Jan 31 2014

Even on Lost Girl the signs are on the wall…

I am… unhappy. The main reason for this is quite obvious for anyone that has seen this week’s episode of Lost Girl. Writers, being of course the way they are this season, took it upon themselves to kill off Hale just at the moment where, of course, Kenzi was going to marry him. Why is it exactly that we cannot see Kenzi have a moment of happiness in her life? To be happy? Is that so much to ask for her?

It bothers me more that the way Hale was written out, at least for the moment as there might be an out for him to return, so I won’t declare him gone quite yet, was so… cheap. I don’t need a heroic departure or anything amazing, but I would like, if nothing else, that Kenzi be able to tell him she loved him and say yes to marrying him. What happened in this episode, after all that Kenzi and Hale have been through is just simply a waste. It should not have been. Let them at least wear engagement rings, or declare that they are going to marry to their friends and family. But this? This was just… sad.

The eleventh episode of the fourth season, also episode fifty-nine of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Massimo returns and brings an end to Kenzi and Hale’s happiness. Bo breaks with Dyson as Tamsin makes her move on him. Vex disappoints Trick and zombies are everywhere.

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This is the eleventh review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

When Hale dies in Kenzi’s arms, Bo sees…


The End of a Line


The episode opens with a series of flashbacks to earlier episodes which include: Bo leaving with Huginn and Muninn to confront Rainer, while in a voice-over Dyson tells Lauren that they should have protected Bo, and Lauren replying that Bo doesn’t want to see either of them. Then two short scenes are shown of Bo discovering that Massimo was human and then Massimo plunging into the furnace to his seeming death. Kenzi and Hale are then shown kissing after they admitted their love for one another with Hale and Kenzi in a voice-over telling each other they have “always been here.” Bo is then shown dealing the death blow to the Una Mens with Rainer looking on in the previous episode while Trick in a voice over asks Bo not to do so. Then the Origin Seed is shown gathering the powers of the Una Mens. Bo is then shown talking to Tamsin, asking Tamsin if the evil she met could be Bo’s father and Tamsin replying “that thing would have done anything to find his ideal mate. Including if it meant creating her himself.”

The episode opens with Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) offering Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) a pair of movies to watch, one being ‘Zombies got the Blues’ and the other ‘Sexy Vampire Doctor went back to College because he lost his way.’ Tamsin thinks about the choices and then answers: “Is that it?” Kenzi offers Jerry Maguire, but Tamsin clarifies her question and asks if the situation with Bo and the Wanderer is just… over. Kenzi replies that she doesn’t know and that Bo “locked me out.” Kenzi then starts on a rant over she being Bo’s best friend for four years as Bo (Anna Silk) approaches Kenzi from behind. Kenzi tells Tamsin that she knows every heartbreak, every tear and “just like that I’m out. So if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to forget about it all and watch some zombie movies okay?” Bo calls out: “I like zombies!” Kenzi is slightly miffed and asks: “Taking a break from athletic shower sex post-slaughtering the Una Mens?” Bo tries to explain to Kenzi that she has been “meaning to talk to you”, but Kenzi asks “what about Dyson and Lauren?” and Bo replies: “One day.” Kenzi rolls her eyes in disbelief which makes Bo ask: “What do you want me to say?” Kenzi asks: “I want you to say you’re not brainwashed. I what you to say that I still have a best friend!” Bo tries to reassure Kenzi that she “still has a best friend and no, I am not brainwashed. And as far as Dyson and Lauren go, it’s not like it was ever perfect. Dyson gave his love away and then he became an a-hole like forever.” Kenzi interjects: “You called him Mopey Dick.” Bo continues: “And then I broke his heart with Lauren and now she’s all buddy-buddy with The Morrigan.” Tamsin comments: “All bad things” and then Bo continues: “With Rainer, I finally feel like I provided something to a relationship. I broke his curse. We want the same things it’s bigger than love.” Throughout all of Bo’s assertions, Kenzi does not really believe what Bo is telling her. Bo then adds: “And I’m sorry if I locked you out Kenzi, I just needed some time.” Bo then picks up a bootleg DVD of Jerry Maguire and while holding it between herself and Kenzi continues: “You complete me.” Tamsin then breaks in and tells Bo that Hale asked Kenzi to move in with him, but Kenzi insists that she doesn’t know that, and all that she does know is that Hale has told her that he wants to talk to her and it is important, which Kenzi calls “terrifying.” Bo then asks: “Are you leaving me?” Kenzi replies: “Sucks when it happens to you huh?” Bo looks shocked and confused, but Kenzi hugs her and tells Bo that she: “Had me at a-hole. You had me at a-hole” which makes Bo smile. After the hug ends, Kenzi tells Bo: “Now, go downstairs. Snacks need drinks have I taught you nothing?” Bo replies: “So much. I’ll be right back.” Bo goes down into the kitchen and looks through the fridge as someone enters behind her, shuffling as they do so. Bo hears them and turns to see what appears to be a zombie approaching her. Taking a long knife, Bo thrusts it through the zombie’s chest, but to no effect. Bo comments: “This is usually the part where you die” and a moment later there is the sound of a blade moving through the air and the zombie’s neck is sliced through and it falls to the floor revealing Acacia (Linda Hamilton) who greets Bo with: “And you must be Bo.”

After the opening credits, we return to Bo as she watches Tamsin shove Acacia against a post and cry out: “You’re supposed to be dead!” Acacia replies: “What can I say? I’m just a lucky girl!” Tamsin checks Acacia’s right hand and finds that her hand had been severed but a new one had been attached there. Acacia explains that Massimo had “grown a new one onto my stump.” Bo asks Acacia how she lost her hand and is told that “The Wanderer had his crows cut it off. Because my protégé here didn’t deliver you as quickly as he wanted.” Bo seems shocked and tells Acacia that “Huginn and Muninn betrayed Rainer. They could have been acting alone.” Acacia asks: “So you two are on a first name basis now?” Tamsin tells Acacia that Bo is Rainer’s boyfriend and Acacia’s reaction is to begin to leave and comment: “Annnnd I’m out.” Tamsin stops her from leaving, but Acacia explains: “This wasn’t a social call” and Acacia explains she is a revenant hunter instead of a bounty hunter and that “it was a lucky coincidence that someone was trying to kill your friend here” referring to Bo. Bo asks what a revenant is and Tamsin explains that it is a dead Fae risen from the dead to settle old scores. She also adds: “Very effective. Acacia and I used to use them all of the time.” Tamsin examines the body and finds on it a Wanderer card and shows it to both Bo and Acacia. Tamsin angrily tells Bo: “We need to talk to your boy-toy now” but Bo tells Tamsin that Rainer left “late last night” and claimed that Rainer went to the battlefields to pay respect to the dead. Tamsin replies: “Yeah, or to reanimate them.” Bo insists that Tamsin is wrong, but Tamsin confronts Bo and asks what Bo really knows about Rainer. Bo’s answer is that she broke his curse and that “he’s a good guy.” Acacia asks: “How?” Bo insists that she would know if Rainer was trying to kill her. Tamsin looks through a book and then slams it to the table as she tells Bo: “Let’s see. Rainer right? Nothing. These books have every moment of our history in them and he is nowhere to be found.” Tamsin again demands to know where Rainer is and after a long look between Bo, Tamsin and Acacia, Bo turns away, takes her coat and tells them they are the experts and so they need to find out who is raising the dead. Tamsin takes the cut-off revenant head as Bo starts the search to prove that Rainer wasn’t behind the attempt to kill her. As the three leave, Kenzi enters the room and moans: “Guys! Unbelievable! Seriously, would I leave a dead body on the floor if her boyfriend was coming over?”

The scene then switches to Trick (Richard Howland) who is in his lair and looking at the image of The Wanderer as a winged horse that he had been looking at in the past several times. As he does so, Vex (Paul Amos) enters and Trick hides the painting away before he turns his attention to Vex. After greeting Vex and thanking him for visiting, Vex asks Trick why he isn’t out among the Fae “restoring the faith” and “spreading the word that the Una Mens are dead.” Trick replies: “Still drafting my condolences.” When Vex comments that Trick’s answer wasn’t what he was expecting from the acting leader of the Light Fae, Trick replies: “I used to be a King. I didn’t do that well either I’m afraid.” Vex laughs at this saying that everyone knows the tales of Trick’s “long and glorious reign.” Trick replies: “History is written by the victors.” Vex tells Trick: “History is written in blood” and then recites “And so he rode on his noble steed and cut down the vile insurgent thus ending the rebellion and bringing peace to the land.” Trick is silent for a long moment and then says: “No matter what I did. Rainer always had an answer. Always ten steps ahead. His gift is foresight. I had no choice but to use my blood. I wrote that his armies betrayed him.” Vex asks: “He was evil wasn’t he?” Trick replies: “Just defiant. Like my Granddaughter.” Vex replies with a smile: “Yeah, well, I can’t argue with that.” Trick continues: “There is real evil in the world Vex. Real terrors. The Garuda was evil.” Trick sighs and looks at the artwork he had been looking at before and sighs: “The Priapus. That’s real evil.” Trick then offers the art to Vex who looks at it and comments in disbelief: “The Priapus? Come on, bat winged horse? Honestly? You’ve got a better chance at meeting Godzilla!” Trick sighs: “Should have been a better King.” Vex pauses, then tells Trick: “Well, who among us haven’t regrets.” Vex then admits to Trick that he betrayed his own family to save his own life. Trick tells Vex that his father was one of the bravest men that Trick had ever known. Vex does not believe this, saying that his father was only a fisherman and that Trick could not possibly know him. Trick reveals: He was my best General. He was a hero.” Vex does not believe this, telling Trick: “No. My father believed that kids should be seen and not heard. He never liked my jokes. He never liked me at all. I never knew my father. And that suited him just fine.” Trick hands Vex a flask and asks: “What do you want to know?”

Meanwhile, Kenzi is at home, cleaning the long knife that Bo had used to try and kill the revenant who had attacked her. There is a knock at the door and calls out: “Hey hopefully not a dead dude but an absoulious sex machine!” But when Kenzi opens the door she sighs: “Oh my God Dimitri (Ian Matthews).” who is her cousin. When Kenzi asks what he is doing there, he answers: “We came to see you.” He then asks about a “69 yellow Camero” and if it is Kenzi’s. Kenzi says it isn’t her’s and then Dimitri tells someone on the phone he is holding: “Eh. Call it off.” When Kenzi asks what Dimitri means by we, a woman (Linda Kash) then appears from around the corner which shocks Kenzi and all she can do is whisper: “Mom.”

Elsewhere, Bo, Tamsin and Acacia arrive at a place that Tamsin calls: “A place that people go to when they don’t want to be found.” Acacia adds: “Or to find someone to carry out their dirty work.” Bo again insists that Rainer was not responsible for the attack, but Acacia is unconvinced of this. Acacia asks Bo: “Tell me, what’s the weather like in Rainer-land? Dark and stormy? Sunny and shady?” Bo warns Acacia to back off and Tamsin asks that they stop fighting an focus on finding “The Cult of the Dead” so they can find some answers. As they walk through the crowds, there are screams and the crowd parts to reveal another revenant is approaching them. Acacia comments: “Oh look, your boyfriend sent a grunting telegram.” Bo again tells Acacia that this is not Rainer’s doing and turns to face the revenant as it points at Bo.

Returning from a commercial break, Bo is about to face off against the revenant. She tosses her knife into the air and then says: “Heads it is” as she moves towards it. However, before she can do anything, Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) appears and dispatches the revenant, ending the threat. Dyson turns to Bo and comments: “Sorry I’m late. Traffic was a bitch.”

Kenzi in the meantime is trying to deal with her cousin and her mother visiting. Dimitri asks if Kenzi needs a new fridge, telling Kenzi that he can: “Get you a good price on this vending machine.” Kenzi warns Dimitri to stop selling her stuff and Kenzi’s mother insists that Dimitri is only trying to help, but Kenzi tells her mother: “Last time he tried to help someone stole my identity.” Dimitri claims this was a misunderstanding and then warns Kenzi that if she receives phone calls about bad cheques it might be a good idea to leave town which upsets Kenzi greatly. When Kenzi’s mother asks them to stop yelling, Kenzi reminds them that: “All we do in this family is yell.” Kenzi then asks her mother where she has been, but before she can answer Hale (K.C. Collins) enters the room. In a panic, Kenzi rushes over and tries to explain to Hale that her family just showed up and she adds: “I’m nothing like them. She’s only my mother by birth.” Hale then tells Kenzi: “It’s okay. I invited them!” In an outraged voice Kenzi answers: “You did this to me?”

In the meantime, Acacia comments to Tamsin: “Harvey is going to be happy to see us.” Tamsin replies: “Well. I hunted down his mom like a dog and delivered her to hecuba prison so…” Acacia tells Tamsin to wait outside. As this happens, Bo thanks Dyson for being there for her, but Dyson explains: “Well, my partner called.” Tamsin then interrupts Bo and Dyson, telling Bo that she and Dyson are going to go talk to the “locals” and that Bo should go with Acacia. After Bo leaves, Dyson sarcastically thanks Tamsin as they go in another direction.

Acacia and Bo enter a warehouse where Acacia comments: “So you are the one that convinced my Tamsin she could be more.” When Bo asks: “Something wrong with that?” Acacia replies: “Absolutely nothing.” Bo comments that Tamsin seems to love Acacia, but warns Acacia that if she gets on the wrong side of her that she will: “Not leave enough Chi in you to turn and cough.” Acacia tells Bo: “All I did was side with The Wanderer because I had no choice. Sound familiar?” Before the conversation can continue, there is a voice from the darkness that comments: “Well, well, if it isn’t my favourite ball busting over accessorized Valkyrie. So when did you trade in bitchy and blonde for brunette with bouncy Christmas hams?” Acacia greets him as Harvey (Scott McCord) and wonders if he is really still mad at Tamsin for: “Hog-tying your mother cause your mother is really fat and she kind of had no choice.” Harvey replies that should Acacia see Tamsin that she tell Tamsin that: “she can make it up to me with a little spit and elbow grease.” Acacia then slams Harvey’s head to a tabletop and then places the revenant head there as well, telling Harvey that she wants to know: “Who owns the head Harvey.” When Acacia reaches for her sword, Bo tells her: “I have this” and then uses her powers in an attempt to make Harvey answer the question. When Bo says her name, Harvey seems to be aware of who she is, and knows that Bo is a Succubus. When Bo asks him to give her the answers, he replies: “I would do anything for you and I’d do anything to you.” Bo releases Harvey and then he takes some blood from the severed head, pouring it into a glass and then goes about tasting the blood in a fashion similar to that of a wine taster. He explains that the only way to gain power over a revenant is to drink their blood. It also can tell who has power over a revenant at that moment. As Harvey continues to sample the blood, Bo tells him to finish before she becomes ill and he finally tells Bo: “Yeah. It ain’t one of mine.” When Bo presses for more information, Harvey answers: “This dead belongs to her” meaning Acacia.

After yet another commercial, Bo is confronting Acacia over the revenant who Harvey has claimed was sent by Acacia. Acacia pushes Bo away telling her: “Hands off the leather.” Bo replies: “That’s my line.” Harvey then gleefully cries out: “Catfight!” and rushes away to get a camera as Acacia and Bo continue to face off. Acacia claims that she might have killed the revenant, but she didn’t raise him from the dead. As Bo moves to attack Acacia, Harvey calls out for Bo to” Pull her hair!” as Bo angrily tells Acacia she is “nothing but a hired killer” and “this evil shit is right up your alley.” Acacia throws Bo against a wall and tells Bo she knows nothing about her, adding: “If I was here to kill anybody they would be dead already. I am that good.” Harvey continues to film the fight, calling out: “Rip her shirt open!”

As the fight continues, Tamsin and Dyson are walking together, Tamsin asks how Dyson is and he replies: “Never better.” Tamsin asks if Dyson is lying to her, but Dyson only answers: “Never better” and Tamsin replies: “Well, if it is any consolation, I think she’s crazy.” A homeless man (Adam Kenneth Wilson) calls out “Crazy!” and they turn to him. He then continues: “Help me? There can be no help for me. But there may be help for you. Long ago there were three sisters. And they were all magic but only one survived because she could control the dead. She took her like a shirt from a clothesline. Dead and alive, dead and alive. She can control the dead. She is dead and alive. She took her from me!” The homeless man then talks gibberish as Tamsin and Dyson look on.

Tamsin then enters the warehouse where she finds Bo and Acacia in a headlock with Harvey calling out: “Punch her in the tits!” Tamsin asks what is going on, to which Bo and Acacia reply together: “Nothing!” and then stop fighting. Tamsin tells them they found a lead “Someone named Laveau.” Acacia takes the severed revenant head while Bo takes the camera from Harvey, throws it to the floor and then crushes it under her heel, telling him: “Send me the bill” as she leaves.

Kenzi is in her bedroom alone when her mother enters and tries to talk to her, asking why Kenzi is “so mad.” Kenzi tells her mother: “Are you seriously going to ask me that?” Her mother offers a set of earrings that she says Kenzi loves, but Kenzi will have none of it. Kenzi reminds her mother: “Your boyfriend ruined my life” and her mother attempts to explain that Bodgen is a “complicated man” but Kenzi will have none of this. Her mother admits that she made mistakes, drinking too much when Kenzi was a child being one of them. She tells Kenzi that she should have protected Kenzi, but again, Kenzi will have none of this. Her mother claims that she thought she “needed a man” because she could not “stand on my own.” Kenzi replies: “I was a little girl mom and I was living on the streets because you chose that bastard over me. Do you know how long it took me to feel normal again?” When her mother claims to know, Kenzi tells her: “No. You don’t know. Before I met Bo I lived off what I could steal and I… I was in some situations not only that I am ashamed of, but I can’t even believe that I survived.” Kenzi’s mother then claims that she ended her relationship with her boyfriend six months ago. She then claims that she did not know how to find Kenzi, but when Hale called, she decided that she needed to see Kenzi. After her mother tells Kenzi that she has “the strength of your father” Kenzi does hug her mother and tells her that she was worried about her and that her mother did the right thing to leave her boyfriend. Kenzi’s mother is relieved and tells Kenzi that they will “celebrate tonight” and as she leaves, she asks Kenzi to “put on something nice. So much black. You could be a very pretty girl.” After her mother leaves, Kenzi picks up the earrings and seems to be thinking about something.

Elsewhere, Bo, Dyson, Tamsin and Acacia are on their way to see Laveau. Acacia asks Tamsin to help her understand what has happened with Bo and Rainer: “Okay, so help me out here. The Wanderer gets off the train and suddenly starts playing house.” Tamsin says nothing and Acacia asks what’s wrong. Tamsin explains that since Rainer has returned she is beginning to remember things such as she gave Rainer’s soul to the Blood King instead of taking it to Valhalla. Acacia is shocked that Tamsin was the one that put Rainer on the train, but Tamsin claims that she “helped make him The Wanderer.” Acacia tells Tamsin they must kill The Wanderer saying: “That man is bad news. Just because he is boning sugar snatch doesn’t mean that he’s going to leave you be after what you’ve done.” Acacia then whispers: “Rainer’s revenants are after you!”

The group arrives at a trailer around which are hanging several bodies with their heads cut off. Bo calls the scene “charming” and asks who Laveau is. Laveau (Marci T. House) leaves her trailer at that moment and claims to be a Voodoo Priestess and adds: “My gifts are at your service Succubus.” When Bo asks how Laveau knows her, Laveau claims: “Everybody knows you girl. You took out the high council council of hate and are involved with a man of mystery.” Dyson asks: “What do you know of it?” Laveau replies: “I know you felt that crazy kind of love wolf. I’ve seen into your animal heart. But when are you going to see its prison is totally of your own making?” Bo stops the conversation and places the revenant head on a table, adding: “We’re got a head in a bag and we’d like to find out who sent it to kill me.” Laveau laughs that Bo wants her to “wake the dead” and then Acacia loses control of the hand that Massimo attached for her, it taking the sword from her back. Acacia curses: “Massimo told me he made this from scratch! Dirty lying son of a grave robbing…” and then she swings wildly at Bo, Dyson and Tamsin as Laveau continues to laugh.

Following yet another commercial, Acacia is under control and Bo confronts Laveau. Laveau tells Bo that she has something she wants and when Bo asks what that is, Laveau explains: “The Devil’s horse, the Priapus is coming and I need to protect myself. When the prize of the five was all made dead their powers was sown into one. And I wants it.” Bo has no idea what Laveau is talking about and is told that what Laveau wants is “the seed” referring to the Origin Seed that was once in Trick’s possession. Dyson moves around behind Laveau and knocks her out. Bo looks at Dyson and he offers to take Laveau’s feet as Bo takes hold of her as well.

As this is going on, Kenzi, her mother, cousin and Hale are having dinner together. Hale compliments Kenzi’s mother on her cooking and she says it was so good because Kenzi helped, Kenzi commenting: “Easy mom. Baby steps.” Kenzi’s mother tells Hale that Kenzi will be a “very good wife” which shocks Kenzi and makes Hale wince. Having his hand forced by Kenzi’s mother, Hale takes Kenzi’s hand and tells her that he would not: “feel right doing this without asking for your mother’s blessing.” Hale drops to one knee and then places Kenzi’s hand over his heart and explains: “Feel my heart Kenzi. Whenever I am around you it loses control. The moment we met and I saw who you are through those ridiculously beautiful blue eyes I knew you were the one. Nobody makes me laugh like you do. Nobody makes me want to be a better man. No one does the exact opposite of everything I say like you do. Little mama…” Hale then reveals a ring box and asks Kenzi: “Will you marry me?” Before Kenzi can answer, her cousin’s cellphone rings and he answers it, which makes Kenzi shout: “Seriously?” When Kenzi’s cousin asks Hale if Bodgen “can expect his money tomorrow?” Kenzi is confused and Hale explains: “Well your father wanted to borrow some startup money.” Kenzi tells Hale: “The man is not my father.” Kenzi then turns to her mother, outraged that she lied to her. Hale tells Kenzi that “it isn’t a big deal” but Kenzi is furious and tells Hale to “stay out of this” as she tells her mother and cousin to get out. Hale is devastated as he closes the ring box, believing that Kenzi will never marry him now.

Elsewhere, Bo and Dyson have brought Laveau to Harvey and asks for his help to free Acacia of her control. Laveau then awakes and Harvey helps her to her feet, commenting as he does: “I guess your boys didn’t get what we need baby?” There is the sound of hammering at the doors and then in the windows can be seen many revenants trying to enter the building and attack Bo and Dyson under Laveau’s control. As this goes on, Harvey tells Laveau: “Even though you are dead you are the hottest bitch I’ve ever seen!” Harvey tells Bo there is no escape and Laveau demands that Bo give them the Origin Seed, Bo then pulls off a scarf that Laveau is wearing and it is revealed that her head has been attached to a body that isn’t actually hers. Bo figures out that Laveau is the head revenant and then cuts Laveau’s head from her body as she tries to run away. The other revenants continue to enter the building and approach Bo, Dyson and Harvey. Bo sees this and having no other choice drinks the blood from Laveau’s head before handing the head to Harvey telling him: “She’s all yours” and walking towards the oncoming horde of revenants and calling out “Be at peace!” which causes the revenants to collapse to the floor and are no longer a threat. Bo then asks Dyson: “Please tell me you have a mint.”

Kenzi is in the midst of throwing her mother and cousin out. She gives her mother back the earrings and does not want to hear her mother’s explanation for what has just happened. When her mother moves to strike Kenzi, telling her that she should have “not been so defiant,” Kenzi stops her hand in mid-strike and then tells her mother: “You know, I always thought you were a victim. I always thought you were scared but you aren’t scared. You’re just a coward who doesn’t value herself so you cannot value your own children. Goodbye.” After Kenzi’s mother leaves, her cousin tells Kenzi: “Listen. You and this guy. He’s good. Don’t call it off.” Kenzi takes his cell phone and then pushes him out the door without another word and closes the door.

Dyson is at the Dal Riata, sitting at the bar and drinking as Bo approaches him and asks: “So you want to talk about it?” Dyson tells Bo that he doesn’t but she asks that he be honest with her. Dyson tells Bo: “At least with Lauren I knew she cared, but this Wanderer…” Bo interrupts telling Dyson his name is Rainer. Dyson continues that he knows nothing about him and “neither do you.” Dyson continues that Bo does not know if “he is here to get back at Trick for cursing him?” Bo replies: “You have every right to be hurt.” Dyson looks away and answers: “I will always always be there for you I will always stand by you and help you fight the bad guy but if this… Rainer… if he turns out to be the bad guy… I don’t think I can help you with that.” Bo is shocked, asking: “You can’t mean that. You and I have always been more than just lovers.” Dyson tells Bo that he knows this, but then asks: “What are we now?” Bo does not answer that question and replies: “This whole destiny thing is hard to understand, believe me I am having trouble with it too.” Dyson reminds Bo: “The man kidnapped you” but she insists that Rainer did not and when Dyson asks “What was it like?” Bo again avoids the question, only saying: “It is a long story.” When Dyson looks away from Bo, she tells him that she would have stood by him and when Dyson completes the sentence with “when you were in love with me” Bo answers: “You cannot always choose your path.” Dyson again looks away as he takes a drink and tells Bo: “You seem to.” Bo hesitates and then leaves Dyson alone at the bar where he continues to drink.

In Trick’s lair, he and Vex are still talking, Trick telling Vex about one of his father’s great triumphs where he stood on his horse, threw his sword, and then used his Mesmer powers to force a soldier to be unable to defend himself, Trick calling it “legendary.” A shot of some of Trick’s books is shown along with an odd sound as the books move with no one touching them. Vex asks what happened and Trick explains that Rainer is being written back into history. Vex thanks Trick for telling him about his father and then moves to leave telling Trick that has “an important engagement.” Trick calls out to Vex and asks him: “The seed. The sixth Una Mens seed. It’s missing. Someone’s taken it from me.” Vex turns to Trick: “And of course you think I have something to do with it.” Trick asks Vex if he did, but Vex does not answer and turns away once more. Trick calls out to him: “It’s not too late Vex. I see the good in you. I see your father in you. Whoever has that seed has no idea what kind of power it can unleash. You can stop more suffering than anyone has ever known.” Vex looks back at Trick and replies: “You see good in me yeah? At least that makes one of us.” Vex then turns and rushes off leaving Trick behind who can only call out Vex’s name and tell him “Don’t be a fool!”

Elsewhere, Tamsin is walking with Acacia,who tells Tamsin: “It’s nice to have been working with you again baby girl.” Tamsin then confronts Acacia, telling her that she knows that no one hired her to track down the revenants. Tamsin tells Acacia that she knows that all of this was a plan to get Tamsin and her friends on the same side so “we would take The Wanderer out.” Acacia tells Tamsin: “You know the things he is capable of. You know the things he’s done.” Tamsin replies that she “isn’t a killer anymore.” Acacia reminds Tamsin that The Wanderer took her hand and Tamsin tells Acacia: “If Rainer is what I think he is, then I will be the first to slit his throat, but I am going to do it right this time I have to make sure.” Acacia asks: “What are you going to do Tamsin? Go out and find yourself a little wolf? Settle down and squeeze out a couple of puppies?” Tamsin then starts to walk away but Acacia stops her and warns that Massimo is “up to something big.” When Tamsin tells her that Massimo is dead, Acacia replies: “And you and I both know dead don’t always mean dead” and then after kissing Tamsin on the cheek she walks away.

Bo is pacing at home as Tamsin enters. Bo attempts to explain about Rainer, saying that she has questions too, but she “cannot ignore how I feel” and that “sometimes you just have to go for it right?” A book on a nearby table opens and they go over to look at it together. An image of Rainer appears on a blank page there and Tamsin asks: “Who’s the hottie?” Bo tells Tamsin that the image is of Rainer who she calls Tamsin’s boss. Tamsin looks at Bo and tells her: “That’s not my boss.”

Another commercial break and we return to Hale looking at the ring he was offering to Kenzi earlier in the episode as he attempted to ask her to marry him. Kenzi enters the room and calls out: “Got to hand it to you rich boy you know how to pick the bling.” Hale attempts to apologize to her, but Kenzi approaches Hale and asks him if they should slow down a little as they have “so much time Hale. We have all of the time in the world. And I just don’t want to be my mother. I don’t want to rush into things and feel trapped and lose… me. I promised myself I would never do that.” Hale replies: “You aren’t letting me down easy… Are you?” Kenzi replies: “Are you crazy? Do you really think that I would let the best most amazing wonderful man I have ever met slip through my stupid stubborn fingers?” Kenzi then holds Hale close and kisses him.

Bo is still looking at the book as Kenzi runs in and yells at Bo before showing her Hale’s engagement ring that she is wearing. Kenzi tells Bo: “Yes, but I haven’t said yes yet.” Bo is happy for Kenzi and Kenzi is amazed that she is “even considering it” and must be crazy, but Bo tells Kenzi that she isn’t, before she asks if Hale is upstairs. Kenzi stops Bo by calling out: “No pants! No pants!” Bo then tells Kenzi that she will go out and get some snacks and wine. Kenzi calls out after Bo: “And candy!”

Back at the Dal Riata, Dyson is still drinking there alone as Tamsin enters and walks up to him and asks how he is. Dyson tells Tamsin: “I haven’t felt this alone in centuries.” Tamsin asks Dyson if he remembers the first time they met and Dyson tells her that he remembers: “Taking some shots in the mouth.” Tamsin takes a drink and comments: “That’s not all I did to that mouth.” Tamsin then straddles Dyson and looks into his eyes. Dyson tells her that he: “Cannot even think straight right now” and she replies: “Stop thinking. You’re always thinking” before she begins to kiss him and encourage him by saying: “Come on” over and over again until Dyson begins to respond to her advances.

Kenzi is looking into the fridge and calls out to Hale: “Hey baby! You want cheese or ice cream?” When she closes the fridge and turns around Kenzi sees Massimo (Tim Rozen) there, his face burned and bleeding and says to Kenzi: “Well you could just die already.” Kenzi attempts to run past Massimo and screams out for Hale, but Massimo stops her and tells Kenzi that he “never did like the sound of your voice.” He then throws Kenzi to the floor before grabbing Kenzi by the hair and then starts to beat her, ranting as he does so: “You and that stupid Succubus bitch couldn’t leave it alone could you? You tried to kill me. Burn me alive.” When Kenzi tries to take hold of a weapon to defend herself, Massimo takes it away from her and taunts Kenzi telling her that he will: “Make you pretty. Just like me.” Massimo kicks Kenzi again and then places his foot on her throat before again taunting her asking why Kenzi doesn’t “use your sparkles and sparkle me away!” before calling Kenzi a “pathetic little human just like me.” Hale then arrives and pulls Massimo off of Kenzi, holding him by the throat before punching him, knocking him to the floor, kicking him repeatedly and then using his Siren voice to seemingly kill Massimo.

The next scene there is no sound, save some background music, as Kenzi is on the floor in pain and Hale touches his ear to see blood on his fingers. Hale wobbles on his feet and looks at Kenzi who is in pain and then she screams at Hale, but he cannot hear her words before Massimo appears behind Hale and drives the sword he had been holding before through Hale’s back and out his chest. After Massimo pulls the sword out of Hale, Hale falls to his knees and into Kenzi’s arms before he crumples to the floor, Kenzi crying out as she holds him. Massimo then shows Kenzi the Twig of Zamora and begins to repeat the verse that tells of its powers but stops midway in doing so and begins to rant at Kenzi again, telling her that the Twig has saved his life twice and thanks Hale before kicking him. Kenzi screams at Massimo not to touch Hale. Massimo then tells Kenzi: “You are right. I should be thanking you. Consider us paid in full” before turning and walking away leaving Kenzi alone with Hale. Kenzi begs Hale to breathe, but Hale tells her: “I love you.” Kenzi cries out: “No! No! Someone help me please! Please anybody! Bo where are you!”

After another commercial, we return to see Kenzi holding Hale in silence as Bo returns to find the aftermath of Massimo’s attack. Bo rushes over to Kenzi and Hale, asking what happened. Kenzi tells Bo that Massimo killed Hale and “it is all my fault.” Bo touches Hale and cries “Oh Hale!” as Kenzi mumbles about giving Massimo the Twig of Zamora in exchange for her power when Bo was missing and tells Bo that she alone is responsible for everything that has happened. Kenzi then looks at Bo and realizes that she can bring Hale back, but Bo tells Kenz that she cannot do so. Kenzi reminds Bo of the time after her Dawning when she took all of the Chi from everyone around her when Dyson was dead and brought him back to life and demands that Bo “being back Hale! You have to do it!” Bo yells at Kenzi that she does not have enough Chi in her to do so and it cannot be done, Bo telling Kenzi that she “cannot lose you.” Kenzi then takes hold of Bo and screams: “You are so god damned selfish! You say you always want to help but you only ever help yourself! I will never forgive you.” Bo says nothing and then Kenzi tells Bo: “Do it.” Bo then begins to take Chi from Kenzi but after a moment stops. leaving Kenzi gasping. Bo tells her: “Kenzi, I can’t save him.” Kenzi demands to know why and Bo tells Kenzi she will die, Kenzi screams she doesn’t care and Bo yells: “I do! I care! I choose you! I’ll always choose you!” Kenzi cries out that she was going to say yes, that she “wanted to say yes!” as Bo touches Kenzi’s cheeks and uses her powers to calm Kenzi down and sooth her pain as much as she can. Kenzi falls across Hale’s waist, her head on Bo’s laps as she sobs, Bo crying out in pain with Kenzi, telling Kenzi over and over again: “I’m so sorry…” The final image of the episode being Bo holding a hand to her face and sobbing as the episode ends.


Fade to black…

While this wasn’t I think one of the greatest episodes of the series by far, it was, really, one of the saddest. It seemed like Hale was doomed to die from the moment he and Kenzi expressed their love for each other. I had expected something like the bleeding from Hale’s ears to mean that he would pass on from some sort of disease and in that there would be time for Kenzi and Hale to be together, tie the knot and for a time be happy. Perhaps a chance for Hale’s father to reconcile with him. There were many plots and stories that Hale could have been on and seen through. But that won’t happen it seems.

Massimo returns and with him my dislike as well. Did I expect him back? To be honest, I didn’t for most of the season but when the actor’s credits came up this time I knew that Massimo would be doing something to Kenzi and through her Hale. I can see Kenzi using her skills as a Shadow Thief to find Massimo, take back the Twig and then kill Massimo painfully and slowly. That might even become an ongoing thing in the series with Massimo chained to a wall somewhere and Kenzi torturing him every so often. I can hope at least. On the other hand, in this comes the end of the Kenzi we knew and that, more than anything else, I will mourn with Hale’s passing.

I’ll also say that having Kenzi’s family appear was, for me, shattering a part of her past that we need not have seen and should not have. The questions of that past, of what her mother was like while not made clear were shaping how we saw Kenzi and having her appear and a waste of a cousin as well, just hurt Kenzi’s back story a lot.

Acacia appearing and pushing Bo’s buttons as well as making Tamsin go nutty was a waste of time honestly. I didn’t care for Acacia in the first place and now she might appear from time to time and I can’t see the point of it. Is it so important to have a minor character like her appear and really do nothing save rant and yell? I don’t think so.

Bo seems to be off in la la land for the most part. She’s all Rainer all of the time and in being so she loses Dyson and manages to not be there for Kenzi when really needed. Bo seems to be going valley girl and that bothers me. If her hair turns blonde, then I am so done with this series. Bo doesn’t think and act like she used to. That’s a real problem as all reaction and no thinking leads to disaster. Perhaps that’s the point of this season. Really all of the main characters seem to be going away from who they are. Bo especially and that bugs me.

Speaking of Dyson, losing Bo and turning to Tamsin, who seems to want Dyson for reasons of her own that aren’t really clear again is a problem. We all know that Dyson and Lauren are important to Bo and we have been down this path before with Ciara. So does that mean Tamsin is going to die as well? It seems to be an ongoing thing with those that get close to either of Dyson or Lauren.

Then comes Rainer, who we still know next to nothing about or The Wanderer who might not be Rainer, or the “evil” that hired Tamsin. All of this is a huge plot that was tossed aside this week for the most part. Their effects were still there of course, but the results are still to be seen. The final two episodes of the season might close that gaping hole, but somehow I am expecting a cliffhanger that draws those questions into the fifth season should that happen.

Trick and Vex had some time together, some tales were told and then it was inferred that Vex stole the Origin Seed from Trick. So the question then is who did he do that for, or did he do it for himself? I don’t like this turn of events with Vex, I would have expected something like this from The Morrigan, but not Vex. The question of what Trick revealed as well is a point that will return I’m sure. It would have been nice to know more than the little crumbs that were given.

Still, overall, it was a episode where the most important event was forced into the last five minutes of the episode and it need not have been. Too much time wasted again and that needs to stop.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Why is it that I feel like Bo is becoming less intelligent the longer she is with Rainer? She seemed to have a little bit of a “valley girl” thing going on in her speech and that was bothersome. I also don’t like all of the avoiding of questions and turning of conversation that is going on. Perhaps having Hale die in front of Bo will shock her back into giving a darn again.

Dyson…Drinking into a stupor, then confront Bo, then kill the relationship and… here’s Tamsin to do a stripper routine and be in Dyson’s life instead. We did this last season with Ciara remember? So why are we going down this path again? We know that he and Lauren have only eyes for Bo, so why not get back to that again?

Kenzi… So many emotions over her this week. I don’t understand why it is that Kenzi cannot have a moment of peace. To have, if not the perfect relationship, at least to have one that lasts. The last scene with Bo after Hale passed on was heartbreaking and… there will be repercussions. Many of them. As for the moments between Kenzi and her mother? To be honest Kenzi was a stronger person that I would have been by far.

Trick. A moment of Trick that only leads to more questions. With them comes, most likely, the season finale which will be, it seems, more of a mess than anyone really expected.

Hale. To bring Kenzi’s mother to her wasn’t a good move. There was not reason to do that I’m sorry to say and in the end, when Massimo killed Hale, the only thought I had was: “Why did we have to waste so much time before?” There is so much unfinished with Hale, his family, his relationship with Kenzi, the future that might have been. To have all of that end in the way it did was cheap and most of all unsatisfying. The writers I hope are not done with Hale, but if they are and this was his swan song this week… I just feel cheated.

Lauren. Hi! I’m here this episode for ten seconds of screen time!

Tamsin: Couple of zombie jokes, one or two arguments, get told off by a character we thought was dead and then make a move on Dyson when he’s drunk. She was busy but it all lead to a lot of nothing and spinning of wheels it seemed.

Rainer: On the milk carton this week.Should stay there honestly. But there are new questions and that might lead to something more than he seems to be.

Vex. Claims to be without good and that’s a lie and he knows it. I’m glad he has both hands back, but I wish that he was back to being Vex and not being a plot vehicle as he was this episode.

Massimo. The dunk in the furnace really helped… not. Still a really wild eyed insane character who it seems was only to be there to kill Hale in the end because of Kenzi making a mistake. The question is, what comes next if anything.

Kenzi’s Mother. If that really was Kenzi’s mother, I am so disappointed in the actress and the role itself. It was so wrong on no many levels by far.

Acacia. So she’s alive. I’m not impressed. She’s still a loud mouth with the personality of a turnip. I hope the series got their money’s worth because I certainly did not.

Dimitri. So stereotypical it made my teeth hurt.

Harvey. Don’t care. Too much over the top for my tastes.

Laveau. Could have been very interesting, but did not turn out to be so and that was disappointing.

Really the only character that I thought was interesting was the homeless man that talked to Dyson and Tamsin when they were waiting for Bo and Acacia to finish with Harvey. He really intrigued me and I would have liked to know more about him.

But then the entire point of the episode was Hale’s passing and really that was… sad.


My Review of End of a Line

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 2 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 2 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.4 Pitchforks out of 5


The entire zombie plot did nothing for me, didn’t answer any questions, and really seemed to be a real stretch to having a “special guest star” return for an episode. It would have been so much more interesting to have the entire episode focus on, for example, Kenzi’s family and then her accepting Hale’s marriage proposal. Really it should have and it would have been a much more powerful episode as a whole if that has been done. The moments with Hale and Kenzi were by far the most gripping and when Kenzi came apart at the end of the episode and Bo could not, or rather did not do anything to save him… That hurt most of all.

There was just a bit of Bo being a Succubus, but Boffy was once again in the forefront. The little bit of Bo being a Succubus with Harvey was indifferent to me. However, when Bo used her powers to calm Kenzi and try to help her… That moment I think might have been one of the most fateful in Bo and Kenzi’s relationship. Perhaps now Bo will be shocked out of her infatuation with Rainer and instead focus on what matters to her.

The settings for the episode were interesting. Zombieville had a lot going for it really. I find it quite neat that each time we see Trick’s lair somethings have changed a bit and it reflects his moods and personality over the episode. While there were really only two main settings in the episode, each was set for the moment to unfold in it and in doing so the more emotional aspects of this episode were drawn out.

As I have said, the zombie plot did nothing for me and went nowhere. Kenzi’s meeting with her family was uncomfortable by far. Stereotypical Russian characters do nothing for me. Most of all, the way that entire meeting went was such a waste and only served to make sure that the one thing that so many fans of the series wanted to see would never happen. It was interesting what Trick said to Vex and where that might be going, but again it could have been so much better by reducing or removing the Mom plot and giving more story about Vex and through him Trick.

Hale and Kenzi are the main reason for the character development in this episode. Bo didn’t go anywhere or lean anything until the very last seconds and even that was something she has known from the first episode of the series. Trick told a little, Vex as well, but overall nothing much progressed there either. Dyson seeming to break up with Bo and then have Tamsin get involved was some movement, but it won’t go anywhere because we know what maters to him and Lauren. And then we have Massimo who really seems to be in the series to be the means for Hale’s death and Kenzi’s ongoing pain and suffering. It just seemed like what mattered in this episode was drowned in the lot of chaff and that hurt.

With the arrival of zombies and the question about the Priapus, this added to the series mythos quite a lot. There were also a lot of little tidbits that gave little bits of trivia that again added to the series. But there was nothing given about Rainer, or The Wanderer or really anything that moved the series forward as a whole. There were hints and possibilities, but really they weren’t enough. Massimo’s return and what that says about the powers of the Twig are interesting and I really want to see Kenzi get that back…

But this episode could have been more. Hale could have been more. And if wasn’t which really is something it should not have been. The writers need to remember that they aren’t named Josh and keep that in mind. A lot. This series has its own voice and it has been muted for too long.


In Two Weeks: It Begins

Bo is reluctant to comply with her role in a prophecy foretold by an order of Knights, until advice from a surprising source helps her make a difficult decision.

Something I’ve noticed is that every single season at the end, Bo “has a role in a prophecy” and she fights against it. That particular path has been tread so many times I wonder if it has been paved by the writers by now.

Something I want to see is Kenzi seeking justice for what happened to Hale. I’d like to see her get that quickly and finally so that there is closure to that arc as soon as it can be done. I expect, sadly, that we will not see the Kenzi we know and love again after what’s happened. That, more than anything else is disturbing.

The one thing that sticks in my thoughts from this episode beyond Hale’s murder, is the Priapus. Do look that particular myth up and note what it represents. If that is not a really backhanded way to get the series back to Bo’s Succubus routes I’m not sure what is. To be clear, I don’t care for it, I would have rather found that Bo’s father was Odin or Lucifer or something else as if this being is Bo’s father that’s just too disappointing.

Still, none of these thoughts seems to be where the story will be going and that really is a concern. Lots of plots open, lots of questions left and there are only two episodes to go. Wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to actually get things set up for the finale? Now, I am, I hope, ranting over nothing and they will in fact set up the season finale really well. But if they do not, what does that say about this season as a whole?

To me at least it tells me that somewhere along the way our Lost Girl really has become… lost. Taking a long look at all of this season I honestly can only think of two episodes which were important or meaningful to the series. Past that, it has been aimless and, I regret, lifeless for much of the season.

Two episodes left. They won’t save this season, but they might redeem it.

I hope so.



Jan 30 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 316

The second of two Succubi works of art by Frans Mensink that I simply adore… I mentioned last week that one of the works spoke to me in a special way, and those that know me will understand exactly what I mean when they see this art…

For one particular Succubi and one particular Angel that is…

Goodandbad2 by Frans Mensink

by Frans Mensink

This work is called Goodandbad2 and is by Frans Mensink. I found this art here on DeviantArt and this artist’s page can be found here, and the artist’s website is here as well…

So much to love here… The Succubus, her horns and tail, no wings, lovely raven hair, perfect smile and clutching a single Angel feather in her hand just… just is perfect. The Angel, her lovely blond hair, her smile, her lovely wings… All she would need is a orange halo and she would be perfect as well…

For this work, while the artist calls it Good and Bad, to me is more like Two Lovers Entwined for it speaks to me of an Angel who loves a certain Succubi Queen and is loved in return…

And, truly, love is everything isn’t it?



Jan 29 2014

Darling, you aren’t what you think you are…

Devil Darling Leather Corset DressI do understand that not all costumes in the end are what they are envisioned to be. Nothing really ever can be, but, when something basic cannot quite be more than it appears to be, that’s a disappointment.

This is called the Devil Darling Leather Corset Dress and it comes with the leather corset and skirt, a matching G-string, the tail and the pair of horns the model is wearing…

It sells for $53 US on the sites I have found it on…

I do like the corset somewhat, the lacing on the skirt bothers me however. The tail isn’t that awful and the horns aren’t bad either.

Here’s the thing however. The accessories can be purchased separately. So in truth the costume is not all that it appears to be.

I mentioned I liked the corset, and if I think about this for a bit, the entire collection for around $50 means that you could, in theory, have an entire outfit for what a good leather corset would cost by itself.

Then my thoughts turn the question of what the quality of the corset and the skirt are really. If it really is as good as the ad copy on it is, then really it would be quite the deal. But somehow I have the concern that while it looks good, it isn’t the kind of quality that I have with some of my better leather outfits…

I’ll give this three out of five pitchforks.

That might be generous, but there is always the barest little hope isn’t there?



Jan 28 2014

A Review of That Old Hell Magic by Justin R. Macumber

I know that usually on Tuesdays I post some of the RPing that I have done in the past. However, I’ve run into a bit of a problem that I need to address and that is I have a huge number of books about Succubi that I have not as yet reviewed and as such they are piling up faster than I am able to review them. As a result, I will be using, for the next while, Tuesdays on the Tale to post a book review from a book that is recently released in an effort to catch up as quickly as possible with all of the review that need to come… When I manage that, I will be returning to sharing my RPing here for those that are interested in that…

But for now… The Book Reviews begin:


That Old Hell Magic by Justin R. Macumber

That Old Hell Magic by Justin R. Macumber

The question of what drives a Succubus is an interesting one. Generally writers see them as being evil beings that really don’t care about anything or anyone save themselves. The question that they fail to ask often is, why is the Succubus doing what she is? What is driving her to, for example, take a soul or seduce someone. What makes that something that has to happen.

With that comes the need to give the Succubus some character. Oh she can be sex on heels and she should be, but there needs to be that little bit more about her. Sometimes only a little tease appears, but in that comes a lot of personality…

The story is of:

Demons, magic, and the Sunset Strip. For Detective Darcy Winters, it’s just another day on the job as he walks into the hottest nightclub in Los Angeles to hunt down an unlicensed succubus. What he finds, however, is far more than he bargained for, and what should have been a routine bust quickly becomes a fight for his life, perhaps even his soul.

Darcy goes into a club and sees a jazz singer on stage and she’s mesmerizing powerful. She holds the attention of the room she performs in and the reason is… She’s a Succubus. Darcy is there to arrest her as it appears she has been taking souls. The problem is that what he finds isn’t quite what he expected.

The universe is really very interesting as it as as mixture of magic, steampunk, future tech and supernatural beings in it. It is a very rich universe and within that the characters, even the minor ones, are quite well described. The detail of Darcy’s world, his own appearance and the magics he is capable of are quite telling. I have to admit that from the beginning I had this sort of Film Noir mood in my mind that seemed to fit the action of the work really well.

Shira, the Succubus of this work, is just the right balance of seduction and power that I do enjoy reading when it comes to Succubi. Her description at the beginning is wonderful and when she is revealed in all of her Succubus self… It is really her. She’s sexual, erotic and unashamed of that, like any Succubi should be. But what’s more interesting is that she isn’t monstrous. When Darcy looks at her with “true sight” he sees her as she appeared on the stage, just with black horns, tail and wings. That in itself to me is important to me in that she is very much “what you see is what you get.” Really that’s the best kind of Succubus. One that knows herself.

By the end of the work, I really wanted to know more about her. She has attitude and personality that to me just meshed perfectly with Darcy and I would have loved to see that going forwards. I have the oddest thought that Darcy appears at his police station the next day and finds that Shira was working undercover and now is his partner… That would be interesting for the two of them i think.

Tightly written, really nothing took me out of the work by any means. But it is short and the action makes you race through the story to get to the climax and then beyond that there is but…. wondering. Lots of that really and as such I really would like to see these two meet again sometime…

Four out of five pitchforks.

Bit too short, I would have liked to know more about Shira because she interests me quite a lot really. Perhaps the author will revisit her at some point and see where things might lead to…



Jan 27 2014

The Point By TeraS

Another one of those short stories that I write from time-to-time today on the Tale. There might even be a point to it … if you really look for one, that is …


The Point
By TeraS 


It was, should one consider it, really one of those questions that were asked of Tera on a regular basis. Sometimes it was someone she met … out there … somewhere. Other times it might come from someone in the Realm that had the question in mind for a long time and, quite on the off chance, came to find themselves bumping into Tera … one way or the other.

What usually followed was a pause, a long drawn out one, as if the person was trying to decide if this was the right moment to ask the question or not. Or perhaps it was more a matter of pausing and reflecting on whether or not asking might irritate Tera in some fashion or other and wind up with the Queen being … disappointed. Regardless of the reason for the pause, Tera knew what would come next, because she had come to know that particular pause so very well by now. She would patiently wait, because that was how she was, after all, and allow the question to drift into the air, out in the open for all to see and think about.

It was, to tell the truth, a question that Tera herself had spent more time thinking about than she would likely wish to admit. She had read about it, talked about it, asked about it, and, in the end, came to discover that the question was something special.

It depended upon the one who was asking it, first of all, because perspective did matter so very much when this question was asked. To some, it might mean very little at the moment it was asked, and would never amount to much. For others, the question would come to mean something in the fullness of time … whenever that happened to be. For certain people, it mattered in that moment, because it was a question that meant something in the here and now and always would to them.

The object of the question also mattered. Was it a person? A place? A thing? It could well be any and all of these, again depending upon the person asking the question and what she or he were thinking about, wondering about, or deciding upon.

But whichever the case or whatever the situation, impression, or consideration, the question was posed with the same words: “What’s the point?

These three small words always do have a certain hold on anyone who asks the question. For Tera, they meant one thing; for someone else, they would mean another. Again, it was a matter of perspective that made the difference. Those observing Tera would see her tap a finger against her lips a moment, her head tilted to the right as she considered how to respond. It would not seem like she thought about the question for long, but her answer would seem as if she did—because, after all, she had.

“What is the point?” Tera never used contractions, thus the three-word question was always turned into a four-word one before she replied. It may well have been that the extra word made the difference in the answer she gave, but then, no one really asked her why she did so. Everyone was usually more focused on the answer and missed the nuance—a pity, for in that nuance was the key.

“What is the point?” she would begin. “We all need something to strive towards. Is there a moment to experience? Is there a passion to ignite? Could there be a fleeting encounter that changes the world, yourself, or another? It is part of our nature to look out into the world around us, the universe that we see and wonder to ourselves.”

That finger that had been tapping her lips would move off and away from them, now being part of the hand that Tera rested her cheek against as she smiled warmly towards the one that had asked the question of her. “We look at the world and wonder, ‘Why?’ In the same moment, we wonder, ‘Why not?’ We look into our past and consider what was, and then look into the future and consider what might be. We see, from our moment, that we have done things, and we think about the point of them. We look ahead and wonder about the point all those things will have to us someday.”

She then would allow herself a soft, knowing smile … just a little one … one in which there was no hidden meaning, no disguised aspect to it. It was simply a smile born from one who had, has, and will be asking that question of herself, always.

“The point is. It changes from one moment to the next, becomes something never expected, and yet it is always exactly what you expected it to be. It transforms itself from moment to moment as it looks at you and in return you transform it when you look back.”

She would then brush a few stray locks of her hair back over her shoulder and then ask a question in counterpoint to the one she had been asked: “Does it matter that the point is ever found?

This would usually cause some confusion, as the question was one that likely hadn’t been considered, for really it never is. Tera would wait patiently for a shrug, a cough, a confused look, something that showed that there wasn’t an answer for her question at that moment.

“Arriving at the point is only the beginning of the search towards the next one. The point is not the point … the point is the journey towards finding it. Good, bad, or somewhere in-between, the path taken is what really matters.”

Again, this would be greeted by confusion: a laugh, dismissal, or some other waving of a hand, hoping to make that particular thought disappear into the ether. But it wouldn’t. The new thought about the journey would remain, sometimes in the background of thought, sometimes in the foreground.

The path of that new thought would branch into two directions. The first, sadly taken more often than the second, would be a polite thank you, the questioner retreating to seek his or her way.

The other path, the more interesting one, would be in a look the one giving the question would have. It would be one of wonder—not always understanding, but certainly of gaining a new perspective and, in having that, changing and growing, as well.

Whichever the path, the response from Tera would be the same: “Would you care for some company along the way?

In those words the point would be found, offered with a smile, sparkling green eyes, and more.

And those who answered “yes” would have unlocked the true gift.

For in truth, that—joining—is Tera’s point, always waiting to be found for everyone who sought it out.

Jan 26 2014

A Review of Celt Secrets by Judith Post

Celt Secrets by Judith Post

Celt Secrets by Judith Post

A series that I have been following is called the Babet/Prosper series by Maddy Psst. I reviewed a previous work in the series on that Tale which you can find here. It’s lovely universe where Succubi and Incubi exist among all kinds of other otherworldly beings…

A question that comes is, what would it take for all of them to work together? Could it be as simple as one’s love being threatened? In truth that is a good reason for doing… anything.

The work tells of:

Hatchet, River City’s liaison between cops and supernaturals, has a problem. His vampire girlfriend has disappeared. Naturally, he goes to Babet and Prosper—his partner on the force—for help. It doesn’t take long before they discover that an old enemy has finally caught up with Hatchet, a Druid priest with a dark side. He took Colleen and offers to make a trade. He’ll sacrifice Hatchet in her place if Hatchet comes to him, alone, and willingly lets him bind him.

Hatchet, a friend of Prosper loves one of Lilith’s girls as they are described. She is kidnapped and through this a threat to all in the city they live in is uncovered. The question is, who or how will the threat be faced?

Just a really well written, engrossing story set in a world that really interests me a great deal. It has the lovely aspect that Lilith isn’t what you might expect her to be. More so that her girls, both Succubi and vampiric in nature, are also not quite what you might expect them to be either.

It’s also a neat touch, which I love every time I read this series, that Lilith owns a brothel, and knows… everyone. She is very powerful, and is obviously so, but does not flaunt that power in the stories she appears in. She reminds me of a certain Succubi Queen in how she cares about her family and those she calls hers. She isn’t like her myth abd that is very refreshing to me to see in any story.

There are several Succubi that appear in this work that are seen for a fleeting moment, a word or two and then pass into the background again, but their personalities stand out very well and I found them quite memorable.

While I do realise that the series is not focused on Succubi, I like that one of the central characters, Lilith, is one and is important in the way things work within the city proper. And she as a character really interests me to the point I would like to read a story that revolves around her, how she came to be where she is, and why. Perhaps sometime that story will be told as well…

Four out of five pitchforks.

I recommend this series very highly if you enjoy supernatural beings of any kind. For they all exist in this universe and are so much more than they seem…



Jan 25 2014

A lovely Morrigan Aensland Tribute YouTube…

Another YouTube tribute of Morrigan Aensland this week… I rather like the majority of the images that were chosen. I think I only really disliked two of them, mainly for there being some blood on Morrigan. I found one work of art that I really loved and I hope to be able to find a better example of it sometime…

If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, click the link here:


And here is a screenshot of the one piece of art that I think really gives life to Morrigan’s personality more than any other in the video…

Morrigan StillI have no idea who the artist is, but this to me is almost exactly how I envision Morrigan to look.  She looks more real in this art than I have seen in a lot of art and really that is something that I look for.

I do hope to find the original art someday…