Nov 09 2013

An interesting 3D Morrigan YouTube…

There aren’t that many 3D works of Morrigan Aensland… Usually those that appear recreate her normal appearance, but sometimes, just sometimes, someone creates something that is a little bit different and that makes me pause and think…

If you can’t see the video on the Tale, click here:

Here’s a still of the 3D image of Morrigan, which is quite a bit different as I have said…

Morrigan Model

It is different for Morrigan, though her bat pattern stockings are there, and her purple and black colours are present too… I’m not quite sure about the tattoos on her however. I like them and they are interesting, but I’m not really sure that they are something that would fit her personality…

She does look like Morrigan and has some of her presence as well. I just think that I’m so used to her normal look that something like this that moves a good deal away from her usual looks makes me pause.

That’s not a bad thing, but then the thoughts come about what would be a better, more regal look for her…

And that’s where I just cannot make up my mind…



Nov 08 2013

A Review of One Less Warlock by Judith Post

One Less Warlock by Judith Post

One Less Warlock by Judith Post

Not every work that I review has Succubi or Incubi as the core of the story. However, they do appear nonetheless, and, sometimes, that appearance really brings a different view of them that is enjoyable to read. Some authors manage that throughout a story, and the book I am reviewing today does that extremely well…

It is the story of:

Emile, River City’s most powerful warlock, has been stabbed in the back and murdered in his own home. When the police can’t get inside the warlock’s house–which is protected by magic–Detective Prosper turns to Babet Spellbound for help. Babet, a witch, slowly begins to release Emile’s wards and in doing so, is plunged into a locked room mystery. But as Babet helps detectives, the case becomes more puzzling: If no enemy could get past the warlock’s protections, then how was he killed? And by whom? Finding the answers leads Babet to question Lillith–a succubus madam–and leads her to a settlement of women and children on the river banks that she never knew existed…a tight group of females who don’t welcome outsiders into their midst.

This is a murder mystery, but what makes it more than that are the characters in the story. Not so much Emile, he is not well explored really over the course of the story, but that’s not really the point of it. The point of the story is to discover more about Babet. Who she is, what she is, and her past are really very interesting to read about. The revelations that come from her investigations are more than I expected and in the end she becomes much more real by the end.

Besides Babet, there is Lilith, and she is someone that I would have liked to know more about. We are told that she is the madam of a supernatural brothel, but my question is, how did she come to be there? It’s a question that is never answered, which in the setting of the story isn’t important, but it makes me ponder. The description of Lilith is wonderful and she acts, looks, and presents herself in a way that is very succubus-like. But it is also not overly sensual as much as it is the power she holds and the status she has in this world.

There is a wonderful mix of Succubi, Weres, Vampires, and the appearance of magic in this story is really well done. While all of this is important to the plot and the resolution of the story, the author gives just enough detail to make everything work together without it overwhelming the story.

But in the end, the one character who leaves some much to be explained is Babet. There is a revelation about her father that I didn’t expect which has me wondering about her parents. Her mother is spoken of, but is not present in the story so those questions aren’t answered here. The combination of Babet being both a Succubus but also a witch is something that isn’t really explored in the story either. There are small hints about it, but they are fleeting and I would have liked to know more. The same is true of her relationship with Prosper. There is an undercurrent of sexual tension between them, but we never see that appear by the end of the story, though it is hinted at many times.

The work felt like it was the opening chapter of a longer novel and I can only hope that the author has something like that in mind for the future for this universe. I would certainly read that story for the characters and the setting created here.

While the author writes well, there were two small points in the story where I felt as if a wrong word was used to describe an action by a character and that brought me out of the story for a time as I tried to figure of what was going on exactly. Otherwise the rest of the work is wonderfully done, but as much as I loved it, I wanted so much more when the story was done.

I’m giving this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

So much tease in this work about Lilith, Babet and their individual pasts and the world they live in. I’d like to see more by this author about them. Perhaps that will happen someday…



Nov 07 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 304

A stunning piece of Succubus art this time on the Tale. I particularly like the title of the work for reasons that are really quite obvious to those that know me well… And in a way, it also defines my own view of what Succubi are which is nice too…

Devildom by linkense7en

Devildom by linkense7en

This is called Devildom and is by and artist on DeviantArt calling themselves linkense7en. You can find the page I found this art here and the artist’s page is here too.

One of the things that I like is when Succubi are drawn in a way that makes them look powerful. More so, I like when they have a dominant pose and expression. They should be in control, assured of their power and not afraid of whomever they may see. In this work I think all of those wants are expressed.

There is more in this work, the main thing being that she has no hooves, a normal complexion and both of those are things that I really love to see. Her wings being torn aren’t particularly what I like and her tail is a bit odd at least to me, but overall, she’s a lovely example of a dominant Succubus…



Nov 06 2013

Lace is nice, but it doesn’t help this costume…

I like lace in costumes… The right lace with the right costume is very sexy… The problem is when the dullness of the costume removes any hope of the lace making it sexy.

Like this.

Adult Laced Devil Costume

This is the Adult Laced Devil Costume and it comes with the dress and the petticoat… and that’s all. The pitchfork, the horns, the stockings, the shoes… everything else isn’t included. And that includes not having a tail as well.

It sells for $40 US.

It is another example of showing what could be, but isn’t provided in the package when you buy the costume. It isn’t right in my eyes for costumes to be shown as their “perfect” versions and then add in the fine print that you need to purchase at least as much in accessories in order to complete the look.

I’d call that false advertising, but that’s just me.

Setting that aside, the look of this costume is too tame for my personal tastes. It kind of reminds me of a slightly slutty Cinderella costume with some accessories added to it.

Or, and this actually makes me smile a bit, Little Miss Muffet…

You can make of that what you will… and I just might now that the thought is stuck in my mind and I can’t shake it loose.

Regardless of that, I don’t really see this as being very Succubus like as a costume and it really doesn’t do a thing for me.

As something to wear in more… well innocent places, I suppose that it would do… But I won’t like it.

A single pitchfork out of five for this.

I’m feeling generous…



Nov 05 2013

Desires 102

To give that which you will, is the thing that means the truth of who you really are…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-Eight


When Martin said that he had given her his heart, Tera gave a soft sigh of contentment at his words… She said in a gentle voice, “You had mine from the moment you send hello Martin… I could not let you go without telling you….” She turned her had to look at him as he continued to speak and added, “The pain runs deep within me Martin… It bites at the light and the dark and so the pain fills what is left behind… That is part of the reason for the words of the song… I ask for a little bit… And have gotten so little in the past for the pleading from my lips…”

When his voice faded away, she closed her eyes and was about to answer him when he moved and then screamed at his actions…

Tera’s head shot around at his yell and she cried out, “MARTIN!” All other thoughts were driven out her mind as the pain he felt rushed into her mind and body… It was both the blessing and curse of her existence… She was always so aware of the joys and pains around her….

She immediately moved to try and stop the bleeding from his wings. The concern on her face mixed with the tears from her eyes as she raised her hands to his wings. But then he held the white feathers to her. She bit her lips and then said, “Martin… Goddess Martin…”

Her hands met his and she looked into his eyes with the love in her heart for him so plain to see in them. Then she whispered, “Martin… You mean more to me than you can know… You have done more for me that you know…” She looked at the feathers and said, “If you are giving me something of you…. Then you must take two of mine… I know that yours will never grow back…. But I can have a part of me with you to keep you safe from the dark…”

She closed her eyes, her hands touching the feathers he held and said, “Take of me Martin…. Please…”


The gift, the gift… Oh how to accept it when you cannot see it within yourself in return?




Nov 04 2013

For What It’s Worth by TeraS

The final part of Acceptance should be appearing today, but what I have isn’t right and as such I’m not going to share it today… However, I do have something I am going to share…

For what it is worth…

For What It’s Worth
By TeraS


“What’s it worth?”

The question was posed in a way which seemed to infer that the person speaking didn’t see how it could have much, if any, value at all.

The answer was made in that sort of way that said “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” but which was spoken as, “You tell me.”

Being that it seemed as if the one asking the question wasn’t going to get anywhere, he soon moved on, assuming that it had no value and never would.

It was a shame, really: she could see there was the barest glimmer of possibility in the customer, but now she would never really know if she was right or not. She just simply moved on, as well.

The question of worth was one with which those in the Realm had quite a lot of experience. Long ago, their kind never was seen to be worth much at all. How could those with horns and tails be worth anything to anyone? They were not “worthy” in the eyes of most, never allowed to be more than what they were seen to be. Thus, the question of worth was one that never quite left one specific mind in the Realm.

She had seen what the idea of worth had done to her kind before; how it had turned brother against sister, parents against one another, and worse still. She knew, better than many, how wanting to be of worth, to be worthy, could tear one apart. Sometimes, healing was possible … sometimes, not. It depended, of course, on what each being felt she or he was worth in the end.

She decided, when the time came, that the question of worth was not the question that mattered. It did not matter if they were seen as having worth or not. This question wasn’t the point of their existence. So, she changed the question, the one that mattered, from what they were worth to something else.

The question which, in the end, rose to her thoughts was, “Who are we?”

Think about that a moment: take away the idea of worth, of measuring up to an impossible checklist that others judge you against and instead ask yourself who you are. What is it that you represent? What gives you purpose in your life?

For her, the answer was both simple and complex. It was an answer she gave in the moments when the impossible was needed, the simple to be done. When everything was falling apart or was finding itself again. Two simple words that sometimes made all of the sense in the world, and at other times just made one’s mind hurt from trying to understand them.

The words? “Just … because.”

Why try to make others understand?

Why take a chance on someone when no one else will?

Why be there in the dark when needed?

Why be there in the light when needed, too?

Why listen to others, to feel their hurt, their ache, their desires?

Why give them the wish they have, the moment shared?

Why take the risk to be told that what you offer is, and there was that word again, not “worth” anything?

She would smile in that way of hers, a lock of raven hair falling over one of her so green eyes and she would say, with conviction: “Just … because.”

And that was the moment when the world would pause. Some would not understand, not see what was behind the red horns and heart-tipped tail. They would not see the angelic wings or the halo that fluttered and shimmered there as well. They would see something that, to them, was worth nothing to them.

Some would think that such a devaluation would devastate her, that it would chip away at her will, her soul. Those that believed this didn’t understand why she was the Queen of the Realm: she had accepted herself for who she was, something that those who didn’t accept, could not in themselves.

She would smile—she always had that bemused little smile—and just allow them to believe they knew all about her. They never would, of course—the larger the shame for that—but they were entitled to one important thing: choice. They chose not to believe, not to accept, and, in doing so, they made that choice of their own free will.

But sometimes, just sometimes, there was the other sort: the kind who could see beyond what was expected, what was thought to be the worth of that moment. They could ask questions of her, to see what she was like, what she thought, what she believed.

So let’s go back to her once more. She has met another soul somewhere in the universe and spent time with them. She’s shown who she is, told about her Realm, what is there, what her kind believe in. Perhaps that soul asks to see what she is talking about: to see her tail, her horns, her Realm, to have time there to see if what she says is true, that she is being truthful, that what she is, in truth, is more than what she is worth.

She makes the offer, the one that the one before posed the question: “What’s it worth?”

This time the question asked is … different: “Why me?”

Her answer, with that bemused smile they would come to know, is, of course …

“Just … because.”

Because it isn’t about what others think you are worth. It is you being able to see it in yourself, to know you are happy with who you are, to know that you can, truly, give that understanding to others.

Because … isn’t that worth everything?

Nov 03 2013

A Review of The Demon in my Soul by John Dylena

The Demon in my Soul by John Dylena

The Demon in my Soul by John Dylena

I am concluding my review of the Raethiana Trilogy by John Dylena today on the Tale. I reviewed the first work in this series The Demon at my Door here on the Tale and the second work, The Demon in my Heart, was reviewed here on the Tale as well. Today’s review will be of the final work in the trilogy The Demon in my Soul.

I think that the most critical part of any series is how the threads that have appeared in it come together at its conclusion. They cannot be ignored, for they were the soul of the story. They cannot be glossed over, for they are the heart of the story. They must be made to have meaning, to take what has been and make it something more than one could have expected.

It is a rare talent and I was very pleased that this author had that within them by far…

This work concludes the series with the story of:

Everything has come down to this. With his newfound powers, Raethiana has taken it upon herself to train John as things continue to deteroriate in the underground. The return of a past enemy shakes things up as the war threatens to tear apart John and the succubus Raethiana forever.

I have to say that the author has quite a lot of understatement in their summary of this work, but to be fair, it is very difficult to give a review of a work which reveals so many of the questions and mysteries that cropped up in the preceeding works. So, for the first thing I will say, it would be a terrible thing to judge this work by its cover as it were. The writing, the story, the characters all come to a point in which they are all brought to a really satisfying place.

The surprises in the second work continue in this work, but while there are some really interesting points and moments that are touched on, thankfully they are the icing on the story itself. John discovers his true self, who really matters to him and what he is capable of. I had thought of a possible conclusion for his story, which did not unfold as I thought it might. Instead the path John takes is more more interesting a thing to behold. He is insecure about many things about him, his past, and as well his connection with Raethiana. But as the story progresses, he faces many of his own fears, in both of the worlds he now lives in and by doing so becomes a fuller character with purpose.

John has, by the end of this work and the series as a whole, become something more. Someone more. He might not be perfect, and still have some issues within him, but he does know an important truth about Raethiana, about his mother, and about himself. The entire universe might be falling apart around him, but the ones that matter to him the most he will always have. I can see a path for him to take into the future which I really would love to see, but I can’t explain here. But if it would happen, I think his mother would be overjoyed that he did so. If it did happen, the implications for the world that Raethiana comes from would be telling I think.

As for Raethiana, she also finds out a truth about John, about love, about making a sacrifice that can mean losing everything but in the end she finds a way to overcome for what matters to her most of all. There is a moment in this work where the two of them face each other before everything is tested. That is her defining moment and it is one that I think says everything.

I mentioned there were secrets still to be revealed in this work, and the one about the threat to the Succubus Queen herself was quite surprising. It wasn’t something impossible or unlikely and it dovetailed quite well with John’s own path in the story. There is a mirror set against John’s life which was I thought quite right overall. It gave a thread in the work which showed quite clearly the difference between love and hate and in the end which is the more powerful in a clear way.

The climax of the work gives rise to further stories i feel about Raethiana and John. I would like to see a story about them in the far future when events might transpire for who John really is and his relationship to the demon world. The path is set out quite clearly in this work, but it does not take away from the drawing together of the threads of this series and where John arrives.

Part of that path is John coming to terms with his other self, his Succubus self. Those moments with Raethiana, when she is being taught, is learning what she can do, when she is tested to the brink, and eventually comes to find not just her feminine self but her name, which I think was a lovely touch in what it becomes, are some that will stay with me.

There are moments of passion and heat in the story which give rise to the development of all of the characters in many ways. The touches shared, the passions ignited are lovely and quite telling for all of them. John does have a moment where he cannot see the why of his relationship with Raethiana, but when he does, when he understands that it is not the form that matters when you love someone… That’s special and something I believe in always.

The moments of action are many in this work, some quite violent of course, there is a battle being fought. But in that comes heartfelt emotion, loss and pain which draws the characters together more tightly than any simple speech or words could possibly do.

There aren’t any moments that feel wrong, the storytelling is perfect, and the characters are true to who they are. That is the most passionate part of this series as a whole and it is what comes to the fore in this, the conclusion. But while it is the conclusion, it is not the end… not by any means and that makes this work even more wonderful…

I’m giving this work five out of five pitchforks.

This is not simply erotica and it should not been seen as such. There is so much more to this work and the series as a whole. Three books in this series I feel is not nearly enough for all of the world building that the author has done here…

I also will add that for the series as a whole, I give it five out of five pitchforks. It is enthralling, the story is powerful and in the end there is a lesson to be learned and remembered by all. It is special when such works appear and I for one can but give this series my highest acclaim and recommendations.

I have heard from the author that there will be future stories told in this universe which I do look forward to and I will be watching out for. Writing of quality should be recognized and encouraged… My best wishes to this author in their future works and more…