Apr 09 2017

A Review of Jolene: A Paranormal Menage Romance Story by Giselle Renarde

Jolene: A Paranormal Menage Romance Story by Giselle Renarde

Jolene: A Paranormal Menage Romance Story by Giselle Renarde

There’s a subplot which really doesn’t appear very often in stories about succubi and incubi. It’s the question to what happens when two souls are in love and a succubus or incubus gets in-between those souls. In that comes a question as to what one would do for love, but more so, what happens when that love, that need, takes souls beyond themselves.

That’s something that can’t be explained in the act of sex, it’s something that needs to be told in the passions, needs and singular focus that lovers have. It’s a powerful thing and not to be trifled with.

The work tells the story of:

Jolene isn’t too troubled–except by the fact that none of her friends believe she’s dating Wesley, the popular entertainment blogger. Everyone assumes he’s gay, and he seems to prove them right when he shows up at her birthday bash with his “boyfriend” Seth. Who is this Seth guy and why is Wesley acting so strangely? When Jolene’s best friend falls ill after dreaming of the pair, it’s her grandmother who has all the answers: they’re dealing with an incubus, and someone needs to hunt him down. Jolene will make any sacrifice to save Wesley, but can she possibly defeat Seth?

Jolene’s life isn’t complicated. She knows she loves Wesley and she knows he loves her as well. But in the moment of her joy a snake appears named Seth who turns her world upside down. When she discovers that Seth isn’t human, and Wesley is in danger, there’s only one thing to do and Jolene is willing to do whatever she has to.

The work tells the story of a pair of hot erotic flashes bound with a mystery to solve and in that sense the story works quite well. The ploy has depth, the characters are very well written and there’s a lot of interactions that feel right, read right and sound right. Jolene’s personality comes through very well, as do her best friends from the start. When things get complicated, or more accurately, go off the rails with the appearance of Seth and Wesley, the story tends to rush on too quickly, almost stumbling over itself.

Seth, the incubus of the work, is for the most part a mystery. It’s clear he is an incubus, there’s no question of that, but it’s more than his personality, his past and what he’s like are not really told. There are flashes of a deeply troubled personality, some cruel aspects of him as well pop up when the climax of the work appears. But even so, there’s just nothing to speak of as to how he became an incubus, why he chose to attach himself to Wesley and why it matters so much to him.

Seth is, from the start, instantly dislikable, which is the point of course. He’s meant to be trouble, evil and more and he is. But it would have been nice to have something more than that to explore, even if that was only him gloating about it, which happens a lot otherwise.

The connection between Jolene and Wesley is delightfully strong and clear. There’s no question they are meant to be together and how Jolene fights for them both tells so much about her. The tender moments matter here and it brings about the most telling moments of the work.

I didn’t feel that the opening passage was really needed here in that it clearly foreshadows the ending. I would have been far more happier not knowing what was to come than knowing from the first page what would be. It is a spoiler, it takes away a lot from the work and I wish it didn’t.

The ending wasn’t satisfying in that it reflected the opening passage. It leaves a lot of questions open, some of them very telling with regards to both Wesley and Jolene’s personalities and character. More so, the question of their future is left dangling as well. Perhaps settling those questions, even slightly, would have been a good thing to do.

The ending does point towards the possibility of another work however. If so, then I’d hope for something more to be told about succubi and incubi. More so, I’d like to know what one particular comment from Jolene at the end of the work foretells for her. There’s also the question as to what happened with Wesley as well and if something precious to Jolene is held by him or not.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The erotica is delicious, the characters have depth and clear voices. The problem is that there’s a lot left unsaid here and I found that took away much from the work. Saying there are succubi and incubi is one thing, but then not playing that off into telling more of that story is where I think something is missing.

The hints of side stories, of the character histories offered a lot, mainly in Seth, but more so in Wesley and Jolene in the aftermath of the story. It’s that aftermath, the single line that completes the story in which there’s a huge question left behind. I’d like to see where that takes Jolene sometime.



Apr 08 2017

A fascinating Succubus artwork WIP YouTube

There are those works of art that have something special about them. There’s something in the form, the colours, the expression of the creativity that brings them to the fore. A YouTube today on the Tale of an artist creating a Succubus work which most certainly is something special.


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, a screenshot of the completed work of art in case the video vanishes from YouTube as well…

Succubus Card by Drawtensil

Succubus Card by Drawtensil

There are those pieces of art that in the expression of the artist’s style give the character themselves an unexpected depth. The overall form of this succubus is somewhat angular, a little harsh, but wrapped in an expression of colour that makes for a striking contrast.

Her eyes are the focus of this art, her hair framing them and drawing one’s eyes towards them. Her complexion, being muted greys against her wings and the brightness of the background brings a little depth and dimension to this art that I think is wonderful.

A piece of art to ponder and I do enjoy that most of all…



Apr 07 2017

A Review of The Incubus Diaries by Kacey Chumley

The Incubus Diaries by Kacey Chumley

The Incubus Diaries by Kacey Chumley

There are many literary devices that can be used to tell a story. One of them are diaries and within that comes the use of recorded ones. Telling a story by transcribing such memories into text is a very difficult process, more so when the topic is one that is unexpected. Narrative is sometimes a difficult thing and transcripts as narration are one the most difficult by far.

The stuff of nightmares can be within one’s mind, but at the same time, it can be lurking closer still. The story then becomes trying to discover which is the more real, the nightmare from which you can awaken or the one that you never seem to be waking from.

The work tells the story of:

After suffering from an assault by a poltergeist, Alyson Smart makes the decision to move back in with her parents. Over time, she uses a tape recorder to record her experiences with whatever has followed her home. As suspicion morphs into a terrifying race to stay alive, the tapes document her every move. These are her stories.

Alyson tells of her encounters with the strange, the unbelievable and the question of belief from those around her. A story of being lost, trying to come to terms with that which cannot be explained and the choice made when there is a life in the balance.

The work is written in a style which reads very much, as the work states, a transcript of Alyson’s tape recordings as events unfold. It’s a bit hard to follow at times, some of the events being recalled by Alyson in the story can be interpreted in various ways. As such, that brings several conflicting layers to the work which then makes the possible answers to each event become somewhat blurred.

There’s a bit of a “found footage” feeling to the work which adds a little edge of shock and horror at times. The “tapes” leave a very strong mental picture, some of the events are quite horrific in what occurs, others are a mixture of supernatural encounters and personal issues. I’m unsure about how well that works as a narrative however.

The events that play out over the story are somewhat summarized, save for the moments where “actual” events are recorded. Again, that’s a literary device and it does have moments when it works quite well. The problem, at least for me, is that I didn’t quite feel like I was really connected to Alyson, what happened to her and otherwise.

While the work suggests there is an incubus, it’s a bit difficult to actually say there is one. There is the suggestion there could be, there’s some indications of that through some of the things that happen to Alyson herself. It’s less about the incubus itself than it is about Alyson trying to come to terms with what she sees, what she believes and what exists around her. There’s a great deal of time spent focusing upon her family, her relationships with them and how that is stressed over the story.

This isn’t a work of erotica, it is a work of suspense, mystery and being focused on that, it works quite well. The scenes build up the tension, the mystery and when the climax of the story comes, while there is some resolution, the answers are left to the reader to decide on. A different sort of storytelling, with a focus on aspects which are completely unexpected. But I think there could have been something more if the work had used a different storytelling device than it did.

Three and a half pitchforks out of five.

The work is certainly unique, it tells a story that, at least for me, isn’t so much about incubi than it is about the haunting within one’s own mind and ghostly hauntings. A bit odd to read, being the format that the story is told is, sometimes hard to follow with regards to what happens, but nonetheless, an interesting read.



Apr 07 2017

A Review of Doctor Q vs. Succubus by Skarlette One

Doctor Q vs. Succubus by Skarlette One

Doctor Q vs. Succubus by Skarlette One

The thing about coming into a series when it’s been going on for some time is that there’s an assumption the reader knows the main characters, has an idea what’s going on. There is a way to get around that, which is of course an info dump. Managing that, trying to keep it from being a long winded page of data that adds nothing to the story is a hard thing.

However, if that information can be snuck into the story in a way that doesn’t take away from the heat, it can lead to some really tempting moments in the story. When one of the characters is called Succubus, things can be more interesting as well.

But calling oneself “Succubus” sometimes doesn’t mean you are one. At least until something unexpected happens and then anything could happen.

A review then of the eighth work in the Libido League series in which temptation isn’t just a word, it’s a need.

The work tells the story of:

Doctor Q, the Enchantress Exemplar of Earth, awakes naked and in chains. Her captor, the supervillainess called Succubus, plans to auction her off to one of her greatest foes. Cut off from her magic powers, can Doctor Q find a way free of Succubus’s leash, or will the temptations of a demon’s flesh prove too seductive to resist?

Doctor Q is having a really bad day. If it isn’t being captured, it’s being teased mercilessly and if that isn’t enough, knowing the villains are delighting in her capture is the most frustrating thing of all. Succubus is a mistress of temptation, and Doctor Q sees the danger, but when things take a turn towards hellish intentions, there might not be a way to escape, if she really wants to.

The work is a classic hero in distress story wrapped in some lovely erotic heat. There’s a clear comic book feel as well, which I liked and I thought gave an interesting twist to some of the moments when the heat could have ebbed some. But this isn’t, overall, that much of a succubus story, even if the villainess of the work is named Succubus.

The character Succubus is interesting, I liked how her abilities and physical appearance lent themselves towards her villainess name. She’s seductive, but evil. Passionate and dangerous as well. There’s a sense that she has some power, and isn’t exactly afraid to use it, which brings about an encounter and transformation that I really liked.

That transformation left the character, and story, at its most “succubish” moments, leading towards an amazing transformation, and in the aftermath the erotic scene between Doctor Q and Succubus was very succubus in nature. Sadly it didn’t last very long, the story returned its focus to Doctor Q and the heat trailed off towards the ending.

However, before that climax and conclusion, the scenes with Succubus, both before her transformation and after, had temptation, control and a bit of an edge that told a delightfully evil and wicked story. I’d have liked more of that, perhaps less of a roll call of other villains appearing to gloat as well. The focus on Succubus and her seduction needed to be more present than it was and all of the interruptions took some of the heat away, which was a shame.

I think the story could have been focused to Doctor Q, Succubus and the surprise mystery villain who takes the story in an unexpected direction. Doing so, there could have been a lot more heat, perhaps more corruption aspects as well. It’s that corruption/transformation scene that I liked the most and what Succubus did afterwards. There’s lovely temptation and heat, which worked really well. I just wanted more of that.

The work ends a little disappointingly for me, mainly in what happens to Succubus. That said, there might be some lingering effects, and that’s something I’d like to see have an appearance at some point. The idea of Succubus being the foil to the mystery villain I really like, and if things happened the way I’d like, Succubus could be a really good threat to Doctor Q, possibly more than any other villain mentioned in the work. For that matter, she could well be a threat to all of the villains as well and that idea I think is delightful.

There is some delicious succubus moments in this work, the transformation scenes are really well done, there’s a lot of heat in the erotica as well. The characters are interesting, there’s a lot of background and history as well which adds a lot to the story.

But there’s really not that much “succubusness” in the story overall. While one character is called Succubus, she isn’t one, not really for the most part. That said, the events of the story offer the possibility that some remnants of being in the clutches of an incubus could make a reappearance, should Succubus return to the series in the future.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.


The comic book feel of the story worked well, some of the dialogue might have been improved somewhat, mostly to take away some of the more “ba-hah-hah” moments. The focus of the work isn’t on Succubus herself, obviously, but perhaps at some point there needs to be time spent telling the story of the villain herself in a similar way to the heroines.

A heroic adventure that has heat, passion, lust and desire. At the same time there’s depth to the story and characters that makes things more interesting. I’ll hope for something more for Succubus herself, and I’ll likely see about reading the rest of the series to get up to speed on this universe. A delightful read, overall, I just wish there was more “succubusness” to make it more interesting for me than it is.



Apr 06 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 481

The first of three weeks in a row on the Tale in which Morrgian Aensland will be the Succubi of the week. But with a little bit of a difference. I found three works of art that I think are some of the best art of Morrigan I have, but while one is her usual appearance, it is the other two that will come next week and the following week that are something special.

But in every case, there is one important thing that remains… Morrigan’s eyes and her character come through…

Morrigan Aensland by dandonfuga

Morrigan Aensland by Dandonfuga

This art of Morrigan is by the artist Dandonfuga on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s DeviantArt page here as well.

Lovely art of Morrigan, her form, shape, and appearance is lovely. The shading of her hair is wonderful, her expression is perfect, but it is her eyes that are so dearly captivating and reflect her power and personality the most in this art.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and I feel like this is especially true in this artwork. A deep blue, shimmering with light and having such depth which adds that little touch which makes this art so much more than just Morrigan’s chest being pushed out.

This is Morrigan capturing her prey and drawing them into her waiting arms…

Next week, a flowery Morrigan in a perfect Di Milo dress…



Apr 05 2017

This Dark Angel needs a pair of red horns at least

Dark Angel CostumeOn occasion I ponder mixing and matching costumes to try and create something that might be more than what it began with. This time, an angel costume which, given a pair or red horns, or a red wig and black horns, could be something… interesting.

This is called the Dark Angel Costume and it comes with the corset, thong, and the black halo and wings. The ruffle panties are not included, nor are the stockings and the clear stripper heels the model is wearing. The costume itself sells for $85, adding the panties and the heels would raise the cost to $133.

I really do think getting rid of the halo and adding red horns and a tail would be delicious. More so would be a red wig and black horns and tail… for reasons…

As this isn’t exactly a discount, low quality, wear it once and throw it away sort of creation, that brings up the question of why not give such an option as I have been mulling over here?

Would it be so difficult to sell this with horns and a tail? Moreover, why not sell the entire look as a while and save a lot of time and effort?

Now, this might not really be something to wear to a party, there is a little bit of a stripper vibe to this costume obviously, not to mention this must be really cold on Halloween to wear as you are really quite bare.

Three pitchforks out of five.

I have some ideas, but I think the actual outcome will have to wait until I have this in my hands and can ponder things better…




Apr 04 2017

A Review of Succubus #3 by Rob Hicks

Succubus: Issue #3 by Rob Hicks

Succubus: Issue #3 by Rob Hicks

It’s been a while since I last read an issue of the comic book series Succubus by Rob Hicks. I had previously written about the premiere issue of this comic book series in the Tale here and I reviewed the second issue in the series here as well.

The one question that has been bothering me from the start has been the question about Ximena’s family, mainly her mother, but also her sister, both of whom appear in Issue 3 for the first time.

There’s also the question about Ximena’s powers, her fully transformed self, horns, tail and all, and just what she’s capable of. In the same way, how succubi feed, what their powers are, haven’t been quite clearly defined so far in the series. Issue 3 clears up a lot of that by far.

Issue 3 focuses most of all on the question of family, what it’s like to have a sister who’s just a few fries short of a happy meal and just how messed up things become when she’s present. Beyond that, Ximena’s own view of right and wrong comes into play and in the midst of that also appears the answer as to what matters to her. But along the way there’s a reveal about Ximena which, while not that surprising, puts into a new light her own family, what they want and what they are willing to do.

The summary of this issue is a little thin, so, from my perspective, I think it can be summed up as:

Ximena’s family is a bit dysfunctional. Her sister Luna is crazy, her mother Lilith schemes and Ximena finds herself caught between fighting for her life and that of her friends. One’s own blood is important, but sometimes you have to spill blood for a good reason.

In the third issue, the two things that have the most impact are the appearance of Luna, Ximena’s sister who gets into a long, drawn out fight with Ximena that puts a lot of people in jeopardy. As well Lilith, Ximena’s mother, finally makes herself known and that brings in a new plot which puts things into another perspective.

There’s a lot of misdirection and plotting going on around Ximena in this issue, much of which comes to a head and drives her towards really only one choice, that being dealing with Luna and facing her mother. There’s a sharp contrast between the two, but as violent and insane as Luna is, it’s Lilith that gives me the shivers.

There’s a few scenes in which the powers which Ximena and Luna have as succubi appear and those are especially well shown in their feeding on others. It’s a bit messy, but makes perfect sense all things considered. Ximena’s transformation into her real form is delicious and the contrast is really something I’m coming to like more and more as the series goes onwards.

There are two points at which I found myself wincing at what happened in the story. One is something really terrible that Luna does to someone in front of Ximena and it didn’t sit right for two reasons. One was what physically happened, I think it might have been a little too far over the top, but then we are taking about an insane succubus, so it makes sense, even if it didn’t appeal to me. It also didn’t make a lot of sense to me as to how Ximena reacted to that, when she could. It seemed a little too cold and I don’t think it worked. It felt like there was a moment missed there for some reason.

The other point that I had a problem with was scattered over the story. I found that Ximena’s tendency to giggle, a lot, started to get a bit old, a little worn and at times didn’t quite fit I thought with the moment at hand. I know she’s a free spirit, really only caring about the sex and fun for the most part, but perhaps some more of the darker emotions need to appear sometimes along the story as things go.

There’s a lot of sex scenes in the issue, but there’s still enough time for some character development, some background to be explained and more of Ximena’s world to be brought into focus. I liked all of that, though the first erotic scene with Ximena wasn’t actually as hot as the first thing that Luna did in the issue. That might sound odd, but it’s the difference between brooding evil and unrestrained sex. Both have their moments, but the latter, at some point, seems to have missed something.

The series continues on, there’s a lot of new questions, some cliff-hangers and a mystery about Ximena’s mother and sister left open to be told. It should be fun to see what, and who, comes next.

I’ll give the third issue of Succubus three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Overal I liked the layers of story about Luna, Lilith and Ximena’s friends that stand with her. The one part that made me cringe, and almost lost me, was what Luna did to at one point and how Ximena reacted to it. I felt like there might have been something done to make that more revealing as to Ximena’s powers, but it was sort of left to the side.

That said, I liked the character reveals, how they seemingly connect to each other. There’s a lot of story in the characters that surround Ximena and that will be interesting. But it’s still a story about Ximena’s life, her family and what the future holds for her.

Lilith has something planned, Luna is lurking and then comes the question as to Ximena’s place in it all and what it all means. Going forwards, I think that’s something that needs to be explored a little more than it has been. The erotica, succubus and otherwise, tells its own story, but there’s all of these other things to be told that are waiting I think.

It would be nice to see the aftermath from what happened in this issue next, perhaps there’s a bit more shown about what Ximena is capable of, things she didn’t know she could do. Her true form has been seen, and it’s clear that Ximena’s not the normal sort of succubus. That still leaves the question as to why that matters and what happens when she either discovers the truth, or it is forced onto her.

Whichever comes, I wouldn’t like to see Ximena’s personality change from who she is. It’s a sharp contrast to her sister and mother. That again is a story to be told I think, what made her decide to walk the path she’s on and what Lilith really thinks about that.

Still lots of story to tell, which I love, and Ximena’s different, which I think is interesting. What comes next will be telling.

You can find Spiral Ink Comics’ Facebook page here.

You can find Spiral Ink Comics’ online store here.

The first three works in the series have been released as a single volume, which you can find on the Spiral Inks website, along with some poster art of Ximena which are wonderfully succubus in nature.

It’s been a bit of a wait for Issue 3, I’m hoping that Issue 4 will appear a little sooner. Ximena’s story is changing and where things are going will be quite the unique storytelling ahead.