Jan 15 2017

A Review of The Bra Identity by Zayna Noble

The Bra Identity by Zayna Noble

The Bra Identity by Zayna Noble

A short time ago I reviewed the first work in the Mike to Mikayla series by Zayna Noble on the Tale and you can find that review here. Like all of this author’s works as a whole, the focus was on gender transformation, the force behind things being a succubus named Derora. In the prior review I mulled her over, wanting more about Derora. There really wasn’t much told about her life, the world she exists in and most of all, it wasn’t really clear as to what Derora did beyond transforming Mike into a woman.

While the core story is, of course, Mike, his transformations and what happens afterwards, the story of Derora really needed to be explored. In this, the second work of the series, that happens, to an extent, but leaves me wondering even more about her.

The story is about:

Mike had an incredible experience becoming a curvy brunette for Spring Break. Now it’s time to return the red bikini to its owner, the enterprising succubus named Derora. After all, no magical vacation in the body of a hottie is without cost.

The price is simple: Mike will need to infiltrate a club reserved for supernatural beings and convince a gargoyle to hand over a set of secret files. There’s a catch, however. The club doesn’t allow human men to enter!

Instead of changing Mike into a werewolf or minotaur, Derora has him put on skimpy negligee that transforms him into exactly the kind of woman that the gargoyle prefers: a busty blonde bombshell!

Dolled up and transported to the club, can the newly transformed ‘Mikayla’ seduce the giant stone creature to hand over the documents? He is, after all, a stubborn and tireless beast…

It’s time for Mike to pay the piper, or more accurately, do Derora a favour. But that involves another transformation, this time into a curvy blonde to seduce her way into getting some files that Derora needs. It’s all fun and games at least until things get really serious for Mikayla and there’s no where for her to run.

Mike’s continuing encounters with Derora continue and along the way there’s actually a lot of time spent with Derora, seeing more about her personality, her life, and filling in a lot of the blanks about her character. Beyond more of her personality coming out, the appearance of her husband was a delightful surprise and the chemistry between them just had me smiling and adoring them both. To write a couple who’s been together long enough that a look between them is known by the other, or one can finish the thought of the other can be difficult. Here, that relationship comes out from the start, feels right and it’s a delightful surprise.

Derora’s life isn’t expanded on a lot, but with the appearance of her husband, what he could be, that open a lot of questions that made me very happy. Derora’s attitude, her joy in what she does, is dearly infectious and it makes me like her even more. But this story isn’t really about her, or her husband, it’s about Mike’s transforming again, so while that’s a bit limited, it’s a lot more than the first work and that, for me, was a really positive thing.

Mike’s transformation is drawn out in this work and honestly it’s a lot more interesting with Derora being involved, fussing over her, and making Mikayla what can really only be described as a blonde sex bomb. The reactions from Derora and her husband made me laugh, the bother that Mikayla felt throughout was cute and funny as well. It’s a more insightful, more interesting transformation than the first work in the series because of that.

Where things didn’t quite work for me was the erotica as a whole. While there is heat and there are some delightful moments of seduction and passion, I felt as if the erotica was rushed, passing by far too quickly for my liking. Part of that are the characters involved, there’s a tone to things and it makes sense, but at the same time it meant something was missing. I think that comes to Mikayla not drawing out the seduction more, losing herself to the sex through her needs.

The characters are wonderful, the story develops well and it is a delightful read. There’s a lot more succubus in this story with Derora being as central as she is as well. There’s more depth, more questions raised but as well that makes for something overall that reads better than the first work in the series.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The erotica was rushed overall which was disappointing. Mike’s transformation was far more detailed, more interesting which was a nice change in how the author approached that core part of the story. But while a bit of background about Derora came out, the questions about her, her husband, what they are involved in, makes for a far more interesting story to wonder about that Mike’s is turning out to be.

Perhaps there needs to be more focus on telling a story here than just getting to the erotica. Perhaps expanding Derora’s part of the story to what happens when Mike isn’t around would be a thought. There’s just something about Derora that I really like and it’s a story that seems to be languishing in the background, which is a shame.



Jan 15 2017

A Review of Dommed by a Big Dicked Lesbian Succubus from Hell by Sarah Azad

Dommed by a Big Dicked Lesbian Succubus from Hell by Sarah Azad

Dommed by a Big Dicked Lesbian Succubus from Hell by Sarah Azad

Not all succubi have red skin, or hooves, or for that matter are overtly sexual beings. Some of them are somewhat more forceful, almost warrior-like in their attitude, poise and mannerisms. It’s a rather unique aspect to consider and one that offers some interesting plots and stories to unfold… assuming that the story actually goes in that direction and doesn’t take a turn for the expected.

There is a saying that suffering is good for the soul. Some succubi have a talent for making that true. But what are they beyond the teeth, the claws and the pain? Sometimes they amount to a lot of fury but so little substance.

  • Title: Dommed by a Big Dicked Lesbian Succubus from Hell
  • Author: Sarah Azad
  • Length: 19 Pages
  • ASIN: B01JX1ST5E
  • Publishing Date: August 6, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

John Meyer is a quiet and unassuming young man who never backs down from a challenge, when his frat brothers dare him to summon a demon he goes all out, sure it won’t work. When a succubus appears it challenges everything he thought he knew about the world and himself.

John is challenged to summon a succubus, thinking it will never happen. But Lori appears and John finds himself at her tender mercies. But Lori is a very particular succubus and John will have to meet her standards… one way or the other.

Overall the only way I can really describe this work is a mixture of horror, BDSM and a little bit of sexuality touching a gender transformation. It’s a little scattered, a bit unsure of where it wants to go. There are quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes, a story that tends to focus on pain and suffering above all else.

There’s a bare hint about who Lori is, what her personality is like before the story turns directly into all of the pain and suffering that John is taking through. At times that verges on B-grade horror with a bit of porn mixed into things. As such I didn’t find much in the way of heat, nor did I really find my way into the story.

This is the single problem really in that the story begins with Lori encountering John, but before anything really develops, he is bound, pushed, used and beaten in all sorts of ways. I can’t find anything sexy in John bleeding, being turned black and blue. It does not interest me at all.

But Lori does. She’s a series of contrasts that I wanted to know more about. Possibly the most surprising of all is her comment of never losing a pillow fight. Noting that and then all else she does that’s a difficult thing to keep with her character. It is those odd little quirks that needed to be explored more, but never were.

There are a number of spelling and grammar mistakes, many of which make comprehending the story a little difficult. There’s no heat in the erotica, and there’s barely a connection between the two characters by the ned of the work. It feels like there’s something missing here, something important. Perhaps focusing on story above sex and pain would have made this something more.

One pitchfork out of five.

I’m certain that for some this work will be attractive to them, but personally I didn’t enjoy all of the inflicted pain and suffering that became the core of the story. The work needs another editing pass, the story needs to be more about who the characters are than it being about what one does to the other. Torturing isn’t that sexy and somewhere there’s more of a story about Lori than is revealed here.



Jan 14 2017

An interesting set of Succubus horns…

Succubus Horns by PropCornShop

Succubus Horns by PropCornShop

I found a pair of Succubus horns on Etsy a while ago which, for me at least, are more a piece of art than they are costume. The quality, the look, and the care taken in the horns make them something quite special and I wanted to share them here on the Tale…

These horns are the creation of an artist on Etsy called PropCornShop and you can find the original page where I found this work of art here.

The horns are custom made, there are no two alike and the artists indicated on their page that they can do custom works as well.

I find that the level of craftsmanship is really amazing, and the care taken in each set of horns is really clear to see.

The cost seems quite reasonable, and they do make for the most interesting ideas to ponder about them.

Fantasy to be made reality takes care, and it is so good to see that horns like these are possible…



Jan 13 2017

A Review of The Lonely Succubus: An Erotic Quickie by Serena Synn

The Lonely Succubus: An Erotic Quickie by Serena Synn

The Lonely Succubus: An Erotic Quickie by Serena Synn

All characters have a story to tell. Sex alone doesn’t tell a story, nor can it talk about a character’s fears, needs, hopes and dreams. It’s up to the story to tell that and the erotica to heat things up at the right moment. There’s a talent to being able to manage that well. Especially when the main characters are deeply flawed.

The past shapes the present. We are that which our own minds shape us into being. Some fears are the stuff that make us become small, a wisp of who we once were. It takes a choice, a need and a desire to see that we are not what we think we are. We are better and better when we can allow others into our lives.

  • Title: The Lonely Succubus: An Erotic Quickie
  • Author: Serena Synn
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 8, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Thanks to her agoraphobia and social anxiety Neridia was a lonely succubus hiding out in the woods. She learned to survive by syphoning sexual energy from the internet supplemented by the occasional snack on a delivery guy.

She was expecting a pizza delivery guy when Pierce stumbled into her cabin.

Sexy as hell and dripping sexual energy he could be the answer to all her problems…and the start of a few new ones.

Neridia isn’t your usual succubus and that’s because who she is was shaped by her past. A choice made, a promise destroyed and the hate within seething. Pierce is an incubus with a real problem, a hope that there’s a way to solve it. The two lost souls meet and then the questions become one of not just need, but want and desire.

While this is a work of erotica, there’s so much more that comes before that moment that makes this something really special. Both Neridia and Pierce have their stories to tell, and in the telling comes a pair of complex souls. They have their flaws, the pain of the past, the needs of now and the slim hopes they have for a future. Their characters are wonderfully strong, vibrant voices in the work and being so, that exploration of their pasts is just amazing.

That isn’t done as an info dump, the method used is inspired and without Pierce, it seems unlikely that Neridia would have confronted her own past and made something of it. There’s need in both characters, but it isn’t sexual alone. While the connection is cleat, there’s more of a need for understanding, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen. The characters have soul and that makes getting to the erotica so much better.

The erotica is a lovely hot flash which isn’t silly or unreasonable. While both Neridia’s succubus aspects and Pierce’s incubus ones come out fully, they aren’t evil or nasty. It’s nice to see a story where the characters don’t fall into the :”evil” trap. They are far more than that.

The writing is very good, the characters have depth, The plot allows for them to develop and tell a story. The heat simmers and holds things together quite nicely as well. The work is a little short, but it does have a clear beginning and end which really doesn’t leave too much out and wanting from the story. I would have liked a bit more of an ending, I think it’s a bit abrupt. but it does manage to satisfy overall.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I adore Neridia and Pierce, the story is delightful, fun and has wonderful heat. But most of all, these are characters with flaws, with needs. The erotica doesn’t get in the way of telling that story which makes this work really something special.



Jan 13 2017

A Review of Little Secrets by Catherine LaCroix

Little Secrets by Catherine LaCroix

Little Secrets by Catherine LaCroix

A review today of the second work in the Little Treasures and series by Catherine LaCroix, a series that I have loved since it first appeared in a prior edition, now reissued by the author. You can find my first review of the series here on the Tale, in which I expressed how much the work appealed to me. I’m delighted that the author has returned to the series, has done some lovely touches to this, the second work, and I am eagerly anticipating the third work in the series to come.

Love shared can mean many things. It can be a revelation, a surprise. But as well, it can give the truth that needs to be seen. Most of all, that truth, when shared, offers something far more to more than the one that loves, it is the one that is loved in return.

The second work is:

It tells the story of:

After two hot and steamy weeks spent in the care of his mysterious new lover Lilith, Tristan wonders about her motives and his future. Being offered every comfort and luxury he could ever imagine in her abode only serves to raise more questions. His curiosity starts innocently enough, but the secrets he uncovers will change their relationship forever.

Time moves onwards for Tristan and while Lilith gives him anything he wishes, all that he desires and more, the questions about where he is, who Lilith is, and what everything means whisper at the back of his mind. As their relationship moves onwards and games are played, Lilith reveals the truth that she has kept hidden from him when he least expects it… but the answers… those are harder to find.

In this work my love for Lilith really came to the fore. There are so many things about her personality and her actions in this work that seemed very familiar to me. Lilith loves reading and has a vast library of books, she teases Tristan with a can of RediWhip, and in many other ways as well. But in all of that the love, the need for him that she has remains strong and true throughout the work.

But in all of the love, the passions, the exploration of what Tristan desires, the little hints of things being not quite right are stronger in this work than the last. There are no windows, there is always heat around Tristan. Things magically appear from one waking moment to the next. It’s so much more clear, long before the reveal, that Lilith is a Succubus. But the way the hints are interspersed in the story makes things more seductive and passionate. It isn’t simply a hot flash when the erotic moments come in the story, there’s something more.

At one point they are described as sugar, being Tristan, and spice, being Lilith. It is very apt comparison and I dearly loved that moment because it defined their relationship in the best possible way. When things turn towards a slightly more dominant scene, it doesn’t feel out of place, though for Tristan it is strange and revealing.

The climax of the work, and I do not refer to the moment when, for the first time, Lilith and Tristan are truly intimate together, for that is a beautiful moment on its own, comes at the very end of the work, in the very last line when Lilith finally reveals her truth. She loves Tristan, which has been true from the first word of the series, but also that she is a Succubus, which has been hinted at as well from the beginning.

It is a moment that reveals an important truth about Lilith, about her being a succubus and that truth was a delight to see expressed by her. The word ends on a bit of a cliffhanger as a result, but it also gives the hope towards what I think can be something amazing to come.

The small changes that the author made from the original work I think added little bits of character development, a stronger connection between Lilith and Tristan, and suggested something of what Lilith seeks herself. Delightfully hot, passionate and loving, all things that I dearly enjoy reading.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Every bit as wonderful as story as the first work in the series and though I wished for so much more, what was told about Lilith and Tristan was wonderful in both heat and substance.

In the prior edition of this work, what came next was never revealed. This time however, the author has promised to tell the conclusion of this story, something that I have been aching to see happen for years.

That, most of all for me, is the anticipation of promise that Lilith and Tristan have, and a story that is one of my most dearly loved romances about succubi.



Jan 12 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 469

For this week, I decided that I wanted to find some art of Morrigan Aensland that was a little bit different to start the year. I happen to like pastel and coloured pencil art quite a lot, and I found one particular work that I think takes Morrigan’s form and puts things into a very unique light…

Morrigan by gonxxo

Morrigan by gonxxo

This art is by an artist on Hentai Foundry called Gonxxo. You can find the original page on Hentai Foundry with this art here.

While this is a nude art of Morrigan, it isn’t something that is too much so. By that I mean while Morrigan is bare, save for her stockings, which I think is a delicious idea by the way, this feels more like a figure study or something of a portrait of her.

There’s more feeling, a little bit of softness, in how she has been drawn save for her eyes that I think have just a little hint of sharpness to them that makes them quite piercing, adding to that expression she has.

But really it is her hair, the wildness of it, how the strands are flying about, hinting at the power she holds, that brings to me that little bit of her personality that frames this work so very well…



Jan 11 2017

Not really that much of a Temptress or a Succubus Costume

Devil Temptress CostumeSometimes I come across a costume in which there is something in it that I can’t get out of my thoughts. It might be the look, the lack of style, or something like that. Other times it is an accessory that just looks wrong. In the case of wings, having them look like a paper airplane is something I won’t get out of my mind for a long time…

This is called the Devil Temptress Costume and it comes with the dress, coat, which has an attached tail, wings and horns. The heels are not included and it sells for $45 US on the site I found this on.

The only thing about this costume that I can just tolerate is the dress, which might be at least halfway decent looking. But otherwise that tail is awful, the coast is nothing special, the horns are too fat looking, and most of all… those wings.

I think the model looks like she’s wearing a paper airlines on her back and being so I just can’t get that thought away from me.

I do think that the coat gives me an idea, which I might do something with however. But all else that is here just leaves me unimpressed.

One out of five pitchforks.

Paper airplanes and sexy costumes don’t quite work really…