Apr 18 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 276

For the second, and for that matter, the third of a series of Succubus pinups as the Succubi of the Week, I’ll be featuring the same artist who created both works. They wrote that both were “quick” works when they were bored… I’d love to see something when they weren’t bored too…

Devil Chick by Davemacer33j

Devil Chick by Davemacer33j

This is called Devil Chick and is by an artist on Hentai Foundry called Davemacer33j. You can either click on this image to see it larger here on the Tale, or you can find the original page I found this art on here as well…

I just like the pose, it’s very sexy , and I like her tail, sexy cute that it is… Her eyes are striking as well and her hair blends really nicely into her overall look. And her horns are just the right size and shape too… I know that the chair isn’t exactly “finished” but that’s not the focus of the art is it?

It is, of course, the Succubus and she is very yummy…

I think it’s interesting how a simple drawing like this can have so much character in it. There’s emotion in her look and the almost moan on her lips is a neat touch too…

And the work next time is just as wonderful as this one it…



Apr 17 2013

Shiny fancy dress costumes do not Succubi make…

Sometimes the combination of words that retailers use to sell something, to me at least, seems like they looked for words that would come up on a google search and then attached a costume to that.

A prime example is this.

Red Shining Devil Cosplay Fancy Dress Costume

This is called the Red Shining Devil Cosplay Fancy Dress Costume. Which is a mouthful honestly… It comes with the corset, the skirt, the horns and the pitchfork. No tail or shoes are included.

It sells for $32 US on various sites on the web.

The thing about this costume, and it’s really petty I know, is that the model looks… wrong. She seems to have the wrong look and the wrong hair style as well. That shouldn’t reflect on the costume itself I know, but it’s hard to see past a model that doesn’t seem to be showing off things in the best light.

Setting that aside, the pitchfork is ugly, the horns look more like ears, which is wrong. The corset isn’t that bad really, but the tutu slash skirt just does nothing for me.

Which brings up a question.

Why is it that most of the devil girl costumes of late all have tutus? Is this a new fetish that I haven’t been made aware of or is it that there was a massive sale on them and the costume designers had no choice but to use them?

I don’t like the straps on the corset and the choker around the models neck looks like an afterthought honestly.

I can’t say I like it, can’t say I absolutely hate it either, as much as that’s quite easy to do really…

One half of one pitchfork out of five.

There are so much better to find…



Apr 16 2013

Desires 73

In the end, all that matters is finding the one you call your soulmate isn’t it?


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Nine


An eyebrow raised, Martin followed her glance over at the two young lovers, returning her smile easily enough. For a while, he considered the surface of the table, collecting his next words together in his mind.

“The light has revealed your name many times, Tera, it is true….but rarely is it as cursed as you fear…” His smile was warm, attempting to be comforting. “I have heard many speak well of you, despite your…status. Gabe has mentioned many times how he wished that the majority of your kin could follow your remarkable example…” He laughed suddenly, a sound which could only be described as giggling. “Hehe…even Michael had a few nice things to say, once he was pinned down….”

He glanced back up into her eyes once again, his face and voice sincere once more. “You give pleasure and release to many souls, yet you do not defile them…you offer comfort and counsel to those who seek you…your heart is overflowing with astonishing compassion and pure emotion…” He smiled once again. “No part of you should be called ‘whore’….”

He toyed idly with the empty teacup, sighing softly. One could almost say it was a sound of regret.


Admission of understanding isn’t regrettable…



Apr 15 2013

That Is This By TeraS

I do know that there should be a Storm Clouds post today… Again I haven’t had the chance to think about it. I hope that I’ll be getting back to it again next week, but for the moment…

There is… this.


That Is This
By TeraS

“What’s that?”

Two little words that, sometimes, became more than what they might seem on their own. In this case, the words were spoken by a young, orange-tailed Incubi as he looked towards a strange piece of sculpture.

Where that sculpture wasn’t, in and of itself, all that strange, really. It stood in the middle of a roundabout in a slightly more erotic—if there was such a thing in the Realm—part of the shopping district. One would recognize that part of the Realm by the purring and moaning that came from the stores that surrounded the statue and marked the edges of the path that led from place to place. Generally, those who shopped there didn’t quite make it home on time and their Eternals really didn’t seem to mind as, when they came home, they shared the goodies they had found …

… But we were talking about the statue, weren’t we?

The statue.

Fortunately for the confused Incubi, Tera was walking by, swinging a shopping bag from one hand, a rather satisfied smile on her lips. But, seeing the Incubi, and his confusion, she turned towards him and looked at the statue as well, the smile becoming a bit more … pleased … if that was possible …

“What’s what, Ronald?”

He was quite surprised to see Tera there, more so that she had stopped to ask a question of him … and that she knew his name. He had not too long ago accepted Tera’s offer to come to the Realm. He was more surprised at the time when his girlfriend Violet wanted to come, as well. He still was amused by the color of tail she had, but she said it agreed with her and, as long as she was happy, that’s all that mattered.”

“Your Majesty, I …”

Tera held up one finger, “Ronald … please? You know how I feel about that.”

Of course he did, she didn’t like to be called “Queen.” She was Tera. Embarrassed at his mistake, he looked away a moment, his tail twitching before looking back again.

“Sorry … Tera. I’m confused about this statue. Why would something like this be here? I don’t get it.”

“You haven’t looked it up? You have your book, after all.”

He did look worried now, “I … um … actually haven’t been doing a lot of studying.”

Tera’s smile turned bemused, “Let me guess. Violet?”

He nodded, “She’s changed. Well, not in a bad way or anything, she’s just … refocused, I guess, on other things.”

Tera looked towards the sky and shook out her hair, “Well, you are both still in your first century here. I can’t say I remember many who have managed to do any studying in that time—well, except the white tails, and they have the oddest reading fetish, don’t they?”

Actually he couldn’t answer that question because he was more concerned about understanding the tail that Violet had and what it meant. And he still couldn’t quite understand what she meant when she said it agreed with her.

“Getting back to the statue, if you don’t mind, Tera: what’s that all about?”

Tera’s tail pointed at the statue, “Well, do you want the short, medium, or the I’ll-need-some-hot-choc-to-be-able-to-make-it-to-the-end-of-this-one explanation?”

“Probably the short, if that’s okay. Violet is supposed to meet me here,”

“So she knew about this statue?”

“She said that there was something she wanted me to see. Well, I see it, but I don’t get it.”

Tera set her shopping on the ground, while Ronald tried not to look at what was inside. The whims of someone like her could catch you off guard and then you would be having fantasies about them for days … and she would know those fantasies, too. “Question, if you please? What do you see?”

He turned back to the statue, “I see … Well, it’s … I mean …”

“Can’t quite put it into words?”

“It keeps changing. When I look at one part of it, it looks like something, but then, if I tilt my head, it becomes something else. Look too long and it changes again. It just doesn’t seem to stay one thing.”


“Exactly? Tera, please, I have a headache from looking at it; I don’t want a worse one.”

“What is one of the powers of the Succubi and the Incubi? Name the one that a statue like this could represent …”

He thought about this for a time, Tera not rushing him, but watching his tail as it swished slowly behind him. Then it stopped, and the answer came, “Shape-shifting?”

Tera clapped, a pleased smile appearing as she did, “Exactly right! We can be anyone we want to be, if we want to … or need to.”

“Alright. So it’s a statue that changes … because the one looking at it changes it?”

“Right again.”

“Still not seeing what this is leading to, Tera.”

“You do not, at least right now, but you will, eventually.”

He rubbed his eyes and then covered them, “I did ask for the short version, didn’t I?”

“You did. But the understanding was needed first.”

“Shape-shifting statue that is one of our powers. Why not? I haven’t seen all of the Realm as yet, and I’m sure there are other things that will confuse me further still.”

“Given that fact, what’s unique about me?”

Dropping his hands he looked at Tera again, “Off hand I would say that you are unique because you don’t use the power. Or at least I haven’t seen you look any different than when we first met.”

“And that’s why that statue is there: to remind me, most of all, of that power, but also to inspire others to use it if they so desire.”

He paused, then asked, “Why don’t you use it?”

She waved her hand vaguely in the direction of one of the stores, “I discovered a long time ago that playing the role of someone else wasn’t something I enjoyed. Oh, I can do it, and I can do so perfectly … so very much so. But it wouldn’t be me. It’s more erotic to be wanted for being me, the real true me, than it is to play another fantasy. To be wanted for who you are is important. And thus this statue.”

“Still not getting it … sorry.”

She laughed, “You will … Someday.”

He turned away from her and looked at the statue again. Then something odd happened: for a moment, just a split second, it shifted into a statue of … Violet? Then it was gone in the blink of an eye.


“It does, after all, reflect what the viewer is thinking of most … Mind you, I knew everything you both think about a long time ago. It was the reason why I agreed to have you both come here, to be part of our world.”

He looked at her again, not in confusion but understanding, “To thine own self be true.”

“Exactly. You are true to each other and no matter what happens, that will always be. It’s part of what makes …” she paused and just smiled, looking at her shopping bag, “… our Eternals who they are.”

He looked at the statue again, ever changing once more, “Who created it?”

“It wasn’t one being. It is created from each being that comes to the Realm and leaves a part of themselves here.”

“I’m never really going to understand everything, will I?”

Tera pointed behind him, “All you ever need understand is this.”

When he turned around, he saw Violet walking towards him, her arms filled with shopping bags and a promising smile on her lips. Turning back to Tera, he found that she had vanished, her scent of cherries in the wind around him.

And he found that she was right, that all he really needed to understand was that his Eternal was his Eternal …

… though why it was, exactly, that a Succubi named Violet was a pink tail, he’d never understand. He would enjoy it, but never understand it. Maybe someday he would get the nerve to ask Tera about that.

But, for now, Violet had other plans … plans he could see in her eyes …

That was what this was all about.

Apr 14 2013

A Review of Carnal Kingdoms: Portrait of a Succubus by Adrianna Black

Carnal Kingdoms: Portrait of a Succubus by Adrianna Black

Carnal Kingdoms: Portrait of a Succubus by Adrianna Black

How does a Succubus enter one’s life? For some it is a spell cast. Others a book opened. Still others find them adventuring. But sometimes, all it takes is entering the wrong shop and buying the wrong painting for the door to open for them…

The question is, if that door is a boon or a bane. Sometimes it can be more than both and then some… But in doing so, can the horror be tempered by something more?

  • Title: Carnal Kingdoms: Portrait of a Succubus
  • Author: Adrianna Black
  • Length: 39 Pages
  • ASIN: B006T3TLUM
  • Publishing Date: January 2, 2012
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Carnal Kingdoms: On the world of Amor, seven kingdoms rule over land with an iron fist. Each realm is divided, with none able to trust or coexist with the other. Fear and panic crosses the continent as the frightening creatures from the wild lands close in from every conceivable direction. The time has come for each faction to stand against the hordes and unite the world under a single banner. In the carnal kingdoms, love doesn’t just sell; it rules.

Portrait of a Succubus: In the thriving kingdom of Stonewall lies the metropolis of Wesmore; and in that metropolis, a secret that has been masked for a thousand years, biding its time before revealing itself to the unsuspecting denizens of the city.

This story begins when Vivian Pasternak arrives home with her latest acquisition; a beautiful piece of artwork that has been known to change the lives of any that dare call it for their own.

Vivian, and her husband, Jacob, must come to this shocking realization before their lives are consumed by an evil spirit that has survived for generations off the souls of the weak and demoralized.

From the beginning of the story, it’s very hard to like either Vivian or her husband Jacob. Neither of them are much more than what they appear to be on the surface, a couple that are together for the sake of convenience and really not much else. The undertone between them is a battle of dislike and barely held revulsion towards each other.

This of course sends Jacob off to the local hookers and Vivian spends her time looking for things to by to keep her mind off of the mess that their lives have become. As this unfolds their sex lives are both, really, nonexistent and barely touched upon.

As the story is told, each chapter is a moment from either Vivian’s or Jacob’s point of view. There is some self examination that almost, but not quite gets to the point where either of them could repair their marriage, not that they would actually ever think of doing so.

The catalyst in this story is an old pawn shop with an even older woman in it that sells Vivan a painting, which she is told, is called Portrait of a Succubus. The way the author causes this to happen felt very much like a spell was cast over Vivian or some mind control was used on her. Either way, Vivian’s confusion is very real.

The painting itself is not described in detail, which is nice as it allows your own imagination to fill in the blanks. Eventually of course, when the painting is in their home the Succubus appears, and she is most certainly one.

Very sexual, but very dangerous as well, she captures them both and the events that proceed from there are well done and telling I think as well. The Succubus is, in this story, very much a being of evil and her actions are just as much so.

How everything is tied up at the end of the story was a surprise. Not in where the painting wound up, but in what it meant to the old woman in the shop and her relationship to it. I thought that was very interesting and I was disappointed when the story came to its end.

This work in one of a number of stories by this author set in the same universe in which “normal” humans come to face all kinds of supernatural beings. This story having, of course, a Succubus in it, but references are made to vampires in this story and there are other beings as well.

I did not read the other works in this series, to be blunt, this was the only one with a Succubus in it and the rest had no real interest for me. The world these stories are set in is well thought out, but some parts of this story made me pause and work out where, technologically, this world was. As gold coins, silver coins, and other items are mentioned, I have to assume that it was set in a more or less Victorian age.

And that’s where my one problem with this work appears. If this is in a time that is in the past, or at least a time that isn’t modern, then some of the spoken words by the characters do not quite fit right to me. There is a lot of older phrasing and structure in their spoken words, but mentally there seemed to be a more modern thought process in them.

I could be missing something, that’s true, but even so I have to wonder if some tweaking of the language in this work wouldn’t help the story some. As well, while I understand that the focus of the story is what happens to the none too happy couple, there are quite a number of questions about the Succubus left unanswered and I wonder if extending the story a bit more couldn’t have closed them up or at least given a proper look into the Succubus herself and how she wound up in that painting in the first place…

Four out of five pitchforks.

Well written, a telling story, but full of pain and strife. But too short by far really and that’s the problem… I’d like to know more about the how and why of the Succubus and that doesn’t happen.



Apr 13 2013

A Devil Girl Case

I was looking through Amazon a little while back and came across a series of cases that can be used for many different things, but they have in common one thing…

Devil Girls or, as I always prefer, Succubi…

Devil Girl in Bondage by Penny SilverThis is made by someone calling themselves Penny Silver, and it is one of many such cases they have for sale. But this is the one that I particularly like the most. You can find it here on Amazon if you are interested in it as well…

I think that I like the outfit she is wearing most of all, the other items with Succubi on them are a bit too revealing for my taste. Actually this image puts some interesting story ideas into my thoughts and I hope, I really do, that I’ll be able to get them down and finished some day…

Yummy looking Succubus, delicious outfit, what more could you ask as inspiration?



Apr 12 2013

Bo should never trust any voting the Fae do…

Some parts of the Lost Girl mythos bother me. The main one I think is the level of racist opinion that seems to pop up on occasion to ruin what otherwise would have been a good episode. It seems like everyone, Dark or Light, is racist to humans, or to other classes, or generally, as Kenzi would say, dickish most of the time. I understand that’s to being out conflict and make stories happen. The problem I have is when it takes control of a story in the worst way and shows just how awful the Fae are as a race. Which brings the question, are they really worth saving for all of their faults? Why should Bo care about all of them when they are the way they are? It’s a question to ponder I think at least.

It’s also bothersome to me how much like sheep the leadership of the Fae are. The Morrigan should have never been able to gather her side, force a vote, and declare humans as enemies. That’s going much too far over the line. I’ve never really liked her as a mortal enemy to Bo. She still isn’t. She’s an opportunist and nothing more.  A good one, but really that’s not enough for me.

The twelfth episode of the third season, also episode forty-seven of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Tamsin gets shot and Bo forgets how to do Fae First Aid. Kenzi gives up a kiss for the wrong guy and then finds out that Hale isn’t exactly as much an asshole as she thought. Lauren is deceived, mixes a mickey for Dyson, and finds out Isaac isn’t who he seemed to be. Trick checks out the trunk space of a Cadillac and The Morrigan gloats… badly.

Lost Girl Logo

This is the twelfth review of the third season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds out that in Fae politics when it rains it actually will…

Hail, Hale

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) and Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) arriving at Lauren’s home to look for her. They barge in, Bo calling out for Lauren, but she does not answer. As Bo does so, Dyson finds Lauren’s abandoned cell phone on the desk where Lauren left it before leaving with Isaac in the previous episode Adventures In Fae-bysitting. Bo asks Dyson why anyone would ever leave their cell phone at home, but Dyson rationalizes that Lauren might have forgotten it. When Bo protests, Dyson tries to explain to her that he is in the “middle of the most important case of my life. Not to mention today is Hale’s inauguration and I don’t have time to play relationship detective.” Bo cannot understand why Dyson is not taking Lauren’s disappearance as seriously as she is and when Dyson suggests that her concerns are connected to The Dawning and her break up with Lauren, Bo is defensive for a moment before agreeing that she doesn’t believe that what she and Lauren are going through is a “break.”

Meanwhile, at the Dal Riata, Trick (Richard Howland) is in the middle of the final preparations for Hale’s inauguration with Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) nearby helping him. Kenzi comments that Trick seems chipper and he replies: “My protégé today is officially becoming The Ash. Of course I’m chipper. It’s good that I was hard on him. Hale is going to make a real change.” Kenzi questions this asking: “Oh yeah? Is he not going to be such a dick anymore?” Trick tells Kenzi that she needs to “put your personal feelings aside. This is a big day for the Fae and they won’t take kindly to a human belittling it.” The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) appears and asks: “Do the Light always hold their inaugurations at a steak house?” Trick asks what she is doing at the Dal and she replies that: “Regardless of the fact that the last time the Light elected a new leader he turned out to be an impostor, I’m only here with good wishes for the New Ash.” Trick answers: “It is unacceptable for the Dark leader to attend the Light Fae inauguration.” The Morrigan claims that she was invited and as she does so, Hale (K.C. Collins) appears and states that he invited her to attend. Kenzi looks at Hale for a moment, then walks away as she says: “No. Still a dick.”

After the opening credits, Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is seen working in a laboratory with Isaac (Shawn Doyle) hovering nearby and watching her as she works. She is engrossed in watching a video display of the experiment she is working on and does not notice how everyone has stopped to see if her experiment is successful or not. After adding what she calls an enzyme to repair a toxin, the screen shows apparent success which seems to shock and surprise Lauren and she exclaims “We’re one step closer to heart disease! Er, curing it!” before embracing isaac as the others in the lab applaud her efforts. Lauren apologizes for her actions explaining: “it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this useful.” Isaac then hands out champagne and the group celebrates Lauren’s work. When Lauren questions having champagne ready when it was only their first attempt, Isaac tells her: “I knew you would do it. Drink up genius.” Lauren pauses and moves to text Bo about her success, but then realizes that she does not have her phone or a means to contact Bo and becomes melancholy for a moment before joining with the others. The scene then shifts to someone in the lab, likely Lauren, taking her creation to a storage fridge and closing the door. Moments later, another figure opens the fridge and removes two of the samples before leaving with them.

At the Dal Riata, Dyson meets with Hale, the two sharing a drink together. After doing so, Hale asks Dyson what he has discovered with regards to the Fae killings and it told: “We’re still processing the bodies. Eighteen so far. Both Light and Dark. And it looks like they were tortured. And some of the Vics were missing their organs.” Hale wonders: “So black market Fae organ harvesters. Tell me you have a lead.” Dyson cannot and Hale tells him that after the inauguration, he will talk to The Morrigan about what they have found and see if they cannot pool their resources to solve the mystery. Hale is unsure about what is to come and asks Dyson: “This is what I want right?” Dyson answers: “It’s what everyone wants. Change.” He then tells Hale that he is proud of “my old partner”, Hale answers “Miss my old partner.” Dyson then gives Hale a small container explaining: “Your father didn’t want the first Ash from clan Zamora in a hundred years to stick his neck out only to have it chopped off. This little baby should keep you safe.” Hale looks at it and comments: “Well, it’s nice to know he cares about me. Not enough to cancel his ski trip by the way but…” Dyson then leaves saying that he has to change and look presentable for Hale’s inauguration.

Bo, in the meantime, is at home soaking in her bathtub when she hears a noise and bolts from the tub brandishing a knife. It turns out to be Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) who appears to be drunk as she enters the room asking: “Wow. You always bathe with weapons?” Bo answers: “Morragh attack a couple of years back. Can’t be too careful.” When Bo mentioned that the door was locked, Tamsin answers: “It was.” Bo asks if she can help Tamsin, but receives an unclear answer from her except to tell Bo that she mainly came by to “drink all of your liquor.” Bo answers in amazement: “Wow. At least you’re honest. I’ll give you that.” Bo tells Tamsin she’s not in the mood for small talk, but Tamsin presses on saying: “Everyone loooooves small talk.” Bo explains that the problem is Lauren, that she hasn’t seen her in a “few days and I’m worried about her.” Tamsin tells Bo that Lauren is fine and she probably “needed some space” which Bo echoes in frustration before adding that Dyson is checking who she called on her phone. Tamsin become slightly more serious saying: “So this really isn’t small talk. You weren’t the one that killed the blonde hottie. The six fingered lady did. And someone killed her.” Bo is shocked by this revelation and then asks about the Dark Fae who Tamsin claimed Bo had attacked. But Tamsin’s answer is to flush the toilet she is sitting on and then add: “It is entirely possible that I do not smell so good.” When Bo suggests that she take a bath, Tamsin looks strangely at Bo before slipping off her shoes and then sliding into Bo’s bath fully clothed and facing her. Tamsin then removes her gun and looks at it covered in water and bubble bath before throwing it away with an “Oops.” She then becomes very focused on Bo and asks: “Where do you get off being so perfect? You think you’ve seen everything, and then you see you.” Bo replies: “I’m alright, but I’m not perfect.” Tamsin moves in very close to Bo before she continues: “Yes you are. To me you are. Your eyes are both brown and blue.” Bo asks Tamsin what she is doing, but Tamsin continues: “Your heart is both strong and gentle. You’re virtuous and you are a Succubus. You shouldn’t be.” Bo asks: “Be what?” Tamsin’s answer is: “Be real. Be here.” and then she gets out of the tub, her clothing soaking wet. As Tamsin leaves, Bo tells her that she’ll see her at the Dal Riata, but Tamsin tells Bo: “Keep your wits about you. You never know who might be watching.”

Outside of the Dal Riata, a man in a black van watches the goings-on and calls out over a radio: “We’re at the nest. Target’s on route.”

After a commercial break, Kenzi is folding napkins in the Dal Riata and tells Trick that she does not what to be there. Trick asks why she is “dressed to the nines”, Kenzi tells him that “it isn’t for Hale’s benefit. That guy sucks.” Trick then explains to Kenzi that the bartender is late and he has no one else to help him. Kenzi shoots back, “No, you have no other humans to help you.” Trick sighs and begins to walk away, but Kenzi suggests that she will start a union for claimed humans. Trick tells her: “You know the last human that tried that didn’t fare very well. Jimmy Hoffa ring any bells?” After he leaves, Kenzi continues to fold napkins until a strange man approaches her (Tim Rozon). Later in the episode, he describes himself as “The Druid”, but at this point there is no clue to who he is or what he wants. He tells Kenzi: “I’m looking for a tall blonde, eyes like blue ice.” Kenzi laughs at this and says, “I have those eyes, those are like, totally my eyes.” He continues: “You have the eyes, but you aren’t a natural blonde by any chance are you?” His questions completely turn Kenzi off and she calls him “Dickface” before turning away and returning to folding the napkins. However, he does not leave and introduces himself as Massimo before he peppers Kenzi with questions and comments such as: “You are an outsider. You don’t belong here do you?” “I’m a man that can do things and make the impossible happen.” Kenzi finally tells him to “Make the impossible happen and disappear” but before leaving he adds: “I’ll leave you to your chores.” After he leaves, Kenzi looks at him and dismisses him out of hand.

Lauren confronts Isaac and asks where he found the enzyme that Lauren used, but Isaac’s flippant answer is that he got it from China. Lauren allows that she is glad they met and she admits that there “has been something missing, an emptiness” inside of her. Isaac jokes that success can take care of emptiness and Lauren agrees that it can. Isaac then asks Lauren if she heard a news story about a year prior that told of “A waitress in the midwest that was attacked in a diner.” When Lauren does not, he continues: “This woman. Speared in the ribs. Nailed down to the floor of the diner in the shape of cross.” Lauren is uneasy about his, but Isaac continues to explain: “The DNA of a killer named Gabriel was all over the diner” and the method was this killer’s usual method. Lauren is completely confused, but before she can ask further questions, Isaac takes Lauren on a tour of the facilities she is working in. As he does so, he continues the story explaining that Gabriel killed people because he wanted them to “ascend” He then explains that while Gabriel had been arrested for many killings, at the time of the waitress being murdered he was already in prison. However before he was imprisoned, Gabriel gave another man a bone marrow transplant to save his life. Lauren cannot believe this story and refuses to believe that by using this transplant Gabriel was able to take control of the other man. Isaac claims that this is, in fact, what happened and then asks Lauren: “What do you think we could do if we could take that negative and turn it into a positive?” Lauren is immediately against this idea and expresses her fears about the darker side of what they could so with such a thing, referring to the atomic bomb in doing so. Isaac then asks if they just had their first fight in a somewhat surprised tone of voice. Lauren is taken aback by his attitude, but he insists they continue their tour.

Back at the Dal Riata, the bartender that Trick was waiting, named Jerry (Seth Cooperman), arrives. Trick asks why he is late, but does not listen to Jerry’s explanation and orders him to start work at the bar while he runs off to finish getting dressed. Dyson arrives and asks Jerry for a “Whisky, the scottish kind please.” Bo then walks to Dyson who tells her: “I’ve never seen something so beautiful in my life.” Bo thanks Dyson and compliments him as well before Dyson asks “Can I offer you a free drink?” The two sit at the bar where Jerry continues to work. Bo asks for a “Whisky, the scottish kind. And make it a double.” As Bo and Dyson make some small talk, Bo noting that she can have one drink and then she must talk to Hale, Jerry opens one of the vials that had been taken from Lauren’s experiment and pours it into one of the glasses before handing them to Dyson and Bo who drink them as Jerry watches to be sure they do so.

Lauren, in the meantime, interrupts a lab technician and as she examines a sample takes a test tube from the counter and hides it in her lab coat before walking away. Going to another microscope, she disconnects the television camera attached to it and then examines what she took. After checking it, she makes a phone call as Isaac watches from nearby. When Lauren sees him, she tells the person on the phone, “I’ll need those files” as she watches Isaac pass through a card-lock door and disappear.

At the Dal Riata, The Morrigan fawns over Hale warning: “If it wasn’t punishable by death, I’d give you a taste Handsome.” She then idly adds: “I do hope that you don’t get murdered with all of the death threats. Finding your killer would be like finding a whore in a whore stack.” Hale is unimpressed and warns: “If we are going to work together I need you be a lot less ‘All about Eve’ and a lot more ‘Steel Magnolias’ The Morrigan answers: “Which one is about the haircut that gives you cancer?” Hale finally tells her to leave and she does so, passing Bo in the crowd on her way to Hale. When Bo confronts Hale about The Morrigan, he diverts her questions and in doing so, Bo continues to ask the question she meant to about Lauren being missing. Hale answers: “I really do not need this today. Lauren came to me the other day asking about some time off to work on some other project.” He tells Bo that he denied her the request and this does answer one question for Bo about what could have happened to Lauren. As the same time, a waiter asks The Morrigan if she would want something, but instead suggests: “The Ash might be a little peckish.” She then places what appears to be a fly on one of the snacks before the waiter takes it to Hale. As Bo asks for some time to find Lauren, Hale agrees but only to the end of the day as he picks up the snack The Morrigan altered. The fly then crawls on Hale’s neck and then is zapped by some kind of protective field around him, The Morrigan turning away in disgust as it does so. Bo then leaves Hale and he walks over to The Morrigan and tells her: “You should really try the hors d’oeuvres, they’re generating quite the buzz” before slapping her on the rear and walking away.

As Bo enters another room, she discovers Dyson on the floor unconscious with Jerry the Bartender nearby who tells Bo that Dyson suddenly collapsed. Jerry then tells Bo that he called the paramedics and in the next moment they arrive and move to put Dyson on the stretcher they have with them. Bo looks at the two of them strangely asking: “Are you both Skunk Apes?” Bo then asks: “It’s just that he’s part Wanblee. Is that going to be a issue?” When one of the paramedics claims it will not be, Bo starts to confront them and as she does so Jerry ducks behind the bar just before the two paramedics pull out weapons and point them at Bo. Bo realizes that they are both human and threatens to call for help from the Fae in the next room, but Kenzi moves to attack one of the humans which diverts Bo’s attention and she moves to protect her. In doing so, Bo knocks Kenzi to the floor unconscious which allows the kidnappers to take Dyson outside to the waiting black van. Bo attempts to stop them, but one of the kidnappers takes a shot at her and they escape with Dyson. Jerry then approaches Bo and asks: “Did they get away?” but Bo turns on him and knocks him out with one punch.

Returning from commercial, Trick tells Hale that they have been attacked by humans and they took Dyson with them. Hale orders the Dal Riata to be locked down, but The Morrigan overhears what has happened and tells one of her minions to have the Dark Fae Elders attend as soon as possible commenting: “The shit’s about to get real.” Bo is at that moment trying to get information out of Jerry, mainly by assaulting and threatening him. At first he claims to have no idea what she is talking about, but after Bo reveals that she saw him look for cover before the kidnappers took out their weapons, and both Trick and Hale threaten his life, he removes a vial from a pocket and drinks the contents. Before he dies moments later Jerry explains: “They have my wife. I had no choice.” Hale’s anger overcomes him and he leaves the room telling Trick that he knows what he must do. After they leave, Bo looks at the vial and then sees that it has Lauren’s name on it, shocking her. Seeing Lauren’s cell phone, she takes it and rushes from the Dal Riata.

Kenzi wakes up in another part of the Dal Riata to find Massimo hovering over her as she lays on a couch. He comments: “That’s quite the smack your owner gave you.” Kenzi tells him that Bo sis not her owner, and he snidely adds: “Of course, she was just saving your life. Some people are crazy about their pets.” Kenzi attempts to defend herself against his comments, but he continues to play up all of sorts of doubts that have been inside of Kenzi for some time including: “Holding your friends back.” Kenzi admits: “It’s not easy being the only human on the attack squad, but I bring other things to the table.” He continues to play upon Kenzi’s insecurities with: “What if I told you you could bring the real thing to the table?” Kenzi is confused by what he says and then he adds: “Oh come on, you can’t tell me that you haven’t wanted to be one of us.” Kenzi walks away from him and warns that he should not be where he is. He claims to have been concerned, but Kenzi tells him that: “It takes a con to know a con.” He then asks Kenzi if she is hooked, but Kenzi’s answer is: “I’ll just wait for the movie thank you.” After Kenzi threatens to scream for help, he leaves the room, Kenzi looking troubled and confused.

Bo has returned to Lauren’s home to look for clues and finds Tamsin there instead. When Bo asks what Tamsin is doing there, she tries to explain that is there to look for evidence, but then reveals that she lives out of her truck since Lauren isn’t there, she decided to take advantage of the place. Bo tells her that she doesn’t care and Dyson has been kidnapped by humans. When Tamsin asks how that is possible, Bo gives her the vial with Lauren’s name on it adding that the bartender at the Dal Riata poisoned Dyson and then himself, but she didn’t get any answers before he died. Tamsin asks after looking at the vial: “This better not be your Lauren.” When Bo tells her that it is, Tamsin answers: “Well, isn’t that just a shit sandwich that eats like a meal.” Bo then continues explaining that the humans hid themselves by using the same method that Lauren used when she was undercover in prison with Bo. Tamsin jokingly asks: “So one of your ex’s took out the other?” Bo pauses and then admits: “Well, when you put it like that it sounds weird.” Bo asks for Tamsin’s help, but she asks how Bo knows that Dyson is still alive. Bo tries to explain that she knows, that she can feel that he is alive, but she cannot explain how she can. As this happens, Tamsin tries to have another drink, but almost collapses, Bo just managing to stop her from doing so. Tamsin pulls away and claims she is fine adding: “I’ve just been having all of my meals in liquid form lately.” Bo pulls the bottle away from her and it smashes on the floor. Tamsin’s mind seems to clear for a moment and she tells Bo that they have to look through the apartment and see if they can find a clue to why Lauren has “turned against us.” Tamsin asks about Lauren’s phone and Bo gives it to her saying that Dyson dropped it when he was taken. Bo then opens the drawer where Lauren left her pendant marking her as being owned by The Ash and Bo whispers: “Oh Lauren… No…” Tamsin then asks if Bo found something, but Bo tells her that she didn’t and puts the pendant in her purse hiding it. Tamsin leaves the room adding to Bo that she should change because: “Things are going to get dirty.” When Bo asks if Tamsin is up for the fight. Tamsin answers: “Humans took Dyson. I’ve never been fightier in my life.”

Back at the Dal Riata, the assembled Fae, including the Elders, demand to know how it was possible for humans to attack, one asking how they managed to get by the enchantments protecting the Dal Riata. Another voice claims that they must have been helped “By that human the Succubus keeps.” Hale attempts to defend Kenzi, noting that she saved Dyson in the battle with The Garuda by herself when all of the assembled Fae were hiding. However this only results in his words being dismissed. The Morrigan then enters the room calling out: “Friends, Elders, Noblemen… Shut the hell up and listen.” The Morrigan then takes the floor and declares: “Hale and I have been trying to broker a peace. We’ve been trying to find a way to get the Light and the Dark to work together for a common good. Well, the need for such an alliance has finally come. But not with him.” The assembled Fae murmur in agreement and she continues: “Too long have bleeding hearts like him stood by and watched humans believe that they are the superior beings on this planet. So much so that they had the hubris to plan an attack again the one true race. On our own turf and get away with it. His leadership allowed this attack to happen.” As The Morrigan continues her speech, more and more of the assembled Fae turn to agree with her and then she reveals yet another test tube which she gives to Hale. She forces him to read what it says and he does so, saying Lauren’s name which pushes the assembled mass of Fae further towards revenge and action rather than considered action at the urging of The Morrigan. She then calls for a “vote of no confidence in this fake Ash” which results in applause from the assembled Fae.

After another commercial break, Dyson is seen trapped in an arena outside of a complex of buildings. One of them appears to be some kind of observatory and the doors to the dome part slightly as a altered voice notes that he was strong enough to recover from the poison in only a half hour after he was given the antidote. What follows is a series of taunts from above which end with Dyson having to face the mortal enemy of all wolf-shifters, a Lupercus (Ed Martyr) which attacks him and the two battle under the watch of the one imprisoning them. Eventually Dyson manages to defeat the Lupercus and the battle ends, but Dyson has been struck across his chest and is bleeding severely. This battle ending after the events with Kenzi that follow below.

As this battle rages, Bo and Tamsin arrive at Tamsin’s truck, Tamsin telling Bo that the “tech boys” have told her that the number Lauren has been calling is at a compound outside of the city. They then see that Tamsin’s truck has been booted for being parked illegally. Tamsin works to remove the boot while Bo goes inside the truck to wait for her. While she does so, Bo discovers the Rune Glass that Tamsin possesses as well as photos and other evidence about her, taking a photograph of what she has found with her phone. Kenzi is still at the Dal Riata and Trick is shocked that she is still there. She tries to talk to him but Trick tells her that she needs to leave and go home and hide, promising “When the dust settles, I’ll come and find you.” Kenzi throws up her hands and starts to do so, but Bo calls her and tells Kenzi that she has sent her a picture and needs to know what it is. Kenzi tries to tell Bo that The Morrigan is trying to have all claimed humans declared as criminals, there is a vote against Hale, and they found something with Lauren’s name on it as well. Bo begs Kenzi to leave the Dal Riata immediately and go somewhere safe, which Kenzi promises to do. Tamsin removes the boot from her truck and moments later the two drive away.

As Kenzi looks at the image that Bo sent her, Massimo appears behind Kenzi and tell her the he knows what she is looking at. When she asks him why he is still there, his answer is: “Because you are still here.” Kenzi starts to leave saying: “Well every Fae and their dog wants me gone so… toodle-loo Wankhead.” Once again he plays on Kenzi insecurities and asks: “Who are the Fae to tell you to leave? Especially after everything you have done for them?” Kenzi stops and tells him that he knows nothing about her, but he mentions her saving Dyson more than once, that she fought a Cherufe, and he claims it is not fair that “they are trying to push you out.” He then plays on her fears once more saying that she fights with no gifts and still succeeds before turning away from Kenzi telling her: “But you have to go.” Kenzi is silent for a moment and then tells him to stop. Kenzi then tells him: “I don’t trust you. But my best friend is in trouble. You want to help me? Then tell me what this vial is.” He refuses, telling Kenzi there is a price for doing so, that being a kiss from Kenzi. Kenzi does not believe him, but he insists that: “This kind of information requires this kind of tribute. I don’t make the rules.” Kenzi whispers: “Fine” and they kiss for a long moment before breaking it. Kenzi seems shocked and asks: “What the hell was that?” His answer is: “That? That was something” and then turns to walk away. Kenzi yells after him about the information she wants, but he insists that he needs a few minutes to get “the right information” for her and leaves. Elsewhere Dyson’s battle ends and he calls out to his captor if this was what they wanted, but receives laughter in reply.

After yet another commercial, Tamsin and Bo arrive at the compound where Dyson is being held. As Tamsin comments that she has seen this before and it will not end well for the humans, She then tells Bo that if she was her, she would get out of town while she could. Bo refuses to leave and explains that the guards look like the people that took Dyson and Lauren is still missing. Tamsin insists that Lauren is as good as dead, but Bo refuses to accept this. Tamsin demands to know why Bo cares so much, but before Bo can answer her, a guard appears from behind them and takes a shot at Bo which Tamsin blocks, receiving a stomach wound from the bullet. When he turns to shoot Bo, Tamsin uses her powers on him, her face changing as she does so. The guard turns away from Bo and this allows her to knock him out. Tamsin then tells Bo: “This is the last time I do anything nice for you” before falling to the ground, bleeding severely from her stomach and is unresponsive to Bo.

At the Dal Riata, the vote concludes and Hale calls out the final vote as: “twenty-six for, and thirteen against. The Morrigan’s motion is passed.” The Morrigan then declares to the assembled Fae that: “From this day forward, all humans claimed or under the emply of the Fae in this territory will be considered terrorists, enemies of the one true state.” As the Fae cheer her words, Hale leaves the room.

Kenzi is listening to Massimo as he explains that whomever holds the vial and the photo is trying to imprison Bo. Kenzi asks why, and his answer is: “To enslaved her? To kill her maybe? I don’t know really.” Hale then rushes into the room and asks Kenzi why she is still there, pushing Massimo aside who leaves in the next moment. Kenzi tries to explain that she believes that Tamsin is trying to hurt Bo, but Hale does not listen to what she is saying and tells her that she has to stop thinking about Bo and she has to go. Kenzi yells at Hale: “You keep saying that to me! Why does everyone keep saying that to me? We all used to be friends Hale!” Hale tells Kenzi: “Dammit Kenzi! You are not my friend! You have never been just a friend!” Kenzi is shocked by Hale’s revelation and he continues: “If anything happens to you I won’t be any good to anyone and right now I need to be better than I have ever been.” Kenzi bursts into tears, slaps him on the chest, and rants: “Asshole. Stupid… Why couldn’t you tell me that?” Hale explains: “Because I was scared. You have to go.” As he says these words, The Morrigan enters the room with one of her guards who moves to take Kenzi. However Hale comes in-between and takes hold of Kenzi before placing handcuffs on her and saying to her: “Kenzi, claimed human of Bo the unaligned Succubus, from this day forth you will be known as an enemy of the state and will be immediately put under guard until such time as you are provided with a date of execution.” Hale then kisses Kenzi to her surprise, slipping a vial into her dress before pulling back and commenting: “I always wondered what a terrorist tasted like.” Kenzi then breaks free from Hale and runs off, The Morrigan’s guard following her. Trick is elsewhere in his lair, gathering items and putting them in a shoulder bag, one of the last ones being the artwork of The Wanderer he was seen looking at inside a lock box. Picking up a hat, Trick then walks over to his fireplace and pulls a hidden lever which reveals a secret passageway that he vanishes into. Moments later, Kenzi arrives calling out for Trick, but there is no one there as The Morrigan’s henchman arrives to take her away.

Lauren is in the lab and takes a swipe card from a lab coat and uses it to open the pass card protected door that Isaac used earlier in the episode. Outside, as Bo tries to get Tamsin to respond to her, Tamsin’s phone rings and Bo answers it: “I’m busy, what?” On the phone is Massimo who replies: “Hello Blondie, it’s the Druid. Just thought you would like to know I’ve secured the kiss from the best friend. The serum to tame the Succubus is ready.” Bo answers: “Great. I’ll be in touch” and hangs up before looking at Tamsin and asking: “Oh Tamsin… You stupid, stupid girl.”

Lauren discovers a chamber which contains a large number of prison cells. Dyson calls out to her from within one of them and she rushes over to him. Dyson is bloody and injured and tells Lauren that he was drugged and then was forced to fight, but then is confused to why Lauren is there as well. Lauren tells Dyson to listen to her as she explains that there is a sample upstairs “from a mature Succubus. Her immune system… Is Bo here?” Isaac appears and asks: “Who is this Bo? How do I meet this Bo?” and stalks over to Lauren. She asks Isaac if he has “any idea what you are meddling with?” Isaac turns the question back on Lauren and asks the same of her. Then continues: “It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I’ve wanted to tell you how long I have been planning this. Since I was a kid. Forty years they have been laughing at me, have you any idea how gratifying this is going to be?” Lauren tells Isaac: “You used my research to poison my friends. You lied to me.” Isaac loses control and rants that it was his research and not Lauren’s. Then becomes calm again as he admits: “But yeah, that’s fair, I used you. I’ll continue using you.” Dyson attempts to break out of his cage, but cannot and Isaac comments: “You’re magnificent. I can’t wait to be like you! It’s going to be fun!” Isaac then leads Lauren towards another of the cages, claiming that he wants her to understand how important “our work is” before placing her inside one of them were a Fae woman sits on the floor. He then tells Lauren, “We’re going to do great things together, you and I…. Lauren. I never lied to you about that” and locking the door.

After a commerical break, Trick exits an underground passageway and walks through a barbershop towards the outside. However, moments after stepping outside to men in suits take hold of him and then drag Trick to the trunk of a car which drives off, having kidnapped Trick.

The final scene of the episode beings with Lauren trying to talk to Dyson, telling him that she is sorry and that she had no idea what Isaac was doing. Dyson tells Lauren: “He’s been hunting us. Torturing us. Making us fight each other like dogs! Hale told you not to go!” Lauren’s answer is: “He lied to me!” Dyson’s reply is a calm: “This is why you cannot leave the Fae Lauren. Why you can never leave.” The Fae woman in the chamber with Lauren asks if she has seen her husband, explaining that his name is Jerry and they wanted him to do something for them or they would kill her. Dyson assures her that “Jerry did fine. Looks like you are going to live.” Then another woman’s voice comes from nearby and asks: “What about my daughter? She’s safe? My daughter?” Across the hall a woman appears and Dyson is shocked to realize he knows who she is and calls out her name in confusion: “Aife?”

The last image of the episode shows a closeup of Aife at the door of the cell looking disheveled and confused, almost insane, not understanding what is happening around her.


Fade to black…


I think there was an episode in the middle of all of the racist words, the multiple plots and the overwhelming need to confuse every character is the series. And that episode was both one of the best and one of the worst of the season. The best in that there are stories to be told. Interesting ones. Ones that could be entire episodes on their own. Stories with meaning and purpose. But that will never happen because they were all smashed together into a single episode almost like an afterthought.

This I think is the biggest problem with the series as a whole. The need to stuff as many plots as possible into a single episode. It also comes back to having so many filler ones as well. Less filler and more meat would improve the series and make it a better show overall. But we don’t get that. We get little cute side stories that eat into the season until the writers see there is one or two episodes left and panic. Or it seems like it.. A lot.

I mentioned racism. There was a lot of it in this episode and The Morrigan was the core of it all. I really shouldn’t have been surprised. but it smacks of a time in history that wasn’t good and I think this won’t be either. Fae are going to die, humans too, and in the end someone else will pickup the pieces. I fear that will not be well for anyone that’s left.

And we have Aife’s return. How exactly does that work? There’s a huge disconnect between the end of the first season and now and I want a really good explanation that doesn’t involve a hand wave and a rote answer. But I expect that it will because that’s what happens most of the time.

I also have huge problems with “totally wacko” Isaac. He cannot possibly be the brains of what’s going on. There’s someone behind him and if that turns out to be The Morrigan, I at least will not be surprised. The clues are all there really if you look for them…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… It was nice to see Bo all dressed up with somewhere to go. It’s good to see her like that, but then she seemed to lose direction and that really bothers me.

Dyson… I’m surprised that he couldn’t sense the drink had something in it. He’s noticed things like that before, but I suppose for story sake it had to happen. And he being more wolf didn’t go over well with me.

Kenzi… It really saddened me to see her having to face all of the fears she holds inside. She deserves better, there is no doubt, and in the end, she’s more of the Lost Girl than Bo is…

Trick. Angry Trick isn’t that thrilling to me. Not listening Trick more so. Not helping Kenzi to be safe bothers me a lot more.

Hale. Lost from the word go this episode. Not listened to, not able to defend himself and blindsided by The Morrigan. I miss the old Hale. Kenzi does too.

Lauren. Again she is tricked and betrayed before making a huge mistake. Isn’t there other stories to be told about her?

Tamsin: Drunk as a skunk. But that one scene with her and Bo in the tub was riveting. She needs more scenes like that. Quickly.

Isaac. Loony tunes. Just about all that can be said really.

The Morrigan: Racist much? Just a little? You know there are a lot of people like you who discover that talking a good story doesn’t help when the axe falls.

Aife. More Loony tunes. Only a taste of it, but this really doesn’t bode well.

Druid: I’d take a knife to him and step on his body as I walked out of the room. No, I didn’t like him can’t you tell?

The rest of the players were various levels of disappointment and overall disinterest for me. Lots of needed filler to get the story going, but otherwise I barely remember any of them. Which might be the point now that I think about it some…


My Review of Hail, Hale

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 2 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 2 Pitchforks

Storyline – 5 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 5 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.8 Pitchforks out of 5


There was really far too much going on in this episode. To have so many plot threads all running at the same time made this episode one of the most confusing that has ever been aired on the series I think. Why have so many threats appear all in a single episode? There was an entire season to build up towards the finale and the series did not do this. Instead it feels like they finished the main plot too early, realized they did, and scrambled to take a lot of unfinished ideas and ram them together to make another finale.

That would have worked if it only was one plot. They could have dealt with the Wanderer alone, but they aren’t. They could have had the human threat through Isaac, but they aren’t. They could have brought Aife back with Bo’s father, but they didn’t. So the last episode will be short flashes of each of the stories with perhaps one being concluded. I’m expecting that to be Isaac. The rest will cliffhanger into the next season and we’ll see where it goes from there. I’m expecting little Bo babies to be running around. I hope not, but it really looks like it will.

That brings me back to this episode. I watched a good part of it closely. However, the entire thing moved haphazardly I felt. It jerked from one plot to the next, rushing through each as if the point was to overwhelm the viewer with all of the oncoming disasters. It really didn’t feel like a cohesive story for most of it which disappointed me. It did get better when the links started to appear, but then Aife popped out of nowhere and that’s a real problem. How is it that she was in Isaac’s hands? As I remember it, she was either dead or close to it and considering that Bo was looking for her, or at least suspected she was somewhere, wouldn’t it have at some point cropped up? I like episodes with a point and a focus, This one didn’t have that. It really should have considering that it was the last episode before the finale… Someone forgot about that it seems…

There was nothing to speak of Bo being a Succubus, nor Aife for that matter save for Lauren noting that she found a sample from a mature Succubus in Isaac’s lab. Bo went back towards Buffy Bo again and even in doing so she seemed to be lost most of the episode. I can remember that she was a Succubus, acted like one, and had the powers of one. Will we ever really see that again?

Too many story lines, I’ve said that already several times. But the sea change of the Fae declaring humans as terrorists is a major shift, the attacks on the Fae will lead I think towards a war with Isaac and his ideas as well. Then there is the possibility of Bo being turned into a slave of some kind and where that thread goes. All of this would make for a handful of really interesting episodes by themselves. But we get them all at once. So I am torn between liking the ideas and frustration in seeing them all at once.

There are a lot of trains coming towards all of the characters in the series. Kenzi, Hale, Dyson, Lauren Tamsin, Trick… They all are in dire situations. That’s six main characters that are threatened. Then we have Bo on the edge of both having to rescue Dyson and Lauren, and as well about to find out her mother is still alive as well. That cannot go well and I expect it not to. I wonder if Isaac will become lunch for Aife… or Bo… or both of them? It doesn’t look good and somehow I am still expecting Hale to be red shirted, or The Morrigan will when Bo confronts her…

It was fascinating to see some of the pomp and ceremony that the Fae have. But it also was sad to see just how racist they are as a whole. While a few bad eggs do not represent the entire group, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that they all were more than happy to run after The Morrigan. I’ve called them sheep and they really are… I wonder what would happen if Bo really used her abilities and did what she has threatened before when she was Possessed Bo. I didn’t like that there were some unexplained Fae things that happened which were central to a plot or two. A little exposition would have been nice, but otherwise there was a lot about the Fae as a group revealed that really wasn’t know before…

I can only hope the season finale is what I hope it to be.


Next Week: Those Who Wander


Bo attempts an unlikely rescue against an army to save two people who are dear to her; Kenzi has an epiphany about Hale; Dyson is given an important clue to Bo’s past.


And so we arrive at the season finale. Why am I expecting a train wreck? Why do I look at all that has happened this year and find myself not really caring all that much about most of the characters? Why is it that in the final episode we have to have so many plots running around and between each other?

There is no possible way that every plot will be closed at the end of the episode. They can’t be, not in the way that things have been constructed. It’s not good to have in the previous episode Aife return. That I really want to see explained well, but I doubt it. And I don’t believe at all that Isaac is the real Bad Guy. I however do believe that the Morrigan set this entire mess up. Everything that happened seems to point at her being in control of things. Everything seems to suggest that she’s wanted to take control of the Fae and in doing so mess up Bo’s life completely.

It does bring the thought of Bo killing her, or worse. But then of course there is the Wanderer isn’t there? So Bo will be turned into a slave, much like her mother was, and be taken away for some purpose not explained. However, I have one… Anna Silk’s real like pregnancy would make for some interesting television, but I don’t expect that the series would be game enough to go that way.

Trick’s been kidnapped, perhaps by The Wanderer? For what purpose? Didn’t we start the final episode of last year with the same thing happening? Are we going to have yet again a battle to save Trick? Really? Do we have to?

A season arc needs a purpose, a single point where the entire season pivots around to maintain the interest of the viewer. This year was a mash up of a lot of varied ideas, threats, and schemes that didn’t add up to a lot. There didn’t seem to be a point to each episode save turning Bo into more of a Buffy.

She isn’t Buffy darn it all… She is a Succubus and her name is Bo. She has a friend named Kenzi that matters to her. She has a family that matters to her. She is trying to find her way in a world that cannot accept that she is different than they expect.

Remember that? I hope that next year the writers do so. It would be amazing to see Bo being Bo. We haven’t really seen that in a good long time…