Jul 18 2020

A YouTube with Morrigan Aensland’s Video Game appearences

Morrigan has appeared in a number of video games and this time on the Tale, a kind of summary in which most of Morrigan’s appearances, and some of her moves, are shown…


Here’s the link in case the video does not appear on the Tale, and a screenshot of one of the Morrigan images as well.

Morrigan Aensland Game Image

Morrigan Aensland Game Image

It’s interesting to see how Morrigan’s look has changed as video game technology has improved. But Morrigan remains the strong presence she is throughout, even as her “toying” with others in the games becomes more and more reflective of her succubus character…

I still think it’s about time for a new Morrigan video game, I’d really like to see an adventure game instead of a fighting game, but that’s not likely to ever happen… But I can hope…



Jul 16 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 652

One of the thoughts about Succubi that appear sometimes is that a character is a half-Succubus or something similar. Most of the time their succubus nature is hidden away beneath the other part of them. That’s not always, but for the sake of story telling it seems to happen more often than not. For this week’s art a character who is part elf, but delightfully all Succubi in nature…

Succubus elf by Neus-Ku

Succubus elf by Neus-Ku

This work is by the artist Neus-Ku on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here.

I adore the Dungeons & Dragons vibe from this work, but more so, the expression of calm dominance I think tells a lot about her character. She’s not without her power, most likely has many a thrall or similar under her touch.

Lovely character design from her hair, pose, expression and look. She’s every bit the seductive creature she’s meant to be and being that this work just delights me.



Jul 15 2020

A tutu does not make a good costume

Red Black Devil Tutu Two Piece Costume

Red Black Devil Tutu Two Piece Costume

Perhaps the most common thing I see when looking at what are supposed to be succubish costumes, is that many times the costume is nothing special that’s had a set of horns added to it.

It’s a really cheap way to gain some sales of something that might not be selling well, but it also, at least to me, seems to suggest that there’s a real lack of imagination. It becomes more so when the model doesn’t seem to be all that thrilled with the costume in the first place.

But there is a rather large surprise to anyone that ordered this costume and didn’t read the fine print.

This is called the Red Black Devil Tutu Two Piece Costume which sells for $90 US, but can be found for as little as $35 US at some websites. The costume comes with the bikini top and the tutu.

That’s all it comes with. The horns, pitchfork and stockings are not included and you only find that out if you take the time to read the fine print at the bottom of the page.

So, as a whole, you’d be better off to find a dress and buy a set of horns to go with it than to spend the money on this. It’s quite trashy, it isn’t sexy by any means either.

It’s an example of something that doesn’t come with everything needed, and more so, not coming with a tacky set of horns is… well.. tacky isn’t it?

Zero pitchforks out of five for obvious reasons.

Again, there’s better ideas out there to be found…



Jul 11 2020

An interesting Morrigan Aensland Game Mod YouTube

Making mods for video games isn’t anything new by far. There are some, in a lot of games actually, that turn the main character of the game into Morrigan Aensland. This time on the Tale, a YouTube that shows one such mod for the video game Bayonetta that places Morrigan into the game and I think that’s quite an interesting idea…


In case the video does not appear on the Tale, please try this link. As well, here’s a screenshot from the video in case YouTube takes it down at some point…

Morrigan Aensland in Bayonetta Video Game Setting

Morrigan Aensland in Bayonetta Video Game Setting

The modelling for Morrigan is really well done and it’s nice to see her in two different coloured outfits as well. The close up images are wonderful and while it is an overlay of the Bayonetta model used in the game, I don’t think it looks out of place or odd.

It does, however, make he wish that there would be a new game with Morrigan appearing in it… Been far too long since that’s happened…



Jul 09 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 651

On occasion a story set in a video game universe or similar will have a character who is described as being one of the Succubi. I think that’s interesting, mainly in that having a succubus as a “ghost in the machine” makes for a lot of story paths to take. For this week’s image then a work of art which tells of such a succubus character…

Cyber Succubus by Lupanita

Cyber Succubus by Lupanita

This work is by the artist Lupanita on DeviantArt and you can find the original art here.

There’s a kind of 1950s science fiction look to this art which appeals to me. It’s not over the top or overtly sexual, but there’s a feeling of the character being more than just what she looks like.

Perhaps that’s the main thing, that she is a succubus, but beyond that, in the ether of cyberspace she dwells in, there’s something more to be found.



Jul 08 2020

Darling this costume doesn’t work for Succubi…

Devilish Darling Costume

Devilish Darling Costume

You might have thought that I’d run out of lousy devil costumes to rant about… I don’t think that’s ever going to happen because there’s no possible way that any costume maker will manage to avoid making lousy ones. Some are better than others, of course… but then there are those that look like… this.

This is called the Devilish Daring Costume and it sells for a staggering $72 US. The costume comes with a tux-like corset with a stay up collar, a pin on devil tail and sequin devil horns headband. Shoes, stockings and all else isn’t include.

Perhaps the single thing that makes me cringe the most is the copy on this costume which has the line “you are sure to have a devilish time at any gathering.” I don’t think I’d want to be seen any any such thing, never mind being seen wearing this hot mess at all.

The tail is lousy, the horns are cheap and sparkly which isn’t a good combination. The outfit itself just screams cheap and tacky. The cowl is eye-lollingly awful as well.

There’s nothing here that’s attractive or sexy by any means of the imagination and there’s not one single thing here that I’d keep or try to improve because you really can’t make something better out of this.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Just avoid this hot mess honestly…



Jul 04 2020

A delightful Morrigan Aensland pole dancing YouTube…

Been quite some time, at least at the point where this post is going to appear, that I have managed more regular updates on the Tale. Starting today, hopefully, I’ll be more active in things here. As such, since it’s Saturday, a YouTube I found the other day of Morrigan Aensland pole dancing that I think is just a delightfully fun thing…


Here’s the link if the video isn’t appearing, and, as always, here’s a screenshot of the video in case YouTube makes it disappear…

Morrigan Aensland Pole Dancing

Morrigan Aensland Pole Dancing

This is really well done, and I think what I like about this the most is that it isn’t silly or does something a bit too over the top as a whole. That’s appealing to me as while I can see Morrigan doing something like this, I can’t see her making it trashy or something that’s not in her character…

Of course this would never appear in a video game… Though it would be a bit of silly fun that might make a good Easter Egg or something…