Oct 22 2012

A Pause before Writing Once More

A short little thing that appeared this weekend to share…


A Pause before Writing Once More

By TeraS


There is a place in the Realm, one that is quiet, thoughtful, and, occasionally, is inspiring. Some would think it was the Fountains of Passion, or the Lake of Fire. Others, like Miriam, would suggest the Library of the Realm would be a good choice as well.

For Tera it was each of those in its own ways. The stories that floated around them all, in the fabric of all of their existence, were calling to her every day. The problem was that, for Tera, it wasn’t a question of writing a story. No, the problem was writing a story that would, somehow, tell of each place in the right way with the right words …

And yes, Tera had problems with that because she was a perfectionist and really never could allow herself to see that what she wrote was the right thing in the right way.  She was—and she did admit this to a very few—aware of that problem. But there wasn’t a lot that she could do about it. After all, the problem was between her horns and, being the stubborn Queen of the Succubi she was, that was going to take a lot to change.

Still, there was inspiration in the Realm, and, even though she couldn’t bring herself to write as much as she wanted to … The inspiration would be there waiting for her.

The thing of it was … she was tired. It had been some time since she had managed to tell of the Realm in the way that she wanted to because of many things that got in the way of her telling a story.

There were, of course, the things that all Queens must do, or believe they must do, or do because they feel they must. Tera wasn’t immune from that and so she did what was expected, what she thought was expected, and what she believed was expected. The problem was, of course, that the doing took away from the telling, and that was a dilemma for her. Because telling of her Realm, of those she called family, of the beliefs she had, meant quite a lot to her.

As such, while she did smile and was herself, the smile was a little bit tired, her tail was a little bit less perky, and, if you really looked at her, it was clear that she was just that little bit not quite herself.

At the end of a long, long day, Tera found that all of the things to be done were, all of the expectations were met, and there was time … time for once to go off to that place where she could, possibly, find a tale to tell in the place that inspired her.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t have before if she pushed aside the needs of others, which she wouldn’t. It wasn’t that she couldn’t have ignored the requests as well, something that would have never crossed her mind, either. The thing of it was she put others before herself because that was who she was … and it mattered to her that she did so.

So she went into the little out of the way room in her home where she sat down and wrote about things when she could and gathered the two things there she hadn’t seen or touched in what seemed to be ages: a simple red pen—what other color could it be for one of the Succubi—and a little notepad with redlines upon it (again, what would you expect it to be?). They were a bit worn on the edges, the pen nibbled on the end, the notepad’s pages dog-eared, of course, for how long Tera had owned them both? Well, to say how long would be telling … but they had been with her for a very, very long time indeed.

Picking them up, she brushed a hand through her hair, kissed her Eternal lovingly, and then went out into the Realm towards the place she wanted to be.

She didn’t make it three steps out her door when a young Succubi and Incubi ran up to her and asked for advice about … well, it wouldn’t be polite to tell what they wanted, would it now? But Tera smiled, found that the joy of the two made her happy, and, of course, she spent some time talking to them both. Before the two left, the Incubi asked, “Tera? What is that you are carrying?”

She looked at her pen and the notepad and considered what the answer was. A pen? A notepad? Well they were that, but they were more than that too. To explain that they were, in a way, a portal would have been confusing. The young didn’t use things like Tera did anymore. Their notebooks or tablets or other things were digital, and were magical in their own way, but didn’t quite allow the words that came from within to be without exactly right.

The answer she gave was one of her riddles: “Understanding.”

Then she hugged them both, wished them well, and made her way … along the path from her home to the trails nearby … through them to the gold cobblestone walkways that traced through the core of the Realm and then beyond … up into the hills that overlook her homeland until, finally, she came to the spot that she hadn’t visited in so very long …

It was rolling field of grass on the top of one of those hills where, if you rested there at just the right spot, which Tera knew, would give you a view of the Realm in its entirety. But this time she found waiting there for her two things … well, three, really. One was a cup of tea, freshly brewed and exactly the right temperature. The other was a piece of apple pie, just out of the oven, the smell of it divine in the breeze.

And there, beside the two gifts was a little card.

She opened the card and looked inside to see a message that meant everything to her and always would: Refresh yourself, Dear One, and when you have your story, I will be waiting by the fence. –Your Heart

Tera settled in beside the gifts, placing her notepad and pen there beside her. She sipped the tea, grateful for what was shared, and watched the milling of the Realm below her. A bit of the apple pie, and she looked towards the Lake and watched the Tails playing there … a bit more tea, and now a look at the Library to see Miriam there, which brought a smile to Tera as it always did … some more tea, and she watched the AngelKitties fluttering around their mountains, playing and cavorting about.

She found her mood lighter, her tail a bit more perky.  There was a warmth within her not just from the tea and pie, but knowing that whatever she wrote, whatever came from her fingers, would be something to share with her Heart, and, most of all, that it would be something …

… good.

She finished her tea, putting the cup on the grass beside her, the plate and fork from the apple pie carefully set there, too. A moment later, and she held her pen in one hand and the pad she knew so well in the other. Looking over the Realm, she gathered her thoughts, shook out her tail and, with a smile, no longer tired, called out to the world around her …


“Tell me a story …”

Oct 21 2012

A Review of Succubus Song by Ian Hall and Lachelle Miller

One of the things that bothers me is when a book or story is released and then, for reasons that I don’t understand, the title is changed and the book is released once more. I wonder sometimes, and really I think it is true, that it’s very difficult to come up with a title…

Or at least one that you like in the first place… Much like the story itself…

Picture Perfect by Ian Hall and Lachelle Miller

Picture Perfect by Ian Hall and Lachelle Miller

  • Title: Picture Perfect / Succubus Song
  • Author: Ian Hall and Lachelle Miller
  • Publishing Date: November 23, 2011
  • Length: Novella
  • ASIN: B006CX2TYO
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

New York Subway; the last car from manhattan. It’s late and it’s getting dark.

Exiting the subway into the bright lights is Rick.

Rick is a player. He loves girls, then leaves them with little thought to the consequences.

But his latest fling, Tanya, is not your normal girl. When she realizes that she’s being dumped, she takes matters into her own hands and follows him up the escalator. “Picture Perfect” is a tale of a succubus after revenge.

When this work was originally released, it was titled “Picture Perfect” as in the synopsis I have given here. Soon afterward, the book was removed from Amazon and then reissued under the title of “Succubus Song.”

I think that, honestly, based on the story and what happens in it, the first title makes a lot more sense to me. But the authors must have had their reasons for making the change… Still, considering what the hook is in the story, a picture and the inscription on it, the latter title just doesn’t seem to ring true to me.

Succubus Song by Ian Hall and Lachelle Miller

Succubus Song by Ian Hall and Lachelle Miller

Rick is almost, from the moment we meet him, unlikeable. Whether that is from his attitude, the way he treats women, or just the vibe one gets from him is hard to say. Personally, I wouldn’t give him the time of day, but then I like classier men than how Rick comes across.

He’s broken up with a woman named Tanya, tossed her picture away and is on the hunt for someone new in his life. The problem is that Tanya isn’t a normal girl… she’s a Succubus, and that isn’t something to take lightly.

I found the story to be more physiological in nature overall. Tanya uses her powers to get into Rick’s mind and cause him all sorts of problems in different places.

Tanya loves Rick in her own way, and having the heart of a Succubus generally means a poor end… Especially when you tick that Succubus off.

It’s not a poor story by far, the characters themselves are interesting, Tanya’s powers are well described and the climax of the story, in many ways. is both ending and beginning for them both.

The problem lies in that, I think. this story was written from two perspectives by two different authors that write somewhat differently. It’s a bit jarring to go from one author’s words into another one’s who’s words are in bold type compared to the rest of the story.

I am not sure that works well. It’s clear who is talking and acting, don’t get me wrong, but we get as much from the words “her”, “his”, and the names of the characters which appear at the beginning of each passage.

There isn’t much erotica in this work, so if you are looking for something high on the heat scale, this isn’t the work you are looking for. The story is more of a haunting of an individual by a ghost and the results of that. So call it a ghost story with a Succubus as the focus of it and you have the work pretty much.

One thing that I noticed most of all was that we really don’t get a clear idea of what Tanya looks like. She is shapely of course and fills out a dress really well, but otherwise she’s  a whisper of a thought, a dream, a maybe and even that isn’t for certain… Not even in the ending of the story.

Taken apart, the two authors write well, there aren’t any mistakes or rough spots in the overall work. I just think that the format of switching characters and words and bolding and unbolding text is too much and really shouldn’t be needed at all here.

I give it two pitchforks out of five.

It’s hard to read a story when there are two different voices in it. The characters of course must have different voices, but when the writing styles are very different… I’m not sure that really works all that well…



Oct 20 2012

A Morrigan Aensland music YouTube…

One of the things I haven’t really looked into is the video games that Morrigan Aensland appears in. As such, I have never heard her music…

Until now that is…

And in case you can’t see the video here:


Oh and I do rather like the artwork of Morrigan that the poster of this video used…

I admit that the tune repeats… a lot. So really you only need to listen to the first twenty seconds or so to get the entire theme I think…

It does fit Morrigan in a way, though I would have thought that her victory music would have been a little bit more… seductive?

I have to think about that some…



Oct 19 2012

A Review of Steam Heat by Elizabeth Darvill

I am, to be honest, not that interested in steampunk stories. I just find that a lot of the stories are missing something for me personally… That being the story is less about the characters and more about the world itself. But if that was reversed, so that the characters drive the story and the world becomes just the setting, that makes the difference for me. Adding a Succubus to that just is the icing on the cake really…

Steam Heat by Elizabeth Darvill

Steam Heat by Elizabeth Darvill

The story revolves around:

In a world of speed steamers, poisoned air and soulless paranormal beings, two people hold the fate of millions in their hands—and their bodies….

As a half-succubus, Angel needs energy from sex to live. The temporary fulfillment she gets from strangers is nothing compared to the erotic encounters in her linked dreams with Ian, the man whose soul she shares. Lately the dreams have become more intense and intoxicating, which can mean only one thing: she and Ian are dying, just like the magical crystal that purifies the city’s air. Only by making love in person and joining their split soul can they heal both themselves and the crystal.

Yet despite Ian’s amazing sexual prowess, Angel doesn’t want to give up her other lovers, like sassy steam engineer Jezebel. Can they resolve their differences and continue sharing a bed to save themselves—and the world?

The work is part of a larger series of books set in a steampunk setting and in this particular case the supernatural world has mixed with the steampunk one in various ways. One of these is that there are half supernatural beings in existence as well as fully supernatural ones. In this particular story, the heroine of the work, Angel, is a half-Succubus.

She does not have horns or a tail, and, interestingly enough, she feeds on sexual energies but does not kill the people she has sex with. But it is, for lack of a better explanation, an addiction for her. She dreams of a man that gives her a release like none she has felt before and is drawn to him. In turn he dreams of her as well.

The problem is, Ian isn’t quite what his dream self is, and Angel is torn by her nature and her needs. He accepts that he needs her and she him, but she doesn’t want to be tied to him alone. This sets up some conflict between them which is mixed with some very hot, and at the same time, odd, sex scenes.

I have to say that the moments of Ian being a scientist and taking measurements and calculations and then driving Angel to climaxes she has never experienced before was thrilling and hilarious at the same time. There is a connection between them that the author draws out though the length of the story which I enjoyed. What was also an interesting comparison between the two of them and another character was how being human and being half human gives each of the characters a different view of the world and what is happening around them.

I will admit that not having read the other books in this series, I have many questions about this world, about why certain things happen within it, and most of all, I wonder about just how everything links together. It is a strange alien Earth that appears in this story and while it is core to the characters and their story, and we see some of what is there, I am happy that it didn’t overwhelm the point of the story.

That being how three people can change the world, or at least find a way to make it, even if only a little bit, better than it was.

Well written, there was nothing in the story that took me out of it and that helped a great deal for me to enjoy this work. I would have liked a better, more involved ending than there is, but, for how it ended, there could well be a second story written from this one… But that didn’t happen.

I’ll give this work four pitchforks out of five…

A really interesting world with interesting characters, but a bit short and I wanted more…



Oct 18 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 250

I found an interesting bit of fan art the other day on DeviantArt… or at least I think it is… For those that don’t know, Liz Vicious created a comic book where her human character Liz has within her a being called Vicious that is a Succubus…

And this piece of art reminds me a lot of her…

Sexy Succubus by Eothan

Sexy Succubus by Eothan

This art is called Sexy Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt calling themselves Eothan. You can see the original page with this art here and the artist’s page on DeviantArt here as well…

Now, I think this is a tribute piece because it is listed as one on the DeviantArt page it appears on, but also looking at the Succubus in this art, she really does look a lot like the Succubus version of Liz herself…

I like the version of this Succubus that Eothan drew a lot… I like her pose, the overall look, her clothing, what little there is of it, and the setting all work really well…

I think there is a story in this image, and I think I have an idea of what that might be…



Oct 17 2012

The designer of this costume will suffer my wrath…

Some costume designs just make me shake my head in disbelief. What really gets to me are the costumes that you can, really, see that they put a lot of effort into the idea, but the end result is so over the top to be ridiculous…

Seven Deadly Sins Wrath

I mean… this is just far too much isn’t it? Someone must have been having a lousy time of thinking of an idea and all that was left was this train wreck…

This disaster is called the Seven Deadly Sins Wrath costume and it comes with a long sleeve red dress with lace detail and a tattered hem, a red choker and a pair of Devil horns. And they actually wrote the word “Wrath” on the dress as well…

The gloves, the stockings and the shoes are not included… which is just as well as they don’t help this outfit in the slightest.

It sells for about $50 US at various sites…

I wouldn’t give this a dollar and I wouldn’t buy it for one either…

It’s ugly and trashy beyond words…

What really gets to me the most is that this costume appears, more often than not, when you search for Succubus or Devil Woman on many costume sites.

Why is that?

Anyway, setting that question aside, I can’t see anything Succubi-like in this costume at all… It look more like a nightmare to me than anything else and that makes it a complete and utter waste of time, material and costume design.

Another zero out of five pitchforks for this mess…

Next week, I will have something good to share or there will be pitchforking…




Oct 16 2012

Desires 50

The question arrives as it is want to do… and the answer returns as it must..


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Ten


Holding her hand, looking in her eyes he felt so alive. It felt like real electricity was passing between them now. His skin tingled, his pulse raced. His last words to her seemed to hang in the air, though. He needed to be with her so badly.

She lid off of the barstool and pulled her hand away from his and his fear grew. Oh no, did I scare her when I said that? Then, she moved closer, so close that he could feel her breasts pressing lightly against him. Their faces, not quite close enough to kiss, but so much closer than he’d ever been with any woman. A gasp escaped his throat as he felt her beautiful hand cup his cheek.

He could feel the heat from her body. The cherry scent was so strong now. Even her breath was sweet. And very hot, as he felt it caress his face when she spoke again. “Be careful whom you give your soul to. You will never get it back…”

The air itself seemed charged with that energy. It surrounded them. No longer were they the last two people in the bar, they were the last two people on Earth. He looked into those enchanting eyes and reached his hand up to her cheek, stroking it lightly. He’d never been that bold with anyone before, but something about her spurred him on. His heart pounding like a bass drum, he said, “If it’s the right one, Tera, I wouldn’t want it back.” And he meant every word.



And then… all things are possible aren’t they?