May 29 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 333

Astaroth is. at least for me, one of the more interesting ideas about what a Succubus looks like. The thing is that it is actually very difficult to find images of her that are more… realistic in nature. By that i mean that most art of her is anime and as such isn’t exactly how I envision her to look like… Until that is I found this delightful piece of art…

Astaroth by ((◉v◉))だめがね

Astaroth by ((◉v◉))だめがね

Now the artist’s name is a little hard to understand, but you can find the original page I found this work on Pixiv here.

I just think this looks… right. That’s about the best way I can explain things I think. Her body shape looks right, her tail is right. I like her outfit, it hugs her form perfectly as well. This is just a really realistic creation of Astaroth and truly it is the best example I have ever seen of her by far I think…

She does make me wonder about her in this form. She’s more powerful and self assured I think in how she is presented here and for me that makes this art so much more attractive. Exactly has she herself should be…



May 28 2014

Not quite a Devilish Delight so far as a costume…

Devilish Delight CostumeAnother sequinned costume this week to consider and for the most part I like it overall. But it is when adding the optional extras that I have a few issues with this costume. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good costume on its own mind you. I just think it should be something more…

This is called the Devilish Delight Costume and it comes with the sequinned red strapless romper, pitchfork and horns. It does not include the shoes and it sells for $85 US but can be found for as little as $60 US…

While I like the basic costume, and I can even like the horn as they do match the dress, it needs a lot of things… Like a tail, the shoes and as well I think that a sequinned tutu would really add to the look as a whole. Otherwise there is just a bit too much… plain… in this for my own taste.

The problem is, gathering all of the other accessories needed, that being the shoes the model is wearing and a tutu, would push this ensemble to well over $150 and I am not quite sure that it is worth it.

The issue for me is that there are other more elaborate costumes which sell for that price range that it would really be hard to justify so much on the accessories here for the same cost of simply buying the better costume instead…

As this costume looks in the package, I’ll give it three out of four pitchforks…

Accessories and optional extras notwithstanding… Though really there isn’t much choice that they have to be there to make it the complete look…



May 27 2014

A Review of Dark Initiation: Confessions of a Succubus, Book 1 by Becca Allyson

Dark Initiation: Confessions of a Succubus, Book 1 by Becca Allyson

Dark Initiation: Confessions of a Succubus, Book 1 by Becca Allyson

One thing that I really look for when a series about Succubi begins is that there is history in it. By that I mean, at least for me, it’s better that we learn about the main character, her past and where she is at the beginning of the tale. Without that hook the series really has no hold on me to continue it.

If there are erotic moments, that’s fine, but it cannot be all erotic and no story. Sex without purpose or a lead up to it is not what it could be. Some authors understand this and create their world, their characters, and the purpose of the story first, then tell of the heat.

That makes the story, and series, better.

The work tells of:

What’s it like to have sex with a demon? Rachel’s about to find out.

Rachel Moriarty led a quiet life, studying for a master’s degree in psychology while working at a book store. She never imagined it would all change in a single day, at the hands of a man she’d only just met. She sensed the predation in his eyes from the start: she saw the way he watched her, knew he wanted her.

But she didn’t know this sexy, mysterious man who claimed to be a visiting professor of religious studies was actually the High Lord Asmodeus, one of the seven dark princes of Hell. When she discovers the truth—his true being—he gives her a choice that will change her life forever.

Rachel, when we first meet her, is… lost. That really is about the only way I can describe her because her emotions, character, and purpose seem to be at a crossroads and she desires something. The problem is that she doesn’t know what, or why, that is. The people around her don’t interest her very much and in that comes a sort of separation between herself and the rest of humanity. Then Dey appears.

Dey, from the moment he appears is… different. And he’s well aware that he is different. He is searching for something, or rather someone, and Rachel finds herself the focus of his attention. There is a touch of what seems to be mind control, or more accurately, emotional, sexual control, that he has over Rachel which sets a lovely undertone of heat in her.

The part of this work that for me was the most captivating was the discussion that Rachel and Dey had over dinner. Some might expect that to be a boring thing, but it is the heart of this part of the series and it asks many questions. The discussion over theology, life, belief where points that were considered and I found set out much more of Rachel’s beliefs and personality. In doing so the author gives her a grounding, a meaning that adds to her character. The same can be said about Dey himself in that his view of the world, and in particular, Rachel, comes to the fore.

When the moment arrives that Dey and Rachel become intimate together, it is with a sense within Rachel that something different is going to happen. When Dey reveals himself to be Asmodeus, it was slightly disappointing in that he seems to become somewhat stereotypical in his appearance, hooves and all which for me is a bit of a turn off. When they are together, he is very dominant over Rachel, which given his attitude and actions earlier in the story is a bit of a contradiction. He takes her, transforms her and then some questions come as the story comes to a close.

One is that we actually do not see what Rachel looks like when she is transformed. The actual transformation is slightly horrific and it comes to an abrupt close. I have a hope, a small one, that somehow she doesn’t have hooves, but based on what has been seen so far, that might be a fleeting hope. The other is that there is a huge hint about what Rachel intends to do, and in that comes the question of how she might do so and what are the implications if she manages to succeed in her goals. Both will be questions that I think will become the core of the series going forwards.

The work is written well, there are really no flaws to be seen. Perhaps I would like to have known Rachel more in her human life than we do as there seems to be questions about her past that seem to be important but are slightly glossed over. But then there is more story to be told and in that I believe will come the answers I am looking for.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

A promising start for what I hope will be a story that seems to be about a Succubus that  I can appreciate. I’ll be looking for the next work and where the story goes from here.



May 26 2014

Chemistry By TeraS

Today, May 26th, is the birthday of someone very special to me … This story is for that person, who will know it is for him, I am quite sure …

Happy Birthday, Love …


By TeraS


It is said that what matters the most between a Mistress and her submissive is the chemistry. Sometimes that chemistry … isn’t there. Sometimes it is. When it isn’t, then the relationship becomes strained, out of touch, and, eventually, it falls apart. When the chemistry is present, there is a … connection … a connection goes both ways, in that the one that is Mistress knows and the one that is loved knows.

And then, just sometimes, in those relationships, comes another certain kind of chemistry …

She regarded herself in the mirror, a slim fingertip brushing against her lips, smoothing out the edge of the lipstick she had just applied. It wouldn’t do to have something out of place, not on this particular evening.

Dreams were one thing; reality, something else, of course.

She smiled at her image in the mirror: that little bemused smile she had, with a lick of her tongue over her pillowy soft lips, then pursing them to blow a kiss, the unspoken promise of what they would be doing soon as she did. There was a sparkle in her green eyes as she put a little bit of shadow around them to deepen their effect—not that it was really needed, but then, she wanted to do this.

Her gaze shifted to look at her long, wild, raven locks, her hand moving to brush a few stray ones into the right places, her two small red horns glinting there accompanied by streaks of the same colour red in the hair, as well.

She brushed her hands over her curves, noting how well the red dress—a very specific one—was moulding itself to her. Her cleavage was just slightly pronounced, as she knew he would like, the curve of her hips drawing one’s eyes towards the slits in the dress, which provided a glimpse of her legs … and a place for her tail to appear now and again, of course.

She was looking over herself once more, checking that everything was as it should be for him, when she heard his voice as he entered the room: “You look lovely, Mistress.”

She turned away from the mirror to look at him, waiting there close by, her eyes sparkling as she answered: “Thank you, Love. It’s a special occasion, you know.”

He seemed to be embarrassed, a slight blush on his cheeks: “It’s not that special, Mistress.”

She moved away from the mirror, one long shapely tanned leg emerging from the slit of her dress, a red heel clicking on the marble floor as she slinked towards him. “Oh … I think it is.”

He fidgeted with his collar—not the one that he had accepted from her so long ago, but the starched one that was making him itch so maddeningly at that moment: “You don’t need to …”

She was there, in front of him, when he looked up, a warm smile on those so-red lips, her raven hair framing her expression: “It’s not need. It is want. I want to do this.”

He sighed, uncomfortable as he was in that moment, dressed to the nines—to please her, he thought—though in truth he did so because of what he wanted that evening. To be anything less than perfect would bright shame to his Mistress. That he could not allow. “You know that I would be just as happy to be at your feet, too.”

He was still fidgeting with his tie when she reached out her hand and took hold of the knot herself: “I do, Love. Perhaps later.”

She straightened out the tie, red, of course, against the black suit he wore, and then brushed her hand over his shoulder, not saying anything more than that for a time, then continuing: “You look very handsome tonight. Thank you.”

The embarrassment grew. She could easily sense it, but said nothing about it. He looked down and replied: “Thank you, Mistress … for doing this.”

She tapped a finger against his lips once, then traced that finger over his lips: “Always, Love. Promise.”

She took his arm, her tail moving to wrap around his waist possessively as they turned to leave.



“Thank you.”

She laughed as her tail squeezed his waist lightly. It was only three steps, but there was a portal involved, which took them elsewhere.

Beneath a sky filled with stars was a wide, smooth, white marble patio, and her heels were soon clicking against it rhythmically. She then turned to him, placing both of his hands on her waist and then placing her own on his.

“Mistress, you know I can’t dance.”

She smiled, moving closer to him, her cleavage pressing against his chest, the warmth of her body enveloping him as fully as that cherry scent he knew so well.

“Then shuffle your feet Love, or just rest your head on my shoulder, whatever you’d like. Just let me hold you for a while, please?”

There wasn’t any music to be heard, but there was one particular tune that came into both their thoughts. It was the one that had played when they had first met, first spoken. The song’s name didn’t matter so much as the feelings and memories that it brought back to them both.

He found himself looking into her eyes, feeling her body against his. He remembered the first time she revealed herself to him, how she looked … exactly like she did in this moment.

“Are you using magic to look like this Mistress?”

She licked her lips: “Not a lick.”

He couldn’t resist: “That’s … a tempting thought Mistress.”

She leaned in close, her lips brushing against his ear. The words said where between them, but the spoke of what she intended would happen … after dinner.

When she finished, she drew back and then brushed her lips against his ever so lightly. He licked his tongue, tasting the lipstick that she had left behind. “Why me, Mistress?”

She took his lapels in her hands and slid her fingers over them as she replied: “I would ask the same of you, Love. Why do I have the honour? What makes me the one?”

He shrugged: “I just … knew.”

She nodded: “Chemistry … I suppose.”

He drew a fingertip along the nape of her neck, over her bare, exposed skin. She shivered as he brushed against the curve of her cleavage, and she wet her lips with her tongue.

“My dreams made real?”

She purred in reply: “Mine, too, Love … Mine, too.”

May 25 2014

A Review of The Succubus’ Sub – Session Eight: The Bond Between Them by John Dylena

The Succubus' Sub - Session Eight: The Bond Between Them by John Dylena

The Succubus’ Sub – Session Eight: The Bond Between Them by John Dylena

Today I am continuing my review of the series The Succubus’ Sub, by John Dylena. You can find the review of the first book in the series here. The second book was reviewed here and the third can be found here. The fourth work’s review can be found here with the fifth book’s review here on the Tale and the sixth was reviewed here. The seventh book was reviewed here and today I will be reviewing the eighth work in the series.

One’s past is something that will always define you. Who you are can be seen in those around you whether you like that or not. More importantly, the past can show you something you might have never understood before. The thing to wonder about, when that happens, is what you do about it… and is it really you?

It tells the story of:

Every day after work, Myserra transforms Brett into Brooke and has him clean the condo in his maid outfit. After declining the offer to be a maid full-time, Brett receives a phone call from his mother reminding him of his dad’s birthday. Having lived in the shadow of his parents and brother his whole life, Myserra decides to go with him as his girlfriend Mya.

But when someone at the party spots Brett’s collar, he is pulled aside and questioned about the woman he came with.

The succubus he admits he has feelings for.

They say you can’t go home again. In Brett’s case that’s very true. But with Myserra at his side even the most uncomfortable of places to visit, the home of Brett’s parents and his family, can turn into revelations for them both. And in that comes something Myserra didn’t fully understand either…. but she will.

For me one of the most interesting aspects of this work was getting a glimpse into Brett’s past. It told a lot about him, his feelings, his past, and how he sees himself. More importantly, it also gives Myserra a look into what she has done for Brett as well. Understanding is everything in a relationship, and with a single visit, that becomes much better between the two of them.

Brett’s family is interesting, they have their own quirks and personalities which were very clearly defined from the moment they appear. But it is when Brett compared himself against them, and expresses what bothers him the most, that tells a lot about him. More so when his thoughts about what has happened since he met Myserra come to the fore and there’s a moment in that which, for me, defined the relationship Myserra has with Brett clearly and well enough that it changed Myserra’s character.

There are some truly lovely moments through the work, Brett and Myserra walking up the steps to visit Brett’s parents. Brett taking a phone call while still Brooke and how that goes, especially the reaction from Myserra. Brett finding out something about his family that he didn’t know and how that relates to Myserra. All of this is really wonderful story building and more it adds to the characters of Myserra and Brett in that they have a more revealed backstory which I felt was needed to fill in some gaps about them.

That surprise that is revealed about Brett’s family is something that feels like it will have a huge bearing on the future of the series, much like Heather has had in the past. As well, towards the end of this work there is a moment of introspection that Brett faces that is both heart-breaking and heart warming at the same time. More so, the revelation that Myserra comes to accept ties this work up nicely and where it ends is exactly right for the two of them.

The only thing that bothered me was that the story felt… rushed. It seemed like things were running on rails towards a destination, which was, to be clear, a completely satisfying one for me. But I felt like I needed a little bit of a breather between the reveals and surprises. None of them were immaterial, they all had purpose without a doubt, but a little more padding in the story, a few more funny moments between the seriousness… I think I would have liked that.

Written very well, not a flaw in the writing that I could see in grammar or spelling. Again, all of the characters were written to tell a story, and it gives a turning point for the main characters in the series. Where things go from here? That’s going to be fun to see…

I’ll give this work four pitchforks out of five.

A neat little signpost in this story that turns the series towards something… interesting… as I had hoped it would. The action was a little too quick, and felt rushed which really is the only flaw to what otherwise is a solid work in the series.



May 24 2014

A YouTube Poem – My Sexy Evil Halloween Hottie

I like poetry, and there is one particular poet who I hold dear that each and every word brings me joy… However, there are other poets that have a darker view and as such their words, their stories and themes are also somewhat darker…

I found such a work on YouTube, a spoken rendition of a poem that is shown with sone images of various Succubi and it will be appearing today on the Tale…

And if the video does not appear here, please try this link:

The poem itself is about someone going to a Halloween party and meeting a Succubus who… well.. does things to them that reveal and reflect back upon themselves. It’s not so much horrific as it is almost sad in a way. That sadness envelopes both the Succubus and her prey over time and towards the end of the poem it overwhelms all else…

As I have said, it is dark, but as a story, as a theme, as imagery, it is very powerful and well written I think as a whole…



May 23 2014

A Review of Hunger Embraced by Jennifer James

Hunger Embraced by Jennifer James

Hunger Embraced by Jennifer James

Sometimes the concepts of Succubi, and Incubi for that matter, get a little bit entwined with vampires. Sometimes that really doesn’t work, mainly because the two concepts really don’t work together well. However, if you take a slightly different view of both sides of things, you can, if you try, come up with an idea that makes sense, works well, and most importantly, helps to create a uniquely hot, passionate, and adventurous story.

What happens when what you are is hidden from you, then confronts you and then destroys what happiness you had. What is the result when your refusing that which you are for years on end, draws others to you who want you for their purposes and care nothing about you?

Who do you turn to and trust? And when you figure that out, is it too late already?

  • Title: Hunger Embraced
  • Author: Jennifer James
  • Length: 394 Pages
  • Publishing Date: December 6, 2012
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

She’s fed up with being fed on.

All Miranda Thibodeaux really wants to do is survive corporate hell and be left alone. But as the daughter of the Incubi king, being left alone isn’t on her schedule. And as an avatar to a goddess with multiple personality issues, taking things in stride isn’t either.

Daniel looks like an ordinary surfer boy–T. T. B.–Tall, Tanned, and Blond. Hot he may be, but ordinary he’s not. Beneath the pretty packaging lies a ruthless warrior, a servant to the Vampire Council. His mission is to find Miranda and present her to the council, then get the hell out of Dodge before he loses his focus. The last thing he needs is the distraction of the testy female.

When circumstances force Miranda to turn to T.T.B. for help, they both end up with more than they bargained for. And that normal human life she wanted? Not really doable when everyone wants a piece of her…

Miranda is not quite human. Born of and Incubus father and a human mother, she’s suffered for what she is and has tried to put that part of herself far inside and locked it away. But in spite of this, the vampires around her come to feed on her, she resists her nature and things turn badly. But she finds that there is a way out, not the easiest of choices even as her world bares down upon her.

The concept of Incubi in this work is that they are a kind of vampire who feed on sex with some blood as well. They aren’t quite what one might expect, but they have some powers of persuasion, a hint of mind control, and a need inside of them that they learn to embrace. Miranda, being partly Incubus in nature, though really considering what happens through the story, I would have, at some point had her claim to be a Succubus, has to deal with that part of her.

Her character is a complex one, and really it’s one of the more interesting ones that I have read. The battle within herself made me smile when the truth about it was revealed and I really enjoyed what it became when she came fully into her powers. There’s also a interesting thread about her and one specific Goddess that fit well and with that also came a unique power she wields when fighting that also fit her well.

She isn’t a simply blood thirsty vampire, but she does have to deal with some of them through this work and save for one character, who is a never-ending source of problems, what happens to them seems to be very justified as the story goes on.

Her quirky attitude, especially about candy, jelly beans for one, her reactions towards the neat-freak behaviour of the vampire she encounters and becomes involved with, made me laugh and that endeared her to me even more. There’s just so much character in her, so much untold history, that she quickly became very real in my thoughts.

Daniel, the main male lead character, is achingly complex and with that comes an attraction that builds between himself and Miranda that isn’t just dropped into the story for the sake of it. They have to battle their way towards it, the moments have their joys and pains, their ups and downs and it isn’t perfect. But that makes the story all the better.

There is a wide and varied supporting cast of characters that appear and pull Miranda this way and that in the story and that pushes things towards a rather bloody climax, which has to happen the way things unfold. But before getting there, there are several very hot scenes of erotica that I enjoyed to no end. The moments between Miranda and Daniel are delicious and so very hot and I enjoyed them very much.

There is a lot of blood in this work, since it does have vampire characters, and that leads towards a climatic battle for Miranda, Daniel and one other against some really horrific opponents. Once past that, the story concludes with some interesting teases and a final cliffhanger that really made me need the next work in the series. But as of this review, that next book has not appeared. And that’s a shame.

Lots of promise, well written, hot in the right places with really good characters. All in all an almost perfect page turner… I just would have liked, I think, a little less blood here and there.

I’ll give this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I really do want to see the next work sometime, I hope it happens. There’s a wonderful universe to play in, and in that comes a lot of questions that need to be answered. I would like the blood and gore to be toned down a little bit… The heat is just fine where it is.