Nov 21 2018

It might be a little too horny for a mask…

Black Horn MaskThere are many different kinds of horns and with that come the problem, at least for me, of the length they are. Call it a practical concern of mine that long horns are somewhat a hazard to others, but also they tend to be heavy and over time can be rather tiring to wear. A mask and horns combination then this week that isn’t really an option I would consider, but they do look interesting.

This is simply called the Black Horn Mask and it sells for $35 US at most sites on the web.

Mainly made of plastic, it’s quite heavy, the strap to hold it on seems very flimsy and I would be very concerned about it falling off at an inopportune moment. I would also be concerned about turning my head or getting close to someone and the horns striking them. It’s an interesting design, but otherwise I can’t see myself wearing these.

One pitchfork out of five.

It’s an option for some, but they just don’t work for me.



Nov 17 2018

An adorable Succubus YouTube speedpainting

Adorably cute succubi are some of my most favourite works of succubi art and I came across a speedpainting on YouTube of one that’s a delight. She’s cute, has a wonderful expression and style that I think is wonderful.


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

The artist also shared this art on DeviantArt, which you can find at this link, and here’s a small version of their art as well.

Succubus by kazenohayasa

Succubus by kazenohayasa


Such a wonderful work of art, lovely tones and shades in her hair, her outfit is sexy, but just right for her as well. There a sense of emotion in her eyes, which I like very much as well. She’s just a cute, sexy, and I’m quite sure, mischievous succubus just waiting for someone to wander by.

Which, in itself, could be an interesting story to tell…



Nov 15 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 565

Something a little bit “evil” for this week’s succubi art. Perhaps that’s more in the expression, the post or more so, just the overall action captured in this art. But along with the “evil” there comes an undercurrent of sexuality that I think just works really quite well.

Succubus by KirieSempai

Succubus by KirieSempai


This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called KirieSempai and you can find their artist’s page here and the original page on DeviantArt where I found this work can be found here.

What I think works best here is the way she seems to be emerging from a fog, or otherworldly place. Her outstretched hand towards the viewer feels like a mixture of offering and action, the long black nails adding that bit more to the danger she represents.

Her wild mane of hair is wonderfully done as are the textures in her horns and wings. I’m not quite sure about her green eyes and the green skin tones however. That said, it does make some sense and it works to a point. Perhaps a bit more in the way of darker tones might have added to this work’s impact.

Regardless, an interesting succubus character most of all…



Nov 14 2018

Cheap Devil Costume accessories are cheap

Devil Costume Accessory KitThere are a lot of costume accessories to create Devil Girl costumes and the thing about them is, almost always, they look cheap, feel cheap and are cheap. They aren’t really much good, they aren’t that sexy or seductive either. But they do amuse me sometimes and the accessory kit this week is one of those.

The kit contains what you see here… almost. It comes with the horn headband, red lace gloves and mask. It also comes with a temporary tattoo which isn’t described and I shudder to think how tacky that must be.

This set can be found online for sale at $26 US normally, though it does appear on special from time to time.

The horns do nothing for me, nor does the mask or gloves honestly. There are, as usual, far better ones to be found with a bit of searching. As for the tattoo, even being free that seems to be pushing the level of tacky beyond the pale.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Not really worth considering and the reviews of this on the sites selling it only serve to confirm that.



Nov 11 2018

A Cold Remembrance by TeraS

On this, the 11th day of November, those who cherish the souls past who have given of themselves for the future are remembered. The winds will blow, the chill will be in the air, but the moment to pause comes, as it should, as honours are given.
Candle of Remembrance


A Cold Remembrance
by TeraS


The dawn came cold this day
Snows not yet arrived
Fields of green marked with red
Old eyes seeing the past
Young eyes having not seen

The first to mark the end
To mark the beginning
A note of hope
A message of promise
From fallen hands sent forward

Twenty six times came
The promise not held
The hope in tatters
A message muted
But silence once more

The promise renewed
A hope offered
The lesson learned
But not all hear
And not all see

Thirty-four pauses now
Lives torn asunder
Brother against brother
The fires then doused
Perhaps the lesson learned

Again the promise made
The hope brought anew
Tears shed in memory
That some would see

Fifty-six times the day comes
Still more blood shed
Lessons forgotten
Fates of too many given away
Until there is no more to give

Again we remember
Still more we promise
Those lost given honours
Words spoken to be heard
If for a short time

Seventy-two reflections
The promises lost
Hopes for the future remain
The fields scattered in red
A pain always remembered

Have we learned now
Can we truly remember
Is the lesson now understood
The page turns
And they hope we see

Ninety-two times now
The poppies remain
The fields still green
The markers still white
A flame eternally burning

The past repeating
Over and over
The hopes sent from beyond
If only we can hear and see
Sacrifices made for the future

One hundred remembrances
Words are spoken holding promise
Those from the first are so few
They need not shout
Their sacrifice speaks volumes

We are the ones to hear
Our lives shape the future
Their wish not to fall
Ours is to remember
And to have it be true

Never again.

Nov 11 2018

Open Hearted By TeraS

Today marks my heart’s birthday and as such a small story to mark this day dearly. Words that, really, cannot say everything I’d like them to, but they are given…


Open Hearted
By TeraS


For my heart, for always…


I don’t think, truly, I can put into words what my heart means to me.

Oh I have tried, many times before, to write something that managed to scrape the surface of things. To give an inkling of just what his presence in my life has meant to me. There are things that simply cannot be put into words because they are… just how they are.

That’s vague, clearly, but it is perhaps more accurate and correct than any scattered words in any sort of paragraph might be able to convey. No simple phrase can be created which is able to set out meaning in the clarity it should be.

Some may thank that the Queen’s Heart in the Realm’s stories isn’t quite the reality of my heart. They cannot see, or more precisely comprehend, that reality and the Realm aren’t really that far apart from each other.

After all, one’s heart, in any universe, is a constant.

Time passes, lives change and things aren’t quite as they were in the past. But in spite of this, beyond the trials and events that conspire to pull at the strings which connect two souls in space and time, one’s heart remains true.

Words say more than they appear to, a pause in typing brings the note in one’s thoughts that something isn’t as it should be. It is the oddity of being connected through the gift of Goddess, she knowing that two souls lost can find their way together.

This, more than all else, is what is cherished.

Not realized on that first hello, not sought out or planned for. Could it have been a scheme in Her plans for the universe that this happen, that the gift shared was always meant to be and would always be so?

Perhaps in the telling of the Realm, with his hand taming my scattered words, (even as I know he will be chuckling at my opinion of them), brings about something far more than otherwise could have ever been. A world brought to life, somewhere in the universe, the stories told giving but a fleeting glimpse of all there is.

But this really isn’t about my heart being my editor. He is my confidant in some ways, but more so, he is the way to light, to finding Goddess once more. Though he will always be as demure as I am about such things, in not being quite able to see what I can in him and vice versa. Still there is a metaphysical mirror we share in which we remind one another of our gifts.

And so we come to the gift itself.

The gift, in some small way, is that certainty in knowing him. To be completely sure that being family has made a difference in our lives, but those of our families near and far. Of sharing light in all of its forms from that first hello.

For in that gift, my words of thanks are for always…

Nov 10 2018

A very quick Succubus speedart YouTube

A rather short speedart YouTube today on the tale, and it’s a rather small image as well. That said, I think she has a lovely look for a succubus and being so, I did want to share.


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

And, as always, in the event that the video is no longer available, here’s a screenshot of the art as well.

Succubus Speedart by Fawn Feather

Succubus Speedart by Fawn Feather


She’s quite lovely from her overall look throughout. It would be nice to see a larger image, but nonetheless, I adore her hair, smile and outfit as everything just looks right for her. Hopefully I’ll find a larger image sometime, but she’s adorable and just makes me smile.