Dec 04 2012

Desires 57

Finally, the Succubi Queen reveals herself and takes a chance… For isn’t that what love is?


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Seventeen


She had placed herself on his lap in that moment. All that mattered was being with him and close to him. Leaving him was the furthest thing from her mind. She had placed her legs on either side of him and straddled his waist carefully. Her arms reached past his shoulders and lay against the back of the couch almost trapping him beneath her.

She pressed her firm nipples into his chest and moaned as the kiss went on and on. Then she couldn’t hold back her true nature any longer from him. She pulled back slightly and sighed softly as she said, “Derek….. I am not exactly what I seem… I am so much older than I look…. I am so much more different than you have seen…”

She traced a finger over his lips and said, “But there is something about you… I know you as well… I have seen you before… I don’t know where…. I’m not sure when…. But you are so familiar to me…. Perhaps you have seen me as I am…”

She rocked back on her legs for a moment, and then in one swift motion stripped off the black dress leaving her dressed in her sheer black thigh-thighs, black stiletto heels, satin panties and demi-bra. She tossed the dress to the side and then shook her head letting her long wild mane of raven hair spill over her shoulders and tease along her chest erotically. She arched her back slightly presenting her cleavage to him, her body quaking in need.

Then she slowly began to release the hold she had on her form. As he watched, her skin began to shift color. From a healthy bronzed tan, her skin turned progressively redder until it was a deep fire red color. Then her eyes glowed a bright emerald green and the glow from them held his attention as her transformation continued. From her forehead a pair of sleek red horns shimmered into existence, the light from the fire behind her reflecting in wild patterns off the shiny surface of them. Then the last transformation occurred. A long sinuous red devil’s tail rose into the air behind her. It wigged in the air for a moment and then the tip began to move slowly through the air. She sat there on his lap quietly for a moment letting him see her like this, so close to him.

When he didn’t move or say anything, she slipped backwards to stand in front of him, the light of the fire flickering around her. She turned away from him for a moment, her smooth heart shaped bum wiggling slightly as she turned. She slipped her fingers to her panties and slowly pulled them over her hips and then let them drop to the floor beneath her. She pressed her hands against her cheeks and her tail wrapped itself around her waist hugging her body gently. Then she turned to her right to reveal herself in profile to him. She turned a little bit more and her smooth wet pussy glistening in the light of the fire was revealed to his eyes. Her tail uncoiled and rose into the air behind her in all it’s glory. She crossed her arms over her breasts and then slipped the shoulder straps of her bra down and then, as he watched, she undid the clasp at the front of the bra releasing it from her body. She uncrossed her arms and casually dropped the bra to the floor forgotten along with her panties.

She turned to face him with a look of not lust but love on her lips and said, “This is what I am. I am a Succubi. I am not a simple woman. I can be every fantasy that you could ever imagine made real. I can give you anything that you wish for in anyway that your heart or mind or soul could imagine…. I asked you if you were sure that you wanted to give me your soul…. I ask you again Derek… Are you sure that you wish to do that? Are you sure that I am the one that you want? Am I the one that you dreamed of? Am I or am I not the one that you need?”

She didn’t touch his mind. She didn’t play with his will. It was his decision alone. She looked at him again softly said, “If you wish you can walk away from me here and now. I have no hold on you other than what you have within you for me. Choose carefully Derek. That is all that I ask of you…”

She awaited his answer with her hands at her sides letting him see all of her, the fire tracing patterns of light over her form as she revealed herself completely to him…


…and she could wait forever if need be…



Dec 03 2012

Speak into the Air by TeraS – Part Three

The story continues today… If you have forgotten the story so far, you can read the first two parts of Speak into the Air here on the Tale…


Speak into the Air

By TeraS

Chapter Three




She heard the voice in her thoughts as she moved from the Realm towards her destination. It was something new for Lily, and it troubled her just a bit. She had heard stories from others about how sometimes, just sometimes, when there was a soul that truly needed them to appear, that soul’s call would come clearly in a succubi’s own thoughts …

… she had never experienced that before: a soul that spoke to her and her alone; a voice that did not scream in passion or howl in demand, but just simply … called.

Lily thought that she would appear beside her caller or nearby and know who it was the moment she arrived. She had prepared herself to explain who she was, why she was there, all of the things that those of the Realm found they had to do for various reasons …

She thought that would happen.

Instead, she materialized between the world of mortals and the world of the Realm, in a strange place she had not seen before.

Grey mists surrounded her, hiding the world around her, and she was unsure what any of it meant. She wasn’t where she expected to be, and it wasn’t quite like anything she had experienced before. She looked behind her and saw clearly—which was odd for how thick the mists were around her—the Realm shining in the distance, her home waiting for her there. But, in front of her, in the way of her destination, the mists pushed against her as if to block her way.


She heard the voice again, just barely there in her thoughts. Why was this happening now? It was stronger before, very much so, and yet … muffled, like there was gauze over the mouth of the one who called her, and it was becoming harder and harder to hear.

Lily moved forward slowly now; there was obviously something going on, and some caution was needed. There were beings that did not see the difference between those of the Realm and those of other places, and it could be one of those beings who was involved in this. The thought came to her that this all could be a trap, that the note wasn’t real, that the voice was a siren song meant to ensnare. As those thoughts intruded upon her, the voice became quiet, and Lily stopped.

She could never say how long she remained there listening … not exactly. Her fingers fidgeted with the note for a time before she finally opened it and traced her fingers again over the words …


When the voice returned—quite strongly now—Lily finally understood: someone or something was trying to stop her from going to the caller. One of the things about Lily was that she was almost as stubborn as Tera once she set her mind to doing something. It was both one of her strengths and also very much a weakness. It was that stubbornness that had pushed her into exiling herself from everyone in the Realm the way she had done. Now that same stubbornness made her push forwards into whatever was trying to block her path. The mists pulled at her wings, her tail, her form, like a web slowing her down, trying to give her a reason to turn back, to abandon her goal, to hide once more in her home and fade away …

… Why was she thinking like this? Someone had called her. Someone needed her. If nothing else, she was going to see who that person was.

When that thought came clearly into her mind, suddenly the mists vanished and, far ahead, so very far away, Lily saw two bright lights in front of her. She knew exactly what they were, and she was brought up short by that realization. She had not seen beings like them in ages, and now two of them appeared, slowly coalescing from light into physical form—or at least what passed for it in this strange in-between place where she found herself in.

“You shall not pass.” The first words spoken were by the female angel on her right. All golden, almost statue-like in appearance, in her right hand she held a short sword and in her left a shield, golden wings, and halo, robes as well.

“You are not wanted here.” Those words were from the male on her left. He, too, was armed, ready for battle, ready to stop Lily from continuing onwards.

They were gatekeepers, and this was a real problem.

Lily wasn’t a fighter, not like some of the Realm were. She nurtured. She lived for life. But with those thoughts also came the images of her home now, how she had turned away from all she once believed in.

As the conflicting thoughts passed through her, she understood exactly what was happening now. They were using her own doubts against her, to make her leave, to turn from her path and retreat.

Lily straightened up, shook out her wings and took a deep breath … “I have been invited. Let me pass.”

“You shall not pass.”

Her tail swished behind her in agitation now … “The calling is clear. They speak my name so I may be with them.”

“You are not wanted.”

Her wings fluttered and then spread broadly behind her … “I am wanted. I am asked for.”

“Turn away.”

“Tell me why I should.”

“They do not know what they ask for.”

Lily thought about this for a moment, but then held up the note, folded again, that Tera had brought to her. “They … Know.”

For a time none of the beings said or did anything. Lily was as much a statue as the two that blocked her path. After a time she realized that, while she had been asked for, the gatekeepers didn’t believe what she told them.

And the doubts returned to her thoughts once more. Was she right? Really right? No one had ever called for her before, not specifically for her. Then there was the fear, deep inside, about doing wrong, about making a mistake, about …

… about causing another disaster.

Her tail lowered, her wings withdrew, and Lily felt the fires that had begun to burn within her start to fade away once more into the ashes she had been living with for so long …


“You shall not pass.”

The note bent slightly between Lily’s fingers as she thought about turning away. One gatekeeper she might be able to get by … but two … Two would cost her if it came to it. She was turning away, to leave with her tail between her legs when she heard the voice again …


,.. and stopped. The doubts that swirled within Lily’s mind left her, and a serene smile appeared as she turned, straightened her back, and took a step towards the two angels.

“Try me.”


Her tail was swishing once more. “Someone calls to me.”


Her wings were wide and strong again.

“That call gives me strength.”


And finally, at long last, the glow of life returned to her, surrounded her, and her own power, the power that was needed, came to encompass her once more. “And I will see them.”


She stood now inches from the two beings and held the note to them, the note itself now beginning to glow … “Try to stop me.”


Dec 02 2012

A Review of Sweet Dreams by Thalia Duiv

Some short stories about Succubi really do nothing for me. It’s either all horror or all sex. No characters to speak of, the Succubus is stereotypical, and I really just find it very hard to like stories with those things going for it. In a small number of pages you should be able to have a hook, a character to care about, and a resolution to the story. It can be done believe it or not.

Sweet Dreams by Thalia Duiv

The story is about:

Marisa has fought hard to win her territory. She is proud to own many fine males. Tonight, she finally claims her latest conquest – a sexy young man with a big appetite.

I think that this is one of the best short stories about Succubi that I have seen in some time really. It’s smart, it’s sexy, and it has a story that isn’t a hot flash, but a tale to be told in it’s own time.

Marisa makes a delicious Succubus, she isn’t traditional and there isn’t any soul taking involved which I appreciated. I also liked that she states clearly in the beginning that Succubi like her do not kill, but feel on sexual pleasure. What’s more interesting is that in her case she does so both in the dream world and the real world which is an interesting combination.

I liked her methods, her thoughts in what she is doing and how she does it as well. There is a sense of past history when she talks which adds to the story universe in a lovely way. But she has no tail or horns, or at least they aren’t mentioned in the story, which is a little disappointing to me as it usually is. But she is sexy and she is a redhead with a very dominant personality.

Reminds me of someone…

It was interesting as well to see her describe her prey in the story. The man she seduces and feeds from, we never learn his name. I think that shows her mindset, that those she has “claimed” are simply the means to an end for the most part. However there is also the slightest hint that she actually cares about this new addition to her… well, I’ll call them pets.

That’s not a bad thing, I rather liked that she had a range of emotions and we saw those a lot in the story. If she was cold and uncaring I wouldn’t have enjoyed this work as much as I did.

Even though it is a short story, it has been edited, checked, and most of all, made into something that holds you in the story rather than making you want to skim and get to the climax… or in this case, climaxes.

I’m giving this work four pitchforks out of five.

Too short. Much too short by far. And the author left a door open to a follow up story that I would like to see happen as well. Marisa is interesting, and I would like to know more about her than the small hints and teases that appear here.

A nice read, and it’s a free story at the time this review was written, so you really should go and get it…



Dec 01 2012

A cute Morrigan Aensland YouTube sketch…

Time once again for a YouTube video to share here on the Tale… It’s a neat in progress video of a sketch of Morrigan Aensland that I think is quite nice really…

And if you can’t see it here on the Tale:

And, a screenshot of the final work in case it vanishes from YouTube like so much else has of late…

Morrigan Aensland by PenelopeAndMeARS

This art is by someone calling themselves PenelopeAndMeARS on YouTube, but they don’t share anything else of who they are there… If you look through their channel, there are lots of works of art there, some really interesting in both subject and rendering, but I’ll leave that for you to have a look at if you are so inclined…

I like this mainly because it’s another example of Morrigan not being drawn “over endowed” which is important to me personally…. The style reminds me somewhat of a webcomic that some people might know called The Wotch… mainly in Morrigan’s face and look here, but I am relatively sure that it isn’t the same person drawing this…

I do have to wonder what Morrigan might look like as a finished piece of art and not a quick sketch as this is…

Something to ponder…


Nov 30 2012

A Review of Tales of the Succubi by Zoe LaMore

Occasionally there are anthology works about Succubi that have some interest to me. In order to have that, they must have Succubi that I care about, a story that interests me as well would be good. But the overriding thing that I want is that the stories aren’t simply about sex. Those are works that to me tell stories about Succubi that I want to read…

Tales of the Succubi by Zoe LaMore

Tales of the Succubi by Zoe LaMore

  • Title: Tales of the Succubi
  • Author: Zoe LaMore
  • Publishing Date: November 20, 2012
  • Length: 36 Pages
  • This work at

This work contains three stories:

Something New – Delilah is a succubus, and has lived for several thousand years. The world she lives in is fun, but she suffers from the lack of something new. A walk in the early evening in old Savannah shows her that there are still surprising things in store for her, things even older than she herself.

Nane’s Pleasure – Nane’s monthly collection for the Incubi turns into a large party on the beach instead of the solitary hunt she was trained for centuries ago. Collection was a solemn responsibility, but there was no rule that required it not to be fun.

Target of Opportunity – Lida was old even for a Succubus, but she wasn’t jaded. Sometimes in her line of work she discovered a ‘Target of Opportunity’ when she stumbled onto a willing virgin…and in 1954 those were hard to come by…

I’ll review the individual stories and then the work as a whole as I do with anthology works I have reviewed in the past here on the Tale:

Something New – Delilah is one of the oldest succubi, but being one of the oldest means that she has seen and done everything she thinks. An encounter changes her mind when she didn’t expect it to be. The beginning of this story is interesting in that Delilah tells much of what the succubi are in her universe, where they came from and what they must do each other. Those themes echo through the rest of the collection and it is a good explanation for those that are unaware of succubi.

While the background is well done, and the description of Delilah herself is as well, once she is off on her travels she needs to perform, the story turns rapidly into a hot flash involving much oral sex and lots of descriptions of it. When things get more involved, the sex overcomes the story until the climax where Delilah experiences something she never had before.

It is that part of the story that I found to be a little off in that I cannot understand how she could not have experienced the moment before with others. What happens is, to be honest, a regular occurrence and she must have seen it before I would have thought being as old as she is.

It felt like there was much background and story left behind and I do find myself wondering about that quite a lot. Three out of five pitchforks.

Nane’s Pleasure – Nane is a younger succubus, and being more in tune to the ways of the modern world, uses that to her advantage when she visits a beach at night and finds some willing lovers to entertain her. Again some interesting background about the life of a Succubi and Incubi at the beginning of the story, a bit of biological information about them, in particular how a Succubi collects what she must and why she must every month as well.

When she arrives and becomes involved with those on the beach, the story moves into another hot flash with Nane’s thoughts about what happens to her very vivid in the telling as well. She entrances others into doing her bidding which evolves into more sex and in the end, the story tells of the sex and not a lot more until the climax where the story ends in the midst of an orgasm.

Overall, my feelings about this work are about the same as the first story. Nane as a succubus is interesting, but before we can really learn anything about her the personality is pushed aside for the sex and that leaves me wanting. I don’t mind sex, I do mind sex for the sake of it and it felt that way in this story as well.

Three out of five pitchforks here as well.

Target of Opportunity – Lida is quite ancient as succubi go and for her in 1954, things are a bit different. While she is a huntress, the men are as well. Sometimes the hunted are hunted themselves and do not realize it. Again the beginning of the story tells some very tantalizing things about succubi and incubi. Their ancient past, that there is a council, what they are required to do and, as well, what would shame a succubus which I thought was well done as well. But once Lida has chosen what she will look like and goes out on the hunt, the story changes…

Again, the story becomes a series of hot flashes telling of all of the ways that Lida is taken or takes others, teases them and finally collects what she needs to. There are some interesting plot paths that aren’t taken which I would have liked to have seen, but aren’t here.

And the one thing that personally I dislike appears in this story as a hook to be used on men she wants to attract. Now I realize that in the 1950s smoking was seen to be very sexy, but for me it is a turn off and I just didn’t care much when it happened.

Three out of five pitchforks again. Some promise but missing something I think.

Looking at the entire collection, I can see the author making an effort to build a world for the succubi and incubi. I can see characters being shown that I want to be interested in. To a point I ever liked the sex scenes…

But to me, succubi and incubi are more than the sex and in this work overall they aren’t really given the chance to be more than sex dolls which is a shame. If the author extended the works, drew back from the sex a little bit and gave more story I think I would have liked it a lot more than I did.

As a whole, I give this collection of stories about succubi, and the occasional incubim three and a half pitchforks out of five.

A little too much on the hot flash side of things that overcomes what otherwise is a well thought out series of characters, events and situations that could have led into something more than there is here. And it could have been easily double the length it is which is a shame as well…


Nov 29 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 256

I love cute Succubi… personally I think they are the best kind in a lot of ways… They are sexier, more seductive and, most importantly, they have personality…

And this week’s Succubi has a lot of that really…

Mistaken for a Devil by Grittylust

Mistaken for a Devil by Grittylust

This work is titled Mistaken for a Devil, and is by an artist on DeviantArt who calls themselves Grittylust. I found this work of art here, and you can visit the artist’s DeviantArt page here as well…

The artist noted that he drew this for his Beloved, and I have to say that she’s beautiful and, like the title of the work says, she isn’t a Devil… Oh no, she seems very much like a Succubi, much like I am really…

There is so much to adore in this art… The expression makes me giggle, her tail is fun and cute, which all Succubi tails must be of course. I can’t quite decide if she is wearing normal black knee socks or if she is wearing latex ones, but they look exactly right on her…

Lovely stylized hair, what can I say, I am biased towards long raven locks of hair like mine after all… Such deep green eyes, they fit her looks and poise every so nicely too… I like that her horns, or what appears to be horns, but could be her hair flying about, work so nicely here… Black on black normally doesn’t I think, but in this case… perfect.

Overall, she’s  a deliciously sexy, fun, cute Succubi and for that I thank the artist for creating her and I hope that his Beloved loved the art when she saw it…

I know that I would…

Please do visit this artist’s page on DeviantArt where you can find this work of art and others like this one of a tattoo that this artist created that I enjoyed too!



Nov 28 2012

A 50s-ish Succubus costume isn’t a bad idea really…

I have mentioned before that I really like Betty Page and her looks, but more so, some of the art that I have found of her as a Devil Girl or a Succubus…

I found a costume earlier in the year that I really loved, and I found another one… I just don’t quite like it as much…

This is called the Devilette Pulp Costume, which I can understand sort of, it is after all a throwback to the pulp magazines of the 1950’s so I can live with the name…

I just have problems with some other parts of it.

The costume comes with a velour dress with sequins and feather trim, a detachable tail, a pair of glovelettea, and a pair of glitter horns…

It does not come with the stockings or the shoes of course, and, oddly, it’s not clear in the description if the Betty Page wig comes with the costume or not… Which is confusing…

It sells for about $60 US more or less on the web…

I like the ida of this a lot really, and there is really only one thing I hate about it and that is, of course, the tail… That really looks lousy and I wouldn’t think of wearing that.

Otherwise, as something to wear to a 50’s costume dance or something like that, I would seriously consider it. It’s not too over the top and it looks nice enough really…

But it only really works if the wig comes with the costume and you buy a pair of stockings and shoes to match the outfit.


I just don’t like it all that much…

I suppose accessories in this case make the costume don’t they…

I’ll give it two and a half pitchforks out of five.

It’s about average really, which is a shame, it’s not close to the other Betty Page Devil Girl costume I found which rated a lot higher than this…

But that’s because it was so much better.