Aug 06 2013

Desires 89

What is it like when, for the first time, you know another in a way that none can explain?


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Twenty-Five


Martin gasped out loud, a sharp inhalation of breath that was let out in a slow murmur of excitement as her hands fell upon him. Her fondling and caressing quickly bringing his cock to full firmness. Her lips against his chest, she would feel clearly his heart rate begin to accelerate. His wings twitched almost with the same rhythm.

Slowly, he let his hands trail up from her rear, fingertips gently tickling up and over her hip and side, spreading out to cup and fondle her fantastic breasts. He let himself savor their softness for a few moments, teasing her nipples a bit before sliding his arms around her once more. “Tera…” He murmured, seeming a little dazed by the sensations she was giving him. “…this feeling…”

He could feel her caution, her concern over his well-being from their actions. Even slightly overwhelmed as he was with sensation, he offered her a small smile. “It’s already unforgettable…” Breathing deeply, he inclined his head just a bit, offering gentle kisses to her forehead: the center, and at the base of each of her horns. Gathering his arms around her, he held her tight, bending his neck to kiss her on the lips. A pulse of golden light spread out from his halo as his hands traveled up over her bare back. His soft touch would suddenly feel softer, more akin to the sensations his feathers had given her, strengthened by her compassionate essence.


Eroticism is more than what can be explained sometimes…




Aug 05 2013

Storm Clouds – An intermission…

As some will be aware, the next time I post something in Storm Clouds it will be the 200th time I do so… The thing is…

Well, I don’t want to post a little thing, I think I want to post a lot of chapters, ones that have been sitting here mostly done, but not done. It could be five chapters all at once, I’m honestly not sure.

The problem I am having at the moment, is that I haven’t gotten as far as I want to in them.

As such, it might be another week, mebby two, before the next part of Storm Clouds appears, but that isn’t really anything new for me is it?

It happens a lot for me, and that I do regret more than I can say…

I may post the next part of the story this coming Monday or the next, we’ll see what happens…

For the moment, for today, there isn’t much else to say except I am trying to make time in my life to write again and I hope to… soon…


Sorry again all…





Aug 04 2013

A Review of the series called Metamor City

Some time ago, I found an interesting podcast called Metamor City, and while that was interesting to listen to, it was more interesting to me when I discovered that there was a series of books that were released about the series. They contain some of the podcast stories, more or less, and otherwise add to the overall universe that was created. You can find the Metamor City Website and Podcast here.

I will be reviewing four books on the Tale today, all of which have a Succubus or Incubus connection to them from the series, though there are others that I will not be…

The First Work is:

Metamor City: Welcome to the City

Metamor City: Welcome to the City

  • Title: Metamor City: Welcome to the City
  • Author: Chris Lester
  • Publishing Date: Originally 2002, Republished July 18, 2012
  • Length: 33 Pages
  • This work at

The story is about:

Rookie cop Michael Perelli begins his first day on the job in Metamor City, a glittering and glorious place where the buildings rise as high as mountains and magic and technology intertwine. But not everything is beautiful in the Jewel of the North, and as veteran detective Kathryn Kitaen shows him the ropes, Michael begins to wonder if he’s in over his head…

Michael arrives in Metamor City and starts his first day of work as a Homicide detective, and he learns some of the good and some of the bad that will occupy his life.

The story is an excellent introduction to this world, how it came to be, how things work, how they don’t and some of the beings that exist there. Through his tour, Michael is told of some of the more exotic beings that exist in the city, meets a few of them, and in the end gets involved in something that could lead to other stories for him.

There is a brief mention of Incubi and Succubae, as they are called in this series in the plural form. What is more telling is that, at least for the law in this world, is that they are seen as being, if not evil, then undesirable. Also, what is interesting is that people can be “cursed” and become creatures like these.

It would be interesting to see a story about this, but this work isn’t of that. It is an info dump hidden within a day in the life of a newcomer to the city. Personally, I think this is an exceptionally good idea and I will have to remember it for my own use sometime…

Nothing erotic in this work, though Michael does have a moment that was both funny and sexy which I will not spoil here. Again, well written and recommended.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The Next Work is:

Metamor City: The Sentinel

Metamor City: The Sentinel

  • Title: Metamor City: The Sentinel
  • Author: Chris Lester
  • Publishing Date: Originally 2007, Republished July 20, 2012
  • Length: 19 Pages
  • This work at

The story is about:

Agent Janus Starson is the regional field commander of the Lothanasi Order, an elite international law-enforcement unit tasked with protecting mortals from supernatural creatures. In the line of duty he has slain demons, faeries, and monsters of every description — but when the search for a missing girl leads him to the lair of a powerful succubus, it may require a more delicate approach.

A child has gone missing in Metamor City. One of the authorities, known as Starson, is in search of her. After getting a lead, he discovers that the child has found refuge in what he thinks is a typical den of Succubi. But he is wrong. They are not typical, and the Succubus that leads them is more than he can understand.

There are really only two main characters in this work, one, named Starson who is arrogant, cares only for himself and the power he yields. I really didn’t think much of him, his actions, or his reasoning most of all.

And that is really how the Succubus in this story, Isri Fallon. Oh how I love her so very much. She needs no horns, or tail, or to look anything like that what Succubi are told to be. She is herself, and in being that she reminds me of myself. Well read, well experienced in life and morals, she is nothing like the typical Succubus that she is expected to be.

So very much like the Succubus me in fact that I really took pause when she appeared in the story and took complete control of it. She does not speak in words of force, but intelligently, in a way that attempts to teach Starson that his attitude and beliefs are not as they should be for all that he does.

It is a lesson, a good, clear, strong lesson the he however completely misses which, considering his personality, was not a surprise.

This is not a piece of erotica, it is a lesson of the taking of power is not the same thing as the wielding of that power. He is loud, she is quiet. He is overbearing in his actions, her words speak loudly and her actions simply reinforce who she is.

If he is supposed to represent the light in this city, that light is dim and coloured unlike the purity of Isri’s actions here. The purpose of one’s actions should be for the better of those that have no power. A lesson that Starson never seems to see for being important.

Really well written, I enjoyed the story immensely. The house of Succubi is lovely and seems very much like that my Succubi self would want to have. And the one other Succubus that appears in the work, while a bit more ill tempered, is young and will learn eventually I am sure.

I’ll give this work four pitchforks out of five.

Would have loved to know more about Isri, but otherwise a wonderful tapestry of a tale…

Book Three is:

Metamor City: Troubled Minds

Metamor City: Troubled Minds

  • Title: Metamor City: Troubled Minds
  • Author: Chris Lester
  • Publishing Date: Originally 2004, Republished July 18, 2012
  • Length: 33 Pages
  • This work at

The story is about:

Students are dying at St. Theresa’s, a school and halfway house for wayward girls on the Street of Metamor City. Abbey Preston is visiting the school, seeking relief from the terrifying visions that have been plaguing her. Is something supernatural at work, or is it all in Abbey’s head?

Abby arrives at a home for young girls that have been thrown away by their families, by society, by everyone. All that is left is the church that welcomes them. But within this home, there is a terror, and it has, and it causing many of them to kill themselves. Perhaps Abby will be next or will she find the way to stop what is causing the terror within?

An amazingly well done story, wonderfully written, riviting characters and a storyline that from the first to the last is both mystery and self exploration for many of the characters in the story.

One of them, Jenna, is said to be a teifling… but she is, in fact, a Succubus. She has horns and a heat tipped tail and all of the looks of a Succubus, with the power to match. But, and this is why I like her a lot, she is struggling against her own nature to be more than what the world expects her to be. She feeds yes, but she does not kill or harm others and that’s an important point to her.

I won’t spoil Abby’s secrets, or what is behind the deaths, but the reasons make sense, the means to solve the problem is well thought out, and in the end, when the moments come where Abby and Jenna for that matter must make a choice, you care about that choice. That is the mark of an excellent storyteller.

There are some erotic scenes, but they are not overdone by any means. Jenna is very much a young succubus learning about herself and her mannerisms and what she says are just right I think as well. If Isri in the first book was almost perfect to me as a mature Succubus, the same can be said of Jenna as a young one.

The writing was excellent again in this work, but I have to say that I wished to learn as much about Jenna as we eventually did about Abby. Now, the story is, really, about Abby so that wasn’t likely to happen. Still I have many questions about Jenna and would have liked to have more to read about her… Or another work with her alone would be nice.

I’ll give this work four and a half pitchforks out of five.

Really liked this story, wanted more about Jenna, but otherwise a wonderful read…

The Final Work is:

Metamor City: The Cuckoo

Metamor City: The Cuckoo

Metamor City: Troubled Minds
  • Title: Metamor City: The Cuckoo
  • Author: Chris Lester
  • Publishing Date: Originally 2008, Republished July 17, 2012
  • Length: 36 Pages
  • This work at

The story is about:

John is an incubus, chosen by the Goddess of Lust to seduce new and wealthy converts to the cause of Hedonism. So what happens when the incubus unexpectedly falls in love with his target?

John is an Incubus, one of the best of his kind. His kind have placed him on a mission, but what happens when that mission becomes lesser to something so much more important?

I think that this work is the best one of all. There is so much to like that it’s hard to decide where to begin exactly. The society of the succubi and incubi is well established, the leadership, the beliefs, the personalities are all wonderfully displayed.

While there is a lot of politics in this story, they both are a boon to the work and somewhat hold it back from being something more. Or at least until John realizes something he thought he would never experience and that changes everything. While the politics of this world return in force at the climax, they are more than esoteric. They bring a realization of how this world is not always black and white but shades of grey. The grey being not just in those that are changed and other in nature, but also to those that call themselves “simply humsn.”

Wonderful loving moments in this work add to what I enjoyed. The erotic moments were not over the top, but in fact seductive in a way that only, at least in this world, a succubus or incubus could create.

I liked that John has aspects of the classic incubus in him, but no hooves which I was very thankful for. It also was interesting that he could shift between his male form and female forms as well.  It was an aspect of the legend of succubi and incubi that isn’t seen much and I was quite pleased to see it here.

The most involved, detailed, descriptive piece of writing in the series and one that I recommend for those that like a story with intrigue, a plot that stays true from beginning to end, and characters that are very real and that you care about, this work succeeds.

Five out of five pitchforks.

Well enjoyed and recommended. My only wish would be another story about John and the succubi and incubi society he exists within.

Overall, there is a lot to like about the Succubi and Incubi that appear. It’s a shame that there isn’t more of them to be seen, but of course the series is about the City and not about the characters that I care about.

Liked the series, and I will keep watching for more stories that interest me  and listen to the Podcast…



Aug 03 2013

Yes, it is a YouTube of a Succubus, but otherwise?

So I found this video on YouTube, and while I don’t know anything about this, where it is from, who made it or anything else really… It would be nice to know…

And if you cannot see it here on the Tale:

And here is a still of the Succubus in the event that YouTuve removes it, which is entirely possible…

Succubus Video Still

I give full marks to the makeup artists and the special effects people who made this possible, but, really there are a lot of things that bother me about her and those that know me already know what they are I am sure.

Too much horror, not anywhere near enough sexy. Just because we can see her breasts that does not make her sexy. While the horns and wings are really well done, I just think that the makeup on her face, especially her fangs just makes her more demonic and not Succubish in nature.

I also don’t think a lot of the black spots on her face and other places. It kind of reminds me of a Dalmatian and that just makes things worse for me at least. Her chalk-like skin adds to that effect and, honestly, it shouldn’t.

The point of Succubi is the seduction and the sexiness. In this case I just do not see this at all. Now, part of the problem is that this seems to be one scene of a longer movie, but I just have no idea which movie that could be.

And I would like to know.

So if anyone does know, please leave a comment?



Aug 02 2013

A Review of Mommy’s Little Succubus by Katie Blu

Mommy's Little Succubus by Katie Blu

Mommy’s Little Succubus by Katie Blu

One of the things that isn’t really touched on in most works about Succubi, or Incubi for that matter is, who are, if they have them, their parents? It’s actually important, at least to me, because that gives a lot of insight to the Succubus or incubus themselves. Now, for the most part, it’s something that most authors ignore or gloss over… But what if there was a bit more to learn and think about?

Would it explain why a Succubus was good or tried to be? Would it open your eyes to understanding why they were evil or cruel or something similar?

What if, in a way, they where adopted by someone, and that someone they decided to call… Mother? And what would that person do in order to help a young Succubus to get her wings?

It’s an interesting concept if you think about it…

The work tells of:

Mommy, an immortal mother-thug, only wants to help when wayward paranormals wander into her diner…

Succubus Liza needs to earn her wings. But what’s a klutzy, bespectacled girl to do when she’s born without the seductress gene—and that’s the only way she can earn her demon wings?

Fortunately for Liza, Mommy has a solution, and he’s chained up in her dungeon.

Liza is a Succubus. Well, not quite fully as yet. She needs to seduce a man, take his soul and then, finally, she’ll have her wings as a Succubus and be complete. There’s a way that Mommy, her guardian, has put together to make that happen. Question is if Liza can overcome herself and succeed.

I have to admit that when I was reading this work I had thoughts in my mind that Liza was very much like Chloe from the Eerie Cuties online comic series. They both don’t believe themselves to be “good” Succubi, they don’t have the self-confidence or will to be more than they think they can be as well. But most of all, it’s the complete lack of coordination when trying to be sexy that just merges the two characters together in my mind.

That said, the way Liza acts in this work just struck me as a teenager. A very young one without a clue about herself and what she was capable of. The way she haltingly makes her way through the scenes is both cute and somehow… off. I think the problem is that the way she is described makes her faults more central than her abilities. That said, when she finally gets past the point of not being sure, of not knowing… She’s a lot more interesting.

The same can be said of Peyton, who is the man that Liza finds chained in the basement. I won’t spoil who he is exactly, but when he explains himself… I kind of expected it. What I didn’t expect was that the attraction between himself and Liza would be so complete so quickly in the  story. Now, it is a hot flash, so it has to be that way, but really I would have liked some more about him too.

Mommy is an enigma. This work is part of a larger series in which the characters work at a diner that Mommy owns and all of them are supernatural beings of one kind or another. That brings the question of who, or what, Mommy is. That isn’t explained in the work, but, she does know so much more than she reveals… in a lot of ways. I would have liked to know more about her too.

The erotic moments between Liza and Payton are hot, some S&M slash dungeon sex comes into the scenes, but it wasn’t something that turned me off. There was no pain or abuse and that made everything a lot more enjoyable for me. It is a little fast how the scenes happen for me as a whole however. I would have liked those parts of the work to be dragged out a bit further as it felt like something had been removed or glossed over.

There was really nothing in the writing that took me out of it, but as always with works that are short and come to an end just when things are getting interesting… this one does. I could have seen this being at least another eight pages long to tie up things well and bring it all to a conclusion… But instead we leave as things get just that much more interesting as a whole…

I’ll give this work three pitchforks out of five.

Much too short, would have liked to learn more about Liza, Mommy and Payton. I also would have liked to see what changes within Liza afterwards if anything really did…



Aug 01 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 291

This week’s Succubi Image has quite a lot of things I love about it. It is a commissioned work and perhaps someday I’ll be able to have this artist do something for me as well…

Commission : Kurai Kaminari by Jadenkaiba

Commission : Kurai Kaminari by Jadenkaiba

This work is called Commission : Kurai Kaminari and is by an artist on DeviantArt named Jadenkaiba. You can see the original page with this work here and the artist’s page is here as well.

Wonderfully sexy Succubus, the dress I really do like a bunch. The interesting thing to me is how her look, her body shape, eyes, horns, really all of her just looks right to me. Adding that she’s in a library, which is one of my favourite settings, just makes this just about perfect.

The only thing that bothers me, a little bit, is that her black tail is almost invisible and I’m so-so on her wings. Kind of Morrigan Aenslandish in a way, but they really do work for her at least and that’s the important thing.

I hope to be able to write a story that this work inspired…

Please visit this artist’s page, there are some really wonderful pieces of art there to enjoy…



Jul 31 2013

A Pair of Horns does not a Succubus Costume Make…

It strikes me that some costume designers believe that adding a pair of horns to any costume makes it more Succubus like, or at the minimum, more Devil Girl like. Now I do not subscribe to that belief, I never have. This week’s costume is a prime example of why their concept does not make it in my eyes…

Masked Devil Costume

This is called theMasked Ball Devil Costume and it comes with a black and red bustier top dress with a bodice, a devil eye mask and a devil horn headband.

The shoes and stockings are not included, there is no tail, and the costume sells for $50 US at various sites on the web.

I’ll be honest and say that if this was a costume alone without the horns, I would not think it to be that awful. It has some style to it, and it could be an interesting steampunk costume… but it isn’t a succubus and it is barely a Devil Girl as well.

The horns are lousy and they are the only thing here that even barely suggests what you are attempting to be. As such they should stand out a bit more, and there should be a tail as well, but neither of these things happens and so… this is really nothing special.

I don’t think there is any real way to improve this either, none of my good pairs of horns could add to this with all of the visual clutter that this costume comes with.

But, as I have said, I kind of like this in a non-succubus, non-Devil Girl way. I actually know someone that is going to be going to the Halloween party this year as a Steampunk chorus-line dancer and I will be sending her this to think about…


I’ll give this one pitchfork out of five.

For a Succubus or a Devil Girl, you can pass…