May 01 2013

Shiny can be sexy as a Succubus costume…

I like shiny costumes… I really like them a lot and when I find one that is sexy, shiny, and isn’t silly or trashy? That’s something that just makes me smile. And this week’s costume, I think, has a lot of possibilities…

Sexy She Devil Costume

This costume is called the Sexy She Devil Costume and it comes with the metallic red, zippered front mini dress, a pair of matching devil horns, the gloves, a removable tail and the pitchfork. The shoes and stockings are not included.

It sells for $35 US.

Honestly I like a lot of this costume. I like the horns, they aren’t silly looking, which is always a good thing really. I like the gloves, though I admit that I would want them to be a bit more skin tight than they appear to be on this model at least. The dress I like as well, not trashy and everything seems to work together well.

I don’t care for the pitchfork, and the tail is, honestly, really borderline for me personally… I like the choice of stockings and as well the shoes are a perfect fit too…

Just sexy and that is the important thing after all isn’t it?

I think that just changing the tail, and using one of my better pitchforks would make everything look so much better…

I’ll give this four out of five pitchforks.

That might be a little generous, but, on the other hand, I am getting some ideas from this…

That has to count for something doesn’t it?



Apr 30 2013

Desires 75

There is a thing called fate. It exists because sometimes there has to be an answer for those things that we haven’t got the answers for… But what if the answer isn’t an answer but a question to think about? Then it is fate or is it choice?


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Eleven


“My fate…” he mused, softly. “Hmm…my fate is to play music.” His strange, wistful smile returned. Idly, he toyed with the empty teacup on the table. “That was why I was created, at least…I don’t cease to be ‘the Harpist’ even though my instrument’s changed….” His eyes took on a faraway look. “It’s one of the small blessings I can give to the people, to help them on their life’s journey” His face said he wished he could do more.

His expression warmed a little. “And if we were fated to meet?” There was a note of playful challenge in his voice. “What of it? Perhaps the weavings of destiny and fate compelled you to attend a not-so-simple guitarist’s gig, with the hopes of forging a new revolutionary friendship among the high and the low…” His shoulders shrugged again. “Or maybe the fates simply wanted you to enjoy a quiet cup of tea at a fine local establishment, with a poor schmuck to keep you company for a time…”

“Either way works for me.” He added, with a grin.


No such thing as a “poor schmuck”… For what matters is what’s inside isn’t it?



Apr 29 2013

My gift is… You. The Succubi Queen’s Birthday Manip

Today is, surprisingly, my birthday… As is my tradition I have a manip to share today… It’s not a wonderful or complicated one… But it is the thought that counts… or the story… or both.

Because my gift today… Is you.


My Gift Is You by TeraS

My Gift Is You by TeraS


And the story, which would not be possible without the patience, love, and talent of my heart…


You thought that I wouldn’t know,
wouldn’t be able to see
your secret, stealthy plans,
that I wouldn’t have a clue . . .


But I know you far too well,
and the hints are all right there.
I’m Mistress of your soul,
and I know that to be true . . .


You took a quick, shallow breath;
my musk was preceding me,
and you caught cherry scent
when I moved into your view . . .


Next I heard an unwilled moan,
anticipation and bliss
escaping, while your mind
gives way to my gentle coup . . .


You see a smile you know well,
red as my horns poking out
my tail swishing, amused,
your eyes stuck to me like glue . . .


I revel in the steady click
of my heels crossing the floor
and your face as I stand here;
you are unsure what to do . . .


For you had plans for this day
—my birthday of course—a surprise
you think spoiled. The secret,
pet, is that my gift . . . is you.


Love and Huggles to you all…



Apr 28 2013

A Review of Sophie’s Present by Anne Kane

Sophie's Present by Anne Kane

Sophie’s Present by Anne Kane

While it isn’t Christmas, and this might seem to be an odd book to review this time of year, it is a book with a sex demon as one of the characters.

Not quite an Incubus, but in the overall scheme of things that can be overlooked for a good story and good writing.

This particular story is one of a rather large series of books that Changeling Press has released over the years that have a Christmas theme in them.

And, of course, Christmas is for giving and receiving isn’t it?

The story is a seasonal story of:

As one of Santa’s elves, Dandy’s job is to make sure no one is forgotten at Christmas. So he made his list and checked it twice. He found Sophie at the top of his list of forgotten do-gooders, and when he checked her out he knew just what to do to make her Christmas the merriest ever.

When Santa made his rounds Christmas Eve, he dropped off a fantastic hunk at Sophie’s house, gift-wrapped for the occasion. Nickolie is a sex demon, and once she gets over the shock, Sophie has a wonderful time unwrapping her present and making sure it gets a good workout before it expires on Boxing Day.

The first thing about this story is that there is a lot of humour in it. There were so many moments through the entire story that will stay with me and make me smile for a long time to come. Probably the funniest one being that sex demons make themselves look like little blue dust bunnies in order to have women bring them into their homes. That has to be the most original, cute, and hilarious method that I have ever hear and I give the author’s imagination top marks from that idea.

I also liked that Sophie has a life and we get to see a bit of that in the story. She has her own personal problems with her family, and that comes in to play a little bit in the middle of the story, but the more important thing is that she is a good person and she does good as well.

But, and this is the interesting part for me at least, when she is tempted by Nickolie, when he tells her that he will be there for such a short time and then she’ll never see him again, she goes from Miss Nice to Miss Naughty in about three seconds. Now I can see that considering that a sex demon is doing things to her that she’s never felt before, that some of her deepest fantasies are coming true, and she’s cumming, a lot as well. But the shift felt wrong somehow to me at least. I would have expected a bit more resistance to Nickolie, or if not that, then a bit more introspection at what was happening.

Nickolie is, at least to me, an example of a “good” Incubus, though he doesn’t like to be called good in the story itself which leads to all sorts of things happening to Sophie, none of which she minds very much… Nor would I really but that’s another story… He is simply raw sexuality which is what Sophie needs most of all in this story. I would have liked to know more about him, some backstory, but that isn’t the point of this story. The point is the sex and passions between them. There is a moment of interrupting in the story that told of Sophie’s family, who I think nothing of really. Her mother sounds awful and her brother certainly is.

This story is more than a hot flash really, there is a bit of character development, there is background, and there is a future hinted at as well. So that makes this story more enjoyable for me at least. The author has two characters that live through the story, a world that, while we see little of it has a bearing on them as well. There is structure, something that hot flashes do not have much of either as well.

It’s a story well told and well intended to be a bit more than you would expect at first glance. But while it is that, it is short, there are some gaps in the story that I would have liked explained, and, at least for me, ending the story early, before Nickolie must leave felt wrong. Perhaps the author didn’t know how to end the story with the two of them parting ways, or not, or both?

If that is the case, then I can understand why it ends where it does. That doesn’t mean that I have to accept that however.

Funny, sexy, smart and a really good read. But too short, and so many questions left unanswered the main one being, where does, or if there is, a relationship between Nickolie and Sophie. I hope there is for her sake, but we will never know will we?

I’ll give this work three and a half pitchforks out of five.

I need more of the story to be told, but it isn’t and as much as I want that to happen, that hurts my rating. I still recommend the book however. The humour, the heat and the passions make it worth reading…

Just would have liked a bit more than we see.



Apr 27 2013

An interesting Heroes of Newerth Succubus Model YouTube…

I’ve never played Heroes of Newerth, but I know there is a Succubus in the game, I know what it looks like and I think that as a Succubus, there are possibilities for the character…

And recently I found this YouTube of a model of one…

And if you can’t see the video here on the Tale:

As well, in case the video vanishes, the Succubus herself…

HON Succubus Model

I admit that the image is a little on the dark side, but then in the game itself, Succubi travel in and are dark themselves so…

She’s an interesting mix of colours, at least the traditional colours are there if perhaps a little bit gaudy, but then this is a video game after all…

I’ve been wondering what she looked like for some time and, really, she isn’t what I expected her to be, however I do like her more than the Warcraft Succubi, which has to count for something at least in my mind…

I’m not sure why she is so… heavy looking? I think that a slimmer Succubi would look better and be a little more sexy…

But, again, that’s just me…



Apr 26 2013

A Review of Taken by the Incubus by Arianna Moon

Taken by the Incubus by Arianna Moon

Taken by the Incubus by Arianna Moon

It is, I think. relatively difficult to tell a story from the first person point of view. It’s not that it can’t be done that is the difficult part, what is comes to how easy it is to repeat yourself over and over again. The echoing of the same thoughts whether by purpose or design can make for reading that is less than satisfying.

There is, really, only so many times you can talk about something. Whether that be sexually, emotionally or otherwise, going over the same thing just makes for a story that cannot keep my attention.

When that is then joined by taking a myth, such as the Incubi, and changing them, not so much from what is expected as taking them to a characterization that is not satisfying then adding to it no story, but much rough sex… I just don’t know…

It tells the story of:

A young woman who doesn’t believe in the supernatural experiences the revelation of a lifetime when she unwittingly frees an evil inubus from centuries of imprisonment.

A woman, who’s name is never revealed, buys an idol in South America, takes it home, does something she was told not to do with it and then releases an Incubus into the world. And she becomes his first plaything to enjoy.

There are a few things that I thought were well done. There is quite a lot of mind control erotica in the story, which is done well and I rather liked how she slipped under the Incubus’ control. The initial setup of the story I found really well done as well, and I was looking forwards to seeing where the past fitted into things from it. I also found some of the hot moments of the story with a nice bit of heat too.

But then I also have some problems with the work as well. While I know that each author has their own idea of what Incubi and Succubi look like, there are some forms that I personally do not care for. The form the Incubus took in this work was not all that appealing to me for one, and as well the personality they had, and how they acted, were a real turn off for me when it shouldn’t have been.

I personally do not like brutes and this Incubus was one. While I get that he was meant to be and what he does in the story is meant to be brutal as well, that doesn’t mean I have to like it or enjoy it. I admit I am a romantic at heart… this Incubus isn’t. While most of what he does is made possible by mind control and so on in the story, it’s the… almost cold way he acts that just takes the heat out of the story for me at some key points.

Which brings me to the unnamed woman in the story. The work is written from her point of view, which is fine and gets her emotions, needs and actions across… I would have liked to have known her name. For that matter I would have liked to know the Incubus’ name, which we don’t, as well. I found it hard to put myself into her position for several reasons, and in the end I gave her a name so that I could get into the story better.

My own personal view of things has a lot to do with that I would expect. While I found some of the scenes a bit much for my own personal taste, they have heat in their own way and they do tell the story of submission which, in the end, is the point of the story I feel. It’s just that I think there could have been more to the work than just submission or loss of self.

In that way, I could have seen this as the opening chapter in a longer story about the woman fixing her mistake, or the Incubus rampaging through the world, what happens to her in trying to right her wrong, or submit to him completely. But that story isn’t told, it’s set aside for the erotic moments between them and then the story comes to a sudden end… in a way.

It’s that opening that brings me pause. If the next part, if there was one, was as brutal I don’t think I would enjoy it. If the next part was focused on the sex above all else, I really wouldn’t. But if there was story with the sex… I would like to see where the story goes from here.

But I probably won’t.

I’m giving this work two out of five pitchforks.

It’s a hot flash at heart with just enough story to make what happens make sense. Bit too harsh for my tastes, though I am sure that some will enjoy what transpires none the less. It would be a good opening to a larger story of what comes after this moment, but as it is… It’s lacking some…



Apr 25 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 277

Last week’s Succubi of the Week was the work of an artist on Hentai Foundry and this week, I have one more piece of wonderful Succubi art from this artist to share as well…

Devil Chick Laying in Bed by Davemacer33j

Devil Chick Laying in Bed by Davemacer33j

This work of art is called Devil Chick Laying in Bed and is by an artist on Hentai Foundry calling themselves  Davemacer33j. You can click on the art here to see it a bit larger, or you can see the original page I found this work on here as well…

I’ve said before that I like pinups, but the ones that I really adore are the ones that are slightly understated like this one is.Yes, she is nude, but it’s not just there to look at, she’s teasing and smouldering in her sexuality which I think all Succubi should be… It’s not about being sexual, it is how you use that sexuality…

And this is just a wonderful expression of that.

Sexily posed on the sheets, the naughty bits are hidden but you can imagine them I am quite sure… Cute horns and tail, lovely hair style, my personal favourite of course, and a look and smile that fits her to a tee…

It almost looks as if a photograph of a real person was drawn over to create this, the effect is so very realistic and I like this a bunch…

For another quick, “I’m bored” drawing, this is amazing I think and I would love to see more…