Aug 23 2014

A Devilish Chibi Drawing YouTube

I love cute images of Succubi, and some of the cutest are those I’ve found in what is called chibi art… I found a neat teaching YouTube of one and the character in it just make me smile…

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, try this link:

And, of course, a screenshot of the chibi herself…

Chibi Devious by Mark Crilley

Chibi Devious by Mark Crilley

This art is by Mark Crilley, and you can find their YouTube page here.

She is, quite simply, the cuteness and I just adore her… Her smile, her tail, her entire look is just so very right to me in so many ways…

I’d love to see a webcomic with her appearing in it, I think she’d be a lot of fun to watch ply her cute brand of sort-of evilness over the other in the comic… Mebby that’s something to think about… sometime…



Aug 22 2014

A Review of The Succubus Series by Vanna B

The Succubus: Sins of the Flesh by Vanna B.

The Succubus: Sins of the Flesh by Vanna B.

One of the things that bothers me more than anything else when someone writes a story about Succubi is that they appear as being, for lack of a better description, beautiful monsters. They are written as creatures with no soul, no real caring within them. They are simply existing in the story as a means to shock and then draw others in the story to do poor things. I do not enjoy horror. I do not enjoy horror that attempts to give meaning to itself by wrapping itself in the guise of erotica.

Perhaps when authors write something like this they should clearly say that the work is horror and not really erotica. In doing so I might have taken a different approach or had other expectations in the works. Still, the promise I thought I saw at the beginning quickly turned into something that just turned me off completely. If the second work hadn’t been free, I don’t believe I would have looked at it either.

In short, the series I read recently did nothing for me. As such I will be reviewing the two parts of the series that I did read and I will not be continuing to follow this work for a very simple reason. I have better things to read and better works to enjoy than this was.

The Succubus 2: Raven's Reign by Vanna B.

The Succubus 2: Raven’s Reign by Vanna B.

There is a third work in the series, but as I did not read it, nor do I wish to, this will be the extent to my review of this series. I have to assume that as dark and horrific as the series was to this point that the third work isn’t any better. What bothers me the most is that the concept from the summaries that are listed with these works makes them seem like something I might like. Perhaps that is the biggest problem of all.

The first work in the series tells of:

Dressed in strange clothing and covered in tattoos and piercings, Raven DuBois appears to be just another goth college student rebelling through her unusual, dark style. Darrin Brown, on the other hand is as boring as they come. Before moving to NYC to complete his sociology degree, the Average Joe knew nothing more than church, the four walls of his Detroit home, and his Plain Jane girlfriend, Melody.

Raven is spontaneous…unpredictable…dangerous. She’s unlike anyone Darrin has ever met and he’s instantly intrigued by her unique style, killer body and seductive ways. But he soon finds there is much more to her than meets the eye.

After getting a taste of what Raven has to offer, Darrin can’t get enough. He soon falls deep under her spell and will do anything she asks of him, without questioning. He finds himself a pawn in her wicked game; a game in which he stands to lose more than he ever imagined – including his soul.

The second continues with:

Darrin is no longer the shy, scared boy he used to be. The newfound confidence Raven helped him discover, along with his good looks, laid back swagger, and charming smile, cause women to gravitate to him, and each night he has a different woman in his bed.

But none of them can compare to the fiery demon temptress whose seductive ways keep Darrin at her beck and call. He will do anything to make her happy, even carrying out a murderous mission to make her upcoming birthday one to die for. Carving up thirteen innocent women to please Raven is a piece of cake for Darrin, but a vigilante demon hunter comes along to crash her party. If things go according to her plan, there will be no icing and no candles because she intends to blow Raven’s fire out forever more.

As much as the summaries might suggest there might be some erotica in the works, there isn’t. There is a great deal of pain, suffering, abuse, hate, and more negative emotions that any kind of heat generated from the story is lost in it.

You cannot have a reasonably hot erotic encounter followed by a mass murder or worse, at least I think so, and that happens more often than not here. There are many taboos that are crossed in the works, one of which was a complete and total turn off for me and when it happened that ended any kind of enjoyment for me period.

It is a repetitive cycle of abuse followed by actions to gain favor which lead to more abuse. There is no real substance to the works save for the moments of horror and abuse that the characters suffer though. So why is that so?

Why is it that what begins as what might be an interesting entanglement turns into a story of personality change, loss and in the end, suffering for so many? There is no respect for the female characters in the work, they all turn into fodder for a misguided belief which the demon, and she is a demon and not any sort of Succubus by any stretch of the imagination, is forcing on the male lead character.

There is a D/s relationship in the work, or at least it attempts to be one in the beginning but really all it turns into is abuse and lies for an end. That is not any kind of story I can enjoy. I did not. I cannot recommend a story where abuse is the core of the story and everything else is muted by it being so overwhelming.

One pitchfork out of five for both.

That one pitchfork is for the concept and the beginning of the series. It is a shame that the promise in the beginning was tossed aside for the mess it turned into when there was a good interesting plot that could have gone somewhere without resorting to the scenes of murder and destruction that appear.

I don’t like horror for the sake of it. I don’t care for a story that is more about the horror and what goes into it than the characters themselves. Most of all I dislike stereotypes. and there are a lot of them in these works.

I cannot see myself finishing the series for how I felt after reading each work. The thing that amazes me most of all is that so many people are giving these works five star ratings and it doesn’t make any sense to me why they do so. The reviews are vague to the point of almost being advertising and I wonder if they are.

Of course it is all about personal taste. For me this series leaves a bad taste.



Aug 21 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 345

I’ve written some stories in the Realm about Succubi that have various roles. Librarian being one of them. Some time ago I was directed to an image of a Succubi who… Well, I was told she might be a librarian… or an accountant. And I think she’s a lovely accountant at that…

Devil of Detail by jollyjack

Devil of Detail by jollyjack

This work is called Devil of Detail, and it is by an artist on DeviantArt named Jollyjack. You can find the original page I found this art here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt is here as well…

This is just so perfect in so many ways… The only thing I wish she had was a tail, although her braided hair does sort of represent one if you think about it. I like the stylized horns here which at least to me are red so she could be a red tail in the Realm.

I really need to ponder that idea, the one about an accountant of the Succubi and what she might be doing. Perhaps counting Pets? Adding up seductions? Really they are some fascinating stories to be told.

Of course the question becomes of what her name might be, as part of the Realm.

Addison? Yes it is a little silly but still…



Aug 20 2014

It’s warm as a costume goes… it isn’t feverish…

Fever Black Devil CostumeBlack I don’t mind all that much as a costume colour. It has its place and really it can work well in the right combination… This is… close.

This is called the Fever Black Devil Costume and it comes with a black zip up romper with mesh insets, a black horned headband and a pair black wings. The stockings and boots the model is wearing are not included, nor is a tail, and it sells for $48 US.

Adding the stockings and boots to this drives the price of this costume to $128… Adding a tail would drive it to $140 US…

Overall I kind of like the look of this costume, though there is no tail to be seen. I’m not sure I would go with the stockings really or the wings for that matter, neither of them do much for me to be honest.

The horns at least match the costume and, as a thought, wearing a red wig with this might be… interesting…

I can sort of see needing a whip of some kind as well considering how dommish one looks wearing this combination.

I’ll give this two out of five pitchforks as it is…

It might be more when I change things… a bunch.

We’ll have to see if this makes it to the top choices for the year, but I don’t think it quite will manage that honestly…



Aug 19 2014

A Review of Summoning the Succubus by Gabriel Argonne

Summoning the Succubus by Gabriel Argonne

Summoning the Succubus by Gabriel Argonne

It is not often that a story focuses on the return of Lilith in a way that makes her a power and not simply a creature of habit. By that I mean, in general, when she appears there is nothing really told about what she has been through, what her desires are, and, more importantly, what her plans are to gain what she wishes.

Lilith should not be a cardboard rendering, nor should she be a simply evil being that acts as a monster. She should be both seductive and intelligent. She should be able to see the desires of others and bend them to her will.

She has to be more. I found a work that does that very well.

It tells the story of:

Lilith has been residing in Limbo for centuries, biding her time after he last defeat, when at last she feels the tug, a sensation long awaited. After arriving in the modern world, she begins the task of taking over and gaining power through the only means that she knows: sex. Can the world resist the temptation?

The work tells of Lilith being summoned back to the material plane, encountering those that summoned her, and then bending them to her will. While this might sound somewhat like a normal story about Lilith returning it is quite a bit more than that.

Lilith herself is not stereotypical in this work in that she is not seen as a thoughtless monster or creature that exists only to bring suffering. Instead she is given form, purpose, and desires that she wishes to make real. She speaks with a clear voice, a powerful one, and those that believed they would control her are quite mistaken soon enough.

It was quite nice to see that Lilith has a tail and uses it at several times through the very hot erotic moments, to turn the heat up a bit more. She is seductive, she is very much a Succubus in how she can see into the desires of others. There is also some nicely told moments of mind control that again made the story fit together well. But the most telling thing about Lilith was that she thought about her actions and what she needed to do in order to make the best with what she had around her. She wasn’t simply reacting or taking without concern or thought. She knows that taking too much would be a problem and she tempers herself.

At one point Lilith seduces and changes one of those around her and we see that happen step by step and it is written in such a way that the heat in her actions, what she says and teases, makes for something that is every bit as hot as the core erotica scene in the work. There is a certain way that Succubi need to be written and this author I think manages that very well.

The work is not a simple hot flash in that the work is not a sex scene with no meaning. There is reason, past and goals in Lilith. There are stories told about those that summoned her and the others that are drawn to her. It is a well told story about entrapment, submission, and more that is done very well. The only real issue is that it might have been triple the length it is to tell more of Lilith’s story, what she had been through, and what she plans next.

But it ends at a cliffhanger of sorts and in doing so left me wanting slightly. The build up, the heat, the entire work was wonderful… But then it stops suddenly and… I really wish that it didn’t.

Very well written, the erotica has lovely heat, there is a strong undercurrent of mind control to it which is done very well. The author gives Lilith a means to capture those around her and then bend them to her will that tells of the secrets they hold, but also of how Lilith sees those hidden wants and needs, twisting them to do her bidding. There was but one word error, something said to be singular, but in fact there was many of them around Lilith. Beyond that, the work is quite short and where the story ends makes it feel like there is more to come. I would have liked to see more of this work and I’ll watch for more. I think the world and story is remarkably well told. It would be a shame for it to end here.

I’m giving this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

One of the better concepts of Lilith in who she is, what her wishes are and what she has been through. A well told story of her power, her will and how that shapes those that she entraps in her plans. But it is short, painfully so when the story is told. I hope for more to this story as I found it fascinating…



Aug 18 2014

The Path from Truth to Love by TeraS

One of the things that came to me this past week was the oddest thought about philosophy. By that I mean: what does that mean to be in the Realm? To be of the Realm? Then I also remembered that, this week, I am giving a speech to a classroom of students. That brought me to wonder about the Realm, about what teaching is like there …


The Path from Truth to Love
By TeraS


When the summer begins to turn, the winds start to chill (just a touch), and the thoughts of those who have just, ever so recently, found their way to the Realm, turn toward just what they have gotten into, there’s one special time that comes for each succubi only once.

Some might think of it as orientation, some others their first real day of being truly part of the Realm.

For Tera, it is a moment that means so very much to her. It’s that moment when the truth is spoken.

Some might expect Tera to be lecturing, to fill up a hall with a hundred or so new succubi and incubi. She might be standing at the lectern, a ream of paper in front of her, perhaps some slides to emphasize her points.

The thing is … that’s not exactly how it goes …

It all starts with a silver card, about three inches by five. A simple message is written upon the card in a flowing cursive script, quite obviously feminine. This card is usually found somewhere on that first day after new succubi and iIncubi meet their tailselves for the first time. Some find the card on a table or pinned to a chair. It could be stuck with a piece of duct tape to a mirror or dangling from a thread outside of their front door. One might open a book and find it replacing the bookmark for the page they last were on; others might be looking for RediWhip in their fridge and find the card stuck to the can itself.

Whatever the means, wherever it appears, the card is discovered, and the message upon it is quite clearly and unmistakably Tera’s.

The message?

I’d like to tell you a story. Please, come visit the Glen.

You might think that some might shrug the message away, push it to the side perhaps. The RediWhip might be more attractive, or another nearby might be whispering what they could, or might, or most surely will, soon be doing with it. All of this is true; all of this, you might expect, might give some a perfectly good reason not go to find the Glen, whatever it is, wherever it is, but to just pass over the invitation instead. And yet, no one ever walks away from the invitation, Tera’s request. Why?
Perhaps it is because they feel an inner yearning to completely understand just what is happening to them.

Perhaps it is because Tera is the Queen, and it is unwise to ignore royal invitations.

Or perhaps, as Tera herself is so apt to reply, with that bemused smile of hers: “Just because.”

When each, one by one finds the Glen—and sometimes that takes a while to do—the newcomer finds it is an open space lined with cobblestone paths that twist and turn through what appears to be a series of statues. From a distance, one wouldn’t be able to see who, or what, the statues represent, but it is clear there is a path to be followed, and just as clear that Tera does not appear to be there.

For that matter, no one else seems to be about, either, which might strike one as odd on the one hand and just right on the other.

Once one has set foot upon the path, Tera’s voice is heard, quite clearly and closely, though she herself does not seem to be there. “The first step to understanding is taking that first step. It can be a physical one, as you have done now on this path, but it also can be a mental one or a spiritual one. You accepted the gift offered; that was your first step on your journey. You decided that I wasn’t crazy, that I wasn’t what you thought you understood about my kind. You took the chance offered to be, to change, to discover. In doing so that first step changed you. But it was only the first step, of course.”

Tera doesn’t say another word, but it is obvious that the path continues forwards, and so, after a short walk to consider Tera’s words, the first statue comes into focus. One might expect that to be a statue of Tera, for, of course, she is the Queen of the Realm and that would be a logical thing to find. There are two things wrong with that assumption: the first is that Tera would never do such a thing—but then those new to the Realm might not completely understand Tera’s view on things. The second problem is that the statue … isn’t exactly a statue.

What they each find is her or his own Tail, their other self, waiting for them. Perhaps they look at each other for a time, trying to say something to each other. Perhaps they might ask questions of each other … perhaps. But, in the pause where nothing is said, or after when all that needs to be said has been, Tera’s voice is heard again: “The second step was when you entered the Lake of Fire and met your tailself. You still do not grasp the importance of this, what it means to you, but also what it means to your tail. It means you are never alone. Your tail is there to help guide you, to help you see right from wrong, to help you learn that which you have not learned as yet. But your tailself is not you. You are in control, you decide your path, your future, your purpose. You decide what you will be.”

The tailself then vanishes into the ether, but never leaves the one on the path, and the one on this journey understands that. A short walk further takes the incubi or succubi to a marble pedastal, not much more than waist high, and carved into the marble on the top of the pedestal is a book. The cover has the name of the one standing there inscribed upon it, and Tera’s voice explains: “Each of us has our own book. Our books tell our story from the beginning, all of our successes and failures, all of our loves and losses, all of our joys and tears, all those whom we touch and who we are touched by. Our lives are open, freely shared with each other, open for all to know. The lessons learned by each of us are given to those who follow in our footsteps. And each of us can learn from those that have come before. All we need do is open our books, turn the page, and open our minds to see what is there for us.”

Some might touch their books, others might only look. But there is a connection within each of them to her or his own book, the one waiting for each of them elsewhere, waiting to partake of the knowledge in its pages.

As the succubi or incubi turns away, the book vanishes and the path beckons onwards. Coming around a bend in the path, just after it passes between two large oak trees, one finds a statue of two beings facing each other, with a third in between the two. On one side an angel, halo and all, on the other a devil, hooves and all. The two are facing the third statue in the middle, a statue of the one walking the path. The angel and devil seem to be pointing, as if to accuse the one in the middle of something unknown.

Tera’s voice returns to explain: “You are who you are. The thoughts of those around you are not as important as what you think of yourself. You make your own choices. Your will is your own. You decide what will be your focus, your thoughts, your future, and your purpose. You choose; not anyone else. This is not pride or aloofness, it is simple truth. It is a simple choice: yours. You have within you the strength to decide.”

The statues vanish then, the path continues, and the next stop reveals another statue. Again, it is a statue of the one walking the path, showing clearly his or her own horns, wings, and tail. The statue holds a book in one hand, and beside is a statue of her or his tail holding a pitchfork. Their backs are towards each other. Tera’s voice offers: “We suffer the rocks and arrows of those who do not accept that we are different, that we are not what they expect us to be. We defend ourselves with our words, which give us a voice to share. We comfort those in need, guide those that ask, and speak to the truth of who we are. We defend ourselves with our actions when our words are not enough. It is not a fault to try to avoid battle; it is a strength. A word offered that can save a soul is a true word. A battle fought for the right reasons is a battle won before it begins. Our fight is always to prove we are who we are, what we offer, and all that we do. The truth sets us all free.”

There is generally some contemplation of those words, perhaps the first glimmers of understanding, and then the statue is gone, and the path leads onward towards the next, over a slight rise, where the whole of the Realm can be seen all around and, overlooking that view, another statue. It is of a couple, obviously a loving one, though who they are isn’t quite clear. While they are facing the Realm, their eyes smile on a baby they hold together.

Tera herself arrives from the other direction, walking towards the one on the path. She stops an arm’s length from the statue and looks at it with some longing in her eyes before she explains: “The truth is that our Realm is the gift of love. We celebrate love in all of its forms, expressions, beliefs, wants, and desires. We share that love unconditionally, whatever the cost, if there is one, whatever the gift, if it is returned. Love, no matter what, is what we make of it. It can be the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It can warm or chill. It simply is … love: as are we. We exist because of love and, so long as that exists somewhere in the universes, we shall, too.”

Tera offers her hand to the one on the path, palm open, a welcoming smile on her lips: “We are not perfect, though we wish we were. We strive to be the best we can be, always, though that path is as uneven as the path we stand upon. But we manage pretty well when we do the best we can. If we can see that, understand that, and believe in that, then all else comes into focus and we understand ourselves better than before.”

The one on the path might not understand all of what she or he has seen. This particular incubi or succubi might not have a revelation, epiphany, or complete understanding about what they have seen … yet … but they do understand … each in his or her own way.

A touch of hands, a smile, nod, or wink is shared as the two on the path turn to follow it onward, in body, spirit, and more. They walk along the path towards the place where the Glen ends and their separate journeys continue, on paths that lay before the new member of the Realm and that of the one who is first.

And, at the beginning of the Glen, where the path begins, another arrives, takes that first step, and hears Tera’s voice welcoming another new member on the first step of the journey, and another starts on his or her own path, her or his own understanding, his or her own future.

But, in all of that, the truth of the Realm remains constant, a living monument within the souls of those that live within the Realm, passed through its gates, and find their own truths within the truth of the Realm itself.

It is all about love.

Aug 17 2014

A Review of Incubus Daughter: Book Two by Joy Laforce

Incubus Daughter: Book Two

Incubus Daughter: Book Two

In continuing the story of Cameron, the Incubus Daughter, a problem crops up. The problem is what happens when your real world and your Succubus world intermix? The thing is that shift in perspective can cause unknown things to occur. Where does Cameron draw the line in her mind between her inner needs and her outer responsibilities? When she does, if she does, does that solve anything? And can she?

It tells the story of:

Succubi and incubi are demonic predators that feed on sexual energy and mate with humans to produce halfling children called cambions. Daughter of an incubus and a Puerto Rican woman, Cameron Rivera is one of these children. Since puberty, she’s balanced her cravings for sex and a regular life through one night stands and dream-time flings—until she meets Michael Hunter.

How much does he know about her?

How can he see through her illusions?

Is this what she’s been waiting for?

Like the first work in this series it is a hot flash that is surrounded by quite a lot of background and story. Overall that’s not a bad thing and I enjoyed it. However, there was at times a bit too much put into the setting, what it looked like, down to the carpeting, rather than a bit more character development. The balance was a bit off but not terribly so.

I do think the author needs to write a new summary for this work and not just reuse the same one they did for the first one While it does continue the story of Cameron and Micheal, it is a bit more than a continuation. By that I mean we see Cameron in the real world, how she sees herself and the others around her. In that there is a lot of self-loathing that I think really takes away from Cameron herself and that’s a shame.

When the moment arrives when the real world and dream world meet, and the main characters might be able to cross the divide…. It doesn’t quite make it there. A minor character sucks all of the life out of the scene and that was a bit painful to watch unfold.

Still once that finishes, and really it couldn’t fast enough, then Cameron’s Succubus nature returns and then things are…. interesting. But in spite of that, or rather because of it, she still seems… off. Not in control, unsure and vulnerable. Overall it makes for a moment when what might have and could have been does unfold in a very hot piece of erotica with a dash of BDSM themes in it which are not thankfully overpowering it.

I did find that the heat was muted at one point when Micheal was… if not abusive then rough and perhaps a bit forceful over Cameron… It made me pause, especially at the reveal at the end of the work, and wonder just what exactly he is.

The ending was… odd. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, if it was in the real world or the dream one. That’s kind of important as in one case it means one thing and in the other something a lot more puzzling. Still, the work ends on something of a cliffhanger, destination unknown. To that point it was really well written and a very hot scene unfolded between Cameron and Micheal which I think foreshadows something very important… But we don’t get the payoff here and that means waiting for the next part of the story to appear.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The promise from the first story in this series wanes a bit due to some editing mistakes and a bit too much time spent on detail rather than story and a slightly more violent nature that bothered me somewhat. I will be looking for the next part, but as yet I haven’t seen it appear and that’s a shame really for what I see in it so far…