Mar 29 2014

An Artist drawing Morrigan Aensland YouTube

While it is neat and I find it interesting to watch artists working in Photoshop with their art, I have to admit that there is something about them using traditional materials that I find more satisfying as a whole. What’s more, it gives a peek into just how the artist creates and that, really in an insight that I enjoy…

And if you cannot see the YouTube here, try this link:

Now, the video is rather small, so the image of the finished art is as well, but really it’s a neat image of Morrigan I think as a whole…

Morigan Aensland by starswithnames

Morigan Aensland by starswithnames

I haven’t seen much art of Morrigan where her colours are hand painted and, honestly, I really like the look here. There’s something about the organic look of her wings that makes them stand out more than they usually do. That is probably because of the paint itself, but really it’s an aspect of her that isn’t given a lot of focus to. And considering that I don’t care for wings all that much, that’s saying something I think…



Mar 28 2014

A Review of A Deal with a Demon by Victoria Brice

A Deal with a Demon by Victoria Brice

A Deal with a Demon by Victoria Brice

An Incubus story this time to review. Rather a short one but I try to give every work I find with a Succubus or an Incubus in it a chance. I do, truly, prefer ones that aren’t all sex, whatever kind that is it’s not that important. But it would be nice if two things happened besides that. One, something over 10 pages at least for what I have to pay for it and second don’t end the story with a hand wave just when it gets interesting. This work disappoints me on two of those three points regretfully.

The story is about:

Max is a powerful psychic and the newest recruit of ASEC, a supernatural law enforcement agency. Unfortunately, he’s treated as a glorified secretary until the night his boss calls on him to interrogate a captured incubus, believing that as a male he will be immune to the creature’s charms. There’s only one problem: Max is secretly bisexual! Will he be able to resist the demon’s seduction and earn a true place in the agency, or will he just get screwed?

It’s actually an interesting premise for a story and the idea is fleshed out well enough in the first page or so that you know something larger is going on, but we don’t find out a lot about it. After the introduction to Max, he’s thrown into the deep end of the pool with the Incubus and things go out of control from there.

I’ll say that the moments that Max “sees” into the Incubus are well done and what happens between himself and the Incubus is hot as well. But the thing is… It’s too short. There’s an obvious hook in what happens right at the beginning which isn’t explored and the ending, while not totally unexpected is a problem in that the story looks ready to move on… and it doesn’t.

It’s not a cliffhanger, not close to it, but it’s the promise of there being more that isn’t explored here. I do realize that the point of this work was the sex scene between Max and the Incubus and the story is peripheral  to that for the most part, but there is a lot of background that is told and not used.

To be honest, the background was more interesting than either of Max or the Incubus and if the author ever gets back to this in some way they should build on this work on the story side and then continue the story with Max and the Incubus.

Teasing a story isn’t the best thing to do, especially when it’s a work of erotica.

I’m giving this work two out of five pitchforks.

Much too short for what I paid for it which was more disappointing in that a story started, was going someplace interesting and then it just stopped. It’s frustrating to me at least especially when the next part of the story seems obvious enough and it could have gone there without a lot of effort.



Mar 27 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 324

The character of one of the Succubi is important. You can see it in their eyes, their pose, their expression. And when i find a piece of Succubi art that has that in it, it’s a lovely thing to me… Even if the Succubus has hooves…

Angriana with Color by SpikeJones67

Angriana with Color
by SpikeJones67

This is called Angriana with Color and is by an artist on DeviantArt called SpikeJones67. The original page with this work can be found here and the artist’s page can be found here too…

She has the most interesting tail I think… I cannot recall all that many Succubi that I have seen with two tail tips. She has a lovely red shade to her skin and her hair is a nice contrast to it. I’m not quite so sure about her horns as they are close enough to the colour of her hair that they almost disappear.

I also like her mischievous expression and pose, both of which really brings out a personality and character that is always nice to see in any kind of art. I’m not overly thrilled with her hooves. That seems to be, as of late, my one peeve with much of the Succubi art that I have found. But really, it is a minor thing here as she does appeal to me in many more ways…



Mar 26 2014

A costume that is Devilish and a Delight?

Devilish DelightSometimes, just sometimes, there is the occasional costume that has the slightest bit of class to it and it surprises me that it does. But then it seems that there just has to be a little bit of cheesiness that wrecks it. Or the price does. Or both.

This is called the Devilish Delight Costume and it comes with a full length long glitter gown with attached cape, jeweled brooch and the pair of glitter horns. The shoes are not, of course included, there is no tail, and it sells for $130 US at most sites where I found it…

Overall there is a lot about this costume that I rather like. It’s not silly looking for the most part, though I don’t care for the cape and the high collar isn’t something that thrills me either.

I like that the horns seem to match the costume and that the costume itself has a certain bit of class to it in that it isn’t so far over the top to be silly or ridiculous.

I would try to alter it a bit, just to get rid of that collar and the cape wouldn’t be something I would wear as it’s just that side of vampire silly to me anyway…

Two and a half out of five pitchforks…

Not terrible, but not wonderful honestly…



Mar 25 2014

A Review of The Demon’s Curse by Chew Toy

The Demon's Curse by Chew Toy

The Demon’s Curse by Chew Toy

This is the second of three book reviews of the Demon Summoning Made Easy series by the author Chew Toy. You can find the previous review here and next Tuesday will be the last review in this series.

In the second work one thing is made very clear. One should never underestimate a Succubus… Between Incubi and Succubi, Succubi are the ones to watch out for. Especially when you are seeking to use them. For they have every intention to use you instead…

The second work is:

The story is of:

Being dumped sucks. What if you could summon a demon to curse the girl who stole your boyfriend? Valerie’s sure the book “Demon Summoning Made Easy” is just a joke. But if it did work, she knows who she would send it after. She’d have it tempt and corrupt Lily Ranier until everyone saw what a slut she really was. That’s only fair, isn’t it?

Valerie finds the book that ties this series together and gathers her sonority together to see if the summoning can really make a demon appear. She does manage to summon a Succubus, one with black horns and tail, and when Valerie is asked what she wants, decides that she wants revenge on Lily, the girl that “took” her boyfriend. The thing is, when making a deal with a Succubus, one should always be very precise about what you want and what you will have to give up in return… and Valerie isn’t.

I have to say that I wanted to see more about the Succubus herself, but really she is a means to an end in the story and as such we never learn her name or really anything about her. She drives the changes to Lily, and in the end she takes her price from those that summoned her. I do like how she is described, the tone of her voice and her attitude. She makes her quite an interesting Succubus, but that’s the real problem. As much as she is interesting, as much as how she uses her powers to change Lily and so on, there isn’t a lot to tell about her. I would have liked to know more than just the description or her actions. Her personality isn’t quite there for all else and I found I missed that about her.

Setting that aside, Lily’s transformation scene is nicely hot and there is quite a hint about what the Succubus intends to do with her within it. Once that scene passes by, Lily’s mental and physical changes are subtle and that makes what happens quite a lot hotter as the story continues. There is, of course, quite a lot of sex in the story. Lily has her way with many partners and with that comes an interesting means of control that she has over them. It is one that I though was used well and made a good deal of sense.

The erotica is nicely hot and the mind control aspects that appear make it quite a lot more so. There isn’t a lot of character development, save for Lily’s changes, and that is something that could have been a bit better dealt with considering all of the changes that Lily made to those around her. Valerie doesn’t change much through the story, her only focus being on getting back at Lily. To be honest, I didn’t care for Valerie from the start, there is one line that just made me sigh and continue on. It may well have been there to make the reader dislike her and if it was, it really did for me.

I found that compared to the first work in the series, this one seemed to have the Succubus appear more than the Incubus did. It is only a bit more, but I found that in doing so the story came together better. It seemed that the Succubus had a plan and intended to use Lily for that purpose while in the previous book the Incubus was present for but a moment physically. In both works though their powers were quite clearly in force. Perhaps having them be more “active” in the story than they are would be a better approach? Still, the result of the Succubus, or the Incubus for that matter, in the work is one of giving someone what they say they want but in a way that gives the Succubus, in this case, what she wants.

Well written again, and the work builds nicely upon the first book. You need not read both stories to be able to jump into this work which is a nice touch. I feel that the second work is better than the first by a shade however.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A nice little hot flash with a Succubus that I would have liked to know more about. Some nice mind control scenes and a hot little transformation sequence that works really well…


Next Tuesday, Book Three: The Demon’s Price



Mar 24 2014

A RealmLabs Special Report by James

The things are still going on in my world and as such I could not write anything for the Tale this week… But my heart has…


A RealmLabs Special Report


We interrupt your regularly scheduled Tale story for this special report from RealmLabs.


Recent Internet pictures of succubi with sparkly horns and tails have prompted extensive research into the phenomenon. Dr. Tracey Jurgens believes she and her team have found the source of the infection in the strange realm of AnaHahyeam. Calling it Disneyriasis, she says this comes of particular intimate contact with purveyors of what is called “Pixie Dust.” Here is an excerpt from Dr. Jurgens’ interview with a Ms. T. Bell, an attractive, winged blonde—Dr. Jurgens says she would look even better with a green tail and horns—whom the realm believe infected “Patient Zero.”


“One night, I was flitting around the gardens outside Cinderella’s Castle—you can get the smoothest buzz off the bluebell nectar there—when there was this puff of tangerine-scented smoke, and I saw this babe with chestnut hair, hazel eyes, and a body with even better curves than mine. Now, I have always been into guys (and strictly older men ever since that pimply Petey kicked me to the curb for that Darling slut), but there was something about Julia, something that stirred me to primal levels.


“She had arrived by night . . . pretty late, and there was hardly anybody around except me, and, of course, she couldn’t see me except as a little glimmer that dazzled her eyes while I purred in her creamy ears. She gasped when I took a taste of her left lobe, and I swooned, somersaulting backward through the air until my spiral was broken by . . .


“. . . an orange tail. Now this was quite intriguing. She was purring more and more, which was arousing me more and more. Somehow I was overwhelmed with a yearning, compelled to fly up behind those delightful horns and begin . . . begin . . . I’m almost embarrassed to admit this . . . do I really have to?


“You want me to? But I’m not sure . . . You want me to tell you everything, even if it makes me blush? Well, you look a bit flushed yourself, Doctor, and . . . Stop avoiding the subject? But Doctor . . . Call you Trace? . . .  Ummm . . . Ooooo  . . . Mmmmmm . . . Tracing the end of your purple tail down the small my back, just like Julia did when I . . . when I . . . oh my  . . . Oh Walt! Oh Walt!  Oh Walt!  Oh Walt! . . .




The interview recording seems to break off here, and resumes with Ms. Bell seeming a tiny bit winded.


“We were both moaning in harmony when I felt her touch me with the tip of her fingernail. I knew what she wanted, and so did I . . . I might have wanted it more.


“That was when I sprinkled the pixie dust on her.


“Now, I know what the stories say, that pixie dust makes people fly. Well, I did that with the Darling urchins, because Petey wanted them to fly—I should have known then and there that he was just being lead about by that bulge in his green tights. Basically, the Dust makes whatever alteration I need on a person at the moment. The next thing she knew, Julia—I learned her name so that I would be able to scream it that night—was just my size. I could have become her size, like I am now,  but I was guessing that she had never done it inside a tulip bloom. Believe me, we both got nicely pollenated by dawn.


“And then . . . mmmmmmm . . . Trace, your toe running along the inside of my thigh like that, it just . . . just . . . call you “Doctor”? Ohhhhhhhhh . . . kaaaay . . . I . . .


“Oh, yeah . . .


“The next morning, we awoke in one of the beds in the castle . . . honey, that whole night was a blur, and I have no idea how we got there. But Julia’s tail and horns were all . . . well . . . sparkly, and she had this insipid smile on her face. And where did she find the knee-length dress and the frilly apron and the pearls? And why was she cooking me breakfast and whistling? Worst of all, when I tried to pull her back into the bed for round . . . what was it? seven? . . . all she did was shake my hand and kiss me on the cheek . . .


“It was soooooo, depressing. But . . . yes, you are making me . . . making me . . . making me feel MUUUUCH better . . . and . . . Oh? . . . Well, no, I don’t have any dust. You want me to come with you now, and you’ll make me forget all about Julia, all about AnaHahyeam? Why, sure I could . . . I could . . .”


That was the end of the recording. Julia and several other succubi whom she sang to and cleaned for upon her return to the Realm exhibited similar sparkly horns and tails, high degrees of perkiness, and an unacceptable asexuality. Treatments have been long and painful, with many incubi nurses falling victim to the effects of the singing and needing massive doses of carnal therapy themselves. While most of the contagion has past, we do warn our viewers that a few residents of the Realm remain unaccounted for, several angelkitties are rumored to have been pressed into service cleaning woodland cottages, and the sound of singing crickets has been heard from the far shores of the Lake of fire.


Our listeners are warned that, if you see anyone with a sparkly tail and/or horns, you should not approach them directly, no matter how kind and chipper they may seem. Call or text RealmLabs immediately so that a professional team can aid this poor unfortunate.


Disneyriasis: it’s no laughing matter.


We now return you to “Succubi Anonymous,” already in progress.

Mar 23 2014

A Review of Incubus and Succubus by Alan Toner

Incubus and Succubus by Alan Toner

Incubus and Succubus by Alan Toner

Wikipedia is a wonderful thing… You can discover all sorts of things you never knew before, assuming of course that someone didn’t change the facts or make something up out of thin air that is.

While it does have information in it, it really shouldn’t be the only source for information one uses. It also isn’t such a good idea to copy that information into a book… for the most part…

  • Title: Incubus and Succubus
  • Author: Alan Toner
  • Length: 26 Pages
  • ASIN: B00F2QMK5A
  • Publishing Date: September 8, 2013
  • This work at

The work tells of:

Incubus and Succubus takes a look at the so-called “sex demons”, said to have plagued mankind for centuries. As well as featuring a chapter on the most famous succubus of all, Lilith, the book also contains chapters on what incubi and succubi really are, the “Night Terrors” phenomenon, incubi and succubi in fiction, and more.

What happens when you take a series of quotes from Wikipedia, join them together into a haphazard book and then sell it? Well, that is what this book is basically. It is a summary, for the most part, of what one could find by searching for information about Succubi or Incubi on the web, specifically Wikipedia. It becomes quite obvious that this is the case when the list of Succubi and Incubi in fiction appears and it is, almost word for word and order for order that which appears in the Wikipedia article on the subject.

There is no real thought to the work, no investigation or consideration of anything written in the work at all save for a single page of thought that really did not add anything to the conversation about the myth of Succubi and Incubi.

I hesitate to call this a book, it is more of a pamphlet, and one that is less than engrossing by any means for myself at least and I think for anyone that has done the barest amount of online research about Succubi or Incubi.

Also I found it irritating that there is all sorts of author information at the beginning of the work that pushes the actual content to the point where it cannot be seen in previews on Amazon. It feels dishonest to me at least.

At least the author had the decency to price this work at 99 cents when I read it.

I’m giving this work a half pitchfork out of five.

Short, really very much a cut and paste work with little in it that one could not find in Wikipedia in the first place. A single page of thought does not help to make this work any better.