Jan 27 2017

A Review of Life Doesn’t Suck by Maria K

Life Doesn't Suck by Maria K

Life Doesn’t Suck by Maria K

The appearance of succubi and incubi in some stories seems like a bit of a deus ex machina. They are there as a threat, a force to be opposed, hated and so on. There’s little time spent in telling about them, leaving them to be main cannon fodder for the moment when it arrives. That’s a bit disappointing because there’s a reason for everything. Not telling that leaves much story unresolved.

Not all things are good and not all things are bad. It is a matter of perspective, and it is that perspective that tends to point out where our failings are, if we are inclined to listen. But then sometimes perspective is forced into being what it is and in that moment there comes little choice otherwise.

  • Title: Life Doesn’t Suck
  • Author: Maria K
  • Length: 25 Pages
  • ASIN: B016TX1PKK
  • Publishing Date: October 17, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

International Research Institute of Sleep (IRIS) is the last resort for patients seeking a good night’s sleep. When an odd sleep disorder epidemic flares up in multiple locations around the world, IRIS must call on its secret weapon – a group of sleep experts unafraid to look for answers beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.

Sleepers are being visited by succubi and incubi with dark intent. But they are also real, and need to be confronted. The battle is joined, but to what end becomes the question.

This work is the second in a series and it builds upon the first. The main theme is the invasion, really there’s no better way to explain it, of succubi and other beings onto the Earth, they feeding from humans, to their detriment. Against this, a group confronts them, pushes back, and the battle is joined.

It sounds like a good idea for a series, and it is. However, the story is a bit self absorbed with regards to the main characters. As events unfold there’s little time spent in explaining certain events, how things came together. The characters develop, to an extent, but the world around them seems to be a set piece having little depth or meaning. As I reader I felt like I was dropped into the middle of a conversation, to observe, but not really understand the minutia that the characters delve into. Nor really is it explained how they figured out certain actions and abilities. There’s a massive suspension of disbelief needed and I just couldn’t quite manage that.

There is reference made to succubi and incubi, of past encounters, but nothing really in depth which explains much. It’s a mystery, which is fine, but along the way there are flashes of insight which seem to be almost matter of fact which didn’t work for me.

This brings me to the succubus of this work who is spoken of, thought about and thinly explained. She appears for quite literally a fraction of a second in the story then never appears again. Her name is never known, her reason for being on Earth isn’t told. There’s no communication, only suggested ideas and possibilities about her. She’s question, right to her form, that is never dealt with.

The writing is a bit stiff, the dialogue seeming to be stilted and monotone at times. The characters are really interesting, I wanted to know more about them, but that’s not enough to overcome the feeling of being scattered, almost random at times, in the storytelling. The work is short, which means that every page matters. Some focus I think would help, some expansion of the story as well. A better idea might be to see the other side, that of the succubus, or succubi for that matter. Half a story is still half a story and in this series, considering how important the succubi and incubi are, it would be good to know the why, how and what.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really there isn’t much of a succubus story here as they are more of a reason for the characters to be together than anything else. There”s no meaning behind the single succubus that does appear and she’s less of a succubus than a evil spirit. This is more of a mystery-adventure with a side of succubus.

Perhaps things might have expanded further if the series continued, which at the time of this review it had not. If so, then the why of the demons being on Earth needed to be addressed. Characters to invest in are good, but a meaningful story is more so.



Jan 26 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 471

It’s been quite some time since the Aensland sisters have been seen together here on the Tale as the Succubi of the Week. I found this work some time ago, but really there’s so much to love in this, in the first place, and as well, just having Morrigan and Lilith together makes me smile…

Darkstalker Girls NSFW by ZeroNis

Darkstalker Girls NSFW by ZeroNis

This work is by the artist ZeroNis and I found this work originally on their DeviantArt site here. You can find their DeviantArt page here, and they have a Patreon page as well, which you can find here.

While I know that the little hearts and bats are there to make this art acceptable to be shown on DeviantArt, I have to admit that it fits the sisters well and more so, that it does, when I think about it, seem like the sort of thing that they might to in order to distract someone.

The art is simply amazing, both of their expressions are wonderful, the hair is amazing, and all of the detail that can be seen here just brings everything to life so well. I think it’s interesting that Morrigan’s nails are so long, that is a bit of a different look to her which here works well.

This art just reinforces that both sisters are seductive and powerful in their own ways and I like that a lot.



Jan 25 2017

This isn’t anything that can make a Devil Costume work…

Wicked Delights Devil Cape KitSome costume accessories this time on the Tale which, for me, make me wonder. There are times when I really do believe that costume designers just toss things together anyway they can and then try to sell them… No matter how awful things may look.

This is called the Wicked Delights Devil Cape Kit and it comes with a hooded cape with devil horns and ribbon necktie, armlets, a black eye mask and a tail that attaches to the cape.

It sells for about $20 US at the website I found it on.

The cape really doesn’t work for me, for that matter the tail doesn’t as well, nor the armlets. I will say that the mask and horns are at least a little interesting, but that’s about all.

However, I will say that the boots the model is wearing interest me, if for no other reason that they might work with a costume idea at some point.

Still, the overall look of these accessories just doesn’t do anything for me, it isn’t something I would really consider at all.

Zero out of five pitchforks.

Sometimes a pair of horns is enough. Sometimes more than that can be too much and too tacky…



Jan 24 2017

A Review of the Roxy’s Lust series by Melissa Heart

Roxy's Lust: The Club by Melissa Heart

Roxy’s Lust: The Club by Melissa Heart

A review of a series about a succubus that, as a whole, really didn’t have much in the way of story, characters or heat either when it came to the erotica. I find it disappointing when a series doesn’t allow the character to grow, to tell a story about her. Putting a character, even if she’s a succubus, into one sex scene after the next isn’t much of a story in itself.

I realize that, for some authors, the point of writing a story in thee erotica genre is to get to the sex as fast as possible. What I don’t understand is how the heat can happen when the main character isn’t really likeable, the situations are skimmed over and in the end, the story ends up in the same way, over and over again.

The series can be summarized by:

Roxy Orrosco is a young succubus with glittering green eyes and a sexy body.

The series, overall, is the telling of Roxy, the main character, sexual encounters with several different alpha males who she ensnares and then finds herself at the mercy of in various ways. There’s next to no character development for her, there’s little in the way of story, mainly being Roxy mulling over her next target before finding herself in their arms, among other things.

Roxy is a succubus, there’s a scattering of hints that she is beyond her own statement that she’s a “young succubus”, but beyond that her actual powers aren’t really shown. There’s the barest hint of mind control on occasion, but otherwise there’s nothing to point at her being a succubus. She’s more of a temptation, using her sexuality to draw close to the ones she wants before the erotica begins.

The erotica doesn’t really have any heat in it, mainly starting out as Roxy being a tease, then being put to the mercies of the men she’s with. It isn’t so much erotica as it is a series of porn movie scenes with some barely told story leading to the sex. I can’t call it a hot flash, because there wasn’t any heat in the moments when they came to be.

Plot wise, there isn’t any, there’s no connections between the four parts of the series. As such, they can be read as stand alone works, having nothing in them which builds upon the last work in the series. The writing needs some work, the books need quite a lot of editing as well, both in grammar and spelling issues that are scattered throughout.

I can’t really say this is a series about a succubus, simply because Roxy doesn’t act like one most of the time. I can’t say I liked the series, because I found Roxy very unlikeable in many ways. She’s a bit of a gold-digger, self-centred and doesn’t seem to have a thought other than who’s going to be having sex with her next. That’s boring to me.

For the series as a whole, I’ll give it one pitchfork out of five.

Saying that Roxy is a succubus is a start, but then leaving her entire power to being the look she gives men that want her, or rather that she wants, doesn’t do much for me. Neither does erotica that isn’t much more than some rough sex in a porn movie theme. No character development is a further problem and then, of course, each work in the series being around fifteen pages doesn’t help as well.

There’s very little here that even offers the hint of Roxy’s being a succubus, and that’s a real problem also. I hesitate to even describe this collection of works as hot flashes, because there aren’t any. It’s very hard to like Roxy, harder still to want to see what comes next. That’s a shame because there’s hints of ideas from time to time, but they don’t go anywhere. Much like the series as a whole.



Jan 24 2017

A Review of Summoning the Incubus by L.C. Davis

Summoning the Incubus by L.C. Davis

Summoning the Incubus by L.C. Davis

Setting up what drives characters together in a story is rather important. Giving a hint as to why something happens leaves a lot to wonder about. The why of a story matters as much as the how after all. Beyond that, having a character’s answer seem to be a little unclear and confused doesn’t always reflect what happened to bring them there.

Not all things are as one might expect them to be. Not all beings are necessarily how they present themselves. It is necessary sometimes to force the truth to speak for itself to make things clear. But is the truth what it seems to be or is that something pretending to be the truth?

  • Title: Summoning the Incubus
  • Author: L.C. Davis
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 6, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Taryn is a good witch who always plays by the rules, until the ultimate betrayal from the man she loves drives her to black magic. The sexy and demanding incubus she summons by mistake will give her what she wants at a price — but after a night spent in Asmodeus’ arms, will the return of her unfaithful lover be enough to give her what she needs?

Taryn’s heart is broken and she seeks some comfort to feel better. A book offers possibilities which call to her to explore. But not all is as it seems and the caller may be the called instead.

There’s quite a lot of time taken up with telling of Taryn’s story, her life, her feelings overall which sets up her character and what she is trying to accomplish. The introspection, the hurt, is very real and Taryn’s character has a great deal of depth to her.

Less so is Asmodeus, the incubus of the work. He’s a bit different as an incubus both in his appearance, but also his actions. He’s interesting, but as much as his character is as such, there’s far less time spent in fleshing out his character beyond his overall purpose and being. There are secrets hidden that aren’t explored and i which they had been.

One of these being a question of just how much of what Taryn does is free will and how much is Asmodeus playing with her. I think the latter is more to the point because the hints of very subtle mind control appear throughout the work. It isn’t pressed very hard or becomes obvious, but there’s a shift in Taryn’s personality and there’s really not a good reason for that overall.

The erotica is a very short pair of hot flashes which bring some heat to the story, but really does not burst into a roaring fire. Taryn’s hesitation, Asmodeus’ strangeness at times makes such things a little difficult to unfold well and that takes something away from the work. The same can be said about the ending which feels very tacked on and rushed. Considering how many pages were focused on the characters, I expected more of an ending than there is.

The story as a whole has possibilities, some of which are explored, but the length of the work means there isn’t time for things to really develop, to take the story towards the aftermath better than it does. Developing the characters more, giving time to close the story better I think would be a good thing. It’s a shame because I do like Taryn quite a lot, but her development gets stalled when Asmodeus appears. Even when the truth comes out, it doesn’t lead to much more than a quick flash of thought and then closing the story.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The ending felt too abrupt in what happened and the explanation of it all. With so much time spent in fleshing out Taryn and Asmodeusu’ story, I expected something more of an ending than there is. It does work as a whole, but there’s just a lingering question unresolved as to how much of what happened was free will and how much was mind control. It’s an interesting thing to think about when reading this story and mulling things over.



Jan 23 2017

Tie By TeraS

Sometimes there comes a point where Tera has to actually appear as the Queen, an instant when Keith must appear as the King. This, of course, is something neither really enjoys, exactly, but, affairs of state being what they are, it is an inevitable thing. But with the formality comes a most special memory for them both, the memory of a most special …


By TeraS


The throne room of the Realm is a place with memories. It is a space in which choices have been made, rules laid down, and the future shaped to be what it came to be. While many think of this place as being central for Tera and her Eternal, Keith, it’s really not seen that way by them.

To Tera, the throne itself represents her parents. She remembers the hardships they confronted, the battles fought—both with words and, regrettably, in blood—when there was no other recourse to be found. The throne isn’t a terrible thing, not by any means, but she also recalls the point her parents made: the throne is a symbol; it need not be her. It might have to be used sometimes, it might be part of her life, but she did not have to be chained to it to be the Queen.

For Keith, the throne represented a promise he’d made and it was one that he held for always.
Meeting Tera’s mother was the first hurdle he’d had to pass. Now, that in itself was something that didn’t unfold as he’d expected. But that was meeting her as Tera’s mother, not as the Queen of a Realm. What has more concerning was having to meet her father, the King, as the King, not as Tera’s father, and that, if he was honest with himself, was a real concern. Keith knew that he was being protective of his only daughter, something that Keith respected and understood. It wasn’t his place to second guess his soon-to-be father in law.

It was, in the end, a matter of respect, and so it was one of the rare moments when Keith had to wear a tie.

“Are you nervous?”

Keith was tying his tie—something that he detested wearing—for the twelfth time as he looked into the mirror: “What makes you think that?”

Tera was leaning against the doorway, tapping a finger against her lovely red lips as he pulled the tie loose and started again: “The hour you’ve spent looking into that mirror and fumbling with that tie of yours.”

His smile was reflected in the mirror: “I always fumble with my tie. You’re the one that isn’t helping, oh bemused one.”

Her giggle did help settle the butterflies: “You didn’t ask, oh stubborn one.”

Pulling the tie free, her blue eyed Eternal offered it up: “Oh wondrous Princess of the Realm, would you give your assistance to a mere human who is all thumbs?”

Gently pulling on the tie, which was a particular shade of red that only one particular tail in the Realm possessed, the bemused one in question winked: “It would be my delight to help the soul whom I love … thumbs and all.”

“You’re just lucky we have to be on time. Otherwise I’m sure you have all sorts of plans.”

“I lost count at sixty-eight.”

He arched an eyebrow: “Sixty-eight?”

The red-tailed temptress purred, invitingly: “I’m sure you can figure out one more.”

Human or not, he wasn’t going to let that pass: “I have an idea.”

Seeing the look in his eyes, Tera looped the tie around his collar: “I’m sure you do.”

As she worked away at his tie, he mused out loud: “I might. It depends on whether or not you want both of us to be a complete mess, or just mostly.”

It turned out that Tera preferred a complete mess and the tie found itself used in a way it didn’t expect itself to be. Another tie was found, eventually, though the “search” took more time than it really needed to, not that the two Eternals really minded. This one was as red as the first, and this time Tera was the one to be fiddling with it.

“It’s going to be fine.”

“Sure, it’s only your father and he’s only the King.”

“You weren’t this nervous meeting my Mom.”

“Your Mom … is your Mom. She wasn’t the Queen at the time.”

Tera pulled the tie, perhaps a bit too sharply: “Mom’s always the Queen.”

His hands found hers: “She’s your Mom first, Queen second.”

So-green eyes found so-blue ones: “Dad’s the King first, Dad second.”

Keith smiled, trying to calm her worries: “I’m more concerned about that pitchfork of his.”

The ebon-haired Eternal smirked: “Not worried about mine?”

One of her Eternal’s hands slipped free of hers, lightly tracing a path over her hip towards the sensitive spot just beneath where her tail appeared: “In your case, lovely Princess of the Realm, I know your weakness.”

“mmm … Do you?”

His blue eyes sparkled: “I do.”

The second tie eventually found itself wrapped around a bedpost, having witnessed the talents of a very persuasive human upon the singular weakness of a certain red-tail that loved him. The search for a third tie took a lot longer than the preceding two attempts, mostly because there was a side trip into the kitchen where a lot of RediWhip had been “consumed.” Keith did, after all, need to research the effects of RediWhip on succubi tails … extensively … and Tera was an excellent subject for that research, of course.

The third tie was the very last one that they had. It was exactly the same shade of red as a certain future Queen of the Realm’s tail was. Whether the tie was hoping, for or against, for the fate of its fellow ties to occur was anyone’s guess. The tie betting pool wasn’t taking any bets on that.

They were standing in their front hallway, Tera fussing over things as he mused: “You know … I was thinking …”

The red-tail winced as she was trying, again, to get his tie exactly right, this time for real: “I shudder to think …”

“What difference does it make if I’m wearing a tie or not?”

She’d just about got the knot perfect: “It matters because Dad’s a stickler for formality.”

“You aren’t?”

Tera finished up the knot and stepped back: “I can be, if I really have to.”

He looked over his love’s black dress, trimmed in red, one that in the future would become the thing of legend which marked the appearance of the bemused Queen of the Realm: “I really do like that dress.”

That got him a peck on the cheek.

“But you know …”

She pressed two fingers against his lips: “I know, and I’d love nothing more than to walk in on Dad completely casual, but he’d flip his lid.”

A slightly gruff voice broke into their repartee: “That depends, dearest daughter, on why, exactly, you are both so late in making your appointment?”

Tera froze, not daring to turn about and look her father in the eye. She could see the clock on the other side of the hall and realized that they were almost four hours late: “Dad?”

Keith found himself looking over his love’s shoulder to see an older gentleman regarding him: “Sir, I’ll take responsibly for being delayed and causing any issues for you.”

“Care to explain what delayed you?”

Keith’s answer came with the lacing of his fingers with Tera’s, her tail wrapping around his waist and she resting her head against his shoulder: “I was having trouble with my tie.”

His red tail was moving slowly behind him: “Really?”

“It seems that a tie cannot be perfect without the help of an Eternal’s hand.”

He felt Tera’s tail tense, squeeze him a little tighter.

Tera never saw her father smile as he tapped two fingers to his horns: “Looks perfect to me.”

She did feel Keith’s nod: “She is.”

The King turned and made his way out of his daughter’s home: “Better get more ties young man. Useful things, you know … so I’m told.”

Keith smiled as he felt Tera trying to stifle a giggle: “Will do, sir.”

The promise was an unspoken one, passed from a father to his son-in-law, seeing his daughter and her Eternal.

Ties are, indeed, useful things . . . sometimes even as apparel.

The one tie that matters, however, is the one that binds two Eternals together.

Jan 22 2017

A Review of The Demon’s Daughter Makes the Grade by Nessa Triskelion

The Demon's Daughter Makes the Grade by Nessa Triskelion

The Demon’s Daughter Makes the Grade by Nessa Triskelion

A review of the third work in the Demon’s Daughter series this time on the Tale. I’ve reviewed the prior works in the series before and you can find the first review here on the Tale, and the second can be found here. Overall Elodie’s story has been interesting, but missing something and a lot of that has to come from the lack of real character development for her. There’s more focus on the sex than story at times and it’s a shame really. Being that really all of the works this author has released are in the same universe, the succubi being of the same extended family, there could be a lot of story to be told.

Turning the story to look inwards, to see Elodie be more than she’s really been explored to be, is something I’ve been waiting for. The third work in the series, and I really hope it isn’t the last, finally moves things along deliciously. Still, there’s a little question about that to wonder over.

As the author has also released this series, so far, as a collection, I will add an overall review of the series after the review of the third work. I’ll also share some thoughts and hopes for the future as well.

Being a succubus, sometimes you can’t get what you want, till you know what you want. Then the problem because the one you need might be more difficult to have. The having can be more delicious than the wanting and when it is, for a succubus, that’s delight indescribable.

The third work in Elodie’s story is:

The work tells the story of:

Elodie has been lusting over her professor for an entire semester. While most college girls have passing crushes, Elodie is a succubus, and her needs cannot go unmet for long. So, when she finally gets some alone time with the Ph.D, can she make the grade? Or is her hot werewolf roommate the only one who’s going to get a taste of the horny succubus?

Elodie has a problem and it’s more than her succubus nature. Having a crush for a human is a problem, but a succubus having a crush means that nothing will stop her from that crush, and for the one being crushed on, there’s no escape. Elodie’s needs merge with her nature and the succubus comes out to play, and then the fun really begins that Elodie’s been needing for so long.

The work is a bit odd in the beginning because there’s a major shift in Elodie’s personality that happens between the last work in the series and this one. Here, Elodie is in the prime of her power. She’s sure, no longer shy or uncertain about herself. She’s embraced her succubus self, allowing her horns and tail to be seen, her seductive nature glowing to be seen. It’s a telling change and it made me wonder where that’s been hidden for so long.

The shift is so strong, but it isn’t explored save to say that Elodie’s desires for Professor Bell seems to be the catalyst for it. That missing piece bothered me throughout and it need not have. Elodie as the apex seductress she appears to be here is a delight, erotic in its own way and more importantly, it shifts the focus of the series fully onto her.

That’s been missing for the most part and now having that, there’s more heat, the erotica is more fully realized as well. The seduction of Professor Bell is wonderful, Elodie’s playing of his attraction, her needs and how she reels him into her embrace is just about perfect. This work is, by far, the one where Elodie is a succubus, becoming all she is and delighting in who she is. It’s such a massive shift in the storytelling, but it just works for giving Elodie’s self the room just to be.

The buildup to Elodie’s encounter with her professor was really well done, the struggle he has feels right, seems right which makes the erotica, when it comes to call, ever so much more wonderful and I really liked how that all played out. If it was just the seduction alone, that wouldn’t be enough, but there’s a good bit of storytelling that offers a glimpse into Elodie’s thinking which was as hot in all honesty.

Still, there’s a lot of plots not explored, there’s a lot of plots of the past books not gathered up as well. Elodie’s mom is still a mystery, her job with her aunt is never touched on, her life outside of her sexuality isn’t used to expand upon her changes. It’s a series of lost moments and ideas that, while the tease is there, aren’t used.

But this is the best of the three works, and it made getting to the end reveal all the fun Elodie has become and is. I just wish there had been time spent to explain how she’s changed from the prior work to this one, if that was only a paragraph or two at the beginning of her recalling how she’s changed and delighting in that.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Of the three works in the series so far, this is my favourite of all. It’s Elodie as a succubus, being the temptress, being seductive and sure of herself. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to see from the beginning and it’s lovely to see, even if how she got there is a bit murky and hidden from  view.

There’s a lot of story not told still, the mystery of Elodie’s mom still awaits for one. There’s so many stories left dangling, so much heat not told. Her universe is offered, but not explored for the sake of the erotica. Should the series continue, that really needs to happen.

Thus, in the end, my thoughts remain as they have been overall. There needs to be some focus on building Elodie’s character, telling about her mother, who still is a mystery, and take Elodie from being just a succubus, which she isn’t, and into who she is meant to be. I hope so, because there’s a lot about Elodie I like and would like to see more of. I hope that will be.

We’ll see what the author decides upon, but my hopes will be for Elodie’s mom to appear most of all. That moment, to see where Elodie came from, I need to make things sing.

The Demon's Daughter Awakens by Nessa Triskelion

The Demon’s Daughter Awakens by Nessa Triskelion

Following the release of the third work in the series, a collection of the three stories was released by the author. Reading them together in a single collection brings into sharper focus some of the issues that the series has, but it also keeps the heat simmering along the way. That said, having the entire story of Elodie laid out leaves me wanting so much more from this character in so many ways.

Being a succubus, especially for Elodie, isn’t about the sex, it isn’t about the teasing and temptations. It’s about who she is, where she comes from, and why. Leaving things aside for the sake of the heat is a bit of a shame.

The collection is:

The collection summary is:

Elodie is a blossoming succubus! She’s tried to repress her abilities, but living in a world where magic is commonplace, why bother? After some convincing from her encouraging mom, El is off on a series of sexy adventures that are so hot that they’ll melt your kindle. She has her eyes on cute college boys, her werewolf bestie, and even her favorite professor!

I adore Elodie in so many ways for her personality, her needs and her wants. By the end of the three works, she’s become a delightfully seductive creature, sure of her power, her wants and how she’s going to go about having what she needs.

But there are so many gaps in the overall story and that’s the real shame here. There are teasing thoughts rarely explored that shape who she is, but aren’t told in detail. Her family is a mist of characters, her personality changing from being timid to suddenly the perfect succubus between the second and third works is a total surprise, if wonderfully so.

There are so many plot threads offered in the series, the most telling for me being Elodie’s mom most of all. She’s mentioned, but doesn’t appear, she’s important, but not part of the story. How Elodie thinks of herself changes, but it’s sudden, happening between books and, again, that leaves so much story not told.

The heat is very good overall, but it’s that last scene in the last book that just pushed the rest of the erotica into the background. Elodie as the succubus seeking her prey was some of the most perfectly written succubus erotica that I’ve read. But why that couldn’t have been given more time to develop, to bring her from a wallflower to a seductress in an overall more smooth and clearly told way I’m not sure.

It’s the singular problem with this series, and overall with all of the other works by this author. There’s so much story waiting and wanting to be told, but there’s a rush to get to the heat, tell that, then end things. It need not be, there’s a real story here, a really good one and the author needs to tell it.

I’m hoping that if this series continues that Elodie’s embrace of herself is explored more. That the story tells of her family, her mother in particular. Then comes the seeming relationship that Elodie falls into in the last book in the series. It’s all really good character development that can really add so much, if it’s used and I really hope it is.

I hope that there’s less jumping around from one encounter to another. Time taken to tell Elodie’s story, to explore her, really needs to happen. The jump between books two and three was jarring and it need not have been. Story, I’ve said many times, makes a lot of heat for me in erotica. The author gets right to the edge for the most part, but hesitates. Of the three works in the series, the last one is, almost, perfect. It’s a shame that it wasn’t.

For the series as a whole I’ll give it three and a half pitchforks out of five.

Elodie is an amazing character with a story to tell. Telling that story needs to happen, to widen this story universe further and tie up the loose ends that are all over the place. Doing so would be a delight, a thrill honestly. That hope remains well after the last page.