, regardless of what it is; but—and this is the point where succubi like me, and the incubi, as well, come into play—there needs to be room for exploration. When you have the ability to choose, then dreams are a good place to begin a journey, aren’t they?”

“So … you are kind of like free samples at the supermarket?”

The giggle was perfect, but then her tail appeared wrapped around a can of Redi-Whip. “Careful, Sweetness … I do happen to know you have a weakness for whipped cream on your clit and nipples.”

“You wouldn’t”

“Oh darn right I would … or will.”

I admit that I squirmed. You would, too.

“See, that’s one of the reasons why I think you are the right soul to offer the gift to. You are open to new ideas, new experiences, and …”

“… and I’m not afraid to be seen running around naked?”

“See? I was right. Clean you up, lose the glasses, and you are …”

“I’m me.”

“And that’s the point. You know who you are, in spite of everything that has happened to you. You have accepted that sex isn’t evil, that sexuality is part of you, but it doesn’t control you.”


She smiled, “Yes. The choice is yours, as it should be.”

“Please, Tera? Make me yours?”

Her tail dropped to the sheets again as she turned to look at me. Tera was … she was sexy, there was no doubt of that, but she was in control of herself and what she wanted to do. And she wanted to give me the freedom to do the same. We looked into each other’s eyes and then she asked, one final time: “Are you sure?”


“Then, let’s go.”

As she said that, a cloud of cherry-scented smoke surrounded the bed, I found out later that each succubi has her own scent when she teleports, and Tera’s is cherries. The humor in that wasn’t lost on her, trust me.

When the smoke cleared my apartment was gone, and, in it’s place, I found myself standing in the middle of what seemed like a grand outdoor theatre. Tera was so very naked, as I was, and she offered her hand to me.

“Welcome to my home, my Realm. This is what we call the Place of Becoming.”

It was old, so very, very old. I could have spent a lifetime looking at the art carved on the stones, the colors of the murals that I could see, the stories that were held within them all.

“What … what happens now?”

“Now? Now I share our gift with you.”

Tera’s body shimmered, and then she didn’t just have a pair of red horns on her forehead and that long red sinuous tail behind her. A pair of large angel wings appeared, but not like Gabe’s. Tera’s were the deepest darkest black, with three white feathers on each wingtip. Her eyes glowed bright green and, to my surprise, a golden halo appeared above her horns.

“I am the first. I am the beginning and the end. I was long ago and I will always be. I am fantasy and I am reality. I am the Queen … Pledge yourself to me, Laila, and my gifts are yours.”

I shivered as her voice became my focus, my world, my everything. I wet my lips and then answered her, “I pledge myself to you, My Queen..”

Tera touched her left hand to my forehead and then began to stroke her fingers there.

The moan that escaped me was deep and aching, the wetness trickling down the inside of my thighs.

And then she tapped … my horns?

The shock of that discovery caused my own hands to reach up and feel them, and the look on my face made Tera giggle a bit before her right hand traced a circle over the top of my head. The ache within me was joined with an attraction to Tera unlike anything that I had felt for anyone before. My gasp of air was met with Tera’s flicking of her fingers against my halo, and I reached up to touch it.

Tera held me close, her sex rubbing against my right thigh as she whispered and comforted me gently. “That was the easy part …”

It didn’t hurt; in fact, I felt wonderfully hot and sensual. “Keep going.”

Her tail moved around behind me and I felt a little bit of heat at the base of my spine and then two quick brushes of her tail’s tip before she wrapped it around the two of us, binding us together. “You have the light and the dark already, Laila. Now you receive the passion, then the love …”

It didn’t hurt, not exactly. Tera’s hands touched behind me, touching where her tail had been, and she began to massage there … and I came. I thought I was wet before, but now I drooled and I sooo wanted her. I started to shake and shiver in Tera’s arms, and she cooed softly to comfort me: “It’s happening … Almost ready … It won’t be long … Your body is changing to accept it … Every fibre of your body is becoming attuned to it … It will pleasure you and you will love it … I promise …”

My breath shortened as my eyes opened wide and changed from the brown I had known all of my life to a sparkling deep green, just like Tera’s own, and I heard her giggle in my mind.

Then an odd sensation came. It was pleasant at first, then the pleasure rippled through me, binding itself to me. I whimpered, arched, and pressed tightly to Tera, shaking, crying for breath. My scream of pleasure echoed off the stones around us as my tail exploded from me. Long, thin, sleek, and the same color as Tera’s own.

The tip moved in front of my eyes and I looked at it in confusion—but then … then I realized that it was almost looking at me as well. Tera would tell me later that tails have minds of their own (and I can tell you that some of those tails are very, very talented at making me cum, scream, and whimper in need). Then it wrapped itself, like Tera’s tail did, around both of us, holding us together.

“You have the passion now, just one last thing Laila… the love…”

I was warm now, so very warm, even though a wind blew around us both. I felt something shifting under my shoulders and then, on either side of me, large angel wings like Tera’s appeared. But they weren’t exactly like Tera’s own; mine were as white as mortals expect an angel’s to be. They fluttered behind me and then folded themselves to hug the two of us. The overwhelming feeling of love and acceptance flooded me and I knew, truly, that I was one of Tera’s, now and forever more.

The very first thing I did as one of Tera’s was to cup her cheeks in my hands and draw her lips to my own. Her lips were so soft, just so plush and pillowy soft. Her tongue pressed against my own lips and my own brushed against hers.

I had heard of the perfect kiss, the one in which you share the soul, the all of another, and the other shares yours. I didn’t understand what that meant until I had touched Tera’s soul and discovered a truth that was my first lesson: she loved me, and I loved her.

I don’t remember how long the kiss lasted. I know there was some tail involved, and, from the slickness on her fingers, I was pretty sure that she had stroked me into a dozen or more orgasms …

… and I only wanted more.

My voice was husky and needful. “Thank you for taking me, my Queen … Thank you … I will make you proud of me.”

Tera tapped the tip of my nose with her fingertip. “You are welcome, my Succubi … I know that we both made the right choice.”

Tera’s hand then pointed into the air beside us and, with a flash of green light, an ancient tome appeared floating in midair. She nodded towards it as it floated towards me. I reluctantly let go of her and caught the book in my hands.

“This is your book, Laila … It always has been yours, waiting for you to appear and claim it. Every Succubi has her own book …”

“What do you mean, Tera?”

She smiled, and I caught a little bit of mischief in that smile. “Well, think of it as your study guide.”

“Study guide?”

“Sure! Now you get to take Succubus 101, then the graduate courses, the practicum, the …”

My tail dropped behind me.

“There’s always a catch, isn’t there?”

“Laila, I promise you, when you have been with every one of us—and you will—you won’t mind any of it …”

“Every one?”

“Oh, yes! Every one. It shouldn’t take longer than … oh … a century or so …”

The shock in my voice was something. “A century?”

“Well, that’s assuming that you manage to pass every test without fail.”

“A … century?”

I did learn, eventually, that time didn’t mean anything … that I would look the same, unless I decided otherwise … that I would be part of time, but outside of it, as well. But I was still thinking like a mortal, and not like one of Tera’s …

… but I would.

“Come on. We have a long walk ahead to talk, and then I have a couple I want you to meet. They are a lovely pair of incubi …”

I thought my legs were weak after what Tera did … the thought of two beings like Tera having their way with me was … something.

Tera’s tail twined itself with mine and we left, walking towards what was to be my home, my real, forever home. In spite of knowing that the path was a long one, both the one we walked on, and the one I would have to pass over to become truly one of the succubi …

… I was happy.

So, finally, after I passed—and let me tell you that, when you get a tongue lashing from Tera, you really find it hard to decide whether you would rather keep failing or not. She is the Queen after all, and when she sets her mind to using her tongue … ummm … Sorry… zoned out there for a moment—I finally proved to her that I was one of the Succubi, and … I came home.

I stepped through the portal and found myself in my apartment again. It looked exactly like I had left it so long ago. Nothing had changed, though I had. The paper shoved under the front door said that it was only two days since I left with Tera. Two days that,  to me, were years upon years.

Getting my brain wrapped about the fact that I could pop in and out of time just gave me a headache that was almost as bad as the ones I got when Tera got in one of her moods and I needed to answer riddles to get the answer I was looking for.

But I found this one: I had thought that coming back would be a bad idea, that remembering what had almost happened, and did happen, would make this place somewhere I never wanted to be. But I discovered that, while I had seen the bad here, I had also seen the good, and it was all part of who I was.

I’m Laila. I know right from wrong, and I know … everything that matters.

That was, finally, the revelation that Tera had talked about: to understand that, regardless of what had happened, would happen, or could happen now, I was still me. The horns, tail, wings, and halo were just … well … optional extras. It was what I did with them that really mattered. I could be loving, cruel, passionate, demanding … all of the things that the moments of being with another being could be would be me.

I had to think about all of this—if this was where I wanted to be, how I wanted to present myself—and so I went back onto the roof again to think. The skies were dark, cloudless, and not one star sparkled above me. Once again I looked into the sky and asked for the reason why things were, why my life was, and what the future held. But now I rested on the ledge with my halo above me, my wings behind. My tail swishing as I pondered things I had never before thought about as I rubbed a finger against one of my horns.

No one would see me like I truly was, of course, not unless I wanted them to, but the universe could and did. And that was when something happened in the skies above. If I was human, I would have never seen it for what it was. A human would have seen a falling star and made a wish … but I knew better now.

I saw an angel. Falling from above towards the Earth below. A trail behind him marking his path until, finally, I watched as he crashed to the ground on the outskirts of the city I called home.

And I couldn’t help but curse to myself.

Tera’s words came back to haunt me, the ones she said when I asked her what she would want from me: “Do the right thing. Always. All else is up to you.”

The right thing was to go and see if he needed help, to comfort him.

The right thing was to ignore him and give pleasure and passion to those who called to me now.

The right thing was to do the right thing … wasn’t it?

I spent the next ten minutes with my tail wrapped around my waist, hugging me as I made my choice. I could go or not. Either would be my choice, but which was the right one?

My decision was in a puff of chocolate-scented smoke around me as I vanished from the rooftop to appear in the next moment where the angel had fallen. I found him in a pile of branches and leaves in the middle of a crop of trees. His wings were torn, his robes shredded. Bloody and bruised, covered in earth and smoke and ash that was falling from him. He was alive: it was so very hard to hurt one of them and even harder to destroy them. But he had suffered greatly when he fell.

I came close and laid a hand on his shoulder, for a fleeting moment I actually had the thought about trying to do that when I felt who he was.

“Hello, Gabe.”

The answer was exactly what I expected as he turned his head to look at me in disgust and loathing: “Come to gloat, Laila? Are you happy? Does it please you?”

My tail swished like a cat’s as I thought about that … and what it meant. Was I happy that he had suffered? Was I gloating? Was I pleased that some measure of flesh was taken from him?

Was I?

Now then, pet…


Next time, Laila makes her choice and discovers what that means. And then the real fun begins …



Sep 30 2012

A Review of Deflowered by the Demon by Vivi Lemay

Time to review a work I found that has an Incubus appear in it, and for once he’s not actually evil per se, but, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have his way with a certain underprepared witch…

Deflowered by the Demon by Vivi Lemay

Deflowered by the Demon by Vivi Lemay

  • Title: Deflowered by the Demon
  • Author: Vivi Lemay
  • Publishing Date: February 14, 2012
  • Length: Novella
  • ASIN: B00797MJQK
  • This work at Amazon.com

It’s a story about:

When apprentice summoner Laurel decides to take her lessons into her own hands, she calls forth an ancient incubus named Erizal by mistake. Faced with a demon whose very purpose is to dominate women, what can Laurel possibly offer to appease him…except herself?

Laurel is a rather headstrong witch that thinks she knows everything. As such, after being stuck in the same place in her training, she decides to not take the advice of her teacher and summon a demon.

The problem is that she summons Erizal, a rather powerful Incubus from another place and he isn’t very happy about that… at first. I thought it was interesting to see what his reasons were for not doing some really bad things to Laurel, but instead give her a chance to “give” herself to him… which of course means lots of sex and heat before the story is through…

I honestly think that Erizal, as a character was more interesting than Laurel was. He has his moments of humour that I thought were really very funny, especially when he first sets eyes on Laurel. But more so, it’s that he seems to have a history behind him that is more structured and interesting than the one that we are introduced to with Laurel.

Laurel just seems to be a whiney little thing that isn’t happy about having to learn things the slow way and want to show off to her teacher in order to move her training as a witch to the next step. This is of course a common theme in a lot of stories, but in this case I thought that it opened the door to a moment that was, if not tender when it came, at least wasn’t simply to get to the sex scene.

That’s not to say that there isn’t one, there is and it is a long one. But at the end of it, it’s not what you would have expected from how Erizal first treats Laurel, and that I thought was a wonderful thing to see…

It is a hot flash, that is to say that the story is there to drive the reader to the sex scene, but it’s not only about the sex which I think is a good thing. No real issues in editing or spelling or anything else in that way which was nice to see…

I’ll give it four pitchforks out of five.

Much too short, I would like to have seen more about what happened after the resolution of the story, which leaves me not quite liking it as much as I should really…

And that’s a shame really…



Sep 29 2012

A how to draw Morrigan Aensland YouTube…

I found a really nice drawing of Morrigan Aensland, but, what was nicer was that the artist also posted it as a how-to draw video and even has a website to see step by step instructions too!

And if you can’t see this on the Tale…


And, of course, the final image of the art…

Morrigan Aensland by DragoArt

Morrigan Aensland by DragoArt

Just so much cuteness isn’t she? You can also see the step-by-step instructions on how to draw Morrigan here, and the artist’s website is here as well! Now the image I have shown here isn’t the full finished work, you can see that on the step-by-step page I linked to if you want to see it…

I just love it when Morrigan is drawn cutely-sexy… I do think that it’s the perfect look for her really, and I hope that more artists would consider drawing her like this!



Sep 28 2012

A Review of Succubus Turnabout by Patricia Kirby

I do wonder what it is that makes someone publish their works under several different names. Now while I cannot be absolutely sure of this in the case of the book I will be reviewing on the Tale today, it strikes me that this book and the one I reviewed last week have several thing in common. Possibly the most striking of these being that this book, like the previous one, is billed as “specifically written for women only.” Setting that aside, the larger question is, if it is the same author, did they learn anything from the previous book and applied it to this one? Is the story something better? That’s kind of a toss up… And then something else appears that just turns me off the story completely.

Succubus Turnabout by Patricia Kirby

Succubus Turnabout by Patricia Kirby

  • Title: Succubus Turnabout
  • Author: Patricia Kirby
  • Publishing Date: September 7, 2012
  • Length: 3,000 Words
  • This work at Amazon.com

The book summary tells of:

Layla had practiced her art for millennia, and she had no peers even among her sister Succubi. Her most recent protégé, Ariel, was a tiny, delicate jewel of a creature who had a very promising future, and Layla was justifiably proud of her. What Layla didn’t know about was Ariel’s ability to produce a miracle for her, an experience unlike any she had experienced in her long life…a mortal who could turn the tables on one of the world’s most experienced Succubi.

Again in this work I have a couple of problems with one of the characters. Ariel is much too young. While in the lifespan of a succubus in this universe she is mentally supposedly in her fifties, that isn’t her physical appearance.

She’s much younger. As is the wrong side of eighteen younger. This is a point that is mentioned and reflected upon in the story, which doesn’t help. One passage has her “skipping” as she hunts for her next victim and that just sets a vision in the reader’s mind that regardless of anything else, she is too young for the sexuality in this story. What is more disturbing to me is that there is no reason that she must be physically so young. Why do this? What is the point of having a character like this?

According to the short amount of history about succubi and incubi that is given, there are several things that overall are familiar. The concepts of succubi feeding once a month, taking their feeds to incubi and then the incubi using that to try to create more of their kind has appeared before. Long lifetimes as well isn’t new. I will note that there are no signs of horns or tails on the succubi in this story, nor are they mentioned. There is some mention made of the classical core story of the succubi, that there are only six true ones and all of the others are Lilin, again, a core story and legend as well.

If you can get past the concept that Ariel actually isn’t as young as she appears, if you can ignore the repeated references to that point, then there is a story to be read… Sort of. The beginning is just a long scene of Ariel and her teacher Layla together, through that there are moments which are thought provoking I will admit, but overall, again, I couldn’t get past Ariel’s age. When Ariel returns with prey, there is a threesome and, surprisingly to me at least, Layla discovers something she didn’t know about herself before Ariel leaves to find more prey for the two of them.

In short, that’s the entire story.

So the question is, why is Ariel so young? Does it make or break the story if she is older? In truth, we didn’t need to know how young she is, and if she was eighteen or twenty then the rest of the story would have been fine. Perhaps a rewrite is needed to make this not an issue and actually allow the reader to get to the story itself.

I mentioned earlier that the work is promoted as “specifically written for women only.” No. Just no. There isn’t anything in this story that I felt gave this work that label whatsoever. Ariel’s character I think would not be acceptable to others as she was to me. I don’t understand what the point of this label being placed on this work is save to try to draw women to it. That’s a shame and probably slightly false as well.

So what can I say about the work that is good? The writing is acceptable for the most part, there are some moments when another editing pass would have helped some however. Some of the erotic scenes were hot, if uncomfortable for me personally. There is the beginnings of a universe here that could be something to follow, but some better character judgement is really needed.

I’ll give this work two pitchforks out of five.

The story really has moments that I didn’t think much of. The writing is good, but the problem is having a character, a very sexually active one, being just that side of eighteen makes the rest of the story meaningless for me. There was no good reason for this and that bothers me most of all…



Sep 27 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 247

I found another really cute, really fun Succubus again, and I really think that she’s one of the most fun Succubi that I have seen so far… I have said that I love cute, and this is, 100% that and more…

Succubus Retro by KM245

Succubus Retro by KM245

This art is called Succubus Retro and is by an artist on DeviantArt calling themselves KM245. You can find the page I found this work on here, and the artist’s page on DeviantArt here as well…

All sorts of things to smile and be happy about in this art I think… Lovely happy look she has, a cute tail and horns, lovely cute hairdo, and just an overall neat, sexy cute look to this lovely Succubus…

I think I have a story to write that she has inspired in me, and I really hope that it does her cuteness justice…

The artist has all sorts of interesting artwork of comic book and video game characters on their pages and I do hope you will visit their pages on DeviantArt and enjoy!



Sep 26 2012

Glitter doesn’t have to kill a Succubus costume does it?

I don’t mind glitter on a costume all that much really… It can look nice with the right costume, but with the wrong one… it just makes it so much worse…

Kind of like this one…

Glitter Fever Devil Costume
This is called the Glitter Fever Devil Costume and it comes with the red glitter dress, a matching tail and a pair of red devil horns.

The stockings and shoes are not included in the costume and it sells for $50 at various costume sites on the internet…

I have to admit that I am of two minds about this costume… On the one hand I like the horns more than I really should, but the tail I just hate. I like the glitter skirt on the dress, but I don’t like the glitter on the top of it all that much…

I could see this as the basis for a Succubi Cheerleader outfit. Well the skirt and horns at least and with those stockings and shoes it would be close… A pair of matching pompoms would be really nice to complete the look as well I think…

Thinking about this a little further, I suppose a sort of “go-go” Succubi look might work here, but then I would have to find a good wig to go with that look…

Or cut my hair into a bob… or not… I do like my long hair after all…

But as it is?

I don’t like it that much to consider buying it and wearing it for Halloween really…

There are ways to save this, which makes it more than it otherwise should be, but not quite enough.

I’ll give it one pitchfork out of five.

I’ll keep looking….



Sep 25 2012

Desires 47

Manners. Count. I believe they are the windows to the soul… and some souls know and feel more than most do…


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Seven

As his lips touched her hand, she shivered at the feeling. She managed to hold back a moan for the most part, allowing only a slight sigh to escape her lips. She smiled and whispered, “It’s been ages since I’ve had a real man greet me in the proper way…. Thank you Derek…. That means more to me than you can ever know….”

For a moment she could see into him and knew that he was the one. He wasn’t aware himself of it. But she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she wanted him to be with her. In so many ways…

She looked at him and said, “Don’t you think that you are being a bit too critical about yourself Derek? Relax a little bit. I promise that I will not bite. I might nibble a little though….” She gave him a wink and a smile before moving a little bit closer to him. As she did, the cherry scent became just a touch stronger around him. The tension in his body began to wash out of him as if she was slowly trailing her fingers over him. She didn’t move to touch him as yet, but the need for him grew within her the longer she spent with him.

She nibbled on her lip for a moment and then asked almost fearfully, “Are you waiting for anyone in particular Derek? Or am I lucky enough that you might be my companion for tonight?”

She had made her horns and tail invisible to blend in as best she could here, but they still existed. She very carefully slid the tip of her tail towards his right ankle, and then she began to twine it around his leg. She didn’t squeeze him with it, but she wanted to hold him possessively all the same. She quivered a little bit as her tail came so close to his manhood, but then pulled back before she went too far here in public. She had to concentrate to unravel her tail from him without giving too much of herself away to him. She didn’t want him to run. That would never do. She had found him. He was here. She had all the time in the world…

She reached a hand to touch him instead to maintain that contact with him. She paused with her fingers just above his hand as it lay on the bar countertop. She looked into his eyes with the need within her so plain within her green eyes. Then as her fingers brushed the back of his hand, she added, “And perhaps something more?”