Nov 12 2013

Desires 103

But giving and needing nothing in return save the love and hope you see? That’s precious.


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-Nine


Martin smiled, and even managed a gasping sort of laugh, scrubbing across his face with the back of a hand. “No, Tera…I will not take any more from you…”

He reached out, taking up her hands still clutched around his feathers. Slowly he leaned in, his gentle kisses cleaning the tears that had fallen down her cheeks. His eyes were level with hers, golden hues full of purpose now.

“This is for your love and your friendship…and for your lesson…” He managed a small grin. “Whether you realize it or not, tonight taught me something…something I can further use to help those who suffer in silence…”

A faint blush grew in his cheeks once again. “You showed me how powerful a physical connection can be….and I want to give you the power of a spiritual one. These feathers are my gift, my sacrifice, for you….”

As soon as he said those words, the feathers in Tera’s hands would glow with soft light. They seemed to vanish in a shower of sparkles, only to have them reappear again, enmeshed with Tera’s own black feathers. Martin watched them grow – two white points in a sea of black – and smiled.


And in this moment, Tera, the Queen of the Succubi, became more than she believed she or her kind could ever, truly, be…




Nov 11 2013

Given A Moment By TeraS

It is the tradition here on the Tale for there to be a moment to reflect and remember on the 11th of November. If you have the time, if you could, please remember?





Given A Moment

By TeraS


It takes but a moment

It always does

A moment to think

A moment to pause

A moment considered

What their moment was

What it was then

What came to pass

A moment of pain

A moment of sorrow

The future lost in that

The possibilities no more

Another moment

Another different fate

To take the next step

To continue on forward

One moment leads here

To the fields of poppies

To the white stones

To voices stilled

One moment leads there

To the ones suffering

To the pain of carrying on

To voices cracked

One moment awaits

To the future to be

To the ones that remember

To voices promised

A moment asked of

A moment in payment

Not always done

It takes but a moment



Please, on this day, take a moment to thank those that gave you the gift you have today.



Nov 11 2013

The Queen’s Heart by TeraS

Today is a special day which I celebrate with the one I call my heart. He does not wish for anything special mind you, but then… anything is possible…


The Queen’s Heart
By TeraS


Some believe that the Queen of the Succubi has many to advise her. They believe that she must have hundreds of residents of the Realm who give her thoughts, ideas, and more. They see her and know, because it must be so, that all of her decisions are made after having to consider many, many thoughts of others.

In fact, there are but three who have the Queen’s … well, the common saying is ear, but, in the Realm, the more important thing is who has the Queen’s tail. There is her Eternal—her King—who, of course, speaks his thoughts. There is another, seen in the shadows sometimes, who is the only one allowed to address Tera as ‘My Queen’ without her becoming bothered by the words.

The one that remains is the Queen’s Heart.

And their talks over the fence, beside the koi pond, are those that she cherishes more than anyone can truly understand.

They always—always, mind you—begin with a huggle from Tera for her heart and a simple ‘Hello, my heart.” The answer—always, mind you—is a snug in return and the words that are simple, but mean so much to her: “Hello, Dear One.”

Sometimes the next things said are about the day they have had, the ups and downs, the better or worse. It simply is the moment where they are, as they are, concerned about each other more than themselves. They talk about the weather, for that is what they do. They speak about their hopes for one another, for each of them only wishes and hopes for the dreams of the other, the wishes of the other, to be true.

Sometimes they pause then, another hug shared, sometimes with a pastry, sometimes sharing a cup of tea, a mug of hot chocolate, or the ever-present soft drink that the Queen, for some reason that they both know well, enjoys so very much.

Sometimes one or the other—or both, sometimes—talk about something that has happened on that day, or days past. How they feel about it, their thoughts about it. They talk about what could be, might be, and what will be … possibly.

They always share a smile, an understanding, something that her heart knows because he is her heart; something that she knows because she is his Dear One. The words are not needed at this point because they … just know. And they always will.

She asks about his Beloved, her thoughts being of her, how she is, when they are not talking at the fence. Her thoughts are also of him, her concerns about how he is, how she might help, for that is how she is.

He asks about her then, knowing as he does that she tries not to talk about her spirit, not wanting to be a burden upon him—something that she would never wish to be. She hesitates, and he simply waits, with more patience than anyone that she has even met or ever will.

She speaks in a roundabout manner, for that is how she is. It is her personality, her own silly way that she believes that she can deal with anything on her own. That burdening him with things is, if not a sin, then what would be unkind. He, however, does not quite accept that. He understands why she thinks the way she does. He, after all, has the same thoughts, the same feelings, in himself.

He tells her that she speaks from her own soul, that her words tell more than she knows. That the day they met, at the first time she spoke the words, she knew. somehow, that he was her heart. That truth he knows as well. She tells him, as always, there is no-one else in the universe that could be her heart, and that she is grateful for the moment when they were drawn together.

She reminds him, again, that his words are the same to her, that she cherishes the stories, the thoughts, the moments. It is not simply friendship; of that they are both aware. They are family and family always knows, for that is how families are.

Usually, as their time at the fence comes to a close, she wishes him and his Beloved a good night and a better tomorrow. He wishes that she and her Eternal have the best of days and to hold each other tightly in the night.

Usually, next comes the telling, as always, of their love for each other and how that love, the love of their family, will be now and forever with them both. A last hug, a simple two letters spoken with a double meaning that they only know, and then they both return to their own lives, warmed and happier inside for knowing.

On this day however, she pauses and then reaches down below the fence and picks up something that he could not see. She then reveals a simple thing: a cupcake … a single candle lit upon it. It is chocolate, of course, but there is her little touch: a pair of red candy horns and in red icing a heart-tipped tail.

She makes her excuses about her cooking abilities, noting that there is a certain Baker that is much better at such things than she is. He smiles, in that way of his, knowing exactly who she speaks of, but promises her that her baking is every bit as good.

She places the cupcake—which, of course, is resting upon a red plate—on the edge of the fence and it waits there. There is no rush, no need to blow out the candle, not just yet. That moment will come when it does. She takes his hand in one of hers, and tells him a truth, one that she does not share with anyone else. That truth is one that they both believe in, both cherish, and both know that in the light and dark it is a truth that no one can tell them it is not.

What is that truth? It is very obvious if you think about it, if you know them … but few really do.

She leans against the fence, just enough that she can share a loving kiss for him and him alone over it; an expression of her love for him, for what he means to her and always will. He smiles, perhaps a little bit embarrassed, that she shows such trust in him, belief in him. But then he shows the same in her, and always will.

She wishes him, on this day, a happy birthday. She would love to hold a huge party for him, the entire Realm to be there to celebrate his life, his thoughtfulness, his faith, his all. But she also knows that he would be uncomfortable being in the spotlight, the centre of attention. He would rather be there to see her, as he says, be awesome, be the one that should be the one seen. His place to be there, always, as her heart.

She, of course, accepts that, in spite of her own wishes on this day. She does, however, threaten, with that bemused smile of her that he knows so well, that someday she will find her way past the fence and appear on the other side of it on this day. That day, when it comes, will be a joyous one for them both.

They both say one simple word: “Promise.”

He takes the cupcake, blows out the candle, and then breaks the dessert in two, offering her half, as is their way. She knows that her baking will be lousy, it always is, but somehow the cupcake is quite good and both of them are rather surprised that it is (well, he isn’t so surprised). Perhaps that certain Baker and a certain red-headed, black tailed succubi have something to do with that.

Perhaps. Or perhaps, on his day …

… anything is possible.

Nov 10 2013

A Review of Thirteenth Seduction by Jeremy Sterling

Thirteenth Seduction by Jeremy Sterling

Thirteenth Seduction by Jeremy Sterling

Belief is an interesting thing. You can believe that what you know is correct. You can believe that you understand something, know what it means and how to use it You can even find yourself believing a reality that you construct for yourself. All of that is belief.

The thing about Succubi is, however, that sometimes what you believe is what they want you to. The knowledge you possess can be that which they find is most useful for them.

And then the problem is when you second guess their intentions with your own. Then you are their in more way than one…

  • Title: Thirteenth Seduction
  • Author: Jeremy Sterling
  • Length: 38 Pages
  • Release Date: March 11, 2013
  • This work at Amazon

The work tells the story of:

A Wall Street bond trader gets possession of the ultimate option – a succubus with an unquenchable thirst for souls, who he plans to use to get back on top. As the body count rises, he discovers the demon’s true target is him, and all his wits and willpower are required just to resist her charms and stay alive. The only way out is a ritual that requires him to assist her in one last seduction — with no guarantee except that only one will be left standing in this complex work of erotic horror.

Michael, the main character of the story, is the stereotypical example of a man who wants revenge or power or both. He cares not for the who or the how, just as long as he gets from where he is to what he believes he deserves. He is a refection of all of the poor parts of humanity all wrapped up in one person that truly you find you cannot like at all. In being so the course of the story and what he does through Eisheth, sets up a story where you expect something to happen and you wait for it to be so.

But the story, while giving rise to his desires and wants, is also the desires and needs of Eisheth, the Succubus of the work. The name should be familiar to those that know of the myths of Lilith and her sisters, and knowing those myths is not needed to follow this work. However knowing their story does provide an insight to what comes within the story. Eisheth is well created and she is fully the Succubus I expected her to be.

There is a lovely bit of background in the story that is revealed about her and her world over time. It’s not an information dump either. It’s a well placed, almost off hand explanation of certain things that need to be known. I thought that it was one of the better means of doing so that I have seen in some time.

There are thirteen erotic scenes in the work, each different, each with its own characters who have their own kinks, wants and needs. To manage that many moments in such a short work really was impressive. They were not simply thrown in without purpose, exposition or meaning. Each and every one of them had a purpose, a means to open Michael’s past and in doing so gave the path he was on meaning which I enjoyed.

It was not simply sex for the sake of it, they were erotic moments which gave life to what Eisheth was capable of, what she became, and what she was to each of them. I felt that the way she slipped from form to purpose, to personality and action were right for her and never felt out of place.

The work had a twist in it that was not telegraphed through the story. There were hints of schemes from all sides in it, but the ending was never cut and dry until the moment of climax. And the ending while unexpected, made sense and closed the story well.

While it did so, I would have liked more to the ending, to the closure than happened. It seemed a bit… pat… for lack of a better word. I felt like there was something unsaid, unrevealed at the end and, as well, i can see the story continuing… I’d like to have seen that.

I’m giving this work four pitchforks out of five.

As much as the story was well constructed and presented, I would have liked it to continue just a bit longer if for no other reason than to have something of an aftermath of the events of the story… I feel like there is more to tell and it would have been nice to have seen it…



Nov 09 2013

An interesting 3D Morrigan YouTube…

There aren’t that many 3D works of Morrigan Aensland… Usually those that appear recreate her normal appearance, but sometimes, just sometimes, someone creates something that is a little bit different and that makes me pause and think…

If you can’t see the video on the Tale, click here:

Here’s a still of the 3D image of Morrigan, which is quite a bit different as I have said…

Morrigan Model

It is different for Morrigan, though her bat pattern stockings are there, and her purple and black colours are present too… I’m not quite sure about the tattoos on her however. I like them and they are interesting, but I’m not really sure that they are something that would fit her personality…

She does look like Morrigan and has some of her presence as well. I just think that I’m so used to her normal look that something like this that moves a good deal away from her usual looks makes me pause.

That’s not a bad thing, but then the thoughts come about what would be a better, more regal look for her…

And that’s where I just cannot make up my mind…



Nov 08 2013

A Review of One Less Warlock by Judith Post

One Less Warlock by Judith Post

One Less Warlock by Judith Post

Not every work that I review has Succubi or Incubi as the core of the story. However, they do appear nonetheless, and, sometimes, that appearance really brings a different view of them that is enjoyable to read. Some authors manage that throughout a story, and the book I am reviewing today does that extremely well…

It is the story of:

Emile, River City’s most powerful warlock, has been stabbed in the back and murdered in his own home. When the police can’t get inside the warlock’s house–which is protected by magic–Detective Prosper turns to Babet Spellbound for help. Babet, a witch, slowly begins to release Emile’s wards and in doing so, is plunged into a locked room mystery. But as Babet helps detectives, the case becomes more puzzling: If no enemy could get past the warlock’s protections, then how was he killed? And by whom? Finding the answers leads Babet to question Lillith–a succubus madam–and leads her to a settlement of women and children on the river banks that she never knew existed…a tight group of females who don’t welcome outsiders into their midst.

This is a murder mystery, but what makes it more than that are the characters in the story. Not so much Emile, he is not well explored really over the course of the story, but that’s not really the point of it. The point of the story is to discover more about Babet. Who she is, what she is, and her past are really very interesting to read about. The revelations that come from her investigations are more than I expected and in the end she becomes much more real by the end.

Besides Babet, there is Lilith, and she is someone that I would have liked to know more about. We are told that she is the madam of a supernatural brothel, but my question is, how did she come to be there? It’s a question that is never answered, which in the setting of the story isn’t important, but it makes me ponder. The description of Lilith is wonderful and she acts, looks, and presents herself in a way that is very succubus-like. But it is also not overly sensual as much as it is the power she holds and the status she has in this world.

There is a wonderful mix of Succubi, Weres, Vampires, and the appearance of magic in this story is really well done. While all of this is important to the plot and the resolution of the story, the author gives just enough detail to make everything work together without it overwhelming the story.

But in the end, the one character who leaves some much to be explained is Babet. There is a revelation about her father that I didn’t expect which has me wondering about her parents. Her mother is spoken of, but is not present in the story so those questions aren’t answered here. The combination of Babet being both a Succubus but also a witch is something that isn’t really explored in the story either. There are small hints about it, but they are fleeting and I would have liked to know more. The same is true of her relationship with Prosper. There is an undercurrent of sexual tension between them, but we never see that appear by the end of the story, though it is hinted at many times.

The work felt like it was the opening chapter of a longer novel and I can only hope that the author has something like that in mind for the future for this universe. I would certainly read that story for the characters and the setting created here.

While the author writes well, there were two small points in the story where I felt as if a wrong word was used to describe an action by a character and that brought me out of the story for a time as I tried to figure of what was going on exactly. Otherwise the rest of the work is wonderfully done, but as much as I loved it, I wanted so much more when the story was done.

I’m giving this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

So much tease in this work about Lilith, Babet and their individual pasts and the world they live in. I’d like to see more by this author about them. Perhaps that will happen someday…



Nov 07 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 304

A stunning piece of Succubus art this time on the Tale. I particularly like the title of the work for reasons that are really quite obvious to those that know me well… And in a way, it also defines my own view of what Succubi are which is nice too…

Devildom by linkense7en

Devildom by linkense7en

This is called Devildom and is by and artist on DeviantArt calling themselves linkense7en. You can find the page I found this art here and the artist’s page is here too.

One of the things that I like is when Succubi are drawn in a way that makes them look powerful. More so, I like when they have a dominant pose and expression. They should be in control, assured of their power and not afraid of whomever they may see. In this work I think all of those wants are expressed.

There is more in this work, the main thing being that she has no hooves, a normal complexion and both of those are things that I really love to see. Her wings being torn aren’t particularly what I like and her tail is a bit odd at least to me, but overall, she’s a lovely example of a dominant Succubus…