Sep 06 2013

A Review of Sleepy Hollow Dreams by Taryn Kincaid

Sleepy Hollow Dreams by Taryn Kincaid

Sleepy Hollow Dreams by Taryn Kincaid

I think it is interesting when someone takes an established myth or legend and uses it as a basis for their own idea for a story. It is in that creation of this new, different place, with its own rules, characters and meaning that makes those sorts of stories special and interesting to me.

A Succubus need not be the core of the story however. She can be a force within it to drive the lead characters along, to bring strife to them or be the back-story that makes things possible. There is one thing that I wish for however. That she be, please, not the stereotypical Succubus…

The work tells of:

Is he the man of her dreams…or her worst nightmare?

All Katy Lyndhurst wants is a normal suburban Sleepy Hollow life, despite the strange things that keep happening to her. Blistering hot erotic dreams bleed into her waking hours, making her yearn for her dream lover to materialize. When her sexy dream voyager, Ryck, shows up in the flesh and ignites her steamiest passions, she wonders if he’s a sultry fantasy conjured by her fevered brain…or something much more dangerous?

Centuries ago, a wicked succubus cursed Ryck Van Winkle to fulfill the desires of sleeping women while unable to take pleasure himself. Only Katy possesses the power to break the spell and awaken him. But Ryck’s defiance sparks the demon’s fury, causing supernatural portals to crumble and allowing demonic minions to threaten Katy and her world.

Now Katy and Ryck must battle the forces of darkness together. But will Ryck will be trapped forever in her Sleepy Hollow Dreams?


Katy is suffering from her dreams… Well, not exactly suffering so much as finding herself entwined in them. When she discovers her dream is real, then things become a bit stranger. What’s stranger is that the man of her dreams isn’t a dream any longer…

Ryck is a man cursed by a Succubus, who I’ll speak of in a bit, to inhabit the dreams of women, but have no pleasure himself until he encounters Katy. Once he is there with her, the pieces of their individual puzzles fall into place and the real story behind the story appears.

Ryck does not describe himself as an Incubus, but that’s a rather thin thing I felt through most of the story. While he does not harm Katy or anyone else he has been with in the past, he does come in dreams, shapes them, and exists in them. I found myself thinking of him like my own Incubi in that and that made me like him quite a lot more. The only part of Ryck that I really had an issue with was his calling Katy “Sweetling” through most of the story. To me at least it felt quite wrong, but I suppose that was part of his own particular personality. Setting that aside, there was a life about him when he was with Katy that I loved and found quite entertaining.

Katy was, to be honest, a bit scattered save for when she and Ryck were connected and her thoughts were more focused. I did like more that she had, truly, a power over Ryck and how that gave her strength in the moments where she truly did need strength to overcome that which threatens her. And the real threat of this story is Vivienne.

Vivienne, the Succubus of the story, does not actually appear all that much, and I am of two minds about that. On the one hand, she is very much like the stereotypical Succubus in many ways. She has a bad attitude, is forceful, and doesn’t really care about anything but herself. There are some obvious moments where her use of mind control happens to some minor characters in the story, but it really isn’t seen so much as hinted at. When that doesn’t work, and it does not in one very important case, she’s a brutal thing at her core and that was disappointing.

I like how she is described, her tattoo is a unique part of her character, and it helps to define her quite well I thought. But that’s the thing; she’s more of a “typical” bad being and not a lot more than that. She could have been a bit more personality-wise, but she isn’t the core of the story, she’s there as a means for Ryck and Katy to find each other and past that point, she isn’t all that much in the story. I would have liked to know more about her, regardless of how that might have turned out to be. Even if, as I would expect, she’s nothing special as a Succubus and that could have been a bit more than it was.

Setting aside my problems with Vivienne, I rather liked Ryck and Katy. They are interesting characters with an interesting past. I could have done with a smidge less frantic love and a bit more character development however. We do learn quite a lot about the two of them, but it felt at times like they were talking past each other instead of talking to each other. Their chemistry as a couple was lovely and I did like having the two of them together, there was a connection between them that was brought to the fore of the story and that helped to drive things nicely I thought.

It is an interesting thing to compare this work with the author’s later ones and see how their own writing style and character development has changed and for the better I feel. There is a certain hesitation, questioning, almost a pause here and there in this work that brings a bit of unevenness to the work as a whole. That isn’t to say that the story isn’t a good one, it’s more to wonder about where the story could have used a bit more polish or a little more exposition.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

Lovely heat, really interesting characters to drive the story forwards and a neat twist in the tale of a story that we all think is well known. Just would have liked Vivienne to be a little bit less stereotypical Succubus in nature, but that’s something that I do tend to look for… But then my own personal views on Succubi are well known aren’t they?

A small note: The author has released a series called Sleepy Hallow after this book, which is not actually part of that series. For the next five book review days on the Tale, I will be going through the series, from first to last work, and reviewing them in order… And I can tell you that the Succubi in those books are quite a lot more interesting than Vivienne was by far when they pop up now and again…



Sep 05 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 296

This week’s Succubi Image is a really interesting creation of Morrigan Aensland. It’s in a unique style, it makes her look wonderful and I do like it quite a lot…

Morrigan by Bubblecat

Morrigan by Bubblecat

This piece of art is called Morrigan and is by an artist on DeviantArt named Bubblecat. You can find the original page with this art here and the artist’s page on DeviantArt here.

Two things that I like about this art is that Morrigan ins’t over endowed, I like her to have a more reasonable body shape and the other is that her expression is just amazing to me. It’s kind of a moment where she is thinking about something and then has come to a decision about it. Possibly not a good one for whomever it is and they should be worried I would think at this point.

The artist’s style is one of the more unique ones that I have encountered. They describe this work as a quick sketch, but to me it’s a lot more than that by far. There’s emotion in Morrigan’s look, pose, and just how she is shown here is something I haven’t found very often.

It’s a bit stylized, almost like a bit of graffiti on a wall or something like that. There’s an edge to it that pushes Morrigan towards showing her power above all else and I like that.

Please visit this artist’s site for more of their works!



Sep 04 2013

I want to like this costume… really…

I do find the occasional costume that I like as hard as that is to believe. What’s more, there are even some that I really want to like because they have something about them that just makes me ponder them a lot… This week’s costume does that, but….

Sexy Devil Costume

This has the rather generic name of the Sexy Devil Costume, and it comes with a sheer red robe, tri-top, red shorts, armlets, pitchfork and an attached tail.

The boots are not included and the costume can be found for around $100 US.

But the boots, if you want them, and honestly I think that you really do need them for this costume, are another $100…

So, for the entire look, it would be about $200…

I have to admit that I am really tempted to buy this for me… and my Eternal of course… But the thing of it is that I can without much of a problem, create the same look, and probably a lot better, with what I have around the Realm here and there…

And, come to think about it, I have many times before to be honest.

The pitchfork is yet again one of the lousy ones that I hate with a passion… The horns are a little too plushie for my tastes, but they aren’t totally hopeless either. I really do wish that they made this as an entire costume as I want to like it a lot more than I can without the boots… And I want those boots…

Overall, I’ll give this three out of five pitchforks as a complete look…

Without the boots… Prolly two.

Will I buy this?

Only my Eternal will ever know for sure…



Sep 03 2013

Desires 93

The passions sometimes take over and when they do… You discover that which you didn’t know…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Twenty-Nine


A long, long sigh exhaled tremolously from Martin’s mouth. Muscles that he did not know he had tensed slowly began to relax. He had been aware of nothing but the surging, intense, erotic pleasure of her mouth and tongue…so much so that he had forgotten even what his hands were doing. With a final, almost teasing caress of her horns, he lifted his hands a little. Behind him, his wings slowly retracted to their usual resting position.

“I….mm….I’m glad you…approve…” He gasped out, managing a small smile in between the panting breaths, a response to her hand lovingly keeping him poised at the brink of release. His cock was rigid, the head swollen, purple, and angry. Pre-ejaculate had seemed to bleed from his organ during its time between her lips, and more of it dribbled from the tip as she stroked and caressed him.

His face was flushed a red to match even her devilish coloring.


Red is a healthy colour don’t you think?




Sep 02 2013

The Question was asked: What makes a good Succubus?

Some time ago, someone who shall remain nameless, at least for the moment, contacted me and asked a question …


What makes a good succubus?

I thought about that for a while, and I realized something: that I really have never shared what I think is fairly obvious in the stories about the Succubi, and one particular Queen …

First of all, those of the Realm—succubi and incubi both—are more than most give them credit for. They are seductive, not crass, not aloof, not anything that takes away from what they are. They are the stuff of dreams, passions, and desires. Each and every one of them can make those dreams … real … so very much so.

A Collective Succubi is in control of her situation. She isn’t “evil”; she is what she wishes to be to make the most of those whom she is with. She can be the feather touches against another’s body that brings her partner to orgasm in a moment. She can be the harsh Mistress who is desired at the same moment. She can exist in the wishes and dreams of those that seek her, and in a moment become those dreams …

She sees into her partners’ dreams, hopes, and desires and changes herself to reflect them perfectly. She knows the precise words that draw others to her, senses how to bring them pleasure, and then in return she becomes more alive from those pleasures that they have offered.

I don’t subscribe to the stereotypical image of Succubi as evil beings who care only for destruction and the taking of others lives and souls. Those who think they are not angels because they have horns and tails do not see their halos and wings, which means they cannot see their own dreams and desires, either. The evil image came about because of societal beliefs about sex in the past. It has been seen as being … if not evil, then something that is frowned upon. This is wrong; sex is part of human nature, and if that is embraced through the Succubi, then they are not evil for giving fantasy in return …

… After all, it isn’t wrong to have a moment of pleasure, is it?

That brings me to hooves. Succubi, at least the ones in my stories and in the Realm, do not have them. Those are the marks of creatures that are darkness, loss, and evil, creatures that are less then human. That is not who Succubi are, not truly so, because being evil, being destructive, only means having to, over and over again, start anew … to find someone else and then destroy that one, leaving a trail behind which can only end in the succubi’s own eventual end.

A poor succubus is one who cannot think, cannot feel, cannot understand that being “evil” is a choice. Choice is what makes anything possible and, if they think they have no choice, they cannot come to see that they are more than they are. Perhaps that is the one aspect of many Succubi that hinders them: they cannot see that they have choice; they assume that they are “stuck” are “unworthy” or “unclean” because that is what the legends say they are … But they aren’t, and, when they realize that, then and only then can they see what they really are capable of.

Succubi are, at least to me, so much more than all of this. They are … possibilities … both Light and Dark … and that makes them more than either side can understand. It is that idea of choice, of choosing to be both/and, the in-between and beyond the two, that makes Realm succubi … more. Choosing to be more than they are expected to be makes them so. And in the becoming there is delight and wonder and joy, for every succubi and for every life she touches.

This I know. This is what I try to share in my stories …

But the question of choice means that not every being in the Realm is enlightened—some choose not to be, and some are afraid to choose. Some still follow the old ways, some toy with them, some are trying to find their ways. Some will, some will not, but, in the end, the choice is theirs to make and so they do, each in her or his own time.

Perhaps that is a side of the Realm that I will have to explore sometime … But then there are many stories in the Realm, many moments to wonder about, and I hope that I’ll manage to share many of them …

We shall see … together.




Sep 01 2013

A Review of Sex with Succubi by Alex Excuse

Sex with Succubi by Alex Excuse

Sex with Succubi by Alex Excuse

Some stories can be, at least to me, somewhat confusing. Sometimes that comes from being dropped in the middle of something happening and not getting what’s going on for a while in the story.

Sometimes the problem is that you go into the story expecting one thing and you get something completely different. When both of these things happen it’s troubling and tends to make me not enjoy the story…

The work tells about:

Malice is a wicked young creature in the service of Gabriel, angel and proprietor of the popular club ‘Heaven’. For Malice sex is more than a pleasurable act, it is her sole source of nourishment. She copulates willingly with strangers, as a favor to roommates and for the benefit of her master. This horny little beast is never satisfied, no matter how many depraved acts of lust she indulges in.

Malice is a Succubus… maybe. She doesn’t actually call herself a Succubus nor is she referred to as one in the story itself. However from her need for sex, and some other hints, it’s fairly obvious that she is a Succubus. The problem I have with her is that she’s not that much of an interesting one to me.

Most of that is her attitude, a lot is just how much of a “don’t care, screw me” view of the world she has. She doesn’t appear to have horns or a tail, she’s more of a punker than anything else and she just drips with that attitude… and all of the people she is with as well. Most of what happens to her is violent and brutal up until the point where her master/boss Gabriel sends her off to do something different which she messes up and things turn in all sorts of directions for her.

There is a lot of sarcasm in this work that hits just about any sort of topic you can think of and for the most part it didn’t do much for me. I will admit that the ending was a surprise and it gave me something to ponder, but overall I found it hard to read through and stay focused on it as a whole.

It’s difficult to separate the humour from the mild horror at several points or the sexuality for the flippancy of the story. I had the feeling that it seemed like two different stories were tacked together and made to be a whole. I just don’t think that this worked all that well.

I’m giving this work one and a half out of five pitchforks.

Just didn’t find that I cared by the end about Malice or anyone else in the story. That bothers me because it doesn’t happen often…



Aug 31 2013

A neat Succubus art in progress YouTube

I really love Succubi Anime cuteness… I’ve said that before and I’ll probably say it again too… I found a wonderfully talented artist on YouTube who posted a video of their creating a Succubus and that led me to their DeviantArt page as well… And since the Succubus they drew is the cuteness…

And in case you can’t see the video here on the Tale:

The artist, who uses the name Saucebox16, as I mentioned, also posted a link to their finished work on DeviantArt which you can find here, and their artist’s page is here as well.

And here is a little preview of their work too…

Happy Halloween 2012 by SauceBox16

She’s just a really neat mix of cute and succubiness I think… There is a little hint of Morrigan Aensland I think in her wings and I think her look mixed with that just makes her a unique image of a Succubus…

As I said, I like her a lot… Would have liked to see a tail and horns of course, but there is a lot of talent in this artist’s work, she seems like a strong character to me in her expression, pose and just how she is posing in the picture…

The artist speaks of taking commissions someday… I’ll have to see if I can have something done for me…