Jun 30 2014

A Kissing Tale by James

With many thanks, my heart graced me with his words and I am  overwhelmed by the joy I feel this morning… Thank you my heart, Miriam is a wonder and joy to all…


A Kissing Tale

By James


Miriam had truly grown into her role as Special Collections Librarian in the Realm Library. She was a careful cataloger and capable researcher. She loved the books, maybe even more than the Head Librarian herself, and had, more than once, spent the night locked inside the great ark of books, snuggled up with the books in her collection. Tera kind of envied Miriam for that—the Queen could never go unnoticed and locked away for so long—but she suspected that, if she could, there was an incubi or an angel or . . . maybe . . . one or two other flesh-and-blood beings with whom she would snuggle.

The good part of this, for Miriam, was that she had become extremely familiar with her books. She was able to tell patrons which alcove to search, which shelf to look on, and often which page to turn to (wearing white cotton gloves for the rare volumes, of course, lest they face her wrath) and which paragraph to read to find just the quote, just the fact, just the citation the researcher required. It was here that some of her best succubi nature came to the fore, since she could often discern what a patron needed before the patron did).

For the most part, our young strawberry blonde was maturing into a fine succubi. Even her relationship with Irving was coming along quite well. Given how easily embarrassed and awkward both of them were with matters of love and sex, it was surprising how swimmingly it all went once they both finally got going. Of course, it had taken just about every technique Keith and Tera knew . . . and a few that Tail made up . . . to get things going, and just about every resident of the Realm had a story about the two amorous librarians bampfing into awkward places in various stages of in flagrante delicto. It took Lil, the Realm Knitter, three days and a chapter of the Kama Sutra to untangle them from her yarn—of course, the three of them might have engaged in some other activity along the way, as Miriam suddenly knew a breathtaking bed-borne somersault.

Of course, our Miriam was still a yellow tail, and the brightest yellow tail in about a century, the brightest that just about anybody in the Realm could remember—although Tail has hinted that, over a few bottles of ouzo one night, Lil told her a story about a youngster in Mesopotamia who wanted to take a swim: “She met the cutest guy named Noah . . .”

But even Miriam’s enthusiasm brought delightful results, such as the kindergarten teacher who had been looking for the original text of A Visit from St. Nicholas and was actually able to give her students an actual visit from St. Nicholas. And the snowball fight and ice dancing at the holiday party was the stuff of legend . . . even if the holiday was Summer Solstice.

Miriam was coming along ever so nicely, but there were parts of her development that were being left unattended. Tera, who cared for all of her children, her subjects, equally, couldn’t let this pass. A succubi, even a succubi librarian, was not complete until she was living into her full succubi pleasure, and not all of that could happen with her Eternal. She had to leave the Realm and touch the lives of others. But our young yellow tail was afraid to go. She was afraid of getting all of this wrong. “Better to be a lesser being, and a good librarian, even if I lost my sexy Irving to another, more desirable succubi,” she had told her Queen, “than to harm some innocents out in the mortal realm just to better myself.”

Tera kept trying to combat this fear, kept talking to Miriam. The younger succubi considered that there truly must be something wrong with her—a notion she had not entertained too much since the day she was accepted into the Library’s apprentice program. After all, all of her contemporaries had begun to venture out into the world. Helena had so charmed some Greeks that a thousand ships had been launched to win her favor. Lisa had met a rather handsome Florentine renaissance man, and had inspired him to focus on his painting for long enough to change the face of art—all, she insisted, using nothing more than an enigmatic smile. She did the same for an American popular singer. Of course, both the painter and the singer wore that same sly smile for the longest time after encountering her.

“To make matters worse, I am one of the only succubi I know whose name doesn’t end in an ‘A’,” she grumbled, her violet eyes glistening with tears.

Her Queen heard her, and felt such compassion. As the young librarian slept one evening, the royal red tail visited a mirror in her apartment overlooking the library. “Miriam, I really have other people to do at this hour and . . . oh! Your Majesty!!” The dark-haired, silver-tailed Marilyn, Miriam’s tail-self, pulled a sheet over herself, then decided it was more appropriate to drop it. “Did you need something from me?”

Tera smiled; Marilyn and Miriam were not the gangly pubescent they had once been. “I was wondering if you could give me some advice. Miriam is long overdue for venturing out into the world, you know.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, and, if I may say so, Irving isn’t exactly my cup of tea. I mean, he’s nice and all, but . . .”

Tera cleared her throat, gently: “But that isn’t exactly our subject this evening.”

“No . . . of course not. I am so sorry, my Queen.” Then the silver-tail got very quiet and thoughtful, finally saying, Do you know how mama birds teach baby birds to fly?”

“You mean by tossing them out of the nest?”

Marilyn nodded.

“You want me to toss your sister, your other self, out into the mortal realm without warning, without protection?”

“I want Miriam to fly, Majesty. And I will be there. I will look out for her.”

Tera pondered, and sighed, and realized that she had, indeed, tried everything else that both her selves could think of; maybe drastic methods were in order.

So it was that, the next morning, Miriam woke up in a New York City apartment in the summer of 1945. She was shaking her head when she heard Marilyn’s voice: “The Queen wants us to find a young sailor home on medical leave”—an image flashed in Miriam’s mind. “He is the only survivor of a kamikaze attack on his ship, and he feels that he should give up on living. You and I both know that is wrongheaded thinking. You get to give him a special idea of what he has to live for.”

“But what if I . . . “

“. . . get it wrong? Throw the course of mortal history out of whack? Cause our worlds to collapse together somehow? Fill the Statue of Liberty with lime Jello? It might even be fun. But, seriously: do you expect Queen Tera would allow you to get into any real trouble? Do you think there is one moment when I don’t have your back?”

“Oh, of course I trust both of you.” Miriam almost giggled; somehow it tickled when Marilyn spoke in the back of her mind like this.

“Then get yourself together, and let’s get to this.”

The New York Public Library, it turns out, is simply a branch of the Realm Library. Miriam was usually able to pass freely from one into the other, but now found her access blocked, “Not until you kiss him,” Marilyn whispered. Still, everyone seemed to accept without question that this strawberry blonde was a member of the staff who had been around as long as anybody could remember, even though they couldn’t remember why. Still, the faint smell of lemons was so very pleasant. As days and weeks went by, her female co-workers were all so very impressed that Miriam’s nylons never had a run, and her seams were always—always—absolutely straight. While she wasn’t used to keeping her yellow tail and horns under wraps all the time, she got used to it, and really grew to like the 1940s sense of style. She might have to make some changes to her wardrobe when she got home.

One day, as she went out for her lunchtime walk, she saw the young sailor sitting on the steps near one of the iconic stone lions. He was half-reading the same page of a novel over and over again, clearly unable to focus. She smiled, took a deep breath, and shyly sidled up next to him: “I’m sorry you don’t like that one. We have loads more inside, and I could help you find something more to your liking.”

He looked up, confused, as she nodded back towards the top of the stairs.

“I work in there.” Miriam offered her hand, “My name is Miriam.”

He blushed, then finally reached out to shake. “St-St-Stanley,” he stammered. I’m from Brooklyn.”

“And you got stationed so close to home? You’re a lucky duck!”

“No . . . no; I was sent home to pull myself together.”

Miriam sidled up next to the young sailor, and, for some reason, he felt deeply comfortable with her. It was a warm, early-August day, and, as they walked away from Central Park, Stanley told Miriam all about his fears, his guilt, and his concern that he should be back in the war, back in the Pacific. Even though Miriam, with Marilyn’s help, had worked all this out, hearing it made her heart reach out to him. The two of them had begun strolling down into midtown by now, and Miriam realized that her own hesitancy greatly mirrored that of her assignment; she became more and more convinced that, for him to get better, he had to take a leap, and that meant she had to, as well.

She was pulling the young sailor closer to her as they walked and as she listened, and, as her head rested on his shoulder, as the warmth of her body was close to his, he was feeling more and more confidence. They walked quietly for a while when Stanley blurted out: “Miriam, do you really like me like this, like me this much.”

“Mmmmm-hmmmmmm,” she purred.

“How could you come to feel this way about . . . about somebody like me? I mean, I ain’t no Clark Gable. How could somebody like you fall for me so quickly?”

“Do you believe that it could just be possible that forces in the universe put us in certain places for a reason? That I might just be right here, right at this moment, to fall for you?”

“W-W-Well . . . I . . . I guess . . . maybe.”

“I am most certain of that, and I think that, like you, I need to trust where my heart leads.”

They stopped, and Stanley turned Miriam to face him. Her violet eyes gleamed, and his breath caught for a moment. The bustle of Times Square was going on all around them, but they seemed to be the only two people on earth. As he pulled her close, he whispered, “The only thing that could make this better is if this damn war was over.”

He meant for it to be a brief, chaste kiss—they had only met that afternoon, after all. But things have a way of escalating with yellow tails, and this was a long, deep, soul-searing smooch, with the sailor dipping the librarian, never even considering who might see.

On the other side of the world, the Japanese high command, terrified and furious over the recent massive bombings, was actually leaning toward digging in and calling their people to fight to the last woman, man, and child. But then there was the faintest aroma of lemons.

Things have a way of escalating with yellow tails.

The word of an unconditional surrender was almost instantly spread around the world by wireless. Whether they realized it or not, the two young lovers were now standing in the midst of one of the biggest spontaneous parties New York had ever seen.


Things have a way of escalating with yellow tails, and Miriam’s was the brightest yellow anybody in the Realm had seen for at least a century.

As she returned to her own library, her Queen waiting for her, Miriam was excitedly jabbering about her experience and insisting, “Ooo!! I want to do another one!! Right now!!”

“Patience, my daughter,” Tera smiled, taking her portegé by the hand and beginning yet another conversation about the importance of focus.

Late that night, with most of the Realm asleep—Miriam and Irving had finally exhausted one another—Marilyn, out and about, had the opportunity to snuggle briefly next to Tail. “So, it seems to have worked.”

“Mmmm-hmmmm . . .”

“Still, it was an awful risk Her Majesty took, letting our girl alter history like that.”

Tail raised an eyebrow, her oh-so-green eyes glinting exactly as her counterpart’s would. “I don’t see the trouble. History suggests that Stanley only vaguely remembered Miriam, and went back to Brooklyn to find and marry the girl next door.”

“But Miriam ended the war!”

“Tera says that we should not be so sure that everything is so linear.”

“Are you saying that Her Majesty allowed Miriam to cause something that was already happening anyway.”

Tail took on the same innocent look as her counterpart . . . which didn’t seem to fit her, so she winked and slipped off into the night.

Miriam pulled her blue-tail tighter to her in her bed, and mused that the two of them really should visit 1940s New York very soon.

Jun 29 2014

A Review of Suc-U Too by L. J. Holmes

Suc-U Too by L. J. Holmes

Suc-U Too by L. J. Holmes

Sometime ago on the Tale I reviewed a work called Suc-U by L. J. Holmes, and you can find that review here on the Tale. At the time I thought that there was really a lot in this universe of Succubi and Incubi that had not been touched on. There were really quite a lot of questions left unanswered and I had hopes that the story begun in that work would continue onwards from where it left off.

A second book did appear and it has the same wonderful style and themes in it that the first work did. While it really does not continue the story of Bre from the first work, the story that does unfold is as captivating as the first. It is, after all, important that the story holds you within it and the second work does that as well as the first… puns and all.

The work tells of:

Bal Buster has plans for this night and visiting the warped dreams of the likes of Jeb Newcomb is not amongst them. Lassiter B. Eddum, acting director of her kind is a stick in the mud when it comes to protocol, but this is not just any up and coming artist….this is Kellany! Surely Lassiter can appreciate the importance of her skipping out on work so she can take in the exclusive one-man-showing? And geese, it’s not Bal’s fault the suc she lined up to replace her is MIA. Of course it doesn’t help much Lassiter’s older sister chose today to return and try to remove Lassiter as Acting Director. Lassiter can be a mean boss when she’s fighting for her boss-hood.

I really loved this continuation very much, but honestly the summary is a little misleading. While it does tell of some of the characters in the story, the actual plot really doesn’t touch on what is suggested in the summary. I think the better plot would have been: Bal Buster will do anything to meet the man of her dreams. The thing is, when that dream becomes a nightmare, is she willing to give her drams a chance again?

Bal’s personality is somewhere between self absorbed self interest and being totally invested in herself when she first appears. She is likeable, not stereotypical, but there is something missing about her that comes to the fore once the real point of the story arrives. Perhaps the most delicious moment was when she was preparing for her visit to her dream and the description of her wings and horns being merged with her form. what they did to her, how she felt… I have wondered how to describe the build up within a Succubus when she is anticipating ecstasy… The author did justice to that I think by far…

Once the real story is told, how Bal came to be where she is, what she lost and more, then things are very involved and with that comes moments that transform her from self absorbed towards something more powerful and desirable. That change, when it comes full circle, and what it means to her, was something I didn’t expect.

The part of this story that I really enjoyed was seeing the Queen of the Succubi and the King of the Incubi. More, that they turned out to be something as special as the others in the story and not at all stereotypical. For me, seeing that they loved each other, that they cared about their children, that being all of the Succubi and Incubi, made me very happy. Their story would be something I would have liked to have seen told more than it was, but they obviously cared about love more than anything else. Their secrets, and that of why the Succubi and Incubi are thought of in the way they are, wasn’t something I expected.

That brings me to the thing that caught me in the first work by this author. There are so many stories lurking at the edges and we never really get to see all of their effects or where they end up. I realize that the point of the story is Bal. but there has to be world building of course to bring flavour to the story. There is a lot of that and I just would like to know more about how things work in this universe for my own curiosity.

As part of the climax of the story, a secret is revealed, one that I will not spoil, but I will say that I am fairly sure that it will be giving me some interesting dreams for quite some time. The thing was however that it was somewhat glossed over when it was revealed and then only touched on slightly when Bal’s erotic moments in the story arrived. Somehow I wanted to have more detail on that moment, on how she reacted to it, and what it felt like for her.

The erotic moments in the story are lovely and hot, with a cute teasing buildup over the course of the story that leads to that moment. The puns in the names are a little over the top, but I have to admit that I laughed at the inherent sexuality in their names which really did match nicely with their personalities.

An enjoyable, hot and passionate read with a story that held me… I just would have liked more…

I’m giving this work five out of five pitchforks.

The author has created a wonderful universe with really unique and captivating characters… and yes the puns in all of the names were groan worthy at times, but I do like silly fun too. The only thing that bothers me is the time between stories… I would like to see more from this world sooner rather than later…



Jun 28 2014

One more lovely Morrigan Aensland WIP YouTube…

And WIP means…. Work In Progress. Mind you, this art is completed and I think it is one of my favourites of this year of all the Morrigan art that I have seen. It’s not over the top, it’s not crass or silly either. It is an image of a powerful character and that is what I love about it the most…

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, try this link:


And a screenshot of the finished portrait of Morrigan, which really is stunning in it’s beauty…

Morrigan Aensland by r3nd0s

There are really very few pieces of Morrigan art that I have seen that try to make her look more… realistic shall we say. By that I mean that she does not look over endowed to the point of being cartoonish or having her look too far into the realm of fantasy. I’ve always thought that she could be real, in a way, if the right actress or model would wear her clothing and play her.

This piece almost seems as if Morrigan was sitting for a portrait to me at least. There’s a touch of realism… of life, that just makes this exceptional…


Jun 27 2014

A Review of Post Secondary Succubus by Lacey Layton

Post Secondary Succubus by Lacey Layton

Post Secondary Succubus by Lacey Layton

It is said that when one goes to university, they find themselves. That’s a good thing really, but if one is a Succubus, the path to finding yourself gets a bit more complicated than usual. With that comes loss, strife, discovery, and something unexpected… love.

But that is a confusing thing in itself and if you aren’t prepared for the consequences of some unwise decisions then things can either go very wrong or very right…. It depends on who you believe in, and who you come to trust.

  • Title: Post Secondary Succubus
  • Author: Lacey Layton
  • Length: 79 Pages
  • Publishing Date: June 8, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

Kaylee is a woman with a secret. She is a succubus. Her gaze can capture a person, her words can make anyone want her. She is walking desire, a living and breathing temptation to millions. But Kaylee lives in the background. She wears flannel. She keeps to herself. And she never keeps anyone around long enough to catch on. For her, the power she wields is a curse. Now at University she meets Mike, a man that tells her in no uncertain terms that they cannot see each other. Her usual tricks do not work.

Then she meets Galvin, a slick, mysterious man who is also a succubus. He is not shy in getting what he wants. He has his eyes set on freeing Kaylee from her old life. And on encouraging the growing tension between them. Torn between two men, Kaylee has to learn to stand her own ground and become the woman she has always been. She just doesn’t know if that means she will lose everything she has in her life.

Kaylee hides herself away as much as she can because she’s afraid of what she might do if everything goes wrong. But now she’s going out in the world, her first step is university, and something has to change. The question is, who’s going to show her what’s the right way to do that in her life?

Kaylee is a Succubus, there is no doubt of that from the first moments of the work. But the thing of it is that even with her inherent Succubus nature and powers, she’s got something more going for her. She has a personality, a dear friend, and a small little ember of hope inside of her that things will be better. It’s a troubling story at times, to see how Kaylee looks at herself, the amount of self-loathing that sits under the surface. There is a good reason for that, but it’s hard to accept to be honest for where the story then breaks out to.

She meets Mike, who has a story about him that really builds over the course of the work. He’s really as much as solidly created person in this work as Kaylee and that’s important for many reasons. In the end, when his truth appears, it makes a lot of sense looking back over the story as a whole which for me was very satisfying.

She also meets Gavin, who for me was… honestly nothing much to me. I didn’t care for his attitude, his nature, and most of all, I didn’t like how he acted towards Kaylee for one, and as well another character in the work. More so, when the truth came out about Gavin and someone very close to Kaylee… I honestly expected it from when it actually happened in the work at the beginning of the story.

I have a small nit with how Gavin describes himself as well. I’m sorry, but you are not, in any way, a Succubus. If Kaylee is an example of what a Succubus can be when she’s at her best, then he’s about the worst. And no, the flippant remark about gender roles and so on didn’t cut it for me. Incubus is fine, and I think the way Gavin acts there needs to be a clear division between him and Kaylee honestly.

There is a very interesting point in the work which does pose an important question about what Succubi, and for that matter, Incubi do to others. How Kaylee reacted to that, when she was confronted with it was, more than anything, true to her character and honestly it turned the story from what could have been something mediocre to what it turned out to be.

Kaylee finding her way out of her shell, coming into a better understanding of herself was well done and I liked where that part of the story went. It also posed a lot of moral questions for her, ones that really do matter and to watch her find her way through all of that towards the climax of the work was wonderfully done.

There are some lovely erotic moments as well, Mike and Kaylee’s moments for me were so much better than anything involving Gavin and honestly that was how it should have been. The connection between Mike and Kaylee, what it represents, and what that means to them both honestly screams out for a sequel to this work… and I’d like to see that.

There’s a bit of a tense problem with some parts of the story. The author falls into the past tense all of a sudden in one encounter, and then flips back into the present tense and that for me was a bit of a stumbling block. But otherwise, the characters are solid, the story is heartfelt and has a lot going for it in many ways. Add to that some very hot Succubus mind control erotica and it’s a wonderfully told work that I enjoyed very much.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A cute, funny, self-depeciating story in many ways. But it is also a story about the truth of figuring out who you are and who really loves you in spite of yourself. Something important to remember I think.



Jun 26 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 337

There are some wonderful images of Succubi that really take my attention for a very special reason. Sometimes, just sometimes, I look at them and think… Yes… That could be Queen Tera in a way… Sort of like this week’s image can be… in a way though perhaps not quite as much as it might otherwise be…

Punaise - Devil by Bolduc

Punaise – Devil by Bolduc

This work is called Punaise – Devil and is by an artist on DeviantArt named Bolduc. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt is here.

There is a certain kind of teasing seductiveness around her I think. The lovely shiny clothing she is wearing is I admit a bit over the top, perhaps a little too much really, but it is strikingly delicious. Lovely tail, a rather odd come hither look as well in her expression… One might think that she is ensnaring one of her captors and convincing them that it would be a good idea to release her…

To be honest, this work sort of reminds me of a scene in a particular story about Queen Tera and her friend DC that always makes me smile…

And isn’t that the most important thing with any art?



Jun 25 2014

A very interesting mask of horniness…

Leather MaskLast week on the Tale, I was rather interested in a lovely corset that I found. I had mentioned that I thought that it needed an accessory or two in order to create something that I think might look interesting and seductive…

Normally I wear a pair of red horns with my costumes, but sometimes, just sometimes, I have worn a mask or two…

And this week, I’ve found what I think is the perfect mask to so with that corset I found…

This is a custom made mask, one of many possible kinds, colours, shapes and styles that are available, but it is the one that I think would work the best.

And it sells for $40 US.

That’s not at all unreasonable I think and as such I have ordered one, as well as that corset and I’m going to see what I can come up with as a costume…

There is a hint of seductiveness in this mask which I like a lot. Putting this with a red wig and heels and… some other things that I will keep to myself for the moment, might be deliciously seductive and that is what I want most of all in a costume…

I can promise one thing  and that is there will be no tacky to be found in what I manage to create…

I’ll give this mask four of out five pitchforks, but I am hoping that it will be a five when it arrives in the next few weeks…

And then… We’ll see won’t we?



Jun 24 2014

A Review of The Succubus’ Sub – Session Ten: Under Lock and Key by John Dylena

The Succubus’ Sub – Session Ten: Under Lock and Key by John Dylena

The Succubus’ Sub – Session Ten: Under Lock and Key by John Dylena

Today I am continuing my review of the series The Succubus’ Sub, by John Dylena. You can find the review of the first book in the series here. The second book was reviewed here and the third can be found here. The fourth work’s review can be found here with the fifth book’s review here on the Tale and the sixth was reviewed here. The seventh book was reviewed here and the eighth work in the series here. The review of the ninth work in the series can be found here and this will be a review of the tenth work which completes the second book in the series.

There comes a time in a relationship where the truth has to come out. The question is, what truth is it? Is it the truth within one’s self or the truth of the other? Is it a moment when your true needs come out or the realization that something you never could admit… you need to.

Having that truth, then asked to make a choice which has consequences that might put paid to that truth is a hard thing to face. Sometimes to be able to takes your own faith in your submissive and their’s in you.

It tells the story of:

The spell that transformed Brett into a succubus was a success. In fact, it was too successful. Still in the demonic form when it was supposed to wear off only after a couple of hours, Myserra takes her sub down to the underground to research the cause of his semi-permanent transformation.

A trip that involves a close encounter with an incubus, a bloody revolution, and a discovery that will change the relationship between the succubus and her sub forever.

Myserra has a problem. She turned Brett into a Succubus and the spell isn’t wearing off. Concerned, she goes off in search of answers and in doing so she finds that what she gets are the answers to herself… and Brett finds that those answers give him all that he has ever wanted for being a Succubus’ submissive. And a few things that he never expected he would ever have.

I think that the core of this work is the understanding, finally, that Myserra has when she comes to admit, not just to Brett, but to herself, that she does love him, need him, and more than that, finds that all of the emotions that she knows he has for her, she can see in herself. That really marks a shift in their story and moves it towards a resolution which answers a question that has been running through the entire series to this point. The solution makes sense, and I like where it seems to lead and I hope that where the story goes forward from here is all that I think it will be.

Brett has his own moments of trying to come to terms with being a Succubus, being wanted by others. But within that comes the one truth he holds onto, that grounds him, and as much as his own curiosity and thoughts tug at him, Myserra is there, just in case. There are moments when Brett has to face events and actions around him that test him greatly, but in spite of them, he holds true to that which is important to him. Myserra.

I think that the most interesting part of the work is when Myserra and Brett go in search of answers and they find some. Actually more than they expected in a lot of ways, but also that what they are offered as a solution is both a boon and a bane. Choices are made and then events overtake them both leading to a moment when Brett’s greatest fear stares at him.

There are some joyfully fun moments nonetheless between Myserra and Brett, and I have to say that they made me laugh at times and they worked really well with the two of them. The point at which the work focused for me was when Myserra was asked who Brett was. That admission, followed soon after by the words that Myserra really hasn’t said to Brett meant a lot to me and I was glad to see them.

A story of joys and relief mixed with worry, temptations and needs. A fitting closure to this part of the story of Myserra and Brett that for me worked really well. Their characters came fully to the fore, those around them added to their world and provided a glimpse into the what-ifs and could-he’s. Fully enjoyed and really the best of the series by far for many reasons…

Five out of five pitchforks.

A satisfying closure to this part of Myserra and Brett’s relationship that I felt answered a lot of questions about each of them. Emotionally told and in that telling comes the truths within each of them. Something that, for me, I hope the author returns to sometime as their story, and that of this universe isn’t done by far.

A little postscript. I’d like to thank John for allowing a particular raven haired, red tailed Succubus to appear. It was, for me, a lovely thing to know that she is seen as a friend to Myserra and that is something that made me smile.

Even if she is a little mischievous. Just a little…