Jul 20 2013

Another neat drawing YouTube of Morrigan Aensland

I found a really nice YouTube of an artist named Jony drawing Morrigan Aensland from beginning to the end of the art. Now it’s a little hard to see clearly at times, but the artist is very talented and so…

And if you can’t see it here…


And a screenshot of the finished art of Morrigan in case the video gets deleted…

Morrigan Aensland by Jony

Sorry again for the blurriness of the art, but it’s the best that I could manage… I really like the artist’s style a lot, he doesn’t draw Morrigan in an “over the top” way which I personally appreciate a bunch…

She’s posed nicely, not over endowed, has a touch of sexiness in her, and that all adds up to a beautiful piece of Morrigan art…

The artist Jony, has several other drawings on their YouTube channel that you can find her as well, but I couldn’t find any other Succubi there, though there is a lot of anime to enjoy…

Have a look!



Jul 19 2013

A Review of Suburban Succubus 3 by Jane Mesmeri

Suburban Succubus 3 by Jane Mesmeri

Suburban Succubus 3 by Jane Mesmeri

Today on the Tale I will be reviewing the third book in the Suburban Succubus series by Jane Mesmeri. The first book in the series I reviewed here and the second work I reviewed here on the Tale as well.

The series follows the changes that happen in the life of Janine when she is transformed into a Succubus by her new neighbour Katrina. The thing is, when you are a Succubus, and you see the world differently, how does that change who you are and how you relate to your own family?

Sometimes that question is a moment where you find the truth comes out that you never saw before…

The story tells of:

Janine has placed her trust in Katrina, the one who turned her into a succubus, and her new neighbor hasn’t disappointed. She has taught Janine much, especially to listen to her desires, and not to fear them.

But even as Janine revels in her new experiences, things seem to only grow more tense between her and Megan. Should she continue to put her faith in Katrina, or are there desires that she simply cannot give in to?

There is, when you think about it, a different view of the world through the eyes of a Succubus. It is that understanding that Janine has to face that becomes the core of this part of her story. While Katrina, and a few surprise “guests” have long before gotten past the ideals and limits of their humanity, Janine has not done so. There are certain things which give her pause, and force her to realize that things are not how they were not just for herself, but also for her husband and more importantly between her and Megan.

There is a tension, a feeling of not knowing their way that follows both of them throughout this story. If it was just the tensions they had it would be interesting to see where the story goes. but there are others that interfere, push and tempt both Janine and Megan to discover what each of them wants, and how to live with themselves in order to satisfy that need.

Janine’s personality continues to change in this part of her story, her needs now tending to guide her actions and in this comes the friction between herself and Megan. The moments that happen between them throughout this work feel right for each of them and the resolution of that, the need to if not completely understand each other but accept each other, brings what I felt was a satisfying closure to this part of their story.

Watching Janine learning to use her powers, to sharpen her abilities, to become more of a Succubus than she was brought some questions that I wondered about throughout the story. The main one being, being oversexed is one thing, and of course the Succubi in this series have their needs, but does that need control them or do they control it?

I think that depends very much upon which character you consider, but that little piece of humanity within Janine I think makes her story far more interesting than it otherwise would be. If she had “just” become like the other Succubi in the story I think I would have been disappointed in her. But she does not do so and there is where the story becomes a story and not just erotica.

There are many wonderfully hot scenes and they are quite well described and the results of those moments aren’t simply forgotten. They matter, they have an effect on the characters and in doing so the work as a whole is much stronger for that. There is a moment between Janine and Megan in which they “see” each other finally. Where the secrets of each are laid bare. I think it was the most powerful moment in the entire series considering where both of them had begun.

There are other places for Janine’s story to go, some of them I do wonder about and with what happens to Megan in the story I wonder about her and the Succubi as well… I just think it is an interesting open path. As well, Janine has far to go in her own transformation and the next step in that will be interesting to see.

I’ll give this work four and a half pitchforks out of five.

The story is better when there is purpose and characters find out more about themselves… I am especially pleased that this has happened here most of all… But in doing so, in introducing a specific new character to the mix, there are some questions left unanswered about the Succubi and how their needs are satisfied… I would like to see more about that sometime…

My thanks to Jane for her gift of this work, and I hope there will be more someday soon…

I for one, will be watching…



Jul 18 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 289

A bit of Morrigan Aensland art this week on the Tale. I like Morrigan when she’s drawn in a style that shows her to be a powerful character. I know that some like her to be over-endowed and so on, but I like her when she looks like the royalty she is… This week’s art shows that really well I think…

Morrigan Aensland by Ushio-MissingNo

Morrigan Aensland by Ushio-MissingNo

This art of Morrigan is by Ushio-MissingNo and you can find the original page on DeviantArt where I found it here and the artist’s page is here as well.

I like that she seems more… well, realistic I think is the best way to put things. She seems a bit on the moody side, but Morrigan does have those moments so it does work well. The bats in the background look less like bats and, at least to me, almost like crows or black birds of some kind. Really love the textures in Morrigan’s hair, too.

It’s not quite a portrait of her, perhaps a snapshot or something like that where she is reflecting on something.

There are many lovely works by this artist on their DeviantArt site and I hope you do visit their works and enjoy as much as I did…

It’s an interest thought to connect here…



Jul 17 2013

Like the costume, hate the mask…

Occasionally with some costumes, they include a mask. Now personally I don’t care for them, mostly because I find most of them are very hard to see out of. There are however some of them that I do like and I have talked about them here on the Tale before.

However, this time I have a costume that isn’t too awful, but a mask that makes me cringe… a lot.

Devil Sexy Lame Devil Costume

This is called the Devil Sexy Lame Devil Costume, which I admit is a bit of a mouthful really. It comes with the stretch Lame gown and gloves, a pair of horns, the pitchfork and venetian mask.

Shoes and other accessories are not included, there is no tail as well, and it sells for $76 US.

There are a few things that I don’t care for. The horns look very wrong, the pitchfork once again is one of the lousy ones that I hate to no end.

But the mask… What is that supposed to be? When I first saw this I thought that this costume was some kind of a cat girl slash devil girl costume. I don’t understand why such a colour pattern would be added to it and make what could have looked nice… not.

Setting aside my personal reservations with the mask, horns and pitchfork, the dress otherwise I kind of like.

Now part of that is I like shiny in my costumes, which this obviously has, and with the gloves being the same material it really works well together. I even like the shoes the model is wearing, which is saying something…

I’ll give this serious consideration for my costume choice this year… But, the pitchfork and horns I will throw away the moment it arrives and replace them with my better ones…

And I think I have a pair of heels that will match too, which has to count for something doesn’t it?

I’ll give this three out of five pitchforks.

A beginning, which is nice, but I wish better accessories would be included…



Jul 16 2013

Desires 86

I am rather ticklish really… Which will be interesting considering what comes next…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Twenty-Two


Tera looked into his eyes as Martin breathed her name and sighed happily. She laid her head onto his chest and nuzzled against him softly as he held her and for a moment she imagined what might been or what could have been if she wasn’t on the path she was given to tread. But then his wings folded around her and all of those thoughts we pushed from her.

She quivered as the edges of his feathers brushed against her bare back and shoulders, and then pressed herself tighter against him. The sensation of his feathers against her skin began to form goosebumps and without intending to, her tail moved to slowly twine itself around her right and his left leg binding them together gently. A tremor passed through her, and for a moment her tail tightened just slightly in the pleasure that he was giving her.

She allowed herself to be held however he liked to, and then said in a soft voice, “Martin… Have you ever held anyone like this before…. Have you ever had the pleasure of someone in your arms like this before…” She nuzzled her cheek against him and whispered, “I hope you have… You deserve to have someone in your heart always…”

She nibbled her lip and then parted her legs slightly. A moment later and Martin could feel the inside of Tera’s thigh beginning to rub against his. She whispered, “I truly want this moment Martin… But I do not want to harm you in any way… Please… If you don’t want this…. I need to know….”



If I am nothing else, I am polite…




Jul 15 2013

What is a Huggle?

I received an interesting question on one of the Forums that I appear on now and again. The question was… What is a Huggle?

And from that question… came this…



By TeraS



“What is a huggle?”


The bemusement in her voice was quite palatable. Along with the bemusement came a light trace of a finger over the teacup she held, a tilt of her head to the right, and the smile that always came with her bemusement.


Her long deeply raven hair swayed about her, spilling over her shoulders and down to the mid-point of her back. Her eyes. Green. So very deeply green that you could lose yourself in them if you were unaware, or for that matter, if she put her mind to things, making that so. Lovely perfectly shaped lips of red. Perfectly manicured fingernails of the same color.


That was part of who she was.


“I would think that depends very much upon you.”


Setting the cup on its saucer, she laced her fingers together and rested her chin upon them as she considered the one on the other side of the table that asked the question. Her smile was kind, familiar, an echo of someone that they knew and knew well.


“A huggle can be, sometimes, just a hug and a snuggle. A bit of tenderness and something more. A moment where being a friend means being there for your friends. To hold them in your thoughts every day and then, when you see them again, draw them into your arms, hold them closely and tell them, in the midst of that huggle, that you missed them and you are so very happy to see them again…”


She tilted her head to the right, smiling, something that those that knew her, knew Tera, remembered well before all else.


“Other times, a huggle can be… a bit more. The drawing of ones that love each other together, the catch of a breath, a soft moan as fingers caress skin… exploring. The meeting of two souls that know, fully and completely, that they are in the arms of the one they love. To shiver at the passing of a fingertip against the nape of their neck. A gasp of surprise as the one they hold in their arms is touched on that one spot… That one secret place that makes them melt in the arms of the one that huggles them.”


She tilted her head to the left, the smile still there, but a bit of a glint of light reflected off of her red horns and tail which also revealed who she also was. She was Tera, Queen of the Succubi to some as well.


“A huggle can be more still… The embrace of one’s Mistress, the entwining of fingers that hold you.. mind… body… and soul. The whimper of need as their touch caresses against one’s collar… remembering that they are owned by the one that holds them… forever. The purr that comes to their ears, making them shiver deep within themselves. Remembering the moment they were made Pet. Made to be loved in a way that few can understand, but knowing that love exists in that embrace… forever.”


She tapped her fingertips on her lush red lips from which words of desires came. Where a smile was enough, but again, perhaps never really was. Her eyes within which were fantasies and dreams unending.


“Perhaps a huggle is something more even still… The moment when one’s soul is bare to another without fear, without concern. To be held in another’s arms and know, completely, that their love for you is without question. That they accept you for who you are, no matter what else may be. To know, completely, that you mean more to them than simple words can possibly express…”



Tera picked up her tea once more, the smile still there after all of the maybes, could be’s and just might be’s. She watched them think about which huggle was the right one for them…








Something… more?


Perhaps it was a question that could only be answered by themselves and not by asking the Queen of the Succubi what a huggle was. She looked over the rim of her cup, one slender eyebrow raised slightly, her bemusement still plain to see…


For in her mind, a huggle was all of those things and so much more… for those that understood and believed…

Jul 14 2013

A Review of Bound by The Daughters of Lilith by J. Anthony Towner

Bound by The Daughters of Lilith by J. Anthony Towner

Bound by The Daughters of Lilith by J. Anthony Towner

I decided to take a chance on a book that clearly, and I mean, clearly, had some BDSM themes in it. I took that chance because there was the promise of some Succubi in the story… I have to say that it wasn’t anything close to what I hoped for however…

  • Title: Bound by The Daughters of Lilith
  • Author: J. Anthony Towner
  • Publishing Date: August 1, 2012
  • Length: 15 Pages
  • ASIN: B008RSCN0C
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

Ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with a succubus? Josh didn’t know what he was getting into. His bachelor party was canned by his fiance and Josh was a little lost. His buddies come along and set him up the party of his life, not physically but spiritually. Join Josh at his side to experience the most erotic BDSM experience of his life.

Josh is getting married, his fiancé doesn’t like the idea of a stag party because she wants him to remain true to her, so his friend tells him he knows someone that can summon a Succubus for him and he can have a good time in his dreams and she’ll never know.

As a story idea, that actually isn’t a bad one, the problem here is the telling of the story in more ways than one. The story tries to be a hot flash, but it really doesn’t get to be one. There are a lot of spelling errors, a lot of moments where the speech seems very rote, the grammar is very ugly sometimes as well.

Then we come to the erotic moments themselves and… well they aren’t. I didn’t feel any heat in the story, I didn’t see any of the Succubi being Succubi. No horns or tails or anything that really made them Succubi except for them appearing in dreams. I didn’t care for any of them either, they were written as stereotypical sex puppets for the most part with a dash of cruelty so that some BDSM could appear.

But BDSM isn’t simply pain or humiliation or similar things, but in this story that seems to be the focus of the story. So for me personally, it just didn’t do anything for me and I don’t believe that it would for those that like BDSM stories.

I also have problems with the ending of the story that feels wrong. I won’t spoil it, but, really, it just makes the entire story to that point meaningless and that’s a shame. It could have been much better and more interesting if there was some character development, some story telling, but most of all, some care taken to fix all of the errors in this work before it was published.

One pitchfork out of five.

Needs a huge amount of editing and spell checking. Not that hot for me personally either for all of the errors in it. So, honestly, nothing to see here if you are looking for Succubi…