Jan 19 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 470

Last week was some pencil art which I shared and I am continuing that theme in this week’s Succubi art… Really it is the expression that matters, I think, more than anything when drawing a character. The eyes are the windows to the soul after all, but as well, an expression can say as much at times too.

Succubus by wrexjapan

Succubus by wrexjapan

This art is by the artist Wrexjapan, and I found this work on their site on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

It is her earnest expression that caught my eye really. I’m not sure if she is in the midst of asking for something, calling out to someone, or otherwise is needing something, or someone. That said, I think she has a lovely outfit, her horns are wings work quite well and her body shape seems to fit all else well.

I love the messy hair, but really it is the look in her eyes and that expression that gives me pause and starts me to wonder…



Jan 18 2017

A dress that gives me some Succubus costume ideas…

Red Heart GownSome time ago I found a dress for sale, which isn’t any longer. I thought it was interesting and being so it gave me some costume ideas…

This dress isn’t a costume by itself, but the overall look I do like quite a lot and being so I have been pondering what sort of costume that could be created with it in some way.

The dress is described as being from the 1980s, which I can see as the look does sort of fit that time overall. I think a nice set of horns with some slingback red heels would make for a nice, simple costume that isn’t over the top.

It might be a little subdued in some way, but nonetheless, the look of that heart in the dress I think makes for a really nice focal point for everything.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I like the idea, I’ll have to try to do something with it.



Jan 17 2017

A Review of The Incubus written by R.E. Baker

The Incubus written by R.E. Baker

The Incubus written by R.E. Baker

I stumbled across what is described as a bit of a teaser, or introduction to an upcoming series today. It has its own appeal, there are some point about the work that I thought were really quite interesting. But there with the good comes a minor issue for me.

Sometimes in telling a story one needs to allow it to unfold. Rushing from moment to moment, encounter to encounter with seemingly little point between them can be somewhat confusing. It’s also a bit difficult to find the heat in a story, or like the main characters when there’s precious little to hold onto.

The past is present in all we are. What we are, who we are, is a reflection of what has come before. Our conscience be that which either guides us or makes us suffer. Which of the two matters becomes a matter of perspective, honour and understanding… If we are very lucky.

The work tells the story of:

Welcome guests. You are about to enter the dangerous world of Cano.

Ruled by the Demon Lord baring the same name, Cano watches her underworld from afar. Divided in what seems to be an infinite number of realms to all but her, the center of this universe is her personal island where Demon Lords retire upon grooming an heir, a process which takes no less than 1000 years.

This story centers around two lords, Kylie the rightful heir and birth child to V’romi and Delphie, and her earthbound brother Matdur, who was captured by Cano when he was ten and brought to the underworld. The children are used to either fertilize the universe with their souls, or tend to the realms of Lords. As slaves they either work until their mortal death, or are offered the opportunity to achieve immortality by undergoing a metamorphosis.

Only Lords who are unable to produce an heir, or question the strength of the one they produce, offer this opportunity to an earthbound.

In this Underworld demons collect souls to maintain their realms. Different demons collect souls by different means.

Kylie and Matdur are Lilin demons, Kylie a succubus and Matdur an incubus. They collect their souls by laying with mortals.

The world is slowly crumbling around Kylie and Matdur, bringing with it confusion, anger and self-loathing. A world that can only survive by feeding on the souls taken is a harsh world when there’s less souls brought to the fore. A fight leads to a promise, one with dark intent, a future that looks bleak and uncertain. Among all of this, choices have to be made, the question becomes who is willing to act and who is willing to not be foolish.

There’s a lot that happens in a very short period of time in this story and being so there’s a feeling that things are very rushed for the main characters, not allowing a lot of time for thinking about what’s going on and so on. I found it a little difficult to enjoy the story as my mind was trying to piece together everything that was going on, trying to understand how things worked from what little details popped up from time to time. At times the story is a bit lost, trying to find its footing, but much the same can be said about Kylie and Matdur, the main characters.

Kylie, the succubus and Matdur, the incubus, have what can only be described as a tense relationship, much of that coming to the view each has. Kylie seems to have no conscience and Matdur’s conscience seems to be overcoming him, causing no end of problems for him. The contrast is striking, and I think it works, but again the rush to move through this work takes that conflict and does not use it to the extent I think it could have been.

There isn’t really any erotica in this work save for one encounter that Matdur has with a woman on Earth. That is a bittersweet thing, tragic in all honesty, and what’s more bothersome for me was that in the aftermath something didn’t sit right with Matdur over it all. That needs to be explored, but there wasn’t time to do so and I think that really matters.

There are a multitude of plot threads and arcs going on in parallel, sometimes colliding when Kylie and Matdur confront each other. There is some character development, but it’s again in a rush, seemingly lost in the overall story and missing something vital. With all of that said, there’s one telling point that I thought was the most interesting and emotionally impactful of all.

Matdur’s misgivings about taking souls, looking to see what goes on around him and trying, so dearly not to do harm is a wonder to behold. It’s core to who he is, I think it will be a central point to all that comes from here. More so, how Kylie forces the issue, demands of him, whether the reasons are right or not, opens up questions about her motives as well, if there’s something else going on and that interested me.

The characters have something about them, there’s no question, and I just wish the story had allowed more of their character to develop than it did. The other thing that bothers me is that Matdur’s name seems to change as the story progresses, becoming a more human one. Again, that’s an interesting thing, it does matter I think, but it’s odd and tripped me up at times. There is some heat, but this isn’t a erotic story, it’s a story about making choices and it does that well, but it could be a lot better than it is.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s very difficult to like, as a whole, either Kylie or Matdur and I think a lot of that has to do with being thrown headlong into a story that seems to be moving at breakneck speed from the first words. There are so many questions about how things come to be as they are, why there is so much conflict going on, what else is happening about the main characters. I felt like the story was holding something back, something important that it couldn’t reveal as yet.

As an introduction to this new universe I think there’s something missing and it hurts the storytelling a lot. That said, getting past the brusk mannerisms of both Kylie and Matdur is something I didn’t manage to do. I’m also very bothered by Matdur’s name changing to what I assume are pet names or similar, but it just reads oddly.

I will be looking for the next work in the series to see where the story of Kylie and Matdur goes, how things all fit together and why their world is so dearly in trouble. The past matters here, but it’s not delved into and it really needs to be.



Jan 17 2017

A Review of Demon Girls – Females From Hell by Neurodyne

Demon Girls - Females From Hell by Neurodyne

Demon Girls – Females From Hell by Neurodyne

A review today of a small collection of short stories by an author with a singular theme. While the most obvious one are all sorts of demon girls, succubi included, the more prevalent theme is one of needs which revolve around the unspoken horrors that exist in some souls. It’s an interesting collection, but as happens with so many collections like this, there are some stories that naturally lead into larger, more involved storytelling.

No two demons are the same, but then no two souls are the same either. Each has a story to tell, and it is in the telling that answers are given, lost, or misplaced.

  • Title: Demon Girls – Females From Hell
  • Author: Neurodyne
  • Length: 28 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781310012808
  • Publishing Date: June 18, 2016
  • This work at Smashwords.com

The work tells the story of:

A collection of 8 demonic short stories about erotic adventures with female demons, succubi and other hellish entities. Fascinating creatures wishing to explore their untamed and weird sexuality with unsuspecting human males. Sometimes these undertakings are dangerous, as these fiends are definitely not of the usual timid kind. They could rip you apart if they wanted to, but this time its more about getting really up and close with them.

The collection of stories takes a specific demon woman and tells a bit of her. Sometimes that’s her life, a moment in time. In other cases it’s less about the woman herself and more about the man they encounter. What drives them, what leads them to the moment they are found in. Some of these works have a slight horror edge, but it isn’t by any means overwhelmingly so.

The work has some moments of erotica, a little bit of heat that simmers. But it doesn’t really go very far, nor does the heart draw more out of the characters and story. At the core, the works in the collection speak of various kinds of temptation, whether that of a human or a demon, and where that takes the character in question.

There are two stories which have the appearance of succubi. In one case it is a story of a human meeting one and in another it is a rite of passage for another succubus. In both cases, the stories are, as a whole, teasing towards a longer more involved story, but never really get to tell it. They set up the encounter and then rush to the conclusion. A pair of flashes of things more to be seen, but not done.

This then is the thing which holds back this collection. These works are stories at the beginning. A series of thoughts towards telling a story but then brought to a close in the moment after something happens. Flashes of really good writing, but nothing developing more than it does.

There are some editing issues in this work, some capitalizations missed, some words a bit odd. The characters are there, but not fleshed out more than being described. The story is there, but not fleshed out. A collection of teases which leave me wondering.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s more horror titillation than it is erotica as a whole. These works are more story ideas, hints of bigger things, hot flashes and ideas. Some of them really need to be fleshed out into larger stories as the worlds and ideas are really good. Perhaps the author will manage that someday.



Jan 16 2017

Isn’t Much By TeraS

Another one of those weeks in which I haven’t been feeling all that well, which means that I haven’t been writing much and what I have managed to accomplish doesn’t feel like a lot. But great things sometimes come from something that …


Isn’t Much
By TeraS


If there is one constant about the Queen of the Succubi, it’s that she never expects anything in return for what she does for others. The common refrain heard is, “I owe you”, and Tera’s reply is inevitably, “You owe me nothing.”

Regardless of what she might have done, how complex or simple it might be, how much it means to the recipient of Tera’s generosity, she expects nothing in return. This, of course, brings no end of confusion and concern to others. It’s obvious that she’s a Queen, that she should, therefore, expect some sort of gift in return, some promise made, some offer. Some even think their soul would be acceptable to her. The red-tailed one just smiles in that bemused way of hers, shrugs, and comments: “It isn’t much, don’t worry about it.” She doesn’t see that what she’s done is anything special, that it might be something beyond the pale. Giving to others, for her, is a kind of pleasure and it is one that she especially loves.

So, regardless of who it is, what Tera might have done, or anything else, nothing is expected, nothing is wanted, nor is anything needed. A “thank you” brings a smile, while the offering of a gift is gratefully noted, but she’ll always say that she couldn’t possibly take something.

And so we come to the telling point. It’s just about impossible to give something back to the Queen for all of the things she’s done. Not that many haven’t tried, in all of the ways you could imagine, of course. It’s quite a battle trying to get Tera to see, within herself, that what she’s done for others is far more than nothing much at all.

This, then, brings to light a cherished gift which can be found in Tera’s bedroom, something which she did accept, in spite of her stubbornness, from a moment in her life where the gift mattered, more than she could put into words for the gift carried with it that most cherished of things… a memory. The first, the very first thing she ever accepted seems so simple, something almost so ordinary that it could be overlooked, but Tera never does. It’s a pair of fuzzy red socks.

This very special pair that brought her to tears one Christmas a long time ago was a gift from the Queen’s heart, one that few can understand or see in the way that Tera can. It was a reminder of a conversation at the fence between the Queen and her heart one winter. She spoke of being a bit cold. That thought drifted for a bit in the winter air between the two, the musing that she needed a pair of socks to warm her toes on those cold winter mornings when the floors were so bloody cold.

Whenever she saw those socks, she remembered a package arriving, out of the blue. Her mind drifted back to opening the gift, looking inside to find a Christmas stocking with some delightful fudge hidden beneath a pair of red socks. A card from her heart, the tears of joy in holding in her hands that which he and his Beloved had blessed with their love. The first Christmas they’d shared as family, one she cherished, one that she was forever grateful to Goddess for scheming to bring two families on either side of a fence together.

She can remember telling her heart how wonderful the gift was, how delighted and thankful she was, asking how she could repay his kindness. Her heart, being who he is, replied in a very familiar way: “It isn’t much, don’t worry about it.” It was a familiar reply, said with love for the one that was gifted, whether they expected the gift or not, whether the giving needed to be or not. It simply was and all else that came with the gift was reflections of what giving unto others means.

Perhaps, then, the need within the Queen to brush off the idea of receiving a gift for simply being herself is something that is reflected in many of her family. Perhaps, in a way, they all know that it isn’t about the gift, about the thing done. It’s about giving, as one can.

Perhaps the gift is found in the giving. And, sometimes, the grace is found in the receiving without worrying about deserving, but just because the gift is given out of love.

For in giving to another may seem like it isn’t much, but it’s the greatest miracle in any Realm when it is done out of love.

Jan 15 2017

A Review of The Bra Identity by Zayna Noble

The Bra Identity by Zayna Noble

The Bra Identity by Zayna Noble

A short time ago I reviewed the first work in the Mike to Mikayla series by Zayna Noble on the Tale and you can find that review here. Like all of this author’s works as a whole, the focus was on gender transformation, the force behind things being a succubus named Derora. In the prior review I mulled her over, wanting more about Derora. There really wasn’t much told about her life, the world she exists in and most of all, it wasn’t really clear as to what Derora did beyond transforming Mike into a woman.

While the core story is, of course, Mike, his transformations and what happens afterwards, the story of Derora really needed to be explored. In this, the second work of the series, that happens, to an extent, but leaves me wondering even more about her.

The story is about:

Mike had an incredible experience becoming a curvy brunette for Spring Break. Now it’s time to return the red bikini to its owner, the enterprising succubus named Derora. After all, no magical vacation in the body of a hottie is without cost.

The price is simple: Mike will need to infiltrate a club reserved for supernatural beings and convince a gargoyle to hand over a set of secret files. There’s a catch, however. The club doesn’t allow human men to enter!

Instead of changing Mike into a werewolf or minotaur, Derora has him put on skimpy negligee that transforms him into exactly the kind of woman that the gargoyle prefers: a busty blonde bombshell!

Dolled up and transported to the club, can the newly transformed ‘Mikayla’ seduce the giant stone creature to hand over the documents? He is, after all, a stubborn and tireless beast…

It’s time for Mike to pay the piper, or more accurately, do Derora a favour. But that involves another transformation, this time into a curvy blonde to seduce her way into getting some files that Derora needs. It’s all fun and games at least until things get really serious for Mikayla and there’s no where for her to run.

Mike’s continuing encounters with Derora continue and along the way there’s actually a lot of time spent with Derora, seeing more about her personality, her life, and filling in a lot of the blanks about her character. Beyond more of her personality coming out, the appearance of her husband was a delightful surprise and the chemistry between them just had me smiling and adoring them both. To write a couple who’s been together long enough that a look between them is known by the other, or one can finish the thought of the other can be difficult. Here, that relationship comes out from the start, feels right and it’s a delightful surprise.

Derora’s life isn’t expanded on a lot, but with the appearance of her husband, what he could be, that open a lot of questions that made me very happy. Derora’s attitude, her joy in what she does, is dearly infectious and it makes me like her even more. But this story isn’t really about her, or her husband, it’s about Mike’s transforming again, so while that’s a bit limited, it’s a lot more than the first work and that, for me, was a really positive thing.

Mike’s transformation is drawn out in this work and honestly it’s a lot more interesting with Derora being involved, fussing over her, and making Mikayla what can really only be described as a blonde sex bomb. The reactions from Derora and her husband made me laugh, the bother that Mikayla felt throughout was cute and funny as well. It’s a more insightful, more interesting transformation than the first work in the series because of that.

Where things didn’t quite work for me was the erotica as a whole. While there is heat and there are some delightful moments of seduction and passion, I felt as if the erotica was rushed, passing by far too quickly for my liking. Part of that are the characters involved, there’s a tone to things and it makes sense, but at the same time it meant something was missing. I think that comes to Mikayla not drawing out the seduction more, losing herself to the sex through her needs.

The characters are wonderful, the story develops well and it is a delightful read. There’s a lot more succubus in this story with Derora being as central as she is as well. There’s more depth, more questions raised but as well that makes for something overall that reads better than the first work in the series.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The erotica was rushed overall which was disappointing. Mike’s transformation was far more detailed, more interesting which was a nice change in how the author approached that core part of the story. But while a bit of background about Derora came out, the questions about her, her husband, what they are involved in, makes for a far more interesting story to wonder about that Mike’s is turning out to be.

Perhaps there needs to be more focus on telling a story here than just getting to the erotica. Perhaps expanding Derora’s part of the story to what happens when Mike isn’t around would be a thought. There’s just something about Derora that I really like and it’s a story that seems to be languishing in the background, which is a shame.



Jan 15 2017

A Review of Dommed by a Big Dicked Lesbian Succubus from Hell by Sarah Azad

Dommed by a Big Dicked Lesbian Succubus from Hell by Sarah Azad

Dommed by a Big Dicked Lesbian Succubus from Hell by Sarah Azad

Not all succubi have red skin, or hooves, or for that matter are overtly sexual beings. Some of them are somewhat more forceful, almost warrior-like in their attitude, poise and mannerisms. It’s a rather unique aspect to consider and one that offers some interesting plots and stories to unfold… assuming that the story actually goes in that direction and doesn’t take a turn for the expected.

There is a saying that suffering is good for the soul. Some succubi have a talent for making that true. But what are they beyond the teeth, the claws and the pain? Sometimes they amount to a lot of fury but so little substance.

  • Title: Dommed by a Big Dicked Lesbian Succubus from Hell
  • Author: Sarah Azad
  • Length: 19 Pages
  • ASIN: B01JX1ST5E
  • Publishing Date: August 6, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

John Meyer is a quiet and unassuming young man who never backs down from a challenge, when his frat brothers dare him to summon a demon he goes all out, sure it won’t work. When a succubus appears it challenges everything he thought he knew about the world and himself.

John is challenged to summon a succubus, thinking it will never happen. But Lori appears and John finds himself at her tender mercies. But Lori is a very particular succubus and John will have to meet her standards… one way or the other.

Overall the only way I can really describe this work is a mixture of horror, BDSM and a little bit of sexuality touching a gender transformation. It’s a little scattered, a bit unsure of where it wants to go. There are quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes, a story that tends to focus on pain and suffering above all else.

There’s a bare hint about who Lori is, what her personality is like before the story turns directly into all of the pain and suffering that John is taking through. At times that verges on B-grade horror with a bit of porn mixed into things. As such I didn’t find much in the way of heat, nor did I really find my way into the story.

This is the single problem really in that the story begins with Lori encountering John, but before anything really develops, he is bound, pushed, used and beaten in all sorts of ways. I can’t find anything sexy in John bleeding, being turned black and blue. It does not interest me at all.

But Lori does. She’s a series of contrasts that I wanted to know more about. Possibly the most surprising of all is her comment of never losing a pillow fight. Noting that and then all else she does that’s a difficult thing to keep with her character. It is those odd little quirks that needed to be explored more, but never were.

There are a number of spelling and grammar mistakes, many of which make comprehending the story a little difficult. There’s no heat in the erotica, and there’s barely a connection between the two characters by the ned of the work. It feels like there’s something missing here, something important. Perhaps focusing on story above sex and pain would have made this something more.

One pitchfork out of five.

I’m certain that for some this work will be attractive to them, but personally I didn’t enjoy all of the inflicted pain and suffering that became the core of the story. The work needs another editing pass, the story needs to be more about who the characters are than it being about what one does to the other. Torturing isn’t that sexy and somewhere there’s more of a story about Lori than is revealed here.