Sep 11 2013

As a costume, it looks as if you aren’t even trying…

I believe that you should, if nothing else, at least appear to have made an effort in finding a costume for Halloween, but more so, you should, really, look sexy. So why is it that some think that adding accessories will accomplish that?

Adult Red Devil Costume

This is, supposedly, called the Adult Red Devil Costume and it comes with the bodice with lace-up front and attached wings…

…and that’s it.

It sells for $20, which for what you get makes sense to be honest.

I just can’t understand why something like this would be even vaguely considered as a costume. The model doesn’t help much either. Too uninspired, too blah-say, too…

Well, in short, if I ever see someone wearing this at one of the parties that I attend… There will be an issue. A huge one.

I can’t see a way to use this as part of a costume for the ugly that it represents really as well. The wings are, truly, one of the most ugly ones that I have ever seen and that’s saying something.

I would give this a negative rating, but I don’t do that. So I’ll give this a zero, shake my head, and walk away mumbling to myself…

And I really hope to find something better next week to wash the memory of this disaster from my thoughts…

That’s not asking much is it?

I honestly don’t think it should be.



Sep 10 2013

Desires 94

It is wrong for one to give pleasure to another? And in that giving, if that is without cost or other need, then isn’t it perfect?


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty


Tera giggled softly and then said, “It’s nice to know that an Angel can appreciate a being like me…. And that I appreciate them as much…” Her tail looped around his legs and held him close by for Tera. She returned her lips to the head of his cock and so slowly sucked on the tip bringing him closer and closer to the moment of release. But she was not pushing so far to make going over the line necessary for him. She placed her hands on his thighs and then drew them upwards until her hands rested on his waist. Her fingers were warm against his flesh, but only served to hold him steady with the tail.

She swirled her lips and tongue once more around his cock’s head and then pulled free. She looked up at him in pleasure before dropping her right hand to her wet folds as she spoke, “I know that you are ready Martin…. Your body wants this as much as mine does…” She raised her now wet hand to her lips and licked her fingertips slowly clean.

Tera then smiled and then laid herself back on the bed, her legs open to Martin. She played her right hand over her wet folds again and said, “It’s up to you now Martin…. I welcome you to the next moment of my pleasures if you wish them…”

She laid there awaiting his pleasures without a fear in her heart… Without a evil thought in her mind…. Without a need to be anything but what he desired and wished for in that moment…

She tilted her head to the right and smiled awaiting his decision… As always the choice was his to make…


Choice is…




Sep 09 2013

Acceptance – Part I By TeraS

A story came to me and this will be part one, I think it will be three parts, possibly four, but we shall see…

Some citizens of the Realm find themselves in places and situations that they never expected to be in. But the thing is … in spite of such things, they are still of the Realm … and that is something that never changes …




By TeraS


Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgement of the facts of a situation, then deciding what you are going to do about it. So, what are you going to do?

Those words echoed through Sheryl’s thoughts for what seemed to be the millionth time since she had first become a succubi, and, considering that the one who had spoken them was Tera, they were very likely to be true. The thing was that, in spite of the advice that she had been given so long ago, she didn’t have the answer to question that her Queen had posed then.

She had begun to wonder if she would ever find the answer, to be honest with herself. Looking into the mirror she saw, sadly, what she was: there were no horns to be seen, no tail either; both were invisible. That in itself was not a good thing, as another one of Tera’s proverbs came to mind …

You never hide your horns or your tail. Be proud of who you are.

Shaking her head slightly, she fiddled with a few stray locks of pinkish hair, pushing them behind one ear … more or less … and taking another look at herself. What looked back at her was pink hair in a pixie cut framing a pair of blue eyes that could sparkle with mischief and desire … once. A full pair of lips, also pink, that could melt souls with desire … once. The pink continued as she shifted the pink latex sheath dress—her slightly over-endowed chest was her proudest feature … once. A short look to her toes, with their pink nails, tucked into a pair of, of course, pink strappy heels.

Another sigh, another look at herself … She missed her pink tail and horns … desperately … so much so that she gritted her teeth and willed them to appear. It was a comfort to her to know that they were still there, with her, even if she couldn’t have them present the way she should …

How did she get into this situation anyway?

It started—as all things do, it seems—with a promise … this one made ten years prior.

She had taken, as a lark, really, a position with an escort agency. It seemed a good deal at the time: she made clients happy, and in return she could savor their energies as she needed to survive. She never hurt them—unless, of course, that was their thing—and with the money she made she did something that a mortal would consider odd: instead of hoarding the money for herself, she happily gave it to the other girls that she worked with.

At least it started that way. Over time, they came to trust her more, share more about themselves, and, in return, Sheryl taught them some of the Knowledge of the Succubi. The escort agency did very well for itself from that point forwards.

It was during that time that she came to meet Joseph. At first he was a client, and Sheryl kept a professional distance from him as was expected. Over time, however, something changed, and even to this day she wasn’t sure exactly when that happened.

At some point he submitted to her … completely. She was no longer Sheryl to him; she was Mistress. He was more than happy to defer to her wishes, to do something, anything, for her. But Sheryl never abused that trust, never took him for granted, never allowed herself to be aloof or something other than what he expected her to be.

That was until one day … things changed. She had been showering, in her true form, tail and all, and he walked in and saw her. She didn’t realize he was there until she turned off the shower and began to step out. Joseph was standing there, holding towels for her. He didn’t seem in a panic as he asked, “What are you, Mistress?”

It was the longest moment in Sheryl’s life. Standing there, the water dripping from her hair, along her curves, goosebumps starting to trace their way over her skin, her first reaction was to reach out with her power, blank his thoughts and wipe them away … but she didn’t. Instead she reached out for a towel and wrapped it around herself, “I am … obviously … not human.”

He smiled, “Obviously.”

Stepping from the shower she stood there in front of him, her tail, her pink tail, swishing from beneath the towel as she continued, “I am one of the Succubi. My name is, truly, Sheryl, and I mean you no harm.”

He placed the other towels on the counter, “Oh, I know you don’t. If you meant to hurt me, belittle me, cause me pain, make me feel like the lowest of lows I wouldn’t have called you ‘Mistress.’”

She nodded slightly, “You honor me with that. I take that honor seriously, Joseph.”

He was leaning against the countertop, looking away from her, “I know. You have from the beginning, Mistress. Few do.”

She bit her lip and then started to walk past him, “I’ll be gone shortly. You need not worry.”

She almost, but not quite, made it from the room when his hand touched her arm, “Are you giving up your honor?”

“I am not what you expected me to be. I lied to you. So I will go.”

“When did you lie to me? Your name wasn’t a lie, it appears. Your caring about me wasn’t a lie. I chose you, Mistress, not the other way around. You do not give up that which you did not ever take.”

The words brought Sheryl up short and she turned to him, “I am not human. I’m not.”

He shrugged, “Doesn’t really matter, does it? You are still Mistress.”

She looked at him, really looked at him. The pink bracelet he wore was her mark upon him. He wasn’t a movie star or something like that, but he was, in his own way, a comfort to her and, she realized, she was one to him. “What does matter to you? Truly?”

He was bold—truly so, and she knew it—when his fingertips touched the nape of her neck, “Is this the real you?”

She nodded.

“So all of the time I have seen you, the only difference is that your … added curves … were hidden from me?”

She couldn’t help but smile and nodded again.

He traced a finger over her lips and looked into her eyes, “Will you stay if I ask you?”

Her tongue darted out and licked against his fingertips as she nodded … again.

“Then please, Mistress, please remain here with me?”

The night that followed was more than either of them could have possibly imagined any night could have ever been before …

… with a promise unspoken, but one that would come to haunt them both …

There was a knock at the door and she shook herself from her memories, making her tail and horns vanish into thin air once more.


A short, well-endowed brunette entered the room, trying not to stumble in the tight hobble dress she wore. She bowed, slightly, “Mistress? He is here. Asking for you.”

Sheryl’s eyes narrowed slightly, she knew exactly who ‘he’ was. He was the cause of the situation she was in, one that she never wanted to be in.

Damn him and damn her too.

Still, she took a calming breath before replying, “Thank you, Celeste. I’ll be right there.”

Celeste nodded and nervously fingered the pink bracelet that she wore which completely clashed with her black dress before she managed, “Thank you, Mistress.”

She left, the door closed again, and Sheryl closed her eyes, gathered her emotions, her thoughts, her wishes. She boxed them into a little space inside of her where he would never find them. Opening her eyes again she wore the practiced smile of welcome and greeting that he would expect, her thoughts, the ones that mattered, held beneath the personality that he expected to find.

She walked from the mirror to the door, but paused there, looking at a small picture frame hanging on the wall by the door. She touched her fingers to her lips and then touched the image there twice.

As she opened the door, she allowed herself the small thought that there was an answer and she was going to find it. She was in her own personal hell because of him and she would find her way out of it.

Succubi were, if nothing else, well versed in finding loopholes … and she would.

Sep 08 2013

A Review of Lightning by Taryn Kincaid

Lightning by Taryn Kincaid

Lightning by Taryn Kincaid

I have a certain view of Succubi and Incubi which is not close to the norm. To me they are more than they seem to be. They have the capacity within themselves to feel love, regret, passion… to be human if not truly human. It is that part of them that makes for me a story.

To discover in themselves and for themselves that what they believed was the truth… isn’t exactly the truth. That perhaps, when they find it, they understand that sometimes the saying is true. That love can, truly, heal all wounds.

And isn’t that really what makes the best stories what they are?


The work tells of:

In mystic Sleepy Hollow, succubus Lily Night put her prom date, Campbell Jones, into a coma after a night of wild, unbridled sex. She has steered clear of mortals ever since, afraid of damaging them or worse, not to mention the inconvenience of knocking out the power every time they have sex.

Successful architect Campbell Jones has lived with strange powers and a sexy secret since that prom night. He’s buried himself in work to forget the woman who’d dumped him at the ER then vanished from his life without a trace.

Neither Lily nor Campbell have forgotten that night or the love they’d shared. Will a 1Night Stand help them bury their past?


Lily is miserable and has been for quite some time. Almost killing your first love, blaming yourself for that, and having to leave not knowing what happened to them does awful things. She holds secrets within herself tightly and cannot bring herself to discover who she really is inside. Campbell is a lost soul in the world. Something happened to him that he cannot explain, or understand. What’s worse is that he cannot forget Lily but cannot find her. Circumstances bring the two of them to a rather exclusive dating service as their high school reunion approaches… and with it, comes something neither of them expected… a one night stand that is more than it seems…

Lily isn’t the only Succubus in this story, she has two sisters, Zena and Dagney. Zena is well over the top and if not quite the stereotypical “all about sex” Succubus, she’s fairly close. I will admit that I couldn’t help but laugh at her antics in Lily’s office at the beginning and she endeared herself to me with them. Dagney I really didn’t get much of a feel for, but there was something about her that seemed, at least to me, make her a bridge between her two sisters. One power that they showed was being invisible while seducing a mortal, which I thought was really well done. But there was something off about that scene and I think it was that Lily talked to her sisters while a mortal was in the room. If her sisters were invisible, then she would seem a little off and that bothered me a touch.

Lily herself was wonderful in many ways… She doesn’t want to be like her sisters, which I loved, she wants something other with her life, which I wanted for her, and she has a personality that just held me through the work. Characters should have a past which they remember always, and Lily does. I also enjoyed that she does not like being called Lilith, her true name, but Lily. That suits her much better in the joys she finds and the pleasures she feels through the story… Calling her Lilith would have wrecked the sensuality of the moments between herself and Campbell and I am glad that didn’t happen.

Campbell was a contradiction at times. There is the passionate lover but within that is the lost soul who cannot understand, cannot find their salve to their wounds. He is both fantasy and reality in the same moment which makes him a lovely foil to Lily herself. He holds onto his past, needing it, wishing for it, and in needing Lily finds that his successes in like are not as important as she is. The more important thing is that, in truth, the same can be said of Lily from the first moment of the story. Connections matter. In this story they are everything…

I know that I will love a story when in the first few pages I have some tears, some laughs and a sense of wonder about what will come next. To be able to connect characters together in that way, to have them be real on the page and in your mind is… special. It doesn’t hurt to have the core of the story to be between two souls that are seeking each other. It doesn’t hurt to have those souls touch again, fall into the old ways they shared again. It isn’t wrong to have those characters entwine themselves in a way that is truly special for them both. It is the way good stories, never mind good erotica, should be written.

When the erotica comes, it isn’t crass. It isn’t over the top. It is sensual, lovely, and delicious. The moments between Lily and Campbell cover all of the emotions that I would expect them to have finding each other again. The internal monologue from each, especially when Lily was blindfolded, made my heart ache and that was something that hasn’t happened in a story for some time.

By the end of the work I was taken by two thoughts… One was that I would have liked perhaps a bit more about Lily’s sisters. They were interesting and while I didn’t completely care for them, I did smile and I would have liked a bit more of their personality to come out. The same was true of Campbell’s brother… which makes me ponder the three of them being together…

The other thought that I had was the one that I always have when I read something I enjoy… It was a bit too short. I felt like there was a passage missing in the middle of the story, a few pieces of information that I would have liked to know if for no other reason than to add some colour to this universe as a whole. I do realize that at the time the author probably wasn’t thinking about the stories to come, and there are which I am quite pleased about. Still, the gaps in knowledge about the world of the Succubi and Incubi here would have been nice to learn a bit more about…

…I expect that will come…

I’m giving this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I really do love Lily very much… Her sisters perhaps not as such even with how little we saw them. And Campbell was simply delicious and perfect. Everything that I could have possibly hoped for in a Succubi story save one little thing. I really would have have loved to see a hint of horns and tails… But then I am biased aren’t I?

This coming Friday: Thunder and we shall see who happens to come… I can hardly wait…


Sep 07 2013

Cuteness, Succubus, YouTubeness

It’s nice to fine anime cuteness in Succubi… There’s all sorts of ways to create that, and some artists have a style that just lends itself to cuteness. I found a YouTube from one such artist and as well, their site on DeviantArt and so…

If you can see this video here, try this link:

And, of course in case things disappear, the completed art which you can find at the artist’s DeviantArt page here along with their main artist’s page.

Sky High, Alice by Lily-Benet

Sky High, Alice by Lily-Benet

So much cute, especially in her hair covering her eyes, her pose, and the setting which I think is rather unique. I also like that she seems to have a halo over her horns, something that is cute and isn’t seen a lot as well.

Her outfit most of all intrigues me… I think there is a story in that I can write… Perhaps she’s a bit unique in her attitude and such things.

The artist, Lily-Benet, said that she was in a hurray and she wasn’t that thrilled over this art, but, honestly I think it’s wonderful and I hope she will do more someday…



Sep 06 2013

A Review of Sleepy Hollow Dreams by Taryn Kincaid

Sleepy Hollow Dreams by Taryn Kincaid

Sleepy Hollow Dreams by Taryn Kincaid

I think it is interesting when someone takes an established myth or legend and uses it as a basis for their own idea for a story. It is in that creation of this new, different place, with its own rules, characters and meaning that makes those sorts of stories special and interesting to me.

A Succubus need not be the core of the story however. She can be a force within it to drive the lead characters along, to bring strife to them or be the back-story that makes things possible. There is one thing that I wish for however. That she be, please, not the stereotypical Succubus…

The work tells of:

Is he the man of her dreams…or her worst nightmare?

All Katy Lyndhurst wants is a normal suburban Sleepy Hollow life, despite the strange things that keep happening to her. Blistering hot erotic dreams bleed into her waking hours, making her yearn for her dream lover to materialize. When her sexy dream voyager, Ryck, shows up in the flesh and ignites her steamiest passions, she wonders if he’s a sultry fantasy conjured by her fevered brain…or something much more dangerous?

Centuries ago, a wicked succubus cursed Ryck Van Winkle to fulfill the desires of sleeping women while unable to take pleasure himself. Only Katy possesses the power to break the spell and awaken him. But Ryck’s defiance sparks the demon’s fury, causing supernatural portals to crumble and allowing demonic minions to threaten Katy and her world.

Now Katy and Ryck must battle the forces of darkness together. But will Ryck will be trapped forever in her Sleepy Hollow Dreams?


Katy is suffering from her dreams… Well, not exactly suffering so much as finding herself entwined in them. When she discovers her dream is real, then things become a bit stranger. What’s stranger is that the man of her dreams isn’t a dream any longer…

Ryck is a man cursed by a Succubus, who I’ll speak of in a bit, to inhabit the dreams of women, but have no pleasure himself until he encounters Katy. Once he is there with her, the pieces of their individual puzzles fall into place and the real story behind the story appears.

Ryck does not describe himself as an Incubus, but that’s a rather thin thing I felt through most of the story. While he does not harm Katy or anyone else he has been with in the past, he does come in dreams, shapes them, and exists in them. I found myself thinking of him like my own Incubi in that and that made me like him quite a lot more. The only part of Ryck that I really had an issue with was his calling Katy “Sweetling” through most of the story. To me at least it felt quite wrong, but I suppose that was part of his own particular personality. Setting that aside, there was a life about him when he was with Katy that I loved and found quite entertaining.

Katy was, to be honest, a bit scattered save for when she and Ryck were connected and her thoughts were more focused. I did like more that she had, truly, a power over Ryck and how that gave her strength in the moments where she truly did need strength to overcome that which threatens her. And the real threat of this story is Vivienne.

Vivienne, the Succubus of the story, does not actually appear all that much, and I am of two minds about that. On the one hand, she is very much like the stereotypical Succubus in many ways. She has a bad attitude, is forceful, and doesn’t really care about anything but herself. There are some obvious moments where her use of mind control happens to some minor characters in the story, but it really isn’t seen so much as hinted at. When that doesn’t work, and it does not in one very important case, she’s a brutal thing at her core and that was disappointing.

I like how she is described, her tattoo is a unique part of her character, and it helps to define her quite well I thought. But that’s the thing; she’s more of a “typical” bad being and not a lot more than that. She could have been a bit more personality-wise, but she isn’t the core of the story, she’s there as a means for Ryck and Katy to find each other and past that point, she isn’t all that much in the story. I would have liked to know more about her, regardless of how that might have turned out to be. Even if, as I would expect, she’s nothing special as a Succubus and that could have been a bit more than it was.

Setting aside my problems with Vivienne, I rather liked Ryck and Katy. They are interesting characters with an interesting past. I could have done with a smidge less frantic love and a bit more character development however. We do learn quite a lot about the two of them, but it felt at times like they were talking past each other instead of talking to each other. Their chemistry as a couple was lovely and I did like having the two of them together, there was a connection between them that was brought to the fore of the story and that helped to drive things nicely I thought.

It is an interesting thing to compare this work with the author’s later ones and see how their own writing style and character development has changed and for the better I feel. There is a certain hesitation, questioning, almost a pause here and there in this work that brings a bit of unevenness to the work as a whole. That isn’t to say that the story isn’t a good one, it’s more to wonder about where the story could have used a bit more polish or a little more exposition.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

Lovely heat, really interesting characters to drive the story forwards and a neat twist in the tale of a story that we all think is well known. Just would have liked Vivienne to be a little bit less stereotypical Succubus in nature, but that’s something that I do tend to look for… But then my own personal views on Succubi are well known aren’t they?

A small note: The author has released a series called Sleepy Hallow after this book, which is not actually part of that series. For the next five book review days on the Tale, I will be going through the series, from first to last work, and reviewing them in order… And I can tell you that the Succubi in those books are quite a lot more interesting than Vivienne was by far when they pop up now and again…



Sep 05 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 296

This week’s Succubi Image is a really interesting creation of Morrigan Aensland. It’s in a unique style, it makes her look wonderful and I do like it quite a lot…

Morrigan by Bubblecat

Morrigan by Bubblecat

This piece of art is called Morrigan and is by an artist on DeviantArt named Bubblecat. You can find the original page with this art here and the artist’s page on DeviantArt here.

Two things that I like about this art is that Morrigan ins’t over endowed, I like her to have a more reasonable body shape and the other is that her expression is just amazing to me. It’s kind of a moment where she is thinking about something and then has come to a decision about it. Possibly not a good one for whomever it is and they should be worried I would think at this point.

The artist’s style is one of the more unique ones that I have encountered. They describe this work as a quick sketch, but to me it’s a lot more than that by far. There’s emotion in Morrigan’s look, pose, and just how she is shown here is something I haven’t found very often.

It’s a bit stylized, almost like a bit of graffiti on a wall or something like that. There’s an edge to it that pushes Morrigan towards showing her power above all else and I like that.

Please visit this artist’s site for more of their works!