Succubi Image of the Week 702

From time to time, I have a thing about succubi wearing glasses. There’s just something about adding a pair of glasses that just pushes a succubus to appear that much more seductive.. A piece of art this time in which the succubus might be wearing glasses, but her look and expression are just perfectly sexy…

Insert Inappropriate Title Here by Ichneumonidaem

Insert Inappropriate Title Here by Ichneumonidaem

This work is by the artist Ichneumonidaem on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

Wonderful expression, amazing style and pose, she’s every bit the seductive being she should be, her horns look perfect for her too. Where I am a bit confused is if she has glasses or not, it’s a bit hard to say. But from my point of view she seems to have a pair of half glasses on and I find that deliciously fun…


Will that lousy pitchfork ever disappear?

Sexy Lavish 4 Piece Sexy Devil Corset Costume
Those that have read my… commentary… on various costumes know of the singularly lousy pitchfork which I detest.

For some reason it has become the standard pitchfork that most costumes provide. I’d have expected that a costume that is priced near a hundred dollars might have something better. Obviously I’m mistaken…

This is called the Sexy Lavish 4 Piece Sexy Devil Corset Costume and it comes with the horns, wings, skirt and harness… and that pitchfork. The stockings are not included and it sells for $90 US.

It’s a bit on the tacky side, but honestly that pitchfork just wrecks everything. Not very sexy by far and the accessories just don’t add much to the overall look. What you can’t see is the amazingly tacky wings that come with the costume as well. They aren’t very much and really seem like an afterthought.

Not something I’d really consider, there’s better looks for the same investment and many other options to consider.

One pitchfork out of five.

Tacky is tacky, there’s no escaping it…


A Review of The Succubus Babysitter by Succumb To Me

The Succubus Babysitter by Succumb To Me

The Succubus Babysitter by Succumb To Me

I’ve noted several times that seduction is far more interesting than the actual entanglement which comes after a succubus claims her prey.

Sex isn’t diffcult to write, but telling of a seduction and making the heat needed within that act can be a challenge. A review then where the succubus is wonderfully seductive but I’d have loved to see more than there is.

  • Title: The Succubus Babysitter
  • Author: Succumb To Me
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 37 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B096QTF8XY
  • Publishing Date: June 5, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Thomas Reynolds is an overworked programmer who desperately needs a vacation, unfortunately he receives an email from his boss with yet another project that he has to take care of as soon as possible. His wife is out of town, so he calls an overnight baby-sitting service. The babysitter is not what he expected and he begins to suspect that she might be hiding a terrible secret. The Succubus Babysitter is an erotic horror thriller not meant for the faint of heart.

Tom is caught between a rock and a hard place when his job goes sideways and his wife isn’t home to look after their son. But a babysitter would solve the issue his wife explains and when the babysitter appears Tom discovers his hard place is found beside the succubus that has arrived to “help”.

The work is interesting as the majority of the story centers on Selene, the succubus character, as she tempts and seduces Tom into falling into her clutches. It’s a slow building up of heat that I thought was really well done. It’s not rushed or over the top, the means she uses are well described as are Tom’s reactions. As such it was really enjoyable to see how Selene played him through his finally succumbing to her.

The final seduction, and Selene revealing her true form, are as well done. What’s more interesting is her thoughts about why and what she is doing. That was a different twist and it makes what otherwise was a erotic scene that bordered on porn levels of heat, much better than it seemed to be going otherwise.

The writing is quite good, the characters aren’t two dimensional and I liked that the actions had consequences for the characters. The climax I think could have been a bit longer, the heat a bit more. The ending is also a little abrupt for my liking, but does offer something for the future which is positive. But there’s a question in that happening.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Selene is rather unique as a whole and I liked the storytelling quite a bit. I’d have liked a little less porn in the erotica however. If anything, the seduction Selena creates I’d have liked to see more of. How things end makes this feel like there’s going to be a follow on book and I hope there is.

There’s a lot of plot threads dangling that should be used. I especially wonder about Tom’s wife, there’s a few hints that make me wonder about her and if I’m right, that could take the story towards something a lot more interesting by far.


Act Like Nothing’s Wrong by TeraS

Continuing with Cassie’s story today on the Tale. You can find the previous parts here, here, here and here. There comes a point in every relationship where something isn’t what you want it to be. When that happens, you might have to …

Act Like Nothing’s Wrong
By TeraS

Cassie had modelled before; the fashion part of things always was the treat. The trick was getting through the makeup and hair styling, which she detested. Given the chance, she’d look after it herself, but this wasn’t one of those times and so she had to suffer … not so much the stylist, but rather her two vapid companions.

For the most part, she’d turned them out, their conversation being less than interesting. At least she did until they started talking about having their way with Keith in ways that made Cassie reconsider pitchforking the two of them, repeatedly. Still, she’d kept her thoughts to herself; the Temptress was sure they were doing this because they’d noticed how Keith had looked at her and they’d probably seen her kiss him on the cheek.

There wasn’t anything the silver-tail could do as she watched the two strut out of the dressing room in rocker chick outfits, leaving her behind. As soon as the door closed, Cassie sighed and looked at the ceiling. The matronly makeup artist stopped her work, then turned the chair around so Cassie was facing her: “Okay. Talk.”

Cassie explained how she’d met Keith and how she was smitten by him. She explained how wonderful he was, how she wished that they’d be a couple. Explaining her fears about the other two models getting their claws into him was met with not only the matron nodding, but the two assistants nodding as well.

“You think you love him?”


“Then let’s make you unforgettable.”

After Cassie left, Keith returned to the old convertible red Corvette that had been in the shop for a few months. Vintage cars were always finicky things—never quite right, with a needed part being months away at times. But at times, it was more mundane things needing to be done that allowed his mind to review other considerations.

At the moment, those thoughts centered on a certain blonde named Cassie whom he’d just met. He had no question that she was beautiful: even looking as she did so early in the morning, there was a glow around her that he couldn’t get out of his thoughts, not that he really wanted to. She seemed really nice, didn’t seem to be putting on a front. If anything, she seemed … right.

Not like the two models that were, at the moment, hanging around the convertible and trying to divert his attention to them. He could tell when someone was putting up an act, and it was clear that these two wanted only one thing from him … and Keith wasn’t at all interested.

Something caught his attention and when he turned, Keith couldn’t help but stop and smile. Standing in the sunlight passing through the open bay door was Cassie. She’d been beautiful the first time he saw her; she was stunning now. They’d shaped her hair into a blonde up-do in sharp contrast to the black leather corset and skirt she wore along with a pair of thigh high patent leather boots. The rocker chicks had met their match in the leather bombshell that greeted Keith.

Cassie wanted to wrap herself around him, to claim him in front of the two sharks who were still circling. She knew what they wanted; the night before made that very clear. Keith was out of their league. They just didn’t know it. Ignoring the evil looks, Cassie called out in a warm purr: “Can I help?”

Wiping his hands on a rag, Keith’s words made Cassie wet her red lips: “You look amazing, I wouldn’t want to make a mess.”

Cassie wanted to say “do anything you want.” But she replied: “You need to see me in silver. Black isn’t my colour.”

He mulled that over with a light smile: “The lady knows what she likes. You’d be stunning in silver.”

His smile reminded the silver-tail once more why he was, or would be, Tera’s Eternal. He always was the gentleman. Her question was offered in hope: “Would you know a nice place for lunch? Maybe we can talk.”

He nodded: “I do. Looking forward to it.”

Cassie found she couldn’t wait as she turned towards the set and what she needed to get done that day. The shoot didn’t go very well. Both sharks weren’t cooperating, doing everything they could to wreck the entire scene. Frustrated, the director called a break and walked away, pulling at her hair in frustration. That left Cassie with the two sharks in the back of the limo: “What are your problems?”

The redhead answered coldly: “You could have told us that you knew Keith. Saved us both a lot of time and effort.”

“You didn’t ask. Besides, are you both that unaware?”

The brunette was kinder, her voice telling: “You make a really nice couple. Wish it was me.”

Cassie took her hand: “Pamela. You have no idea just how wonderful a man he is.”

The redhead snorted: “There’s no such thing. All they want is a piece of ass and then they’re gone. That’s why I treat them the same.”

The Temptress turned to her: “He’s not like that, Anya. I’ve known him for years and he’s never been anything but a gentleman to me.”

“Prove it.”

There was only one way to oblige.

No one outside of the limo noticed the flash of silver light, or the two gasps of surprise that followed. When the director returned, he found the three models cuddled together in the limo, Cassie in the middle talking to her companions, too softly to be heard. When Cassie looked up, her green eyes met the director’s brown: “Let’s take another shot at this. I think we’ve worked things out.”

The rest of the shoot went better than the director expected, although she did have to ask the models to tone things down from porn levels of heat more than once. When the morning’s shoot was over, she found that the heat in the scene was what she wanted and was more than thrilled that the three had mended their relationships somehow.

Keith was waiting outside, holding a picnic basket, when the group broke for lunch. Expecting only Cassie, he was surprised when all three models approached him, the peck on the cheek from Anya and Pamela a change from what they’d been like before. Cassie seemed a bit bashful when her companions hugged her and then walked away with a smile, leaving her and Keith alone.

Watching them leave, Keith asked: “They seem to be in a better mood, what happened?”

Cassie demurred, just smiling as Keith offered his arm and lead her away from the garage. Crossing the street, Cassie found herself in a small park that she hadn’t noticed that morning. She almost stumbled when Keith guided her to a park bench, under an old maple tree …

… exactly like the one in the picture that began all of this.

A Review of Moonlight Becomes Her: Volume I: Issues 1-16 by W. D. Laremore

Moonlight Becomes Her: Volume I: Issues 1-16 by W. D. Laremore

Moonlight Becomes Her: Volume I: Issues 1-16 by W. D. Laremore

Origin stories depend very much on the characters telling a story that is interesting, has depth, and doesn’t tend to overcome the meaning of the words behind a wall of things that aren’t really related.

Over the past year or so there’s been a series which follows the life of a succubus character and her efforts to find herself and it does bring me to pause and wonder.

  • Title: Moonlight Becomes Her: Volume I: Issues 1-16
  • Author: W. D. Laremore
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 143 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B095L2HLXT
  • Publishing Date: May 20, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

A Cambion Succubus is a half-human female demonic entity that feeds on the life energy, and thrives on the sexual energy, of the men and women she seduces. Beware! Her kiss can give you new life, or take life from you… Lily Starlin, a cambion succubus, has a lot going on. Someone is trying to kill her, she’s bonded to a demon against her will, and she can’t find a cure for her amnesia. All she wants is to get her foot in the door to a fulfilling career, have a normal life, and be a good person. If all that complication wasn’t enough, she’s falling in love with one of her prey. What is a girl to do? Well, you have to read to find out…

There are questions in life that need to be answered. Who I am isn’t for some as important as why I am or perhaps more accurately how I got into this mess. Lily is asking herself all of these questions, and the simplest answer, that she is a succubus, isn’t answer enough.

This work was originally a series of short novelettes that were released over the course of a year and then bundled into a single work. It follows the main character Lily Starlin as she grows up, learns about herself, and then things take a turn for the odd. Becoming the herald of a demon, she then has to deal with losing herself. It’s that loss of self that tends to make the story drift as it progresses. Sometimes there’s a lack of focus, or it jumps between Lily having one personality and then a different one.

It does make sense from the perspective of Lily being a succubus and her powers shifting her form, but at the same time the story wanders when it turns away from Lily and focuses on other characters. It also, from time to time, drops some major characters out of the story and it’s uncertain as to why they were set aside. Even beyond these quirks the story doesn’t tend to have events tie together as well as I’d have liked them to.

That all said, there’s a lot to unpack in Lily through the story and it just seems to become more complicated the deeper the story goes. Even with teenage angst mixed with her succubus nature, there’s a lot of internal conflicts to deal with and the hurt that she needs to push through turns very dark sometimes.

At some points Lily acts like she has multiple personality disorder, which for a succubus is a very dangerous thing. She can be a friend, lover or something more in one scene and then turn so very darkly evil in the next. Again that’s interesting to see happen, but it might highlight a lack of focus in the story that need not be there.

There’s another major character that is very present throughout, being a thorn in Lily’s life and really being a major source of evil. They aren’t exactly likable, but they aren’t expected to be. Actually that’s true of a handful of characters in the story, but that’s a function of the plot and so it’s not unexpected. What I couldn’t quite enjoy was when Lily’s father appeared. I’d have liked to know a lot more about this incubus, more than the short appearance he makes.

Given that the original work was a series of short stories tied together at the edges, the series could use another editing pass to clean up some grammar, spelling and narration issues. That’s mainly to make the story flow better and read less scattered and more focused which I think really would make this work really shine.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Lily is a very unique character and there’s a lot to like about her overall. The story wanders a bit too much and it could be better if there was more connective story between the sharp story changes that occur. The author is continuing Lily’s story in another series of works, and perhaps in that will come a kind of closure for Lily’s trials and a means to find herself at last.


A Short YouTube about Succubi in D&D

I came across a short YouTube about succubi and how they can be used in Dungeons and Dragon adventures. It’s a bit short but it gets the main point across. There’s also an interesting adventure idea as well that’s shared.

If the video can’t be seen on the Take, please try this link.

This actually reminds me of an article on the SuccuWiki which you can find here.

In the case of D&D, the following quote from the article is, I think, very apt and does actually give the succubi in this role playing game far more power and influence than I think most D&D games give them:

Succubi are the consummate manipulators of the demon world — some say of all the planes! They thrive in this role, offering corrupting advice and granting boons that always end in despair. When a succubus chooses its target, it often disguises itself as both the enemy and ally of the target so as to sow the most discord.

This means that characters who suspect that a succubus is involved should be wary of everyone near and dear to the target. True seeing is a good way to spot a succubus for what it really is. Remember that succubi are manipulators, so you may find yourself helping a victim who doesn’t necessarily want to be helped.

While succubi sometimes find random victims at the bottom of the social strata, most focus their effort on the movers and shakers of the world who have enough resources and manpower to make outside interference with the succubus’s plan both difficult and dangerous.

Something to ponder, not just in a role playing game but otherwise as well…


A Review of Feed: An Erotic Monster Romance by Aveda Vice

Feed: An Erotic Monster Romance by Aveda Vice

Feed: An Erotic Monster Romance by Aveda Vice

Not all stories which have a succubus character in them necessarily have the focus being on their nature or powers or what they are really capable of. Sometimes the story focuses more on the need within the character and what they truly desire.

A review of a work this time on the Tale which tells an interesting BDSM story that involves a succubus, but it really isn’t that much focused on her being a succubus so much as how she reacts to the events that occur when her need overcomes all else.

  • Title: Feed: An Erotic Monster Romance
  • Author: Aveda Vice
  • Published By: Bad Bite LLC
  • Length: 48 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0938B98PW
  • Publishing Date: May 28, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

his monster wants to get under more than just her skin… Avirin has a dirty little secret. She hates her fae coworker – but that’s no surprise. Not when Pye’s tattoos and easy-going attitude clash with her pencil skirts and rigid expectations. Those strict rules help her maintain a corporate appearance so no one catches onto the truth of what she is… A succubus, secretly scheduling the feedings she needs to survive. Imagine her shock to find Pye on her doorstep offering their services. Avirin should refuse, but the need to feed is growing stronger…and once she gets a taste of him, she’s not sure her hunger will be sated by anything less than his body against hers.

Arvin’s hunger is pressing on her body and mind, but the encounter she thought would fill her need turns out to be the one nightmare she never wanted to face. Perhaps she can get through this, perhaps she’ll survive his taunts. Perhaps she might never want to leave either.

The overall focus of the work isn’t on Arvin being a succubus, it’s clearly on the BDSM themes and other related thoughts and ideas which drive the characters in their encounter. While there’s a lot told about Arvin overall, there’s really so very little seen of her being a succubus save for a fleeting moment or two which does give interesting glimpses into her real form, how she survives and, most of all, the battle she wages within herself. That part of the work interested me as there’s a lot of Arvin’s character to explore as a whole. Perhaps it wasn’t as fully as it might have been, but then that wasn’t the point here.

The focus is, from start to end, the BDSM aspects of the moment Arvin finds herself in, the submission she has to give into and now the other character uses Arvin in various ways for their amusement. Beyond the expected D/s situations, the story delves into some odd and unique themes to expand on which does help in the telling of the story and giving life to the complexities of the characters.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s not really a succubus story at its core or direction. Arvin is a succubus, but there’s a lot in her character that I’d like to have explored beyond the heat and the hunger within herself. Perhaps there’s more to be found beyond that, it would be nice to see.