Oct 11 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 560

There are some quite amazing works in which the personality of the succubus character comes through really well. It can be their pose, an expression perhaps. These are the images which draw questions about the succubus themselves and what is the story behind them. An image this week of a succubus character that feels like they would fit perfectly into the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

Comm: Vladriel by SicilianValkyrie

Comm: Vladriel by SicilianValkyrie

This art is the creation of the artist SicilianValkyrie on DeviantArt who’s page you can find here and this art can be found here on DeviantArt as well.

There’s a lovely adventurer look and it’s not sexual or over the top in being seductive. It does show there’s a strength in her, a story behind that, and that’s interesting. While she seems to be a succubus, considering she has a sword as well would suggest that there are other skills she has honed over time.

That’s the story here that I wonder about, the fight against her nature, the focus it took to learn skills so that she need not be “just a succubus”. For characters that are more than what they are, but rather have the story of why they are to tell, make for amazing things.



Oct 10 2018

What you see isn’t what you get in this costume… again

Sexy Little Devil CostumeAnther example of a costume being sold this time on the Tale in which the image sort of reflects the actual costume you can buy, but really it doesn’t. Again, as happens much of the time, it’s the model and the accessories that try to make this costume attractive… even it it really isn’t.

This is called the Sexy Little Devil Costume and it comes with the horns the model is wearing, the corset, ruffled shorts and the fishnet stockings. The boots, awful tail and pitchfork are not included and it sells for $25 US normally, but can be found on sale for as little as $14 US, not that it makes any real difference.

It’s just that side of trashy, overall, it looks far too cheap and honestly the entire look isn’t sexy at all. Adding that awful tail just makes things worse really and that’s saying a lot here.

The horns are nothing special, the fishnets are very cheap and the shorts just look like an afterthought. It’s a vision of unapologetic blah that has no means to look better or be better.

If I really wanted something like this, I’d find one of my black corsets and a side-slit skirt to start with a pair of black four inch heels to match. A pair of my best horns and, perhaps, some arms length gloves to complete the look.

You’d think I’d done that before wouldn’t you?

Well, actually I have and I looked so much better than this hot mess does…

Zero pitchforks out of five.

It’s so easy to look so much better honestly.



Oct 06 2018

An interesting 3D Succubus WIP Vimeo

Form time to time there are 3D artwork in progress videos that have succubi in them. A Vimeo then this time where the work is titled succubus, even if the figure isn’t quite one as yet. Nonetheless, she well can be and that’s interesting to me.


If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link.

Here’s a screen capture of the succubus figure as well, in the event that it vanishes from Vimeo.

Succubus by Margaux Giles

It’s hard to say if this character is a succubus, though really it wouldn’t be difficult to give her horns or a tail or wings for that matter. Regardless of that, I like the staff she holds, which in a way kind of looks like a old fashioned pen to me.

A succubus muse of literature perhaps? It’s a thought.

She looks lovely, I like that her form and pose isn’t over the top and there’s some sense of personality here as well which is intriguing. Hopefully the artist will complete this work and share it as well.



Oct 04 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 559

it is October and Halloween is just over the darkening horizon. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a cute and fun succubus for the Image of the Week. Succubi come in all shapes and forms and when they are cute and their tails are somewhat different that does bring me a smile.

Lilith by KattsuNeko

Lilith by KattsuNeko

This work is by the artist KattsuNeko and the original page I found this work can be found on DeviantArt here while this artist’s page can be found here.

Lovely stockings, she’s so adorably cute with her blush and seemingly embarrassed nature here. The hearts are a cute little touch and I think they work well with her overall image. She does have a rather unique tail, which does bring about some amusing thoughts about what it can do.

Lovely hair, a delightful smile and there’s just something endearing about her that I really enjoy. Cuteness for succubi, when used to attract others, can be the most seductive power of all.



Oct 03 2018

I can’t see the sizzle in this costume

Sizzling Devil Costume

Sizzling Devil Costume

The way costumes are described does, at times, make me sigh and wonder just what they were trying to create. Certain words generally bring expectations, understanding, even if that is only to hint at just how lousy the costume is. There’s a saying about sizzle and steak, but in this week’s costume I’d be more inclined to put a stake through this hot mess.

This is called the Sizzling Devil Costume and it comes with the rather shoddy looking dress and the far too small horns. The pitchfork, stockings, gloves and boots are not included and it sells for about $80 US. Adding the other accessories shown here pushes the cost of looking this bad to $200 US.

I’ve reviewed many, many costumes and there are a vast number which fall into the $200 price range that are ten times sexier and look better than this. I just can’t see the attraction in this costume, nor can I really understand why this is being sold for what it is.

There’s nothing here that’s really worth the asking price, nor is there much of anything that attracts me. It’s a trashy look and one can do better than this for about the same cost which is saying something.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

It’s trashy, not sizzling.




Sep 29 2018

A rather odd Vimeo Succubus Film Short

Sometimes I come across a short film about succubi that, for one reason or another, isn’t really what might be expected. It’s these sort of films that give me pause to reflect on their commentary and the ideas they explore.


In case you cannot see this film here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, here’s a screen capture from the film, to give an idea of the succubus character and the mood the film has.

Succubus by Nicholas Decker


There’s a real feeling of depression in this work, especially with the succubus character herself. She’s so dearly resigned to the events that have occurred. Most tellingly, at least for me, is the suggestion that she is the last succubus and what that means for her.

That said, the film has it’s thoughtful moments, there’s a lot to digest as things progress and I liked that. However, the ending is rather expected, which takes away a lot of what came before. I’m not sure if that’s desperation or something worse in the reality the work is set in. But the sudden ending just didn’t quite work for me and if you want the film you’ll understand why I couldn’t quite resolve the ending to everything else.

It’s different, it isn’t erotic, but it does tell an unexpected story. It’s just a shame the ending couldn’t have been something more than it is.



Sep 27 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 558

Art of Succubi which gives a different look interests me. I find it brings more story ideas, thoughts about why they appear as they do. Perhaps it’s a means to expanding one’s view of succubi and who they are. Something a bit different then this week on the Tale in which the mystery enveloping this art’s focus is a wonderful thing.

Satisfy by lllannah

Satisfy by lllannah

This work is by the artist lllannah on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

There’s a bit of a mystical theme in this art, the third eye motif is quite strong as is the concept of points of power. While this image has its seductiveness, there’s an undercurrent of warning or perhaps more accurately danger.

The contrast between her skin and the power within her form works very well and gives an otherworldly quality. It’s that mystery of what secrets lie beneath that I think is the most telling part of this art.

Something to mull over and I do enjoy that.