Jan 18 2013

The Lost Girl shouldn’t poke around in dark places…

Something bothers me about this week’s episode of Lost Girl. Why is it that the writers seem to be trying to get Dyson a love interest again? Didn’t we go through this last season with Ciara? On top of that, why is it that Tasmin has to be so over the top? I know the actress playing the role is better than that… So why do it? More so, why does she have to be playing up the “hate me so you like me” angle?

The second episode of the third season, also episode thirty-seven of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Kenzi loses a friend in dark places, Vex gets free cable TV for Bo and Kenzi, and Lauren and Bo share some time together. Dyson gets a pain in the ass new partner who’s Dark Fae, and she aims her sights on sending Bo to jail…. oh, and the Pied Piper gets into politics in a big way too…

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This is the second review of the third season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo discovers that there is another world down below when you are a…


The episode opens with Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), Vex (Paul Amos), and a friend of Kenzi’s named Aussie (Daniel De Santo), entering an underground arts festival. Vex continually complains about why he is there, making references to Fae feeding on humans several times quite loudly. Kenzi and Aussie talk about some of the times they spent together in the not-so-good-days while Vex continues to make flippant comments. An actor in a alligator suit (Adam Barrett) appears which makes Vex attack him with a knife. Kenzi however manages to talk Vex down but not before the actor wets himself. As the three receive armbands for the show, Aussie mentions that people have gone missing underground and Kenzi tries to comfort him explaining that she and Vex will take care of the problem whatever it is. When Vex protests about not agreeing to this, Kenzi warns him to be nice. Vex then tries to be nice asking if Aussie is short for Oswald, but is told that Aussie likes Australia and that’s why he calls himself Aussie. When Vex becomes snarky, Aussie asks Vex id anyone ever told him he looks like Robert Smith from The Cure. Vex replies that people have, especially an “old friend from Wales who apparently is walking again.”

Meanwhile, Bo (Anna Silk) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) are at Bo’s home in bed together. The scene is very emotional, the two obviously in love with each other. In the middle of their moment Lauren comments that “I must be the only woman in history that has to pretend to be a ditz to repel sexual attraction” which makes Bo laugh in reply before drawing Lauren beneath her and continuing their moment together, Lauren then adds she is kidding and Bo’s answer is that she knows Lauren is before Bo’s phone goes off with a message from Trick asking Bo to see him and that it is important. When Lauren asks how important, No’s answer is that Trick (Richard Howland) exaggerates before the two continue.

Returning to Kenzi, Vex and Aussie, the show begins with an MC (Danny Waugh) introducing the attendees to the show talking about myths and legends such as Bloody Mary and the Slender Man, before claiming that only one, the Sewer Alligator, is true and the actor from earlier in the episode appears on stage as well. As the show continues, several of the people around Kenzi and Vex begin to vanish before the lights go out for a moment. When they come back on, Aussie has vanished and the actor has been killed on the stage causing a stampede for the exit by everyone there as Kenzi calls out Aussie’s name.

After the opening credits, a black and white flashback of Bo feeding on someone in the alleyway leading to the Dal Riata is shown, which occurred at the end of the previous episode Caged Fae. In the middle of Bo feeding the scene suddenly switches to Bo waking up in bed with Lauren as if from a bad dream. Lauren asks if Bo is alright, and Bo begins to explain, but then changes her mind simply saying that she is alright. Lauren then tells Bo that for the last two nights she has been with Bo, Bo has woken up screaming from her dreams. Lauren asks, teasingly, if committing to her is that terrifying, and Bo assures her that it isn’t. Bo kisses Lauren goodbye, telling her to go back to sleep, but as Bo leaves the bedroom, Lauren reaches for a wine glass, tips it over, and it shatters, obviously exhausted from Bo’s attentions.

Bo is walking through her home, a contemplative look on her as Kenzi and Vex barge in. Kenzi is panicking and try to explain to Bo what’s happened as Vex interjects randomly interrupting her. Bo finally asks Vex if what happened was Fae, his answer being that if the actor was Fae he would have been a better actor, also commenting that Sir Laurence Olivier was Fae. After Bo clarifies that she meant Aussie disappearing, Vex’s answer is that it probably was. Kenzi tells Bo that they have to go and find him and Bo agrees, telling Vex to come along. He refuses to go, saying that a Real Housewives marathon is about to begin. Kenzi then says in a false British accent: “Mother? May I kill the freeloader?” But Bo holds her back saying that Vex “isn’t worth the sweat.” Bo and Kenzi then leave, Bo telling Vex that: “If you go near my girlfriend, our Christmas Balls next year will have a certain panache.” After they leave, Vex comments that: “Hook up illegal cable and what do I get? Threats to my junk. Typical.”

The scene shifts to a gym with a tall blonde woman walking through it to catcalls from the men around her. She approaches the boxing ring where Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) is in the middle of a match. She calls out to Dyson’s opponent: “Twenty bucks if you kill the white boy.” Dyson considers her as he fights and then she reveals that she is Dyson’s new partner which distracts him and allows his opponent to land a punch, knocking Dyson into the ropes facing her. His eyes change in anger and then Dyson knocks the other fighter out with a single punch, the woman commenting that she: “Bet on the wrong guy again. The story of my life.” Dyson’s answer is: “You should get that looked at.” She finally introduces herself as Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten). Dyson replies that he was not informed about a new partner and Tamsin simply pushes on giving Dyson a case folder which she explains is a Sewer Alligator sighting. As Dyson looks at the folder, Tamsin explains that the Sewer Alligators were supposed to be quarantined, but now they will have to kill all of them, because they are causing problems for the Fae, pointing her hand like a gun to her head. Dyson comments: “Too subtle, maybe next time you can add sound effects.” Dyson continues reading the file, noting that two Fae city workers have vanished and Tamsin adds one human has also been killed. Then to a comment that the Ash can’t be happy about this, Tamsin reveals that she is Dark Fae and working for The Morrigan. Tamsin then goes on to explain that the two of them are part of a “peace project” between the Dark and Light Fae. When Tamsin prods Dyson about attacking defenceless humans, meaning the fighter in the ring, Dyson reveals that the fighter’s wife had been attacked by him and he was returning the favour.

We next find Bo and Kenzi underground looking for Aussie. Bo asks how Kenzi knew about the storm drain they used and Kenzi explains that after she ran away from home, she lived in the sewers and other underground places because she had nowhere else to go. Some street people told Kenzi of the abandoned subway line and the tent city that sprung up there and that is where she met Aussie, who saved Kenzi when she was suffering from pneumonia. Aussie was thirteen at the time. Bo comments that there is so much she don’t know about Kenzi and Bo adds that she never needed to live underground. Kenzi’s answer is that for humans its not as easy as it is for a Succubus using her powers to make someone fall in love with them. The pair stop walking and Kenzi tries to apologize, saying that it “cam out wrong.” Bo tells Kenzi that she gets it as Bo’s phone rings.

The call is from Trick, who Bo greets as her “favourite Grampi”, but before he can talk to Bo, a woman at the bar asks for a drink. Trick explains that he found a Weaver to help Bo with her nightmares and that he wants Bo to come to see him as soon as possible. Trick explains that the past eight hours have been the worst of his life as the Weaver, named Eunice (Phyllis Ellis) is “haunting” him, appearing to have a crush on Trick or at least is really interested in him. Bo then explains about the search she and Kenzi are on for Aussie and Trick begs them to please hurry back as soon as they can. After the call ends, Bo and Kenzi find themselves looking at a very old sign that warns of an area which is quarantined. As they try to figure out where to go next, a blindfolded man appears out of the darkness, his hands groping in the air towards Bo and Kenzi.

Returning from commercial, the man turns away suddenly to capture a rat and kill it, placing the remains in a bucket as Bo and Kenzi watch. When the man, who appears to be blind and most certainly Fae, crawls through an opening and disappears, Bo and Kenzi follow to discover a den of similar Fae, all blind and held together in this one place. Bo describes them as “Fae that live like animals”, Kenzi’s thoughts are: “They took my friend.” Then Kenzi’s flashlight finds a leg and follows that to the body of what seems to be a member of the police SWAT team before the Fae surround the two of them. Bo manages to joke: “Would you believe we took the wrong turn at Albuquerque?” They are then taken to a Fae who speaks in a Southern accent who’s first words to them are that he hopes that they have not been treated poorly as they do not like trespassers. Bo attempts to explain that they are not trespassers, but the Fae interrupts telling Bo that it is impolite to interrupt one’s host. Bo confronts him about kidnapping Aussie and as well the dead Fae police officer they found. He explains that sight is a funny thing and when you have lived in the dark as long as he has, and lost it, only then can you “truly begin to live in the light and know what is right.” Bo tells him that ripping a man to shreds is barbaric, but the Fae brushes that off as a simple culling of an animal.

Meanwhile, Dyson and Tamsin are investigating the murder of the actor at the beginning of the episode. Dyson examines the body and notices that the bite pattern seen seems wrong. Dyson then smells something that he calls “”familiar” around them. The two then take verbal jabs at each other over working as detectives together, Dyson commenting that he would be a fool to trust someone from Tamsin’s team. Her answer is to ask if he means Dark Fae or women as she walks away.

Back with Bo, Kenzi and the Fae, Bo warns him that if he touches Kenzi, she will “become a lot less civilized.” He then speaks of his past, which involved presenting himself in front of Fae nobles for their amusement. He speaks of his family, a wife and child, how they were collected by a man in black who took them all away to be quarantined where they are now because of a disease they had contracted. He then reveals his name is Atticus (Jordan Pettle) as he tells of his family asking for help, which he was unable to give and he followed with the rest as the man in black took them all away. He also tells that the disease was simply a means to the Fae like him losing their lands and homes, not actually becoming ill until they had been sealed underground. Atticus also speaks of an urge for revenge against the man in black that caused all of the pain that his kind is going through now. Kenzi then accuses Atticus of taking Aussie, but replies that: “Sight cannot be trusted my dear.” Kenzi then tries to attack him, but Bo intervenes saying that they will leave him in peace. Atticus then asks if they know their way to the surface, which they do not, before locking them in the room and gas seeps in around Bo and Kenzi.

Returning from commercial, Vex is wearing one of Bo’s kimonos and eating cereal as she waits for Bo and Kenzi to wake up as they lay in bed together. When they do, he asks: “So, go on then, how was it to finally consummate your marriage?” Bo and Kenzi are confused, not knowing how they got home and when Bo asks how they got there, his answer is: “years of latent sexual tension.” Bo asks if Vex is wearing her kimono again and Vex answers that he had it altered to fit him just before Bo and Kenzi attack Vex with pillows from Bo’s bed. Dyson then walks in and witnesses the scene which makes him smile. Then Tamsin appears and walks up to Bo unimpressed with her. Bo’s answer is to not back down and ask: “Who the hell are you?”

Bo arrives at the police station with Dyson and Tamsin, the three immediately entering the interrogation room and Kenzi waiting outside. After some small talk, Dyson asks Bo why he sensed her “perfume” at the crime scene they were investigating. Bo explains about Aussie’s disappearance and that she and Kenzi were looking for him. Dyson reveals that other humans and two Fae workers had been also taken, as a result, Dyson reveals they have been ordered to exterminate the underground Fae. Bo tells Dyson about the dead SWAT team member she saw in return. Then Tamsin interrupts and accuses Bo of feeding on other Fae, which is illegal and punishable by death. Photos of the crime scene are shown to her, to Dyson’s complete surprise and he attempts to defend Bo. When Tamsin asks what she will tell The Morrigan, Bo’s answer is: “To tell her to shove it.” Bo then turns to Dyson in confusion that his partner is Dark Fae, but before he can answer Tamsin presses on asking where Bo was one week ago at eleven in the evening. Dyson answers that saying that he was with Bo releasing her from prison, referring to last week’s episode. As this is happening, Kenzi waits outside and looks at a board with missing persons on it, but a police officer covers the board when he sees Kenzi looking at it. Tamsin continues to grill Bo trying to make her admit to the crime she is accused of, noting that the Fae she fed on is in a coma elsewhere. Bo ignores her and reminds Dyson about Kenzi’s friend who has been kidnapped before asking Tamsin if there was something else she wanted so say. Dyson tries to explain to Bo about the Sewer Alligators, but Bo interrupts saying that the Fae is charge is named Atticus, and Dyson explains that Atticus is threatening to “out” the Fae. As Bo and Dyson continue to talk, Tamsin collects the file on what appears to be Bo’s feeding and then walks out of the room. Bo tells Dyson that his new partner is a real peach, Dyson replies that he wouldn’t use that word.

As Bo and Dyson continue to talk about her, Tamsin pours a pot of coffee over Dyson’s desk, ruining everything there which makes Dyson rush outside to stop her. Dyson confronts her asking what she is playing at, Tamsin pushes Dyson to explain his relationship with Bo. Dyson tells her that he knows Bo didn’t do it. Tamsin scoffs saying that: “Why? Because when they were giving out brains you took a second deck?” Dyson then reveals that Bo has been feeding cleanly and safely for two years. He reminds Tamsin that it isn’t about him and Bo but the facts. Her response is to agree that the coffee was a bit much, but a lot of the facts still lead in Bo’s direction. Dyson then gives Tamsin a warning that if she wants to be partners she will need to control herself. As their conversation ends, Hamelin (Ted Atherton) arrives and tells Dyson and Tamsin to follow him. After they leave, Bo motions Kenzi to open the door, which she does, and an officer attempts to stop them from leaving. However, Bo uses her powers on him and takes control of him. At that moment, Hamelin, Dyson and Tamsin are elsewhere talking about Bo being involved in the situation underground. Dyson explains that Bo will be involved until Kenzi’s friend is rescued which throws Hamelin into a panic. He tells Dyson that if Aussie is down there, he could be infected and that would make things worse. He also tells Dyson that saving Aussie is not possible and that is a direct order from The Ash, Hale. Hamelin puts pressure on Dyson to get the problem solved as his human role as City Manager is in jeopardy with the Mayor. He tells Dyson to keep Bo locked up, but by this time Bo and Kenzi have escaped. Tasmin growls in anger: “That bitch is doomed.”

Bo and Kenzi arrive home and gather their weapons, Kenzi worried that they are already too late. There is a knock at the door and assuming that it is Dyson and Tamsin, begin to leave out a window, but the door opens and Aussie walks in. Kenzi asks what happened and Aussie claims that they went to the show and then drinking together the night before. Kenzi tries to explain that didn’t happen, but before she can do so, Aussie sinks to the floor, struck by some kind of illness. They take him to Trick where Eunice proceeds to see what is troubling Aussie’s mind. After asking for a hair from Aussie she weaves the hair into a loom. Trick tells Bo as this happens that he isn’t happy about having an unclaimed human in the Dal Riata when he has sixty Ogres there for a rugby reunion. Eunice demands silence and also tells Trick that he owes her a private dinner for dealing with a human, something she never does. As Aussie’s memories are revealed they show him being held somewhere with a group of others and the last image is a shipping container number. Trick recognizes some of the images as a shipyard, St. Thomas Shipyard, he used in the 1700s and Bo is confused as to how he knows. Trick explains that the statue in Aussie’s memories is that of St. Thomas, although the bible seen is usually held in the right hand of the statue. Aussie’s condition becomes worse, blood now coming from his eyes as well as his nose. Leaving Aussie in Trick’s hands, Bo and Kenzi leave for the shipyard and look for the container. Kenzi moans that: “There isn’t an app for navigating shipyards, but there is an app to turn people into zombies.” Kenzi is confused as none of them have a number like they saw. Bo explains that the view was a mirror image and the numbers, like the statue’s bible are backwards. They find the container and open it to discover the missing humans and the two worker Fae.

After the commercial break, Dyson and Tamsin are getting ready to assault the Sewer Alligators when Bo walks in. Tamsin immediately shoves Bo against a wall before thanking her for coming back. Bo tells her: “Relax bitch. I brought gifts.” Kenzi then arrives with the missing humans and Tamsin releases Bo in disgust. Once again Dyson, Bo and Tamsin go into the interrogation room where Bo tries to explain that she does not believe that Atticus is responsible for the kidnapping of the humans and Fae because he and his kind cannot exist in the light any longer. Tamsin refuses to believe this and Bo continues to lay out her evidence that Atticus could have killed her and Kenzi, but didn’t and that, to Bo, does not sound like a cold-blooded killer. Dyson stops Bo and tells her to stay out of things and let them do what they have to do. Then Hamelin arrives and takes Dyson and Tamsin away, leaving Bo again alone in the interrogation room with Kenzi outside. Hamelin then demands to know why the Sewer Alligator Fae have not been dealt with. Dyson explains that Bo found the missing humans and Fae and her evidence suggests that they are not guilty of the crime. Hamelin then reminds Dyson that he is under a direct order and that Dyson will eliminate them immediately. Dyson tells Hamelin that he will take this up with the Ash, Hale, before anything happens. As all of this happens, Bo escapes again, once more using her powers in the same police officer as before. Tamsin then tells Dyson that if she didn’t hate Bo so much she actually might like her. Dyson’s answer is: “She has that effect on people.”

Bo and Kenzi have returned underground and are on their way to see Atticus when a dark figure appears behind them and follows nearby. In the meantime, Hale (K.C. Collins) arrives at the police station and is greeted by the officers there. There is some banter between them which reveals that they believe that Hale won the powerball lottery and is the reason for him no longer being a detective. Dyson takes Hale aside and tells him that he has an issue with how Hale is dealing with Atticus and his people. When Hale tells Dyson that they have made a new home for Atticus and the others, Dyson is shocked as this is not what he had been told to do. Hale also reveals that they are doing this because it is the right thing to do and not just because of the new subway line being built through that part of the city. Dyson thanks Hale and then rushes off. Bo and Kenzi turn a corner underground and remark that they have a bad feeling when Hamelin appears behind them and changes form, his arms lengthening and his face reshaping. Bo and Kenzi are taken under his sway, their eyes changing as he controls them and he orders them to show him the secret way to where Atticus is.

After the commercial ends, Dyson is seen running through the tunnels in search for Bo and Kenzi as they crawl through into Atticus’ home with Hamelin close behind. When Bo snaps out of Hamelin’s control, she asks what he is. Hamelin reveals that he has been known as the Slender Man, the Erlkonig, and is best known, according to him, as the Pied Piper. Seeing that Kenzi is in pain, Bo demands that he stop hurting her, but he refuses. Bo then realizes that in fact the Fae and others were never sick, the bleeding is a sign of how Hamelin feeds. When Bo wonders what the Elder Fae would say if they knew what he was doing, the answer Hamelin gives is that it “tastes so good.” He admits that after the Fae were taken below ground he was supposed to release them, but did not. He also reveals that if someone has eyes, then he has power over them, his feed becomes transfixed by the music they hear. Bo tells him that he is disgusting, and Hamelin replies that Bo is no better, referring to her Dark Fae feed. Before Kenzi can ask what’s going on Atticus appears and says he had to interrupt because he hadn’t heard Hamelin’s voice in over ninety years. The two greet each other and Hamelin approaches Atticus, however when Hamelin tries to use his powers, they do not work to his surprise. When Atticus speaks of not having sight, Hamelin then attacks him, but before Hamelin can crush Atticus with a boulder, Dyson arrives and stops him. When Dyson tells Hamelin that he is taking him to jail, Bo offers a better idea to which Atticus readily agrees to. He then leaves to face Hamelin as Bo collapses the roof of the tunnel that leads to where the two Fae battle each other, the last image of the two as Atticus bites into Hamelin’s neck.

After the final commercial break, Dyson is in the boxing ring with Tamsin, she landing several blows on him as they spar. After taking several more hits without striking one in return, Dyson asks if she has had enough and Tamsin tells Dyson that she has had enough of him and Bo. Then she strikes him once more and tells Dyson that was for ditching her to help Bo, who she calls Dyson’s girlfriend. Tamsin then tells Dyson that: “There is so much more to life than that unaligned cooze.” Then she kisses Dyson and asks him if she “tastes good”, Dyson’s answer is that she does, but he still doesn’t want a new partner. Her answer is that she doesn’t either. Tamsin then reveals that the Dark Fae that she believes Bo fed from has been moved to a Dark Fae compound and when he wakes up, they will have the proof she needs to have Bo killed.

Meanwhile, Bo is in the Dal Riata and tells Trick about what happened in the aftermath. All of those sick stopped being so and she tells Trick that Hamelin had been feeding off the Fae for almost one hundred years. Trick tells Bo that everything that Hamelin did was stupid and cruel and he tells her that the Fae owe her again for what she has done for them. Bo’s answer is that she is just happen that Atticus and his kind have been relocated. Eunice then steps in and takes Bo aside to see what is troubling her. Trick moves to stay but Eunice tells Trick it would be like reading her diary and Bo assures him that it will be okay. Trick then leaves and then Eunice settles Bo in before running the spinning wheel to see what is troubling Bo. What appears is an image of a monstrous looking Bo feeding on someone. This frightens Eunice who abruptly ends the session and leaves in a rush. Bo asks what it was and Eunice tells her it was beautiful and she thinks it was: “something you ate.”

The final scene in the episode is Bo looking around in confusion and, for a fleeting moment, the image of the monstrous Bo is visible before it vanishes. Bo then sits down and mumbles to herself: “Why are people always lying to me?” as the episode ends.

Fade to black…

The thing about this episode for me is that, honestly, I did like it more than the rating suggests I do. I thought the moment of mind control was well done, the effects looked very good. I liked Atticus and his story and most of the background and all.

But then we have Tamsin and I just really have issues with her. She really just grates on me and I really don’t like actors or actresses that chew up the scenery for no real good reason. Why is it that all of the Dark Fae have to be so over the top in the first place? Can’t there be some that are less stereotypical and more interesting? Sometimes I wonder…

It was nice to see the barest about of movement with regards to what will happen to Bo in the future this season, even if that was through a piece of cloth that made it almost impossible to figure out what was going on. Oh, and if Bo does turn out like that I think it will likely be the last time I watch this series… And I don’t want that to happen.

I have issues with another love interest for Dyson. Sometimes I wonder if both The Ash are being Dyson’s girlfriend mean you have a bullseye on you all the time? I did like that there was some wonderful scenes of Bo and Lauren together that was just right in so many ways I think.

I also liked that we have Vex being fun and not being an ass… at least most of the time anyway…

There are still holes in the plot lines of some parts of the show that bother me, but with some luck and some episodes to come they will manage to make some sense. I would have liked to know more of Atticus, that is a story that would be fascinating to know and where it ends up.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… A bit more Succubus in her this time which was nice to see. More so the moments with Lauren were delicious too… It did make me wonder however if Bo kept from feeding on her or if she gave Lauren energy… The after effects were something fierce. The reveal at the end of the episode was interesting, if vague, but then all prophesy is that isn’t it?

Dyson… It was good to see him smile when Bo and Kenzi were attacking Vex with pillows… I’ve missed seeing that smile and it was one of the highlights of the episode for me at least. The tension between him and Tamsin was well done, but at some point that has to fade a little for the sake of the series I think.

Kenzi…We learned a lot about her this week and that really kept me interested when otherwise I wouldn’t have been. It begs the question about how she became who she is now. But, there was nothing said about that Fae created rash and that plot line needs to move some. Favourite Kenzi Line: “There isn’t an app for navigating shipyards, but there is an app to turn people into zombies.”

Trick. It was nice for Trick to have more of a role this week, the sheer terror in dealing with Eunice was hilariously done and I enjoyed all of the sotto voice moments. Especially when explaining about the Ogres having a party in the Dal this week.

Hale. Less than two minutes of Hale. And that was only to explain really why he isn’t a detective and not a lot more. Then a quick reveal of who the bad guy is this week and he’s gone again… Being the Ash makes one very busy I know, but seriously, Hale needs to not be the Ash and be Dyson’s partner again… I’m missing the Kenzi/Hale scenes more than I can say…

Lauren. Other than being in bed with Bo we see little of her this week. It does move their story along, which is fine, but there was no other purpose for her appearing and that made some of that feel like an info dump and that bothers me. Sex and info dumps do not go together.

Vex. I couldn’t help but laugh when he appeared. He really did have some perfect lines this time and I liked that he still was the slightly off Vex we know and love for being who he is. But I have to admit that I can’t stop thinking about the pillow fight he had with Bo and Kenzi…

Tamsin: Hate her so very much. The attitude, the language, the snark, the superior attitude… None of it does a single thing for me and if she gets killed off early in the season I can’t say that I would be upset about it. What gets to me more is that the actress herself has more talent than the one-dimensional way she is playing the role and I don’t understand why.

Aussie: Interesting character, the actor was quite good. I do wonder if he will return so we can learn more about Kenzi…

Atticus: He was tremendous to put it mildly. So much force of character in such a short appearance that not seeing him again would be a huge shame. Possibly the most interesting character in a supporting role in the series overall. Bravo to the actor for bringing Atticus to life.

Bob Hamelin: Mostly forgettable to be honest. The panicky City Hall official was too overdone and I think that the Pied Piper was interesting if not quite “evil” enough for my tastes.

Eunice: Well acted role, and she is interesting in just how she presented herself. I would like to see her again in the series. If for no other reason than to keep Trick on edge…

Overall, the ensemble this week was quite good and the latter, smaller roles had their moments as well…

But the acting alone can’t make up for everything…


My Review of SubterrFaenean

Keeping my interest – 2 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 3 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 2.8 Pitchforks out of 5

This was another episode where I couldn’t quite get into it. There were moments where I was held by it, but other than Atticus and Kenzi and Vex? Really I can’t say that I enjoyed what could have been an excellent show. Perhaps the thing that grated the most was Tamsin. It is hard to want to watch when the characters turns you off so much.

I do not see, as I have said, why they need yet another love interest theme in the show. It will be more interesting to see how Dyson deals with Bo being with Lauren than with Dyson and his so called relationship with Tamsin. It will be like nails on a chalkboard for me I am expecting…

I think my main problem is the one-off-never-to-be-seen-again aspects of this episode. I would have liked more to carry over than the references to what happened with Bo’s feeding in the episode before. Not a lot else came through… There is a season arc, how about we see that?

Bo revealed she was a Succubus! Twice! Well, kind of. I mean she mind controlled the same cop twice for the humour aspect of it. Otherwise there wasn’t much else. I don’t count the scene with Lauren as being a Succubus, it is being a woman in love and that’s something quite different isn’t it? As for that image and the end of the episode? If that’s Bo, and I doubt it, then there are some real changes coming for her…

Atticus’ home was well made and I liked the drawing on the roof, that was an really interesting stylistic touch. The other set pieces seem to have improved a bit from the last time we saw them which I hope is a sign of good things to come. I do wonder where they shot the tunnels… Might be an interesting place to peek into…

The main storyline of Atticus was one of the most riveting when he was there. His presentation, manners, speech, style… All of it made for a story that was gripping and that really held me. It managed to counteract most of the Tamsin being a ass and going at odds with Dyson and Bo theme that really got old very fast. More telling was the Kenzi storyline, although for the most part it was some short bits of dialogue, they reveal so much about her.

Kenzi, Dyson, Vex and Bo developed a lot this time. Kenzi’s past revealed, Dyson’s dealing with the world around him without Hale and then having to be in a situation which he never wanted were good means to move them forwards. Vex being taken from a background characters into a more main role this time also was excellent. I really diid enjoy when he appeared on the screen. For Bo it was less of an overall development, more of a relationship and understanding one. But the question she asks at the end of the episode is telling I think for the future.

The mythos of the series was expanded a lot this time. Not just in Kenzi, but in what happened to Atticus, Tamsin appearing, Weavers, and more. It’s nice that the overall flavour of the series is still kept in mind, which it should be, and I hope that continues. There were some gaps, but there are always those aren’t there? Perhaps the questions about Hale will get answered eventually…

Or not. I’m expecting not for a while yet.


Next Week: ConFaegion

Bo’s houseguest Vex unwittingly brings greetings from a vengeful Morrigan, sparking a chaotic role-reversal that demands humans Kenzi and Lauren work together to save their Fae friends.

Well, the question is of course if Vex is there because the The Morrigan has been plotting all along to do something in revenge to Bo? More importantly, why isn’t she using Kenzi to make that happen in the first place? Kenzi owes her a favour after all…

What do they mean by “role-reversal” anyway? Are we talking about Dark turning Light? Dominant personalities turning submissive? Loss of memory? And if any of that is true, how do Kenzi and Lauren fix it?

I have the feeling that this will be the point where Bo starts to go over the edge towards “evil” Bo. At least it certainly looks like it. But that took three episodes to get to and that bothers me. We have only thirteen episodes in this season…. Doesn’t that mean that we are wasting time on side stories that have no bearing on things in the future? It seems like it to me.

We still know nothing about what’s happening to Kenzi, and from the look of the season we won’t for another few episodes. Then the question about Hale being the Ash hasn’t been explained as well… There are a lot of plot holes to fill and they aren’t really managing to do this in the season so far…. Maybe that happens in a future season?

And speaking of future seasons… Syfy announced this week that there will be a fourth season of Lost Girl to come and that production had started… but Showcase interestingly hasn’t done that. I have to wonder if, or how, they will fit in Anna Silk being pregnant in the series? I’m hoping that it is dealt with up front and not hidden behind various set pieces and above the baby bump shots…

Which brings up the interesting comment from Lauren in the previous episode that she wants children… How is that going to work exactly?

It will make for some interesting exposition at least…



Jan 17 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 263

This is the second of two works by the same artist that I am featuring as the Succubi of the Week here on the Tale… And this one, unlike the other one which you can see here, is coloured too!

Devil Girl by Andy Price

Devil Girl by Andy Price

Like last week’s image, this is the size of the work that I have, so clicking on it will not result in you seeing a larger version… This is called Devil Girl by Andy Price, and you can find his page on DeviantArt here if you would like to see more of his art…

She sort of reminds me of the Warcraft Succubus in a way, at least there seem to be echoes of her in this art the way I see it anyway. It could also be a variation on the comic book character Purgatori as well, her looks seem to be close to that character as well…

I like the tail, it seems right for her body, the outfit is nice too, though personally I would have liked to see a top on her, but she is a Succubus so…

Actually come to think about it, I wonder if she might be sort of a BDSM liking Succubus based on what she is wearing as well…

That could be an interesting story to ponder…



Jan 16 2013

Whomever designed this costume is bound for hell…

There are lots of really bad Succubus costumes… There are even more really bad Devil Girl costumes… To be able to say I have found the worst of the worst is saying something considering how many costumes I have found over the years…

But this time? This time I think I have found the worst of them all…

Hell Bound Costume

I can’t for the life of me quite figure out what they were thinking when they designed this costume… To be honest, I don’t think I want to know either…

This is called the Hell Bound Costume, and it comes with the dress which is made of heavy red lycra with metallic chiffon train. The gloves and headband are also included…

The pitchfork, armlets, and shoes are not, not like that would really make a difference…

It sells for $35 US on various sites on the web…

I can’t figure out exactly what the point of this costume is to be honest. If I didn’t know better I would think it was sexy chef’s costume, but it isn’t either really…

I mean, it looks like she is wearing an apron over the dress and that makes so little sense doesn’t it?

Oh, and no tail either, so, therefore, removing the horns, which are lousy, leaves a costume that has no soul to it, you haven’t a clue what you are supposed to be either. Just really poorly designed and created to be honest…

I don’t like the material, I certainly do not like the hem of the dress in any way, shape or form as well. I just cannot see how this is sexy, or Succubus-like for that matter…

Why is it that, at least to some, that Devilish equals trashy? Why can’t it be sexy? Or as I like it to be, seductive? It cannot be that hard to design a costume that is flattering, sexy, and doesn’t make you look foolish to be wearing it…

I can’t see anything to like in it, I wouldn’t want to own it, and that just about says everything really doesn’t it?

This gets zero pitchforks out of five.

That’s being really generous I think to be honest…




Jan 15 2013

The Succubi Ditz by JHB

You are probably expecting the next part of Desires today… Instead I’m going to share a poem from my heart that has always made me smile…

Some of the Succubi are Ditzs… But they are Succubi nonetheless…


The Succubi Ditz

A brand-new Succubi named Eunice
did jobs that were assigned each new miss
in the Realm: she sang in the choir
(they wailed on “Baby, Light My Fire),
and sharpened the pitchforks,
and groomed angel-kitties,
and learned proper wing torques
and all of the cities
Realm residents ran, but missed some bits,
such as “beware the succubi ditz.”

The day to find jobs that were suiting
them came, and Eunice said “Recruiting!”
FreezeFrame said: “That takes a practiced touch.
Queen Tera’s the best . . . Branwyn or such . . .
takes delicate balance
to get it all right, see?
A light touch, and deference;
miscalculate slightly
and they escape. You must live by wits,
or you’ll recruit a succubi ditz.”

But Eunice snuck out of the palace
and bampfed to Earth. A blonde named Alice,
–giggly busty, and quite enticing,–
was at a dollar store repricing
things five bucks, when, smelling
kumquats, saw a pink tail.
With moaning and yelling
she melted and, without fail:
a bimbo-girl blown to horny fits
‘til there she was: a succubi ditz.

Her horns were big and kind of shiny.
The tail protruding from her hiney
kept getting wrapped ‘round misters, misses.
She’d pull them in and give them kisses,
left them dazed and drooling.
Her bampf was erratic;
it set rag dolls dueling,
made snow in the attic,
and started an endless orgy. It’s
what you get with a succubi ditz.

Time came for Tera’s intervening
(with incubi crazed and careening
toward succubi, tails, angel-kitties
or anything that might have titties).
She sat Alice right down
(the ditz kept on bouncing).
With a sigh, then a frown,
she soon was announcing,
“This is worse than London in the Blitz!
We must unload this succubi ditz.”

The Realm Labs began overdriving,
the inc- and succubi surviving
on chocolate, Diet Coke, and pizza.
They knew that, when a bimbo meets a
creature born in the Realm,
their hormones went zooey
and quite soon overwhelm
all thought, then . . . kablooey!!
But nothing could help them put their mitts
on ways to cure a succubi ditz.

Each branch of science soon was failing
and Alice had begun impaling
herself on lab techs’ crotches, faces,
put all their horns and tails through paces
that left them drained, sighing.
Rare aphrodisiacs
were emptied. Soft crying
came from amnesiacs
fucked mindless. Morale was in the pits;
brains knocked flat by a succubi ditz.

The Queen saw how all this was going.
Her eyes flashed, all her ire showing
as she called Alice to her presence
to meld their minds, to share their essence.
The process took 3 days.
The Queen felt infernal.
Her eyes a green-blue haze,
she dragged her Eternal
off to a suite at the Lakeside Ritz
to purge herself of succubi ditz.

She bampfs no more, but just says “Please” now.
Her skirts are hemmed below her knees now
and Alice happily does filing,
quite calm, alone, far less beguiling
in a windowless room
(‘cept on Saturday nights
when she rides on the flume
up at Wonder-Realm Heights).
And Eunice works there also. But it’s
okay: she loves this succubi ditz.


Thank you always for my giggles and my smile my heart…



Jan 14 2013

Speak into the Air by TeraS – Part Eight

Finally we get some answers this week… But the story isn’t quite over as yet… Not quite…



Speak into the Air

By TeraS

Chapter Eight


Lily found herself and her Eternal standing in the mists between the Realm and the mortal world again, She held onto him tightly: “We aren’t in danger, we have a short way to go and we’ll be safe.”

He was concerned, of course–anyone would be–but he nodded, “Okay, but who was that voice I heard?”

The voice came back. “Lillian.”

It was a voice she hadn’t heard, but wanted to, for so long. But after reading the wish, understanding what was wrong with her life … She found she didn’t want to so much anymore. She didn’t want this to happen, but it was, and now … now the truths would come out and … what would be would be.

“Who is that, Lily?” This from her Eternal, the one she should have taken with her, been with … then everything would have been exactly right.

“You should not be here … human.” This from her Incubi, her other, her … No. He was a lot of things, but he wasn’t her Eternal. She finally understood that now.

Her Eternal instantly despised the tone that was being used towards Lily. Whoever this was, he didn’t seem to care about Lily in the way he spoke her name. Feeling Lily tense, her Eternal held her closer. “I’m here.”

Lily squeezed his hand tightly and then turned to face the other in the room. She just looked at him, his name caught in her throat. For the first time, she recognized the darkness in his tone, the need to be in control of everything … including her. At first he hadn’t been that way, but he changed over time … Still, she had to greet him, and the words felt like sandpaper as they finally came out: “Hello … Riel …” How do you speak to someone that passed on years ago and now … now was a shadow … a memory … a …

He took hold of her other arm, his black eyes glinting, black tail slithering behind as he leered at her. “You are mine, Lillian. Leave him behind. I am all that you need.”

Lily was trying to figure out what to say when her Eternal took that choice from her: “Bullshit! Let go of her if you know what’s good for you.”

Lily moved to place herself between the two of them … and then something happened that she never expected. Her Tail appeared and wrapped her arms around Riel: “It’s about time you tried to stop her. I was wondering where you were hiding.”

He let go of Lily and turned away from her, “Angela … It’s been a while … I’ve missed dominating you so very much.”

Angela purred as she stroked her fingers against his neck, “Oh I’m sure you have … or rather you’ve been waiting for the chance for all of this to start all over again … for you to have Lily all to yourself so that you could have me.”

Riel’s growl was something Lily had never heard before … and it was frightening. “Shut up, Angela.”

“Oh no, the wish makes many things possible, and now, finally, Lily is going to find out exactly what happened and why.”

Lily didn’t know what to make of what was happening and, when Angela threw Riel to the floor and straddled him, she just became more confused than ever.

“Call her by her name, the name her Eternal would call her. Say it.”

“Her name is ‘Lillian.’”

When Riel said that something clicked in Lily’s mind. He’d never called her “Lily.” Not once. It had always been “Lillian” and never “Lily.” But he was supposed to be her Eternal … but he wasn’t … but …

Her Eternal held her close: “Lily, please: what’s happening here? How can you be there with him and here with me?”

Angela answered that question, “I’m Lily’s other half. I’m one of the Succubi, like Riel is one of the Incubi, and … and, well, I share her body in our world.”

Lily turned to him, “When I left you, I went with Riel to another world. There I was changed into what I am now. Angela is … my other half, sort of. See, I have a different color tail than she does? When she’s in control, then I change a little so that others know it’s her.”

Her Eternal smiled, “I’ve heard of the devil on your shoulder, but this is way past that, isn’t it?”

Lily nodded, “It is. Sorry… Without going through it all, it’s hard to explain it.”

Angela struggled a bit with Riel, “You mind if I interrupt? You two can talk later when we get things fixed the way they should have been from the …”

Riel’s roar was piercing as he pushed Angela off him and then pinned her down. “Everything was and will be perfect, Angela. Lily will go home, and she’ll never remember this, and then I’ll have you both.”

And he did … sort of … when Lily rushed over and shoved him off Angela, the three of them in a tangled heap of limbs and tails as they fought to gain control over the situation.

Or they thought.

“Stop this! Now!”

The voice was her Eternal. He held the wish in his hand, and Lily found she couldn’t disobey him. But then, neither could Riel or Angela, either. “This says I can stop what happened to make Lily suffer. I’m going to do that, come hell or high water.” The three of them didn’t move as he came over and knelt beside them all. “I want answers. Riel, why did you take Lily away?”

It was obvious that Riel didn’t want to answer, but he did so, “Because Angela would be with Lillan. I knew this. Through her, I would have Angela again. She was … is …”

Angela finished the words, “I was his mate long ago, before the Realm changed. He never became a Tail, never really accepted the changes, but … but I did.”

Lily put her hands to her cheeks and started to cry, “It never was anything but you having her, was it? That’s why you never talked about your Tail, why Angela never told me about her past life … Because you were it and …” She pushed herself away from him and then collapsed crying between them and her Eternal.

“You are both assholes. How could you do this to her?”

“Angela is mine, I will not have her share herself with anyone else. She obeys my will as her mate.”

Angela looked away, “I did as he commanded me. I admit that. But when Riel passed on, he didn’t go into the Lake to be reborn as a Tail. He ended himself, and that wrecked Lily’s life because I couldn’t allow her to be with anyone else but him. Because … because that was the last thing he told me instead of releasing me from our pact.”

Lily’s Eternal fumed as he walked back and forth, then stopped, “All right, you are both idiots, and stupider than anyone I have ever met.” He then went over to Lily, knelt down beside her and held her in his arms as she sobbed quietly, “The wish says that I want the chance to fix this, to make it right. Tell me how, Angela. You seem to have all the answers, and at least you are talking to me.”

Angela took a shuddering breath, “I don’t know.”

“Who does?”

There was a long silence then; none of them had the answer other than the wish he held in his hand. Then, off in the distance somewhere, there was the sound of heels clicking as a woman began to emerge from the mists.

“Hello … I think this is where I come in.”

Lily’s Eternal turned to see a woman with wild raven hair, green eyes, and a long red tail and horns appearing through the mists walking towards them all, her red jacket swaying behind her and a determined look in her eyes. “Hello, Lillian … Are you all right?”

There was something different about how this woman spoke to Lily. After the barely controlled anger of Riel, her voice was … almost motherly. She seemed worried about Lily. No, she actually was worried about her. Lily’s Eternal found that he liked her immediately.

The smile on Lily’s face made him like this woman even more.

“And you are?” he asked.

She stopped close to him and Lily, “Oh I think you know who I am, my dear …”

He looked at her, then at the note in his hand. “Tera.”

She smiled, and that smile gave him some hope. “Correct. I’ll give you a cookie later, but first we’re going to fix this mess.”

She walked over to Riel and, for the first time, he looked … worried. It was obvious that she wasn’t pleased with him. “Riel, how nice to see you again … and I mean that in the worst possible way. Angela, nice to see that you came out of the shadows, too, because now that we’re all here, we can fix this.”

She then turned to look at Lily and her Eternal, “What happened to you both wasn’t right. It never should have happened, but Lillian was manipulated by Riel and I should have seen it from the beginning. I missed it because there was something between Riel and Lillian and it isn’t my place to interfere … most of the time.”

Her Eternal was about to protest about her using that name but Tera held up one finger, “I know, her name isn’t Lillian, not to you. She’s always complained about me doing so … at least, until recently, that is. Please allow a Queen her minor quirks, will you?”

He nodded, and then she continued, “You see, there has to be a connection in order for someone to call another ‘Eternal’ in our Realm. There is one between Riel and Angela, but there is also one between him and Lillian.”

At the building anger in his eyes, Tera shook her head, “Allow me to continue, please, if you would?”

Again he nodded. Lily placing a finger on his lips gave him the hint to shut up and listen.

“But the thing is, now that all of your are here, I can sense a connection between you, my dear, and Lillian, but also between you and Angela.”

He looked at her in confusion. Drawing Lily’s hand away, he stated, “I’ve never met her.”

Tera nodded, her tail moving slowly behind her as she continued, “No, perhaps not, but perhaps you have, in a dream? It’s possible, as we exist in dreams as well. Still that’s not important. What is comes to this: you are all connected. The way things should have been was that Riel should have entered the Lake to be with Angela, then the two of them would be reborn in the two of you when you came to the Realm and were transformed.”

She turned to look at Riel who now seemed to be ashamed, “He was afraid of losing control to another, to be only a part of the whole and not the whole. He was … is … proud, and that’s hard to overcome for any being. He also was jealous of the thought that someone else would have his mate, and that he couldn’t accept.” Tera walked over to him and then looked down on him, “Now, if he can accept that you are the Eternal, then this will be fixed. If he can’t, then all of this is for naught.”

Riel didn’t look up, “I need proof he is. You have none to give.”

Tera’s tail swished behind her, “Actually I do, thanks to Angela.”

Angela allowed herself a smile, “I am a schemer, aren’t I?”

Lily turned to look at her, “What are you talking about?”

“You can’t tell me you haven’t figured it out! The dress we both wear: It’s not that the one that wrote the note can remove it, it is that only our Eternal can.”

Lily blinked and then said, “Take off my dress, my Eternal …”

He slipped a finger underneath the strap resting on Lily’s right shoulder … but it wouldn’t move.

Riel laughed and then moved to do the same with Angela … and couldn’t.

For a long moment, the four of them didn’t say anything.

Tera’s sigh was long, “Come on … put the pieces together …”

It was Riel that did: “We can’t do it alone. Together we can.”

Tera snapped her fingers and pointed one of them at Riel, “Bingo! And you get a cookie, too …”

She then took Lily and her Eternal by the hand and led them over to where Riel and Angela were. “Accept that you are all, together, each other’s Eternals and all of this will be fixed. The only thing I cannot tell you is if that means Lily will suffer again or if it will have never happened.”

Lily looked at her Eternal, “It won’t matter if you are there.”

His answer was just, “I’ll be there. And it does matter.”

Riel looked at the two of them and then at Angela, “Forgive me … please? I …”

Angela put a finger on her Eternals’ lips exactly in the same way that Lily had done, “I can, because we’ll be together.”

Tera took the note from Lily’s Eternal and placed it on her right palm, “And so, the wish is fulfilled …”

The note glowed again, brighter than ever before, the lovers vanishing in its light and then Tera was left there … alone, the note crumbling into ash that passed through her fingertips …

Jan 13 2013

A Review of Lusty Bites by Iris Deorre

Lusty Bites by Iris DeorreIt occurs to me that while some authors can write well, they cannot write a decent summary of their books. Would it be so bad a thing to give a little bit of information about the works in a collection of your stories rather than a vague idea of them? Sometimes I think that is to hide something and that makes me not really want to purchase a book from them. That results, more often than not, in missing something interesting…

The book summary is extremely short sadly:

Five short paranormal stories. A werewolf trying to find his identity, A vampire in desperate need of a feed, A succubus who feeds on the ego, a ghost who hunts a river and feeds on men and finally a woman who has to come to terms with her untimely death.

As this is a collection of this author’s works, I will be reviewing each story and then give a rating for the entire collection.

I’ll note before I do so that there is only one Succubus themed story in the collection, otherwise there isn’t much in it for those looking for Succubi stories like I do.

His New Identity – Luke once, a long time ago, was bitten by a werewolf and he meets that being again to discover who he is in truth. It’s a mix of sadness, discovery, and, finally, hope and understanding. It might be a bit uncomfortable a read for some, but getting past that issue, and really it isn’t that difficult to do so, results in a story well told.

A drink of Lust – Claire is a vampire and she needs to feed. Not just anyone will do, she needs one specific kind of person and finds them willing. It’s an interesting story in that who Claire is attracted to, what he does to her, and she in return to him, makes it a hot flash of a story to read. Claire is interesting as a person, though the man she picks isn’t someone I could care about all that much and I think that was the point really. Well told, you can envision Claire in your thoughts very easily, and a change from the usual “I want to suck your blood” sort of vampire stories… or the sparkly ones for that matter.

His Night with a Succubus – Gary goes out on the town and meets someone… and she’s a Succubus. The only Succubus themed story in the collection and really a very good one overall. We never learn anything about the Succubus herself, save what she looks like and what Gary feels when she takes him. She is the classical image of a Succubus from all that is told in the story, red hair and all. But there is a problem with this story. It ends just as it begins. This feels so much like the introduction to a much longer story that we don’t get to see here. We meet a character at the end that makes you think that there was more to come, but isn’t. That’s a shame really as unlike the other stories in this collection that have a fairly certain end to them, this one just teases. I’d like to see where this story goes, what happens to Gary, who the Succubus is, and what exactly is going on. That’s probably wishful thinking, but, with this good a beginning, it’s hard to accept the ending here.

The River Bank Horror – Kerry goes to the river with a group of guys for some group sex. But something else is also coming to the party. The most horror slanted erotica in this collection I think. After the sex, there is a lot of violence and horror that occurs and the conclusion of the story reminded me a lot of many teenager slasher films. Really didn’t enjoy it all that much, but it would make an interesting episode of a television series as the story is very visual in nature.

Till death do us part – A woman thinks about her past and then remembers her present. The only story in the collection that is told from a first person viewpoint. Really violent at the end, and the twist in it was a bit jarring but made sense with the dream like qualities of the story itself. Very descriptive and it felt somewhat Twilight Zone in theme overall. Can’t say that I really enjoyed this work as well, but that I think comes to the violence in it which is rather graphic and more than I personally like in a story.

The author has an interesting style of story telling which works well with their themes, characters and stories. A bit on the violent side, but not overly so which makes the collection more palatable. I do think they need an editor as there are quite a few mistakes, spelling, word choice, and, once, instead of using a character’s name, Luke, they write look. A bit jarring now and again and really that shouldn’t happen. Also the author has some problems with tense in their stories, it should be “breathe” not “breath” for one thing, and in one story it’s a major one.

I’ll give this collection three pitchforks out of five overall. There is one story that interested me, the rest really didn’t do much for me.

Perhaps there will be more to see from this author in the future…



Jan 12 2013

A pair of Morrigan Aensland speedpainting YouTubes…

This week and next I have something a little bit different to share on the Tale from the videos I find on YouTube…

This time I have a pair of videos that show a speed painting of Morrigan Aensland that an artist did…

And if they do not show up here you can see them there:



And, as well a screenshot of the finished art…

Morrigan Aensland by DrkRoder

The art is by an artist on DeviantArt called Rush–it, who’s artist page you can find here if you would like to see some of their other art they have created… That includes some lovely works of Morrigan and Lilith Aensland as well…

I think their style of art is interesting and, really, it is a unique aspect of Morrigan that isn’t seen very much if at all…

Do have a look at their DeviantArt page for the other Lilith and Morrigan art they have created!

Next week… A Lilith speed painting also done by this artist as well!