Sep 30 2013

Acceptance – Part III by TeraS

Sheryl’s story continues this week, you can find Part One here and Part Two here as well. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to accept the truth…


Acceptance – Part Three

By TeraS


The answer he gave was short—as it always was when the question was asked. “Last I saw him, he was fine.”

Sheryl kept her outward reaction to a slight twitch of her right foot, managing not to tap the floor nervously. “I see.”

Inwardly, she held back her desire to allow her Tail to take over and do things that were simply unspeakable to the foolish human across from her. Only Joseph truly understood what she was; the rest of those that were her responsibility didn’t have any idea. Sheryl needed to keep things that way—not for herself, but for the promise she had made to them all.

“If you submit to my wishes, you can have him back.”

Sheryl’s eyes narrowed slightly, “You have what you came for. The rest is meaningless. You say the same things each time and each time I refuse you. Why don’t you accept that and give him back to me? You have your pound of flesh.”

He picked up the case as he stood, regarding her with an expression somewhere between contempt and desire, “The flesh I desire hasn’t submitted herself to me. You will, you know. At some point you will. Everyone does.”

Sheryl did not stand or escort him to the door, nor for that matter did any of those in the room with her. This, too, was what happened every time, and would happen again she well knew.

It was the game he played. He simply did not understand who he was trying to play. As Sheryl thought about this she began to tap a finger against the armrest of the chair. “Celeste?”

“Yes, Mistress?”

“Could you please be sure that he is being followed.”

“As always, he expects it.”

Sheryl nodded and then stood, “Thank you, Celeste.”

Celeste’s words echoed in Sheryl’s thoughts for some time as she walked through the place she called home: “As always, he expects it.

The troubles began just after Sheryl had moved the agency and all of those that had pledged themselves to her to their new home. The police weren’t a problem: they did visit, of course; that was expected. Through the connections that Ashe had, the inquires faded away soon after they began. They did not go about flaunting their collective wealth either. The neighboring community was not threatened by them; more they were welcomed for the good they did for many in the surrounding area, not asking for anything in return.

No, the problem was that, as popular as they were, there were always those that became jealous of them. What followed was the occasional threat, confrontation, and sometimes—just sometimes—the more enlightened came to see something better in what they had and joined with them.

That was what brought . . . him . . . to confront Sheryl.

Sometimes those that wanted to see them be no more would send, for lack of a better description, a Trojan house into their midst, someone on the inside to tell of their secrets, their weaknesses, and, in doing so, make the work of others in their goal that much simpler. Their problem was that Sheryl always knew who those were and they didn’t get very far … save one.

Her name was Celeste.

She appeared on the doorstep one fall evening, afraid, unsure, worried, and more. The emotions spilling off of her were very clear and the force behind them very obvious. She had been told to do this, to plead for acceptance.

Sheryl could have rejected her out of hand—it wouldn’t have been the first time—but there was something under the surface that was Celeste’s own truth, and that called to Sheryl more strongly than the thin veneer that covered it.

At first, Celeste was apart from everyone: watching, leaving and telling of what she had seen, then returning once more. This went on for some time, but, in spite of it, Sheryl taught her many things. She learned about herself: what she liked, what she didn’t. Sheryl spent many a day just talking with her. In the back of Celeste’s mind there was always that voice that told her she was being used … again … that no one wanted her … again. The fears bubbled up over time until, finally, she stood in the front hall, her single bag packed with her meager possessions, one hand on the door to leave.


She didn’t turn, “I … I have to go.”


The rest came in a rush: there was nothing to hide; she’d be away in the next moment, leaving another person disappointed in her, “I lied to you. I have been spying on you and … I can’t do it anymore.”

She turned to see Sheryl standing there in a pink blouse, blue shorts, and sandals, a sad look upon her. “Doesn’t matter what you’ve done before.”

“Of course it does! I’m worthless!”

“You are never that to me. You never have been.”

Bending down to pick up her things, Celeste insisted, “I am. I am nothing. Always will be.”

“No, you aren’t; not here. Think about this, please? When, at any point, did anyone here not treat you well? Tell me one moment where I treated you poorly?”

The truth was that she couldn’t, but, by the same token, her own fears didn’t allow her to believe that she was wanted by anyone.

“I have to go.”

“Celeste … My door will always be open to you. If you decide you want to come back, just please do?”

Her hand shook on the door handle, wanting to turn it and yet not wanting to. Then she heard Sheryl come close. Not so close that she flinched, but close enough.

“Please stop.”

“I was going to ask you to do the same thing. Please don’t. We’ll protect you. I promise.”

Sheryl was shaken out of her memories by Celeste’s voice, “Mistress?”

“Yes, Celeste?”

“Might I have a moment to speak with you in private?”

They entered Sheryl’s office a few moments later, the door closing behind them. Sheryl didn’t take her chair, instead standing by the windows and looking out at the world that passed on by while she was trapped where she was.

“Mistress, you need to give him what he wants. This has gone on long enough. I know that you need Joseph back … we all do. I’ll go back to him and … it will be fine.”

Sheryl didn’t look at her, “No, I will not allow him to win. He is not going to have you under his thumb. Not again.”

Celeste fingered her bracelet worryingly, “It wasn’t that bad. He is petty but, in the end, he won’t hurt me.”

“I doubt that.”

Celeste was quiet for a long, uncomfortable moment. Then she said something that Sheryl never expected: “I know what you are, Mistress. I know what you can do.”

Sheryl looked at her, “What, exactly, do you mean?”

Celeste worried her hands, not looking at Sheryl, “When I came here, I know I wasn’t really trusted by everyone. When you gave me the place of second to Joseph … I knew you trusted me. He made me promise to look after you if … something happened. He explained that you are … different.”

Sheryl walked to Celeste and cupped her chin, making her look directly at her, “Celeste … be very clear what you mean.”

The words came in a rush, “You are Mistress. You are more than Mistress. You … you are powerful in ways I cannot say I understand fully … But you are.”

Sheryl nibbled her lip, “What am I, Celeste?”

“You are …” The pause was very long, “one of the Succubi.”

There: the words were in the open. Joseph had trusted to Celeste her deepest secret. Why would he? What possessed him to do so? Sheryl felt the ache in her chest, confusion in her thoughts. Her hand tightened, slightly, upon Celeste, “What does that mean to you?”

The look in her eyes, the emotions she gave were … many shades of acceptance. “It means that you are Mistress no matter what. I trust you. We all do. We all would do anything for you.”

Sheryl let go as if her hand had been shocked and turned away, “I don’t want you to do anything for me. It isn’t about me.”

“It isn’t. But it is. I accepted you as Mistress because you gave me the one thing I never had before. You accepted me as I was. You saw in me something that I didn’t see in myself. You gave me hope.”

Sheryl turned away, “I can’t say I have any of my own left.” In the next moment, she felt Celeste’s hands wrapping around her waist from behind, “Have you lost hope in seeing him again?”

“No … not yet. It’s the one thing … the one thing that …”

“Keeps you going? It’s like that for me. I could give up, disappoint you, walk away, but I won’t because you didn’t give up on me.”

Her hands twined with Celeste’s own, “I just haven’t worked out a way.” A sigh, a long one …

Then Celeste answered, “There is more than one door to open, Mistress.”

“What are you trying to get at, Celeste?”

A sigh, a moment as if the words would doom her, then, “I know how to get Joseph back … if you are willing, Mistress.”

The plan was bold and something that Sheryl had never considered. To do so was not in her nature; the risks to herself too high by far. She was about to reject it when another of Tera’s proverbs came to her …

We have to take risks. If we don’t, then things become boring. Life should never be boring.

Sheryl found that the risk was, in fact, worth taking … and it wouldn’t be boring.

Sep 29 2013

A Review of Second Succubus by Maxwell Avoi

Second Succubus by Maxwell Avoi

Second Succubus by Maxwell Avoi

There are. when you think about it, really two main truths in the universe. On the one hand you have those that look to do dark things. To bring that darkness into others, envelope them with it, and then spread that taint as far as they can. On the other you have those that believe in light things. Compassion. Caring. Love. Understanding. All of the better traits that truly we should see in ourselves and each other.

The same can be said of Succubi really, if you think about it. They can be the ones to cater to more darker desires, or they can be the way to enlightenment….

To find that balance within themselves, and ourselves by knowing them… That, truly, is enlightenment…

The work tells about:

A new succubus appears, one that wants to bring peace and unity to humanity. Opposing it are two FBI agents…and a gender-shifting creature from another dimension that threatens to destroy all that it touches! Conflicting forces battle for the future of human kind.

Set in the same world as Tesla’s Succubus, this book doesn’t require reading the first story, but it’s recommended.

Quite some time ago, this author released a work called Tesla’s Succubus, which I reviewed here on the Tale. At that time, I had several unanswered questions about the beings that were, in a way, Succubi. I wanted to know why they did the things they did, what their purpose was, and most of all, why it was that they were more… animal-like or predatory… With this, a second peek into this universe… I have more questions, but I also have quite a lot more to enjoy…

This work has a taste of mystery within it, on several levels, that is nicely played out over the course of the story. I found it a lovely touch to have what I would consider dark and light Succubi existing. Now neither of them have horns or tails, nor are they physically Succubus, or for that matter, Incubus, in their appearance. They do have the ability to shape-shift, to see into the minds of others and draw on their wants and needs. Where the difference comes is that one side looks to be based on what I would call animal needs while the other is based on compassion, love, and so much more. It’s quite a thing to watch thread its way through the work, what it means to the characters in the story, depending on which they are “possessed” by.

As in the first work, there is a touch of TG aspects, but it isn’t overwhelming by any means and what I particularly liked was that when these themes appear, it is for a purpose. It isn’t the typical “I have breasts! Have to explore myself” theme. It is a transformational moment for the characters that are changed in this way, but it is also one for those that do not switch gender. The changes that come, on either side, light or dark, are telling for each, in their own way, and help to drive the story forwards. The comparison of both, the ways and means of their lives really is core to this story and a gripping read.

I still have many questions about the creatures however. Really there isn’t a lot of focus on them, no real understanding of them save for passing thoughts and feelings that the characters tell us about. Perhaps it is that mystery that makes this work special in its own way. The story is of the changed, not the changers.

The personalities in the work are well defined, their actions make sense and are not strange or wrong as the work goes on. There is a truth to each one, and in the end we see that truth appearing quite clearly. Transformed yes, but their humanity remains with them and, for me, the best part was when that humanity was revealed.

There are moments of strife, of conflict of course. Some of these carry over clearly from the first work. It was nice to see the author make the connection to the previous book, and also give us a name for the main character of the previous work. I also was very happy to see a resolution to their story after all they had been through.

The new Succubus, like the first told of, is a TG transformation, but the event in this story is well described and plays out very smoothly and makes a good deal of sense. I have questions about how exactly it all started, the beginning of the work is very unclear, at least to me. Mind you the uncertainty and self-questioning along with self-discovery was interesting, I did take pause at two points within the first five pages of the story to put straight in my mind the scene and the being that begins the tale. I’m not entirely sure about the start of the story, but once past that, the rest of the work really flows nicely from moment to moment.

The story has what I felt was the right erotic moments at the right times in the story. It wasn’t sex for the sake of it. It was a means to push the story forwards as it should be used. There is an obvious contrast between the two sides, but in that comes the way for the story to move towards its conclusion.

For the most part, the ending was satisfying, though it does leave several paths for the story to take in the future. Compared with the first work, this one has a purpose, not a word is wasted, and in the telling of this story comes an important truth. One that I have always believed in and it was nice to see that here. Sometimes the simplest things make for the best stories and I think this work is one of the author’s best by far.

I’m giving this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really an engrossing tale of truths that everyone should believe in. Still questions to be answered, and I wish they had been here. Still there is much more story to be told in this universe and I await quite eagerly for the next part of the story that I hope is still to come…

My thanks to the author for this work… Truly so much more than I really had expected…



Sep 28 2013

Another Succubus dance video on YouTube that is cute…

There are, interestingly enough, a lot of dance videos on YouTube that use the same music, the same moves, but overlay different characters. I shared a Morrigan Aensland one a while ago as I recall it…

And this is another, if very skimpy, one of a Succubus…

And if you can’t see it on the Tale:

And, in case they remove it, a still from the video of the Succubus herself…

Succubus Dance

I realize that this doesn’t show very much, but, she isn’t wearing all that much either. I like her hair, she has a tail, and if she was wearing a little bit more. I think I could like her a lot more too…

The music is hyperactive of course, it seems like most anime music is, but then that’s just how things are…

It makes me ponder a Succubus who is a pop music star… a lot.



Sep 27 2013

A Review of Hope by Emma South

Hope by Emma South

Hope by Emma South

It is important, to me at least, that the opening of a series has one very important thing in it. It isn’t so much the erotica or the themes within that matter as much as the characters themselves.

I like to see real, true, emotional characters with a past they do not ignore or forget. A history that has shaped them into the people they are and that they remain true to who they are from the first to the last.

Beyond that, everything else adds to what they are. It means more that they have a connect to each other and themselves beyond what is said in the story itself. That in the end, one thing is very clear about them.

That they have, no matter what may be, hope in what miracles are in their lives…

The work tells the story of:

Mary was born into poverty over a thousand years ago. When the rich, powerful, and sinister Sylvester gave her a chance to alter her fate, a chance to escape the shackles of the peasant class she was born into, she takes it. The naive girl didn’t know exactly what was going to happen to her, but the reality wasn’t like anything she had imagined.

Now she has been cursed to roam the world as an immortal Succubus, a smoulderingly sexy temptress irresistible to all mankind, an unwilling agent of inhuman evil, until she conceives a child by a man who loves her rather than lusts after her. Centuries of evidence has convinced her that such a man cannot exist.

That is, until she meets Clinton in a small town called Riverfield. Both of them have known the extremes of emotional pain in their lives, but that could be what makes each one the other’s saviour. Can they fall in love before her curse brings the entire town down on top of them?

There are many things to like about this work and the first of these is Mary herself. While she does not have the appearance of a Succubus in the traditional way, that meaning she has no horns or tail, her tale of how she became a Succubus is really, for me, one of the most engrossing parts of it. It isn’t so much the how it happens, but what she sees, feels, and thinks that is a change from how such things are normally done. While there are some echoes which harken back to the more… brutal legends… It isn’t about that so much as how Mary tries to deal with being cursed to be a Succubus.

This means that she cannot stay in one place too long and there is something odd about her eyes. Two very important threads in the story which come to haunt her over and over again. Thinking about what the curse means, it makes a great deal of sense what happens as things progress along.

The most difficult part of the work for me was when Mary managed to lose her hope, force it away from her and try to live what life she has. But then, in her darkest moments, she meets Clinton and the story becomes very interesting. The emotional confusion from Mary is intense and very real and true to who she is. More so, the reveals about Clinton are heartbreaking and make him a strong presence in the story as well.

His past and what, ultimately, he has to face in understanding Mary, but also seeing within himself that ties the threads together. I did feel that at one point, when he confronts Mary about what she has done in her time near him, felt a little less true to who he is. His language changes a bit and while I could understand why that happens, it just didn’t seem right for the words he uses.

That is a little nitpick I know, but, really after getting an idea of his personality in my mind and his voice as well, that change just… felt odd. I did mention hope for Mary, and in truth there is within Clinton hope as well. It’s the connection of both, the need to believe in hope and the loss of it, that makes the connection, the spark between the two… perfect.

There are moments that are erotic, but they are not crass. They are for the two of them, exactly what they should be. The moment when Mary’s hope is rekindled and for Clinton the hope he was shown comes clear was one of the most passionate, wonderful scenes that I have read in some time and it left me wanting so much more when the last page came.

Beautifully written, warm, real characters forced together and at the same time has them draw from each other the strength they need. It’s not often that a Succubus story makes me cry, and this one did at so many turns.

The story ends, regretfully, at a point which leaves so many questions unanswered. I won’t spoil those questions here but to say that the mark of a good storyteller is to leave you wanting more when the story is done. This one certainly does that and I will be looking for the next tale of these two whenever it should appear…

The author has indicated they expect two more parts of Mary and Clinton’s story to appear and I will be looking for them whenever they so.

I’m giving this work five out of five pitchforks.

I look forward to what the future holds for Mary and Clinton. There is always the dark around them, but then, there is also their own light. And I look forward to what the future brings.

For they have hope.



Sep 26 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 299

I love cute Succubi. Really some of my favourite ones are really cute. Mix into that a bit of fan art, a wonderful idea, and the cute just becomes more and more all the time. To be honest, I would love to see Heroes of Newerth have their Succubi look like this… But until then, I’ll just have this to make me smile a lot…

Fanart:SuccubusHON by LataeDelan

Fanart:SuccubusHON by LataeDelan

This art is called Fanart:SuccubusHON and is by LataeDelan, an artist on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt here.

The original Succubus from Heroes of Newerth isn’t this cute I know. I also had a lot of problems with what she looks like among other things. But I love this fanart of her more than I can say… This is really so very much like what a Succubus should look like. She’s cute, fun, and has that sense of mischief around her that I find endearing…

Love her outfit, her tail, the look in her eyes and pose, more than she doesn’t have hooves and it’s amazing to me how all that she is just looks right for her. I think it’s mostly the artist’s style that does that, but really it all just looks exactly right for her.

I hope they will answer my request about commissioning them sometime… I have… Ideas…

Please do visit!


Sep 25 2013

Yes, it is horny… Probably a little too much so I think.

I have written about horns for costumes before… Personally I like small, cute, sexy ones. Now I know full well that others like other styles of horns and I accept that. The question I have is, if you have huge inflatable horns on your head, does that make you extra horny?

I have to ponder that question I think a bit…

inflatable Horns

These are described as being simply a pair of inflatable horns attached to a hair band made of latex. Oh, and they sell for $125 US.

For the pair of course.

They will produce them in various colours, with of course red being one of them, but they have just about every colour you can think of available.

The thing about this particular product is, and I don’t know for sure, they offer the horns in various sizes, from small to extra large, but they aren’t clear on what that means.

Is what they show in this image the small? The medium? the extra large? Just what are the dimensions exactly anyway?

I will admit that I am somewhat tempted to purchase a pair of them, and I hope that the company that sells this item will reply to my questions I emailed to clarify a few points. I think it would be interesting if they are be purchased at a much smaller size…

In red of course to do with one of my latex dresses, but that’s another story isn’t it?

I would have to do so as the company selling this item doesn’t sell any latex dresses or costumes that you could combine with it. As an accessory, it is rather interesting if expensive, but it is a custom order and thus the cost is as high has it is…

I’ll give this three out of five pitchforks…

It’s tempting, a lot more than I expected, but the cost is a bit high considering I have found wonderful costumes for about the same cost…



Sep 24 2013

Desires 96

One of the first appearances of the Queen’s wings…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-Two


Tera smiled and then in a soft voice whispered, “Shhhhhh…. Just…. Ooooooooohhhhhhh………” Then she was reduced to little gasps and moans as Martin’s long hard rod slowly glided in and out of her heat. She squeezed herself around his length and then twitched and shivered as each little ridge and vein of him rubbed against her. She shimmied her hips a little bit making him press his length tightly against the velvety walls of her pussy.

Her eyes fluttered closed after meeting his, a thought passing through her at that moment. The thought that for this moment she was fulfilled in this gift of his. That her honest gift of a promise to just enjoy what they shared without harm was true. She smiled as he moved over her for a moment. Then his lips kissed her skin and she was awash in his power. She welcomed him in all ways at that moment. Physically, psychically and spiritually. She warmed and relaxed within herself as he gave his gift into her heart and it passed through her form.

As she released that tension within her, there was a shimmering beneath her back as she lay there beneath him. A pair of raven black wings shimmered into existence and then solidified beneath her. They were feathered wings, not bat-like as so many of the demon wings were. Soft and warm the wings appeared folded under her. She moved her arms a bit to raise her back from the bed for a moment. Her wings fluttered a bit and then she laid back down again, her wings spread out against the sheets twitching in time with his.

Tera smiled a little and said, “I so rarely allow my wings to appear Martin… But you deserve to see them… To touch them if you wish…” She raised her arms to slip around his neck, gently pulling his lips to hers. She kissed him softly and then whispered, “A small thank you for the trust you have placed in me….”

She crossed her legs behind him to hold him close to her for a time, his length buried deeply within her. For a moment the completeness of this perfect moment making it all worthwhile and more…


And isn’t that the most important thing?