Dec 27 2016

A Review of Succubus Sundries 2 by Zayna Noble

Succubus Sundries 2 by Zayna Noble

Succubus Sundries 2 by Zayna Noble

Last Friday I reviewed the first work in the Succubus Sundries series and you can find that review here on the Tale. The thing that bothered me the most about the work was, and still is, that Lala, the succubus of the series, wasn’t so much part of the story as she was drifting along side of it.

In the same way, the story wasn’t about Lala herself, didn’t talk much about her. The focus was on a series of transformations, which had some heat, a bit of erotica, which had some heat. But as for developing Lala as a character, that didn’t happen. I’d hoped for something more in the second work in the series, but that didn’t quite happen as I’d hoped it would.

The work tells the story of:

Tara has just been dumped by her boyfriend. Looking for something to boost her mood and give her a new view on life, she comes to a shop. Rumor has it that the shop is run by an exotic succubus – one who can turn fantasy into reality. Lala, the shop owner, is more than happy to help Tara get over her boyfriend, offering her a sampling of different magical items and potions.

Changing from a rugged wolf-girl to a curvy mermaid and even to a busty centaur, Tara doesn’t seem pleased. She wants to have the same allure and charm as Lala does! The succubus finally offers Tara a chance of a lifetime; to become a sexy red devil.

Transformed into a walking wet dream, the two demons hit up a steamy supernatural club with no rules… except that no humans are allowed. It’s the perfect place for Tara to take her new hot body on a test drive…

The thing about Tara is that she’s ordinary, lost her boyfriend and doesn’t see her self-worth. Hearing of a shop, owned by a Succubus, that offers a change, she visits and discovers things about herself she wasn’t aware of. Most of all, there’s one thing she wants, but cannot have. But, as Lala knows, there are always possibilities.

Overall this work is told in much the same tone and plot as the prior work. This isn’t so much a story about a succubus than it is about a series of transformations being tried out, eventually one of them being the right one needed. Lala, the succubus of the story, remains a mystery as before. There’s nothing told about her past, what drives her and her character. There are hints and vague ideas, but nothing really concrete to base one’s thoughts upon.

Tara, as a character, is far more developed at the beginning of the work, there’s some character development as well. But as a whole the melancholy that surrounds her never really leaves, save for when her final transformation comes to pass and she’s quite a different person. That makes sense, it is a good change as a whole, but that’s fleeting in the overall story. Once past, the melancholy comes back in force and the story left me wondering just what she learned and what she will make of her experiences.

The transformation scenes are well written, there are some really funny moments in the telling as well. But they feel like afterthoughts, diversions from the main story and that’s a shame honestly. I think it would have been more interesting for Tara to be transformed, fully, into the skin-skinned devil she becomes and see where that takes her. As it stands in the story, there’s not a lot of time spent exploring her new self before she becomes entwined within the work’s erotica.

The ending of the work is rather abrupt and, at least for me, disappointing. It felt rushed, uncertain and lost, trying to find the ending but never quite managing to do so. It tells of time passing in summary, but not really what Tara does with her time as a devil. There’s a lot of story lost as a result and I wish the author would have explored that part of Tara and not left it lost and forgotten.

Written well, the characters have lovely voices and I did adore them both. But the story lacks direction for quite a long time and when it finds its way, it has taken too long. The book could have been doubled in length, Tara’s new self explored further, really a comment by Lala about her transformation begs that story be told. The ending left me wanting and I wish it didn’t. There’s real promise here, but it never quite comes out. It really should have.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The formula is about the same, Lala’s past isn’t explored, the series of transformations seem like they were meant to be their own stories, but didn’t get anywhere and rather than lose them, they were added to this story. There’s a bit more heat, a little smidge of character development, but when the story closes, it didn’t feel like Tara was much further ahead than she was..

Sometimes it isn’t enough to have a taste, sometimes the better story is to have it all and see what happens. Perhaps that might be a story to tell about Tara some other time. Hopefully the author will return to Lala, her world, and tell a story about her. Because that mystery is interesting and needs to be told.



Dec 27 2016

A Review of the Slaves in Atlantis series by Lacy Grand

Mounting Medusa by Lacy Grand

Mounting Medusa by Lacy Grand

There are many different kinds of supernatural erotica of course. From something romantic through things quite horrid. There are moments in the more harsher works where I find myself wondering what’s the point of the story. This happens most of all when there’s really not much plot beyond the sex and not much told about a major character. Not even her name.

A series of three works this time on the Tale in which a succubus rules over all, but her name isn’t spoke, what she wants is too vague for words. But the single thing about her which there is no mistake, is that she is quite the cruel and heartless thing.

I’m going to review the series as a whole, but I’ll only share the first work in the series cover. There are links to the other works listed as well however.

The first story is about:

After a storm leaves their fishing boat damaged, Johan and his friends float aimlessly for days. When they finally see land, an island in the middle of the ocean, they rejoice.

… And then they meet the island’s queen. The men are given two choices: become sex slaves to the island’s inhabitants or die.

Johan finds himself at the queen’s mercy, a position he doesn’t mind as much as he should.

The series overall tells of the experiences of humans that find themselves trapped in Atlantis and at the mercy of the Queen who is a succubus. They suffer all sorts of different fates, some pass on, some are transformed, and worse. The series focuses very little on the characters themselves for the sake of putting them in situations where they are taken by various monsters and myths of legend. Which happens over and over again until someone tires of them and then bad things come.

It’s hard to find a plot, some sort of meaning to the series other than having the humans at the sexual mercy of their captors. The story which appears is just enough to set up the next sex scene before that falls away and the sex, not erotica at least from my perspective, takes over.

What’s bothersome to me is that the character in control of Atlantis, known only as the Queen, describes herself as a succubus, but there’s never a physical description of her. Beyond that, her true name is never spoken as well. As for her character, really she’s far less a seductive succubus than she is a overpowering monster that has her way with anyone, and anything, she desires.

I have a problem with that as there’s just no character development in her, nor for that matter anyone else. The sex is bland and unimaginative, setting aside the creatures that appear that is. I didn’t care for the need to have so many characters brought to their end at the drop of a hat either. There’s no heat in the story, there’s no drive to the series. It just goes in endless circles, from arrival to taunting to submission to sex and, eventually, to an end.

The idea of a succubus ruling Atlantis is interesting, but that story isn’t dealt with. She simply is the Queen, takes her pound of flesh and everyone cowers around her, more or less. As the series moves to the third work, there’s nothing to suggest there’s a point to anything and when the last page is turned I’m left with a series that ends with no direction, no meaning, and no erotica. Considering that a succubus is the core character, or at least driving things, that seems like a waste.

One pitchfork out of five.

The series as a whole simply didn’t do anything for me. There’s no heat, there’s really no story, the characters are cannon fodder, if that. Most of all, the one that controls everything is not named, not described. It just seems a very thin series with no substance to it other than the pain and suffering of the characters.



Dec 26 2016

A Red Scarf By TeraS

It is the second day of Christmas, but it is also a Monday, which means that a story needs to be told. I’ve said, quite a few times, that a number of my stories have reflections of real life in them. This, then, is one of those sorts of stories. There are times when Christmas arrives and we feel like there isn’t a reason for joy, for giving or accepting gifts … even if one of them happens to be …


A Red Scarf
By TeraS


The winter had been especially cold this particular year in the Realm. The snows had come earlier than usual, blanketing the world in white. Much of the Realm had gone about the holidays as one might expect, succubi and incubi looking forward to lights twinkling in trees, mistletoe hung in all sorts of interesting places, and more.

From far above, the glow of the holiday lights—mostly in red and white, of course—traced out the paths and ways that crisscrossed the Realm. Some parts were stunningly bright, where particular souls had put themselves to the task of creating the most amazing displays possible. Others weren’t quite so elaborate, so stunning, but they had their own warmth, presence, and meaning to the ones that had put themselves into their creation. But, from far above, one spot along one path, this Christmastide, was uncharacteristically dark.

If this was a typical year, the home of Tera and Keith would be rather modestly decorated for the occasion. The one large Christmas tree, which had been there well over a century, would be covered in lights from top to bottom. The three smaller ones, all in a row along one side of their home, would be decked out with not quite so many lights, but still delightfully so. There would be lights strung across the front of the home, hanging from the eves, some stars mounted in the windows of the front porch as an accent to all of the lights outside. The last touch was the wreath hung over the garage, to welcome visitors to the home of the Queen and her Eternal.

But then, this hadn’t been the usual year; far from it.

There were no lights strung, no wreath placed, no stars twinkling. Where there should have been light, there was just a quiet home, a single light burning on the porch. Christmas, it seemed, hadn’t found its way into the souls of the monarchs of the Realm this particular year. That wasn’t to say that they didn’t meet and greet their subjects, spend time with others, and try, as they could, to keep up appearances, even if, within themselves, they’d rather just be alone with their thoughts and their memories.

It was especially painful for Keith when, sometimes, he’d be asked: “How are you managing? I’m sorry about your mother’s passing.”

It was especially troublesome for his Eternal when she caught that little twitch in his tail, the slight tremor in his voice when he replied: “Thank you for asking. We’ll be fine.”

The walk home sometimes was very quiet, the only sound being the crunching of their footsteps in the snow. Leaving the lights all around them and entering the patch of shadow that covered their home was, to be honest, a painful thing.

This then was the days before Christmas. For Keith, most of all, it was about looking after the needs of others, to gather up the gifts to be given when their family came together, to try, as best he could, to not allow his hand to shake when he wrote the cards, wrapped the presents. They couldn’t just call and say they weren’t coming this year, he couldn’t do that and Tera wouldn’t, either. Regardless of what would be missing on that night, they’d be there.

During the days just before Christmas, sometime around the setting of the sun on the shortest day of the year, a lone figure made her way towards her own home elsewhere in the Realm. She was bundled up well, but little bits of her silver-streaked black hair—a black deeper and darker than even Tera’s—slipped out, being brushed about by the winter winds. She loved walking about, marvelling at the displays of light, they bringing a smile which delighted her. More so, from time to time, one of the citizens of the Realm, whether succubi or incubi didn’t matter, would approach and strike up a conversation. But regardless of what that might be, at some point she would be thanked for a particular tail cozy or toque, sweater, or something else she’d knitted for them.

Lil, the knitter of the Realm, always had a bemused smile, knowing they didn’t remember all that she did during their encounters in her cottage. At least she did smile until she came to her Sovereign’s home. Then that smile turned into a pursed frown. That frown remained well through the rest of her walk home, following her right inside as she closed the door behind her.

Dear Lil, loved by all and especially by Tera, was unhappy, and that was a real problem. Within her sanctuary, far from prying eyes, the older, but still mesmerizing succubus allowed herself to call into the air: “Goddess of Light, I would speak with you.”

The voice that replied was one she’d known so very well for so very long: “Lilith? It’s been so long since you’ve talked to me.”

“This is a special occasion. I need to know something.”

“Not everything is yours to know.”

Lilith’s sigh was long as she crossed the room, looking for the basket of cookies the Queen of the Realm had delivered a day before: “You have a soul with you, one that I need an answer from.”

“Lilith… you know the rules.”

Finding the cookies, she started nibbling on an oatmeal raisin one, Tera did a marvelous thing with them that made them simply delightful, a lesson she’d learned from the soul Lilith needed an answer from: “Yes. I just need to know if I can use her yarn.”

The room fell silent, save for the sound of Lilith’s chewing on her cookie and pacing of the room. She found herself standing in front of her wall of yarn, a seemingly endless variety of colours, shades, and textures awaiting her. Off far above, in the row that was all of the reds one could imagine, her eyes focused on one particular bundle: a red that was very specific, a shade of red that she’d never touched since placing it away decades ago.

The voice of Light startled her: “Lilith?”

She turned about in response: “Yes?”

A thump marked the falling of the yarn to the wood floor: “More raisins.”

Picking up the yarn, she crossed back to the basket of cookies and looked inside. There wasn’t one left. In a bit of a huff, she exclaimed: “If you didn’t like them, you could have left me some!”

Hearing no reply, the knitter settled into her chair by the fireplace and examined her yarn. A shade of red that was familiar, one that was woven into many souls of the Realm, regardless of the colour they were. Turning the bundle over in her hands, she considered what to do with it, what she could make of it, what she’d want it to be … or what it was telling her it needed to be.

The shortest day of the year was followed by the longest night of the year, and throughout that night the First worked her way through the bundle, her creation slowly coming into focus. As dawn fall upon the Realm and the day was a little longer, she continued to work, having but a pair of days to complete the task she’d put herself to.

The Eve arrived, and with that came the gathering of a family. A family that had suffered a loss, a family that had mourned and was trying, some managing better than others, to press onwards. It was an odd gathering, but then they’d all expected that things wouldn’t be right, not for some time, if ever.

All seemed well enough if a little muted, a little lost. The most lost of all was Keith. He was part of the gathering, but not quite there. His mind fell upon the empty chair, the unused wine glass, the missing cheesecake … and the absent voice most of all.

All of the gifts had been given out by Keith, as was the tradition every year. He found himself looking out of the window, at the snows outside as tradition continued, he not quite part of it and wrapped up in his own thoughts. A tap on his shoulder brought him back, finding Lil standing nearby.

“Hello, Lil. Thank you for coming. I’m glad you did.”

Lil was demure as she examined him: “I believe it’s me that needs to thank you for being here. I’ve been worried: you didn’t put your lights up on the house.”

He didn’t turn away, but the hurt was clear, even now, months later: “Lil … She’s not here. I can’t …”

He then noticed that she was holding a box, wrapped in paper: “I know. But that’s also why I’m here.”

Handing him the gift, Lil explained: “Open it tomorrow at home.”

The morning dawned, the Day arrived and Keith found himself looking at the box, still unopened. The card read: “For Keith.” From who wasn’t said.

His Eternal was leaning against the counter, sipping on some hot chocolate as she asked: “Are you going to open it?”

“I’m … thinking about leaving it unopened.”

“Lil gave it to you? Then open it.”

With a shrug, he worked away at the parcel. The paper moved under his fingers, revealing the box hidden beneath. The top came off a moment later. A small card came out first, held in his fingers. He didn’t say anything, only offering it to Tera, who took it from his fingertips.

Tera’s voice was a whisper: “From … Mom.”

He held in his hands a long red scarf, as long as his tail. It was a shade of red that was both his, Tera’s, and so many others he’s seen: a red of love, of warmth, of a mother’s love for her son, never to be forgotten. Rubbing his fingers against the yarn, his mind flashed to the past: his childhood, the times he’d been bundled up by her and the tears came; the moments with her, putting the lights up, decorating the tree, wrapping presents, seeing her smile and how she loved this time of year.

Gathering her gift, Keith kissed his Eternal: “Got something to do …”

Tera watched as he bundled himself up against the cold, wrapping the red scarf about him and then went outside. Tera followed a short time later to see something she didn’t expect. Her Eternal had pulled one box of their lights out and was wrapping them about one small single tree in their front yard.

Together, they wove the lights into place as the Day turned into the Night, being finished just as the sun set behind the horizon. The last cord in place, the final plug pushed in, their one spark of light shone, illuminating them.

Sometimes all one needs is the spark to make things right.

Sometimes that comes from the gift of a mother to a son, never forgotten.

Dec 25 2016

Mistletoed by TeraS

It is Christmas and as such my annual Christmas manip should appear today. It hasn’t been the best of years, by far and I will admit, quite freely, that I had been considering not creating anything this year. With the help of my heart, to make my writing mess far better than it was, here is something you’ll find… under the mistletoe.

Mistletoed by TeraS

Mistletoed by TeraS


And here, with my dearest thanks to my heart… Is the story…


Sitting under the mistletoe
(green-like-her-eyes mistletoe)
as my will is sinking low,
all thoughts of my own are gone
as my need keeps burning on.
She is lurking everywhere,
but she kissed me, claimed me there.

Lost, my conscious mind would go,
shut down under the mistletoe
(green-like-her-eyes mistletoe);
her footsteps come, her purr romanced me
just as I sat there, hard, she tranced me,
wrapped in her cherry scent in the air,
perfect, red lips kissed me there.

Her sweet presence held me so,
captured under the mistletoe
(green-like-her-eyes mistletoe)
Her fingers danced; it felt amazing.
Mind, body, soul, I was her plaything.
Deeply enthralled, such bliss I would know,
moaning under the mistletoe.


Wishing all a Happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year…



Dec 24 2016

Vindictus does have some interesting Succubus character skins…

I freely admit that I don’t play video games, mainly because I haven’t seen anything that appeals to me, in a Succubus sort of way, that I would want to spend the time playing. However, sometimes my attention is draw to the characters themselves, if for no other reason than they give me story ideas…


If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

The game is Vindicates, and here is what I think is a very interesting Succubus character, even if I know she isn’t all that much really acting like a Succubus in the game itself…

Succubus Goddess Ava and Wings

Succubus Goddess Ava and Wings

She has a little bit of a Morrigan Aensland vibe to her, which is fine, it actually makes her pose and appearance more interesting for me at least. If you watch the video, you can see her in some different poses, and dancing at one point which is… different.

But then this is just, as a whole, different enough that I find it unique for a Succubus character and I think that might draw me towards a story soon…



Dec 23 2016

A Review of Angel’s Keeping by Brantwijn Serrah

Angel's Keeping by Brantwijn Serrah

Angel’s Keeping by Brantwijn Serrah

A review today of a work that first appeared in 2014, then was removed and then suddenly reappeared in 2016. I missed this work when it first appeared and I was rather pleased to see that it had some back to life once more. Christmas is a time for joy, and this is a work that brings that most of all.

I think it is wonderful when a story is told about Succubi in which they discover something about themselves that never expected to be true. When you are told that you could never love someone, never care about someone, because of what you are, it’s hard to accept that it might not be the truth.

But Christmas brings with it, if not miracles, then a simple promise. One for the lover, one for the loved, and one of the truth. Accepting that truth sometimes takes one special soul to reveal that. Even if that takes a great deal of trust and understanding to bring it into being.

  • Title: Angel’s Keeping
  • Author: Brantwijn Serrah
  • Length: 68 Pages
  • ASIN: B01A30FZU6
  • Publishing Date: January 1, 2016 (Reissue)
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Why would the King of Incubi send one of his spies out on Christmas Eve? Unless it is to break her heart…

As a succubus, preying on humans is Raschael’s business, and mortal holidays are a frivolous waste of time. So maybe her king meant to punish her when he sent her out to hunt on Christmas Eve. Or maybe he just wanted her far, far away, so he could banish Raschael’s one trusted friend.

Your little pet has run off.

Now Raschael must track down a missing fallen angel, and she doesn’t have a clue where to start. Bigger predators are closing in, and Rasche’s only lead is a Christmas stripper named Noelle.

Rasche is a succubus who faces a world where she isn’t valued, where the idea of love is something that isn’t for her. But she has a joy in her life, one that makes all else bearable. Sent away to capture a soul on Christmas Eve, she is told that her joy has gone astray. A choice made, a need discovered and a truth is revealed that Rasche would never have imagined would be true.

What I thought was the most interesting part of this work was the time spent in telling the universe that Rasche lives in. The trials that she faces, the little bit of joy from Kyrie, how the two of them are, in a way, set again those around them that are… unkind… to put things mildly. By doing so, the author creates a strong emotional connection with Rasche and Kyrie and through this, when things start to go wrong, I found myself invested as a reader in why things were happening, but also how they were unfolding.

The relationship between Rasche and Kyrie is wonderful. While they cannot express the concept of love, of caring, of needing one another, it is clear they do, they simply must. Seeing how Rasche thinks about things, how her perceptions of the world are changed by Kyrie, how that offers one simple promise that she cannot ignore, that in itself makes the story so much better by far.

Rasche is a succubus, her true form is somewhat stereotypical, but she isn’t. That’s important and meaningful because without that, the rest of the work doesn’t have anything to connect to. While she is “ordered” to take souls, and otherwise, there’s a feeling that she’s unhappy about things, that there’s something that can change in her. It is that possibly, how it might be, that turns Rasche into one of the most fascinating Succubus characters I have read in some time.

The other main character, Noelle, was telegraphing who she was, what she represented, almost from the moment she appeared. She didn’t quite come out and say, but so many times there was this little cute expression of “I know something you don’t” which made her a wonderful companion to the events that Rasche faces in her search for Kyrie

There is quite a lot of erotica in this work, which consists of a series of hot flashes, but they aren’t meaningless. They speak of Rasche, of Kyrie, and in a way Noelle as well. There is emotion, love, joy and bliss, but also want, need and craving. Not simply erotica, the moments are complex in their emotional attachment and where that takes the characters in their journey.

If I had one concern about this work, it is how throughout the story Rasche and Kyrie’s names change from time to time. There are moments when in one sentence it is “Rasche” and in another it is “Raschael”. Sometimes it is “Kyrie” and sometimes it is “Kyriel”. It isn’t a huge issue, but it just seemed an odd thing to do so often.

A lovely, cute and passionate story, Rasche is a joy as are Noelle and Kyrie. Well written, full of passions, story, characters that have souls and are changed over the telling of the story that makes this something special. I wish there was more about Rasche’s past, that of Kyrie as well. Noelle’s reveal was cute, but left me wanting too. Perhaps this story isn’t over, there will be more told about them all and I think that’s a lovely Christmas gift to be… I hope.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

A lovely, cute, but meaningful story in which the characters discover their truths and are the better for being so. I’d love to see more about Raschael, her love, and her world. While it might not be all that it should be, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be.

Because sometimes love does conquer all.



Dec 23 2016

A Review of Succubus Sundries by Zayna Noble

Succubus Sundries by Zayna Noble

Succubus Sundries by Zayna Noble

The first of two reviews today on the Tale of a book series called Succubus Sundries which I thought was a lot of fun. The main succubus character in this work, Lala, has appeared in some other series by this author and I’ll get about to reviewing them in the future here on the Tale.

I like Lala for her style, her bemusement and how she acts as a succubus as a whole. She wasn’t the central character in the story, but she made everything happen. I wanted to see a story about her alone, perhaps telling how she decided to get into the business she is in.

Having found another story with the same character appearing, I hoped that there would be more about Lala, who she is, where she came from. I wanted more than she being just “there” in the story and not much more. Regrettably, that didn’t happen in this work, but there is a story which had some promise in it nonetheless.

The work tells the story of:

Abby has a crush but doesn’t have the confidence to take the next step. Her solution? She turns to a local potion and magic shop, owned by a sultry Succubus. Lala is more than happy to help Abby, helping her try out different potions and pieces of magical jewelry, each one transforming Abby’s body from one sexy form to the next!

From slender elf to busty neko and even to a generously-endowed lactating cow girl, Abby finds herself getting hotter and hotter. The thoughts of showing each of these new bodies to her crush excites her until she can’t take it anymore!

Fortunately for Abby, Lala the Succubus accepts a very different currency for their transaction…

Abby has heard tales of a store where a certain succubus can make dreams come true. Overcoming her shyness, she visits Lala and finds a succubus who is more than willing to help. Whether that’s trying to find what Abby wants, or if that’s what Lala wants is another question entirely. But it’s going to be fun to find out what, and who, comes next.

While Lala was only fleetingly in the prior series she appeared in, in this story she’s far more central, more involved and drives the plot forwards in a very seductive manner. She’s very much a succubus in how she toys with Abby, seduces her thoughts and then, when Abby’s quite literally on her knees, has her way with Abby. She’s not evil, really she’s mischievous, and I adored that very much.

Even though Lala is central to the story, her past isn’t told, her character doesn’t develop too far and by the time the story has to leave her behind, it’s unclear whether or not anything was learned about her as a whole. There are some lovely hints, which I dearly wish had been explored, but they aren’t seemingly important to the story and so they get passed over on the way to Abby’s seduction and the erotica that comes along with it all.

The erotica between Lala and Abby is a lovely, slow building up of sexual tension and I think that really worked well. It allowed Abby to explore what she wanted, to give Lala someone to play with. Both are well done, very hot and not as to be silly or seemingly wrong in some way. The transformation scenes are quite good, very detailed and I enjoyed them as well. Once the story turned towards Abby’s focus on why she visited Lala, the story moved very quickly through the climax, a very short erotic scene and the story comes to a close far too quickly I thought.

The writing is good, the characters are not cardboard, but Lala just didn’t develop as much as Abby did and I really wanted to see that. This is less a story about Lala as a succubus as it is a story about a series of transformations. Thus Lala could never really be the core of the story, but with all that the author told about her, she comes very close. I still want to know more about Lala, her past and so on. That could be a really good story on its own and still hope to see that sometime. But it didn’t happen here.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Lala was far more present in this work than the preceding series, which was promising, but really there wasn’t much in the way of her story being told, learning more about her. Again, like her previous appearance, she’s a tool for the transformation of the main character and when her role is over, she vanishes once more.

I still want a story about her, knowing more, telling more. That interests me because Lala seems to be very interesting on her own. Sometime the author should think about telling that story along with all else they are.

The second work in the series, Succubus Sundries 2, was published yesterday and I will be reviewing that work on the Tale next Tuesday… Hopefully it will open up Lala’s story more than it has been.