Apr 17 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 327

A rather striking Morrigan Aensland piece of art this week on the Tale for the Succubi of the Week… Shiny is always a good thing when it comes to images of her and this piece of art has that in all of the right places…

Morrigan by Gumeaw

Morrigan by Gumeaw

This art is by an artist on DeviantArt named Gumeaw, you can find their artist page here and the page I found this art is here as well…

I think the most striking part of this is the look in Morrigan’s eye, It really is a focal point for the art in many ways but it does not overpower all of the lovely detail in this work. Her hair has a wonderful texture to it along with the colour. Her outfit also looks just right with little hints of sheen in it that adds to her shape too… It’s also interesting to me the way her head-wings are shaped and lit. I actually like them very much like this and normally I don’t care for them all that much…

A seductive pose, all of Morrigan’s personality, and the touch of an artist that brings that all to life…



Apr 16 2014

This costume isn’t naughty or nice. It’s confused…

Naughty and Nice CostumeI found a costume that seems like it cannot make up its mind. Is it an angel? Is it a devil? I can say that it looks confused and ugly and just might be the worst costume ever that I have reviewed on the Tale and that’s saying something…

This is called the Naughty and Nice Costume and it comes with the very odd looking dress, a halo, a pair of horns wings and pantyhose. There is no tail, the shoes are not included and it sells for $111 US.

This costume seems to be confused, not to mention ugly, silly looking, trashy, and should never have been created in the first place. Combining two ideas in one costume has never been a good idea in the first place and this I think is the worst, or best, example of that idea being a failure that I have ever seen.

What possessed someone to think that taking a devil costume and an angel costume, tearing them in half and stitching them together was a good idea? Calling this trashy and ugly is doing it a favour I think, but I cannot think of better words to use that wouldn’t be so far into cursing and swearing that I would be embarrassed to use them honestly…

Another zero pitchforks out of five for my ongoing collection of terrible costumes. But this one, truly, is the worst one of all.

Until the next one appears that is…



Apr 15 2014

A Review of Succubus Fun Times by Sinn Lee

Succubus Fun Times by Sinn Lee

Succubus Fun Times by Sinn Lee

I find it interesting how some writers create a transformation scene when it comes to Succubi. Some of the transformations are over the top, or horrific. Sometimes they are not quite described as glossed over. Occasionally they are done well and it makes for a much better work to read.

There is one thing that I have noticed of late about quite a number of stories about Succubi as well in that the authors seem to find making them… different in a physical way adds to the story as a whole. I don’t mind when they actually do, but when they don’t, or it doesn’t add to the story… Then I have a problem.

And so does the story itself.

  • Title: Succubus Fun Times
  • Author: Sinn Lee
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 20, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Cynthia had tried various drugs in the past, but she would have never expected what happens when she takes the plunge and buys a dose of this new drug known as Ero. This tale takes place in Sinphoria, a Sci-fi universe where science prevails over mysticism, but not everything is easy to explain.

Cynthia’s friend tells her to try a new drug, but that she needs to do so when he’s there. Of course she takes it alone and the effects of the drug happen to attract the attention of a Succubus. When Cynthia agrees that the Succubus can do anything to her that she wants… Cynthia finds that her world is turned on its head.

There are really two Succubi in this story. The one that starts the story and then the one that Cynthia becomes. They are both interesting in their own ways as well. The Succubus who transforms Cynthia is never named, which always bothers me. She’s also not quite what one might expect in a Succubus as well. Overall, from an aspect of heat between Cynthia and her it worked well to make her different, and it is quite clear that her motives and desires are that of a Succubus as well. She makes for an interesting character through the story, but there is so very little told about her as the work focused more on what happens to Cynthia and what happens when her friend “helps” her.

Cynthia’s transformation isn’t actually seen in this work, only the aftermath, but her emotions and actions I thought came out really well and made complete sense. When she asks her friend for help, the twist in that tail was very smoothly incorporated and when the mind control erotica part of the story came into play the shift within Cynthia was subtle as it needed to be. The heat that came from that going forward also was told with style. The only problem really was that it was too short for my taste and I would have liked to see more of what Cynthia felt, saw, and understood in all of that.

The main problem I have with this work is that it is far too short. There is a lot of heat, there are some interesting characters placed in interesting situations. There is a lot to like about the story as a whole… But 12 pages in itself is not enough to really tell the story that begun here. There is an obvious lead into the next part of the story, but it hasn’t appeared and as the author seems to see this work as a “one-shot” it is unlikely that the cliffhanger, for Cynthia and her friend, will ever be resolved.

The universe the author created, a mix of magic and science, really seems to be interesting and I like the depth to the story as a whole. It wasn’t really developed too deeply, but it did offer glimpses and that in itself makes the universe, and series, interesting. The bothersome part is that with that depth the story as a whole is too short and it needs to be at least a good deal longer as a result.

Lovely heat in the erotica, the mind control aspect of that was very well done and enjoyable to read. The scenes meshed together well and I liked the moments of discovery, panic, and comprehension that Cynthia went through. She turned out to be an version of a Succubus that I don’t see often. It would have been nice to see more of that. The same is true of the unnamed Succubus that starts all of this and continues it onwards, but she needed to be fleshed out a lot more than she was.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Too short by far. That’s not to say that the story isn’t interesting, that the transformation didn’t intrigue me and that the touch of mind control themes wasn’t done well. All in all the story has a lot of promise going for it… The issue for me is that it comes to an abrupt end and that happened just when things were starting to get interesting… I hope there will be a second part, there’s a lot more to tell it seems and I would like to see it.



Apr 14 2014

Energy by TeraS

Things are improving … slowly, but improving, thankfully. Still, I haven’t a lot of time or energy to actually get back into writing something that is up to my standards … After all, the space between my horns is a very strange place sometimes when it comes to what I think about myself …

Yet there is that question about energy … Time is another discussion, altogether …



By TeraS


One of the things that some cannot quite understand is why those of the Realm do not act in the way that others that are similar to their kind do. Of course, there are those that call themselves a Succubus or Incubus, and they do … things … things that mark them as being evil, or deadly, or worse. But no succubi of the Realm is like that.

The reason for this difference—and it is an important one—is something that Tera is often called on to explain to those that are entering her Realm for the first time. The discussion, generally, goes something like this:

“But you’re a Succubus, so you take souls.”


“Why what?”

“Why do we have to take souls? What purpose is there in doing so?”

“It’s what you are.”

At this point, Tera tends to look down towards her feet and comment: “Well, I don’t seem to have any hooves.” She would raise her right hand next and regard it a moment before continuing: “I don’t seem to have red skin either.” Flicking that same hand through her hair, she would add: “I’m not stereotypical, not by any means.”

“But you are a succubus.”

Her tail would move behind her slowly, then: “No. I am one of the Succubi. There is a difference.”

“I don’t see it. You have horns and a tail, so you are a succubus.”

A tap of a finger against her lips is usually followed by: “I also have a heart, a love, a family. I have sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. I have family whom I love and who love me in return. I am more than my horns and tail. But I am at peace with myself, with who I am, what I am, and most of all, the choices I make.”


Her head tilts to the right—her smile is, of course, bemused as she continues: “I choose to be better. I choose not to give in to my darker self. I choose not just to be better, but to make others better themselves.”

“But you are a succubus, nonetheless.”

She shakes her head slightly: “There your view of me is flawed by what you believe to be the truth without experiencing it for yourself. You expect the worst, but do not take the chance to see whether you are wrong. You assume that everyone and everything with horns and a tail must be untrustworthy.”

Next follows a long uncomfortable silence as the other thinks about this a moment.

But Tera continues: “If I were a succubus, then I would not allow you free will, for doing so means that you can change your mind. If I were evil, I could simply take whatever I wanted and leave you with nothing, or less than nothing. If I were the creature you expect me to be, then would I not have taken you, taken from you, and left you?”

At this point, the other must choose which path they wish to tread: to turn away or turn towards. The choice is theirs; it always is. She waits for her guest to choose.

Some cannot accept there are other possibilities. These depart, she nodding in understanding for their choice. Sometimes beliefs are set in stone, cemented into being, and can never be changed no matter the words, actions, or proof that is provided.

That is one choice: one’s free will.

Some decide that to risk … isn’t. These take her hand and ask her to show them more of her world—the joys, the wonder, the lives led, the moments encountered. She offers to teach the ways of the Realm: perhaps not perfect, but, like all intelligent beings, they are learning, as well.

When the time is right, when the moment comes, when the question of “How?” comes, then Tera takes each guest by the hand and leads this new resident out of the city of the Realm and into the world that surrounds it. The walk is long, stopping along the way to rest … sometimes … sometimes for other pursuits. But that is, of course, between Tera and the other.

Eventually, a clearing appears, and in the middle of that space is an ancient tree. It always seems familiar, as if one has seen it many times in the past but never quite taken notice of it. No matter the world, the dimension, the time, or the place, the reaction is the same: “I know that tree.”

Tera then walks to the tree and lays her hand upon the trunk as she explains: “Life is all around us. It is in the air we breathe, the worlds we travel. It exists in many ways, shapes and forms. We cannot destroy the energy of life, only change it, alter it, move it from there to here and so on. It does not end, but is taken from one to another and then beyond.”

Her fingertips caress the trunk lightly as she pauses and whispers something that cannot quite be heard, but seems to be meant for the tree itself. Her hand draws away and, as it does, the leaves in the tree rustle as if touched by a wind, but there is none. The scene seems odd and yet comforting at the same moment, as if there is some kind of message being passed between them.

The newcomers are, always, confused by this; they never actually say so, but their expressions do, and so Tera explains: “We give of ourselves to make others better. We offer, and others choose whether to accept or not. The gift is returned in the passions, knowledge, moments, and more that is part of who we are, who they are, and all that is around us.” She then offers her hand to the other, who is drawn into her embrace, her tail twinning around the supplicant as she continues: “That which gives is the imagination, and, in that, our being is for eternity.”

And, under the shade of that timeless tree, life, shared, continues unabated …

Apr 13 2014

A Review of 13th Floor: The Sincubus by Stephanie Burke

13th Floor: The Sincubus by Stephanie Burke

13th Floor: The Sincubus by Stephanie Burke

There are some concepts that have to do with the idea of Succubi and Incubi that are very interesting. The question of their offspring, if they could have them, is one of them.

What if there was such a thing, a being that was both Succubus and Incubus? What would they be like? How would they act? What would they have the power of? Beyond those questions a larger one remains… What is their personality? Who and what are they to themselves? Sometimes that question is one that can be reflected upon others as well…

The work tells about:

Ash is old, even for a vampire. She’s seen too much. She no longer feels. She thought she wanted to die… until she meets… him. Her. It.

Nightshade. A forbidden child, a creature that never should have existed… and it wants to feed. Ash is perfect for the task — sex and a meal all in one nearly perfect package.

But when worlds collide, anything can happen… on the 13th floor.

Ash opens a door and finds herself in a jungle world with but a single being inhabiting it. The creature calls itself a Sincubus, half Succubus, half Incubus possessing the sexual characteristics of both male and female with the more demonic appearance that Succubi and incubi are told to have. The being confronts her, challenges her, and in the end makes Ash realize something very important to her.

The concept of the Sincubus is an interesting one. Partly of two worlds, not really of one, and refused by all to really exist. Like the being’s parents. able to see what others desire and make that real in many different ways. But also with that comes a violent, animal-like personality and action that moves from passion to threatening at the drop of a pin. Not fully whole wether in physical form or emotional, peace does not seem to be possible.

I found it difficult to follow the words and thoughts of the Sincubus as they seemed to be more animal than “human” for the most part. When the moments with Ash went to its dislike, the threats came out and violence happened. I found that a bit hard to accept. I also didn’t quite like the underlying threat to Ash which was either to have sex with the being or be devoured by it. A ploy perhaps, but in the end I just found going back to that threat over and over again… unsatisfying.

The erotic parts of the work were interesting in their own unique way. The melding of sexuality within the being, the needs it has and what it brings out in Ash was quite different from most stories that involve Succubi or Incubi. But again the violence of many of the moments didn’t do much for me.

I feel, for some reason, that the act the Sincubus put up was more for Ash’s benefit and might not have been what it truly was like. There were some interesting questions that I wanted to have some sort of answer for, but they did not appear for the need to get to the next entwinement of bodies and what followed from that point forwards.

At the end, I found the concept more interesting than the story itself. That was disappointing because I was expecting more. I’ll also add that the image used on the cover of this work really doesn’t do justice to what the Sincubus looks like. I don’t think there is an image that could really. But the one thing that I think, to me at least, would have made this better for me would have been less “animal” and more “animal passions.” Being a creature, whatever that creature is, does not mean you must be an animal first.

I’m giving this work two out of five pitchforks.

The story felt a bit scattered, slightly too violent, and had tones that were difficult to follow sometimes. The Sincubus is an interesting concept, fascinating really… I’m just not sure the execution of what it is comes out right. At least for me.



Apr 12 2014

A lovely Morrigan Aensland Cosplayer Video

A really nice Morrigan Aensland cosplay video I found on YouTube to share this time on the Tale… Really one of the best produced that I have seen in some time…

And if you cannot see it on the Tale, try this link:


And one screenshot from the video, which I think is rather cute too…

Morrigan Cosplayer LoliSakura

This Cosplayer’s name is LoliSakura, and you can find her Facebook page here which has many lovely images of her portraying other characters like Morrigan. Now, I can’t say that I cared for the skull she was holding, but I really love her costume and her attitude as she plays Morrigan in the video.

And the bat leaving her hand was really a cute touch that I didn’t expect which just added to how right she seems to be as Morrigan here. I do wonder, a little bit, if she wouldn’t have been more Morriganish if she was sitting on a throne or something similar…

It is a thought at least…



Apr 11 2014

A Review of Forever Kiss by Christy Lynn

Forever Kiss by Christy Lynn

Forever Kiss by Christy Lynn

An Incubus slash vampire story this time to review, it is a free work that you can find on Smashwords if you’d like to read it. I do have some problems with merging the concepts of Incubi and vampires together, I always have, but sometimes if the story is really well done I can get past that issue.

It’s nice that sometimes that does manage to happen like in this case.

  • Title: Forever Kiss
  • Author: Christy Lynn
  • Publishing Date: February 5, 2013
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781301266425
  • This work at Smashwords

The story is about:

Lucian was a true hedonist. He demanded pleasure at any cost. He feeds off others unknowingly while he sucks their energy and Chi. His lust for pleasure always unquenchable became ever more intense in his mortal death. He was a skilled and giving lover and now in death treated his female conquests the same. He made them believe in him and the promise of love that secretly eluded him. When they were his and gave themselves freely, he fed. He carelessly had tossed them all aside when he was satiated, until he met Deirdre.

Lucian is an Incubus in a way but also a vampire as well. The story tells of his feeding on emotion, on sexual energy and sex itself, but also that he has, and does, take blood from those he feeds on. However, in this work the blood isn’t what matters to him, it;s who Deirdre is, what she represents, and what she does to him.

There is a hint of some mind control being used, or rather some emotional control and direction so that Deirdre can overcome her own fears and perceived short comings. It’s very sensually written and if one ignores the appearance of Lucian’s fangs at one point in the story, he is a very well portrayed Incubus. It’s a little off-putting that he thinks about his past and what he wishes he could feel and do as he is now, which reflects that he is a vampire as well of course.

That’s the point were I have problems with mixing Incubi, or Succubi for that matter and vampires. They are two different kinds of being in my mind and the two together have never worked for me well. Save for this story and that’s mainly because the vampire is held at bay for the most part and the sexuality of the Incubus drives the story as a whole.

I thought it was well done when Lucian was confused by Deirdre’s actions towards him and how, being from a different time, his own tastes and manners sometimes do not match well with the modern world that they both exist in.

As characters, both are well fleshed out with their own personality, views, needs and desires. They have a history which has shaped them and the way they are drawn together, one overcoming their own insecurities. the other discovering their need for the other, flows wonderfully.

Lucian is described as being more vampiric than incubus. No horns or tail, but his raw sexuality and desire is done to perfection. Deirdre is not what one would expect in a work like this, but Lucian’s desires and preferences link to her own image. The transformation of her self image towards something more makes this work wonderful.

But it is short. The tale comes to a close at a point were I want to see what comes next for the two of them and it’s not seen. A larger more involved story would be wonderful should it ever become real.

Three and a half pitchforks out of five.

Well written just really wish there was more to the story than the little that is given here.