Sep 03 2017

A Review of Succubi Gone Wild: Madison by Lexi Jordan

Succubi Gone Wild: Madison by Lexi Jordan

Succubi Gone Wild: Madison by Lexi Jordan

From time to time I review works about succubi that, for whatever reason, aren’t available any longer. The reason for that is, of course, the SuccuWiki, and the thought of trying to be as complete as possible. That said, the work I am reviewing this time might well be one of the shortest lived works I’ve ever reviewed. The work isn’t available any longer, the author’s website does not exist either. It’s a shame really because the overall idea of the work is really interesting. The issue becomes the erotica being just slightly over the line into something that’s taboo as a subject.

Being a succubus does not mean you aren’t who you were. Your past matters, your life matters. Sex might be all that you care about at times, but then, given the right partner, the needs felt might be something that opens your eyes to the truth.

The work tells of:

When three friends cast a spell to obtain eternal youth and beauty, their wish is granted. But there’s a cost. They must indulge in their deepest desires or starve to death no matter how dark those desires might be.

Madison had everything she wanted in life; wealth, beauty, popularity. When one of her best friends wanted to do a spell, she joined in thinking it was silly, slumber party nonsense. Little did she know that her life would change forever. Cursed with a hunger she can’t control, she turns to the person she trusts most in the world, her step-brother, Logan. But will the darkness inside her lead her to harm those she cares about the most?

Madison finds herself roped into trying some magic by a good friend. But while she thought it was a lark, it turns out that they made a deal with the incubus king and now the three of them are succubi. Now Madison’s problem is that she needs something, someone, desperately and when she discovers who that is, the confusion mixed with her needs leaves nothing but a mess behind.

The work is a short hot flash which mainly focuses on Madison as she tries to deal with the changes she is undergoing. The heat comes from three encounters which work well enough, if seemingly being a bit quickly passed over at times.

The work is very short and as such there’s a lot of things that aren’t delved into, explained, or considered. For example, at one point Madison realizes what it means to be a succubus, what her future holds, and in that moment she had a break down over that realization. But rather than spending time giving her character more depth, there’s a rush to move on as her needs overcome her once more.

That, at its core, is the issue with this work. There’s little time spent in developing Madison as a character for the sake of rushing headlong into the next piece of erotica. There’s no time spent in having her learn about being a succubus, nothing told about trying to cope beyond her cravings. Even a reflection of her situation is glossed over and that shouldn’t be. It’s a shame because the storytelling is very good, there’s delightful humour, the characters have some really interesting personalities as well.

The work is less about Madison being a succubus than it is about Madison being tossed into what are, mostly, porn movie sex scenes. As such, the question becomes if it even matters if she is a succubus at times, if that is only an excuse for the erotica to latch onto. The shortness of the work is what causes this issue and I dearly wish the author had spent more time in giving Madison more life than they did. There’s a good start here, but it could be so much better still.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I loved the humour, the storytelling and overall the story just appealed in many ways to me. But there’s a real lack of there being more to the succubus aspects of Madison and her friends than just their needs being fulfilled in any way possible. It’s a shame that there wasn’t more time spent in exploring that aspect of their transformations. It’s a shame that the story really only had one point when all was said and done.

I’d have liked to have similar works about the other two characters who where transformed, what happened to them and how things turned out. Sadly, the work is no longer available and it seems to be unlikely that anything further will come from this.



Sep 03 2017

A Review of The Fuccubus by Robert Bevan

The Fuccubus by Robert Bevan

The Fuccubus by Robert Bevan

Recently there’s been a trope for succubi which involves characters being dropped into a Dungeons and Dragons universe and what happens to them. It’s interesting because the characters seems to know where they are and what’s going on, sometimes to the point where they talk about their scores and so on.

It’s a different sort of story and when that’s told well, the characters and plots can be unique by far. However, sometimes there’s too much focus on the events, telling them as if the characters are sitting at a table and playing the game rather than actually being in the story. It’s also a problem, on occasion, when the succubus herself isn’t much more than a paper-tiger and acts far too stereotypically evil for my tastes as well.

The work tells of:

It’s the time-honored classic formula. Boy meets girl. Girl invites boy, and four other dudes, back to her place. Boy thinks it’s weird, but agrees because girl is smokin’ hot. Girl turns out to be a demon who wants to suck boys’ souls out through their dicks.

A group of adventurers are hanging out in a bar when they are approached by a woman with an offer they can’t refuse. But the offer comes with strings attached and when those strings are pulled the adventurers find themselves being the toys of a succubus with one thing on her mind.

The work has a very strong fantasy-adventure feel to it, tilting in many cases towards a Dungeons and Dragons level of minutia at times. There’s some really well placed humour, some of the actions scenes are too funny for words honestly. There is but a scattering of erotica here and there in the work, as well as an underlying mind control theme at some points. The number of in-jokes and asides becomes a little overwhelming at points, but overall the work is written well and uses the setting and scope of the characters and situation really well.

Kristanya, the succubus of the work, seems sadly underused for the most part. She’s not really much more than a thinly created one-dimensional character with only one goal in her mind. That’s a little disappointing because her first appearance seemed to offer something more than that, but when all of the characters fall into her orbit, she’s single-minded and rather not that much creative in what she does. Kristanya is a little too much the gloating fiend that uses others than a succubus seducing others. She’s a bit too much the sex-driven succubus that needs her meal more than being in control of what’s going on around her.

That said, the dialogue she has does work, there’s some really quite telling moments through that. But it’s not enough to overcome the story in how she draws the characters in, then fades out to the background throughout much of what comes afterwards. Kristanya tends to play characters off each other, uses her mind control to influence them, and then takes what she wants. She also tends to be more of a monster, fighting as a whole than being a seductress as she really needed to be. It’s there at the start, without question, but soon after there’s nothing of the seductress and all of the stereotypical succubus instead.

The work is written a little oddly in that the dialogue makes a lot of references to stats and rolls and so on. That’s part of the series itself, but at times that drove me out of the story and it shouldn’t have. This reads very much like an encounter and the dialogue much as if the characters were players directing themselves into action. It works, to an extent, but it’s odd nonetheless.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Kristanya is rather stereotypically evil and there’s not that much told about her. She’s more of a means to an end and not much more than that. It’s a shame that with all of the humour, the teasing, the dialogue, that she didn’t have a larger role to play.

Still, the work isn’t so much about her as it is about the other characters and what happens to them. In that respect there’s a lot to like about how the story is told and the delight in how things were brought about. I just would have liked Kristanya to be more of the character that she began the story with rather than the character she became by the end.



Sep 02 2017

An interesting YouTube of a animated Succubus

Some of the 3D artwork of succubi that I stumble across are rather interesting for how different they are. Such as this YouTube of what’s described as a test render of a succubus who seems, at least to me, be a bit more battle in tone than seductive as a whole. But she’s quite unique nonetheless.


If you can’t see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, because YouTube has a habit of deleting videos, here’s a screenshot of the succubus herself posing:

Succubus by Stone Clone

Succubus by Stone Clone

She’s… more of a dungeon Mistress to be overcome in a fight than a succubus waiting for prey to seduce. That’s not a bad thing, I like her overall look and I have some thoughts to ponder from this…

You never know what comes from that of course…



Sep 01 2017

A Review of the The Devil’s Dance series by April M. Junisdottir

The Devil's Dance by April M. Junisdottir

The Devil’s Dance by April M. Junisdottir

In the telling of a story, there comes a point where a character has to open themselves up to who they are. Trying to shade their real selves behind misdirection, whether that be erotic or just confusing, leaves something to be desired.

Character development matters and that isn’t just the main character, it’s everyone that appears in the story. Saying a character is a succubus, or a demon of lust, is just a sliver of their story. Giving their name is but another. Ensnaring their prey, in all of the delicious ways that can be imagined, can be a delight. But without something more that they are sex incarnate, I feel like there something missing.

A review then of the first two works in the Devil’s Dance series by April M. Junisdottir, which I hope are but the opening to more to come. The two book series, so far, consists of:

The work tells of:

Esther Galil’s best friend is injured a car accident. The band she’s lead singer in is spinning wheels and going nowhere fast. Her life feels like it’s falling apart. Until one day her mysterious elderly neighbor offers her a book of old rituals which she claims can solve all of her problems – at a cost. Esther’s virgin body will be given over to a demoness of lust. Esther told herself in the darkest hours of the night that she didn’t believe in magic or spirits… but desperation can make a woman try anything and everything. And as she recited the ancient words of the Sumerian ritual, a distinctly feminine form emerges from ritual circle, cast out from the darkest depths, wreathed in fire and ash… and hungry in a way that she would *make* Esther love.

The second book is:

It tells the story of:

Esther Galil never imagined her life would take such a crazy turn. One day she was just a singer in a rock band going nowhere fast; the next, her best friend ended up in a car crash, her elderly neighbor told her to make a virgin sacrifice, and she ended up the vessel for an ancient Sumerian lust demoness! The demoness claims she can solve all of Esther’s problems, and starts by healing her friend… but demands her body in return, over, and over, and over again. Esther wants to hate it… but she can’t. She needs it. And every time the demoness demands more from her, she loses a little bit of herself to the raw, primal, aching lust deep within her…

Esther has but one wish, one hope, one desire. Her only friend has been in an accident and is not expected to live. But there are other means to save the day, if she’s willing to do so. Summoning a demon of lust isn’t the best of ideas, more so when the price to be paid is sharing her body with a creature of lust. Sometimes the best of intentions leads to unexpected things and along the way they also can lead to discovering something about oneself.

Overall the series so far has been a study in what Esther will do, regardless of the cost. Her disbelief in the possibility offered, at first, was told really well, but then there’s kind of a collapse of the impossibility and when she’d confronted by Mina, it’s clear from the start that Esther is well over her head. But that doesn’t seem to matter much and sealing the deal happens in a heartbeat. Once past that initial encounter with Mina, having felt her power and being at Mina’s mercy, the story moves on at a very fast clip. In doing so some of the details are skimmed over, or are left to be resisted later on.

While it’s clear that Mina is a demon of lust, or a succubus, she’s more of a tease, a devil on Esther’s shoulder. The detail about Mina comes to a little hint of her physical nature, the need she has of drawing Esther into all sorts of sexual encounters and controlling her though them. But as for who Mina is, why she answered the call, and most importantly, what she really wants isn’t told. There’s far more focus placed on Esther’s sexual encounters overall.

Those encounters are deliciously hot, the descriptions have wonderful heat. I thought it was well done in how Mina slips into Esther’s thoughts, pushing her onwards, giving her direction and how things play out. The heat isn’t over and done quickly either, there’s a good time spent in setting up things, drawing the moment into being and beyond. The balance between story and heat is, overall, well done, but nonetheless, there’s a feeling that something’s missing in the storytelling and part of that comes to Mina herself.

Over the first two works Mina is a presence, a force, which presses upon Esther. She constantly teases and enraptures her. A distraction in one moment, an inescapable need in another. But even as Mina is a driving force in the story, I didn’t feel that really all that much time was spent in telling her story. That’s a missing piece of the puzzle. There are some hints, but not nearly the explanation that I’d have liked to see.

There’s a feeling by the close of the second work, that this is the opening of a longer series, and I hope that it is. But the works so far are very short and that hurts the storytelling I think. At times there are info dumps, scattered bits of information, that could have been used to tell more of the story. Hopefully in the following works that will happen, because it really needs to.

Lovely heat, really interesting characters and an overall story that I think works quite well. But with some more time spent in telling a deeper story and adding more to the heat, I think there’s something more to be made from what’s come so far.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s unclear if there will be a third work in the series, there’s no note by the author of there being one. I will be looking out for such a thing however. There’s a really good story to be told, and I think it will be if the author takes some time to slow down and expand on the characters, their pasts and their own desires.



Sep 01 2017

A Review of The Easily Defeated Hero’s Monster Girl Adventure: Book 1: The Novice Succubus by Amanda Clover

The Easily Defeated Hero's Monster Girl Adventure: Book 1: The Novice Succubus by Amanda Clover

The Easily Defeated Hero’s Monster Girl Adventure: Book 1: The Novice Succubus by Amanda Clover

I’ve reviewed several of the works by Amanda Clover in the past and enjoyed quite a number of them. Another of this author’s works for review today, this one being a Choose your own Adventure work. I’ve never really enjoyed such works, mainly because there’s too much repetitive moments for my liking much of the time.

CYOA books don’t appeal to me because once you’ve read through one branch, the same things happen over and over again. It’s a problem in that events need to happen, and they must transpire in a certain way. But with that there’s something lost and I think that comes to the characters themselves. There’s not nearly enough time spent in developing them fully in each branch and that takes away much of what I enjoy.

  • Title: The Easily Defeated Hero’s Monster Girl Adventure: Book 1: The Novice Succubus
  • Author: Amanda Clover
  • Length: 155 Pages
  • ASIN: B0755DZ448
  • Publishing Date: August 25, 2017
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Losing has never been so much fun!

In this interactive adventure story, YOU are Lucas LeBlanc, a simple farmer left by family tragedy to tend to your family farm so you can put your sister through the wizard academy. You are a scrawny young man with no meat on the bones. You’re easy pickings for local robbers, so why has the goddess Veleda chosen you to be a world-saving hero? Her beautiful angel, Theora, certainly doesn’t understand. Now it’s up to you to confront the naughtiest monster girls one at a time and imprison them in a crystal harem in your sword.

You have no special abilities, one night’s training with Theora, and almost no chance. But thanks to Veleda, you have a thousand lives! You can meet a BAD END at the hands (or lips, feet, or just about anything else) of a horny monster girl only to be pulled through time and space by the goddess to fight again. Use your wits, devious strategy, or just give in to the desire and find out what happens when you lose. Again and again.

The work is a CYOA story in which the reader is placed in the role of the main character and events transpire as choices are made. There’s some heat at times, a bit of intrigue now and then as well. Overall the concept is interesting, and there are some really quite well written moments that I liked very much.

But as in most CYOA books, there’s a great deal of receptiveness in each branch taken and that, over time, caused me to skim over many parts. That said, I liked Morelle in her background, who she is, and what she wants as the story progressed. She’s a little bit stereotypical at times, but that’s part and parcel of the setting more than anything else.

There are some erotic moments which have a smattering of heat, but overall the driving point of the work are the events that the main character is drawn into and what happens when they must make a choice. Again, that’s the core of any CYOA work and this one does that well as a whole.

My issue is that I’ve never really enjoyed such works and I found things becoming dull and uninteresting quite quickly. It’s a shame really that happened and I honestly think that the author should take this storyline and turn it into a proper novel. There’s a lot to work with here, a lot of story that’s a bit skimmed over, and I think that would work really well.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The work has a lot going for it, but for me personally there’s so much repetition in events and dialogue that I just didn’t really feel like I was into the story as much as I’d have liked. I’d dearly like to see this as a proper novel, with the characters and setting expanded fully. That would be interesting to me at least. For those that like CYOA works, it’s well done and I think there’s a lot here to enjoy. But it’s a bit too thin in character, plot and development for my tastes.



Aug 31 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 502

It’s quite rare really that a sketch or pencil art of a succubus appears as a Succubi of the Week. I came across this work quite some time ago, and I think it’s so very powerful not just in the art itself, but more so the emotions displayed…

Luce by JJR234

Luce by JJR234


This work is called Luce and is by an artist on DeviantArt called JJR234. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here on DeviantArt as well.

What I think is the most interesting is the etherial aspects of this art. There’s a dream-like quality here, as if she is coming from dreams towards becoming part of the dreamer’s reality. The sharp contrast between her face being in focus and the balance of her being just slightly out of focus is something quite unique and it’s quite eye catching I think.

There’s also a feeling of transformation, of shifting forms, for example her leading leg is very different from the balance of her body. The difference between her two wings, one in soft, the other far more hard, almost animalistic, in a way.

A unique impression of a succubus to think about…



Aug 30 2017

A pair of horns by any other name would be…

Rose Enchantress HornsAnother little delve into costume accessories this time on the Tale. I’m very particular about horns, there are far too many of them that have disappointed me. However, every so often there is a pair which I adore for one reason or another.

Sometimes that’s simply because they are quite beautiful…

These are called, quite simply and rather perfectly Rose Enchantress Horns. They are rather hard to find, I being able to find them at only three sites on line and they sell for anywhere between $6 and $10 US.

I think the roses are a lovely addition, they add a little bit of needed flair to what otherwise might have been a pair of horns that were, perhaps, a little bit plain. Really that’s the thing about them, they are that little bit cute, little bit different and fun as to make something of them that is a little unexpected.

The right look matters after all. I’ll also say that the model’s entire look with these horns is just delicious, which probably makes me like these even more…

Four of out five pitchforks.

Rose accented horns would mean, I think, a rose accented dress… Must think about that…