Jan 06 2017

A Review of Dahlia the Demon by Danielle Voelkel

Dahlia the Demon by Danielle Voelkel

Dahlia the Demon by Danielle Voelkel

The creation of a story needs a setting, a reason for why things happen. They cannot just be, exist, or snap into being. Some kind of grounding needs to exist, to push the characters towards a goal, a moment, something.

The universe works in mysterious ways, something that can, when the moment comes, change things. For the better or worse depends on who is asked. Not everyone can be happy, but then, not everyone has to choose not just their fate, but the world’s as well. But there is a truth, if one can see it, which can point the way.

  • Title: Dahlia the Demon
  • Author: Danielle Voelkel
  • Length: 55 Pages
  • ASIN: B01DR71A1A
  • Publishing Date: April 1, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story is about:

Dahlia and her brother Kai, both demons, are sent to an unsuspecting small town by the Council to perform a Corruption, but things go bad when Dahlia meets Jarlen, a human, and starts having emotions that demons by law are forbidden to have. When their father comes to inspect their work as Head of the Demon Council he has to decide whether or not Dahlia’s crime deserves exile which to a demon is the same as a death sentence. Lovers from three different worlds find themselves changing the future of Heaven, Hell and Earth in this thrilling story where destiny is rewritten through the power of love. And what happens when she meets William, the angel that has been watching over her for centuries without her knowledge? Will he let her know she’s been his consuming passion for as long as he can remember?

Dahlia isn’t like anyone she knows, mortal, angel or demon. There’s something different about her, something odd that has always been nagging at her thoughts. When the truth comes out, she needs to make a choice with no seeming good end. Not all choices are obvious and in making a choice, she might find the impossible made real.

This is a work of romance with a dash of adventure and some mystery, the largest mystery being Dahlia herself. While the focus is on her, there are quite a few minor and major characters that pop in and out of the story that have a hand in pushing, or driving, Dahlia towards her so called destiny.

The work reads a bit scattered, mainly from the shifts in setting and events that happen. Dahlia is thrown from one event to the next, seeming without end, and without much in the way of understanding or time to digest what’s going on. Even when Dahlia has to make a choice, there’s really not much in the way of explanation. She tends to act and the events that come from doing so end up causing her no end of problems.

At one point, Dahlia appears to be using the powers of a succubus on a mortal woman, but whether she is a succubus, or just a demon alone, is a bit shadowed. As the story progresses towards a confrontation and the aftermath, Dahlia changes physically, but not otherwise. There’s a lack of character development overall, really being limited to a few choice moments in the work, but not as an overall transformation of her character.

While this is a romance, there’s not really a lot of heat in the storytelling. There’s more passion in the battle for Dahlia’s life, in her needing to overcome. That in itself is interesting, and it tells a good story. Where the issue comes is the speed at which the story rushes from one moment to the next, from one conflict to another and so on. Something’s missing in the storytelling and that feels like the lack of some kind of control as to the telling of the story. Time to reflect before continuing onwards. A pause in the action to gather the plots helps in understanding. Sometimes that’s missing here.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Much of the story is well told, but there are points at which the story becomes a bit sidetracked and lost. Some more focus, a little more time spent in the telling rather than the reacting, would have been nice. More time spent on Dahlia’s world, other than Earth would have make for what comes towards the end of the story make more sense.



Jan 05 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 468

I do rather love Succubi that are cute and fun. I think that if there’s a smile, a bit of fun, that they are so much more interesting. Sometimes I come across an image that simply calls out to me and this does for this week’s Succubi…

Succubus by changha lee

Succubus by changha lee

This work is by the artist Changha Less and I found their work on DrawCrowd. You can find the original page with this art here on that site.

There is just so much to love in this artwork… The hair is amazing, her smile is wonderful and so very cute. The outfit she’s wearing is deliciously fun with just the right touch of being playfully seductive as well.

Her overall look, in her body shape, wings, tail and horns, all really fit together exactly right. She really does look like the succubus-next-door and that just makes me smile…



Jan 04 2017

Possibly the oddest Devil Costume of the year

Red Devil Zentai CostumeI think I have found a devil costume, it isn’t a succubus one by any means, which might be either the oddest thing I have ever found or… something. I’m just not sure what exactly.

This is called the Red Devil Zentai Costume and it comes with the suit and horns, the pitchfork does not seem to be included, not that it matters any.

It seems to be selling for about $75 US on the two sites I found this costume on.

While I do understand there is a particular sort of costume lover that like the concept and look of a Zentai costume, I have seen many others that look much better by far.

The entire look just seems very… cheap. It really does nothing for me, seems to be almost a caricature in a way. The tail looks like a piece of string, the horns are odd looking as well.

I think there has to be a costume in the same theme that looks better than this at least. But there’s another way to look at this.

There are all kinds of red Zentai suits to be found, so why not buy a plain one, then add some fishnets, a corset, decent horns and a tail and, perhaps, if not the fishnets, then some thigh high boots?

It would look better than this wouldn’t it?

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Nothing here and let’s hope the rest of the year gets better than this going forwards…



Jan 03 2017

A Review of War of Lust by Sierra Lee

War of Lust by Sierra Lee

War of Lust by Sierra Lee

It’s a rare thing when Succubi appear in a swords and sorcery story and they are actually allowed to be seductive, use their powers to tempt and cause others to fall to them by lust instead of by sword. I like that theme, keeping Succubi from just being fodder and making them something more.

But it’s a problem when they appear, for but an instant, then are driven away, lost in the background, never to be really part of the story again. As a plot device, that’s one thing. But when one of them is named, there is history between them and the main character, and it isn’t explored it’s disappointing. More so, it’s an opportunity lost to tell more of a story.

The work tells of

A lone warrior struggles to hold out against an army of succubi. He wants to survive long enough to return to his wife, but the enemy would make defeat oh so sweet…

Simon fights in a war against an Incubus King with the most dangerous of weapons at his hands. Legions of Succubi wash over the lands, ensnaring all they encounter. But Simon has one desire, one wish, one need. Tested, pushed beyond his limits, what comes next isn’t what he expected when a cry for help turns into something more.

The work is a very short fantasy about a warrior fighting his way home and the encounters along the way. Simon’s character is complex, interesting, and what drives him is very telling and important to the work. There’s purpose to things, the events that happen and as a sword and sorcery story, it does that well.

The issue that I have with the work is that there are hints of other stories, name dropping of other characters, but those stories aren’t explored, only teased. One prime example of this is a succubus that Simon encounters called Riala. She’s a power onto herself, it’s clear she’s someone important that Simon has battled against before. But she appears for two paragraphs then vanishes into the ether. Simon mulls over their encounter, in one short thought, then the story moves on. Similarly, the Succubi in this work are a major threat, they are said to be so, and yet there is, again, but one short passage in which one succubus appears.

Being that the work mentions Succubi specifically, that Simon is effected by their powers, as are several other characters, it’s a shame that they aren’t more present in the story. The focus here is on Simon struggling to return home, to fight his own lusts, pressing onwards by the force of his will. Being that his is the main character, that makes sense. But along the way, there are side stories and plots that appear, tease, then vanish into thin air leaving little to nothing behind.

In a lot of ways, sections of the work read like a summary of the past, suggestions of the present and vague ideas of the future. It does work, it allows for a delightful erotic scene at the end of the work which I enjoyed, but there was something missing and for me that came to the lack, as a whole, of succubi. The singular appearance of Riala alone just asked for her and Simon to encounter each other, at the least, have a flashback or something to offer a suggestion of who she is. Saying she is a powerful succubus is a start, but needed to be more.

The writing is very good, Simon, his wife, and Linda, a warrior that Simon encounters, are amazing characters without question. The main plot tells a very good story, but the side plots that aren’t explored take away somewhat from the focus that otherwise needed to be on the main one. The work is, again, very short, and honestly I think just from the side plots alone, this work could be four times the length it is. Telling a story needs depth and it’s floating on the edges of this work, I dearly wish there would have been more story, more succubi and, overall, more told of the world and the characters mentioned in passing.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

There’s a hint that this is the start of a series, called The Last Sovereign, and I really hope that happens because offering characters like Riala, then really doing nothing with her, is disappointing. In a lot of ways, the story reads like the summary of a quest, skimming over so many moments and events, but never paying off on them. While there are succubi, it is fleeting and honestly more a plot device than anything else. Considering the “threat” they are, telling that story further would be interesting and I hope it is for the promise I see.



Jan 03 2017

A Review of Red River Song by A. R. Mummey

Red River Song by A. R. Mummey

Red River Song by A. R. Mummey

It’s necessary for characters to grow in a story. They can’t remain static in the face of their world changing. While there can be reasons for that, leaving a character in the depths of despair with no hope is a sad thing. More so when that is a weapon to be used against themselves.

Some monsters hide themselves with beauty. A layer that covers the dark they are. They can be powerful and seemingly unstoppable. However, even something dark can be hurt with enough light.

The story is about:

Lorelei Abrahms knew she’d never be famous. She’d never change the world. Lorelei’s just an introverted college student losing faith in her dreams as her life plods onward with no meaning. That is, until she discovers she has strange powers and someone wants her dead. When Lorelei first sees the sparks coming from her hands, she worries it is all in her mind. She tells her best friend Heath, but he seems more interested in separating her from Patrick, a classmate she cannot keep off her mind. After being nearly killed by Thea, a succubus disguised as a college student, Lorelei learns she and her closest friends are Gifted, or sorcerers, and Patrick and his family are Sang, also known as vampires, though no one uses the common terms.

Somehow, she must control her new powers and unite the Gifted, the Sang, and the Dark, the Gifted’s opposing faction of sorcerers, to defeat Thea. Unfortunately, Thea is much more than just a succubus and no faction is safe on its own.

Lorelei’s life sucks, there’s really no way else to explain it. An encounter with an odd student leads into an odder relationship and then all hell breaks loose. Now she’s not sure about herself, her reality, or what’s going on. Worst of all, there is something evil that wants her and Lorelei can’t get an answer on what to do next.

The main character, Lorelei, seems to have one emotion throughout this work and that seems to be a complete lack of self assurance. She just doesn’t see anything of value within herself and even when she learns that she is more than she could have imagined, that nagging self doubt keeps hammering into her. It’s hard to see much in the way of her character developing as a result and as such it’s difficult at times to see progress in the story.

The characters that surround her are in the same way lost in many respects. There’s so much strife and loss that simmers in them that the work just lays about waiting for the conflict to start. Before that the story treads on what is almost a romance, but a lost one. When the story turns towards the real plot and things get complicated, that odd feeling remains. Lorelei and everyone around her just cannot find their footing and when the real evil appears, the train wreck begins.

The character Thea is described as being a succubus, and she does display some mind control powers and some seductive qualities. It becomes more fascinating a story when her past is delved into, the connections made, and the questions about Lilith, Eisheth Zenunium, Naamah and Agrat Bat Mahlat in this universe come into play.I rather liked how important they are, what they represent, and the hidden aspects that come out over time.

Thea is, as a whole, an evil force of nature with very little character otherwise. There’s no question she’s evil and Lorelei’s discovery of who she is opens up some interesting mythologies to explore. She’s cruel, uncaring of anything save power, and seems to have no other thoughts but that goal. As such she’s a little two dimensional in that aspect which is a shame because considering all she has done I expected her to be more whole rather than the creature she is. That’s not to say she isn’t a threat, she’s a very clear one, but she could be less of a willful villain and more of a scheming seductress. The hint is there, but it isn’t played out fully.

The writing is very good, the characters are complex and the interwoven plots I enjoyed as they unraveled. I just found Lorelei too lost as a main character overall. There’s a lack of belief in herself and I have the feeling that’s on purpose and caused by other forces. The sparks of life from time to time are fleeting and could be more. I think there is, I just would like to see a little bit more hope within Lorelei than there is.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The only thing that I didn’t really enjoy was the overwhelming lack of self that Lorelei shows through the story. Even when she started to see what she could do, there seemed to be no way to get out of the life long funk she’s been in. In many ways she is static from beginning to end. Considering who she is up against, that needs to change when the series continues.

Sometimes faith isn’t everything. Belief in yourself is.



Jan 02 2017

Behind the Eight Ball By TeraS

2017 arrives and with it a … somewhat different story to be told. A comment by a dear friend brought this story to the fore. A question about magical artifacts and what happens if someone gets …


Behind the Eight Ball
By TeraS


There are those in the Realm that are, surprisingly, more naughty than others. They are more adventurous, willing to take risks, explore the mysteries around them. Those particular souls are known as purple tails. By themselves, they can, and do, get into all sorts of mischief—it is, after all, their nature. When they set their minds to something, things tend to get a little out of hand.

On the last day of the year, in the last hours of the evening before the clocks strike midnight and the New Year begins, there is a ball held within the Palace, which all are welcome to attend. The sovereigns appear to hold court, to mill with their subjects, and to speak of the year past and the year to be.

Many attend, some remaining until the celebration begins, some depart after sharing a moment with either Tera or Keith, whichever happens to be available or within the visitor’s reach. Others mill about on the edges, having their own moments, perhaps sneaking off through the halls and passageways, finding an alcove, a room, or, for those that are especially daring, a window to be pressing against as their partner in crime, as it were, does interesting things to them. However, in the case of two purple tails, they weren’t attending the ball for the pomp, the fun, or the games. No, for these two purple tails, well, they were on a mission. For the young, being dared is one thing, being double dared is another. But then being tripled dared with RediWhip on top … by a blue tail no less … well, there wasn’t any choice for Pandy and Hope.

The pair had come to the New Year Ball, made their appearance, said hello to Keith—not Tera, mind you. They didn’t want her to know what they were planning, at least they, and their classmates, had figured Tera couldn’t possibly know what they were up to if she didn’t get close to them. It was just after ten when the two purple tails edged their way to one particular exit in the grand ballroom before ducking out. Neither had noticed that the blue-tailed succubi that had dared them was standing with Tera and Keith. They also didn’t notice how she was giggling with Tera as they all were looking directly at the couple of sneaks as they left.

Pandy was trying to pull up her long skirt, so she didn’t trip over her too-tall heels, whining as she did: “She’s gonna kill us. We are sooo doomed.”

Just ahead, her roommate, Hope laughed: “You’re just mad that you decided on that formal dress.”

She twirled in a circle, teasing as her miniskirt showed off some delicious-looking thigh: “Going modern and slutty makes for a quick escape.”

The slightly older of the two, and the wiser, all things considered, continued to frump: “Oh please. That’s not why you decided on that look. You were all ga-ga over Keith.”

Stopping at a corner, peeking around it, the sneak in charge whispered: “Sure, as if you weren’t showing off all that boobage of yours.”

Hope was notorious for being a tease and Pandy’s claim to fame was her deep cleavage. Especially in a corset, which made up most of her wardrobe. As the brunette succubi pornstar-wannabe-with-a-ponytail started to move again, she yelped in surprise as a hand tipped with sky-blue nails grabbed onto that ponytail, pulling her back. Her pink lips were in a frown, her hair, once perfectly quaffed, now an auburn mess of curls hovering around her shoulders as she pulled her friend—though she sometimes wondered about that—into an intimate hug, boobs rubbing against boobs as she purred: “I thought you liked my boobs?”

“Oh gawd, Pands. We haven’t got time!”

A smirk, one that made Hope shiver, was accompanied by Pandy licking her lips: “There’s always time.”

Being pressed against the stone wall, shivering a bit more from the cool bricks on her bare back and the heat from her friend, she managed to keep long pink nails from slipping underneath her far-too-short skirt: “No! Come on, Pands! Do you really want to go back empty-handed?”

The frump this time was a resigned one: “Fine. See if I give you a New Year’s Day present.”

Hope watched Miss Boobs walk around the corner like she owned the Palace. Shaking her head, she mumbled to herself: “Damned drama queen! I swear!”

“I heard that! Come on, let’s get this over with!”

Ten-thirty came with the chiming of a clock in the hallway that the pair were sneaking through. They hadn’t bumped into anyone, which was a surprise Pandy thought. Hope, however, had done some research, and realized that no one was in the offices of the Palace on New Year’s Eve. Tera made sure that everyone had the day off, and the place was locked tight.

At least it was supposed to be.

“That door better be open, or this entire idea …”

“It’ll be open. I’m sure.”

Pandy’s musings echoed off the walls: “What did you promise?”

“I didn’t … promise … anything.”

“You didn’t.”

Hope had an innocent smile: “Yup, I did. By now the video’s been shared all over the place.”

Pandy made a mental note to check the local intranet for the footage: “You’re nuts.”

“I’m popular.”

“So’s RediWhip.”

Hope came to a sudden stop, Pandy bumping into her: “Well, I didn’t let him use that.”

“Thank Tera.”

Hope winked then walked through the main doors to the Palace Offices: “I’ll use that on Mark if he is a good incubus for me.”

Watching the doors swing shut behind her now obviously insane roommate, the well-endowed succubi put her hands over her eyes: “So going to kill us.”

As the doors continued to swing back and forth, the insane one called out: “Oh! I also promised that you’d use your boobs on him … oiled, too!”

Pandy grabbed the door handle, slamming the door open, running after her: “Dammit, Hope!”

The giggling led her onwards through the empty offices until she found her nemesis in front of a pair of doors, jiggling the door handles. “Come on! He’d better have …”

Leaning against the door, Pandy smirked: “Maybe you should have used RediWhip?”

A click announced the lock being released, but the louder sound was Pandy shrieking in surprise as the door she was leaning on burst open. Losing her balance, the top-heavy succubi’s arms flailed about, grabbing Hope by the collar of her too-tight bolero jacket, the pair being thrown into the next room, the doors slamming shut behind them both.

The pair stumbled and tumbled across the office, hands clutching at anything they could grab, meaning that Hope got a handful of boob and Pandy got a helping of ass. Tripping over Pandy’s long dress, and completely losing their balance, the pair rolled across the floor, bouncing off a table and winding up in a heap beside a leather couch. As the pair lay there on the red carpet, they looked towards the table they’d bumped and gasped in horror. They’d come here looking for one particular thing in Tera’s office. All they wanted to do was take a picture of them holding it and get away.

They’d been warned—by Marion, the brightest of all of the yellow-tails in the Realm—not to mess with it. Her words came back as it wobbled on top of the table: “It’s a major magical artifact that would bring doom to countless millions in the wrong hands.”

Then it came off its stand and started to roll across the tabletop.

“It’s something no one should be messing with …”

The pair scrambled to get over to the table before it fell off and shattered, Tera only knowing what might happen.

“… especially since it belongs to Tera.”

It rolled off the edge of the table, time slowing down as it descended towards their certain doom, hands sweeping through the air in an attempt to save it.

“Good thing it’s in the possession of the frequently bemused Queen of the Succubi, then.”

With a soft thump, it landed in Pandy’s hands, just above the floor.

“I know I breathe easier.”

Hope’s forehead thumped into the carpet in relief. They hadn’t destroyed Tera’s Magic Eight Ball. They might just get out of this with their tails in one piece: “Are you okay? Is it okay?”

“I dunno. I’ll ask it.”

“No! Wait!”

Hope’s eyes widened as Pandy turned the black orb over in her hands: “Are you damaged?”

The window came into view, then a message appeared: Better not tell you now.

Getting to her heels, Hope moaned as she saw the result: “Crap. Look, let’s get a picture, put it back, and get the hell out of here.”

Pandy had the strangest gleam in her eyes: “This is Tera’s Magic Eight Ball …”


Pandy walked over to the couch, settling in there, looking at the mystical orb, then smiled: “So … let’s ask some questions?”

“You are nuts.”

“You’re the one that took the dare! If I’m going to be in trouble, I’m going ask a question! What’s the worst that can happen?”

Neither caught the message in the Eight Ball: Cannot predict now.

“You have no idea what that thing can do! It’s Tera’s! Don’t mess with it!”

The curvy auburn-coiffed succubi smiled: “What? You think anything will happen?”

Again, they both missed the message: You may rely on it.

“Look, I really don’t want to piss Tera off. Just put the darned thing down, let’s get that picture and get out of here!”

“Oh chill out, Hope.”

Stalking up to her obviously insane roomie, her tail very agitated, Hope touched the Eight Ball: “Are you kidding?”

Another message: Ask again later.

Pandy sighed: “Why don’t you relax?”

This message was clearly seen by both of them: Yes, definitely.

Something caressed its way along two purple tails lightly, sending a shiver through the arguing succubi, turning their shouts into needful moans. Hope’s legs wobbled and she fell onto the couch beside Pandy who was rubbing a hand under her skirt: “Oh fuuck … so … gawd … so fucking hornnnnyyyy …”

The eight ball rolled out of Hope’s hands, falling between the two succubi, who fell against each other, the orb’s newest note very clear: Without a doubt.

Pandy tried—really, she did—to move away, but Hope’s tail sneaking under her dress, the tip rubbing against her thigh, pushed that thought away. Her voice was husky: “Hope … please … don’t … tease me …”

The mewl was temptation: “Wanna cum?”

Again, another message: It is decidedly so.

Pandy’s formal dress didn’t stop Hope at all from burrowing beneath it and focusing all of her efforts, and tongue, on one singular thought.

The screaming as Pandy fell to Hope’s talents, were an open door so far as the orb was concerned as it rolled back and forth on the couch.

“Oh, Fuck! Don’t you stop!”

Very doubtful.

“Gonna cummmmm!”

It is certain.

“Where did you … oh, Goddess! … learn THAT!”

Reply hazy. Try again.

Pandy was finally pushed over the edge, her orgasm the most wild one she’d ever had. A limp, wet mess, she laid there in bliss as Hope licked her way back into view. Sucking on a finger, the temptress moaned: “Your turn.”

Pandy could barely put the words together: “Can’t … so … gawd …”

Hope frowned at the answer. She’d been nice to her roomie, but roomie wasn’t being nice back. Then her eyes fell upon the eight ball and, unable to stop her, Pandy could only watch as Hope’s slick fingers caressed the orb: “She’s a horny fucktoy.”

“Nnnnnno …”

The orb agreed: As I see it, yes.

The fancy dress faded away, Pandy’s expression went from surprise to wanton need in an instant. Her eyes gleamed, her fingers found their way to Hope’s sick wet sex and stroked her slowly. A sheen poured over her skin, her auburn hair slicked by oil. Her tail slithered over Hope’s body, the tip rubbing just underneath the sensitive spot where her target’s purple tail came out. Pandy’s hand was on the orb as well, and she moaned in glazed over lust: “We … both … mmm … are …”

Outlook good.

Hope’s barely-there outfit vanished, her body soon covered with oil, hair dripping wet, whether rubbed off Pandy or created by the orb, neither could know, or care. “Are … mmmmm … ya a slut?”

Concentrate and ask again.

Her mind emptied out, the little bit of thought that remained held on one thing: “Are … you … a … slut?”

Most likely.

“Sooooo … fucking … hot … fucking slut …”

The screams from the two entranced succubi as they licked, rubbed, sucked and toyed with each other echoed through the empty halls of the Palace offices. From time to time, one or the other of the sex-obsessed pair would place a hand on the orb, sometimes when they could think clearly for a moment.

“Can’t … Have to … stop …”

My sources say no.

“We … haveta … ssssstop …”

Don’t count on it.

“Please …”

My reply is no.

“Can’t … have to … go …”

Outlook not so good.

“Oh fffffffuuuccckkkkk!”

The following morning, Tera walked into the Palace offices, carrying a mug of tea. The evening had been a delight, and this was usually a holiday, but there was something she needed to deal with. She found the two purple-tails a naked mess in the middle of her office as she opened the door and looked inside.

Careful not to wake the two exhausted succubi, Tera crossed the floor, vigilant not to slip in the oil that was soaked into her carpet. How that was going to be cleaned up was something she was musing over as she picked up the eight ball: “Did they have fun?”

Signs point to yes.

Setting the orb back in its place, Tera smiled and made her way to her desk. Settling in, she waited for the two sneaks to recover from what they’d been through. The young were risk takers, some more than others, but they all were a source of delight and bemusement nonetheless.

Especially when they get tripled-dared by her blue-tailed daughter Rianna and her sense of humour.

Taking another sip of her tea, Tera wondered out loud: “I wonder if Rianna will try this again next year?”

The Eight Ball’s answer was an obvious one.


Jan 01 2017

The 2016 Succubi Year in Review

The past year, 2016, was the sort of year that… hurt, in a lot of ways. Personally it is a year that left my family in tatters, my soul torn and our lives shattered. There’s a lot of hurt, a lot of pain that I’m still going through, still will be for a long time to come.

There’s been one constant however, and before anything else i want to thank, with all I am, all of my friends, my family, those that are part of my, our, life. The light shared with us, from you all, means so much and we’ll be forever grateful and thankful for your love, prayers and being there in this year of loss we’ve been through.

Thus, with my thanks once more, onto the year of 2016 for Succubi…

There’s been a singular lack of presence for Succubi as a whole this year, but that’s really not a surprise as there’s no television series, no mainstream movies to be found. The core of this past year are the books and novels, of whatever length they are, that have continued to appear. As well, the few webcomics that have Succubi as characters also continue to have a presence.

But there are things to mark for 2016 and in no particular order, and in whatever way the thoughts came to me, here are my thoughts about Succubi and the year just past, 2016…

  • Succubi in Written Fiction – 2016 marked, by my count, a total of 464 published works released on Amazon and elsewhere that had, as a main or minor character, a Succubus appearing. Ir was, looking back, the largest number of published works that I can list going back ten years or so. While many of those works are short, there were a number of series as well, some lengthy novels and so on. The themes tended to focus on two main ones: Gender Transformation and Transformation into being a Succubus. My singular complaint, overall, comes to how many of the works where less than 10 pages in length. I feel like that, for writing as a whole, will come to be an issue going forwards, in a lot of ways for many authors. It’s not an easy way to make a living by far, but at some point the pamphlet mentality needs to stop and real books be created instead.
  • The Succubus series by Alana Church – One of my most dearly loved and cherished series of the year. Alana has become a dear friend, a cherished part of my family. I adored the series, loved everything the came along for the ride. Truly a highlight of 2016 for me and I’m ever grateful for Alana being part of my life.
  • The Lily Quinn series by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine – Another Succubus series that came to a close this year, and one that touched me in ways that I’ve shared with both authors. There are some stories that matter, that tell about characters you don’t forget about. This is one of those series. Sometimes Succubi are more than they are expected to be. Lily was that and happily so.
  • The Succubus Apprentice series by Dou7g – A friend, a series that makes me giggle, laugh and with all that came in 2016, a bright light that i cherished. Allowing me to have my way with Kendra as well, was a joy and my namesake appearing in the series was a delightful surprise. Cherished, loved and my thanks for being part of my family always.
  • Sinfest – While there have been a lot of story and character development for the Devil Girls as a whole this past year, I’ve found that, at least for me, there’s been a shift in the tone and the storytelling that holds little interest. While I understand this is storytelling, it’s how things are, when I find myself reading the series once a week instead of every day, that, at least to me, says that the story isn’t what it was. There’s a feeling of things being in a holding pattern, going in circles and beating up the same themes over and over again. Perhaps the coming year will see that come to a close and the characters develop again instead of being static.
  • Dangerously Chloe – Again, the series has been in a holding pattern, much as it was in the prior year. There’s been a lot of focus on the other characters in the series, quite a lot of development has happened. But as for Chloe herself, it feels like she’s been barely appearing in her own series and when she is, there’s almost no point of her being there. There’s an issue with her, it’s been present the entire year, but nothing’s been done with it. The exploration of Teddy, the other main character, being gender transformed, hasn’t gone very far either for all of the side stories. Some movement here would be good if for no other reason than to have Chloe more “there” than she is.
  • Another year, still more bad costumes – Looking back, I count two costumes for the year that were any good at all, less than ten that weren’t absolute rubbish. I think in the coming year I’m going to start really looking into the custom designed works that I’ve seen, regardless of how much some of them are. However, even $2000 costumes have their issues of course. That said, I’d like to see one attempt from a costume designer that has class and seduction. It’s a thin hope I know, but they have to be there.
  • Succubi Films – There wasn’t much in the way of films with Succubi this year, though there was one “major” release at the end of the year called SiREN which I’ll be reviewing in the future… and it won’t be a positive review I can promise you. That said, there are some hints of some adult films popping up, possibly one major release coming as well. But for 2016, the issue I had was, as always, that the Succubi are monstera, not Succubi and that meme needs to be changed somehow.
  • Succubi in Video Games – There weren’t any mainstream video game appearances this year, but there’s been quite a few Hentai works throughout 2016 as well as some homegrown choose your own adventure and similar games that are in the midst of development. That growth is a good thing, and for the most part the Succubi aren’t played as monsters, which is surprising really. Hopefully 2017 will being more, and, perhaps, Morrigan Aensland will appear again in something new. It would be nice to see.
  • The Queen herself appears in several published works – Throughout 2016, my namesake, my Succubi self, has appeared in several works of published fiction. I’m flattered beyond words. I never expected that, nor was looking for such things to happen. It’s an amazing feeling to be reading a story about Succubi and the name Tera appears, ebon hair, red tail, horns and all. I’ve thanked every author that has done so, expressed my joy, how happy these moments have been in the past year for me. Perhaps, in some way, I’ll be able to repay that kindness, that joy, however I can.

And so, those are the ten things that come to mind, such as they are for 2016…

A few highlights for Succubus.net for 2016:

  • The Tale has over 3 million views in total.
  • The Tale has over 3,600 posts.
  • The SuccuWiki has surpassed well over 34 million views.
  • The SuccuWiki contains over 4,200 articles.
  • The Gallery of the Succubi has over 7,700 images.
  • The Tale and this site had their ninth anniversary in November.

This then brings me to my hopes for what I might accomplish in 2017…

I think that I need to make a concerted effort to finish so many unfinished stories here on the Tale and elsewhere. It’s a failing of mine that I start things and never get them done. Second Coming will be finished, will be complete and… we’ll see if that work becomes my first… something.

There’s still a cloud over my family, something that I fear won’t ever go away, though I don’t want that to overcome myself and my Eternal as it has in the past year. The next six months, especially, will be painful, reliving the moments, the hurt. This coming week will be, save for that horrible day when it comes in June, the darkest of all.

What will be, no one knows. What happens next, none can say.

But I hold onto that which I can.

Love you all, for always.

Hopes and wishes for the coming year for you all…