Nov 22 2012

It’s the Fifth Taleversary…

It’s the Fifth Taleversary…

It is, surprisingly, the fifth anniversary, or taleversary for the Tale … I really don’t have a lot to say except what I am sure you all have heard before … That I thank you all for reading, if you do … I thank you for looking around if you did. I send my hugs and love to my family both here online and out there in the world for their support and love in letting me give of myself in the ways that I do …

When I first thought about doing something here, I expected it to be, perhaps, a place where I might leave a note or something once in a while … but there has been at least one Tale post everyday since November 22nd, 2007.

Now I know, compared with a lot of other places, that isn’t all that many posts, nor is it really anything that means a lot in the grand scheme of things…

But it does to me, and I suppose that, really, it matters that I managed something good.

As an aside, it is also, today, Thanksgiving in one part of the world …

Ever wonder what that might be like in the Realm?


Giving Thanks

By TeraS


Tera is—at least she believes herself to be—a terrible hostess.

Now, those that see what she goes through when a birthday arrives, or someone comes to visit, or—and this is when it happens most—when a holiday arrives know that she is … well, frantic isn’t a word that you would be wrong to use.

Considering that this particular day was both a special one in the Realm, and one that many of her family celebrated elsewhere as being important, and that, for the first time, the two holiday happened on the same day in both places, she was … torn. She wanted to have them there, even if only for a little while, but then, of course, she knew that they wouldn’t be. It wouldn’t happen the way she wished, not because they didn’t want to be there—no, far from it—but because her family had their own families and, really, she understood that.

Family did, of course, come first.

Knowing that this day would be for her and her Eternal alone, Tera had managed not to go crazy trying to find the right shade of red for the curtains or the perfect pattern for the tableware. She didn’t spend weeks flipping through carpet swatches and then walking over rolls of them to be sure they were exactly right. She didn’t have the table places set, then changed, then set, then changed again. She didn’t do that at least a hundred times over. She didn’t go over every recipe, every dessert, every drink, every single thing that her family would see.

And, if you believe that, then you really don’t know Tera.

She did all of that, and more, because she wanted everything to be absolutely perfect, even if it couldn’t really be; she was going to do her best to try, really try, really, really try to make that happen.

In the end, finally, she set a simple—for her, at least—table for herself and her Eternal, sent all of her helpers and royal attendants away to their families with her blessings and “thank-you”s, and spent her time that day making dinner for herself and her love, the same dinner they had first shared so long ago. She found the red dress she wore, the silly pair of horns that she wore, too, and looked into the mirror to see that she was really very happy for a lot of things and really thankful for many more.

Tera had just touched up her lipstick when her Eternal came into the room and, without a word, took her by the hand and led them both through their home. But instead of sitting at their own table, to have some time together as she expected …

… they went outside …

… and traveled towards the Palace …

… and through the main doors …

… and into the ballroom …

… and …

… and …

… and there, as the doors opened before them both, revealing those who loved them both so much, Tera discovered that, as she knew, family was the important thing after all.

For that, for her family just being her family and knowing her as they did …

… for that she was thankful most of all.




My thanks to you all for being my family…

Happy Thanksgiving to you all…




Nov 22 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 255

I found a wonderful piece work of Morrigan Aensland to share this week on the Tale… I think of it more like a painting than anything else for how the artist created it, frames it, and most of all, allows Morrigan to be the powerful being that she is here…

Morrigan Aensland By Xavor85

Morrigan Aensland By Xavor85

This work is, of course, Morrigan Aensland and is by an artist named Andrea Errico on DeviantArt who calls themselves Xavor85 there. You can find the page on DeviantArt I found this work on here and the artist’s page is here as well…

I think that Morrigan looks very life-like here… almost a portrait really and the style of the art, which seems to have brushstrokes in it, reinforces that perception I think… She’s not cartoonish, which I think is the right way to create art of her, I like the background, it fits nicely with her character and role as well, which is nice…

There’s a lot of emotion in her gaze really… It’s something between a smile, a bit of amusement, and just simply knowing something that you, the viewer, doesn’t know about either her, or, more likely what she knows about you…

It’s always better when there are emotional layers in art, and this piece manages that quite well I think. It’s possibly one of the best “life-like” Morrigans that I have seen is some time…

This artist has all kinds of amazing art on their pages on DeviantArt from science fiction through fantasy and so much more… Besides this lovely work of Morrigan, I also like this piece of science fiction art they created and this piece of comic book slash super heroine art that I think is devine…

Please do visit their pages on DeviantArt and enjoy their art!



Nov 21 2012

Vampire or Devil Girl… Make up your mind…

I’ve never liked the idea of reversible costumes… Either do one idea well or the other, but don’t make them two sides of the same idea…

Of course no one listens to me… and this is a case in point…

Devil's Night with a Bite

This awful thing is called the Devil’s Night with a Bite costume, and that name alone makes me cringe…

It comes with a six piece reversible costume that has a reversible fully boned corset with scalloped edge neckline and lace inset details with removable/adjustable shoulder straps, a multi layer tutu skirt, a reversible cape and a headband with horns, removable devil tail, and a purse.

The thigh highs, gloves and shoes are not included…

And it sold originally for $85 Us, but you can find it for as little as $56 US online…

I hate this costume in so many ways… The tail is lousy, the horns are nothing special, the dress and corset do nothing for me either. The cape is a mistake as well and. finally, the purse looks more like a goody bag than anything else…

I find it interesting that not taking away the hose, the gloves and the shoes, makes this look worse and it’s an example to me of why costumes should only be shown with what you actually get in the package and nothing more…

As a vampire costume, I can see it as being a reasonable one, if not too sexy… As a Devil Girl and it isn’t a Succubi costume, it really isn’t sexy enough nor is it something that really works as one…

I’ll give this one pitchfork out of five.

I don’t like it, I really don’t, but as a “have to appear in public and not overly sexually” costume, I suppose that it works for someone…

Just not me…



Nov 20 2012

Desires 55

My first elevator seduction scene…


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Fifteen


The ding of the second floor passing by came as he pressed himself against her. She moaned passionately as his arms encircled her and everything save him vanished from her perceptions. She threw her head back and moaned in a husky voice, “Oh yes Derek… I want you so badly…”

She cupped his head in her hands and threw herself totally into the kiss. She drew in the passions from him and returned them tenfold back to him. In the next moment, she wrapped her legs around his waist in hot need for him. When he pressed his hands onto her bum, she shivered and quivered wildly in the pleasure that he gave her. She didn’t notice him lifting her up. She didn’t notice herself pressed against the elevator doors. All that mattered at that moment was the heat that was building within her for him and he for her.

The bell chimed again as the elevator passed the tenth floor. She pressed and rubbed her pussy against him until she felt his hard cock through his pants. Her mind focused totally on that long thick hard member throbbing in need for her. Her pussy became so wet as the heat from him boiled into her folds. She desperately tried to crush herself against him, but the clothing they wore prevented her from getting his hardness deep within her. And she wanted it so badly…

At the twentieth floor, the bell chimed and she coiled her tail behind her for an instant. Then she pushed against the elevator doors with it, and forced him across the elevator to the far wall. She unravelled her legs from him and pressed him against the wall. With a smile on her lips she turned around and then pressed her bum against him. She felt his hands moving between them. Then his fingers slipped under the dress she wore and began to move slowly between her thighs seeking her oh so wet pussy. She felt his fingers touch at the edge of her black satin panties and then brush against the wetness that was soaking the front of them.

As the bell announced the thirtieth floor, she felt his fingers slip beneath her panties and then a single finger began to rub between her pussy lips. She bucked against the touch and panted wildly at the pleasure. She felt his other hand reach around her and tease her right nipple, and she drew closer and closer to cumming in his arms. Her mind focused on his cock as he pressed it against her ass cheeks, and she began to rub herself up and down his length over and over again. The heat built and built so quickly. She was so ready to take him. She was so willing to ride him wildly right there…

And then the elevator doors opened as the bell chimed the fortieth floor…

The sight of the doors opening shocked them both back to reality. She pushed away from him and then turned back to look at him. She gave him another mind blowing kiss and then moaned out huskily, “Cum with me Derek…. I need you so much… I want you so badly…”

She took his hand and drew him out of the elevator and into her home. The elevator doors opened directly into her apartment revealing a tastefully furnished home. The walls were a deep red that seemed to shimmer slightly in the darkness. The floors were black marble with throw rugs placed artfully on them. The furniture was a mix of modern and ancient that seemed to mesh together in a subtle way. Nearby, a large leather couch was positioned in front of a large warm fireplace. The black leather of the couch reflected the flames of the fire that burned and crackled in the fireplace before it.

She gave him a smile and said, “Welcome home Derek…”


I really need to be able to write like that again…



Nov 19 2012

Speak into the Air by TeraS – A Pause Between Moments

This week should have been Part Three of the story called Speak into the Air, but I have some things going on that have diverted me from writing this week’s part of the story… As such, that means I didn’t manage to continue the story, but I hope to next week… TIll then, here’s the first two parts together…


Speak into the Air

A Pause Between Moments

by TeraS

Part One


Tera held the note between her fingers lightly, for the stuff of dreams, hopes, and wishes was so very fragile. She traced a finger over the handwriting: the words were simple, yet asked so much in what they said.

She had received many wishes and dreams in her life. Some were very obvious, such as a wish for her to perform some act or provide some kind of pleasure. But with those, the words didn’t show an understanding of what those in the Realm were, what they believed in.

Some saw them as much less than even that.

This note did not. The soul behind these words did not ask for herself or himself; no, that would have been too obvious. These words asked for something that was not for their author, for what the author wanted was not as important as giving to another.

That made this dream, this wish, one that Tera held and thought about.

It wasn’t asking for her to do something—not exactly—but what was asked for was something that she wanted to have happen, something she wanted to be true, something she wanted to be. But the question was whether she could ask for one of her own to do her a favor.

It wasn’t that Tera couldn’t ask, it was that she didn’t want to impose her will upon another. It wasn’t her way to use her role as the Queen to get what she wanted. It was … difficult for her when that had to be.

What made this wish more than all of the others was that it spoke of one specific individual in the Realm. It told of what she looked like, how she spoke, who she was, and, most of all …

… it told of her name.

Tera read the name once more before folding the note carefully and slipping it back into the envelope it came in. She touched the simple four words written on the envelope’s face of it and sighed.

Breathe Into The Air”: Tera knew exactly which of her succubi this spoke of and that was her main concern. Tera didn’t have, to be honest, the best of relationships with her and that would make what was to come, she expected, harder than it had to be.

Finally, she walked out of her home and made her way across the Realm, note in hand and determination in her stride. She might even get to have a real conversation with the one of whom she needed to ask the favor of.

Lily, in the meantime, wouldn’t know what was coming her way.

Lily, known by Tera by her proper name Lillian, was an amber tail, and that meant that she had a problem that not many others in the Realm had: being amber, she had a mix of the powers of red, orange, and yellow tails. For ambers, the powers were slanted towards one of the three tails that were part of them, but they also had a smattering of the others within them as well. In Lily’s case, her powers were focused on vitality, endurance, and healing.

Which was rather unique in the Realm.

Tera understood, from reading the note, why Lillian might be requested, even if the one who wrote the words wouldn’t, couldn’t possibly know how apt they were. But Lillian had become somewhat isolated from the rest of the Realm, had been for some time now, and that concerned Tera most of all.

While Tera had her Castle in the Realm, she didn’t use it much, save for the moments when someone visited expecting to see the Queen of the Succubi in all of her glory. No, she was always happier to be in her small home in the midst of the Realm with her Eternal and be part of those around her, not above them.

It wasn’t quite the same for Lily. Lily’s home was a small—the word being relative of course—mansion on the southern edge of the Realm, facing the Plains of Dreams. Lily asked for permission to build her home there and it was, Tera thought, one of the most wonderful places in the Realm. But something happened on one of Lillian’s travels out of the Realm, and things had changed.

Tera, not wanting to pry but, in truth, knowing the reason—she was the Queen, after all—could not do more than watch Lillian draw herself within its walls and then just … vanish … from life in the Realm.

Until today: Tera arrived at the hedgerow that surrounded Lillian’s part of the Realm and, after drawing a long breath, stepped onto the cobblestone pathway that lead into her world. As she walked through the garden that lay around Lillian’s home, Tera couldn’t help but sigh a little as she regarded the space around her. Once, long ago, this home had been well looked after: the flowers, trees and more all just so. She had found pride in her home, in what it represented, in what she could do with it. But now the grass was long, the ground unkempt and it seemed as if Lillian didn’t care about anything from the looks of things.

That thought seemed to be more true when Tera arrived at the main doors to Lillian’s mansion and found one door slightly ajar, the wood, once lovingly polished to a shine, dimmed and dingy. If this was how her home was, just how much worse was Lillian herself? The lights were out, the carpets thread worn, dust covered every surface, and, for a moment, Tera was concerned that Lillian wasn’t there, or something worse had happened. But then Tera heard the creak of a floorboard high above her and made her way up the wide spiral staircase towards a dim light that flickered from one of the rooms upstairs. As she came closer, she felt Lillian there and paused outside of the door, wondering if she should really see her.

“Come in, Tera. You’ve come this far, you should see me, shouldn’t you?”

Tera passed over the threshold and found herself in Lillian’s sitting room. She remembered how it once looked, the walls covered in books on life, health, the living world, the carpet a deep blue, a large window facing the gardens outside. But now, the walls were but empty shelves, the carpet threadbare like the others in the house, the window covered in dust, little sparkles of light only occasionally making their way through, and, against the far wall, by that window, Tera found Lillian sitting in a small worn leather chair, looking at the window blankly.

“Hello, Lillian.”

When Tera spoke her name, the look that Lily gave in return reminded Tera yet again just how much Lillian didn’t like to be called Lillian. The problem was, Tera found it incredibly difficult to use nicknames, and she really had to concentrate not to do so.

But seeing her now, compared to how she was, had diverted Tera’s focus. Once Lillian was passionate about life, about living, about the world around her. Now it seemed that all her passion had been drained from her life and she was just marking time.

Now sitting there in the chair was a tired, so very tired, Lillian, not caring about herself much. Tera remembered the stunning being Lillian once was, her short crimson hair in a bob, the shiny silver dresses that she loved to wear along with the strappy heels that once were her trademark in the Realm; how the sun, when it shone against her horns and tail, made them sparkle with joy in the life that was around them, her brown eyes so focused and yet contemplative, anxious to discover all that she could. This Lillian was barely wearing an oversized sweater and just didn’t have any of the life in her that Tera once knew.

But the old anger came through from Lily clearly when Tera used the name she truly disliked: “My name is Lily.”

Tera nodded, “Alright … Lily. I’m sorry.”

She answered with a snort of derision and then turned away, not interested in Tera any more. But Tera wasn’t going to leave, she wasn’t going to be brushed off, either. So Lily walked across the room and then paused beside her Sovereign.


“Why what?”

Tera waved her right hand, gesturing at the room around them both, “Why this?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Tera stood there, her tail swishing behind her, watching Lillian … er, Lily’s face, looking for a hint that she didn’t truly believe what she said. The problem was, she did. “It matters.”

Lily was suddenly standing in front of Tera, her finger poking against Tera’s chest, “NO, it doesn’t, not to anyone … No one cares, so I don’t either.”

Tera just looked at her and said nothing.

That, more than anything else, gave Lily pause, and she took a step back, but her words didn’t retreat: “No one cares, Tera. That’s the truth.”

Tera shook her head and then held the envelope she’d brought with her between the two of them. “This is the truth … Lily.”

The auburn-tail looked at the envelope, seeing the words written on it, but not understanding what Tera held or why it mattered. “I don’t do that any more.”

“No, you haven’t had the will to accept it. That’s the truth.”

“How can I?”

“Why can’t you? Why can’t you try, just one more time, to see?”

“It’s not worth it. I’ll just …”

“… make things worse? Make a mistake?”

Lily turned away and started walking, but Tera followed her through the mansion, always two steps behind, and constantly asking her questions as she did so …

“Think about all of the good you have done. Think about all of the good you can do. Have you considered that?

“You matter, can’t you understand that?

“Why don’t you come back and see that you are wanted?”

It was in the main hall where Tera finally stopped being kind and started pressing the one button that she knew would get Lily’s attention.



“No, your name is Lillian. That’s the name your mother and father gave you, that’s who you are.”

“My name is Lily!”

Tera caught Lily’s hand as it moved to strike her and held it tightly. Tera wasn’t mad, not even close to it. She was upset with herself more than anything else.

“If you want to be … Lily … then …” Again, Tera showed her the envelope, not saying another word.

When Lily tore the letter from Tera’s hand, the Queen feared that it would be ripped into pieces in the next moment for the frustration that she could see in Lily’s eyes.

“I don’t promise anything, Tera.”

“Just read it? Please? I’m not asking you to do anything more than that.”

Lily finally opened the envelope and read the note it held. For some time, she didn’t know what to say. She did wish that she could take back what she said to Tera about calling her “Lillian” and the other stupid things she now regretted. Much like Tera did, she just read the words, then traced them with her fingers … and really thought about what it asked of her … of them.

“Tera, I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about … Lily. I …”

She looked at Tera wistfully, “No, “Lillian” is fine, Tera. I should have understood that better … understood why you never said my name any other way.”

“I couldn’t explain …”

“I know. I’ve forgotten who I am. I’ve lost what I can do, Tera … I …”

Tera still wasn’t pleased with herself. She brushed a hand through her hair and asked, “What are you going to do?”

Lily folded the note and whispered, “I don’t know.”

Tera closed the distance between them, her right hand touching Lily on the shoulder … a touch Lily hadn’t felt in centuries: “Perhaps not knowing is where we start?”

Lily was confused, but listened to what Tera had to say. The two of them talked until the sun set on the Realm and, finally, they decided on what they would do. They hoped that it would be … somehow … what was meant to be. And that it would make two dreams—now three—come true.

Finally, Lily asked Tera a question. “Why me?”

Tera’s reply made them both smile …

… “Because. What other reason need there be?”


Speak into the Air

By TeraS

Chapter Two


It had been, to tell the truth, longer than Tera realized for Lily. Once, long ago, Lily had loved to listen to the dreams of others … to taste them … to slip into them … to make them … real.

After reading the note, talking with Tera, and trying to decide on what she would do, Lily found herself in a part of her home that she hadn’t been in for ages. That in itself wasn’t the real problem; the problem was that she was trying to find who she once was and be, really, who she should be. Who she should be was the being that once gave inspiration to some, pleasure to others, but, most of all, the being who managed to make the impossible … possible.

To do that, one started with one’s presentation.

She had gone into the part of her home where she gathered herself together, focused her body, mind, and soul on what she wanted to do. But it was primarily the place where she looked into the mirror that every succubi and incubi had, the mirror in which the owner saw things that weren’t seen by anyone else but herself. She looked into that mirror and found that she didn’t like who she saw. She turned away from the mirror, disgusted with herself for thinking that she could be who she once was.

“Come back here.”

Lily stopped in her tracks and turned around, sighing, “I haven’t heard your voice in a while.”

Lily saw her other self in the mirror. She had expected that, but was taken aback when she saw a black minidress, strappy heels, a silver tail moving behind her almost hypnotically. Her other self, her Tail self, looked … alive … powerful …

… everything that Lily wasn’t.

“You’ve never taken the chance to come in here. Oh I know why … You couldn’t face me, could you?”

Lily shrugged in resignation, “I didn’t need you berating me. So why be here now?”

“Because you need a kick in the ass. Enough of the crap, Lily: get your head out of your ass, get yourself cleaned up, and get over yourself.”

Lily just stood there … Then she started to laugh, which, apparently, didn’t make her reflection very happy, given the way her tail was twisting behind her.

“He’s gone Lily. Face it.”

The laughter ended abruptly. For a long moment the two succubi just looked at each other.

“I can’t do this. I’ll call Tera and tell her to send someone else.”

“You were asked for.”

“Someone else can look like me and …”

“… and not be you.”

“The client won’t …”

“… the client most certainly will know.”

Lily threw up her hands and walked in a circle in front of the mirror. Her reflection, however, didn’t move, but just stood there, tapping a fingernail against the glass of the mirror and continuing to talk to her, “You think that losing him, losing all of them, doesn’t haunt me?”

“Doesn’t look like it. I’m sure you and the other Tails are having all kinds of fun at my expense.”

“Lily? Fuck you.”


“Wasn’t I clear? You can go and fuck yourself. It’s not like you haven’t been for a long time now, has it?”

Lily stopped pacing and then dropped to the floor, sitting there and just staring at her Tail in the mirror.

“Now that you are at least looking at me, let me tell you something. And you don’t say a word or move an inch until I’m done, understand?”

When Lily didn’t answer, it was taken as being understood and her Tail started on her … “You’ve been sulking here for far too long. You’ve refused to do anything to overcome what happened. You won’t consider that you are needed or wanted. All you want to do is sit here and watch your home slowly crumble into dust and then bury yourself in it.”

Lily was hurt by those words. But she didn’t say anything.

“You have no idea how many here want you to be part of their lives, how many are willing to help you get better. I’m not talking about the incubi or succubi that would love to be with you; I’m talking about those out there who want you to heal in ways that just being with others can’t accomplish.”

She then showed Lily what looked to be the note that Tera had given her, and Lily looked shocked as she continued: “You have no concept what happens if you don’t answer this letter. But since you are focused on getting out of it now that you are facing the fact that you have to respond, maybe you should just let me take over and you can go and hide.”

The two looked at each other and then Lily finally answered, “You wouldn’t …” And then Lily found herself stumbling onto her heels as she said, “… dare.”

She wasn’t in the same place as she had been. The room was bright, not a speck of dust to be seen. She faced a mirror, again, not the same one she had been looking into a moment before and she saw …

… herself changed.

For a long time, all she could do was look in the mirror and see herself as she now was: her hair bright red once more, perfectly shaped; one of her once-favorite silver dresses—the one that started just above the straps over her heels—flowing like water over her form and covering her like a second skin right up to her neckline. It even covered her arms, leaving them shiny and smooth in the light. Behind, her feathered wings, perfectly white, fluttered as her tail seemed to peek out from behind her, as if checking to see that all was exactly right.

It wasn’t, not quite. Her tail moved up to one of her horns and pushed a lock of hair back into the exact place it should be: “There. You can thank me later.”

Lily was not pleased by what had happened, and moved to pull the dress off herself, but her tail poked her side in annoyance. “What are you doing?”

“Taking this off.”

“You actually can’t remember? This particular dress you can’t take off unless …”

Lily sighed, “… unless the one that summons me does so … Darn you!”

“So now you have to go.”

“I can’t! I’m not ready! I …”

“You are stalling. You know exactly what is being asked of you. You and Tera figured it out; all you have to do is believe in yourself and make it happen.”

Lily looked into the mirror as her tail wrapped itself around her waist and gave her a hug. “If I didn’t believe you could do this, I wouldn’t be pushing you.”

Lily just looked at herself and tried, really tried to smile, to be a little bit happy, to … to try. But the doubts about herself were deep and she didn’t feel like she was making any headway against it all. “I don’t believe in … me.”

Her tail moved behind her and then she found herself looking at the note that it held on its tip: “They do.”

Lily took the note and read it again, tracing the words once more to remind herself. To try and capture the hope that she needed to have before she saw them.

“What if I mess this up?”

“Do you honestly believe that you aren’t going to try to make this happen?”

“It’s gone wrong before.”

There was silence … but then an answer, “If you believe it will, then it will. So don’t.”

Lily managed to nod before she focused her thoughts and disappeared in a puff of orange smelling smoke …



Chapter Three next week…. Promise.


Nov 18 2012

A Review of Summon Me Swiftly by Chrissie Lee

I found a wonderful Incubus story for this review on the Tale. One with an Incubus that has a heart, isn’t stereotypical at all, and, most of all, made me laugh. Not only that, but the heroine in the story is cute, smart and just a little bit vulnerable which makes her summoning an Incubus all the more delicious a read…

Which is what I want in a story…

Summon Me Swiftly by Chrissie Lee

The story is told as:

After a disappointing night fending off drunk suitors at her friend’s Halloween party, Amanda Swift is completely disenchanted with the dating scene. She’s even more fed up with being alone, and wishes she’d finally find that perfect guy to sweep her off her feet and make her toes curl with ecstasy. But Amanda’s evening quickly switches gears when she walks into her bedroom and discovers a very handsome – and very naked – hunk, who wants to please her in every way. But is this a case of be careful what you wish for?

Amanda had the night from hell. Well considering that it is Halloween night, that’s not a surprise really. She was hit on, her friend ticked her off, and all that’s left is to go home, talk to her cat, and then go to bed.

The problems start when she tells of her dream man, what he looks like, how he acts, and, most of all, how he treats her. Moments later, Amanda is surprised to find a man in her bedroom named Torin.

And Amanda has two problems. One, he’s perfect. The other is that he’s an Incubus and she can have only one night with him or she will lose her soul… The problem is, can she resist his temptations? Or does she want to?

This is just an amazing work really… Two wonderfully written characters that are real, have real emotions, needs and desires and more. They fit together right, they are right together and, most of all, their personalities just comes out so well on the page that reading is a joy…

Not to mention that Amanda owns a cat, who personally I think is one of my AngelKitties, and she’s responsible for summoning the Incubus to Amanda, but that’s only my thoughts…

It’s very much a “love at first sight” story with a side dose of lust as well, but the lust is muted by the needs of both Amanda, who needs someone to love, and Torin, who needs something more than he is. That’s an interesting story to me and in this work, that story is told with love and emotion that brings out the best in both of them.

I also liked that hell… well it isn’t hell anymore. It’s more of a business and that makes for some really funny moments with Blackberries, business cards, and the hierarchy of hell that just made me laugh and I just enjoyed the silliness of it…

The author is an excellent writer, they give life to their characters but also to the moments of the story where normally most just pass over towards the hotter aspects of the tale. And when we see Amanda and Torin together… that’s just a delicious moment in time that I really didn’t want to see end.

The climax of the story, and how it is resolved really was more than I expected it to be. It’s a smart, well thought out means to get both characters out of the situation they are in without making it seem off or unrealistic in nature. I really was thrilled by that.

The only thing that I was disappointed in was that the story ended much too soon. There is more to tell about both Amanda and Torin and I wish we could have seen that… But it wasn’t to be…

And that’s really a shame…

I give it four and a half pitchforks out of five.

A wonderfully sexy story with characters that I cared about and wanted to see more of… And that’s why it didn’t get a full five pitchforks… We just don’t see what happens after they have their first night together and that, really, is just an evil thing to do…



Nov 17 2012

A neat little Succubus pendant…

I was looking through again this week and found what I think is a lovely little Succubus pendant there…

50s Rockabilly Gal with Devil HornsThe artist that created it calls it a 50s Rockabilly Gal with Devil Horns. You can find it here and the artist’s page as well here for those that are interested in it.

I like the retro look of the art and the design of the pendant and chain really works well with the art too which makes the entire piece even more lovely…

As well for only $7 US, it’s a nice little accent piece too…

Now the artist has made many many pieces of art in pendants, necklaces, pill boxes, and ID/Cigarette cases  as well and they have all of their items sell for under $10 US which really is nice of them to do so…

I had a good look around on their site, but I couldn’t find any other succubus or devil girl works that I could see. But they seem to like 50s images for their art and I think that they do that art so very well…

Do have a look!